Time  Nick              Message
20:48 kchris            maybe a bit longer
20:48 kchris            I installed about 2 weeks ago.
20:47 kchris            Maybe its time i just do another fresh install.
20:47 kchris            I am still getting the same error.
20:47 kchris            and checked the plack errors while hiting the page.
20:47 kchris            restarted memcached and plack
20:46 kchris            Joubu: I added the <dev_install> tag inside the <config> tag.
20:41 Francesca         :)
20:41 wizzyrea          :D will do
20:41 Francesca         say hi to the gang for me!
20:40 Francesca         busy busy busy
20:40 wizzyrea          how's school?
20:40 wizzyrea          hi francesca!
20:40 * Francesca       waves
20:40 wizzyrea          if it's your 1st patch or your 1000th
20:40 wizzyrea          nice even.
20:40 wizzyrea          CrispyBran_lunch, we aim to always be ncie.
20:27 * CrispyBran      waves back
20:27 huginn`           04Bug 18219: minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , "Not checked out." problem message displays twice on local use.
20:27 CrispyBran        Be nice to me.  This is my first attempt at a patch.  https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18219
20:25 * wizzyrea        waves
20:25 Joubu             looks like it was not a fresh devbox
20:25 kchris            ok.
20:25 Joubu             restart memcached, then plack
20:24 Joubu             <dev_install>1</dev_install>
20:24 Joubu             kchris: add it, inside the config one
20:20 kchris            Joubu: I don't see a dev_install tag.
20:14 kchris            okay. thanks.
20:13 Joubu             kchris: yes you told me already
20:13 huginn`           Joubu: The operation succeeded.
20:13 Joubu             @later tell kchris edit /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml, you should see a dev_install tag with "1"
20:13 kchris            Joubu: I don't see "use lib /path/to/lib" in the plack.psgi file
20:09 tcohen            if the bug report is good enough, you can paste it
20:08 tcohen            and also a test plan an a verbose description  of the problem you are trying to solve
20:08 tcohen            but you need at least a subject (the first line) including "Bug XXX: Description of what the patch does" (replace XXX for the bug number)
20:07 tcohen            if you are trying to submit a patch for Koha, there are several guidelines you need to follow
20:06 CrispyBran        tcohen ^
20:04 CrispyBran        What I mean is, do I need to edit the commit, or just commit it without changing the message?
20:04 tcohen            to attach it to the specific bug you wrote it for
20:03 tcohen            you need to git bz attach bug_number HEAD
20:03 CrispyBran        tcohen: is there anything specific I need to do with the commit?
20:02 Joubu             kchris_afk: grep dev_install $KOHA_CONF
20:02 Joubu             ha, 16733 removed them
20:01 kchris            https://snag.gy/ytNQRz.jpg
20:00 kchris            https://snag.gy/a7Yq6e.jpg
19:59 Joubu             what do you see?
19:58 kchris            in the psgi file, i don't see the lib entry
19:57 Joubu             "No idea if this list is still active" hum?
19:56 Joubu             nope
19:54 kchris            can I edit this on my host?
19:54 kchris            on my host it's easier: i use gui editor.
19:54 kchris            on my guest, I'm just using nano.
19:53 kchris            you're right.
19:53 Joubu             kchris: it takes you too much time to edit a file, not sure what your workflow is, but that should be easier :)
19:52 kchris            Ok...still working on this.
19:46 Joubu             but /usr/share/koha/lib
19:46 Joubu             guess it's not  /home/vagrant/kohaclone
19:45 Joubu             first lines say "use lib /path/to/lib"
19:45 Joubu             edit /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/plack.psgi
19:44 kchris            I didn't think I needed to set PERL5LIB on a kohadevbox...
19:44 kchris            Yes.
19:44 Joubu             kchris: is it a fresh devbox?
19:43 Joubu             the thing is that PERL5LIB env (the one perl use to pick the libraries to use) is not correctly set
19:42 kchris            that's a relief.
19:42 Joubu             yes yes, sorry it was wrong
19:42 kchris            my branches that I create on my guest also appear on my host ...
19:41 Joubu             wait, bit tired
19:41 Joubu             ha yes you do
19:41 kchris            yuck
19:41 Joubu             I do not know what you are doing from the host, but you are not exporting the repo you are modiying
19:40 Joubu             should be /home/vagrant/kohaclone
19:40 Joubu             and the error comes from /usr/share/koha/lib
19:40 Joubu             because the error should not be the same :)
19:40 kchris            where do you see that?
