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20:55 agoforth      Cool, thanks a lot for your help pianohacker and eythian. I appreciate it.
20:34 eythian       You can just add, it's how I always did it. The structure can get fiddly but isn't terrible.
20:17 agoforth      Are there any other tables or gotchas I need to be aware of, or can I just insert into accountlines for the fines and issues and old_issues for the current and historical checkouts?
20:14 agoforth      Okay, that makes sense.
20:14 pianohacker   agoforth: reset it to whatever the highest issue_id is in old_issues, plus 1
20:13 pianohacker   agoforth: too many moving parts for too little benefits
20:13 agoforth      As an alternative strategy, would it make sense to call AddIssue() and AddReturn() for each checkout and let Koha handle the details of the database?
20:09 agoforth      You mean reset the auto-increment counter on issue_id to 1?
20:08 agoforth      What should it be reset to?
20:04 pianohacker   agoforth: one thing; if you're inserting into old_issues, you'll need to reset auto_increment on the issues table
20:04 pianohacker   I don't think there's an official method for fines or checkout history... DB insertion is your best bet
20:03 agoforth      I'm working on migrating a library from a different ILS to Koha and I want to migrate the current fines and the checkout history for each patron. Is there a way to do that through the "official" import methods (like the "Import patrons" tool), or should I just write some Perl and/or SQL to insert them into the database?
19:58 tcohen        later #koha
19:47 * tcohen      leaves the oneliner as plan b, tries Text::Diff for now
19:45 tcohen        hahahahahahahaha
19:45 pianohacker   concatenates the set difference of two strings or some nonsense
19:45 pianohacker   in perl 6 everything can find a waaaay
19:43 * barton      would be even more impressed if -.- was valid perl.
19:43 pianohacker   oh, I have confidence you'll find a way
19:42 barton        *pianohacker.
19:42 barton        my new goal in life is to get pianhacker to say that to me.
19:31 tcohen        hahahaa
19:29 pianohacker   don't perl at me in that tone of voice
19:29 pianohacker   whaaaat
19:27 tcohen        -.-
19:26 pianohacker   tcohen: hashref could be as simple as %new{grep {$old{$_} ne $new{$_}} keys %new}
19:26 tcohen        it knows the dirty values
19:26 tcohen        DBIx should have something
19:26 pianohacker   yeah
19:20 barton        oh nevermind, that's doing a 'qx'
19:20 tcohen        the import does it using a js lib
19:18 barton        tcohen: http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=798088
19:09 tcohen        how does the import diff work?
19:07 pianohacker   hmm
19:03 tcohen        do we have some lib for that already?
19:02 tcohen        pianohacker++
19:02 tcohen        ModBiblio puts something like BEFORE=>
19:02 pianohacker   diff is easy to calculate for a basic hashref, that would be great for the logs
19:01 kidclamp      I think you'd have to log the whole thing (or all the fields it can affect) or log the hold as is and all parameters passed in
19:01 tcohen        ok
19:00 nengard       again i'd like to see the old and the new - i want to know that it used to be pick up at library b and now it's pick up at library a
19:00 tcohen        you pass several params, what to change
19:00 nengard       hmmm
19:00 nengard       oh
19:00 tcohen        which (of course) modifies a reserve
19:00 tcohen        i was looking at ModReserve
19:00 kidclamp      what case tcohen?
18:59 tcohen        that's not the case i'm thinking of
18:59 nengard       we log the addition of an item - so could it be the addition of a hold
18:59 tcohen        in that case, you would log the creation
18:59 tcohen        nengard:
18:59 nengard       and for catlaoging and items too
18:59 nengard       for patrons we log 'adding'
18:59 nengard       but for holds - the before is 'not on hold' so what are you logging?
18:59 nengard       I kind of wish it logged the before and the after on all logs
18:59 nengard       that's a good question ...
18:58 nengard       hmmmm
18:56 tcohen        :-D
18:56 tcohen        ?
18:56 tcohen        does it hold'
18:56 tcohen        on logging holds
18:55 * kidclamp    only dresses like a lumberjack, is not a logger
18:55 tcohen        so, logging happens before the action takes place
18:55 tcohen        we log (on the info field) the old thing
18:55 tcohen        it seems to me that every place we log stuff
18:55 nengard       logging is good ;)
18:53 tcohen        anyone to talk about logging?
