Time  Nick           Message
22:37 rocio          hi!
22:37 tcohen         hi rocio
21:54 rocio          back
21:08 tcohen         dcook: around?
20:39 tcohen         rangi: thanks for signing!
20:39 wahanui        hello, tcohen
20:39 tcohen         hi
20:11 rsantellan     have a good weekend #koha
19:59 wahanui        :)
19:59 kidclamp       wahanui: botsnack
19:59 CrispyBran     :)
19:59 wahanui        kidclamp is a stealthy spy from the realm of mutant turtles.
19:59 CrispyBran     kidclamp
19:59 CrispyBran     Have a good one kidclamp
19:59 CrispyBran     I reported 17150 last month.  Today I broke it up into small enhancements/bugs.
19:58 kidclamp       have a good night all
19:58 kidclamp       well..keep it up ;-)
19:56 CrispyBran     Uh, sorta.
19:56 kidclamp       uncovering bugs?
19:56 kidclamp       heh
19:56 CrispyBran     Been creating more work for everyone today.
19:55 * kidclamp     waves
19:55 CrispyBran     Just sayin hi.
19:55 kidclamp       wahanui++
19:55 kidclamp       what's up CrispyBran?
19:55 kidclamp       I like it
19:55 CrispyBran     ???
19:54 wahanui        i heard kidclamp was a stealthy spy from the realm of mutant turtles.
19:54 CrispyBran     Hey kidclamp!
17:36 wahanui        OK, eythian.
17:36 eythian        wahanui: bye oleonard is <reply>bye oleopard
17:13 oleonard       have a good weekend #koha
16:27 mtompset_web   Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha oleonard rocio CrispyBran
16:19 reiveune       bye
16:19 * LibMonk      slaps LibMonk around a bit with a large fishbot
16:13 mtompset_web   oleonard: Oh joy.
15:52 oleonard       It did, then it got fixed, but the cache of resources in our system still contains out of date non-SSL links.
15:52 mtompset_web   Oh, Coce pushes back non-SSL?
15:51 oleonard       mtompset_web: Those are unrelated to Coce
15:49 drojf          right train, brb maybe
15:48 drojf          ohthat is a problem there? i guessit works differently than i thought
15:48 mtompset_web   oleonard: I'm pretty sure I signed off on some SSL Amazon bugs a while back.
15:47 oleonard       drojf: We are still trying to iron out some issues with mixed-content warnings because of non-ssl stuff from Amazon, but I think it can be solved.
15:47 drojf          mtompset_web: mtthat is what i remember
15:47 mtompset_web   Yes, but I'm just a programmer, pulling buttons and tweaking settings. That would require research or documentation. :P
15:47 drojf          oleonard: yes i found it (again) when i looked at the multiple sources bug
15:46 drojf          hm not my train
15:46 oleonard       mtompset_web: Coce is a system designed to handle multiple for you
15:46 drojf          train coming, not sure if there will be wifi
15:46 mtompset_web   I do remember turning on everything coverwise once... some of them didn't play nice together.
15:45 oleonard       I can't answer the local question because we don't use local cover images
15:45 drojf          the real question is, can i mix multiple sources, like amazon and local
15:44 drojf          oleonard: howdoes it work is it great tellmeeverything about it ;)
15:44 drojf          mtompset_web: i will generate it and then we see :)
15:43 oleonard       drojf: We are
15:43 mtompset_web   So I didn't sign 17111 off, because I figure the other one should be signed off first, and this one would just become that perl line I quoted.
15:42 mtompset_web   which said you were going to deal with something.
15:42 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17111 normal, P5 - low, ---, mirko, ASSIGNED , Automatic debian/control updates (oldstable)
15:42 mtompset_web   drojf: there was a follow up on bug 17111
15:42 mtompset_web   Ah right.
15:42 drojf          p
15:42 drojf          mtompset_web: some üackaging thing
15:42 mtompset_web   Sorry, not using coce.
15:41 drojf          anyone using coce in production?
15:41 wahanui        Which patch is that?
15:41 mtompset_web   drojf: Which patch?
15:38 drojf          thanks for testing the patch!
15:37 drojf          hi mtompset_web
15:32 mtompset_web   Good day (24 hour period), drojf  :)
15:32 drojf          evening
15:27 mtompset_web   Take care, tcohen
15:27 tcohen         asado at the house buildplace!
15:27 tcohen         later #koha
15:24 mtompset_web   There we go!
15:23 tcohen         it is friday!
15:23 tcohen         please, succeed
15:23 mtompset_web   Thanks. I'll try again. :)
15:22 tcohen         done
15:20 mtompset_web   Oh I see. Mentioned, but not tagged.
15:20 tcohen         just a sec
15:20 tcohen         oh, sorry for that
15:20 mtompset_web   Good question. There are none listed.
15:19 tcohen         ?
