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04:52 taa             we wish to import bound volumes excel data in koha how to map multiple records with one biblio
04:52 taa             especially vol, no, acc no
05:06 Oak             Ahoy me hearties!
05:12 magnuse         Oak
05:13 magnuse         bonjour paul_p
05:45 * cait          waves
05:46 * magnuse       waves back
05:54 mveron          Good morning / daytime #koha
06:00 Oak             magnuse
06:00 Oak             hello cait, #koha!
06:03 jajm            hello
06:03 wahanui         what's up, jajm
06:15 * LibraryClaire waves
06:49 fridolin        hie
06:54 gaetan_B        hello
06:56 reiveune        hello
06:56 wahanui         salut, reiveune
07:01 alex_a          bonjour
07:05 drojf           morning #koha
07:07 * LibraryClaire waves to everyone
07:35 brinxmat        Hey folks
07:35 brinxmat        From sunny Oslo
07:36 drojf           hi brinxmat
07:36 drojf           @wunder berlin, germany
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07:36 drojf           from that :/
07:36 brinxmat        @wunder oslo, norway
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07:36 * liw           waves from a boat in the Helsinki archipelago (4G is a bit weak, but if you see it, it works)
07:37 drojf           hi liw
07:37 * drojf         wants to be on a boat
07:37 brinxmat        Wondering if anyone can help me with a problem we're having with setting hard cap for fines per patron
07:40 drojf           what is the problem? did you try MaxFine?
07:41 brinxmat        drojf: yes, we set 100 in this
07:43 brinxmat        I wonder if our setting for the smart rule for adults is causing the issue
07:46 brinxmat        All material types, fine 50, interval 3, grace 0, fine cap 100
07:47 brinxmat        May even be how we're testing this (setting the return date to x minutes after it has been borrowed)
08:12 magnuse         brinxmat: how is it not working for you?
08:16 brinxmat        magnuse: it may just be the way we're testing — the maxfine is not observed
08:19 drojf           brinxmat: do you run the cronjobs manually then?
08:21 brinxmat        drojf: they're set to run every minute
08:38 atheia          G'morn :-)
08:43 LibraryClaire   morning atheia :)
08:56 ashimema        mornin' #koha
08:58 LibraryClaire   hey ashimema!
08:58 wahanui         somebody said ashimema was on qa now .)
09:04 * atheia        waves at ashimema
09:06 Joubu           ashimema: good to know you are on qa now :p
09:08 ashimema        lol
09:12 LibraryClaire   hi Joubu! :)
09:12 Joubu           hi LibraryClaire
09:14 * LibraryClaire needs coffee...
11:05 magnuse         wow, all those db tables related to massaging is kind of confusing...
11:05 magnuse         anyone got a clue how i would go about finding that one person who wants DUEDGST sent via sms?
11:11 liw             @wunder helsinki
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11:15 magnuse         @wunder boo
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11:16 LibraryClaire   @wunder LCY
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11:17 LibraryClaire   mostly cloudy = raining and wet
11:49 oleonard        Hi #koha
11:49 magnuse         hi oleonard
11:50 LibraryClaire   Hi oleonard
12:06 vfernandes      hi #koha
12:07 vfernandes      one strange problem: after updating one koha from 3.12 to 3.22.06 the fines calculation is very slowing
12:07 vfernandes      * is very slow
12:08 vfernandes      also when returning an item with fines the operation is also very slow
12:09 vfernandes      there is any reason to that?
12:15 kidclamp        do you have many special holidays?
12:16 kidclamp        unique holidays vfernandes? (special_holidays is the db table name)
12:22 cait            hm yeah holidays could make a difference
12:22 cait            also dates far int he future or far in the past
13:16 vfernandes      kidclamp: some holidays
13:17 vfernandes      but the fines script is running for about 1 hour and it didn't even finished
13:21 kidclamp        vfernandes I think pianohacker has seen this and worked on some imrpovement, but I don't know the details. eh should be in later
13:21 vfernandes      kidclamp: i found out what the problem is
13:21 kidclamp        what was it?
13:22 vfernandes      debarred was being set to '9999-12-31' in the older version
13:22 kidclamp        :-)
13:22 kidclamp        or rather :-(
13:22 vfernandes      by some reason the date calculation between now and that date takes many time...
13:25 vfernandes      but in the new version is also set to that date
13:32 tcohen          bonjour
13:33 tcohen          Joubu: around?
13:39 vfernandes      the time calculating the days between a date in 2014 and now is huge....
