Time  Nick            Message
00:55 Francesca       hey
00:56 wizzyrea        hey Francesca
00:56 wahanui         rumour has it Francesca is a junior developer with koha (suprise)
00:58 wizzyrea        Anybody have a thought as to why a prediction pattern would always start on a sunday
00:58 wizzyrea        a weekly one
00:59 rangi           is it due to the syspref that chooses the start of the week
00:59 rangi           ?
01:00 wizzyrea        I wondered that but I couldn't find any evidence to support that (but I'm still looking)
01:02 wizzyrea        empirically, changing it doesn't change the date computation.
01:03 wizzyrea        it's quite odd, it skips what should be the next one
01:03 wizzyrea        and goes straight on to the sunday after next
01:06 wizzyrea        all of the weekly ones are like this, they all want to stick to sunday, no matter what the next issue publication date is
01:06 rangi           weird
01:07 wizzyrea        not quite weekly I guess, 51 issues a year
01:23 kidclamp        hrm..can everyone else save overdue-notice-status triggers on master?
01:25 wizzyrea        (updating my test db now)
01:26 wizzyrea        seems to work for me
01:27 kidclamp        yeah, I am missing a column 'letternumber'
01:27 kidclamp        thanks wizzyrea
01:29 wizzyrea        nw
01:29 kidclamp        not welcome? oh..lol.. no worries
01:33 * Francesca     is allergy ridden
01:43 wizzyrea        right, no worries :)
01:43 wizzyrea        poor Francesca!
01:44 Francesca       @wunder wlg
01:44 huginn          Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 23.0°C (2:30 PM NZDT on March 04, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
01:50 * Francesca     waves at kathryn
01:50 kathryn         hi francesca
01:51 Francesca       how are you
01:51 kathryn         tired from chasing a 1 year old! and you?
01:52 Francesca       allergy and asthma ridden
01:53 Francesca       and catching up on uni work
01:53 kathryn         all the best!
01:53 Francesca       was so out of it yesterday that i left my laptop on the bus
01:54 Francesca       but i got it back thank god
01:54 Francesca       thanks kathryn :)
01:57 wizzyrea        ! so glad you got your lappy back
01:57 Francesca       the bus driver who handed it in at the depo is a saint
01:58 Francesca       as are all the people on the bus who left it!
02:01 wizzyrea        too right!
07:38 reiveune        hello
07:40 * magnuse       waves
07:46 Joubu           hi
07:46 wahanui         bonjour, Joubu
07:48 Joubu           @later tell rangi same as CGI, you have to define $ENV{MEMCACHED_SERVERS} in your psgi file, see misc/plack/koha.psgi for an example
07:48 huginn          Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:59 alex_a          bonjour
08:23 marcelr         hi #koha
08:24 gaetan_B        hello
08:42 magnuse         gaetan_B: http://foundily.com/if-you-need-a-reason-to-visit-norway/ :-)
08:44 magnuse         kia ora cait
08:44 gaetan_B        magnuse: ah thanks :) i'm pretty convinced already actually!
08:45 gaetan_B        i just saw that it will be new moon on the 9th, a very dark night is probably just what we need at this time of the year up in Tromsø!
08:54 gaetan_B        Normania_eclair
08:55 cait            hi magnuse :)
08:55 cait            spending the day on trains, so will be on and off a lot
09:05 LibraryClaire   morning #koha
09:05 cait            hi LibraryClaire
09:05 * LibraryClaire waves
09:10 ashimema        morning #koha et al.
09:12 ashimema        those pics are beautiful magnuse
09:12 magnuse         gaetan_B: a clear sky is the most important thing, if you are thinking of the aurora
09:12 ashimema        made me want to visit norway more than I already did
09:13 magnuse         ashimema: :-) kohacon18 perhaps?
09:13 cait            heh
09:13 ashimema        that would be awesome
09:14 magnuse         (i hope someone told the folks in dublin there is a rule about not having kohacon on the same continent two years in a row)
09:14 gaetan_B        kohacon in Norway sounds like a very good idea!
