Time  Nick        Message
21:31 Francesca   hey
21:31 cait        hi Francesca :)
21:31 cait        hi Fr
21:07 * Francesca waves
21:01 wizzyrea    hey that was a pretty even handed split between less good and pretty ok, I think :)
20:59 cait        :)
20:56 wizzyrea    it's monday morning, the weather is glorious, I wish I were at the beach, but otherwise well :)
20:53 cait        how are you?
20:53 cait        good :)
20:52 wizzyrea    hi cait how are you?
20:43 cait        hi wizzyrea :)
20:35 wahanui     what's up, wizzyrea
20:35 wizzyrea    hi
19:25 cait        echo...
19:24 * cait      waves
08:46 alex_       Hi Wizzyrea. I have tried to get Koha going, but as I am going back to study I have had to stop doing any more with it because I have prior Udemy coding courses to complete, and have had to finish 2 websites and a database for clients which were arranged before my trip to Catalyst. I would like to thank you very much for the time you have spent trying to help me get Koha going.