Time  Nick     Message
19:02 kathryn  hey eythian I had a dream last night you came back to Catalyst....with a ponytail down to your elbows
19:02 kathryn  it was nice to see you all the same!
19:03 kathryn  hi natec :)
19:03 kathryn  I don't have any randomness for you
19:03 kathryn  also hi cait !
19:04 NateC    Hi kathryn :)
19:04 cait     oh hi :)
19:26 eythian  kathryn: heh. I do need a haircut, but it's not quite that bad.
19:26 kathryn  ....or good
20:21 edveal   Trying to use Koha sandbox06 and am getting software errors when I go to the staff page. I chose no change to the Database when requesting the sandbox. Was that my problem?
20:21 cait     hm not sure
20:21 cait     maybe try again with the sample database so it gets reset
20:22 edveal   Thanks cait will do.
20:25 edveal   Well this time I got an email saying it is not ready… LOL I will try again later. cait who do I report this to at biblibre?
20:26 cait     hm maybe it's the patch?
20:26 edveal   The email implies that it could be the patch so I will try another patch.
20:26 edveal   LOL
20:32 wizzyrea hi
21:16 edveal   back
21:35 edveal   hi joshb
22:26 rangi    @later tell bgkriegel yep, we just have to add breaks in places in the .rst file
22:26 huginn   rangi: The operation succeeded.
22:36 cait     :)