15:19 tcohen         did u git bz apply its dependencies
15:19 mtompset_web   tcohen: I just tried to git bz apply 17318. It needs a rebase.
15:18 mtompset_web   Have the bug wranglers been checking if things marked as enh are just enhancements? Because the whole default to enhancement is a pain in bugzilla. Sometimes I forget to change/check it.
15:16 mario          hi tcohen
15:16 tcohen         hi mario
15:04 mtompset_web   Good point.
15:03 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17318 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Make 'Normalization rule' configurable on matchpoint definition
15:03 tcohen         because of bug 17318
15:02 tcohen         mtompset_web: 15541 might be unnessesary (however it is written LOL)
14:51 mtompset_web   Where is the mayhem, CrispyBran_CausingMayhemInBugz?
14:50 * mtompset_web grins at tcohen, "Of course."
14:48 tcohen         hey, I have to leave you something to do
14:47 mtompset_web   ... /issues. :P
14:45 tcohen         https://github.com/bywatersolutions/koha-plugin-kitchen-sink
14:44 mtompset_web   That I do not know. Good idea to check for that.
14:44 tcohen         yes, but it has its own issue tracker, doesn't it?
14:43 mtompset_web   Just asking, because it's a PLUGIN, and not Koha core code. :P
14:43 tcohen         hehe
14:43 tcohen         you have to 'fill a bug'
14:43 tcohen         mtompset_web: you know how to play this game
14:43 mtompset_web   #     Error:  Can't locate C4/Branch.pm in @INC (you may need to install the C4::Branch module) (@INC contains: /srv/jenkins/workspace/Koha_Master_D8/blib/arch /srv/jenkins/workspace/Koha_Master_D8/blib/lib /srv/jenkins/workspace/Koha_Master_D8 /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.20.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.20.2 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.20 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.20 /usr/share/perl
14:43 mtompset_web   Who is going to fix that?
14:42 mtompset_web   The BWS Kitchen sink plugin...
14:42 mtompset_web   I'm curious.
14:42 mtompset_web   Greetings, tcohen.
14:42 tcohen         greetings mtompset_web
14:42 mtompset_web   Greetings, #koha.
14:38 tcohen         11921
14:14 huginn         tcohen: The operation succeeded.
14:14 tcohen         @later tell Joubu you restored memcached into koha-conf.xml, but didn't patch koha-conf.xml*
14:08 eythian        (obviously depends on your local setup too.)
14:08 eythian        you'll find it'll shave  roughly 1 second off each request, but sometimes more, sometimes less.
14:07 rsantellan     oleanard: I will create some test with the performance differences with and without plack and put them on the wiki. It will take me a while but there going to be my "selling" pitch :)
14:02 oleonard       rsantellan: Although I see how it puts you in a difficult situation.
14:02 oleonard       rsantellan: So nobody has test cases, charts, and graphs to present
14:01 oleonard       rsantellan: I think the problem is that it's not typical for anyone here to have to "sell" the idea of Plack
13:43 rsantellan     doing the job of the devils advocate....
13:42 rsantellan     is there any test cases about that
13:41 tcohen         'massive speed improvement' should be a good argument
13:40 rsantellan     my problem is that I have to justify to an IT guy why the change
13:40 tcohen         how does it feel, that freedom
13:39 tcohen         try Plack and let us know
13:39 tcohen         you are using a ball and chain but just didn't notice, you are used to it
13:39 rsantellan     nop, but I believe you can go really fast if the ball is free falling :)
13:38 tcohen         rsantellan: ?
13:37 tcohen         have you weared a ball and chain?
13:36 rsantellan     tcohen: is there any documentation or test about the difference between using plack or not?
13:36 huginn         magnuse: Karma for "packages" has been increased 5 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 5.
13:36 magnuse        @karma packages
13:36 magnuse        packages++
13:14 gaetan_B       we're not using the packages (yet) although i am very much in favour of us moving towards using them
13:14 gaetan_B       ok i think something was wrong on the setup on our side :)
13:13 tcohen         which version, gaetan_B?
13:13 tcohen         are you using the packageS?
13:08 tcohen         but I usually restart memcached
13:08 tcohen         /etc/koha/plack.psgi
13:08 tcohen         look at plack.psgi
13:08 gaetan_B       ok
13:08 tcohen         sysprefs are supposed to be flushed on each request
13:07 gaetan_B       do we have to restart starman manually ?
13:07 tcohen         with the packages
13:07 tcohen         it works fine in master
13:07 gaetan_B       how is changing parameters and sysprefs handled ?
13:07 gaetan_B       oops, big plack question
12:48 tcohen         YAY!
12:48 kidclamp       always nice to see people in real life, so excited for marseille too
12:48 kidclamp       thanks, denver was fun!
12:47 tcohen         kidclamp: nice pics!
12:47 wahanui        privet, tcohen
12:47 tcohen         rsantellan: hello
12:47 wahanui        kidclamp is the vm savior today!
