Time  Nick          Message
22:04 Claudia       Oh, I get it. Thank you
22:01 wizzyrea      if it's released, it's considered "stable"
22:01 wizzyrea      we don't have unstable ones really
22:00 cait          there are no really any unstable releases
22:00 huginn        Claudia: I've exhausted my database of quotes
22:00 Claudia       @wizzyrea, thanks. What are the common problems in unstable releases?
21:56 wizzyrea      (it's not really unstable anyway, just some installations do crazy stuff with edge cases)
21:56 wizzyrea      it's not going to be unstable enough for you to notice, imo.
21:56 wizzyrea      Claudia, starting out, just go with the latest version
21:55 cait          oh very cool
21:54 Claudia       We're a library specialized in social sciences, from Lima, Peru
21:52 cait          what type of library are you? :)
21:46 Claudia       Thank you! This is the first time we'll work with koha. We are a small library
21:42 cait          also take a look at features that might be important to you
21:42 cait          17.05 has been out almost half a year now and will be maintained longer
21:41 cait          you shoudl always do some testing if it's possible for you
21:41 Claudia       What problems could I have?
21:41 Claudia       Thanks, cait. And what about 17.05.x?
21:39 cait          wahtever you pick, you shoudl always use the latest of the version
21:38 cait          and it has been maintained for 1 year now, probably going to be supported for another 6 months
21:37 cait          16.11.13 is the newest 16.11.x
21:37 cait          it's hard to tell
21:36 Claudia       I visited Koha site and the last release is the 17.05.05, but I heard that the 16.11.02 is better because is more stable. Is this true?
21:36 Claudia       Hi!
20:55 LeeJ          take care all!
20:49 LeeJ          have fun andreashm!
20:49 * andreashm   is off to the sauna. bbl
20:47 LeeJ          I'm more than willing to accept help and/or feature suggestions *hint* *hint*
20:46 LeeJ          andreashm so I've been told! ;)
20:46 edveal        Great thanks leej
20:46 andreashm     ah, room reservations. nice!
20:45 cait          yay thx bag
20:45 LeeJ          I'm trying to work on documentation and an actual informational video about it..aiming for some point next week on that
20:44 LeeJ          https://github.com/ldjamison/koha-plugin-room-reservations
20:44 LeeJ          one sec..grabbing link
20:43 andreashm     room plugin?
20:43 LeeJ          edveal: not yet unfortunately...I have it running in kohadevbox
20:42 bag           so TGoat in this channel we don’t use twitter handles ;)   it’s just plain old LeeJ++
20:42 TGoat         heh thanks huginn :D
20:42 TGoat         thanks hugginn :D
20:42 bag           cait I forwarded it to you
20:41 huginn        TGoat: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
20:41 TGoat         @LeeJ ++
20:41 huginn        TGoat: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
20:41 TGoat         @lee++
20:41 LeeJ          edveal bag like I told TGoat...it's like I've opened Pandora's Box
20:41 edveal        LeeJ do you have a demo site set up for the Room plugin you wrote. I want to take a look!
20:41 cait          share? :)
20:40 LeeJ          :D
20:40 bag           LeeJ++
20:40 edveal        LeeJ saw the write about you in the ByWater newsletter. Cool!
20:26 andreashm     hi LeeJ
20:25 * LeeJ        waves
20:25 andreashm     hi cait!
20:25 cait          hey andreashm :)
20:25 cait          lol
20:24 LeeJ          cait: sorry I missed the meeting yesterday...my Google Calendar didn't remind me for some reason :(
20:24 cait          hey LeeJ
20:22 LeeJ          hi #koha
20:22 * LeeJ        waves
20:19 cait          hi bag
20:17 bag           hiya cait
20:16 * cait        waves
19:58 oleonard      Bye all
18:53 tcohen        http://fontawesome.io/icon/check-square-o
18:43 tcohen        it should be landing, right? :-P
18:42 oleonard      Now, I don't want to imply that I don't like rockets, but...
18:41 tcohen        oleonard: will probably need help with styling anyway, but it is definitely better now, thanks :-D
18:41 * tcohen      uploaded an image: image.png (73KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/UuRdnfsdTBPwYetpiCZwNXZg>
18:37 tcohen        thanks, oleonard :-D
18:37 oleonard      I would leave out the word "module"
18:37 oleonard      https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Terminology#Terminology_to_use
18:36 oleonard      Also: The button should be labeled "Check in," header should be "Self check-in"
18:36 tcohen        better at the bottom
18:36 tcohen        but yeah
18:36 tcohen        I thought it could get lost if the items list was too big
18:35 tcohen        it was below at the begining of my UI try
18:35 oleonard      I'm wondering if it might be good to hide the checkin button until at least one has been added, and then display the checkin button...maybe below the list?
18:34 oleonard      I think having the add and checkin button next to each other is confusing
18:32 * tcohen      uploaded an image: image.png (65KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/eTteLppRoQRnzFYaNndSPvFS>
18:31 tcohen        a table, yes
18:31 tcohen        it creates a list
18:31 tcohen        ideally we should have the checkin endpoint done, and process each async but we will do that later
18:31 oleonard      Does it dynamically add each added barcode to the screen as you go?