09:14 magnuse         and in northern norway in the middle of winter, perhaps?
09:16 magnuse         OPL are saying they will go live on koha (+ other stuff) in september, so maybe they could be up for hosting it in a couple of years
09:16 ashimema        interesting..
09:16 wahanui         interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
09:16 cait            cool
09:16 ashimema        I didn't know that rule magnuse
09:17 magnuse         well, it would be nice if the new building was ready, and noone knows when that will be, i think :-/
09:17 cait            magnuse: i don't know if someone did :(
09:17 ashimema        I'm pretty sure tey don't know
09:17 ashimema        I'm pretty sure they don't know
09:17 magnuse         is it written down somewhere? or is it just a tradition?
09:17 ashimema        I'll tell them.. we were all looking forward to the prospect of it being somewhere so close here
09:20 ashimema        I 'think' their idea was to get it into peoples minds early.. and actually host it in a couple of years time.. but who knows
09:22 cait            looking for a source, but internet is slow
09:22 cait            i tihk it's somewhere on the wiki
09:22 cait            dublin would be great
09:22 cait            just maybe not for next year i guess
09:22 cait            sorry, wiki not loading - someone else to look for it?
09:23 ashimema        The phrase on the KohaCon website is "and held (generally speaking) on a different continent every year."
09:23 magnuse         ah, nice and vague :-)
09:23 ashimema        not sure which page.. but it turns out InterLeaf did see it before they posted their proposal :)
09:32 cait            could someone mark 14377 doesn't apply for me?
09:32 cait            can't really load the page
09:32 cait            fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/xslt/MARC21slim2intranetDetail.xsl).
09:32 magnuse         i can do that
09:33 cait            thx
09:34 magnuse         done
09:34 cait            it's the suppressed in opac one (in case i typoed the bug number again)
09:35 magnuse         that's the one
09:35 magnuse         Bug 14377 - Indicate that a record is suppressed in staff client
09:35 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14377 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, wsalesky, Patch doesn't apply , Indicate that a record is suppressed in staff client
09:35 cait            thx!
09:35 cait            trying to make a few branches on the laptop before internet goes down
09:36 magnuse         clever!
09:36 * ashimema      hugs cait
09:36 cait            heh thx :)
09:37 cait            CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in t/db_dependent/Budgets.t
09:37 cait            Auto-merging C4/Budgets.pm
09:37 cait            for bug 11371
09:37 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11371 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bouzid.fergani, Signed Off , Add a new report : Orders by budget
09:37 magnuse         cait++
09:37 magnuse         want me to mark it as does not apply?
09:38 cait            hm looking at the patch file
09:38 cait            might be easy to fix
09:40 Joubu           14377 is fine for me, just an easy conflict on C4/XSLT.pm
09:44 cait            hm strange
09:45 cait            my master should be current
09:45 cait            any reason why this might happen?
09:46 cait            bug 11371 is the last commit for me
09:46 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11371 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bouzid.fergani, Signed Off , Add a new report : Orders by budget
09:46 cait            ah sorry, wrong branch
09:47 cait            15950 it is
09:47 cait            hm anyway, it applies now - thx for hte fix!
10:00 cait            Joubu: could you fix 15653
10:00 cait            ?
10:00 cait            15653 i mean
10:01 Joubu           yep
10:01 cait            thx!
10:03 Joubu           pffff
10:08 Joubu           cait: done, easy to fix actually, I don't understand why git failed to apply it
10:09 cait            wow
10:11 magnuse         Joubu++
10:14 cait            coming out of a tunnel and ...lots of snow!
