Time  Nick       Message
21:58 mtompset   meet the enhancement requirement.
21:58 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1985 enhancement, P3, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Email notification of new OPAC comments
21:58 mtompset   And like I said on bug 1985, you could sign off the first three alone and still mean the bug.
21:57 mtompset   2 and 1 generally get a little too picky at times.
21:57 mtompset   Joubu: just because we aren't now, doesn't mean we shouldn't clean up simple things on the way there. It would be nice to be able to say we do 3 or 4 cleanly.
21:14 Joubu      bye #koha
20:47 cait1      Joubu++
20:26 Joubu      mtompset: we are not following perlcritic -1
20:17 cait1      i mean are you sure it's active and working?
20:17 cait1      you already activated icu?
20:07 barton     It's in the unicode category 'Punctuation, Other [Po]'... would that be considered a bug in Zebra, if it doesn't recognize that?
20:05 barton     Zebra isn't recognizing the Spanish inverted question mark as a punctuation character, which is messing up title searches containig words that start with that... and since it's used to mark the start of a question, that's problematic.
20:03 barton     does anyone have any experience composing the <icu_chain> configurations like in https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/ICU_Chains_Library ?
19:57 huginn     cait1: The operation succeeded.
19:57 cait1      @later tell Joubu page name has an additional l https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Mailling_lists
19:34 cait       hm just missed oleonard
19:32 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18685 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patron edit/cancel floating toolbar out of place
19:32 cait       bug 18685  - also appears on master
19:30 eythian    no matter, no longer mysterious :)
19:30 eythian    yeah
19:30 gmcharlt   :)
19:30 gmcharlt   eythian: eh, the way that account has been used, it could have justly been renamed pkgmgr or the like
19:30 eythian    fair enough
19:30 eythian    ah, he has a key that works with my account
19:29 liw        eythian++ gmcharlt++ cait++ tcohen++
19:29 * eythian  wonders a bit about how drojf uploads packages that they end up under my username
19:29 eythian    np
19:28 cait       thx gmcharlt++ and eythian++ coming to the rescue
19:28 * cait     goes to file bugs
19:28 cait       hm it's in master too
19:26 cait       but sadl yi found 2 bugs in 16.11. today anyway :(
19:25 cait       he has nightly builds - so probably some automation there?
19:25 cait       cool to know :)
19:25 gmcharlt   :)
19:25 gmcharlt   cait: i.e., 742
19:25 gmcharlt   cait: just a few
19:25 eythian    (or, have jenkins do building or something.)
19:25 eythian    I think I was half way through writing a build script that would take a tag and build from that. Maybe that should be resumed by someone.
19:24 cait       probably some more downlaods
19:24 cait       has been there since monday
19:24 cait       phew
19:23 gmcharlt   ok, confirmed that the 16.11.08 package does have the CORRECT version stamp
19:22 eythian    ah cool, I was half way through checking that too :)
19:22 gmcharlt   *checking
19:21 gmcharlt   check the 16.11.08 package now
19:21 gmcharlt   ok, I've confirmed that the 16.05.13 package has as its stamp - i.e., oops
19:20 cait       is 16.11.08 ok?
19:20 cait       have updated my messages to drojf to check chat logs first
19:18 tcohen     thanks cait, eythian gmcharlt
19:17 gmcharlt   at first blush, looks like only 16 downloads of that particular package have occurred
19:17 eythian    will check
19:16 cait       maybe checking the files inside the pacakge? see what version it states?
19:16 eythian    ---------- 1 robin robin 30351766 May 25 13:04 ./pool/main/k/koha/koha-common_16.05.13_all.deb
19:16 eythian    it's been there for about 24 hours
19:15 gmcharlt   ok
19:15 cait       hm no we used the branch
19:15 cait       and we did too
19:15 cait       i think rangi alraedy used it
19:15 * liw      steps back to avoid interfereing further
19:15 tcohen     liw: I think so, but I don't have means to test the 16.11 package... which could have problems too
19:15 eythian    done
19:15 cait       check with gmcharlt plz
19:15 eythian    that's what I'm trying
19:15 liw        't he downloaded?