13:39 vfernandes      get_chargeable_units takes a long time
13:40 cait            vfernandes: have you defined a maxfine?
13:40 vfernandes      no
13:40 vfernandes      there is no maxfine
13:40 tcohen          hi cait
13:42 tcohen          i've received two reports from 3.22 users, about zebra "dying" every day
13:42 tcohen          but the logs make me think it i srelated to log rotation, because zebrasrv is gettting a signal 15
13:42 vfernandes      after some tests the problem is in days_between of Koha::Calendar
13:44 cait            hm did we change that?
13:49 vfernandes      cait: the problem is that for every day between 2011 and 2016 the calendar checks if is a holiday
13:49 vfernandes      and that is super slow!!!!
13:51 drojf           tcohen: i have heard one saying mysql keeps dying. when i checked their zebra was dead too. but not my clients, no server access, can't look into it
13:52 kidclamp        tcohen - maybe ping larryb when he gets in, I think we have seen similar
13:53 tcohen          drojf: i experienced that too
13:53 drojf           it's 3.22 and the problem seems to be relatively new
13:53 drojf           they also reported high cpu load
13:53 tcohen          i mitigated it by banning bots, but didn't have the time to dig into it
13:54 tcohen          jajm: around?
13:54 jajm            tcohen, yep, hi!
13:58 vfernandes      this is a problem with cache
13:58 vfernandes      cait: do you use cache on your system?
14:00 drojf           tcohen: if bots manage to bring it down, we might have a problem :P
14:01 tcohen          drojf: sure
14:01 tcohen          jajm: users are reporting that zebra "started dying every day" (logrotate?) and mysql dies (memory leak or smth?)
14:02 tcohen          it seems to be recent
14:02 tcohen          something changed recently and introduced it
14:02 tcohen          talking about 3.22
14:07 jajm            tcohen, users of 3.22.7 ?
14:08 cait            vfernandes:  not yet, but we only have a few quite small 3.22 so far
14:10 vfernandes      thanks cait
14:12 vfernandes      how can I set Koha cache?
14:13 tcohen          jajm: that's my scenario at least, drojf and kidclamp mentioned they had some too, not sure the specifics
14:15 kidclamp        3.22.06 on the site I know of, usually is plack that goes down, but sometimes zebra, and a diffsite was having just zebra, but I don't know htose detai;s
14:15 drojf           i assume it started before 3.22.7 for the library that told me. 3.22.6ish maybe
14:18 vfernandes      Koha::Calendar for each overdue day is doing a query to the database...
14:21 kidclamp        vfernandes that is what pianohacker had to do I think, make calendar use cache, but I don't know bugnumbers
14:23 pastebot        "vfernandes" at pasted "Koha::Calendar single holidays" (52 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/20
14:24 vfernandes      kidclamp: checking the code, Koha::Calendar uses cache
14:27 kidclamp        yeah, I don't knwo details it just sounds very similar
14:27 vfernandes      Koha shouldn't have a default cache service when memcached of fastmmap aren't set?
14:38 oleonard        Anyone around who is using EDIFACT?
14:38 oleonard        Whoops, never mind I am not here.
14:40 cait            oh
14:40 cait            a oleonard-away ghost
14:54 oleonard        Hi cait
14:56 tcohen          hi oleonard
14:57 drojf           [off] oleonard:  when i asked the spammers to take me from their list, they said "since we met at KohaCon, we sent you a follow up newsletter. We are not going to send you anything else."
14:57 drojf           [off] "met" as in "we were in the same building" i guess, i have no idea who they are and don't think italked to anyone of them
14:58 oleonard        I thought I remembered there being a discussion before previous KohaCons about what was okay for sponsors to do, i.e. don't spam anyone.
14:58 oleonard        We should probably make sure it's an official part of the process.
15:00 drojf           yes. i did not expect anything like that to happen. and there were a lot of other sponsors that did not do that (luckily)
15:01 drojf           the argumentation is… funny at least
15:06 gaetan_B        bye
15:06 drojf           hi rocio
15:06 Joubu           oleonard: How the 2 lines you modified in your last patch of bug 6148 are useful?
15:06 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6148 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, CLOSED FIXED, Strange Language in opac-authorities-home
15:07 Joubu           +    window.modaction_legend_innerhtml = $("#modaction_legend").text();
15:07 Joubu           +    window.action_submit_value = $("#action_submit").text()
15:07 Joubu           What do they do?
15:07 rocio           morning!
15:07 oleonard        Joubu: Using jQuery instead of document.getElementById() avoids an error if the element doesn't exist
15:08 drojf           i would appreciate if irc could show the local time of everyone
15:08 Joubu           oleonard: yep, but what do they do? :)
15:09 rocio           that would be nice
15:09 drojf           oleonard should do a jquery workshop in marseille :P
15:09 oleonard        Joubu: The variables are used to change the legend/button text of the add/edit form
15:10 oleonard        Joubu: The form is reused for multiple actions, and the JS populates the values in it
15:12 Joubu           oleonard: ok got it. All this code looks uselessly complicated
15:13 Joubu           oleonard: the change does not work
15:13 LibraryClaire   hi rocio :)
15:13 oleonard        Joubu: :( Okay, back to the drawing board.
15:13 rocio           hey LibraryClaire!
15:13 wahanui         i think libraryclaire is the monster under my bed
15:13 Joubu           oleonard: clicking on "new action" will show the form but the submit button does not have any text
15:13 drojf           hehe wahanui is not dropping that :P
15:15 Joubu           oleonard: ha, the second line should be .val() instead of .text()
15:15 * oleonard      should just go mow the lawn instead
15:17 drojf           oleonard: i bet jquery can do that for you
15:21 Joubu           Did anybody upgrade from 3.22 to 16.05 using the packages?
15:22 Joubu           2 different guys got the same error about the DB schema, that's odd
15:23 cait            Joubu: didn't try
15:24 drojf           Joubu: i upgraded my test instances (>20 on one server) and did not have a problem afair
15:24 oleonard        I'll ask again now that I'm really here:  Is anyone around who is using EDIFACT?
15:24 drojf           but that is still running on wheezy, maybe that is related?
15:24 Joubu           drojf: ok thanks
15:24 drojf           s/related/important/
15:25 oleonard        I keep trying to look at the EDIFACT messages template, but I don't really understand how it is used.
15:25 cait            oleonard: maybe khall could help or bag
15:25 vfernandes      cait and kidclamp: I solved my problem
15:25 cait            i didn't test it, but i know they shoudl ahve :)
15:25 cait            vfernandes: yay
15:25 cait            what was it?
15:26 khall           oleonard: what's up?
15:26 khall           which template file?
15:26 cait            i summoned a khall!
15:26 khall           lol
15:26 khall           true ; )
15:27 oleonard        Hi khall. I'm trying to do some cleanup on edifactmsgs.tt but I'm not really sure how it is used. Right now I'm just inserting random data into the db so something shows up.
15:27 vfernandes      by some reason in Koha 3.22.06, Koha::Cache is using the nocache attribute on method can_load for Memory::Cache perl module
15:27 vfernandes      this line:     if ( can_load( modules => { 'Cache::Memory' => undef, nocache => 1 } ) ) {
15:27 vfernandes      should be:     if ( can_load( modules => { 'Cache::Memory' => undef } ) ) {
15:27 oleonard        khall: Maybe random is fine, but I thought I'd ask if someone had examples of real data.
15:28 oleonard        khall: I'm interested in particular in what kind of "message" one might see.
15:28 Joubu           vfernandes: yes, it's fixed
15:28 Joubu           on master
15:28 khall           oleonard: one sec
15:28 oleonard        It's weird that messages are displayed all by themselves on a separate full page.
15:28 oleonard        Seems like a modal would be a good solution for that.
15:29 vfernandes      Joubu: yes, i've checked master to see if the bug was there
15:29 vfernandes      kidclamp++ cait++ Joubu++
15:29 vfernandes      thanks for the help
15:30 khall           oleonard: http://content.screencast.com/users/kylemhall/folders/Jing/media/60cdcc31-0535-4179-bd3d-f215577c0a64/00000017.png
15:30 khall           does that help?
15:31 cait            khall: do you know if nengard is writing up soemthing about how to use edifact?
15:31 oleonard        Yes, thanks khall. I suppose the data in "type" and "status" columns is untranslatable
15:31 cait            i got not much of an idea right now too
15:32 cait            hm status would be nice if we could made it translatable
15:32 khall           cait: not sure, I know she can though
15:32 khall           status "should" be translatable
15:32 oleonard        khall: Could you show me a couple examples of what the "view message" link shows?
15:32 khall           the value is created by Koha, not the user
15:32 cait            so we can do order and receivenow with edifact - is taht a good summary?
15:32 khall           oleonard: sure!
15:33 cait            do you order form the vendor site and it's imported or does koha create the order and sends it to the vendor somehow?