19:39 Joubu             ok so you are not using the right lib path
19:39 kchris            https://snag.gy/GtPeYm.jpg
19:38 kchris            https://snag.gy/2LDNYC.jpg
19:37 Joubu             and Koha/Object.pm:304 as well
19:36 Joubu             paste it here please
19:36 kchris            so far, it looks the same.
19:36 Joubu             the error should be different
19:36 kchris            one more line of the same error message.
19:35 kchris            each time I still just get the template process failed error message.
19:35 Joubu             suspense!
19:34 kchris            and then hit admin/branches.pl
19:34 kchris            I then ran koha-plack-err
19:34 kchris            and I restarted plack again.
19:33 kchris            Joubu: I added pickup_location to the arguments passed to the list of known methods.
19:26 kchris            yes. let me run koha-plack-err
19:26 Joubu             tried my change request?
19:24 kchris            I have been using git on the guest for updating my repo, using bz, etc.
19:23 kchris            I am using the one time "SYNC_REPO" command to bring my repo into the virtualbox
19:22 kchris            yes.
19:22 tcohen            after running the upgrade?
19:22 kchris            and then recreated my branch
19:22 tcohen            kchris have you ran restart_all ?
19:22 kchris            Well. I dit a git pull just this morning into master
19:21 Joubu             kchris: git repo is up-to-date, right?
19:20 Joubu             well actually no, it should be almost the same, but raised by DBIC
19:19 Joubu             you should get a more verbose error
19:19 Joubu             then restart plack again
19:19 Joubu             kchris: edit Koha/Object.pm, l. 304, add pickup_location to the list of known methods
19:16 kchris            Okay. I ran those commands. Still getting the internal server error.
19:13 Joubu             kchris: as vagrant user: ` sudo service memcached restart; sudo koha-plack --restart kohadev `
19:12 kchris            Just when I am on the branch with the patch.
19:12 kchris            And I don't get the error on master.
19:12 kchris            Yes
19:12 Joubu             just by hitting admin/branches.pl?
19:11 Joubu             when do you get the error?
19:11 kchris            I'm using kohadevbox with repo on my host.
19:09 kchris            Joubu: https://snag.gy/N4cY0s.jpg
19:04 Joubu             kchris: can you paste `git log --oneline origin/master..HEAD` please
19:02 kchris            and when I log into mysql, I see the new column in the branches table.
19:01 kchris            I have applied the db update..
19:01 kchris            Yes.
19:01 Joubu             kchris: it's about 7534 I guess?
19:00 kchris            So, the problem lies elsewhere...
19:00 kchris            Yes :)
19:00 Joubu             if you see the stop-start lines, that means it restarted :)
18:58 kchris            and then a get a template process failed error
18:58 kchris            koha-plack-err shows the server closing, then starting.
18:54 kchris            koha-plack-log?
18:54 Joubu             check plack logs
18:53 kchris_away       How can I verify that plack restarts successfully after a restart_all command?
18:52 kchris_away       #koha, I am troubleshooting a plack error on kohadevbox.
18:52 CrispyBran        I could trash.
18:52 CrispyBran        :)
18:52 CrispyBran        So, I could hash or stash, but can I mash?
18:51 CrispyBran        :)
18:46 kidclamp_code4lib you can also stash your changes before changing branches
18:44 tcohen            it is not that long, but it will save you from lots of trial error wasted time
18:43 CrispyBran        ok
18:43 tcohen            i promise
18:43 tcohen            it is better for you to read the intro before trying to use git
18:43 tcohen            https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2
18:43 tcohen            he
18:43 tcohen            not that paste
18:43 tcohen            nope
18:43 tcohen            "x-mojo-controller": "Koha::REST::V1::Items::Messages",
18:42 tcohen            progit is a good book about Git
18:42 CrispyBran        Would you mind walking through something with me?  This is my first patch.
18:42 tcohen            you need to tell git to store those changes, assign them an id (commit hash) and it will ask you for a subject and description
18:42 tcohen            it is not automatic
18:41 tcohen            $ git commit
18:41 tcohen            then
18:41 tcohen            $ git add files_you_changed_or_added
18:41 CrispyBran        I haven't gotten that far
18:41 tcohen            you need to
18:41 tcohen            when you are in the branch
18:41 tcohen            maybe you forgot to commit your work
18:41 tcohen            ah
18:41 tcohen            can u elaborate a bit?
