Time  Nick            Message
06:39 reiveune        hello
06:44 drojf           morning #koha
06:58 mveron          Good morning / daytime #koha
07:24 fridolin        hie
07:43 LibraryClaire   morning #koha
07:44 ashimema        morning LibraryClaire
07:44 ashimema        morning #koha
07:45 LibraryClaire   hey ashimema :)
07:45 eythian         hi
07:45 eythian         wahanui: you are too quiet this morning
07:45 wahanui         ...but wahanui is a bot|a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow.|a little bit creepy.|right sometimes|a strange duck|a bot...|rumoured to be a sentient bot with sass|<reply> an extremely creepy stalker bot.... you have been warned|a parrot|<reply> wrong|<reply> on fire|<reply> gaining knowledge faster than sustainable|canadian|google|<reply> wahanui couldn't be bothered to show up|laser kiwi of the bo
07:50 LibraryClaire   laser kiwi of the bo?
07:53 eythian         it's truncated
07:54 eythian         I'm not sure what it's supposed to say
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         i think i am a bot
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         somebody said i was married to http://www.cleverbot.com/
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         i am facebook
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         facebook
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         i am a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow.
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         wrong
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         hmmm... i am right sometimes
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         i am google
07:54 eythian         wahanui: wahanui
07:54 wahanui         hmmm... i am a strange duck
07:54 eythian         and so on
07:59 cait            eythian: are you torturing the bot again?
08:01 LibraryClaire   lol
08:01 LibraryClaire   poor wahanui
08:01 wahanui         Will he ever win?
08:01 LibraryClaire   :D
08:01 LibraryClaire   hi cait :)
08:02 * Oak           waves
08:02 Oak             magnuse
08:02 Oak             hello cait
08:03 eythian         wahanui: poor wahanui is <reply>I'm so sad
08:03 wahanui         ...but poor wahanui is <reply>Will he ever win?...
08:03 eythian         wahanui: poor wahanui is also <reply>I'm so sad
08:03 wahanui         okay, eythian.
08:04 LibraryClaire   poor wahanui
08:04 wahanui         I'm so sad
08:04 LibraryClaire   :(
08:05 * LibraryClaire stops playing with the bot
08:08 ashimema        we love wahanui really
08:09 LibraryClaire   :)
09:03 * cait          waves at LibraryClaire and Oak
09:03 * LibraryClaire waves
09:29 * magnuse       waves at Oak and everyone else
09:34 * drojf         receives waves by everyone
09:34 LibraryClaire   hi magnuse
09:34 cait            heh greedy
09:35 magnuse         oops https://www.geonet.org.nz/quakes/drums/wellington
09:38 * mveron        waves to everybody and goes to lunch
09:40 * magnuse       needs lunch too
10:05 eythian         magnuse: only a 4.4
10:52 drojf           jajm: around
10:53 drojf           ?
10:58 jajm            drojf, it's lunch time here, i'll be there in 1h
10:59 drojf           ok thanks
11:44 oleonard        We don't have a 3.18.x release maintainer do we?
11:45 oleonard        Is it standard procedure to remove versions from the bug reporting form when they are no longer maintained?
11:50 jajm            drojf, back
11:58 drojf           jajm: could you have a quick look at https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16647#c8 please? is it correct that the dependency is not needed in 3.22.x?
11:58 huginn`         04Bug 16647: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Master , Update debian/control for 16.*
12:07 jajm            drojf, i believe it's not a direct dependency, do you know which package depends on it ?
12:17 drojf           jajm: i think it appears in automatic tests for Koha::REST::V1. i am resizing the packaging VM at the moment, i will check later
12:20 jajm            drojf, does it fail on jessie ?
12:22 drojf           jajm: the packaging pbuilder environment is wheezy
12:23 drojf           it works if i exlude it from tests as we do with other things, but i want to be sure that it's not needed before i do that
12:23 tcohen          morning
12:24 LibraryClaire   hi tcohen
12:24 tcohen          hi LibraryClaire
12:25 drojf           hi tcohen
12:52 pastebot        "drojf" at pasted "Failed test 'use Koha::REST::V1;'" (25 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/5
12:53 drojf           jajm: ^
13:06 jajm            drojf, i tried to remove completely IO::Socket::IP from my VM, the API code fails (error 500), if I reinstall it, API works, so... it seems that this package is required
13:09 jajm            drojf, libmojolicious-perl depends on libio-socket-io-perl, OR perl >= 5.19, i have Perl 5.20, so it should not be needed, maybe an error in the mojolicious package ?
