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04:17 mtompset        @seen alex_a
04:17 huginn          mtompset: alex_a was last seen in #koha 20 hours, 11 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <alex_a> hello josef_moravec
04:18 mtompset        @later tell alex_a Love your work on Bug 20340, hope to see you deal with my feedback on the bug. :)
04:18 huginn          mtompset: The operation succeeded.
04:19 mtompset        Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha wizzyrea epinky
05:53 fridolin        hi there, good morning
06:06 paxed           hm. dang. in Finnish, the writing script name (in marc21 006/16 and 008/33, for CR) eg. "Japanese" is a different word than the language "Japanese"
06:07 * paxed         wishes we could have the msg contexts in po-files already
07:57 alex_a          bonjour
07:57 wahanui         niihau, alex_a
08:10 * LibraryClaire waves
08:14 * tuxayo        waves
08:15 Calire          hi tuxayo
08:22 * mirkh         waves
08:22 gaetan_B        hello
08:22 wahanui         hola, gaetan_B
08:23 mirkh           I have a question about when a subscription frequency is irregular, is there a way to create a subscription number pattern which is undef? The number pattern is mandatory, and there are no examples of an "empty" pattern, from what I found.
09:32 * nlegrand      waves
09:34 Calire          hi nlegrand
09:34 paxed           is everyone using the stock search results table "availability" column, or have you modified it?
09:36 paxed           (we've hidden all the exact counts of the items, because with those, the column get vertically too tall)
09:39 ere             nlegrand: Thanks for the set of Unimarc records. I imported them, and everything worked fine for me. So, if you have a chance to try the slowlog thing, I'd really appreciate it.
09:49 nlegrand        ere: meh
09:49 nlegrand        :)
09:52 ere             yeah :)
10:05 nlegrand        ere: I did curl -XPUT "http://localhost:9200/koha_robin_biblios/_settings" -d'{"index.indexing.slowlog.threshold.index.debug": "0s","index.indexing.slowlog.source": true}'
10:06 nlegrand        get {"acknowledged":true}
10:06 ere             nlegrand: good, now if you try to index some records it should write the indexing request to a slowlog file
10:07 nlegrand        but I don't see anything in elasticsearch_index_indexing_slowlog.log
10:07 nlegrand        I don't have it.
10:08 nlegrand        The request I mean.
10:08 ere             nlegrand: Even if you still get the error in elasticsearch.log?
10:09 nlegrand        ere: yes.
10:09 ere             nlegrand: One last idea: Add the following lines under the <elasticsearch> tag in koha-conf.xml:
10:09 ere             <debug_to>Stderr</debug_to>
10:09 ere             <trace_to>Stderr</trace_to>
10:09 ere             <log_to>Stderr</log_to>
10:10 nlegrand        :)
10:10 ere             Then try to run the rebuild script to see if you get anything useful on the console?
10:18 nlegrand        ere: I sent you the output, it looks like there is interessant things in it.
10:18 nlegrand        ere: I guess I botch something...
10:18 ere             nlegrand: Thanks! I'll take a look after lunch :)
10:21 nlegrand        ere: merci, bon appétit :)
10:43 fridolin        Joubu: hello, can you have a quick look at Bug 15922
10:43 huginn          Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15922 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, In Discussion , Show authorized value description in staff client search results for lost, withdrawn, and damaged
10:43 fridolin        its a trivial
10:43 fridolin        maybe he can go forward
10:44 fridolin        nlegrand: hi, you are one fire for ES ;)
11:08 nlegrand        fridolin: :)
11:09 nlegrand        fridolin: well your colleagues told us we will have to be quick, so I try to keep pace ^^
11:11 ere             nlegrand: There sure is a lot of null in the indexing request. Have you updated the Catmandu modules etc recently?
11:11 fridolin        indeed, hit the iron while its hot :)
11:11 ere             exit
11:12 ere             oops
11:12 nlegrand        ere: nope, I try that.
11:26 nlegrand        ere: ok, this is kind of stranger... :). Now it does index books... But indexed only 435. I edited a biblio, relaunched index without -d and get all my 856 books.
11:26 nlegrand        going to lunch
11:36 ere             nlegrand: Hyvää ruokahalua! :)
11:36 ere             Well, that's at least an improvement. If you run indexing with -v -v you'll get all the id's listed so that might help in seeing what's happening.
11:54 ere             nlegrand: I have a couple of meetings now so might not be able to do much more today. If the above doesn't reveal anything, maybe running again with -d and the trace to Stderr enabled would reveal something.
11:58 cait            @later tell Oak happy birthday!
11:58 huginn          cait: The operation succeeded.