18:41 CrispyBran        when I go back to master, it shows the edited file there as well.
18:40 tcohen            of course
18:39 CrispyBran        When I edit a file, isn't only supposed to edit it under the branch I am in?
18:39 tcohen            all the time
18:39 tcohen            yes
18:38 CrispyBran        tcohen, do you use the kohadevbox?
18:38 tcohen            CrispyBran: I do
18:37 CrispyBran        Anyone online that writes patches?
18:36 CrispyBran        tcohen, do you write patches?
18:36 CrispyBran        hello
18:35 tcohen            hi
18:35 CrispyBran        cait, are you there?
17:15 Joubu             yes would make sense
17:13 kivilahtio        Joubu: I am providing a followup where mock_dbh is removed and replaced with Test::DBIx::Class
17:13 kivilahtio        it does :)
17:13 kivilahtio        it should
17:12 kivilahtio        it does?
17:12 Joubu             t/etc/schema.pl?
17:12 huginn`           04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18226 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Remove "use Test::DBIx::Class" instantiations' dangerous code duplication
17:12 Joubu             kivilahtio: bug 18226: is it expected to add etc/schema.pl?
16:29 LibraryClaire     laters #koha
16:23 reiveune          bye
16:23 Joubu             sounds like a reasonable advantage
16:22 Joubu             packages do not build if non DB dependent tests do no pass, that makes some errors to be caught earlier
16:04 marcelr           have to go
16:01 marcelr           if there is not, ...
16:01 marcelr           there should be a visible advantage of having these tests
16:00 kivilahtio        marcelr: why do we even have tests which are not?
16:00 marcelr           kivilahtio: i have sometimes the idea that some t tests should just be db_dependent
15:57 marcelr           yeah they are related somehow
15:57 kivilahtio        since the complaints
15:57 kivilahtio        marcelr: I can install it, but I guess DBI::Mock is needed as well
15:56 marcelr           we also still have DBD::Mock in perl deps
15:55 marcelr           ok via mock_dbh
15:55 kivilahtio        marcelr: several tests
15:54 stozza            hello
15:54 marcelr           kivilahtio: which test is it ?
15:54 kivilahtio        marcelr: shoudln't t/lib/Mock::mock_dbh be replaced with Test::DBIx::Class
15:54 kivilahtio        atleast it is up to date here :)
15:53 marcelr           also hard to install
15:53 marcelr           and that is horrible enough
15:52 marcelr           we chose Test::DBIx::Class
15:52 marcelr           why this exception?
15:52 kivilahtio        marcelr: you don't like it much ?
15:52 kivilahtio        marcelr: the module might have regression
15:52 marcelr           just get rid of it !
15:52 marcelr           not sure how i did it, probably cpanning
15:51 marcelr           if we can do it, you can do it :)
15:51 kivilahtio        should I rephrase, can you get it installed?
15:51 kivilahtio        marcelr: is it possible to install DBI::Mock?
15:47 marcelr           no exceptions
15:47 marcelr           kivilahtio: Remove DBI::Mock; you can do it
15:47 tcohen            Joubu: why is it failing in Jenkins?
15:44 * Joubu           is waiting for the beer he deserves
15:44 Joubu             prove t/Prices.t => "All tests successful."
15:42 kivilahtio        tcohen: is Prices.t the only test using DBI:Mock ?
15:42 kivilahtio        haha
15:42 tcohen            he
15:42 tcohen            kivilahtio: fix Prices.t and I owe you a beer :-D
15:40 kivilahtio        *I am getting some nasty warnings in the test runs*
15:39 kivilahtio        I am getting some nasty errors in the test runs
15:38 kivilahtio        tcohen: using an in-memory SQLite DB works great
15:38 kivilahtio        tcohen: and how is DBI::Mock installable?
15:38 kivilahtio        tcohen: Any idea why t::lib::Mock::mock_dbh uses DBI:Mock
15:15 kivilahtio        looking at t/Logger.t leaking configs
15:15 kivilahtio        thanks :)
15:15 kivilahtio        Wow, my question got ganged
15:15 Joubu             indeed
15:15 tcohen            t::lib::Mocks::mock_preference
15:14 tcohen            I mean, t::lib::Mocksmock_preference
15:14 eythian           surely setting the sysprefs should invalidated the cache for them
15:14 marcelr           kivilahtio: they should mock preferences
15:14 kivilahtio        but how is this done elegantly?