17:59 kidclamp      stupid mouse drift
17:58 kidclamp      sql access
16:59 reiveune      bye
16:26 TGoat         thank you druthb!
16:26 druthb        I would think so, TGoat, if the readers can handle that and treat 'em as if they were barcodes.
16:25 TGoat         hey #koha - can anyone tell me if a library currently using RFID can use the RFID UID in place of a barcode for an item? The library I'm speaking with doesn't want to use or create barcodes anymore and would like to consolidate down to just the RFID UID and not worry about adding barcodes anymore
16:03 gaetan_B      bye
15:19 bag           morning
14:10 huginn        mveron: The operation succeeded.
14:10 mveron        @later tell Joubu : Test plan of Bug 16849 needs clarification (should a restriction prevent discharges?)
13:50 mveron        hi drojf
13:50 drojf         hi mveron
13:31 mveron        Good afternoon / daytime #koha
13:22 * tcohen      hopes US friends had great time on their independence day holiday
12:58 tcohen        hey drojf
12:57 drojf         hi tcohen
12:56 tcohen        hola #koha
12:26 oleonard      When the $Price template plugin is used, should the currency symbol be displayed?
11:59 druthb        yeah.  It was wicked hot here, all weekend.
11:58 oleonard      We had a rainy Fourth yesterday, but I'll take that over blazing hot any time
11:58 druthb        :)  Gonna be toasty here.  With the humidity, it'll feel like up near 110F by mid-afternoon.
11:57 * oleonard    wishes druthb happy air conditioning today
11:56 LibraryClaire hi oleonard
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11:56 druthb        @wunder 77098
11:55 druthb        drojf! :D
11:55 drojf         hi oleonard
11:55 drojf         druthb!
11:55 druthb        Hi, oleonard.
11:54 oleonard      Hi #koha
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11:47 LibraryClaire @wunder LCY
11:21 drojf         now i miss all the secrets
11:21 drojf         rangi protected his twitter account. bad luck for lurkers without a proper account :/
11:19 eythian       haha
11:19 eythian       yep, it looked a bit risky a few days out.
11:18 drojf         "2016 i spent all summer at a beer festival" is a cool thing to say
11:18 drojf         great timing!
11:18 eythian       I was at a beer festival, so yeah
11:18 drojf         was it good?
11:18 drojf         lol
11:18 eythian       It's official, summer was on Sunday
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11:17 eythian       @wunder ams
11:17 eythian       hi drojf
11:15 drojf         hi again
10:25 drojf         asgeirr: something like that ^ there are probably several ways to do it
10:24 pastebot      "drojf" at pasted "asgeirr: change default z3950 import server" (12 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/14
10:18 drojf         asgeirr: you can do that with jquery. if there is an easier way i don't know it
09:50 asgeirr       drojf, thanks for your reply. I know I can choose it from the dropdown. I was wondering if there was any way it would be preferred without making the cataloguer make this choice every time.
09:49 drojf         is it just me, or is it not possible to delete intranetuserjs? it does not want to save if i clear the field
09:34 drojf         i don't think there is a syspref to set it (may be wrong)
09:34 drojf         asgeirr: if you want to change the behaviour of the import button itself, you could probably do that with jquery
09:33 drojf         asgeirr: you can choose a framework when you hit the right side of the import via z39.50 button
09:21 asgeirr       After having created at MARC framework, is there any way I can make this my preferred framework? When I copy catalogue via Z39.50, the default framework is chosen unless I actively choose to use my new framework
08:38 LibraryClaire morning atheia :)
08:36 atheia        G'morning!
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08:28 LibraryClaire @wunder LCY
07:54 LibraryClaire morning #koha
07:27 fridolin      hie
06:49 reiveune      hello
06:40 gaetan_B      hello
06:09 alex_a        bonjour
01:55 jcamins       o/
01:55 wizzyrea      o/*HIGHFIVE*\o
01:55 wizzyrea      "naturally!"
01:55 wizzyrea      my first reaction was
01:54 wizzyrea      hehe
01:54 jcamins       Naturally. Why else? :P
01:54 jcamins       Watermelon syrup for cookies!
01:54 wizzyrea      but why boil it?
01:54 jcamins       Watermelon was inexpensive.
01:53 wizzyrea      what compelled you to find this out?
01:53 wizzyrea      that sounds interesting
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01:50 jcamins       @later tell wizzyrea Boil watermelon long enough, and it will taste like candied sweet potato. It's very peculiar.