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03:00 * dcook         realizes he might have a message waiting...
03:00 dcook           Guess not
07:12 reiveune        hello
07:21 fridolin        hie there
07:26 * magnuse       waves
07:32 * cait          waves
07:35 magnuse         guten morgen cait
07:47 marcelr         hi #koha
07:47 josef_moravec   morning #koha;
07:47 josef_moravec   hi marcelr
07:48 marcelr         morning josef_moravec
08:02 LibraryClaire   morning #koha
08:11 marcelr         hi LibraryClaire
08:12 LibraryClaire   hey marcelr
08:54 cait            Joubu++
08:54 cait            thx for the QA
08:56 Joubu           cait: One I cannot QA is bug 18111 and I think you should have it for the next 16.11 release
08:56 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18111 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Import default framework is broken
08:58 cait            no string change, so that's good
08:58 cait            maybe we can ask tcohen or kidclamp to take a look?
08:58 cait            bbiab
09:37 eythian         @wunder ams
09:37 huginn          eythian: The current temperature in Amsterdam, Netherlands is 9.0°C (10:25 AM CET on February 20, 2017). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
09:44 eythian         http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/library-hand-penmanship-handwriting
10:01 Joubu           baptiste: do not forget to update the status of the patch when you fix a fail QA
11:34 oha             regarding bug 17427, I was wondering: how many people uses plack as a backend, and how is not using it?
11:34 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17427 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Replace CGI::Session with Data::Session
11:35 marcelr         oha: you should use plack in the newer koha versions; recommended
11:36 oha             yes of course
11:36 oha             what i meant was, is there anyone NOT using plack out there?
11:36 marcelr         yeah there will
11:36 oha             will?
11:36 marcelr         be
11:37 oha             would be so easier to handle sessions within plack, is there any way to push them to jump in the 21th?
11:38 marcelr         yeah why still use /tmp for session storage
11:38 marcelr         i was thinking that Koha::Session calling Koha::Cache might also be an easy solution
11:38 oha             marcelr: i'm not sure i follow
11:39 marcelr         oha: you can still use tmp for sessions
11:39 oha             what i'm suggesting is to handle all the session/auth at once in plack.
11:39 marcelr         yes iam too
11:40 marcelr         just speaking another language :)
11:41 oha             so, is there a way to make everyone use plack? :)
11:42 marcelr         write a great patch
11:42 marcelr         that no one can resist
11:44 oha             sounds like a good plan!
11:51 cait            it's not so long ago that we started recommending it
11:51 cait            so people might need some more pushing
11:51 cait            to get word around
11:56 cait            jajm++ :)
11:59 oha             cait: i see. well, i'm looking at the session handling, i might be able to find some nice fixes on the plack side
11:59 cait            oha: there are also remaining issues that will not allow you to use plack
11:59 cait            oha: for example atm shibboleth doesn't work
12:00 * ashimema      is on the case for that as soon as I've got an OAuth patch finished
12:00 cait            and - I think - that setting sys prefs in apache doesn't - which is is needed to build seaparate opacs in some consortia settings
12:00 cait            so there are some blockers
12:00 oha             cait: i have an idea, but i need some time for some testing, which might make plack way easier to handle, and still have apache working, but a bit uglier
12:00 ashimema        that second one is solved I believe cait
12:01 cait            i can tell you what's on bugzilla - for technical details i will have to refer to the 'more dev' people :)
12:01 marcelr         more dev?
12:01 cait            ashimema: yeah not entirely sure about that one, but i think someone on the mailing list said recently it still didn't work
12:01 cait            more dev than me :)
12:01 oha             basically, instead of having old school cgi and plack "adapt" to use them. we could have the other way around. proper web-app used directly by plack, and cgi-wrappers for apache
12:11 cait            oha: sorry, that's the kind of discussion you will need to have with someone else :)
12:13 oha             ehehhe, i'm more thinking out loud here
12:19 Joubu           oha: sounds like you forgot to update the status for bug 17941
12:19 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17941 major, P5 - low, ---, oha, In Discussion , CanBookBeRenewed is very inefficient/slow
12:19 Joubu           switch it to NSO if it's ready
12:20 Joubu           Needs Signoff
12:20 wahanui         rumour has it Needs Signoff is ridiculously high too
12:21 oha             Joubu: ohhhh i'm so dumb. switched it
12:21 oha             switched it now*
12:23 Joubu           oha: Any ideas how big it would be to switch to a proper web app using PSGI?
12:24 francharb       Good morning #koha
12:25 oha             Joubu: the psgi part is already there. what i find a bit clumsy is to handle auth and session in each script (and note that i found at least 2 different implementation for handling authentication, e.g. svc/checkout is differen than reserver/request)
12:25 oha             what i think i will try is to move some of those scripts into functions, then see how it goes.
12:29 Joubu           oha: Most of the time auth check is done by get_template_and_user, which does much more than just auth checking
12:29 Joubu           it's used when we need templating basically
12:29 oha             yup
12:29 Joubu           script in svc are for AJAX script, which returns json usually
12:29 oha             but it honors REMOTE_USER also, which isn't happening in svc scripts
12:29 Joubu           oha: code from C4::Authis terrible, lot of code is dup
12:29 oha             exactly
12:30 Joubu           and it's hard to find someone who knows all the loggin possibilities
12:30 oha             but at the same time, i'd like to have a common session handling and auth in plack
12:30 oha             so my thinking was to move that to plack, BEFORE the actual code is run
12:30 oha             maybe simplify it there
12:31 oha             and keep the rest as legacy in the cgi scripts
12:31 Joubu           I think ashimema is your guy if you want to talk about auth methods, like shib, oauth or ldap
12:31 ashimema        in a call at the minute
12:31 ashimema        but happy to talk after
12:31 oha             great
12:32 Joubu           oha: why did you take a look at bug 17427?
12:32 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17427 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Replace CGI::Session with Data::Session
12:32 Joubu           just curious :)
12:32 oha             benjamin told me about it
12:33 oha             for the record, i've started working here at deichman with benjamin and petter
12:33 Joubu           oha: I will be happy to help you if you need any help in this area :)
12:34 oha             that's great
12:34 Joubu           but you need to know that you are attacking Koha to one of the hardest side
12:34 oha             i surely will need help with all the possibile combinations
12:34 Joubu           the other one is C4::Search
12:48 eythian         I always wanted to rebuild C4::Auth into a nice clean pluggable system.
12:49 eythian         but it'd be a hyoooge job.
12:52 marcelr         thx Joubu # 18037 (the horrible part left out )
13:16 tcohen          morning
13:19 LibraryClaire   hi tcohen
13:19 magnuse         kia ora tcohen
13:41 ashimema        a few of us have wanted to rebuild C4::Auth
13:41 * tcohen        reads
13:42 ashimema        but as eythian says.. it's a huge job so none of us have ;)
13:42 tcohen          kivilahtio did it ;)
13:42 kivilahtio      ashimema: yup
13:43 kivilahtio      tcohen: I am not sure should I port it to the newest master or let it rot
13:43 tcohen          you should communicate with ashimema
13:43 kivilahtio      tcohen: I guess I will port it
13:43 tcohen          because the problem is no one dares to QA it
13:43 kivilahtio      tcohen: we need to do some auth extensions so it is much easier to work from my rewrite
13:43 ashimema        it would need a very staggered approach to get in I think... kivi's did it all of it at once.. undoubtedly the easiest to write.. but the hardest to test ;)
13:44 kivilahtio      ashimema: heh. There are PageObject tests to test it :)
13:44 tcohen          exactly, what ashimema says
13:44 kivilahtio      search_history and login logout
13:44 kivilahtio      that's another monster
13:44 ashimema        Auth.pm has it's fingers everywhere..
13:44 kivilahtio      ashimema: I carefulyl deprecated it
13:44 marcelr         nice typo
13:44 kivilahtio      ashimema: my rewite simply deprecates it, not breaks it completely
13:45 kivilahtio      so you can enjoy your unbelievably unreadable auth code
13:45 kivilahtio      in places where my rewrite doesn'ät replace it
13:45 ashimema        anywho.. it's still on my list to fully test.. but I think it's going to take a few weeks to fully comprehend it.. so hasn't happened yet :(
13:45 kivilahtio      ashimema: nice to hear that
13:46 kivilahtio      ashimema: I will port it to master then
13:46 * ashimema      hates the unreadable auth code.. but he doesn't mostly understand it ;)
13:46 ashimema        beware I'm not all that likely to get time to look at it all that soon..
13:46 ashimema        but yeah.. it's still on the list.. it's a long list though :(
13:46 kivilahtio      ashimema: np
13:46 marcelr         ashimema++
13:46 kivilahtio      ashimema: I donät mind rebaseing it since the C4::Auth never changes
13:46 ashimema        :)
13:47 ashimema        haha.. yeah.. C4::Auth scares everyone.. so it changes infrequently now ;)
13:47 kivilahtio      ashimema: be aware that the permission system is rewritten for us as well
13:47 kivilahtio      so it is not just the auth
13:47 marcelr         there you go
13:47 ashimema        I would personally submit a set of patches that depend upon each other..
13:48 ashimema        one for authentication, one for authorization and permissions handling at the very least
13:48 kivilahtio      already separated it like that
13:48 ashimema        but yeah.. no time right now :(
13:48 kivilahtio      there is a Koha::Auth::PermissionManager which is ridiculously slow
13:48 kivilahtio      but has a neat API to CRUS permissions and modules and user_permissions
13:48 ashimema        CRUS?
13:48 kivilahtio      easy to add a REST enpoint on top if it
13:48 kivilahtio      ashimema: CRUD
13:48 ashimema        k
13:48 kivilahtio      sorry
13:50 * andreashm     waves
13:55 tcohen          hi
13:55 marcelr         hi tcohen
13:56 rsantellan      good morning #koha
13:57 tcohen          hi rsantellan
13:57 andreashm       hi tcohen, rsantellan
13:58 andreashm       speaking of auth... or developers noticed that they can do some stuff with the rest api without the cookie (holds, for example). Any one else experience this?
13:59 tcohen          andreashm: i haven't
13:59 andreashm       good, might just be our setup then and not a major problem
14:00 tcohen          andreashm: I have experienced using kohadevbox
14:00 tcohen          that if you use localhost:8080 and localhost:8081 to access it
14:00 tcohen          the session is shared, so you think you don't have a cookie, but you do
14:01 Joubu           baptiste: did you test and sign off on bug 8548? You changed the status but no signoff patches were attached
14:01 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8548 normal, P5 - low, ---, aleishaamohia, Needs Signoff , Add callnumber sort option to overdue report
14:01 andreashm       tcohen: ah, interesting. the developers are working against a different server, but it might be something similar.
14:01 tcohen          if you use a FQDN
14:01 tcohen          it doesn't happen
14:01 tcohen          it is just that we match 'localhost' only
14:02 andreashm       ok
14:03 Joubu           andreashm: see issue 121 of kohadevbox
14:04 tcohen          hi Joubu :-D
14:04 Joubu           hi tcohen! :)
14:05 baptiste        Joubu, I committed but didn't attach, I've just attached it and switch again to signed off ;)
14:06 Joubu           baptiste: ok thanks
14:06 * cait          waves
14:06 tcohen          koha sucks
14:07 Joubu           ;)
14:07 tcohen          :-D
14:07 tcohen          so you can now kick me out
14:07 ashimema        lol
14:07 tcohen          Joubu got new superpowers
14:07 * Joubu         was trying his new power
14:07 marcelr         well
14:07 marcelr         might not be so a good idea ;)
14:08 Joubu           not at all, I tend to kick people who disagree with me
14:08 Joubu           I did not ask for anything!
14:08 * LibraryClaire sends Joubu beer
14:08 * cait          hides
14:09 * tcohen        stocks belgium beer just in case needs to brive Joubu
14:09 marcelr         ooo
14:10 * andreashm     can offer mediocre swiss beer
14:16 Joubu           QAers, one of you should QA bug 18111, cait needs it ASAP to get it for the next release
14:16 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18111 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Import default framework is broken
14:17 tcohen          ahhh
14:17 tcohen          I just hit that one :-D
14:17 Joubu           I think bug 18026 is a good one to backport as well
14:17 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18026 normal, P4, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , URL to database columns link in system preferences is incorrect
14:26 cait            i already got thatone
14:26 cait            i think?