12:03 * cait          waves
12:10 fridolin        cait: le bonjour
12:11 cait            bonjour fridolin :)
12:13 nlegrand        ere: sure.
12:55 epinky_         when I put to "send library by email" the latin accents are sent like, for example "línea" is replaced with "lnea", how could I solve this?
12:58 cait            epinky_: where do you put it?
12:58 tcohen          morning
12:58 cait            epinky_: can you explain what you are tring to do?
12:58 cait            good morning tcohen
12:59 tcohen          khall: bug 20438
12:59 huginn          Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20438 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Allow uninstalling plugins not implementing the 'uninstall' method
13:00 khall           tcohen: good thought, will test
13:01 cait            bug 20446 - [Acquisitions] QUOTES processing broken by run time error
13:01 huginn          Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20446 critical, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Needs Signoff , QUOTES processing broken by run time error
13:03 cait            tcohen: khall: could this patch help with the auth plugin one?
13:03 khall           ?
13:03 cait            mtompset failed for missing uninstall method
13:04 cait            bug 20340
13:04 huginn          Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20340 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Failed QA , Ability to use authentication plugin
13:15 cait            khall: does the effective method not check the pref already?
13:16 * cait          shoud probably read code and ask on bug
13:16 khall           cait, yes, that's the the problem. The problem is there is not necessarily a basket. Submitting an alternative fix now
13:17 cait            khall: ok!
13:20 * cait          complains that categorycode is not in statistics and sighs
13:20 khall           patch and comment posted cait!
13:20 cait            thank you
13:20 cait            maybe Colin can sign off
13:21 khall           np1
13:49 tuxayo          quick trick: compare two commits. context: for a patch check if the backporting required a change
13:49 tuxayo          diff <(git show 002ec257b0a3ded0742d7834b889a915a7328dec) <(git show 3e23c85bceb61f81c1487c1812844631fa0f9a5a)
13:49 mtompset        @seen fridolin
13:49 huginn          mtompset: fridolin was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 39 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <fridolin> cait: le bonjour
13:50 fridolin        mtompset: yop
13:50 mtompset        Question for you about bug 20435...
13:50 huginn          Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20435 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Allow lowercase prefix in inventory value builder
13:50 mtompset        What field should I be doing this on... and for some strange reason I can't get plugins to launch.
13:58 mtompset        Oh nevermind... the UI is counter intuitive.
14:00 fridolin        oh sorry i missed your text
14:01 mtompset        The stocknumberAV behaves as you describe.
14:01 mtompset        But I can't seem to make sense of the other one.
14:01 mtompset        (which is 50% further than before)
14:02 fridolin        mtompset: it is usually on some 995 subfield
14:02 fridolin        ah the other one will search for existing inventory number
14:03 fridolin        thanks a lot for testing BTW
14:03 mtompset        Oh, I have to type something that exists?
14:07 mtompset        or in the case of MARC21, 952.
14:07 mtompset        I did get the stocknumberAV to work as described.
14:07 mtompset        with 952$e
14:08 mtompset        !bang
14:08 AnnaBoten       There is no hunt right now! You can start a hunt with the 'start' command
14:08 mtompset        !start
14:08 AnnaBoten       The hunt starts now!
14:09 mtompset        But for some reason the stocknumberam123 is just blanking the field, regardless of what I type.
14:09 mtompset        before it was doing nothing.
14:09 mtompset        then I added a dummy record with 42 in the 952$e subfield.
14:10 mtompset        now it just blanks.
14:10 mtompset        Not very intuitive.
14:10 cait            i think you do'n't type wit this one
14:10 cait            add a record with a inventorynumber to set it u
14:10 cait            an item
14:10 cait            it looks for the max value used already in the db and +1 it
14:10 cait            i prefer stocknumberAV
14:11 cait            and it's looking in item.stocknumber - so you want to test iwith 952$i
14:11 cait            i am not sure it works with other subfields
14:11 cait            sorry for the typos
14:12 cait            what I am trying ot say is that you need a start value it can find and calculate from and that inventorynumbers/stocknumbers are stored in items.stocknumber mapped to 952$i for MARC21
14:12 cait            mtompset: ^
14:13 AnnaBoten       \_o< quack!
14:13 wahanui         !bang
14:13 AnnaBoten       \_x< wahanui: 1 (1.34 seconds)
14:13 cait            !stop
14:13 AnnaBoten       [('wahanui', 1)]
14:13 AnnaBoten       Best time: wahanui with 1.34 seconds
14:13 AnnaBoten       Nothing to stop: there's no hunt right now.
14:14 tuxayo_hunt     why!? T_T
14:16 cait            because wahanui plays without
14:16 cait            us
14:16 tuxayo_hunt     +1
14:16 tuxayo          Who though that it was a good idea to teach a bot how to shoot?
