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21:09 andreashm     hi wizzyrea
21:07 wizzyrea      hi
21:07 * andreashm   waves
20:29 m23_          bye
20:28 * cait        will go and read back now :)
20:27 josef_moravec tcohen++
20:27 josef_moravec cait++
20:27 cait          and sorry again fro being so late
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20:27 cait          #endmeeting
20:26 cait          thx all for attending :)
20:26 cait          #info Next meeting: 14 March 2018, 14 UTC
20:26 Joubu         14
20:26 cait          which time?
20:26 josef_moravec sounds good
20:26 cait          march 14
20:25 Joubu         yep
20:25 cait          wednesday in 2 weeks?
20:25 josef_moravec cait: we discussed the previous points before
20:25 cait          #topic Set time of next meeting
20:25 cait          thx :)
20:25 cait          ok
20:25 josef_moravec Joubu++
20:24 Joubu         set a time for next meeting sounds good
20:24 cait          i have no idea where in the agenda we are, help :)
20:24 cait          josef_moravec: ?
20:23 cait          are there others we shoudl vote on?
20:23 cait          #agreed RFC for password change is accepted
20:23 cait          making me chair
20:23 cait          ok, i think i missed that tcohen left
20:20 * Joubu       abstains
20:20 josef_moravec +1
20:20 m23_          +1
20:19 cait          +1
20:19 josef_moravec password change
20:18 cait          which one?
20:18 m23_          let's go :-)
20:17 josef_moravec so, are we going to vote?
20:16 Joubu         I am
20:16 cait          everyone reading? :)
20:15 cait          ?
20:13 josef_moravec https://vufind.org/wiki/development:plugins:ils_drivers#changepassword
20:12 josef_moravec but VuFind could handle it
20:12 cait          :)
20:12 cait          not much to talk about here - in terms of terminology
20:12 tcohen        and only useful for unprivileged users changing their own passowrd
20:11 tcohen        old password is optional, on the header (not part of the password object)
20:11 cait          ok
20:10 josef_moravec old password is not required in proposal
20:10 Joubu         who's around to talk about the REST api?
20:10 cait          would it make sense to require the old password for use in systems like vufind?
20:08 huginn        Current chairs: cait tcohen
20:08 tcohen        #chair cait
20:08 tcohen        but I need to pick Manuel
20:08 tcohen        ok, next one is patron password change endpoint
20:07 tcohen        that would benefit from such endpoints
20:07 tcohen        I have a clear request to speed up orders management
20:07 Joubu         s/there/they #erk
20:07 tcohen        details will be polished and proposed for next dev meeting
20:07 Joubu         so I doubt it's a good argument
20:07 Joubu         we have existing endpoints but there are not used from our UI
20:06 tcohen        I'm fine to know there's no strong opinion against the chosen attribute names
20:06 tcohen        anyway
20:06 tcohen        the idea is t do it as simple as possible, keeping in mind we would use it also for re-doing th UI
20:06 cait          sorry for missing most of the meeting
20:05 * LeeJ        waves to cait
20:05 tcohen        he
20:05 tcohen        I mean, we could strip everything out, but that's a major thing on the codebase
20:05 tcohen        becuase orders (baskets) are needed inside Koha to be able to display them
20:04 tcohen        Joubu: it depends
20:04 Joubu         we do not need to create endpoints for baskets, invoices, etc.
