Time  Nick          Message
23:18 wizzyrea      de nada
23:15 hh            gracias
23:08 wizzyrea      $("ul#action").append('<li><a href="http://some.url">something</a></li>');
23:07 wizzyrea      $("ul#action").append('<li>something</li>');
23:07 hh            An example please thank you
23:05 wizzyrea      hh ^
23:04 wizzyrea      you could probably do this with jquery in opacuserjs
23:04 hh            Hello, please consult, I want to add another element in results browser where it comes out, Make reservation, Print, Save lists, There I want to put another row
23:01 hh            estoy en KOHA
23:01 hh            Hola , consulta por favor, quiero agregar otro elemento en navegador de resultados donde sale , Hacer reserva,Imprimir,Guardar listas, Ahi quiero poner otra fila
20:06 magnuse       i started a plugin that uses bootstrap formatting. on a site running master it looks good. on a site running 16.1106 it looks like botstrap is not applied at all
20:05 magnuse       huh, did something related to bootstrap change between master and 16.1106?
18:53 * oleonard    paints a face on a volleyball and asks it if it knows anything about notices
18:42 oleonard      Oh, not none. [% biblio.title %] shows up.
18:27 oleonard      Are there limitations to using T:T syntax in notices which I should know about? I'm trying to use it in HOLD_SLIP and none of the variables are appearing.
17:47 oleonard      Was that a question fiuKoha? I don't understand.
17:45 fiuKoha       Thank you, when booking as an email to the administrator
17:36 oleonard      Any changes you make to Koha's files will be lost when you upgrade. It is preferred to use customization system preferences like OpacUserCSS, IntranetUserCSS, IntranetUserJS, etc.
17:33 fiuKoha       Why it is not recommended to modify data files
17:31 fiuKoha       , el por que no es recomendable modificar dichos archivos
17:31 fiuKoha       Muchas gracias si correcto tengo archivos tt el por eso no encontraba  tmpl
17:30 oleonard      fiuKoha: It is not recommended to modify the template files, if that is what you're trying to do. Also, if you have .tmpl files instead of .tt files your Koha installation is very old and should be upgraded.
17:27 fiuKoha       Disculpen una duda  donde esta la ruta en koha de los archivos .tmpl
17:14 oleonard      It doesn't appear in the Dev Tools network inspector tab
17:14 oleonard      It appears that although the <link> is in the source, the file isn't actually requested
17:13 oleonard      Is there some trick to getting SlipCSS to work?
15:35 Guest1412     solo reservar libro cuenta KOHA
15:34 Guest1412     Las opciones para el usuario OPAC solo de reservar tiene la opcion un articulo
15:31 tcohen        Guest1412: no entiendo la pregunta
15:30 kidclamp      are you setting printers up on the servers? You should just be able to set one at each branch for the browsr
15:30 Guest1412     ?
15:30 Guest1412     en KOHA el usuario solo reserva no presta
15:29 tcohen        Guest1412: no hay muchos que hablen español
15:27 Guest1412     Gracias , otro detalle  cuando  tengo varias areas ejemplos 3 bibliotecas y a cada una   quiero asignarle una impresora  que hacer en koha para reconoserle
15:26 kidclamp      you can send a notice to staff when a hold i splaced
15:24 oleonard      Guest1412: I am not aware of a way to do that. Koha will only print a hold slip after the item has been found and checked in
15:22 Guest1412     Imprimir la solicitud de reserva o prestamo es para especificar el detalle  del usuario y datos del item
15:19 oleonard      Guest1412: I am curious what the purpose of printing the hold request is?
15:15 Guest1412     A query I want to print a reservation request At the moment of sending a reservation in Koha Where I should program this module thank you
15:14 Guest1412     una consulta quiero imprimir ticket al momento de mandar  a reservar en KOHA donde debo de programar dicho modulo
15:12 miguel        Hola
15:03 reiveune      bye
14:10 jajm          now the search is finally working!
14:09 jajm          and it fixes my problem! thanks kidclamp!
14:08 tcohen        yeap, play on top of it :-D
14:08 jajm          that looks exactly like my problem :)
14:06 kidclamp      no, i need to fix those tests
14:06 tcohen        ah, I thought that was pushed already!!!
14:06 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18434 major, P5 - low, ---, nick, Failed QA , Elasticsearch indexing broken with newer catmandu version
14:06 kidclamp      bug 18434 jajm?
14:04 jajm          any other place i should check ?
14:04 jajm          in /admin/searchengine/elasticsearch/mappings.pl title is associated to 200$a so it seems ok
14:03 tcohen        *possibly*
14:03 tcohen        in a UNIMARC database?
14:03 tcohen        jajm: you're probably using a MARC21 mapping?
14:02 jajm          tcohen, any ideas why almost all my fields in elasticsearch are null ? ('title' is null, but 'title__suggestion' contains the actual data)
13:32 tcohen        \o/ YAY
13:32 jajm          thanks tcohen
13:32 jajm          and indexation works too \o/
13:31 jajm          ok it's running now :)
13:28 jajm          tcohen, yes, but i just noticed i installed the old version (missing debian repo again)
13:27 tcohen        so it is ES that is not working on your VM?
13:26 tcohen        just saying
13:23 jajm          i'll try kohadevbox, but i want to know why it's not working here first :p
13:21 tcohen        etc
13:21 tcohen        once you have it running, it is easier to move es to a separate sever
13:20 tcohen        jajm: have you tried kohadevbox?
13:18 jajm          elasticsearch fails to start for an unknown reason :/
13:12 tcohen        yup
13:11 jajm          i see it brings libcatmandu-store-elasticsearch-perl, i suppose i should remove the cpan version then ?
