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13:54 narindo     Hello, I wondered whether someone can help with an issue when running koha-upgrade-schema, I get this errno 150 (relating to foreign keys). I can't seem to solve this thing.
13:56 narindo     I actually installed Koha on a 'new' machine version 3.22, and dropped the database of the 'old' machine version 3.16. but when running this koha-upgrade-schema this error came up
13:58 narindo     ....? noone here?
13:59 liw         weekends tend bo very quiet on #koha (I'm afraid I can't help with your problem)
13:59 liw         narindo, ^
14:00 narindo     ^^ I see..... I will try to wait then! thanks.
14:34 newbie_     Is anyone actively online at the moment?