14:18 mtompset        People planning for Terminator... We need a bot to protect us. ;)
14:20 matts           From now on, Anna should ignore wahanui. Problem solved. No Skynet on its way to destroy mankind.
14:21 tuxayo          mtompset: The idea of terminators being ducks is a bit scary.
14:21 tuxayo          what if this bot turns out to be Terminator?
14:22 mtompset        self-fulfilling prophecy.
14:22 matts           Or the roko's basilisk.
14:22 tuxayo          matts: so it's like giving the ducks wahanuiproof vests ?
14:23 mtompset        We create the bot to protect us, that assaults us with ducks, and we reprogramme a bot to shoot the ducks.
14:23 mtompset        anyways...
14:23 matts           tuxayo, exactly. Or giving wahanui only blanks.
14:24 mtompset        I don't understand why I need to create an INVENTORY authorized value for bug 20435, when if I set the authorized value, it forces a dropdown.
14:24 huginn          Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20435 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Allow lowercase prefix in inventory value builder
14:24 tuxayo          matts: oh thats more simple.
15:00 epinky_         sorry cait
15:00 epinky_         are you there?
15:00 cait            mtompset: you don't need INVENTORY for this plugin
15:01 cait            ah
15:01 cait            it also changes stocknumberAV ok
15:01 cait            sorry .)
15:02 cait            mtompset: we use the inventory plugins... just trying to help
15:02 cait            mtompset: you jsut create the AV, you don't link it to the field in the fameworks
15:03 cait            it is used for the counters, the code is the prefix, the first description field is the current last number
15:04 epinky_         I click on "send library by email" button and I have a template where I put latin accents, for example, when the email is sent, I get lnea, instead of línea
15:08 cait            sorry epinky_ i don't know where this pbutton i
15:08 cait            s
15:08 cait            are you translating from another language maybe?
15:09 cait            or a plugin maybe?
17:42 mtompset        Sorry for the slow feedback, cait. Yes, okay... that explains the stocknumberAV.pl behaviour. However, I can't get stocknumberam123 to work... I don't understand it.
18:01 * oleonard      waves
18:19 mtompset        Greetings, oleonard
18:44 cait            tcohen++ # mailing list hero
18:51 oleonard        Hi cait
18:55 oleonard        Bye all
18:58 cait            oh
18:58 cait            too slow
18:58 cait            @later tell oleonard hi1
18:58 huginn          cait: The operation succeeded.
19:00 epinky_         cait:sorry it's in opac-sendshelf.pl
19:01 epinky_         I have customized the message
19:02 tcohen          cait: hazelnut cookies are a good incentive
19:03 tcohen          hahaha
19:35 epinky_         This is the phenomena: https://pastebin.com/8xH8AZca and the mail sent(the parts that are returned from database are with strange symbols): https://ibb.co/eURrcx, the database has UTF-8 as encoding.
19:55 * LeeJ          waves
19:56 LeeJ            hi #koha
20:03 LeeJ            so I've been busy working on my koha-related work projects and finally got around to updating kohaclone...and the UI appears to be broken?
20:03 rangi           nope
20:04 rangi           well yes it appears to be
20:04 rangi           but no it isnt ;)
20:04 rangi           one of the patches recently pushed to master
20:04 rangi           adds a version number to the js/css
20:04 rangi           so in upgrades you dont get old cached stuff
20:05 rangi           however your apache conf wont have that
20:05 rangi           so its 404ing
20:05 LeeJ            that explains it :P
20:05 rangi           (new package etc fixes that, but just a git pull doesn't :))
20:06 rangi           have a look in your clone
20:06 LeeJ            so what folder/file am I looking at?
20:06 rangi           actually you installed via packages then gitified? (or using the kohadevbox which is the same thing) not installed directly from git eh?
