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07:29 drojf     morning
12:02 drojf     we need more weekend activity here
13:05 jcamins   drojf: we need more baking activity here.
13:42 eythian   I went to the bakery, does that count?
13:43 jcamins   eythian: sure. It's better than not going to the bakery, right?
13:43 jcamins   Or, at least, better than not having baked goods.
13:44 eythian   Definitely. The bakery nearby makes good bread. Though the only time I can get there is Saturdays. Glad I remembered today.
13:52 drojf     no time for baking :(
13:52 drojf     i would not mind more baking talk though :)
14:04 jcamins   drojf: You should make more time for baking!
14:04 jcamins   :D
14:36 drojf     jcamins: you are right of course
14:36 drojf     got to talk to my boss
14:41 jcamins   Agreed.
14:49 jcamins   Disaster! I thought I had a 1lb bag of potato starch, but it was only 14oz!
14:59 jcamins   I _do_ have pounded yams, though...
14:59 drojf     jcamins: that would not have happened if you used the metric system!
15:00 jcamins   drojf: I needed 250g.
15:01 drojf     that is the oart i actually undestood :)
15:01 drojf     +r
15:01 drojf     the oz part is way more confusing. i think its 28 gram, unless its liquid. or something
15:01 jcamins   The problem is not that I was using Imperial units, it was that the store was.
15:02 jcamins   Usually when you buy things, they come 1lb (=454g) bags.
15:02 jcamins   This did not.
15:02 jcamins   I did not anticipate this.
15:02 drojf     your lb is 454? lol
15:03 drojf     we do have "ein pfund" (a pound), depending on the region. but it is 500gr
15:03 jcamins   Our pound is close to 500g, too. Just not _that_ close.
15:08 drojf     1 oz. = 16 dr. (Dram) = 437,5 gr. (Gran) = 28,349523125 Gramm
15:08 drojf     aaaah
15:08 drojf     that explains
15:09 drojf     eythian: in the netherland you got "ons" and that is 100g?
15:09 drojf     netherlands even
15:12 drojf     jcamins: what are you going to do with it?
15:21 jcamins   drojf: the potato starch? I'm making shortbread with it.
15:21 jcamins   Actually, I'm making shortbread with everything...
15:22 jcamins   I have two recipes for miso cookies. One calls for 2 Tbsp miso paste, the other calls for 1/2 c.
15:23 jcamins   Oh, the one calling for 2 Tbsp calls for half an egg.
15:23 jcamins   Yeah, right.
16:21 talljoy   1/2 an egg....
16:21 talljoy   jcamins I'd like to see that measurement.... ;-)
16:42 eythian   drojf: I haven't heard of it, but I haven't bought baking things either.
16:42 eythian   'ons' means 'us', iirc.
16:43 eythian   I suppose it could also be related to "ounce", but metricified.
16:44 drojf     i'm sure it is
16:49 * eythian checks in a dutch cookbook
16:49 drojf     hm. can't i load a koha-* script in koha-create, like koha-functions.sh?
16:51 eythian   schildpadsoep specifies, among other things, 100 gr (grams, given liquids are in litres) of ham.
16:52 eythian   "het koekboek van alice in wonderland" may not be an authoritative source, mind you.
16:52 drojf     or can i only have one line of ". myscript.sh" inclusion?
16:53 eythian   "load" in bash means execute
16:53 eythian   so if you load another script, you're running it.
16:53 eythian   (I think)
16:54 eythian   in fact, I'm pretty sure.
16:54 drojf     i am not using load. i try to include it with ". something". like we do with
16:54 drojf     if [ -f "/usr/share/koha/bin/koha-functions.sh" ]; then
16:54 drojf     . "/usr/share/koha/bin/koha-functions.sh"
16:54 eythian   well, I'm defining the word :)
16:54 eythian   "." means "source" which means "run"
16:54 eythian   which means "execute" :)
16:54 eythian   it just does it within your space, as opposed to its own
16:55 drojf     ok. but if there are only functions in that file, execute means make the functions available?
