Time  Nick        Message
10:33 * liw       has booked flights and hotel for the hackfest part of Kohacon16, and needs to prepare his Debian packaging tutorial
11:06 cait        liw++ :)
11:06 cait        liw: there is a page on the wiki for arrivals/departures
11:07 cait        https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon_2016:_Who_is_arriving_when
11:07 cait        if you want to :)
11:24 liw         I'll think about it :)
11:24 liw         I see whom I can blame for the hotels being full (rather than myself for being late in booking)
11:51 cait        probably the 250 registered attendees :)
11:51 cait        80 for hackfest too i think (iirc)
11:51 cait        coudl be the biggest kohacon so far :)
14:43 * eythian   isn't sure if he registered.
17:04 liw         eythian, are you going to Thessaloniki
17:04 eythian     Yeah
17:04 liw         eythian, cool :)
17:05 eythian     And Berlin
17:06 liw         I'm not going to Berlin, alas
17:06 liw         eythian, will you be at Kohacon hackfest, 3-4 June?
17:06 liw         eythian, and possibly joining the Debian packaging tutorial? :)
17:07 eythian     I'm at the whole thing, I'm sure I can help out 🙂
17:08 liw         cool .)
17:08 liw         also, looking forward to seeing you again
17:35 eythian     Yeah, me too :)
17:35 eythian     well, you. I can see myself any time that it's not totally dark.
17:59 cait        :)
18:05 cait        eythian:  when is your flight to greece?
18:05 eythian     same as yours
18:05 cait        ah cool
19:30 eythian     cait: https://blog.kallisti.net.nz/2016/05/electrische-museumtramlijn/
19:30 eythian     @later tell wizzyrea https://blog.kallisti.net.nz/2016/05/electrische-museumtramlijn/
19:30 huginn      eythian: The operation succeeded.
19:52 cait        hi andreashm :)
19:52 andreashm   hey cait!
19:54 cait        eythian++
19:54 cait        eythian: what's next in alphabet?
19:55 eythian     cait: Erotisch Museum, Oudezijds Achterburgwal
20:01 cait        heh
20:07 rangi       morning
20:11 cait        mornin
20:18 cait        @seen tcohen
20:18 huginn      cait: tcohen was last seen in #koha 1 day, 23 hours, 1 minute, and 29 seconds ago: <tcohen> https://snag.gy/IatcZd.jpg
21:21 wizzyrea    eythian: that looks like such a fun museum!
21:21 wizzyrea    kinda like if the cable car one were more interactive ^.^
21:26 eythian     It was pretty cool. Especially the first one being from 1929 Vienna.
23:32 * Francesca waves