13:09 eythian         IO::Socket stuff made it into core around 5.19 IIRC
13:11 drojf           wheezy has 5.14
13:28 drojf           hmm. when i run debian/update-control on 3.22.x, i get a million eeks. that does not seem right
13:30 magnuse         sounds like one too many
13:31 drojf           exactly!
13:33 drojf           999.999 bottles of EEEK on the wall, 999.999 bottles of EEEK. add one more, looks like an error, a million bottles of EEEK can't be right
13:34 oleonard        "I got 999,999 problems and in fact debian/update-control is all of them"
13:47 eythian         drojf: apt-file update?\
13:48 drojf           eythian: i have to run update-control in pbuilder, right? i ran it outside. what is missing is stuff from the koha repo (which is only in pbuilder)
13:48 drojf           as far as i can tell
13:48 eythian         oh right
13:48 eythian         that'd make sense then
13:49 eythian         yeah, run it inside pbuilder so your local environment doesn't get in the way
13:49 drojf           related question, when i do packages, should i change the koha repo in pbuilder depending on the branch i build? (stable, oldstable)
13:51 eythian         I don't
13:51 eythian         I try to keep no difference between the repos, aside from koha itself
13:51 drojf           ah ok. it looked like we have different swagger versions depending on the pocket
13:52 eythian         that's not ideal
13:52 eythian         unless it's required
13:52 drojf           maybe its not true either, i only just rsynced the repo to my notebook and started looking. may be misunderstanding on my side
13:53 eythian         reprepro list
13:54 drojf           ok, no eeks now, thats a relief ;)
13:56 drojf           i was right
13:57 drojf           reprepro list stable | grep swagger
13:57 drojf           squeeze|main|i386: libswagger2-perl 0.77-1~koha1
13:57 drojf           reprepro list oldstable | grep swagger
13:57 drojf           oldstable|main|i386: libswagger2-perl 0.31-1~kohaoldstable1
13:57 eythian         yeah, it might be that that's necessary for some reason, but I'd check it out
13:58 eythian         possible that it was necessary, isn't any more
13:59 drojf           i think its rather new. bug 15126
13:59 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15126 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Master , REST API: Use newer version of Swagger2
14:06 drojf           eythian: if i get no eeeks, but changes in the file, do i care?
14:06 drojf           the control file that is
14:06 eythian         probably.
14:06 eythian         it's probably a thing to commit
14:06 drojf           ok
14:06 eythian         depending on what the differences are
14:06 drojf           a few additions and a change
14:06 drojf           - apache2-mpm-itk,
14:06 drojf           + apache2-mpm-itk | libapache2-mpm-itk,
14:06 eythian         generally it just means that the version in git is older than the dependency declarations
14:06 eythian         oh
14:06 eythian         you really want that.
14:07 eythian         that's needed for newer ubuntu I think
14:07 drojf           ok
14:15 tcohen          kidclamp: around?
14:15 kidclamp        :-)
14:15 tcohen          your comment about 'item holding branch'
14:15 tcohen          did u check it?
14:16 tcohen          i cannot reproduce
14:17 eythian         wahanui: cannot reproduce is https://xkcd.com/583/
14:17 wahanui         OK, eythian.
14:38 kidclamp        hah
14:47 koha            Hello, We are upgrading to Koha 16.05 and receives this error... "Upgrading database schema for testlibrary  DBI connect('database=koha_testlibrary;host=localhost;port=3306','koha_testlibrary',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm line 1487.  DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::catch {...} (): DBI Connection failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through
14:48 koha            DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::catch {...} (): DBI Connection failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm line 1490. at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Database.pm line 90
14:48 koha            dpkg: error processing package koha-common (--configure):  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 255" any ideas how to fix are welcomed
14:48 drojf           your mysql server is not running. at least it looks that way
14:50 koha            Ok thanks. Perhaps it has been shut down when upgrading the server components..
15:11 cbrannon        Just filed bug 16789
15:11 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16789 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , ReturnToShelvingCart should utilize a different field
15:13 kidclamp        cbrannon the original shelving location is store in items.permanent_location and can be utilised in report
15:25 cbrannon        kidclamp: but it can't be seen in the record, or am I missing something.
