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21:25 mveron          Good night / daytime #koha
21:19 * hortlibrarian does a happy dance
21:19 hortlibrarian   huzzah I imported from OCLC into ABLE
21:16 wizzyrea        it's sunny here :D
21:10 mveron          Rain came in horizontally here...
21:09 cait            yep
21:09 bag             BOOM
21:09 cait            it's loud :)
21:09 mveron          cait: I see the thunderstorm on te radar above Konstanz...  Seems to be the same that hit Allschwil earlier...
21:05 hortlibrarian   I was able to get Z-link working for OCLC
21:05 hortlibrarian   for OCLC Z39.50 searching
21:05 hortlibrarian   also I can't figure out how to get the z-link mapping to work
21:04 cait            hm not at the weatherstation apparently
21:03 huginn          cait: The current temperature in Luisenstraße, Konstanz, Germany is 21.7°C (11:02 PM CEST on August 17, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
21:03 cait            @wunder Konstanz
21:00 cait            mveron-away: thunderstorm just arrived
21:00 hortlibrarian   but not sure how to do this Zebra stuff
21:00 hortlibrarian   I just like computers and am good with searching
20:59 * hortlibrarian is not the IT Librarian
20:59 hortlibrarian   bag: that is Greek to me
20:55 bag             once you uncomment those sections in the koha-conf.xml and restart zebra - you can :)
20:54 hortlibrarian   and get in
20:54 hortlibrarian   I was just hoping I could plunk in a host address and port
20:54 hortlibrarian   hmm yea makes sense
20:54 wahanui         somebody said zebra was a fielded free text indexing and retrieval engine with a Z39.50 front-end. You can use any compatible, commercial, or freeware Z39.50 client to access data stored in Zebra. or the search engine koha uses
20:54 hortlibrarian   what is zebra
20:53 hortlibrarian   wow that is greek to me haha
20:50 hortlibrarian   thank you
20:50 hortlibrarian   oooh okay
20:43 bag             hortlibrarian: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Troubleshooting_Koha_as_a_Z39.50_server  try that
20:39 bag             sorry really slow internet connection currently - trying to find the page you need
20:38 bag             yes but you’ve got to turn it on ;)
20:35 hortlibrarian   for this ABLE stuff?
20:35 hortlibrarian   but is there a way to go into our ILS as well?
20:34 hortlibrarian   so we import from OCLC
20:34 hortlibrarian   we use the Z39.50 search for cataloging items
20:34 hortlibrarian   yea I just started checking the wiki now
20:34 bag             or in there for turing on your z-server
20:34 wahanui         it has been said that wiki is http://wiki.koha-community.org
20:34 bag             wiki?
20:34 hortlibrarian   http://ablein.hfgroup.com/com/ProgrammingConcepts/Able/Help/R6-zlink.htm
20:34 hortlibrarian   here's what ABLE wants
20:34 bag             you could start there hortlibrarian
20:33 wahanui         manual is probably at http://www.koha-community.org/documentation
20:33 bag             manual?
20:33 hortlibrarian   Hello I'm looking for some help, I want to connect my Koha ILS through a Z-Link connection in ABLE (a database used for binding prep from HF Group) and I'm looking ofr information on the host and port address for my ILS
19:47 agoforth        How do people usually catalog publisher data? Is there some way to make the Corporate Name authority work or do I have to do something else?
19:47 agoforth        I'm having trouble figuring out how to catalog publisher data in Koha. It seems like MARC fields 260$a, 260$b, and 260$c are what I want, but I also want to make the publisher name and place an authority value. It seems like I could use the Corporate Name authority type and fill in the 110$a and 110$c subfields, but then the data gets put into the subfields backwards in the MARC record of the book.