18:31 tcohen        it creates a list, to be batch checked in
18:30 tcohen        yes
18:30 oleonard      Is it like a batch check-in thing?
18:30 oleonard      Why is there an 'add' and a 'checkin' button?
18:27 tcohen        oleonard:  ^^
18:27 * tcohen      uploaded an image: image.png (53KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/CjpoElpqWzAgcFqYXFwJGolO>
18:22 tcohen        hehe
18:22 tcohen        I know someone will write a followup
18:21 tcohen        what? the rocket is awesome :-P
18:21 oleonard      tcohen: We must accept the fact that not all actions have a corresponding icon
18:20 tcohen        LOL
18:20 caboose       :)
18:20 * oleonard    is disappointed http://fontawesome.io/icon/caboose isn't a thing
18:20 caboose       :D
18:20 caboose       yes!!
18:20 tcohen        he
18:20 oleonard      ;)
18:20 oleonard      Definitely http://fontawesome.io/icon/rocket
18:19 caboose       hi :)
18:19 tcohen        caboose?
18:19 tcohen        oleonard: fa icon for 'proceed to checkin'?
18:05 reiveune      bye
17:33 tcohen        he
17:33 tcohen        I don't manage to display a plus icon, but I'm sure it is me failing to do it
17:33 oleonard      Yes, why?
17:32 tcohen        oleonard: don't we have font awesome on the OPAC?
15:46 tuxayo        oleonard: there is still Firefox ESR to let more time for addons to be ported, or to find replacements.
15:19 eythian       you can run the firefox-next ppa if you're OK running betas to get the good stuff early.
15:18 eythian       yeah, I've been running it for a month or so. It is very nice and fast.
15:08 edveal        Good morning all.
15:05 tcohen        I like the Pocket integration
15:03 oleonard      I'm glad the reload button isn't in the location bar anymore, but now I have to re-learn (again) where it is.
14:50 tcohen        is really fast :-D
14:49 * oleonard    waits for JSPrintSetup to disappear from everyone's computers today causing panic
14:49 oleonard      Thanks tcohen I didn't realize that was happening now
14:32 * tcohen      uploaded an image: image.png (315KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/QgBipbwVWVHtpRoKQMhCIChm>
14:05 tcohen        jcamins: LOL
13:31 magnuse       the medium is the message
13:29 jcamins       Hmmm... #koha is ground zero for the International French Toast Day movement, so I think it would probably qualify as a social medium.
13:27 oha           there is no media and, if it is a good channel, shouldn't be too social either
13:27 jcamins       eythian: something that I substantially don't use. :P
13:26 eythian       what do you call IRC then, huh‽
13:25 jcamins       Or, substantially, any other social media.
13:25 jcamins       oleonard: this is why I don't use Twitter.
13:24 oleonard      Okay maybe it's just my Twitter feed.
13:23 oleonard      No jcamins my entire world has been turned into the apocalyptic hellscape of Escape from New York.
13:21 jcamins       oleonard: are you visiting New York?
13:14 oleonard      I throw them all around the trash.
13:14 eythian       prepositions are preposterous anyway
13:07 kidclamp      I was hoping you knew of a sequel i didn't
13:07 oleonard      Prepositions in this wasteland mean nothing
13:06 magnuse       'escape to new york'?
13:02 kidclamp      escape 'to' new york?
12:59 oleonard      I'm living in the apocalyptic hellscape of Escape to New York and I have a cold, but overall doing great
12:58 magnuse       not too shabby! and the same to you!
12:57 oleonard      Hi magnuse I hope you are well
12:56 magnuse       kia ora oleonard
12:53 oleonard      Hi all
10:52 * kidclamp    waves
08:10 gaetan_B      hello
07:48 alex_a        bonjour
07:30 reiveune      hello
07:16 LibraryClaire but clear skies at the moment :)
07:16 LibraryClaire ah nice, yeah pretty cold here too this morning
07:16 fridolin      i'm at Marseille its cold but sunny
07:15 fridolin      LibraryClaire: hi wats up ?
07:15 LibraryClaire hi fridolin
07:14 fridolin      hi there
07:12 LibraryClaire morning #koha
06:32 maya          is anyone there ?
06:24 maya          hi , what are the minimum system requirement to install koha 17.05 on debian 8 , like RAM, CPU, ... please help
00:54 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14637 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, RESOLVED FIXED, Add patron category fails with MySQL 5.6.26
00:54 jenkins       * mtj: Revert "Bug 14637: Fix add patron category under MySQL 5.7 - tests"
00:54 jenkins       * mtj: Revert "Bug 14637: Fix add patron category under MySQL 5.7"
00:54 jenkins       * mtj: Revert "Bug 14637: Followup - Fix number of tests due to rebase"
00:54 jenkins       Project Koha_16.05_D8 build #13: SUCCESS in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_16.05_D8/13/