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00:15 dcook         Interesting...
00:15 wahanui       somebody said interesting was sometimes good and sometimes bad
00:15 wizzyrea      @wunder nzwn
00:16 huginn        wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (1:00 PM NZDT on February 10, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
00:16 wizzyrea      ^ that's the most perfect weather ever.
00:16 dcook         So DateTime::Format::MySQL requires DateTime 1 but DateTime 1 is only in Jessie?
00:16 dcook         Did the Koha community package that..
00:16 wizzyrea      they're making you make it work on squeeze aren't they
00:16 wizzyrea      nopetopus
00:16 wahanui       http://reactiongif.org/wp-content/uploads/GIF/2014/08/GIF-abandon-thread-avoid-do-not-want-no-nope-Nopetopus-octopus-run-away-GIF.gif
00:16 wizzyrea      this way lies madness
00:17 dcook         I'm seeing how far I can get, so that I can tell them why it's not going to work
00:17 wizzyrea      "it's not supported" is the only answer they need
00:17 dcook         We don't all have that option :p
00:17 wizzyrea      of course you do!
00:18 wizzyrea      it's not supported, full stop.
00:18 dcook         Yeah, I suppose
00:18 dcook         I suppose all our non-Debian systems are much more modern which is why they do work
00:18 dcook         I was thinking about that this morning though..
00:18 wizzyrea      you do have to upgrade them
00:18 wizzyrea      for them to be modern.
00:18 dcook         How many people in Squeeze will have auto-upgrades that break their system?
00:19 wizzyrea      squeeze isn't supported anymore that I know of
00:19 dcook         It's sort of LTS for Debian
00:19 dcook         Because so many people were/are using it
00:19 wizzyrea      "sort of" isn't good enough for a production system
00:19 dcook         Tell that to most of the world :p
00:19 dcook         I totally agree though
00:19 dcook         Totally not good enough
00:19 wizzyrea      These same people are probably still running windows XP
00:20 wizzyrea      it's not supported either
00:20 dcook         Almost without a doubt
00:20 dcook         That one is extra scary I think
00:20 dcook         I'm not even going to go into all the Windows XP systems I see in the wild which are could end so badly..
00:20 dcook         I'm still curious as to how DateTime::Format::MySQL could be functional on Debian Wheezy though
00:21 dcook         Wth..
00:21 dcook         So this is a wheezy system I have:
00:21 dcook         DateTime                                      0.75              0.58                    Yes
00:21 dcook         DateTime::Event::ICal                         0.10              0.08                    Yes
00:21 dcook         DateTime::Format::ICal                        0.09              0.09                    Yes
00:21 dcook         DateTime::Format::MySQL                       0.04              0.04                    Yes
00:21 dcook         DateTime::Set                                 0.31              0.28                    Yes
00:21 dcook         DateTime::TimeZone                            1.58              1.20                    Yes
00:21 dcook         Heres's the error on Squeeze:
00:22 dcook         DateTime version 1 required--this is only version 0.61 at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/DateTime/Format/Strptime.pm line 8.
00:22 dcook         DateTime version 1 required--this is only version 0.61 at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/DateTime/Format/Builder.pm line 11.
01:18 mtompset      Greetings, #koha.
02:47 wizzyrea      hm, what do you all think about options for the cronjobs to quiet any non-function-related messages from the cronjobs
02:47 wizzyrea      I'm thinking of advanced notices, for example
02:47 wizzyrea      "you do not have the enhanced messaging preference turned on"
02:47 wizzyrea      what if you are a library who doesn't have that on, will never have that on
02:47 wizzyrea      of course you can disable the job entirely
02:47 wizzyrea      that's easy enough
02:47 wizzyrea      but
02:48 wizzyrea      what if then someday someone turns it on on a whim, and wonders why it's not working?
02:48 wizzyrea      they have to hassle the sysadmin, who was annoyed by the messages
02:48 wizzyrea      and so turned off the job.
02:49 wizzyrea      I think we should just be able to quiet messages like that
02:49 wizzyrea      i.e. 'yes, I heard you, now be quiet."
02:50 ibeardslee    call it the "Yes Dear" module?