15:14 tcohen            kivilahtio: make sure you use t::lib::Mocks for setting sysprefs on tests
15:14 kivilahtio        the solution is to flush all caches when starting to run a new test file
15:13 kivilahtio        especially when the values set are random test data
15:13 kivilahtio        mainly some tests set sysprefs and context it and others suffer from it
15:13 kivilahtio        mainly some tests set it and others suffer from it
15:13 kivilahtio        I am trying to get all the Koha's tests to pass and I am finding problems with the Koha::Cache
15:12 druthb            Hi, tcohen!  :D
15:11 tcohen            hi druthb gmcharlt
15:07 * druthb          waves tiredly to gmcharlt.
14:58 * druthb          perks.
14:58 huginn`           gmcharlt: Quote #156: "druthb: I would feed wahanui a botsnack of windows 8 engineers, but they're full of fluff and not very filling. trea: like marshmallow peeps, with clip on ties." (added by wizzyrea at 02:09 PM, September 22, 2011)
14:58 gmcharlt          @quote random
14:55 cait              the 9 shoudl have been a smiley...
14:55 cait              :)
14:55 cait              lucky 9
14:52 LibraryClaire     tcohen++
14:52 * tcohen          forgot he liked Bloc Party
14:49 Joubu             yes :)
14:47 cait              Joubu: did all your stuff arrive with you?
14:23 magnuse           ¡hola Joubu!
14:13 Joubu             yesterday "morning"
14:13 cait              Joubu: when did you arrive?
13:54 huginn`           marcelr: The operation succeeded.
13:54 marcelr           @later tell drojf please look at bug 16758
12:52 cait              Joubu: yay!
12:52 tcohen            YAY!
12:49 Joubu             :)
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12:49 Joubu             @wunder buenos aires, argentina
12:46 marcelr           hi #koha
12:37 tcohen            he, close
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12:36 tcohen            @wunder cordoba, argentina
12:36 tcohen            morning
12:00 A__A              Yup.  I agree, everything informatic requires technical knowledge, once you've decided it's a viable choice.  But right now I'm looking at the feasability of Koha for our situation.  Thank you for your help, again, from (for a change) sunny Whitby.
11:55 drojf             https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
11:55 drojf             hm the bot is gone
11:55 drojf             debian?
11:54 drojf             not that i am aware of. it's professional software, you won't get to install it without learning some tech stuff. installation is not too complicated with debian packages
11:52 A__A              Got it.  Ok drojf.  Where can I read about these basic starting-out Koha issues?  I finally hit on IRC.  Are there any videos anywhere that talk about requirements in a conversational, non techno-geek way?
11:49 drojf             if it is only some webhosting thing with modules you can click to install in a web interface, it is probably not going to wotk
11:49 drojf             you would ssh into your server and install stuff
11:49 drojf             yes
11:48 A__A              But you need root access?
11:47 drojf             koha does not care if it is under your desk or in some server farm
11:46 A__A              I am a bear of simple brain.  "Service providers for Koha".  We don't have an actual real server, that's provided by a service provider.  We interface to it via the web.
11:44 drojf             as you mentioned your server, i assumed you would want to use it to install koha
11:42 drojf             A__A: i don't understand. there are service providers for koha, or you can do it yourself. it's your choice
11:41 A__A              drojf: root access to the server.  "Which distro".  Hmm.  So that sounds like hosting the thing on your own servers, not via a service provider.  So OpenBiblio looks more likely.  And easier to (con)figure, probably.
11:38 drojf             also what gnu/linux distribution it is is important. debian-based is easy, centos or redhat might be complicated
11:36 drojf             i think you asked the same a few days ago and the answer was you need root access to your server 8and verify it is linux)
11:33 A__A              Whitby, North York Moors, England
11:32 A__A              Hello.  I'm investigating Koha, to see if it is practical for a small shop in Whitby, to put our community library "online".  We already have our stock online, on a (3rd party) linux server.  (Pretty sure it's linux.)  Can we add Koha easily to this existing system?