16:55 eythian   yes, because executing a definition puts it into the namespace.
16:56 eythian   I know of no reason you couldn't do that with multiple files.
16:56 eythian   in fact, I'd find it really weird if you couldn't
16:57 drojf     when i do it with my koha-letsencrypt directly after, koha-create does not know about the parameters anymore. but i may just have broken it somewhere else
16:57 eythian   "the parameters"?
16:58 eythian   perhaps they're being overwritten as part of the execution by something else?
16:58 drojf     sudo koha-create --create-db koha
16:58 drojf     Error: invalid option switch (--create-db)
16:58 drojf     those parameters ;)
16:58 eythian   ah. Not totally sure.
16:59 eythian   http://www.zachtronics.com/tis-100/ <-- btw, you should play this is a light, easy escape from a day of programming.
17:04 drojf     ah found it
17:05 drojf     there is also a part regarding command line options in my file, i missed that
17:05 eythian   yeah, it's best if function files are only functions :)
17:06 drojf     yeah that makes a lot of sense
17:06 drojf     i tried to have all stuff in one place
17:06 drojf     not working like this
17:06 drojf     i think its wine o'clock
17:07 eythian   I need to finish polishing my floor, then I might get a pizza and some beer.
17:14 drojf     hm. i guess i throw most of it in in the helper functions file then and koha-letsencrypt will mostly be a wrapper around that to use it standalone
17:14 eythian   yeah
17:14 drojf     i think i had that thought once before. thats what you get when you only work on stuff every few weeks
17:15 drojf     almost dark, missed gardening time i guess
17:27 drojf     what is it with Auth_cas_servers.yaml.orig? that thing keeps getting in the way, got deleted by accident again
17:28 eythian   someone hasn't put *.orig in .gitignore?
17:30 drojf     it's not supposed to be ignored, it's a part of koha AFAIK
17:31 drojf     i actually git add_ed it because it was complaining, then it got deleted
17:33 eythian   yes, but if it's in .gitignore, maybe that's causing weird things to happen
17:34 drojf     there is no .gitignore
17:34 drojf     maybe its a funny default that i have to gitunignore? :P
17:36 eythian   hmm, so there isn't.
17:36 eythian   maybe you have a local one?
17:36 eythian   I dunno
17:39 drojf     it will remain a mystery for now
19:08 magnuse   .git/info/exclude?
19:15 magnuse   drojf: when doing a z39.50 search (copy cataloguing) do you get problems if you use non-ascii chars? like ö ü etc?
19:15 magnuse   i always get 0 hits when i include æøå, for searches i know should give hits
19:17 magnuse   ah it works for LoC. must be something about the target i usually use, then
19:20 drojf     magnuse: i just tired "Götte, Monika" with the BSZ server and had no problems
19:27 drojf     magnuse: what are you using that does not work?
19:27 magnuse   nesbø, jo
19:28 magnuse   for exmple
19:28 magnuse   that works with LoC, but not with bibsys
19:28 drojf     i mean which target?
19:28 magnuse   ah, BIBSYS
19:29 magnuse   see http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=installer/data/mysql/nb-NO/2-Valgfritt/z3950servers.sql;h=9b303a11b699e53630336b52e4c04745c1b6aa95;hb=HEAD for the config
19:30 magnuse   encoding is ISO_8859-1
19:31 magnuse   i suspect the query is sent as utf8 and the server expects ISO_8859-1, or something like that
19:33 drojf     have you checked if it works with their SRU server?
19:35 magnuse   nope, good point
19:36 drojf     sru.bibsys.no/search/biblioholdings?version=1.2&operation=searchRetrieve&startRecord=1&maximumRecords=10&query=nesbø&recordSchema=marcxchange
19:41 magnuse   cool
19:45 drojf     brb
20:05 * magnuse falls asleep
20:51 drojf     @later tell magnuse sorry, had a phone call and could not reconnect to the irc server afterwards
20:51 huginn    drojf: The operation succeeded.
21:05 drojf     good night lurkers