03:06 wizzyrea      hehe
03:06 wizzyrea      sure
04:14 mtompset      "Yes Dear" +1
04:46 drojf         morning #koha
05:02 mtompset      Greetings, d - Oh. Missed him. :(
05:03 mtompset      Have a great day (24 hour period), wizzyrea ibeardslee dac bshum kmlussier #koha
07:17 drojf         morning again ;)
07:27 cait          morning #koha
07:27 cait          bbiab
07:48 lds           hello
07:56 reiveune      hello
07:56 wahanui       privet, reiveune
07:56 alex_a        bonjour
07:56 wahanui       hola, alex_a
08:12 * magnuse     forgot to wave earlier, waves now
08:12 drojf         hei magnuse
08:13 drojf         look what i found
08:13 drojf         Wellington - Melbourne - London - Thessaloniki; 27 May 17:00 --> 29 may 13:20 [53:20h]; 1700€
08:13 drojf         Wellington - Brisbane - Abu Dhabi - Berlin; 23 May 15:00 --> 24 May 13:40 [32:40h]; 755€
08:14 drojf         it looks like coming from NZ to greece and not going to berlin would be a really bad idea :P
08:15 drojf         (cheapest connections i found. you can easily pay >7000€ from wellington to thessaloniki, wtf)
08:17 drojf         seems to be cheaper from US too, but only a little
08:18 Joubu         o/
08:18 drojf         morning Joubu
08:18 Joubu         morning drojf
08:20 drojf         but from australia it's kind of the same going to berlin or directly to thessaloniki. flight prices are weird
08:30 magnuse       yeah, booking flights is weird
08:33 cait          drojf: you shoudl send that to the nzers :)
08:35 drojf         i feel like a spammer already. but maybe i will :D
08:35 drojf         hi cait
08:36 drojf         from the wiki (Koha_Conference_Bidding): "Rule the First: New Zealand ought hold right of first refusal for  Conferences falling during Anniversary years (10th, 15th, 25th, et  cetera). "
08:36 drojf         looks like we missed that. but nz should do another kohacon
08:36 drojf         so i can go there too
08:36 drojf         :P
08:37 drojf         now that i know it's ~750€ to get there from here. that i way less than i expected
08:38 drojf         *is
08:38 cait          ah... and sonish too
08:38 cait          2020 i guess :)
08:38 drojf         noo too late
08:39 cait          ?
08:39 drojf         2020. thats ages away
08:39 cait          you will see, time flies :)
08:41 magnuse       nz in 2020 would be awesome
08:42 drojf         2017 will be the 10th kohacon. that would deserve a special nz event too ;)
08:53 * cait        tries to find out how breaking of callnumbers on the labels work
08:53 cait          are they using the rules from the classsortrules/classification source?
08:54 drojf         i still avoid all printing stuff in koha. but i'm afraid i will need it soon
08:54 cait          ... have a library asking... so too late for me to hide :)
08:59 drojf         yeah i had several that are interested in it. don't want to start looking into it before they decide on getting support :P
09:04 Joubu         drojf: It's not as scary as it looks ;)
09:06 cait          Joubu: so how do callnumbers get broken on multiple lines? heh
09:06 * cait        tries to scare Joubu
09:06 cait          ... but he has seen it all... probably not posible
09:07 Joubu         I have no idea! :)
09:07 Joubu         Is there a bug report opened?
09:07 cait          hm another question... non-sorting characters... does koha hate /like them?
09:07 cait          Joubu: i just have a library asking how it works - but the question how to change it is probably next :)
09:07 cait          https://www.loc.gov/marc/nonsorting.html
09:09 LibraryClaire hello
09:09 wahanui       hola, LibraryClaire
09:09 cait          hi LibraryClaire
09:09 Joubu         cait: I'd say, it depends. We have a sub somewhere to handle (remove) them on display
09:10 Joubu         C4::Charset::nsb_clean()
09:10 Joubu         hum, it does not seem to be widely used
09:11 cait          *sighs*
09:11 cait          what woudl you recommend? get rid of them in the data?
09:12 Joubu         where are they?
09:12 wahanui       they are quite expensive at the moment. i should check that with electricity prices :)
09:12 cait          in ...title fields
09:12 cait          mostly
09:12 cait          240,245,246...
09:13 Joubu         I think they are correctly taken into account by zebra
09:13 cait          maybe we just need to try and see
09:14 cait          unimarc might be different than marc21
09:14 Joubu         and we have a method to handle them from a DT table, but not widely used neither
09:14 cait          i think in marc21 usually it's coded into the indicators
09:14 cait          not as a character.. although the options seems to exist too
09:14 cait          seems non-sorting characters in marc21 exist since 2013?
09:17 drojf         is that the same as non-filing characters, or i that something else? it appears to be what i thought non-filing characters are, but maybe i have misunderstood that all my life ;)
09:18 cait          non-filing i think is the same
09:18 drojf         ah yes it is nonfiling in marc21 specs
09:19 drojf         AFAIK zebra takes care of that (as Joubu said), but we redundantly have ignored articles in the zebra config
09:23 drojf         eg in /etc/koha/zebradb/lang_defs/fr/sort-string-utf.chr
09:24 drojf         oh it's in the english file too, just did not see it
09:25 cait          more worried about display
09:25 cait          and export
09:27 drojf         what exactly are you worried about?