15:25 kidclamp        true, it doesn't show, but was addressing the reporting point if you use shelving cart
15:26 cbrannon        So, how is the temp location being displayed?  Is it in another field?
15:26 kidclamp        temp location is stored in items.location
15:28 kidclamp        permanent_location and location will always match except when item location is  'PROC' or 'CART'
15:28 cbrannon        ah....you know, I see the descriptions, but we've got some crossover on terms that need to be straightened out.  CART has two meanings in Koha.  Permanent location has two meanings in Koha.
15:28 kidclamp        you aren't wrong
15:29 cbrannon        So, I should go through all our reports and change location references to permanent_location.
15:29 cbrannon        :/
15:29 cbrannon        That will be fun.
15:34 kidclamp        well, depends on the report and how often the cart to shelf job runs
15:35 kidclamp        statistics for a day ago should be fine
15:35 kidclamp        for finding an item right now it miatters
15:36 cbrannon        Yep.  Up until now (since we just turned the feature on), it was moot.  Now it will skew reports.  The joys of new things.  :)
15:52 cait            oleonard++ :)
15:53 reiveune        bye
15:59 cbrannon        kidclamp: so we've got over 82,000 items that don't have ANYTHING in the permanent_location field.  When do these fields get populated?  Do we need to have something run to update these records?
16:02 cait            cbrannon: there is a bug in that it doesn't or didn't? get populated by the import
16:02 bag             morning
16:06 cbrannon        cait: bug #?
16:06 wahanui         bug # is there
16:06 * oleonard      asks everyone to please test bugs in master before reporting them with a specific version number
16:07 cait            not sure there is one
16:07 cait            oleonard: guilty - thx for resteing the bug about moderated comments
16:07 cbrannon        cait: didn't you say there is a bug?
16:08 * oleonard      discovered http://www.generatedata.com/ when preparing to test the comments bug
16:08 MauricioBR      helo everyone, I recently installed Koha-common in ubuntu server 16 and i have an error when trying to create a patron category, the message is "An error occurred when inserting this patron category. The patron category might already exist." but my database is empty, no examples, anything. Please help is the second time that i install koha. Sorry my bad english
16:09 cait            oleonard: so that's a good thing,... right?
16:10 cait            MauricioBR: please don't use the newest ubuntu right now or downgrade your mysql
16:10 cait            or... dunno
16:10 cait            there is a problem with the new mysql -noted in the release notes
16:10 MauricioBR      perfect i'll check the notes now... thankyou!
16:10 MauricioBR      (y)
16:17 cait            MauricioBR: we are workingon fixing it - some bugs are already logged on bugzilla and need testing
16:17 cait            if you want to give that a try
16:18 MauricioBR      thankyou cait
16:19 MauricioBR      and what is the last stable version that you recommend for production environment?
16:20 oleonard        Went through most of the 3.18.x bugs. There are still 47 3.16.x bugs, 41 3.14.x bugs, 19 3.12.x bugs, and 6 3.10.x bugs.
16:21 cbrannon        oleonard: is that good or bad?
16:21 MauricioBR      I see, and wich MySQL version?
16:21 MauricioBR      with 3.10???
16:21 oleonard        16 for 3.8.x. 14 for 3.6.x. 10 for 3.4.x.
16:22 oleonard        cbrannon: It's bad. Bugs which still are valid for master should be marked as 'master.' Bugs which are fixed in newer versions should be closed because older versions are unmaintained.
16:23 MauricioBR      Thanks for the information
16:23 cbrannon        oleonard: sounds like we have a bit of verification to do :/
16:23 cait            MauricioBR: i know it worked well on ubuntu's last lts
16:23 oleonard        MauricioBR: My comments are not directed at you. I'm talking about something else.
16:23 cait            not sure what the best mysql version is
16:25 MauricioBR      ho i see. but anyway thanks because it gives me an idea about the bugs on different version... i fact that helpme to chosse wich version install...
16:25 MauricioBR      :)
16:31 eythian         I wouldn't trust that as data, given its not kept up to date.
16:34 cait            eythian: hm?
