Time  Nick        Message
06:40 bag         .
09:20 alfatihmh   hi all
20:14 eythian     kathryn: see my @later
20:15 kathryn     eythian ummmmm I have to ask where do I look, and fear you'll say you told me 5 years ago :D
20:15 eythian     It will have appeared now. I just realised you were online.
20:15 * cait      waves
20:17 kathryn     hi cait!
20:17 kathryn     also, yusssss, I thought it was meant to just tell me when I arrived
20:19 eythian     Basically, when I was at uni, there was a project (oddly with mostly foreign students and staff) working on a system that could learn and respond in both languages.
20:20 eythian     I don't know to which state it ended up in, but it was interesting.
20:20 wizzyrea    hi
20:20 wahanui     salut, wizzyrea
20:21 kathryn     eythian it sounds super interesting, I'll follow it up for sure
22:59 cait        night all
22:59 wahanui     goodnight cait. You'll be back.
23:23 * Francesca waves