19:14 liw        would it be enough to just remove the 16.05.13 package? or to chmod it to 000 so it can
19:14 gmcharlt   looking
19:14 tcohen     until drojf figures
19:14 tcohen     we should shut apache down
19:14 eythian    I do
19:14 tcohen     period
19:13 tcohen     the 16.05.13 package contains master
19:13 cait       yeah but epxlaining, i am not sure what exactly is wrong
19:13 eythian    I _might_
19:13 cait       i think gmcharlt might take a look right now too
19:13 tcohen     I don't have access
19:13 cait       tcohen: can you take over?
19:13 cait       was looking for someone who has access to the debian repo
19:13 wahanui    everything.
19:13 eythian    cait: sup?
19:09 cait       gmcharlt or eythian around?
19:09 cait       and not drojf
19:09 wahanui    robin is on annual leave
19:09 cait       and robin...
19:09 cait       hm the wiki also lists galen
19:07 liw        drojf++ -- however, may I suggest, from this Koha orbiting space station, that it'd be good to have a team of at least two people managing a Koha-provided APT package repo, just in case of problems?
19:06 cait       eythian: ?
19:06 cait       tomas - do you want to email?
19:05 cait       i have sent him a text and twitter dm
19:05 cait       super busy i thnk
19:04 CrispyBran WTF (Windy Toad Farts)
19:04 oleonard   drojf hasn't been around lately has he?
19:04 cait       sent
19:03 cait       text send
19:02 tcohen     people using 16.05 are being upgraded to current master
19:01 cait       what's the exact problem?
19:01 cait       i can dm/text him
19:00 tcohen     who has write access to the repo¡?
18:58 tcohen     for real
18:57 tcohen     i mean it
18:56 tcohen     we need to remove that ASAP from the repo
18:56 tcohen     phone numbeR?
18:56 tcohen     sorry
18:55 tcohen     does someone have drojf's email?
18:55 cait       somethig wrong with the package?
18:55 cait       that was on th elist today too
18:55 cait       ohoh
18:55 tcohen     and it is applying 16.12 updates
18:54 tcohen     i've just upgraded a demo server
18:54 bag        tcohen: ?
18:53 tcohen     WTF happened to koha 16.05?
18:25 cait       hm?
18:24 mtompset   Seems like they get forgotten frequently.
18:24 mtompset   I've been looking at the patch does not apply and failed qa lists. :)
18:23 cait       np
18:23 mtompset   cait++ # thanks for fixing my typo. :)
17:56 mtompset   Rescued a 4-digit bug from "Patch does not apply" doom. :)
17:34 huginn     mtompset: The operation succeeded.
17:34 mtompset   @later tell Jobou default perlcritic dislikes unless (condition) { }
17:21 * mveron   goes to have dinner
16:47 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15465 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ellermaugustus, RESOLVED FIXED, README for github
16:47 Guest924   jonathan.druart: Bug 15465: Fix typo in bugs.k-c.org
16:47 Guest924   Project Koha_Master_D8 build #183: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 49 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/183/
16:44 CrispyBran Something I'll have to mention to tcohen for the install notes.
16:42 barton     nowait, actually, that makes sense based on what we were seeing... OpenSSL is probably more strict about which certificates it will accept.
16:41 barton     huh... weird.
16:40 CrispyBran I feel like an idiot.
16:40 CrispyBran One of the settings defaults to using the OpenSSL library.  I changed it to use the native Windows Secure Channel library.  My problems disappeared!  :/
16:39 CrispyBran I've been having lots of connection issues the past couple weeks.  Usually when I install Git on Windows, I use all the default settings.
16:38 CrispyBran barton too ^
16:37 CrispyBran oleonard - just learned a valuable lesson with kohadevbox.
16:35 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18675 trivial, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Translatability: Get rid of [%% in translation for csv-profiles.tt
16:35 mveron     oleonard: One more example is Bug 18675 Translation tool picks following line: %s [%% IF csv_profile.encoding == encoding OR NOT csv_profile AND encoding == 'utf8' %%]
16:32 Oak        Thanks
16:31 oleonard   Oak: That could be it. Koha is trying to pull item information based on the itemnumber in the issues table and is getting nothing?
16:28 Oak        I've been out of touch with Koha :|
16:28 Oak        Someone deleted items/records instead of returning the books?