18:56 mveron          Hi cait
18:56 cait            hi mveron-away :)
18:55 mveron-away     Good evening / daytime #koha
18:44 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14642 - DBRev <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=090c0fc6c49e448b1ee506808e5f157c4ba88414> / Bug 14642: Make sure the log will be written only if the hold has been deleted <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=b4a08cad608b8b8aebfebd5a6e058554a7b4bf59> / Bug 14642: (QA followup) Add tests for Koha::Hold->delete <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=
18:14 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16829 - DBRev <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=0caed05779b886229d2a02c168bdb38453c67bb4> / Bug 16829: Unit tests for logaction's 'interface parameter' <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=3a7aaf1339247689405e769349faaca6fe359950> / Bug 16829: DBIx update <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=25cdf478958b4fd6c0e6d2510dce49
18:04 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14844: Corrupted storable string. When adding/editing an Item, cookie LastCreated... <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=9237fe676336f5908a9acc26a3b70b70d25602ae> / Bug 17103 - Google API Loader jsapi called over http <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=6fcd32a75c41c7815a883cc4952899ea24045b3c> / Bug 17084 - Automatic debian/control updates (master) <http://git.k
17:30 kidclamp        brb
17:23 archer121       Thanks for trying to help, oleonard.
17:21 oleonard        Sorry I don't know anything about that archer121
17:20 archer121       oleonard: Should I be setting up a new instance? What I am trying to do is to create a readonly mirror of the koha server.
17:13 oleonard        If you're setting up a new instance, you have to run the web installer via the staff client
17:13 oleonard        archer121: It looks like you're hitting the OPAC, not the staff client.
16:59 archer121       is there some other place I need to be looking?
16:59 archer121       /var/log/koha/koha_nitc/intranet-error.log has nothing
16:58 kidclamp        not sure off top of my head, anything in the koha logs?
16:57 archer121       nope, I get the error when I do that
16:57 kidclamp        do you get the installer if you access via the intranet archer121?
16:56 archer121       would someone please help me out with this?
16:55 archer121       am*
16:55 archer121       I ama trying to set up a second koha server with readonly database access to the main koha server on a Ubuntu 14.04 system. So I did the create-db, created the table and user on the main server, ran populate-db, but I get this error message when I try to access the koha website: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23065160/
16:53 archer121       hi
16:05 kidclamp        thanks
16:04 oleonard        Yes I would agree with that change if it was clear visually that the menu worked differently than the "More" one.
16:03 kidclamp        oleonard: would you agree with the change is what I should have asked :-)
16:03 rocio           definitely. there's nothing like it
16:03 nengard         after a week away from my babies I needed the puppy love
16:03 rocio           oh that is precious!
16:03 nengard         it was so much fun
16:03 nengard         rocio those are my friend (at Red Hat) Gina's poms and they were so happy to see me that they climbed all over me
16:02 oleonard        kidclamp: Seems like it should be possible since you can do it with buttons (split buttons)
16:02 rocio           was about to ask you about the poms!
16:01 rocio           and there's Bailey in a sink! I love it when cats do that
16:01 nengard         and he is!! He grew so fast
16:01 nengard         The poms in those pics are not mine hehe
16:01 cait            bailey looks all grown up too
16:01 nengard         Coda passed in April and Beau was lonely
16:01 rocio           I saw the pic of the pups on your bed, taking over the whole thing lol
16:01 nengard         yes cait
16:00 nengard         For others: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nengard
16:00 cait            a new dog?
16:00 rocio           YES!!! she's beautiful!!! sweet Ariel!!
16:00 nengard         I miss you too
16:00 rocio           YOU are!! I miss you!!
16:00 cait            i like that idea
16:00 nengard         rocio did you see my new fluffy baby?
16:00 nengard         rocio, you are so cute :) hehe
16:00 kidclamp        oleonard: do you think we could make the dropdown for search only show if you click the arrow and have the 'Search' link still go directly to the Adv. Search page?
15:59 rocio           yaaay!!