09:32 cait          strange characters showing up in zotero and the like
09:37 rainman       Evening all, does anyone have the time and expertise to help me resolve an issue with importing biblios and items from Excel?
09:38 drojf         cait: oh now i get it. you don't mean indicating the number of letters but actual signs. sorry, i misunderstood
09:39 drojf         i would try to get rid of them if possible
09:48 cait          yeah... tending that way too
09:58 cait          no easy questions today it seems :)
09:59 cait          rainman: probably not in detail - I have no experience importing from excel - but usually marcedit is one of the tools recommended to do that
09:59 drojf         anyone else getting "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: expected property name or '}' at line 1 column 3 of the JSON data" in master? (in firebug)
10:01 rainman       Thanks. I've got the general idea, and am using marcedit. Have figured out how to join fields so I don't get duplicate items, and it seems like my ibiblios and items are  being created 1:1. Only issue is the location and barcode etc are not being picked up on the item edit screen, which somewhat hampers circulation...
10:01 cait          drojf: which page?
10:01 wahanui       somebody said which page was wrong?
10:02 cait          hm and have no master... only 3.20.2
10:02 drojf         cait: staff client, every page
10:02 cait          hm could it be the audio alerts bug?
10:02 drojf         giving me the file name of the one i just open but a line number that is larger than the file. some include-stuff maybe?
10:03 drojf         ha
10:03 drojf         with audio alerts diabled its gone
10:03 drojf         cait++
10:04 cait          :)
10:05 rainman       I take it all back, it seems the last batch I tried has imported with all of the data (maybe, still checking) right. Must be your godly presences.
10:06 cait          hm location codes are case sensitive, so that could be a common problem
10:06 cait          but barcodes seems a bit strange...
10:06 cait          also you need to have one 952 per item with all the subfields that belong to that
10:06 cait          item
10:08 rainman       I've got a p, c, and O subfield on the 952, and the location tags I've used are case-consistent.
10:09 cait          ah, small o?
10:09 cait          also include a b
10:09 cait          a and b should both be set to the same branchcode probably
10:09 cait          hm and you probably want to include a y - itemtype
10:11 rainman       Oops yes, small o. Thanks, I'll bung in the others as you suggest. I seem to have a zebraidx issue with duplpicates from a previous run. May just start afresh and delete everything/init the index, and see how I get on with the other fields as well.
10:13 rainman       One (semi-related) quick question: where I have an ISBN13 and and ISBN10, joining the fields in marcedit seems to just concat the ISBNs together rather than show them as separate things. I can rig up the spreadsheet to pick the 13 if I have it, and the 10 if not, but is there a better way that will retain both?
10:16 drojf         rainman: field 020 is repeatable, you could have one for 10 and one for 13
10:16 drojf         i don't know marcedit though
10:17 rainman       Me neither mate :)
10:18 rainman       I'm heavily in "wing it mode". The scary bit is this is starting too make a teeny amount of sense...
10:19 cait          heh
10:20 cait          i think instead of concatenating i woudl just add them in separate 020 entries - valid and easy i guess
10:21 rainman       I've tried to mark the field as repeatable, looks better in the mrk file. I'll just import these and see how we go. Stand by...:)
10:26 rainman       Woohoo! Success. Thanks so much for your help. You are scholars and gentlepersons, and have had a hand in getting a school library system sorted...
10:28 cait          :)
10:35 cait          hm no oleonard
10:36 cait          I have a bug filing day... and sometimes you really wonder why things haven't been noticed before - bug 15782 - paging only moves you by one comment entry, not by a page...
10:36 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15782 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Paging on comments moderation broken
10:37 drojf         what is the translate.k-c.org component in the bugtracker for? it's not really for translation issues, is it? (looking at bug 15744)
10:37 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15744 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , GlobalSys: UsageStatsLibraryType German Text 2x "Firmenbibliothek"
10:39 cait          i think for things like adding new languages maybe?
10:39 cait          seldomly used
10:39 cait          are you fixing that right now?
10:40 drojf         i will close the bug and have a look
10:43 drojf         don't find it in pootle
10:43 cait          hm maybe only in one version
10:43 cait          did you check the pref file directly?
10:46 drojf         an no it's just the bad user interface
10:46 drojf         what do we call it? Regierungsbibliothek sounds odd
10:47 cait          hm what is it - government something?
10:47 cait          oh
10:47 cait          behördenbibliothek
10:47 drojf         but we also have regierungsagentur
10:47 drojf         i would prefer that
10:47 drojf         in a lot of places
10:47 cait          hm?
10:47 drojf         behörden-. we have regierungs- in other places
10:48 cait          hm it hink when it's in marc i copied it over
10:48 drojf         but i am not looking into that now. so i'll make it behördenbibliothek?