12:47 tcohen         hey kidclamp
12:46 rsantellan     morning
12:46 kidclamp       morning tcohen
12:45 tcohen         morning
11:54 wahanui        hi oleopard
11:54 eythian        hi oleonard
11:44 oleonard       Hi #koha
09:27 * ashimema_    hides
09:26 * cait         waves
09:05 eythian        I know, I þink we should bring back þorn.
08:52 magnuse        pft...
08:49 eythian        here the fanciest is ij
08:34 liw            some people have œ too
08:31 magnuse        norway has æ as well
08:24 magnuse        yeah, lots of fun
08:24 magnuse        :-)
08:24 magnuse        å
08:15 fridolin       we played with some odd characters that are not diactricts : ä, ö ... and the best skandinavish "a" with a °
08:14 fridolin       so i've seen there is a customisation in Zebra : lang_defs/nb
08:13 fridolin       magnuse: i've think about you because we have worked on a Sweedish catalogue
08:04 magnuse        hah, getting closer
08:04 huginn         magnuse: The current temperature in Lotissement le Pitalugue, Vitrolles, France is 16.8°C (10:02 AM CEST on September 23, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
08:04 huginn         magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 14.0°C (9:50 AM CEST on September 23, 2016). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
08:04 magnuse        @wunder marseille
08:04 magnuse        @wunder boo
08:04 * magnuse      waves to all the cool people
07:36 wahanui        bonjour, gaetan_B
07:36 gaetan_B       hello
07:02 wahanui        kia ora, reiveune
07:02 reiveune       hello
06:42 wahanui        what's up, alex_a
06:42 alex_a         bonjour
06:35 magnuse        i'll be organizinf joanns visit to norway before the hackfest, so that is top of my mind for now
06:34 fridolin       you are coming too ? ;)
06:33 fridolin       ah hello old buddy wahanui
06:33 wahanui        HackFest is great fun!
06:33 fridolin       HackFest
06:33 fridolin       bonjour mon ami, preparing the HF ?
06:33 magnuse        bonjour fridolin
06:31 fridolin       hie there
06:26 * magnuse      makes a mental note of not starting the the day watching donald trump videos
06:26 * magnuse      waves
01:12 mtompset       Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha wizzyrea dcook khall
00:55 mtompset       Greetings, khall
00:27 mtompset       -- of hilarity, right? ;)
00:26 * wizzyrea     cries
00:26 wizzyrea       bbs
00:26 * mtompset     grins, "Let's make it all HTML 2.0 compliant" :)
00:26 wizzyrea       I have to run away for a little bit
00:26 wizzyrea       best not to get me started on that one ^.^
00:25 wizzyrea       auē yes
00:25 mtompset       because right now, the whole react thing is kind of overshadowing.
00:25 wizzyrea       joubu even
00:24 wizzyrea       I think joubou will weigh in soon
00:24 mtompset       post to koha-develop and see who bites?
00:24 mtompset       So, the question then is... where would I grab developer consensus as to where those two functions should go?
00:24 wizzyrea       so git cp atomicupdate.perl.example bug-xxxx-stuff.perl and off you go
00:23 * mtompset     nods.
00:23 wizzyrea       or an example file just sitting in there to base your update off of
00:23 wizzyrea       yes exactly
00:23 mtompset       Right, and if there are guidelines written about how to write .perl files, which include references to these two functions, then there wouldn't be added pain for them.
00:23 wizzyrea       what they are, is very busy.
00:22 wizzyrea       of course our RM's aren't dumb but it never hurts to make things easier for them
00:22 wizzyrea       when the entries were moved
00:22 wizzyrea       so that there was as small of a chance as possible for mistake making
00:22 wizzyrea       I would think as a developer, you'd want to write your database updates basically whole
00:21 wizzyrea       i mean, sounds reasonable?
00:21 wizzyrea       I am not the one to ask about such things as "where subs should go" lol
00:20 mtompset       Do you think Koha::Database is a reasonable place to move it to?
00:20 mtompset       If the two functions were moved, then the responsibility would be pushed to QA instead of the RM.
00:19 mtompset       Yes, that one.
00:19 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17234 major, P5 - low, ---, philippe.blouin, Needs Signoff , ALTER IGNORE TABLE is invalid in mysql 5.7.  This breaks updatedatabase.pl
00:19 wizzyrea       oh, bug 17234 maybe?
00:19 mtompset       can't remember the number...
00:19 mtompset       Probably related to your comment on a bug....
00:19 wizzyrea       cool just lmk :)
00:18 mtompset       Let me scroll back to the time to figure out... But I do recall looking for you. :)
00:18 wizzyrea       mtompset did you need something from me?
00:12 dcook          mtompset: https://debathena.mit.edu/packaging/
00:09 * dcook        says having never built debian packages
00:09 dcook          Well .in files are templates, so I reckon control is generated from control.in?