10:14 cait            i guess it's easy
11:39 drojf           hi #koha
11:49 LibraryClaire   hi drojf
11:51 cait            back forabit
11:54 magnuse         moin drojf LibraryClaire cait-back-for-a-bit
11:54 cait            :)
11:54 drojf           hi LibraryClaire. cait and magnuse
11:56 * LibraryClaire waves
12:04 * cait          waves
12:28 cait            looking at the marc notes patch now
12:36 tcohen          morning
12:36 cait            morning tcohen
12:47 oleonard        Hi #koha
12:47 cait            hi oleonard :)
12:54 tcohen          hey cait
13:01 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15635 [QA Followup] - Fix number of unit tests <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=838a939c9febba76968132af542e282326efa863> / Bug 15635: Change method type to _type for bug 15446 <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=b0eef880ff9ede7e2d998684a082480d64416ede> / Bug 15635: Koha::Patron::Images - Remove GetPatronImage <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git
13:25 oleonard        Hey kidclamp what was that bug you asked me to look at?
13:25 oleonard        (...one week later)
13:26 kidclamp        um...bug 14576
13:26 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14576 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Allow arbitrary automatic update of location on checkin
13:26 oleonard        Ah right, thanks.
13:27 kidclamp        thank you
13:37 Joubu           khall: if you have a minute, could you have a look at bug 11998 comment 108 please?
13:37 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11998 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Syspref caching issues
13:38 Joubu           (well, certainly more than 1 min... :))
13:38 Joubu           I have no idea why the tests do not pass
13:41 kidclamp        Hi Joubu
13:41 Joubu           hi kidclamp
13:42 kidclamp        I also don't have an option I really like for 15930
13:42 kidclamp        the best we came up with was split terms unless "phrase search" with quotes
13:43 kidclamp        beyond that #2 (syspref) is my favored, but I would argue for default=contains as it was more closely the standard behaviour
13:44 Joubu           it may return too much and irrelevant results
13:45 kidclamp        I think if we let " " indicate a phrase search and split otherwise it returns the results wanted for multipart names
13:45 kidclamp        and restores the way many libraries have been using it
13:46 Joubu           before 3.18 :)
13:46 kidclamp        through 3.18
13:46 kidclamp        before 3.20 :)
13:46 cait            looking at 15434 next
13:46 Joubu           kidclamp: would you mind sending an email on koha[-devel] to start a troll^Wdiscussion?
13:47 kidclamp        :D
13:47 kidclamp        will do
13:48 Joubu           thanks
14:08 magnuse         is there no way to tell when a deleted item (= a row in the deleteditems table) was deleted?
14:09 oleonard        magnuse: Have your librarians write a note every time they delete something?
14:11 kidclamp        magnuse: timestamp?  liklely it is not updated since deletion
14:11 oleonard        "I have deleted / the item / that was in / the items table" "and which / you cataloged / so /carefully" "Forgive me / the dog ate it / so many / chew marks"
14:15 Joubu           @later tell khall could you have a look at bug 11998 comment 108 please?
14:15 huginn          Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:15 khall           Joubu: looking right now
14:16 Joubu           thank khall!
14:19 magnuse         oleonard: lulz
14:19 magnuse         kidclamp: i missed the timestamp, that should do it, i think
14:24 Joubu           magnuse: unless you have the binlog enabled, I don't see how it could be possible
14:25 magnuse         Joubu: shouldn't the timestamp be updated when the row is added to deleteditems?
14:26 Joubu           magnuse: sorry, I thought you wanted to know when a deleteditems rows was deleted
14:27 kidclamp        you just check the 'deleteddeleteditems' table for that right?
14:27 Joubu           the deleteditems.timestamp will be updated automatically when updated
14:27 Joubu           but I don't know what is the behavior if the timestamp is given
14:28 Joubu           which is certainly what does the move from items to deleteditems (insert into deleteditems select * from items)
14:28 Joubu           I suppose the timestamp will be copied, but I might be wrong
14:29 kidclamp        in practice the data there seems good, timestamp updated on deletion, I have often used it in reporting
14:30 oleonard        kidclamp: Seems like  UpdateItemLocationOnCheckin fails if your pref is like "FOO:BAR" but is okay if it has a space: "FOO: BAR"
14:30 oleonard        kidclamp: Is that to be expected?
