Time  Nick            Message
23:56 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17367 - Showing all items must keep show holdings tab in OPAC details <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=f1298dc7828757fe9277a5128910335d2d6c0f2c>
23:48 wizzyrea        holy guacamole.
23:47 rangi           that's only from feb 2002 ... just a little while ago
23:46 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17423 - patronimage.pl permission is too restrictive <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=e78f81d615a79ad293d599c7395efcabd267662d>
23:46 rangi           heh upgrade from 1.2.3
23:04 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16358: Do not redirect to the editor when deleting records <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=ba8ee98e1bb3b18f579c0b122b14d43e88cda2c8> / Bug 17430: Make MarkIssueReturned.t create its own data <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=d5ca2d0433b75317c5a2b855ee77372ca93d2223>
22:34 * dcook         waves
20:21 rsantellan      cait: thank you! I will search for them
20:19 cait            in the item
20:19 cait            it looks in 942$c in the record and in 952$y
20:19 rsantellan      one question about advanced search, when I put the item type check where it looks on the marc21? My search is like this: No results match your search for 'ti,wrdl: borg' with limit(s): 'mc-itemtype,phr:IMPR'
19:12 Dyrcona         git is a back up. :)
19:10 tcohen          yay!
19:09 bag             git is back up
19:08 * cait          waves
18:56 rangi           :)
18:56 oleonard        See y'all tomorrow. Nice to chat with your for 3 minutes rangi :)
18:55 rangi           oh yeah, i bet you are right
18:55 * oleonard      will have to try again tomorrow
18:54 oleonard        The first one in the list says "followup"
18:54 oleonard        Oh I'll bet those patches are out of order.
18:54 oleonard        Thanks rangi
18:52 rangi           oleonard: git should be back now
18:52 rangi           morning
18:40 * oleonard      grumbles about no-cost tools that add convenience to his life but sometimes annoy him, while updating MarcEdit again
18:35 LibraryClaire   bugger
18:35 LibraryClaire   oleonard - failed to apply for me too
18:27 oleonard        5670 isn't applying for me, but perhaps it's because I can't update git. Will try again later.
18:16 oleonard        Sure
18:16 bag             leave me an @later or something once you’re done with it ;)
18:16 oleonard        Thanks.
18:15 bag             yes
18:15 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5670 new feature, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Passed QA , Housebound Readers Module
18:15 oleonard        I see that Bug 5670 is passed QA. Could you wait to push it until I've had a chance to look over the UI stuff?
18:14 bag             yes
18:14 oleonard        bag still around?
17:48 tcohen          store on the DB, with a well designed authorization api
17:48 tcohen          so in theory, we could use it as our 'RESTful' layer to the resources we sotr
17:42 tcohen          oleonard, cait: it also provides a RESTful api to use it
17:41 cait            and tcohen++ for epxlanation
17:41 cait            oleonard++ #answering mailing list mails :)
17:36 tcohen          so we could replace several pieces with that, etc
17:36 tcohen          it uses gluu, a tool that handles several protocols for authentication
17:36 tcohen          it handles authorization to do stuff
17:35 tcohen          it is like rewriting Koha on top of that
17:34 cait            i mean i don't understand quite what it does
17:34 cait            not sure yet
17:34 oleonard        I'd like to hear more about that (and why we should be interested)
17:31 cait            Koha and Qvarn - http://qvarn.org/
17:31 cait            last time
17:31 cait            that's why we picked 10utc
17:31 cait            rangi wanted to talk about something
17:29 cait            it should be late for nz, but we don't have a good overlap between europe and nz
17:28 tcohen          last time I was awake at 4am but no one was there
17:28 oleonard        Just two hours later would be perfect... for future reference.
17:28 tcohen          *if
17:28 tcohen          maybe confirm it nz/aus would attend before setting a time?
17:28 LibraryClaire   but... but what about lunch?
17:28 cait            but apart from that probably not so easy for others
17:28 cait            should be ok for europe
17:27 cait            not good
17:27 cait            hm
17:27 tcohen          cait: I wouldn't attend at that time either
17:27 cait            LibraryClaire: lunch time for us
17:26 tcohen          LibraryClaire: i think there must be a link for timezone changes
17:26 cait            :(
17:26 oleonard        6AM here is pretty terrible for me. I've got to be helping get my kids ready for school between 6 and 7
17:26 LibraryClaire   UTC means nothing to me
17:25 cait            https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_19_October_2016
17:25 oleonard        Oh do we have a dev meeting?
17:24 cait            tcohen: Rest API? oleonard: build tools?
17:24 cait            looking for topics for th edev meeting on wednesday
17:23 cait            glad everyone made it home well :)
17:22 cait            thought i had escaped, but it's a sneaky cold
17:22 tcohen          oh noes!
17:22 tcohen          hi cait
17:22 * cait          waves
17:22 * cait          got the cold now :(
17:22 tcohen          glad to hear :-d
17:22 oleonard        Went really well. No problems
17:22 tcohen          how was your trip back?