15:59 rocio           :-)
15:59 nengard         LOL
15:59 wahanui         somebody said nengard was the queen of documentation.
15:59 rocio           nengard!!!!!!!!!!
15:58 nengard         rocio!!!!!
15:53 oleonard        archer121: Yes, it's called  opacuserlogin
15:53 archer121       If so it would be okey to make the koha system public.
15:53 archer121       oleonard: Is there a system preference that will completely disable OPAC login?
15:36 amyk            i am so happy to hear it! :)
15:35 nengard         amyk i'm doing awesome!!
15:26 morgane         bye #koha
15:25 archer121       I see. Thanks for the hint.
15:24 drojf           so you would have to setup a new apachje config for the existing site
15:24 drojf           archer121: those are not compatible. if you install koha, it will deinstall that package
15:23 amyk            how ya doing nengard?
15:23 nengard         hi amyk
15:23 archer121       drojf: I don't see that package listed in dpkg -l. But I see this: apache2-mpm-prefork
15:21 drojf           so you should check what is installed now
15:20 drojf           archer121: koha uses libapache2-mpm-itk to allow multiple instances. if you are using a different apache engine, that will probably lead to problems
15:19 amyk            hi nengard!
15:12 nengard         :)
15:11 JesseM          hiya nengard
15:11 nengard         tgoat just saying :p
15:10 nengard         peek a boo
15:10 nengard         jessem
15:10 archer121       I already have a running ubuntu 14.04 machine with apache installed and running. Is it okey to install koha on this system? I am asking this because the instructions in koha wiki is to install ubuntu server and then not install apache/mysql before isntalling koha.
15:06 archer121       oleonard: Alright, thanks!
15:03 oleonard        He crashed his IRC client by pasting too many heart emojis at once.
15:03 nengard         uh oh i scared jessem away
15:01 nengard         I couldn't leave you all - you're my family
15:01 nengard         I told my team I'm gonna keep working on Koha documentation
15:01 nengard         I'm so sorry - but I'm not gone!! I'm still here
15:01 * oleonard      indicates the devastation all around.
15:01 nengard         LOL
15:01 oleonard        Everything has fallen apart without you nengard. Just look at this place.
15:01 nengard         my new team isn't as big on IRC and I miss chatting with folks every day
15:00 nengard         how's things?
15:00 nengard         hiya oleonard
15:00 nengard         now I can be in here all day :) hehe
15:00 kidclamp        hah!
15:00 nengard         DUH
15:00 kidclamp        huzzah!
15:00 nengard         it was a space .....
15:00 nengard         kidclamp, i got it working on my irc client
15:00 oleonard        Hi nengard!
15:00 nengard         hola all
15:00 kidclamp        hiya nengard
14:58 oleonard        archer121: I don't know how to advise you on that, but I do think worrying about the OPAC being a security risk is not necessary.
14:57 oleonard        archer121: If you're talking about limiting the OPAC to an intranet, it seems like you could do something with your Apache setup to accomplish that without creating a separate Koha server
14:54 archer121       We just set up koha. currently we have just setup the username and password to be the same. We plan to roll out user login and those advanced features only in a later stage.
14:53 LibraryClaire   :)
14:53 kidclamp        Hi LibraryClaire
14:53 LibraryClaire   hi kidclamp
14:53 * kidclamp      waves
14:52 oleonard        archer121: You could require that users of the OPAC log in before they can use it.
14:50 archer121       And we don't want anyone from outside the intranet to use these facilities.
14:48 oleonard        archer121: Making your OPAC read-only will prevent the creation of lists, holds, patron modification requests, patron self-registration, etc.
14:48 archer121       Maybe he is not very keen to make the koha system public.
14:48 archer121       I really don't know. I am a student admin and my professor suggests that we do it like this.
14:47 oleonard        Our OPAC has always been public.
14:47 oleonard        What security problems do you think you'll have archer121?