16:28 Oak        Yeah, a friend of mine gave me access and asked me to 'fix' these issues. I have not idea what have they been doing to their Koha.
16:26 oleonard   Oak: It certainly doesn't look good :|
16:20 Guest978   Hi #koha, what it means, if in the intranet, a checked out title of a book on a patron's screen shows "null undefined undefined undefined undefined null"
16:20 mveron     They would have to fit with Template Toolkit.
16:19 oleonard   I think it would be interesting to learn what good alternative workflows are.
16:18 mveron     oleonard: I agree - but I'm afraid that it would be a Hercules task. And meanwhile translations in the old fashioned way have still to be done.
16:15 oleonard   Isn't translation a process which should be re-thought from the ground up? We've been making incremental fixes for ages and it's still a pain.
16:14 * mveron   lost hours and hours in the last 5 years with translation issues - either to get it right in translation or with enhancements to weed out problems...
16:13 mveron     And yes, making translation work vor splitted sentences would make much sense...
16:12 mveron     ...for html tags inside tt directives
16:12 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18665 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Translatability: Add tt filter to allow html tags inside tt directives
16:12 mveron     That's why I propose a filter for such tags, see Bug 18665
16:12 oleonard   I really think we need to figure out how to make translation work for sentences <b>splitted</b> by html tags
16:11 mveron     ..and html tags inside of tt directives. They are forbidden by coding guidelines, but sometimes it would be easier from programming standpoint to have them.
16:10 mveron     ...resulting in 'Sentences' and 'splitted' and 'html tags' as separate fragments in translation tools
16:09 mveron     Line breaks inside of tt directives... Sentences <b>splitted</b> by html tags
16:09 mveron     oleonard: Usual suspects are:
16:06 oleonard   I'm interested in hearing any other guidelines you think of for making the templates more translatable
16:05 wahanui    mveron: excuse me?
16:05 mveron     wahanui seems to have beer time already :-)
16:04 wahanui    hi olé onard
16:04 mveron     Hi oleonard
16:04 oleonard   Hi mveron.
16:02 mveron     Joubu++ for adding a test to QA tools to prevent line breaks inside of tt directives. That will save a lot of time for fixing translatability problems.
15:47 Joubu      heh
15:47 Joubu      query tcohen Hi
15:07 huginn     Joubu: The operation succeeded.
15:07 Joubu      @later tell wizzyrea https://koha-community.org/get-involved => links "Plugins" and "Meta" do not point to anywhere...
15:04 oleonard   Thanks Joubu
14:55 Joubu      perl translate update LANG
14:54 Joubu      apparently not, but you can use the translate script from a koha-shell :)
14:53 oleonard   Sorry, not regenerate the templates. Recreate the .po file I mean
14:53 Joubu      "regenerating"?
14:52 huginn     New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15465: Fix typo in bugs.k-c.org <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=0b7c517bfe9c76b0e40f25f1fa5b1f3cf7a00dd3>
14:50 oleonard   If so, is there a separate command for regenerating the templates? Or use koha-shell?
14:49 oleonard   "koha-translate -u" updates your templates based on the po files?
14:43 wahanui    well, really is more trouble than she's worth.
14:43 Joubu      really??
14:42 Joubu      README.md: "Note: This project has its own bug tracker, to report a bug or submit a patch visit http://bugs.koha-comminity.org."
14:41 huginn     Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:41 Joubu      @later tell wizzyrea do you want me to open bug report? :)
14:41 huginn     Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:41 Joubu      @later tell wizzyrea https://koha-community.org/support/koha-mailing-lists/forums => most of the links are broken
14:37 huginn     Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:37 Joubu      @later tell wizzyrea https://koha-community.org/get-involved/for-library-users => "Leave your suggestions in the comments." => There is no way to let a comment...
14:28 * oleonard burns a copy of Programming Perl, 3rd edition, on the altar of the QA gods.
14:27 Joubu      oleonard: yes, definitely
14:24 oleonard   I wonder if the qa tool could be modified to look for line breaks inside template tags?
14:24 oleonard   https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=63732&action=diff
14:23 * kidclamp likes his memes with identifiable metadata
14:23 oleonard   Oh skeptical Fry, is there anything you can't do?
