Time  Nick     Message
23:33 cait1    t
23:19 rangi    it appears to have tailed off, someone with ops can +i it again if they need to
23:13 wizzyrea oh neato
23:12 rangi    chanserv can invite me
23:12 rangi    sweet
23:12 rangi    stay there for a sec i wanna try something
23:11 wizzyrea suppose we could deputise whoever else wants to do that
23:11 wizzyrea figure we're both around for the time being
23:10 rangi    worth a try
23:10 wizzyrea do we need to put something in the topic for "message so and so for an invite" ?
23:09 jcamins  Yuck.
23:08 rangi    its just an attack, its hitting all the channels
23:08 wizzyrea just dingdongs being doo doo heads.
23:08 rangi    it's not even spam
23:08 jcamins  BobB: yeah. I can't believe how much of it there was, though. We don't usually get that much spam.
23:03 BobB     ugly
23:03 jcamins  Thanks. It's pretty absurd.
23:02 wizzyrea sensible that is off the chain
23:02 rangi    i just took the nuclear approach, invite only for the time being
22:57 BobB     good job rangi
22:57 rangi    ill clean out the logs
22:56 rangi    every single channel on the whole of oftc
22:56 rangi    ill remove them in a day or so
22:56 wizzyrea oh my comcast.
22:52 wizzyrea :/
22:52 rangi    thats all i can do
22:52 rangi    block a whole isp
22:52 wizzyrea gosh.
22:52 wizzyrea gohs.
22:51 rangi    they are gonna get killed as fast as they arrive
18:12 jcamins  cait: trying to get huginn to repeat my name a few times so that my highlight window didn't have blinking.
16:29 cait     forgot your marc? :)
14:05 huginn   jcamins: unknown tag 103
14:05 jcamins  @marc 103
14:05 huginn   jcamins: unknown tag 102
14:05 jcamins  @marc 102
14:04 huginn   jcamins: unknown tag 101
14:04 jcamins  @marc 101
14:04 huginn   jcamins: A personal name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,j,k,l,n,p,q,t,u,4,6,8]
14:04 jcamins  @marc 100
14:02 wahanui  you are a spoilsport
14:02 jcamins  wahanui: jcamins?
13:02 Alex     Dear all, I have installed Koha 17.11 on Centos, everything seems to be ok. There is only one strange problem: when I search some preferences in "Search System preferences" vert often I get duplicate results of same settings. Do you have experienced something like this? Thanks
11:38 Nemo_bis I see somebody is into promoting +c