14:46 archer121       We are asked to make our OPAC available publicly over the internet. Due to security reasons, it was decided to set up a separate koha server for this purpose. We are planning to give this koha instance readonly access to the main koha database. What go you guys think about this? Is there a better/safer way to do this?
14:44 vfernandes      can anyone help me starting plack on Ubuntu?
14:43 archer121       hi,
14:37 tubaclarinet    drojf: thanks :-)
14:36 drojf           so when i add a patron, the save button is now floating on top, but when i set the permissions, it is at the bottom? hmm
14:35 drojf           that seems like something google would know how to do
14:34 tubaclarinet    but i still need to set up a spf record on our domain :-(
14:33 tubaclarinet    cait and drojf: I think that i have changed all applicable email adds in koha appropriately- thanks
14:30 cait            there are matching prefs too - for the e-mais not sent from the branch email address
14:29 tubaclarinet    i'm tweaking the branch records now...
14:28 cait            if you don't want to end up in spam
14:28 cait            i think return-path is also a critical one
14:27 tubaclarinet    cait: thank you, yes i changed the branch email add and koha admin email add this morn
14:27 cait            we have a noreply@... that is the 'branchemail' and kohaadmin... and a return-path and only reply to is from the library
14:26 cait            that's how we do it
14:26 cait            i think either that - or changing your branchemail to be from the domain you send from and use the other email fields like reply-to for the library's address
14:26 tubaclarinet    drojf: i submitted support ticket to BWS, but haven't heard back from them yet
14:21 tubaclarinet    I spoke with a colleague at a lib which was also blacklisted by hotmail and creating a spf record was 1 of the step to remedy problem
14:19 tubaclarinet    yes, we have a domain (basinlibraries.org) which is diff than BWS' domain
14:19 cait            it's the main reason you can now specify a different reply-to and return-path address in koha
14:19 cait            ashimema has put some notes ont he wiki https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/MRenvoize/Email
14:18 cait            mail servers don't like it when your from/sender e-mail is a different domain than the mail server... something like that
14:17 tubaclarinet    cait: do tell
14:17 cait            different domain thing?
14:17 cait            hm i think i know what it is
14:17 drojf           do BWS know? that sounds like a problem that not only you will have then
14:15 tubaclarinet    drojf: our instance of koha is hosted by BWS & I need to convince hotmail that mail sent from BWS server is from us
14:15 cait            drojf: probably not...
14:12 drojf           tubaclarinet: that does not sound like a koha problem
14:10 drojf           is there a law against line breaks in bibliographic records? because there should be
14:08 tubaclarinet    can anyone help me with this?
14:08 tubaclarinet    Good morn everyone. we got blacklisted by hotmail & now i'm trying to create a spf record on our domain.
14:07 vfernandes      plack works on Ubuntu Server 16.04?
13:45 LibraryClaire   hi oleonard
13:35 * cait          waves
13:33 oleonard        Hi all
13:09 vfernandes      plack is giving the following error: Response needs to be 3 element array, or 2 element in streaming at /usr/local/share/perl/5.22.1/Plack/Middleware/Lint.pm line 112
11:37 marcelr         :)
11:37 LibraryClaire   hi marcelr :)
11:37 marcelr         hi #koha
10:09 vfernandes      i don't even know what's causing the problem: Apache, MySQL, Koha, Perl... :/
10:09 vfernandes      thanks anyway cait :)
10:08 cait            sorry, no idea
10:07 vfernandes      these differences are huge
10:07 vfernandes      the same paged called from opac-search.pl HTML -> +- 3s
10:07 vfernandes      http://catalogo2.biblioteca.iscte-iul.pt/cgi-bin/koha/opac-image.pl?thumbnail=1&biblionumber=74781 -> 0.5s
10:06 vfernandes      but the code is very simple... only reads a file from the filesystem and builds the HTML
10:05 vfernandes      yes
10:05 cait            hm is that a custom page?