14:23 kidclamp   https://cdn.meme.am/cache/instances/folder594/500x/55746594/futurama-fry-not-sure-if-laughing-with-me-or-at-me.jpg
14:20 oleonard   ^^ this guy knows what I'm talkin' about.
14:18 * kidclamp narrows his eyes
14:17 oleonard   I'm glad that kidclamp_fit guy left, he's insufferable.
13:08 huginn     oleonard: The operation succeeded.
13:08 oleonard   @later tell rangi Please delete Bug 18678. Spam.
13:06 * kidclamp might be slightly punchy today
13:05 kidclamp   there's a bug in it tcohen, and the unit tests are really painful when time travel is involved
13:05 tcohen     ah, where's the infinite time when we need it :-D
13:03 * tcohen   agrees we should address those
13:01 kidclamp   alternately, throw in some blink tags - if we are gonna warn, let's do ti proper
13:00 kidclamp   these warnings always seem like something we should fix rather than frightening the users
12:59 kidclamp   sort of like this: Overdues - Warning: This report is very resource intensive on systems with large numbers of overdue items.
12:59 kidclamp   ^ that in the system preferences
12:59 kidclamp   (WARNING! This increases server load significantly; if performance is a concern, use the update_totalissues.pl cron job to update the total issues count).
12:58 oleonard   What prompts the question kidclamp ?
12:56 kidclamp   Is UpdateTotalIssuesOnCirc that much of a drain on server resources?
12:51 oleonard   Hi tcohen
12:50 tcohen     morning
12:46 oleonard   jcamins++
12:46 * jcamins  leaves, having done his bibliographic good deed for the day.
12:45 jcamins    That's the one.
12:45 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9921 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nunyo.lopez, In Discussion , Make it possible to force 001 = biblionumber
12:45 wahanui    rumour has it Bug 9921 is about forcing the biblionumber into 001, not making what is in 001 be the biblionumber
12:45 oleonard   Bug 9921
12:45 oleonard   :(
12:45 jcamins    Oh, no, I'm remembering when a plugin was written and got blocked by aggressive scope creep.
12:44 oleonard   Do we even have documentation for all the cataloging plugins?
12:42 oleonard   I quickly scanned the available plugins and didn't see one, but I might have missed it
12:41 jcamins    The theory is that way if there was any collateral documentation, you can tell from the accession number who to ask for help finding it.
12:40 jcamins    (that originally cataloged it, not the branch that has the book)
12:40 oleonard   I think we've got some records like that which were created here outside of Koha
12:40 jcamins    Where the prefix usually identifies the branch.
12:40 jcamins    Something like smp123402005
12:39 jcamins    I've used accession numbers with an alpha prefix in the past.
12:39 jcamins    It's not an ideal identifier, though, because it's not very useful for searching.
12:38 jcamins    Probably the most logical thing is to just use the biblionumber, since that's what the 001 is for. I think there's a plugin for that.
12:34 oleonard   jcamins: Any opinion about how a 001 plugin should work? What kind of number it should generate?
12:32 jcamins    Yes.
12:30 oleonard   ....which I guess, if Koha isn't automatically filling 001, is correct?
12:29 oleonard   My catalogers are all aflutter because in the latest upgrade, if 003 is already filled it doesn't put in the default value when you click the field
12:29 jcamins    There are various cataloging plugins that do something along those lines.
12:28 jcamins    oleonard: it doesn't, but it'd be really nice if it did.
12:16 oleonard   (I Am Not A Cataloger)
12:16 oleonard   IANAC
12:16 oleonard   Is Koha supposed to automatically generate data in the 001 field for newly-created records?
12:13 eythian    ho leopard.
12:09 oleonard   Hi all
09:18 * cait     waves
08:02 mveron     Goedemorgen marcelr and eythian
07:59 marcelr    hi eythian and mveron
07:43 mveron     Good morning / daytime #koha
07:42 eythian    Hi
07:15 marcelr    hi gaetan_B
07:14 gaetan_B   hello
06:21 marcelr    hi #koha
00:59 kellym     bye kidclamp
00:59 kidclamp   bye kelly
00:59 kidclamp   hi kelly
00:47 kellym     hi tgoat
00:47 kellym     hi kidclamp
00:47 kellym     hi caboose
00:46 kellym     hi rocio!  jzairo and I are stuck at the airport