17:21 tcohen          I got home yesterday for lunchtime
17:21 tcohen          yeah
17:21 oleonard        Hi tcohen. I hope your trip was okay?
17:05 tcohen          hi LibraryClaire bag
17:02 bag             welcome back home officially tcohen
17:01 LibraryClaire   hi tcohen!
16:57 tcohen          so, officially back at Cordoba
16:56 tcohen          hola #koha
16:25 * liw           reads /etc7services
16:25 liw             possibly also port 111
16:25 liw             nfs seems to user port 2049 (tcp and maybe also udp), but I haven't ever opened a firewall for nfs
16:14 ashimema        anyone know what magic incantation of exceptions one must add to their firewall fro kohadevbox nfs to function?
16:02 rsantellan      cait: thanks! I'm generating the 008 for an old koha and I miss that. I will regenerate them and try again!!
16:00 cait            there is also an index on 260$c, but i think that's not visible by default
16:00 cait            the date1 field in 008, i forget what the positions are, is what is used for the publications earch
15:59 rsantellan      cait: So the date entered on the file is the one it search?
15:57 cait            for marc21
15:56 cait            008
15:55 rsantellan      one little question, on the advanced search. When you use the publication search (per example: yr,st-year: 2010-2016)  which marc21 field it use to do the search?
15:55 cait            :)
15:54 * oleonard      leaves
15:54 oleonard        I know why am I still at work?
15:53 cait            almost 6 here
15:52 oleonard        jajm still around?
15:41 bag             yeah me either - checking on that reboot oleonard
15:35 oleonard        Still no http://git.koha-community.org/ for me
15:29 bag             magnuse: it’s have THE fun ;)
15:28 magnuse         have fun, #koha!
15:19 reiveune        bye
15:15 LibraryClaire   laters #koha
15:13 bag             yeah cait it’s rebooting right now
15:13 bag             nice oleonard
15:10 * magnuse       was polite with the dog
15:08 cait            bag: i think it was down all day possibly (git) - maybe something with the server?
14:57 oleonard        bag: I've just left barton at the circ desk here in Nelsonville. Diving right in.
14:56 oleonard-away   Hi bag
14:45 bag             ah poor puffin dog ;)
14:36 * magnuse       wanders off to tell the dog to shut up
14:36 * magnuse       too
14:35 * LibraryClaire wants pizza ...
14:35 wahanui         magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
14:35 druthb          magnuse!
14:29 magnuse         bag: HI
14:25 druthb          shuwah.  :D   Hi thar.  :P
14:25 bag             and HI THERE!!!
14:25 bag             thanks druthb
14:25 druthb          down for me, bag.
14:24 bag             hmm is git.koha-c.org down for others?
14:05 cait            probably
13:51 bag             typo?
13:51 bag             I don’t think you missed anything cait
13:25 cait            http://librarytechnology.org/news/pr.pl?id=21959
13:25 cait            did I miss something?
13:25 cait            [off] is managed by Koha, the open source web-based ILS managed by the Koha foundation.
13:19 * cait          waves
13:07 LibraryClaire   hi bag
13:05 bag             morning
12:23 eythian         https://www.typotheque.com/tshirts/dutch_sky_t-shirt <-- exhibit B
12:23 eythian         https://www.typotheque.com/tshirts/sky_t-shirt <-- exhibit A
12:21 eythian         I wonder how many Czech/Slovak people I work with here. Probably some.
12:21 eythian         heh
12:20 oleonard        Speaking of t-shirts, https://www.typotheque.com/tshirts/strc_prst_skrz_krk_red_t-shirt
12:20 * liw           notes that the irrational parts of his brain are starting boot, the cold must be getting better
12:18 liw             to get started at in Heidelberg, print that on a t-shirt and wear it while walking on the streets. been there, done that.
12:18 eythian         yeah, I saw "chocolate schnitzel" which was surprising.
12:18 rsantellan      good morning #koha
12:17 LibraryClaire   ...pieces
12:17 LibraryClaire   hm looks like chocolate bits
12:15 eythian         oh, that's not what it looks like.
12:15 eythian         wait, Schokoladenschnitzel?
12:15 ashimema        ;)
12:15 ashimema        ich spreche nicht Deutsch
12:14 liw             eine kleine Tasse Schokoladenschnitzel mit Bananenkartoffeln und Kabelsalat auf der Hauptbahnhonf, bitte
12:07 LibraryClaire   mash all the words together!
12:06 eythian         time to start with a Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan type thing, eh?
12:05 kidclamp        lol
12:04 LibraryClaire   hahaha
12:03 * oleonard      suggests LibraryClaire spend some more time in her new language before saying that
12:01 * LibraryClaire thinks obfuscated is a big word
12:00 LibraryClaire   eclairs are the digital me
12:00 * kidclamp      thinks all the cool kids have obfuscated nicks
12:00 eythian         oleonard: it's because you dropped the 'e', it should be BSZeclair
12:00 LibraryClaire   hehe
12:00 oleonard        There you go
12:00 LibraryClaire   BibliothekKlara
11:59 oleonard        I suggested BSZClair eythian but she didn't go for it.