14:30 kidclamp        yes, yaml wants that space
14:30 magnuse         kidclamp++
14:31 magnuse         Joubu: no, luckily for me , i was looking for the time it was copied from items to deleteditems :-)
14:31 oleonard        kidclamp: I think it's too much to ask the user to know that, do it correctly, and not trigger an error if they get it wrong.
14:32 oleonard        There should at least be an error somewhere.
14:32 oleonard        Better would be to process the user's input before saving it
14:32 kidclamp        oleonard: fair enough, if you wouldn't mind testing the rest and failing me for that I would be obliged
14:33 oleonard        Okay.
14:33 kidclamp        oleonard,  do the special values seem reasonable i.e. _ALL_
14:36 oleonard        It's more clear than it was. Still not as good as a simple form with pairs of dropdowns.
14:38 kidclamp        true.  my first concern was getting preserving/replacing the behavior of the other sysprefs (returntoshelving, proctocart)
14:39 oleonard        What I'm picturing is a separate page which is merely a front-end for saving the data to the same system pref.
14:40 oleonard        Then perhaps the  UpdateItemLocationOnCheckin pref gets moved to "Local use" since it wouldn't normally get edited by hand.
14:40 kidclamp        but in tools or admin
14:40 oleonard        I guess admin, since you have to be an admin to set system preferences
14:41 oleonard        A setting with "_ALL_" would override any other settings wouldn't it?
14:42 kidclamp        yes
14:43 magnuse         have fun #koha!
14:43 * magnuse       wanders off to make pizza
14:43 oleonard        That's the kind of case which would be much easier to validate in its own template.
14:49 Joubu           bye #koha
14:52 hector          Hi oleonard
14:53 hector          oleonard: last patch of your set patch signed-off, bug 15785
14:53 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15785 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Use Font Awesome icons in confirmation dialogs
14:54 hector          oleonard: sorry is bug 15978
14:54 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15978 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Use Font Awesome icons for guided reports error dialog
14:54 oleonard        Thanks hector!
14:54 oleonard        hector++
14:56 hector          Your welcome oleonard
14:57 oleonard        kidclamp: I don't think I understand how to test the _PERM_ option
14:58 kidclamp        So, you can manually change the value through sql, or when it is changed to shelf or cart the value in permanent is unaffected
14:59 kidclamp        so if you have a rule 'FIC: CART'
14:59 kidclamp        perm should be FIC
14:59 kidclamp        if you do CART: _PERM_ it should then change back to it's permanent
14:59 kidclamp        so add both rules, check it in and view the item
14:59 kidclamp        then do it again
15:00 oleonard        Thanks
15:00 kidclamp        np, that is an odd field that has restrictions on how it can be set, any update not to shelf or cart updates permanent location  too
15:33 kidclamp        oleonard++
15:44 oleonard        'Alt+y' as the keyboard shortcut for "renew" doesn't exactly play nice with dialogs where we have defined "accesskey='y'
16:09 reiveune        bye
16:11 pianohacker     morning
16:11 oleonard        Hi pianohacker
16:40 bag             morning
16:42 drojf           evening
16:43 drojf           one place left for the bibframe workshop in rome. last chance :)
16:53 drojf           oh, brewdog opensourced all their beer recipes
16:56 drojf           not a big fan of their pseudo punk attitude, but that's still nice
17:02 oleonard        No license? :P
17:05 drojf           they should use agpl, like koha :P
17:22 * cait          waves
17:26 drojf           hibye cait. have a nice weekend everyone
17:30 tcohen          khall
17:30 tcohen          around?
17:32 kidclamp        I am picking his brain right now tcohen, I will point him at you when done :-)
17:34 tcohen          there's a divergence between kohastructure.sql and a 3.20+upgrades
17:36 tcohen          that's why t/db_dependent/TestBuilder.t fails in jenkins
17:38 khall           tcohen: good to know, is anyone working on a fix?