20:07 rangi           dont want to tell you the wrong place
20:07 LeeJ            kohadevbox with a synced kohaclone
20:07 LeeJ            on mac
20:08 rangi           k
20:08 rangi           debian/templates/apache-shared-intranet.conf
20:08 rangi           debian/templates/apache-shared-opac.conf
20:09 rangi           looking for 2 lines in each
20:09 rangi           RewriteRule ^(.*)_[0-9][0-9]\.[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9].js$ $1.js [L]
20:09 rangi           RewriteRule ^(.*)_[0-9][0-9]\.[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9].css$ $1.css [L]
20:09 rangi           those need to be added to /etc/koha/apache-shared-intranet.conf and opac
20:10 rangi           then restart apache
20:11 wizzyrea        (we've just been putting them in apache-shared.conf and that seems to work)
20:11 wizzyrea        (for older devboxes)
20:12 rangi           yep that'd work for testing, just the packages are gonna put them in there
20:12 LeeJ            thank you both :)
20:12 rangi           down the track they might be doing slightly different things, but for now, its the same for both
20:12 cait            :)
20:24 LeeJ            thank you for the help and surprisingly wizzyrea's fix is the one that ended up working :)
20:25 rangi           they both work, you just have to be mindful that if they change the rule for the opac, then your intranet will break and vice versa if you put them both in the same file
20:25 LeeJ            ahh
20:26 LeeJ            well it works now so I'm appreciative :)
20:26 LeeJ            now to devise a way to make an ajax call to a pl file in a plugin folder from the OPAC...thinking I'll just end up with a ScriptAlias :P
20:26 wizzyrea        👍
20:48 aleisha         hi
20:48 wahanui         kia ora, aleisha
21:48 cait            so I am trying to write tests for a new rouine
21:48 cait            and my tests tell me: t/db_dependent/Koha/Patrons.t .. 14/26 The method get_routinglists is not covered by tests at t/db_dependent/Koha/Patrons.t line 542.
21:48 cait            i am just trying to cover that one with tests...
21:48 cait            where should i start looking?
21:54 cait            no worried, spotted the issue
22:43 wizzyrea        cait I was thinking of taking off the word "management"
22:43 wizzyrea        on the circ home page
22:43 cait            hm?
22:43 cait            sorry it's late here, brain is slow
22:43 wizzyrea        ah that's alright it'll keep
22:44 wizzyrea        https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20322
22:44 wizzyrea        this
22:44 huginn          Bug 20322: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Circulation page layout and design update
22:44 wizzyrea        your comment here
22:44 wizzyrea        I have some librarians to try it on tomorrow
22:44 wizzyrea        :)
22:45 cait            ah
22:45 cait            i agree
22:45 cait            about taking it off
22:45 cait            just looking at the screen again
22:45 wizzyrea        just doesn't seem quite necessary
22:45 cait            patron requests, transfers, overdues
22:45 cait            holds
22:45 cait            yep
22:45 wizzyrea        yeah
22:45 cait            what i meant was what you said, maybe not higlight offine that much
22:45 wizzyrea        also I'm gonna demote offline to below the html
22:45 wizzyrea        the um circ home html pref stuff
22:46 wizzyrea        owen's lorem ipsum that turns up on his screenshot
22:46 wizzyrea        https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=72490
22:46 wizzyrea        the "content from intranet..." imma put offline below it
22:46 cait            looking at it :)
22:46 wizzyrea        if it exists.
22:46 cait            not sure how it will look
22:46 wizzyrea        I have an idea. :)
22:46 cait            making it a one column thing?
22:46 cait            ok :)
22:46 wizzyrea        yeah
22:47 cait            fingers crossed
22:47 cait            and thx for the initiative
22:47 cait            :)
22:47 wizzyrea        the buttons are ok tho, for german, if there are only 3 rows
22:47 wizzyrea        ?
22:47 cait            most of them are ok
22:47 wizzyrea        like, what's the longest word you have on that screen
22:47 cait            but the Offline-Verbuchung is a hard one
22:47 wizzyrea        AHA
22:47 cait            the problem is that german uses long words
22:47 wizzyrea        long words are ok :)
22:47 cait            so they don't break to multiple lines sometimes
22:48 cait            when they should
22:48 cait            english uses more shorter words and the browsers can break them
22:48 wizzyrea        I'm happy to try and accommodate that
22:48 cait            german is silly
22:48 wizzyrea        hehe
22:48 cait            i remember when the names for letters where stored in the database
22:49 cait            and i had to make the column bigger, because  pre due = Fälligkeitsbenachrichtigung wouldn't fit in
22:52 wizzyrea        that is an epic word.
22:52 wizzyrea        http://storage4.static.itmages.com/i/18/0320/h_1521586355_1522378_a479b7a703.png that's what I'm thinking currently, but I know that middle bit isn't quite right. But along those lines
22:54 cait            :)
22:54 cait            ok... i am missing something
22:54 wizzyrea        ?
22:54 cait            in my patch
22:54 cait            trying to phrase it
22:54 wizzyrea        oh :)
22:55 cait            but in theory... if i put a tempalte variable in the opac section of Auth.pm it should be available everywhere, right?
22:55 wizzyrea        that's my understanding (which could be wrong)
22:57 cait            no idea why this doens't work then *sigh*
22:57 cait            time to sleep i guess :)
22:57 cait            good night all
22:58 wizzyrea        good night thanks for your advice
23:38 cait            @later tell kidclamp bug 20400 :)
23:38 huginn          cait: The operation succeeded.