10:04 vfernandes      the same paged called from opac-search.pl HTML -> 3/4s
10:04 vfernandes      http://catalogo2.biblioteca.iscte-iul.pt/cgi-bin/koha/opac-lastdocuments.pl -> 1.7s
10:03 vfernandes      yes... specially when called from another .pl
10:01 cait            are specific pages apart from covers slow?
09:43 vfernandes      updating didn't solve the problem
09:28 vfernandes      ok... I will update from koha 3.22.6 to koha 3.22.9
09:24 cait            but they will probably tell you to use the latest 3.22.x as a start -  there have been security fixes and speed improvement stuff i am quite sure
09:23 cait            it's quiet in here today - maybe try again a bit later
09:22 cait            sorry, wrong person to talk to
09:22 vfernandes      How I can activate Koha cache?
09:22 vfernandes      but I don't think is that
09:22 vfernandes      *one installation
09:21 vfernandes      I can update on installation
09:21 cait            3.22.9 - so yours is 3 months old already again
09:21 cait            there has been work on improving speed
09:21 cait            you should probably try to update to the most recent
09:20 cait            koha's caching
09:20 cait            yeah, that's a different thing
09:20 vfernandes      3.22.6
09:20 vfernandes      cait: i'm using Cache::Memory and cache on Apache
09:20 cait            are you using the latest version of 3.22?
09:20 cait            https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Benchmark_for_3.22
09:20 cait            Joubu, tcohen or someone else will be better to talk to about this
09:19 cait            benchmarks?
09:19 cait            3.22 without caching and plack is slower
09:19 cait            yes
09:18 vfernandes      cait: besides opac-image having a problem other scripts are taking more time in Koha 3.22
09:16 vfernandes      cait: i'm not using plack
09:15 cait            Joubu: maybe you know?
09:15 cait            i thin opac-image had some problem, but I don't remember what it was
09:15 cait            vfernandes: are you using plack? caching?
09:13 vfernandes      a simple SQL query to get a systempreference is more slow in Koha 3.22
09:09 vfernandes      why such difference between these versions?
09:09 vfernandes      koha 3.22 -> 2/3s each opac-image.pl script
09:09 vfernandes      koha 3.20 -> 0.3ms each opac-image.pl script
09:08 vfernandes      for example: OPAC search with 20 results -> 20 opac-image.pl scripts
09:07 vfernandes      after many debug and installing koha 3.22 in Debian and in Ubuntu to test, Koha 3.22 has a poor performance comparing to Koha 3.20 and I don't know why
09:06 vfernandes      I need some help
09:05 vfernandes      hi #koha
08:30 LibraryClaire   hi eythian
08:30 drojf           hi eythian
08:29 eythian         hi LibraryClaire, drojf, cait
08:29 LibraryClaire   :)
08:29 drojf           i see :)
08:27 cait            ah... just like every nrmal day
08:25 drojf           cait: why chaos?
08:25 drojf           if i had to do packaging, i would want to migrate data
08:25 cait            sorry... another chaos day
08:25 drojf           but i want to play with packages
08:24 drojf           must. migrate. data.
08:24 drojf           hi cait. i said hi earlier :)
08:24 LibraryClaire   hi cait!
08:24 LibraryClaire   hi drojf!
08:24 cait            mornign drojf :)
08:24 cait            morning LibraryClaire
08:24 drojf           guten morgen LibraryClaire
08:23 LibraryClaire   morning #koha
07:43 wahanui         hello, eythian
07:43 eythian         hi
07:43 * sameeenz      waves back
07:43 drojf           hi cait
07:37 * cait          waves
07:35 sameeenz        Evening all
07:14 wahanui         bidet, gaetan_B
07:14 gaetan_B        hello
06:49 morgane         hi #koha !
06:43 drojf           also, why do you not want to upgrade your whole system?