15:33 khall           oleonard: http://content.screencast.com/users/kylemhall/folders/Jing/media/1492bbba-d91d-4014-b418-60f4e47dd87e/00000018.png
15:34 khall           that's about as readable as edifact gets
15:34 khall           I'm not sure how we could improve it, I guess the bullet points aren't really necessary
15:34 oleonard        khall: Do you know why a human would want to read that?
15:34 cait            hm maybe the lined display we have in some other spots?
15:34 drojf           @later tell nengard when looking at 15929 i found that the syspref MaxSearchResultsItemsPerRecordStatusCheck is not documented in the manual (or at least i could not find it), could you have a look please?
15:34 huginn`         drojf: The operation succeeded.
15:34 khall           humans shoudl not, reading edifact causes brain damange
15:34 cait            might look a little nicer
15:35 cait            or similar to the marc view plain text
15:35 khall           which explains alot about me
15:35 oleonard        cait: I was thinking of the marc view plain text as well
15:35 * cait          sends khall cookies
15:35 khall           ; )
15:36 cait            khall: did you see my question above about where the ordering happens?
15:36 oleonard        khall: I'll submit a patch and hopefully you can test and make sure my changes make sense with real data :)
15:36 khall           excellent! can do!
15:36 khall           cait: I don't think so, what was it?
15:36 cait            (17:33:10) cait: do you order form the vendor site and it's imported or does koha create the order and sends it to the vendor somehow?
15:36 cait            :)
15:39 khall           cait, here's the basic process:
15:40 khall           1) Create a basket of stuff on the vendor site
15:40 khall           2) Download the marc order file that gets created
15:40 khall           3) In Koha, stage that order marc file
15:40 khall           4) Create a basket for the vendor for that order
15:41 khall           5) Import from staged file
15:41 khall           6) Hit the send edifact order button
15:41 khall           that are other workflows, but they don't really work with Koha yet.
15:41 nengard         I need to get that in to the manual - It's on my list
15:42 cait            ah
15:43 cait            but the invoices are get in automatically?
15:43 cait            or do youneed to do something there as well?
15:59 Joubu           khall: the schema is not up-to-date, borrowers.updated_on is not there
16:00 khall           Joubu: ack! I'll take a look at fixing that!
16:05 mveron-away     Hi again #koha
16:06 mveron          @wunder Allschwil
16:06 huginn`         mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 16.0°C (6:00 PM CEST on June 14, 2016). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
16:06 drojf           hi mveron
16:06 mveron          hi drojf
16:09 oleonard        @wunder 45701
16:09 huginn`         oleonard: The current temperature in Longview Hts, Athens, Ohio is 31.0°C (12:09 PM EDT on June 14, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 35%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
16:12 reiveune        bye
16:28 Shane-S         I have version 3.20.02 and I wanted to do an update this summer. However, I have done many and it seems to slowly be an issue. So, I thought I would spin up a new VM and then migrate. Can I do 3.20 ->16.05 with the sql backups?
16:30 drojf           what is an issue?
16:30 wahanui         well, an issue is more like "what information do I want to show on jcamins's screenshot." :P
16:33 vfernandes      why community decided to call koha 16.05 and not koha 3.24? :)
16:33 nengard         Year.Month
16:33 nengard         cause we'd be on 3.x forever otherwise :)
16:34 vfernandes      nengard: so the following releases will be 16.06 and so on?
16:34 nengard         no
16:35 nengard         the next will be 16.11 (Nov 2016)
16:35 nengard         and then 17.05
16:35 nengard         et cetc
16:35 vfernandes      16.05.01, 16.05.02 for minor changes and bugs?
16:36 nengard         Yes
16:36 nengard         I believe so
16:36 nengard         bag can confirm
16:36 vfernandes      thanks nengard for the explaination
16:43 huginn`         New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10459 - Update Schema <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=42cd9ca1447f4d576d9f1ad51e275e70c8bf9249>
16:44 bag             yes that is correct
16:51 eythian         drojf: CTCP TIME
16:53 eythian         drojf: doesn't seem to work for you, maybe your client is terrible.
16:53 pianohacker     well huh
16:53 drojf           its pidgin, so yes
16:54 drojf           hi pianohacker
16:54 pianohacker     hi drojf !
16:55 pianohacker     recovered from that crazy jetlag yet?
16:55 eythian         pianohacker: his client responded in GMT so I assume not
16:56 drojf           got an excellent cold, all is laggy ;)
16:57 drojf           eythian: GMT is not so far off :D
16:57 LibraryClaire   evening
16:57 eythian         Two hours.
16:58 drojf           wow i hate excel
16:58 eythian         That's natural
16:58 drojf           yes
16:58 LibraryClaire   lol
16:58 eythian         It costs the global economy trillions
16:58 eythian         Per year, due to errors
16:58 drojf           hehe
16:58 eythian         Because you can't unit test a spreadsheet
16:58 liw             yes you can
16:59 liw             but you'll end up implementing Excel in your test runner
16:59 eythian         Hmm
16:59 eythian         That sounds awful
16:59 drojf           [off] a friend said he's going to work for some online marketing things. so he is learning excel. they do all their whatever they do with that. that explains a lot
17:00 eythian         Oh yes, in previous lives, I've been given some seriously impressive spreadsheets try turn into code.
17:01 liw             I implemented an accounting to system for my own use as a spreadsheet once. Not in Excel, though, but in gnumeric.
17:02 drojf           [off] working with ads and excel. blergh. don't get kids, you may have to do really ugly things to provide for them
17:11 eythian         I used gnucash when I wanted an accounting thing, because that's its job.
17:19 drojf           worse than excel is excel with colour coded stuff. i mean, really? :/
17:19 LibraryClaire   yay colours :D
17:20 drojf           argh
17:34 tiosam          hola
17:56 oleonard        khall still around? I wonder if you get an error when trying to delete an EDIFACT message
17:57 khall           oleonard: I let me test that
18:02 khall           oleonard: yep, I get an error as well.
18:03 khall           oleonard: do you want to file a bug while I write a patch?
18:03 oleonard        Thanks for testing. I wanted to make sure it wasn't an artifact of the dummy data I was working with
18:03 oleonard        Sure, can do
18:05 oleonard        Bug 16737
18:05 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16737 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, ASSIGNED , Error when deleting EDIFACT message
18:05 khall           thanks! it was an easy fix, will be up in a moment
18:38 nengard         what version was MaxSearchResultsItemsPerRecordStatusCheck introduced in?
18:40 drojf           nengard: 3.22.2 / 3.20.8
18:40 nengard         thanks, uploading manual now :)
18:41 Joubu           nengard:
18:41 Joubu           ha
18:41 drojf           thanks :)
18:41 nengard         I don't see it in the release notes for either that's how i missed it
18:41 drojf           https://koha-community.org/koha-3-22-2-released/
18:41 drojf           https://koha-community.org/koha-3-20-8-released/
18:41 drojf           under new sysprefs
18:43 nengard         yeah, I read the main ones at the time of release - usually a new sys pref isn't added mid stream
18:43 drojf           yes that is odd
18:43 nengard         so I looked at 20.0 and 22.0
18:46 nengard         drojf http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=kohadocs.git;a=commitdiff;h=0f71a01c7b79c08de0a0f6a7f72efe581d2c3de4 done
18:46 nengard         will show in the web tomorrow
18:46 drojf           nengard++
18:47 oleonard        nengard++
18:47 drojf           oh nengard, could you use the new text maybe? it was changed in 15929
18:47 drojf           i think that is the old one
18:48 oleonard        It'd be nice if every time someone got positive karma the food dispenser in their cage gave them an extra food pellet.
18:48 drojf           or maybe i am confused
18:48 drojf           bug 15929
18:48 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15929 trivial, P5 - low, ---, c.gravely, Signed Off , typo in explanation for MaxSearchResultsItemsPerRecordStatusCheck
18:48 drojf           ah its not done yet
18:48 drojf           so no idea, the new one is not valid yet :P
18:49 eythian         oleonard: I scripted it so mine does
18:50 eythian         Planning on making it order a pizza soon
18:50 drojf           let us know when it's done, there will be a lot of pizza
18:50 drojf           it uses your credit card, right?
18:50 cait            :)
18:50 * LibraryClaire likes free pizza
18:50 nengard         I copied that text from my sys prefs in master drojf
18:51 nengard         oh i see
18:51 nengard         there is a typo
18:51 nengard         okay
18:51 drojf           nengard: yeah i thought it had passed already. maybe khall can have a look if he's fine with the change
18:51 oleonard        Heck, if I get to script my own positive reinforcement I guess I'll pick something else too. Positive karma? Get to go home early!
18:53 nengard         drojf fixed
18:54 magnuse         pizza?
18:54 wahanui         it has been said that pizza is in the oven.
18:54 magnuse         nice!
18:54 LibraryClaire   :D
18:59 oleonard        Bye #koha