Time  Nick          Message
06:52 firstimer     hey, we are moving to koha. I am setting up koha on my PC just for learning how to deploy koha. I am stuck at "Access the web interface" section. I don't have a DNS or domain name. I just want to access koha from my local machine. How do I do this?
06:54 firstimer     My "/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/" is empty. I removed the soft link to default.conf though.
07:02 firstimer_    firstimer is now firstimer
09:27 Joubu         @later tell oleonard could you have a look at the modals khall uses on bug 15707 please? Is it what we want to do?
09:27 huginn`       Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:30 tcohen        morning
15:04 Tylathos      Hey
20:09 * cait        waves
20:25 LibraryClaire hi cait
20:35 rangi         morning
20:37 LibraryClaire hi rangi
20:38 rangi         @later tell joubu https://gitlab.com/koha-dashboard/koha-dashboard merge requests gratefully accepted
20:38 huginn`       rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:38 rangi         LibraryClaire: how are the mosquito bites?
20:39 LibraryClaire much better thanks, can still see them though :S
20:40 eythian       Hi
20:40 cait          LibraryClaire: still? wow
20:40 LibraryClaire rangi: have yo urecovered from the trip now?
20:40 eythian       I shoulda programmed wahanui to always answer me
20:40 LibraryClaire cait: yeah, last week they were just bruises
20:41 LibraryClaire hi eythian
20:41 cait          we need to cover you up in mosquito net next time :)
20:41 eythian       My bites have almost all gone, but still visible.
20:41 eythian       Those things can hang around
20:41 LibraryClaire hehe, mosquito net dress
20:41 eythian       Hi LibraryClaire
20:42 rangi         yeah, mostly recovered and yep still visible bites, no longer itching
20:42 LibraryClaire horrible things
20:42 cait          mine are gone...
20:42 LibraryClaire lucky
20:43 cait          LibraryClaire: maybe a sombrero and then the net all around you? ;)
20:43 eythian       I think next time I go somewhere warm, I'll get some strong DEET spray first.
20:44 cait          almost monday again...
20:44 LibraryClaire I might jsut not leave mine at home on the buggiest night of the week
20:44 eythian       Could do with that now, while I was away, ants took up residence in my apartment.
20:44 LibraryClaire hehehe
20:45 eythian       I have special poison arriving tomorrow.
20:45 eythian       They started nesting under my kettle.
20:46 LibraryClaire ew
20:46 eythian       That's unacceptable.
20:46 LibraryClaire from a human hygiene perspective, probably :P
20:47 eythian       Yeah, I cleaned everything, and a day later they were back.
20:48 eythian       So, time to poison the source, which is presumably a big nest somewhere in the building.
20:48 LibraryClaire :(
20:48 drojf         twist: the building is made of ants
20:48 eythian       (NZ doesn't get ants like that IME, so it's a bit of an annoying novelty.)
20:48 eythian       drojf: O.O
20:50 LibraryClaire ant building makes me feel itchy
20:54 eythian       No, it's OK, I just looks like a giant ant.
20:54 eythian       It
20:54 * eythian     is not in a Kafka sequel
20:54 LibraryClaire lol
20:56 eythian       Hrm, failed to do my next museum this weekend.
20:56 eythian       Have to be next.
20:57 drojf         ant museum of antsterdam?
20:57 eythian       No, that doesn't fit the sequence.
20:57 drojf         what is ant in dutch?
20:58 drojf         ameisje?
20:58 LibraryClaire you just shoved a j in there
20:59 drojf         thats how dutch works
20:59 LibraryClaire lol
20:59 drojf         it's mier. that is what google says. mier museum may fi the sequence
20:59 drojf         mier is mate and beer mix. now i know the secret ingredient
20:59 ibeardslee    ants?
21:00 drojf         shhh, it's a secret
21:01 eythian       Mierenneuker is a light insult here, meaning someone is pedantic. Literally it means "ant fucker"
21:02 eythian       drojf: you just stuck an a in front of the word for girl.
21:03 eythian       The next museum in sequence is: Erotisch Museum, Oudezijds Achterburgwal
21:40 ibeardslee    eythian: .. a mueseum dedicated to 'electronic rot'?
21:42 cait          not quite i think
22:09 LibraryClaire yay, I installed koha :)
22:12 drojf         LibraryClaire++
22:12 eythian       ibeardslee: no
22:12 cait          LibraryClaire++ :)
22:12 eythian       @later tell wizzyrea https://youtu.be/vBAj73VCdk4
22:12 huginn`       eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:15 LibraryClaire :D
22:15 wizzyrea      eythian: omg.
22:16 wizzyrea      "it's a new zealand box and has new zealand art"
22:16 wizzyrea      \...
22:20 wizzyrea      regarding pineapple lumps, I hadn't enjoyed them properly until I had them frozen.
22:23 ibeardslee    frozen?
22:23 wizzyrea      yep
22:23 wizzyrea      they had them at the roxy, and me being me I had to try it
22:25 ibeardslee    you don't eat Crunchies, you bite a bit off and let it dissolve in your mouth as you suck it
22:29 wizzyrea      hehe
22:29 wizzyrea      I had to stop watching it as I felt like they were yelling at me.
22:29 wizzyrea      but it was funn
22:29 wizzyrea      funny*
22:47 eythian       wizzyrea: most American YouTube things sound like that to me
22:47 eythian       So yelly
22:53 wizzyrea      hehe
22:54 wizzyrea      there are some exceptions to that rule, but yes. Such yell.
22:56 Francesca     hi
22:58 wizzyrea      hi :)
23:26 rangi         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDFH-8TBxvQ