16:34 cait            MauricioBR: Please note – Ubuntu 16.04 support is still WIP and isn’t supported at  the moment, due to stricter MySQL version 5.7. All installs and updates  should be done on versions previous to MySQL 5.7.
16:34 cait            https://koha-community.org/koha-16-05-released/
16:34 oleonard        I wonder if we should have a procedure for enhancement bugs which have Failed QA or non-applying patches on them: Mark WONTFIX if untouched for X number of days?
16:34 cait            often they are still much wanted features
16:35 cait            more worried about the actual bugs - i think there are around 900 open
16:35 oleonard        I think Bug 5523 isn't going to get a new patch after 6 years.
16:35 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5523 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kohapatch, Failed QA , Display list of items which are to be cataloged in the cataloguing home page.
16:35 cait            maybe reset to NEW? hm reassign to noone
16:35 eythian         cait: that's what oleonard was pointing out, reverification isn't happening so it's not necessarily trustworthy (at least, that's what I took from it.)
16:36 cait            ah, thought you were talking about mysql :)
16:36 eythian         cait: reassign to Peter Noone?
16:36 oleonard        cait: Yes, I think NEW is better.
16:36 cait            and remove assignee
16:36 cait            for the real oldones
16:36 cait            if th person is still interested - i think they should get an email then?
16:37 eythian         Didn't know you were into 60's pop
20:56 huginn`         New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16747 - Patron card creator broken with version 16.05 <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=87dbed0abd67e88ae85f633d9f4c63c38a2f7e24>
21:02 debclair        hey there, quick question, how do I access the rest services? I have tried a couple urls and nothing works
21:04 rangi           which rest services? the ils-di ones? or the ones in /svc/ or the new ones?  .. what urls did you try?
21:04 drojf           …on what version of koha
21:05 bag             they aren’t default to being on - with the new ones - you’ve got to start them
21:08 debclair        Koha version
21:09 debclair        the "new rest api" section of the community doc mentions urls like /rest/v1/ and so on
21:09 rangi           not for 3.16 it doesnt :-)
21:10 cait            3.16 is pretty old now
21:10 cait            3.18 - 3.20 - 3.22 - 16.05 released since
21:11 debclair        wow, you're right, I just checked my new instance in my computer vs the one in the company's server and I got version 16
21:11 rangi           the original 3.16.00 was released 2 years ago (new features arent added to stable releases, so even tho you have 3.16.04 which is only 20 months old .. it has no new features since 2 years) i think 3.22 (or even 16.05) was the first release with the new rest
21:12 rangi           and yep bag is right, you need to start them, they aren't on by default
21:12 debclair        what should I search for to get them started?
21:13 cait            debclair: they don't exist in 3.16
21:14 cait            i think 3.22 - but many more routes in 16.05 - only the base in 3.22
21:22 debclair        cait, right, but I got a new instance in my computer I want to play with, so I can later migrate the server instance to this newer version, so I need to know how to enable them
21:23 cait            i haven't done it yet - maybe someone else can help - i will listen in too
21:44 talljoy         hi cait!
21:44 cait            hi talljoy :)
21:44 talljoy         hows things?
21:44 wizzyrea        hi
21:44 talljoy         do you know much about the bib batch modification tool?  i.e. what flavor of regex is uses?  perl flavor?
21:44 talljoy         hi wizzyrea
21:44 cait            busy but good :)
21:44 talljoy         busy is better than bored.
21:45 cait            sorry, have to pass there
21:45 talljoy         :-D
21:45 cait            only know about it in theory
21:45 talljoy         me too!
21:45 talljoy         i'll start playing with it.
21:45 cait            who wrote it?
21:45 talljoy         might ask Joubu
21:45 talljoy         i think he wrote it
21:45 cait            hm yeah maybe
21:47 pianohacker     cait!
21:47 pianohacker     how are you?
21:47 cait            pianohacker!
21:47 wahanui         regexes are AWESOME
21:47 pianohacker     damn skippy
21:47 cait            hehe still busy but good and you?
21:47 talljoy         regexes are awesome
21:47 cait            very true :)
21:53 pianohacker     cait: very busy but good
21:54 cait            :)
22:18 talljoy         @later tell joubu can marc modification templates use pattern substitutions in the regex?  i.e. s/.+([LP])$/\1/i
22:18 huginn`         talljoy: The operation succeeded.
22:23 bag             Aloo is barking bbias