Time  Nick     Message
13:17 tcohen   hi
13:20 cait     hi tcohen
13:23 tcohen   hi cait
15:51 marcelr  bug 17663 welcomes a sunday signoff :)
15:51 huginn   04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17663 normal, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Needs Signoff , Forgotten userpermissions from bug 14686
15:51 cait     hi marcelr
15:52 cait     finishing translation
15:52 marcelr  hi cait
15:52 cait     can try to have a look later
15:53 marcelr  cool
15:53 marcelr  adds upload to the menu for new installs
15:53 marcelr  it is in the menu for upgrades
15:54 cait     ?
15:54 cait     do you mean the permissions list?
15:54 marcelr  upgrades= existing installs at the time of the original bug
15:54 marcelr  yeah
15:55 marcelr  stupid omission, but nobody noticed
16:06 cait     it happens
18:40 eythian  https://opensource.com/life/16/11/internet-archive-turns-20 <-- neat
19:05 cait     @later tell Joubu 17642 seems ok to me
19:05 huginn   cait: The operation succeeded.
19:35 rangi    morning
19:38 cait     morning rangi
19:40 eythian  rangi: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FutilityCloset/~3/BdMdKMYAe88/
19:47 rangi    heh
20:01 rangi    you know what would be cool
20:01 rangi    a --url option to koha-list
20:02 rangi    that looked at the apache conf and listed the urls for each site
20:17 cait     rangi: do it ;)
20:32 eythian  rangi: I'd go for a -v or --detailed that listed anything interesting in columns, so it's machine readable for scripts.
20:32 eythian  That way more things can be added as needed to the one report.
20:36 eythian  If you want to be fancy, something to add output of sysprefs could be a good academy type thing maybe. So you can query a set of sysprefs across all sites from koha-list
20:37 eythian  Too fancy would be a filtering language for anything you could choose to display.
20:37 rangi    ahh good idea
20:39 eythian  If the output is right, it'll work well with cut and awk and friends.
22:12 magnuse  rangi, eythian: https://github.com/Libriotech/koha-tools/blob/master/koha-table.pl
22:13 rangi    sweet :)
22:13 magnuse  :-)
22:15 cait     heh
22:22 * dcook  waves
22:23 dcook    @later tell drojf As soon as I can finish some unit tests. I'm on leave for most of December, so trying to finish it ASAP while juggling another project.
22:23 huginn   dcook: The operation succeeded.
22:23 dcook    2.5 weeks until I'm back in Canada for the first time in 3 years : 3
22:26 eythian  dcook: hi
22:26 wahanui  privet, eythian
22:33 wizzyrea eythian: that link you sent was highly giggleworth
22:33 wizzyrea giggleworthy*
22:34 eythian  Giggleworth is an extremely British surname.
22:35 eythian  Were Americans exposed to the Biggles books?
22:36 wizzyrea gonna go with no for me, I don't think I've seen those
22:36 wizzyrea possibly outside of the sort of thing I would have looked at anyway
22:36 eythian  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biggles
22:37 eythian  I had a few as a kid. Action adventure war time sort of thing
22:37 wizzyrea yeah nah, I've never looked at those and possibly not even *seen* those
22:38 eythian  I suspect they're why my brother is in the RNZAF these days :)
22:40 wizzyrea does he fly planes or helicopters or...
22:40 eythian  I think I got them from my grandmother as my uncles had them
22:41 eythian  Nah, he's an aircraft engineer, couldn't be a pilot for eyesight reasons.
22:41 wizzyrea oooo
22:41 eythian  (I think that's it anyway.)
23:14 dcook    heya eythian
23:15 * dcook  looks up Biggles
23:16 * dcook  had never heard of them either
23:20 eythian  Good 60's kids books.
23:20 eythian  I liked them in the 80's
23:22 dcook    And the first ones were in the '30s?
23:22 dcook    I think my favourite thing about the '30s is that a lot of '90s and '00s slang was exactly the same 60-70 years later
23:23 dcook    But of course we didn't realize we were using the same slang that our grandparents would've been using
23:39 wizzyrea just like we don't realise that we're naming our kids the names of our great great grandparents
23:39 wizzyrea Octavia, for example.
23:39 wizzyrea or Arlo.
23:43 dcook    I've heard that those are both huge these days
23:43 * dcook  always liked Octavia/Octavian because of Caesar Augustus O_O