20:04 tcohen        I'm thinking of a set of endpoints that can be used in both 'the complex' and 'the simple' way
20:04 * cait        waves
20:04 Joubu         which is better for us then
20:04 tcohen        so
20:04 tcohen        and expect things to be processed magically
20:03 tcohen        they usually send orderlines along with a MARC record
20:03 tcohen        because they don't need to care about creating a basket, etc
20:03 tcohen        both of them really need a very simplified API
20:03 tcohen        and have had talks with people integrating Coral
20:03 tcohen        and then, I've worked on GOBI integration (an external acq system)
20:02 tcohen        and how this would fit in a RESTful api
20:02 tcohen        so, looking at things that are handshaked on each step from the UI
20:02 tcohen        Joubu: I've been thinking on the use case: 'rewrite the orders handling UI'
20:02 tcohen        #actions Tomas will enhance the /orders endpoint spec with some missing possible solutions for the 'receive' and 'cancel' use cases, there's a general consensus on attribute names
20:01 Joubu         unless you know already
20:01 Joubu         and talk with them to understand what they want/need
20:01 Joubu         if we have any ideas about who is going to use this API, we should contact them first
20:00 tcohen        ok
19:59 Joubu         but you can go :)
19:59 Joubu         I am not sure where we are going
19:59 tcohen        Joubu: I'm not sure about those two, they cna be changed on receiving, from the UI
19:58 * oleonard    ducks out
19:58 Joubu         you will have to calculate them yourself
19:58 tcohen        with PATCH, we need it
19:58 tcohen        it shouldn't be exposed, if we create the /receipts one
19:58 Joubu         tax_value_on_ordering  and  tax_value_on_receiving  neither I guess
19:58 tcohen        Ah, it is in the spec :-D
19:57 tcohen        exactly
19:57 Joubu         "parent_order_id" should not be exposed, right?
19:57 tcohen        I can work on putting the /receipts proposal in words
19:57 tcohen        it actually includes the PATCH solution
19:56 Joubu         k
19:56 tcohen        this proposal doesn't include it
19:56 Joubu         where is the /receipts?
19:56 Joubu         wher eis the /receipts?
19:55 tcohen        anyone has a case against this spec?
19:55 josef_moravec +1 from me
19:54 josef_moravec we could, this is for another disscusion
19:54 tcohen        I don't really need a vote, but a general agreement on terminology and such
19:54 tcohen        could we vote the general spec and I can focus on this details for a proposal on this specific actions against orders?
19:53 josef_moravec but we don't want messy code at all, that's true too
19:53 tcohen        true
19:53 josef_moravec yes it will, but that's 'our' problem, this is iplementation detail, and should not be shown in the API
19:52 tcohen        but it will get messy, for sure
19:52 tcohen        by detecting 'descendants' orders
19:52 tcohen        we could emulate a resource-oriented approach
19:51 tcohen        true
19:51 josef_moravec but that is just for receiving, true?
19:51 tcohen        besides the baskets/orderlines renaming
19:50 tcohen        to refresh the list
19:50 tcohen        we would need to GET /../orders again
19:50 tcohen        so, for rendering the list of orders (standing or not)
19:50 tcohen        the result is that a new order is created "behind the scenes"
19:49 tcohen        is that if we PATCH to receive an order (partially)
19:49 tcohen        from a consumer POV, the only deficiency I find (in the overall DB design, which permeates to the API)
19:48 josef_moravec I am for using PATCH, does make more sense to mee from view of using API
19:48 tcohen        ok, if there aren't any opinions…
19:47 tcohen        for terminology (attributes) I contacted some of you (including Katrin, etc)
19:46 tcohen        we could emulate it on the API, but migt get troublesome
19:46 tcohen        as /receipts would imply
19:46 tcohen        so we don't really have a separate table with a 1-* relationship
19:46 tcohen        (that happen to be descendants of the original one)
19:45 tcohen        because partial receipts create separate 'orders'
19:45 tcohen        our DB design doesn't allow to do this in a natural way
19:44 tcohen        like POST /acq/orders/123/receipts { date_received: blah }
19:44 tcohen        another option is to treat those actions as resources
19:44 tcohen        or 'cancel', etc
19:44 tcohen        and then use PATCH for specific actions like 'receive' an order(line)
19:43 tcohen        for all CRUD
19:43 tcohen        but basically, I propose having /acq/orders/order_id
19:42 tcohen        I didn't complete the PATCH spec matching all possible flows orders have because I had to go deep in the code to find all required attributes for each action
19:41 josef_moravec thanks tcohen
19:41 tcohen        Next is the orders endpoint
19:41 josef_moravec I'll enhance the proposal
19:41 tcohen        yes
19:41 tcohen        #info Josef agreed some work on the backend-side is needed for actions on the illrequests endpoints (besides LIST)
19:41 josef_moravec this should be covered in proposals, so postpone voting to next meeting?