06:42 drojf           koha-common_3.22.09_all.deb 02-Aug-2016 11:56   60M
06:39 drojf           that sounds like the size of the file
06:30 reza            am I doing something wrong?
06:30 reza            but it's downloading 63mb of file
06:29 reza            I'm trying to minor upgrade my koha from 3.2204 to the latest 3.22xx with apt-get install --only-upgrade koha-common
05:44 * cait          waves
05:12 * dcook         waves to cait
05:03 drojf           hi dcook
05:02 dcook           yo drojf
05:01 drojf           morning #koha
03:39 reza            thanks wizzyrea ;)
03:38 wizzyrea        i *think* /var/spool/koha but I might be wrong
03:34 reza            do you know where is the zebra indexing db folder?
03:33 reza            I'm trying to move the Koha to amazon web service
03:32 reza            cool
03:32 wizzyrea        and stable becomes 16.11 and so on
03:32 reza            so Nov is the next stable release
03:32 reza            yeah. I see that 16 is out
03:31 wizzyrea        so in november, that will change to 16.05
03:31 wizzyrea        note that when a new major version is released, oldstable becomes the next version up
03:30 reza            great. thank you
03:30 wizzyrea        yep
03:30 reza            looks good?
03:30 reza            deb http://debian.koha-community.org/koha oldstable main
03:29 wizzyrea        series*
03:29 wizzyrea        and that will pull from the 3.22 seris
03:29 reza            critical point :D
03:29 wizzyrea        so where it says "stable" change it to "oldstable"
03:29 reza            oh, mine is in koha.list
03:28 wizzyrea        others in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/koha.list
03:28 wizzyrea        some people put them in /etc/apt/sources.list
03:28 reza            yes. I am using package
03:28 wizzyrea        assuming you run from packages
03:28 wizzyrea        wherever you put in the koha apt sources
03:27 wizzyrea        config
03:27 wizzyrea        it'll be in your apt confi
03:27 reza            is oldstable in configuration?
03:27 wizzyrea        and I don't think you want that :)
03:27 wizzyrea        be careful when you do the upgrades, make sure your repo is set to oldstable, otherwise you'll do a full version upgrade!
03:26 wizzyrea        no worries
03:26 reza            :) thanks man
03:26 * wizzyrea      knows all about it
03:26 wizzyrea        as you do :)
03:26 reza            yeah. I have to wait till library is closed :/
03:25 wizzyrea        very generously.
03:25 wizzyrea        the packages will upgrade the schema, something like, generously, 10 minutes.
03:25 reza            ;)
03:25 reza            thank you
03:25 reza            ah OK.
03:25 wizzyrea        it'd be pretty short downtime
03:24 reza            I mean the minor upgrade
03:24 reza            can I do it without downtime?
03:24 wizzyrea        and make sure that local covers are turned off if you're not using them
03:24 wizzyrea        ah yeah, you'll want to do the minor upgrades
03:24 reza            no. I'm using amazon
03:24 reza            Koha version 3.2204000
03:23 wizzyrea        and what version of Koha?
03:23 wizzyrea        reza do you have local book covers?
03:20 reza            My uname: Linux lib 3.19.0-64-generic #72~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 24 17:59:48 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
03:19 reza            but when I use the opac to search it may take 40 seconds to show the results. Do you know what is the problem??
03:18 reza            Elapsed: 0.000647
03:18 reza            records returned: 0
03:18 reza            SearchResult-1: term=linux cnt=235
03:18 reza            Number of hits: 235, setno 3
03:18 reza            Search was a success.
03:18 reza            Received SearchResponse.
03:18 reza            Sent searchRequest.
03:18 reza            Z> f linux
03:17 reza            yaz client search result:
03:16 reza            Hello, I have a problem with opac search. It's incredibly slow! i have 8gb of memory with 8 core. 148,133 biblioitems and running on Debian package Koha version 3.2204000. 45,097 borrowers.