Time  Nick        Message
20:03 wizzyrea    so quiet.
20:08 cait        yes :)
20:14 eythian     You might be eaten by a blind grue
20:19 wizzyrea    no you!
20:20 wizzyrea    I think of you every morning now as I see the gibson-sheat building in lower hutt every day.
20:22 eythian     The what now? Also, what are you doing in Lower Hutt? Did no one warn you?
20:22 wizzyrea    passing through on the bus :)
20:23 wizzyrea    there's a building that's got your name on it, so I think of you every morning
20:23 wizzyrea    on my way through
20:23 eythian     Ah, that'll be my building. I forget about that sometimes.
20:24 eythian     You didn't answer the second half.
20:25 ibeardslee  so she could see your building every morning
20:25 wizzyrea    it's true
20:25 wahanui     I read it on the internet!
22:20 pianohacker augh the preferences JS
22:21 pianohacker what numbnut wrote this?
22:21 pianohacker oh yeah..
22:21 wizzyrea    haha that's the worst
22:21 pianohacker if only I had the time to redo this in React... one day