19:40 tcohen        or yes, blocked for now
19:40 tcohen        either path we pick, I think your spec should be constrained to just listing I think
19:39 josef_moravec so, for now, it is a blocker to this endpoint
19:39 tcohen        endeed
19:39 josef_moravec understand, but it means somehow enhance our plugin system
19:38 tcohen        etc
19:38 tcohen        for example /ill_requests/free_form/
19:38 tcohen        - Probably have the plugins inject new routes
19:38 tcohen        - We still need to make backends plugable (like with plugins)
19:37 tcohen        and so, we face two problems
19:37 josef_moravec yes
19:37 tcohen        because each backend is supposed to support its own attribute sets
19:37 tcohen        josef_moravec: I agree with most of the attribute name changes, but there's something deeper to think about ill_requests
19:36 josef_moravec because of consistency of other endpoints
19:36 josef_moravec i propose to change "updated" to "timestamp"
19:35 josef_moravec Just a note
19:35 tcohen        josef_moravec: you want to talk about your proposal?
19:35 tcohen        *rectangular tables*, sorry
19:34 * oleonard    doesn't remember any round tables
19:34 tcohen        the next subject is a proposal to change the /illrequests endpoint spec
19:33 tcohen        anyway. I'm supposed to move the meeting forward
19:33 tcohen        maybe a round table during the hackfest
19:33 tcohen        probably on another place
19:32 tcohen        it is part of a broader discussion/problem we need to deal with
19:32 Joubu         anyway, it's not the discussion here
19:32 Joubu         more code will use C4 and more difficult it will be to move it
19:31 tcohen        #info Jonathan mentions (again) he thinks the REST api development should be done on top of Koha::Object(s)-based classes
19:30 tcohen        and then see how it can fit our codebase, and plan for refactorings if needed
19:29 tcohen        we can design a good API spec in terms of good practices
19:29 tcohen        it is as discussing what would the ideal DB structure be
19:29 bag           that is ideal yes - but is that practical to have to wait for the rewrite of Object(s)-based acq
19:29 tcohen        I think that would be ideal, but here we're mostly talking about the spec, right?
19:28 Joubu         just my thoughts
19:28 Joubu         to have only 1 way to write things
19:27 Joubu         As I told it on 1 comment, Koha::REST should only use Koha::Object(s)-based object
19:27 tcohen        #actions Brendan will explain in koha-devel the question about terminology for orders/baskets
19:27 bag           either is the Auth system ;)
19:27 Joubu         I am not sure the acquisition module is ready for the REST API
19:27 tcohen        thanks!
19:27 tcohen        at least someone familiar with that management terminology
19:27 bag           I will
19:27 tcohen        can any native speaker volunteer to propose this on an email to koha-devel?
19:26 bag           yes
19:26 tcohen        and so basket_groups could become order_groups
19:26 bag           so I would say that if most everywhere does “orders” as baskets - we should do that for the API
19:26 tcohen        but it was obvious when looking at other sample APIs for writing the spec for the orders endpoint, that we were different than any other system
19:25 bag           getting other systems to want to use the API is important
19:25 tcohen        I have no strong opinion on how important this is
19:24 josef_moravec if it's not too complicated ;)
19:24 josef_moravec we do not have api for this now, so probably worth it?
19:24 LeeJ          I honestly have done hardly anything with the API so I'm unsure if I could be of help lol
19:23 tcohen        comments?
19:22 tcohen        but I don't think it is worth for v1
19:22 tcohen        I wrote that line in the meeting's agenda because we could have the chance to fix this if it was worth, on the API side
19:22 tcohen        What we call baskets is usually called 'orders' in specialized systems, and then orders are actually 'orderlines'
19:21 tcohen        I asked privately to some of you
19:21 tcohen        About REST api, the first item was a question I had, because I'm not a native speaker and terminology dragged me down
19:20 tcohen        #info Signoff-ers and QA-ers, please look at this crazy graph https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/showdependencygraph.cgi?id=15449
19:19 tcohen        right
19:18 Joubu         the crazy graph needs attention - https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/showdependencygraph.cgi?id=15449
19:18 tcohen        #topic REST api
19:17 tcohen        #info Katrin has been pushing the QA team members, if you are looking for QA attention, contact her
19:16 tcohen        ok
19:15 tcohen        hehe
19:15 Joubu         ZE hackest (with a French accent please)
19:15 tcohen        #topic UPdates from the QA team
19:14 tcohen        #info 17.11.04 will be delayed a couple days due to Marseille's THE hackfest
19:14 tcohen        #info Nick is making sure 17.11.x is as close to master as possible
19:13 kidclamp      next month's release will be on 25th due to hackfest and schedules
19:13 kidclamp      I am pushing as I can, trying to not get too far behind
19:13 tcohen        no wahanui today
19:13 Joubu         rmaints?