11:30 huginn`           04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18222 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Fix tests broken by Buug 18026
11:30 kivilahtio        Joubu: you might want to fast-track Bug 18222
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10:21 eythian           @wunder ams
10:21 eythian           hi
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07:56 alex_a            bonjour
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07:49 LibraryClaire     @wunder konstanz
07:45 LibraryClaire     hi magnuse and reiveune
07:45 reiveune          hello
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07:43 * magnuse         waves
07:25 LibraryClaire     morning #koha
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05:43 drojf             @wunder sxf
05:21 drojf             morning #koha
03:39 reza              Thank you BobB and mtj
02:02 mtj               reza: SIP2 works pretty well over the internet/cloud, if you use something like stunnel
01:52 BobB              so investigate a provider in terms of their infrastructure, policies and practices
01:51 BobB              but that includes the server under your desk, as much as someone else's server in the cloud
01:51 BobB              nothing on the internet is completely safe of course
01:51 BobB              apart from reading generally about cloud services, a good approach is to ask clients of a provider whether they have had any issues
01:50 BobB              its depends where you are
01:50 BobB              https://koha-community.org/support/paid-support/
01:50 BobB              hi reza, there are a number of providers who offer cloud services for Koha
01:48 reza              due to the lack of reliable infrastructure we were thinking to hosting koha on the cloud, however, is it safe to do so?
01:46 reza              I have enabled SIP 2 and using it for self service machine
01:46 reza              I have a question on SIP 2
01:44 mtj               cool, great news
01:21 reza              and no error appeared
01:21 reza              after restart I ran the upgrade again
01:20 mtj               # sudo koha-upgrade-schema yourkoha
01:20 mtj               # sudo service memcached restart
01:19 reza              OK
01:19 mtj               reza,  try restarting memcache, then run the db update again
01:18 mtj               reza: hmm, the problem column 'issuingrules.no_auto_renewal_after' exists in the latest 16.11 release
01:13 reza              Perl version: 	5.018002
01:12 reza              OS version ('uname -a'): 	Linux lib 3.19.0-71-generic #79~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 8 20:07:15 UTC 2016 x86_64
01:12 reza              Koha version:
01:11 reza              how to see the current version on command line?
01:11 reza              I am checking
01:03 mtj               hmm, what version are you upgrading from reza?
00:57 reza              I do have fine records for about 10 users
00:56 mtj               https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_16.11.x_D8/24/consoleText
00:56 mtj               hmm, 16.11 jenkins is passing ok - but i guess thats because it has no fines in its DB
00:53 reza              yes, package
00:53 mtj               reza:  you are upgrading with packages, to koha 16.11.x ?
00:44 reza              DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Unknown column 'me.no_auto_renewal_after' in 'field list' at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Objects.pm line 83
00:44 reza              pe` = ? ) )" with ParamValues: 0='TPM', 1='STU-DEGR', 2='GC'] at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm line 1834.
00:44 reza              `, `me`.`hardduedate`, `me`.`hardduedatecompare`, `me`.`renewalsallowed`, `me`.`renewalperiod`, `me`.`norenewalbefore`, `me`.`auto_renew`, `me`.`no_auto_renewal_after`, `me`.`reservesallowed`, `me`.`holds_per_record`, `me`.`branchcode`, `me`.`overduefinescap`, `me`.`cap_fine_to_replacement_price`, `me`.`onshelfholds`, `me`.`opacitemholds`, `me`.`article_requests` FROM `issuingrules` `me` WHERE ( ( `me`.`branchcode` = ? AND `me`.`categorycode` = ? AND `me`.`itemty
00:44 reza              DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'me.no_auto_renewal_after' in 'field list' [for Statement "SELECT `me`.`categorycode`, `me`.`itemtype`, `me`.`restrictedtype`, `me`.`rentaldiscount`, `me`.`reservecharge`, `me`.`fine`, `me`.`finedays`, `me`.`maxsuspensiondays`, `me`.`firstremind`, `me`.`chargeperiod`, `me`.`chargeperiod_charge_at`, `me`.`accountsent`, `me`.`chargename`, `me`.`maxissueqty`, `me`.`maxonsiteissueqty`, `me`.`issuelength`, `me`.`lengthunit
00:44 reza              Attempting upgrade to (Bug 17135) ...
00:44 huginn`           04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17135 major, P5 - low, ---, abl, RESOLVED FIXED, Fine for the previous overdue may get overwritten by the next one
00:44 reza              and another error on Bug 17135:
00:38 reza              is that gonna cause me an issue??
00:37 reza              Use of uninitialized value $indexes[0] in hash element at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.pl line 11571.
00:37 reza              Hi.. I am trying to upgrade schema to v16 and below line has been printed during the process: