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18:53 huginn       eythian: The operation succeeded.
18:53 eythian      @later tell wizzyrea https://blog.kallisti.net.nz/2017/02/hash-marihuana-hemp-museum/
18:53 huginn       eythian: The operation succeeded.
18:53 eythian      @later tell cait https://blog.kallisti.net.nz/2017/02/hash-marihuana-hemp-museum/
18:02 martinmorris Hello.  I’m not quite understanding the documentation for when you’re installing koha with mysql on a seperate server.  Do I create a new koha-common.cnf file or replace it with a my.cnf file?
16:56 jcamins      Bluerate: oh, so you followed the instructions for setting up a VPS to install Koha on your local computer?
16:52 Bluerate     jcamins: no
16:51 jcamins      Bluerate: you're running your web browser on a VPS?
16:47 Bluerate     jcamins: I have only one machine so that's why I have to run it as a localhost
16:46 jcamins      Bluerate: those aren't the instructions that are recommended by the Koha community, so I wouldn't necessarily expect anyone here to be familiar with them. eythian shared the link to the standard instructions. However, you'll probably have to set up DNS in order to access your Koha instance, since your web browser is on a different machine.
16:40 Bluerate     Dear all, following  this https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-koha-library-software-on-an-ubuntu-12-04-x32-vps to install koha... I want to run it as a localhost what should i write on web browser?
15:58 eythian      Bluerate: these are the instructions for debian-like OSes: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
15:57 eythian      Bluerate: that does not look at all like the correct repository
15:34 Bluerate     hello all, trying to install koha-common on ubuntu 16 but getttin this error https://gist.github.com/anonymous/f4c8f5d86e270c85f4c365ddab185aa9 when using update command ... any advice