13:11 tcohen        you can check its dependencies and install them manually
13:10 tcohen        it pulls the perl deps for the correct catmandu version
13:10 jajm          ok
13:10 tcohen        you should install it in koha vm
13:09 tcohen        koha-elasticsearch pulls elasticsearch, unfortunately
13:09 jajm          tcohen, i have installed elasticsearch in its own VM, should I install koha-elasticsearch on the koha vm, elastic vm or both ?
13:05 tcohen        that wasn't the place .-d
13:05 tcohen        sorry
13:05 tcohen        https://github.com/digibib/kohadevbox/blob/master/roles/kohadevbox/tasks/elasticsearch.yml
13:05 tcohen        this is kohadevbox code preparing the ground for elasticsearch
13:04 jajm          ah ok it was in http://debian.koha-community.org/koha unstable
13:04 tcohen        hm
13:02 jajm          https://apt.abunchofthings.net/koha-nightly ?
13:01 jajm          tcohen, hmm i do not have this package available... i may have missed a debian repository
12:59 tcohen        jajm: did you install koha-elasticsearch?
12:57 kidclamp      and your search_ tables all have things populated?
12:53 jajm          excepted for Catmandu::Store::ElasticSearch, from cpan
12:53 jajm          Perl modules from the koha debian repository
12:53 jajm          5.4.0
12:52 jajm          elasticsearch 5 i believe (verifying...)
12:52 jajm          kidclamp, dev install (master)
12:37 kidclamp      hmm..jajm - working from devbox or another install? versions for all the things?
12:34 tcohen        morning
12:34 oleonard      kidclamp, maybe?
12:34 jajm          and a trace "Trace begun at /usr/local/share/perl/5.20.2/Catmandu/Fix.pm line 144 ..."
12:33 jajm          i get this error when indexing: "must be hashref, arrayref, coderef or iterable object"
12:33 jajm          any elasticsearch guru around here ?
12:18 oleonard      Here's what I'm working on now: http://zivotdesign.com/p/view.php?p=14963194404754
12:15 josef_moravec oleonard: not at all, it is nice enhancement I think
12:14 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18708 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Show itemBarcodeFallbackSearch results in a modal window
12:14 oleonard      Thanks for testing Bug 18708 josef_moravec. I completely missed that left over heading.
11:38 wahanui       hi oleopard
11:38 josef_moravec hi oleonard
11:38 oleonard      Hi all
09:42 eythian       yeah, I'll probably be giving that a good read too
09:35 magnuse       the ansible book will be top of my pile
09:33 eythian       *book
09:33 eythian       The vim books (which is nearly 400 pages long) looks pretty useful.
09:32 magnuse       eythian: a zip would be much appreciated, yes
08:42 * eythian     notes that ctrl-click-drag from firefox into ubuntu's file manager downloads the file into there.
08:39 eythian       I wish they had a "download everything in one zip file" button...
08:37 magnuse       eythian: already bought it :-)
08:37 * magnuse     told wahanui to follow eythian
08:36 eythian       https://www.humblebundle.com/books/linux-book-bundle <-- might be interesting for some of you folks
08:36 eythian       see
08:36 wahanui       eythian: i'm not following you...
08:36 eythian       wahanui clearly doesn't love me any more :'(
08:36 eythian       hi
07:55 atheia        Good morning magnuse!
07:53 magnuse       kia ora atheia
07:00 reiveune      hello
06:59 wahanui       niihau, alex_a
06:59 alex_a        bonjour
06:50 mveron        :-)
06:49 mveron        Yay!
06:49 mveron        ...
06:49 mveron        ...
06:49 mveron        ...
06:49 mveron        medo service coffe start
06:49 mveron        Hmm, did not work ,maybe the following:
06:48 mveron        sudo service coffee start
06:48 magnuse       (the "service coffee start", i mean)
06:48 magnuse       mveron: try with sudo?
05:55 fridolin      hiethere
05:45 alexbuckley_  bye #koha
04:54 * mveron      checks his coffe cup - oh, already empty...
04:53 mveron        Nice picture ;-)
04:42 wizzyrea      I think I'm funny.
04:42 wizzyrea      https://m.popkey.co/59b086/QLLrN_s-200x150.gif?c=popkey-web&p=starbucks&i=starbucksq42016&l=search&f=.gif
04:41 wizzyrea      make install coffee
04:41 wizzyrea      make coffee
04:41 wizzyrea      make test coffee
04:41 wizzyrea      ./configure coffee
04:41 mveron        to make...
04:41 mveron        hmm, does not work, I have to do make coffee myself...
04:40 mveron        service coffee start
04:38 mveron        :-)
04:37 mveron        hi wizzyrea and alexbuckley_
04:37 alexbuckley_  hi mveron
04:37 wizzyrea      :D
04:37 wizzyrea      hi mveron
04:37 mveron-away   Good morning / daytime #koha
02:41 wizzyrea      (and others that probably shouldn't go in a logged channel)
02:40 wizzyrea      5. something about russia
02:39 wizzyrea      4. he had a stroke whilst tweeting
02:39 wizzyrea      3. 2683333, or the number of "illegal votes" he'd have to prove to have beaten hrc in the popular vote
02:38 * bag         goes pack to packing his bags ;)
02:38 bag           don’t say launch code
02:38 wizzyrea      2. activation code for sleeper agents
02:38 wizzyrea      1. twitter password
02:38 wizzyrea      among the theories i've heard
02:38 bag           covfefe
02:38 bag           wizzyrea: Not suggesting it, just curious if anyone has tried to log into Trump's Twitter account with the password.
02:38 wizzyrea      smh
02:37 bag           :P
02:37 bag           covfefe
01:56 wizzyrea      i mean, fair, but yeesh.
01:56 wizzyrea      gracious link bibs to authorities is the slowest thing.