17:38 tcohen          i don't think so, i'm not sure who go the regression email
17:40 gaetan_B        bye
17:49 cait            hmthere is a known bug about the overdues tables
17:49 cait            letter....?
17:49 wahanui         letter is, like, put in the table without check on the email
17:49 cait            is that it?
17:50 tcohen          letters
17:56 tcohen          khall: [17:07:53] t/db_dependent/TestBuilder.t .. 2/41 DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`koha_master`.`deletedborrowers`, CONSTRAINT `deletedborrowers_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`sms_provider_id`) REFERENCES `sms_providers` (`id`) ON DELETE SET NULL ON UPDATE CASCADE)
19:15 oleonard        Man this login redirect bug is getting really tiresome.
19:40 pianohacker_DND oleonard: bug 15816?
19:40 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15816 minor, P3, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Timeout login redirects to home page
19:41 oleonard        Yes
19:43 pianohacker_DND @later tell Joubu I tested bug 15970, bug 11998 and bug 15341, and there's has noticeable performance improvements; a search goes from 3.3 to 2.3 seconds for me
19:43 huginn          pianohacker_DND: The operation succeeded.
19:44 pianohacker_DND oleonard: yes, that's frustrating for me as well. Not sure anyone knows how to solve it for both Plack and CGI, either
19:45 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15084 [QA Followup] - Update Schema files <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=59b8937170c0183dce908b6404cda8891c00b85b>
19:47 bag             thanks khall !!!
19:47 khall           np!
19:51 mtompset        Greetings, #koha.
19:51 mtompset        @seen tcohen
19:51 huginn          mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 55 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <tcohen> khall: [17:07:53] t/db_dependent/TestBuilder.t .. 2/41 DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`koha_master`.`deletedborrowers`, CONSTRAINT `deletedborrowers_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`sms_provider_id`) REFERENCES `sms_providers` (`id`) ON DELETE SET NULL ON UPDATE CASCADE)
19:54 oleonard        Bye #koha, have a good weekend
20:43 hector          Hi everyone, someone know why Acq module fails
20:43 hector          This fials in master
20:45 hector          This is the error message: Software error:
20:45 hector          Undefined subroutine &main::GetCurrency called at /home/koha/kohaclone/acqui/acqui-home.pl line 132
20:46 bag             hector: if could be introduced here https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15084
20:46 huginn          04Bug 15084: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Move the currency related code to Koha::Acquisition::Currenc[y|ies]
20:48 cait            hector: i think this is probably related to the new currenciesmodule - can you file abugplease and link them maybe?
20:48 cait            oh
20:48 cait            i overread bag
20:48 cait            what bag said:)
20:48 hector          Ok cait
20:48 hector          I will file a new bug
20:49 bag             yeah looks like we just missed one - good catch hector :)
20:49 bag             I’d alert Joubu about it ;)
20:49 hector          Okidoki bag
20:49 bag             :D
20:49 cait            :)
20:49 hector          wait me a minute and let you know the number of the bug
20:50 bag             :)
20:50 bag             alright bbias
20:53 cait            #
20:54 hector          the number is: bug 15987
20:54 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15987 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, NEW , Acq module fails with undefined subroutine &main::GetCurrency
20:57 hector          bag and cait I filled jobu as assignee to alert him
21:03 bag             :)
21:10 hector          By #koha
21:39 tcohen          hey
21:39 tcohen          mandale a gotthe
21:39 tcohen          ghote
21:39 tcohen          gohtte
21:39 tcohen          com osea
21:39 bag             hi tcohen
21:40 tcohen          anyone working on the db issues?
21:40 tcohen          Unknown column 'me.sms_provider_id' in 'field list'
23:05 mtompset        Greetings, tcohen.
23:05 mtompset        I've begun tinkering around with your tests and the filter to see if I can get something that works and I like.
23:14 tcohen          mtompset: cool
23:14 tcohen          have a nice weekend #koha
23:15 mtompset        Have a good weekend, #koha.