11:59 * magnuse       too
11:59 * LibraryClaire is still a librarian at heart
11:59 LibraryClaire   hi kidclamp :D
11:59 magnuse         vendors never do, do they?
11:57 eythian         I told her that she needs to rename to LibraryServiceProviderClaire, but would she listen?
11:57 oleonard        Ah the new updated LibraryClaire is even better
11:56 kidclamp        morning Frau Gravely
11:56 * LibraryClaire waves
11:56 * kidclamp      waves in all directions
11:56 * druthb        drags cait out of hiding
11:55 * magnuse       waves to oleonard
11:49 * cait          hides
11:49 LibraryClaire   brb windows wants to update...
11:48 oleonard        :)
11:48 LibraryClaire   :D
11:48 wahanui         hi oleopard
11:48 LibraryClaire   hi oleonard
11:48 oleonard        Hi #koha
11:38 ashimema        lol
11:20 eythian         ashimema: nah, it was just a statement.
10:40 ashimema        if you actually ask a question one of us might answer ;)
10:32 Poori           problem in koha web installer
10:31 Poori           fine
10:31 wahanui         niihau, Poori
10:31 Poori           hi
10:30 ashimema        yup..
10:30 ashimema        community git is still down right?
08:47 eythian         now you're getting to the good solutions!
08:47 liw             eythian, clearly  you need  a robot :)
08:25 eythian         it seems spelling is also a challenge I'm not prepared for
08:25 eythian         *than
08:25 eythian         It was just more of a challenge that I planned to deal with this early on a Monday morning.
08:25 eythian         I didn't fill the cup, and it was in a holder thing with some other stuff, so couldn't do that either.
08:24 liw             a) put  less juice in cup b) hold it on the rim so it hangs down from fingers, since that's a little more stable
08:20 eythian         today's first-world physics problem: my walking pace when carrying a cup of orange juice and trying not to spill it is dangerously close to the resonant frequency of said cup of orange juice, making it a lot more challenging.
08:19 eythian         hiya
08:19 LibraryClaire   hi eythian
08:15 eythian         goeiemorgen
08:13 marcelr         goedemorgen eythian
08:12 eythian         hi
08:08 magnuse         marcelr: yup
08:08 marcelr         unable to connect to git.koha-community.org ?
08:04 magnuse         there's no way to show purchase suggestions from all branches as the default, right? i mean when you go to check on them in the staff client
08:03 * cait          waves
08:00 marcelr         :)
08:00 LibraryClaire   hi marcelr
07:51 marcelr         hi #koha
07:34 magnuse         bonjour LibraryClaire
07:33 LibraryClaire   hi matts, hi magnuse
07:31 * magnuse       waves again
07:30 cait            hi matts :)
07:30 matts           hi #koha !
07:26 * cait          waves
07:26 LibraryClaire   ^^
07:26 fridolin        360 days until next HF ...
07:25 fridolin        yep hard ;)
07:25 LibraryClaire   fridolin: first full week at work now!
07:22 fridolin        I LibraryClaire, wats up ?
07:22 LibraryClaire   hi fridolin :)
07:19 fridolin        #homesweethome
07:19 fridolin        hie alllllll
07:11 LibraryClaire   morning #koha
06:59 reiveune        hello
06:48 alex_a          bonjour
06:44 magnuse         and kia ora rangi!
06:44 magnuse         probably bad timing for bywaterians, unless someone is being kept up by jetlag
06:43 rangi           yeah its down down, need someone at bywater .. or it could be a rackspace outage
06:36 magnuse         ah, README.robots
06:32 magnuse         huh, i was certain we already had a sample robots.txt in koha?
06:27 magnuse         looks like http://git.koha-community.org/ is down?
06:19 ashimema        and good morning to all those on this side of the world :)
06:19 ashimema        have a good evening
06:17 dcook           Have to catch you next time :)
06:17 dcook           It's 5:17pm, so I should hop along to dinner and bubba's bathtime
06:17 dcook           Busy busy :)
06:17 wahanui         ashimema is on qa now .)
06:17 dcook           heya ashimema
06:00 ashimema        hello dcook, long time no see
05:59 huginn          dcook: The operation succeeded.
05:59 dcook           @later tell drojf but thanks :)
05:59 huginn          dcook: The operation succeeded.
05:59 dcook           @later tell drojf looks like hector did it for me
05:59 dcook           Oh, a message for me..
05:59 dcook           mdr :p
05:59 magnuse         lulz
05:56 * ashimema      is even worse at writing french than he is at speaking it
05:56 magnuse         not this early in the morning, thanks ;-)
05:55 ashimema        bonjour magnuse, cava?
05:55 magnuse         bonjour ashimema
05:52 * magnuse       waves