14:27 Joubu           cait: nope
14:27 cait            hm
14:27 cait            is had the hardcoded one
14:27 cait            i might skip it - to avoid translators having to translate it again
14:28 tcohen          cait: maybe it is better havnig it not translated
14:30 cait            ?
14:31 Joubu           Yes otherwise the link is broken
14:32 cait            now confused
14:38 tcohen          tradeof
14:38 tcohen          not translatged vs. non functional?
14:42 magnuse         where are we now with grs vs dom indexing? do we just ignore record.abs if we want to change some indexing?
14:42 tcohen          yeap
14:44 magnuse         grs is deprecated, waiting for someone to find the energy to remove it?
14:53 * druthb        notes that magnuse looks particularly energetic today.
14:53 magnuse         lulz
14:53 magnuse         druthb must be looking at the wring guy
14:53 magnuse         *wrong
14:54 druthb          :)
14:57 tcohen          magnuse: yes
14:58 tcohen          if you ask on the mailing list you will get a response from bad paul stating he still uses it, please don't delete
14:58 tcohen          so don't ask, again
14:58 tcohen          :-P
14:59 magnuse         well, it would hardly get backported to where he is...
14:59 * magnuse       wanders off to make dinner
14:59 tcohen          hehe
15:04 Joubu           tcohen: https://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/2015-February/041995.html
15:04 Joubu           never got an answer
15:05 * tcohen        should read his memory pill more often
15:05 Joubu           I have a local branch called bug_14302 with a start, I can finish it and submit it if there is testers intested around needed
15:05 Joubu           s/needed//
15:06 tcohen          cool
15:34 Joubu           Does anybody use rewrite-config.PL?
15:36 stozza          is it possible to use koha without barcodes? is there a way to do the checkout just looking for the book's title? in our school there will hardly be more than one copy per book, and the barcodes are going to be an issue
15:38 Joubu           stozza: nope
15:40 eythian         stozza: that's very likely to run into bad and confusing issues.
15:46 Joubu           rewrite-config is used from makefile actually..
15:46 stozza          ok I guess we'll just put a label and use a pen to write down a unique numeric code on each book
15:47 stozza          that should work, does not have to be an actual barcode as far as I understand
15:48 eythian         that's correct, however it might be easier to just use barcodes.
15:51 stozza          I agree, probably overkill at this stage for us
15:53 eythian         I think you can just buy sheets of barcode labels. I don't imagine they're expensive.
15:54 lds             hello
15:54 wahanui         bonjour, lds
17:16 magnuse         stozza stozza_:  have a look at https://koha-community.org/manual/16.11/html/ch02.html#itemBarcodeFallbackSearch
17:17 magnuse         circ without barcodes
17:17 magnuse         yay for bug 14302
17:17 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14302 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Remove GRS1 indexing related code
17:19 reiveune        bye
17:24 reiveune        bye
19:22 mtj             hey tcohen, about for a quicky?
19:22 tcohen          hey
19:22 tcohen          leaving
19:22 tcohen          quick?
19:23 mtj             hmm, yeah, i pm you
19:25 tcohen          bye!
20:19 cait            bgkriegel++
20:19 cait            bgkriegel++
20:19 cait            bgkriegel++
20:20 druthb          bgkriegel++
20:25 wizzycray       hi
20:25 wizzyrea        hi
20:25 wahanui         kia ora, wizzyrea
20:26 wizzyrea        it was kinda fun to be wizzycray
20:26 wizzyrea        but I get messages on wizzyrea so :(
20:28 * druthb        waves to wizzyrea.
20:28 wizzyrea        heya
22:51 dcook           @later tell wizzycray Maybe you get messages too!
22:51 huginn          dcook: The operation succeeded.
22:51 wizzyrea        keke
22:51 dcook           Guest1218 is an op, eh? :p
22:52 wizzyrea        that's old wizzyrea
22:52 dcook           So many wizzys!
23:07 wizzyrea        there, all is right in the world again
23:09 wizzyrea        Yes. that will do.
23:21 * dcook         celebrates
23:21 dcook           Ooh I have chocolate too...
23:21 dcook           somewhere..