19:13 oleonard      Please don't be afraid of the UNIMARC ones. You don't need a UNIMARC system to test them.
19:12 Joubu         as well as the "Move template JavaScript to the footer" patches
19:12 jenkins       tcohen you may not issue bot commands in this chat!
19:12 tcohen        jenkins: shh
19:12 jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #395: SUCCESS in 36 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/395/
19:12 tcohen        #topic Update from the Release Maintainers
19:11 tcohen        #info Staff client CSS to SCSS patches are waiting for love and are important
19:10 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19474 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Convert staff client CSS to SCSS
19:10 oleonard      One follow-up needs signoff on Bug 19474
19:10 bag           hackfest in france starts 12th of march!  hopefully lots of sign-offs that week
19:09 Joubu         what I told previously :)
19:09 tcohen        oleonard: what's missing?
19:09 * oleonard    eagerly looking forward to his SASS patch to make it in
19:09 tcohen        #topic Update from the Release manager (18.05)
19:09 bag           nope
19:09 tcohen        ok, moving on
19:09 tcohen        oleonard? bag?
19:08 LeeJ          nothing comes to mind
19:08 tcohen        any other announcement? anyone?
19:08 tcohen        Joubu++ # deserved vacation
19:07 Joubu         I think that's all (apart of things I have already said in emails or "what's on")
19:06 Joubu         Keep in mind that we are going to feature freeze quite quickly (in less than 2 months), so if we want to see things pushed, it's *now*
19:06 * kidclamp    *thumbs up*
19:06 tcohen        so, no worries, keep your eyes on the other meeting
19:06 tcohen        kidclamp: you're late, you've just been volunteered to be the RM during March
19:06 Joubu         I'd like to avoid such situation (bypassing steps), but the SO queue is too high
19:06 Joubu         + trivial bypassing SO + QA
19:05 kidclamp      in anothe rmeeting, half an eye here though
19:05 tcohen        #info Jonathan will be mostly AFK during March, Nick will be in charge as RM assistant
19:05 kidclamp      #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
19:05 Joubu         I pushed quite lot of things in the last two weeks
19:05 Joubu         something needed*
19:05 Joubu         I will answer to emails if there is something need (contact on my private email, not @bugs.k-c.org if urgent)
19:04 tcohen        Joubu: make sure you push everything, kidclamp will fix it
19:04 kidclamp      y
19:04 * kidclamp    is luck
19:04 Joubu         I will be afk most of March, kidclamp has push permissions as RM assistant and will take care of the mess I left behind me
19:04 bag           #info brendan gallagher bywater
19:04 Joubu         yes
19:03 tcohen        Any announcements?
19:03 tcohen        #topic Announcements
19:03 tcohen        ok, 1.05 minutes
19:02 tcohen        we'll wait a couple more minutes
19:02 oleonard      #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, USA
19:02 josef_moravec #info Josef Moravec, Czech Republic
19:02 tcohen        #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
19:01 LeeJ          #info Lee Jamison, Marywood University
19:01 Joubu         #info Jonathan Druart
19:01 tcohen        #topic Introductions
19:01 tcohen        notarock: np!
19:01 tcohen        #link https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_28_February_2018
19:01 notarock      *sorry*
19:01 huginn        The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_28_february_2018'
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19:01 tcohen        #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 28 February 2018
19:00 tcohen        notarock: please continue on a private channel, we are starting a meeting, thanks!
19:00 notarock      I think the previous person who worked on this used the fields from C4/Utils/DataTables/Members.pm . The diff says it was removed, and they use the get_guarantor_shared_attribute sub to get these properties. Something to do with the new syspref added in that patch, AdditionalGuarantorField which let you add fields that are inherited from guarantor to guarantee
18:59 LeeJ          hi tcohen
18:59 tcohen        hi, LeeJ
18:58 LeeJ          tcohen: >_>
18:58 LeeJ          not cool
18:58 * tcohen      was messing with LeeJ
18:58 LeeJ          :O
18:58 tcohen        hahaha
18:58 oleonard      Good meeting everyone.
18:57 tcohen        #endmeeting
18:57 LeeJ          hi #koha
18:57 * LeeJ        waves
18:56 notarock      I think it's the patrons field inheritted from guarantor to guarantee. If i was to add a Guarantee to a patron, the new guarantee would already have these fields filled with the guarantor's inforamtions
18:54 Joubu         where does come from this list?
18:54 Joubu         +    my @attributes    = qw( streetnumber address address2 city state zipcode country branchcode phone phonepro mobile email emailpro fax );
18:53 Joubu         notarock: it does not read so nice, but I cannot find something better right now
18:49 notarock      Joubu get_guarantor_shared_attribute . I think it's added in the patch I linked
18:45 huginn        tcohen: wahanui was last seen in #koha 5 days, 0 hours, 55 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <wahanui> hola, tcohen
18:45 tcohen        @seen wahanui
18:41 tcohen        next meeting?
18:40 Joubu         did you see that a looot of code is already submitted on bugzilla but not pushed yet?
18:40 Joubu         notarock: which code are you moving to Koha::Patron?
18:39 notarock      koha/Patron/Attributes.pm maybe?
18:38 notarock      I know C4 code is no good, Im moving member-related code to Koha::Patron, but what about attributes.pm ?
18:37 huginn        Bug 12446: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, philippe.audet-fortin, Patch doesn't apply , Enable an adult to have a guarantor
18:37 notarock      I have some code in C4/Members/Attributes.pm and was wondering if I have to move it somewhere if i want to send it to the community? I'm working on https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12446
18:34 jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #394: FAILURE in 13 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/394/
18:31 Bhavesh       Thanks for reply @Joubu
18:21 jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #393: ABORTED in 48 sec: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/393/
17:56 misilot       Trying to find out how to index the 019 field
17:56 misilot       Hi, is there an easy way to add a new field to be indexed and then be matched on when importing?
17:54 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20311 minor, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , get_age tests can fail on February 28th
17:54 jenkins       Jonathan Druart: Bug 20311: Prevent get_age tests to fail on Feb 28th
17:54 jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #392: FIXED in 46 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/392/
17:54 jenkins       Yippee, build fixed!
17:30 Joubu         Bhavesh: no idea but there was this thread on the mailing list few months ago: http://lists.koha-community.org/pipermail/koha-devel/2017-August/043986.html
17:19 Bhavesh       Can I install Koha on Centos 7
17:19 Bhavesh       Hello All
17:04 huginn        News from kohagit: Bug 20311: Prevent get_age tests to fail on Feb 28th <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=2201fda6c70442860cd8056326baa144adb912e1>
16:35 reiveune      bye
16:09 oleonard      https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_workflow
16:09 maksim        Thank you Oleonard.
16:08 oleonard      https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Guidelines_for_Patch_Acceptance/Rejection
16:08 maksim        It would be my first time, so I think it would be wise for me to use a guide.
16:08 oleonard      https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Submitting_A_Patch
16:08 oleonard      maksim: Be as descriptive as you can in the description. Do you need a guide to creating and attaching a patch?
16:07 maksim        It's an already developped feature, I just need to submit it
16:06 Joubu         maksim: take a look at the wiki: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Getting_involved
16:06 oleonard      maksim: Is it something you're hoping someone will develop, or something you plan to develop?
16:05 oleonard      maksim: If you haven't done so already, search bugzilla to make sure there isn't already a report for that feature
16:05 maksim        #1 is done!
16:05 oleonard      maksim: 1. Register an account on bugs.koha-community.org. 2. File a bug describing the feature
16:04 maksim        Hello, if I want to add a feature to koha, I know I need to do it through bugzilla, but I don't know the specific steps to do that. Does someone here know the steps I need to take?
16:03 Joubu         Let see tomorrow if it is fixed? (:D)
16:02 Joubu         Feb 28th 2018 - 18y = Feb 29th 2000 => So get_age returns 17y instead of 18y
16:00 tcohen        oh!
16:00 Joubu         Feb 28th \o/
16:00 Joubu         looks like t/db_dependent/Koha/Patrons.t is broken... today
15:57 Joubu         great :)
15:57 tcohen        will put it online after lunch
15:57 tcohen        Joubu: I've been granted access to a new Docker_2 server, with nice specs
15:53 jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #391: UNSTABLE in 3 hr 40 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/391/
15:38 cait          bye all
15:38 cait          people, qa and sign off! I will leave for a few hours now, so you canwork in quiet ;)
15:37 cait          hehe
15:33 eythian       ^-- totally a rock. I can tell.
15:11 eythian       https://nltimes.nl/2018/02/28/ice-skater-falls-thin-ice-dies-hospital not quite bitterly cold enough
15:10 oleonard      Bitterly pleasant
15:09 huginn        oleonard: Athens, OH :: Mostly Cloudy :: 58F/15C | Wednesday: Mostly cloudy this morning. A few showers developing during the afternoon. High 62F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 30%. Wednesday Night: Rain showers early will evolve into a more steady rain overnight. Low 48F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 70%.
15:09 oleonard      @wunder 45701
15:08 * eythian     assumes marcelr is out skating on the frozen canals like all dutch people.
15:08 eythian       Bitterly cold indeed.
15:07 huginn        eythian: Amsterdam, Netherlands :: Partly Cloudy :: 21F/-6C | Wind Chill: 6F/-14C | Wednesday: Windy with a few clouds. Lows overnight in the upper teens. Wednesday Night: Bitterly cold. Partly cloudy skies with gusty winds. Low 18F. Winds E at 20 to 30 mph.
15:07 eythian       @wunder amsterdam
14:53 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20264 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Syspref checkdigit is no longer in used
14:53 Joubu         well, hea is part of my commit message on bug 20264
14:51 tcohen        hehe
14:51 * Joubu       wins
14:51 LibraryClaire preferable
14:51 tcohen        i'd say its perfect for outdoor hobbies
14:51 huginn        Joubu: Buenos Aires, Argentina :: Partly Cloudy :: 73F/23C | Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 79F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph. Wednesday Night: Mostly clear. Low 71F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph.
14:51 Joubu         @wunder Buenos Aires, Argentina
14:51 huginn        tcohen: Cordoba, Argentina :: Partly Cloudy :: 71F/21C | Wednesday: Partly cloudy skies this morning. Thunderstorms likely during the afternoon. High 82F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Wednesday Night: Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 59F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.
14:51 tcohen        @wunder cordoba argentina
14:50 huginn        LibraryClaire: Konstanz, Germany :: Clear :: 27F/-3C | Wind Chill: 17F/-8C | Wednesday: Sunny. High around 25F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Wednesday Night: Bitterly cold. Partly cloudy skies early will give way to cloudy skies late. Low 18F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.
14:50 LibraryClaire @wunder konstanz
14:50 tcohen        portable_office++
14:50 * tcohen      is considering moving outside too
14:48 Joubu         it can be indoor and outdoor
14:48 LibraryClaire mojito++
14:48 Joubu         I am currently on my terrace, catching the sun with a mojito
14:47 tcohen        Joubu: indoor or outdoor hobbies?
14:45 tcohen        :-D
14:44 Joubu         Are not you?
14:44 Joubu         I spend my whole working time doing my hobby
14:41 * tcohen      is looking for a new hobbie, ideas?
14:40 cait          maybe i remember it wrong
14:40 cait          so alphabetic is not always what you might want in the pref?
14:39 cait          i think the first lang is used for fallback
14:23 paxed         well, the ability to sort is good, sure
14:13 Joubu         it will sort the languages everywhere based on the position in the pref
14:13 Joubu         it will sort the prefs everywhere based on the position in the pref
14:12 Joubu         everywhere
14:12 paxed         but no, i hadn't paid attention to your bug, becuase it only said "footer"
14:10 paxed         what happens when you install new languages but don't have them in the pref?
14:10 Joubu         mine is more flexible, it adds the ability to sort the languages as you wish
14:08 paxed         Joubu: looks like it. mine's simpler :P
14:00 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20115 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Languages appear in a different order in the footer
14:00 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20160 minor, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Failed QA , Sort translated languages by code
14:00 Joubu         paxed: your bug 20160 seems like a duplicate of my bug 20115
13:58 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19866 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Move template JavaScript to the footer: UNIMARC editor plugins, part 1
13:58 * oleonard    re-decorates the cake with "Bug 19866" and looks around for someone to bribe
13:58 * oleonard    wonders what to do with this cake.
13:57 oleonard      No problem at all.
13:57 magnuse       oleonard: resolved. sorry you had to spend time on it!
13:55 tcohen        josef_moravec: I think the spec is ok
13:55 oleonard      magnuse: I would not object if you want to mark my bug invalid.
13:54 magnuse       ah, the bot went away
13:53 magnuse       normarc?
13:53 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18984 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, NEW , Remove support for NORMARC
13:53 magnuse       normarc is Bug 18984 - Remove support for NORMARC
13:53 magnuse       ah yes, thing is, normarc is going away this year, so i'm not sure it's worth spending energy on
13:52 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19906 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Move template JavaScript to the footer: NORMARC editor plugins
13:52 * oleonard    bakes magnuse a cake with "Bug 19906" written across the top
13:51 oleonard      Oh that reminds me...
13:51 oleonard      Yes, late for #koha
13:50 magnuse       late for #koha, i presume
13:49 kidclamp      late for what>
13:49 tcohen        hi oleonard
13:42 oleonard      Sorry I'm late.
13:42 oleonard      Hi all
13:17 tcohen        he
13:17 tcohen        lari it would be great if we also added the facility
13:16 lari          surprised timestamps are not on by default
13:14 lari          tcohen: yep, in fact i tested it yesterday before hearing about 16357. i couldnt get it to work. but i have to admit i didnt dig any further into it
13:14 tcohen        hahahahaha
13:13 Joubu         tcohen: http://www.commitstrip.com/en/2018/02/26/its-good-to-have-experience/
13:09 tcohen        I would have expected an implementation using Plack::Middleware::Log4Perl (reusing Koha::Logger), though
13:08 tcohen        I agree
13:07 tuxayo        +1
13:07 Joubu         I would not require tests for that
13:03 lari          hi tcohen :)
13:02 tcohen        hi lari!
13:00 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16357 normal, P3, ---, mtj, Needs Signoff , Plack error logs are not time stamped
13:00 lari          any suggestions on how to write tests for Bug 16357? Koha::Logger with plack
12:51 kidclamp      you said it was too quiet
12:51 * cait        is a little scared of the loud kidclamp
12:51 cait          but about to head to a meeting
12:51 cait          kidclamp: i am good?
12:48 tcohen        hehe
12:25 * kidclamp    does noise
12:24 kidclamp      HI CAIT!!!! HOW ARE YOU TODAY!!!!
11:48 cait          it's too quiet today
10:19 tuxayo        And fridolin has again been cutted from the rest of the word by the snow ^^
10:12 cait          ouch
10:11 fridolin      back from net blackout
09:51 cait          clrh++
09:49 cait          thx anyway - the rfid scanner is actually a good idea too
09:48 petter        then I don't know what it was
09:48 petter        ok
09:48 cait          that was also a very cool article, but not the one i was thinking about
09:48 petter        he made a really smart shelf-cleaner prototype
09:47 petter        https://medium.com/deichman
09:47 petter        maybe something about an rfid-scanner?
09:47 petter        hm
09:46 cait          but can't find it - do you have an idea?
09:46 cait          was wondering - thought i saw a link to 'something' interview/article? about koha at opl somewhere int he chat recently
09:45 cait          petter: thx
09:28 petter        He is off today, but working tomorrow
09:02 cait          oha: around?
08:28 gaetan_B      hello
07:41 alex_a        bonjour
07:39 reiveune      hello
07:17 cait          bbl
07:17 * cait        waves
07:08 magnuse       hei petter & #koha
06:52 petter        morning
06:03 fridolin      hi
01:43 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19797 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Subscriptions to email notifications for new serial issues are broken
01:43 jenkins       Jonathan Druart: Bug 19797: [16.11.x] Restore alert subscribers
01:43 jenkins       Project Koha_16.11_D8 build #101: SUCCESS in 3 hr 11 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_16.11_D8/101/