10:48 cait          from the translation
10:48 cait          for other places i am not sure
10:48 cait          if you agree :)
10:48 drojf         much better than the other and i don't have an alternative. so yes :)
10:49 drojf         changed in 3.20 and 3.22
10:50 cait          thx!
10:50 * cait        dives into bug 2500
10:50 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2500 enhancement, P3, ---, cnighswonger, ASSIGNED , Standing enhancement request for adding/updating call number splitting algorithms in C4/Labels.pm
11:11 * drojf       leaves for lunch
12:32 * cait        waves
12:35 * magnuse     waves too
12:46 Joubu         outch
12:49 cait          hey Joubu - ouch ?
12:50 Joubu         ho yeah, a *%£# outch
12:50 Joubu         I have a very bad news about bug 13618, but I will investigate a bit to know how bad it is...
12:50 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13618 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Prevent XSS in the Staff Client and the OPAC
12:50 cait          :(
12:58 kivilahtio    jajm: I supplied a new version of the example structure and a better validating Swagger minifier
13:05 tcohen        morning
13:13 cait          morning tcohen
13:22 oleonard      Hi #koha
13:24 cait          hi oleonard .)
14:08 Joubu         bag, khall: please do not push anything today, we may have to revert 13618
14:08 khall         Joubu: I'll pass that on to bag
14:09 khall         Joubu: what's the problem?
14:09 wahanui       https://i.imgur.com/sguSwlh.jpg
14:10 Joubu         khall: the perf are terrible :-(
14:10 khall         ack!
14:11 khall         Joubu: do you know where the bottleneck is?
14:11 wahanui       i guess the bottleneck is worse at QA, thanks to the reduced number of QAers, but only barely.
14:13 Joubu         For each TT var displayed in the template, there is a call to Template::Stash::AutoEscaping->get
14:13 Joubu         it's quite quick, but on some page we have 60k (!!!) vars displayed
14:14 drojf         60k?
14:14 Joubu         after a quick test done on the mainpage, I have displayed 10k var and the load of the page is 10s instead of 2s without the patchset
14:15 Joubu         drojf: 60.000?
14:15 khall         I'm guessing only a fraction of those vars are actually displayed
14:15 drojf         yes, i understood. i was just surprised by the number
14:15 khall         I wonder if there is a way to only trigger the auto escape when the var is actually used
14:16 Joubu         yes, me too. I am trying to get some benchmarks to share
14:24 tcohen        any Koha<->ES guru?
14:26 tcohen        is there any authentication layer being planned on the ES integration? I guess for multi-site deploys, we should be careful about it if we are running a single ES for all
14:43 tcohen        @later tell kidclamp ping me when u r online
14:43 huginn        tcohen: The operation succeeded.
14:51 Joubu         tcohen: there is not auth layer atm
14:52 Joubu         tcohen: there is no auth layer atm
14:52 Joubu         you can limit the access to the index to an ip range (I guess)
14:52 Joubu         But if it's on the same machine, it won't work
14:53 tcohen        i think instance name would be enough to separate namespaces between index domains, at least
14:53 tcohen        Joubu: would ES 2.2 work? or do we need to stick to 1.x for now?
14:53 tcohen        I ask because I'm adding a task on kohadevbox playbook
14:53 tcohen        to install ES
14:55 Joubu         I have not tested with v2
14:55 Joubu         I am using 1.4.2
15:07 tcohen        Joubu: what is the lifecycle of ES?
15:07 Joubu         tcohen: no idea
15:09 tcohen        awesome :-D
15:25 drojf         tcohen: i can't find that information. but from the list at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elasticsearch it has been rather short for older versions
15:27 kidclamp      tcohen ping
15:27 tcohen        you mentioned you managed to run the ES branch on kohadevbox?
15:27 kidclamp      indeed
15:27 tcohen        which ES version?
15:27 kidclamp      erm, one sec
15:30 kidclamp      1.4.2
15:30 kidclamp      tcohen^
15:31 tcohen        thanks kidclamp
15:31 tcohen        I'm pushing a patch that installs ES on kohadevbox
15:31 kidclamp      awesome!
15:31 wahanui       That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, kidclamp
15:31 kidclamp      worth it
15:32 tcohen        if you remember any difficult step you made
15:32 tcohen        let me know so we automate it
15:32 kidclamp      hm..just remember to install java :-)
15:32 kidclamp      everything went smooth
15:32 kidclamp      I think I did have to restart, but it may not be necessary
15:33 tcohen        http://snag.gy/V00yi.jpg
15:34 tcohen        kidclamp: ^^
15:35 kidclamp      tcohen++
15:35 Joubu         tcohen: you need java + elasticsearch entry in koha_conf + rebuild
15:35 tcohen        Joubu: and the deps
15:35 tcohen        perl deps
15:35 Joubu         yep
15:35 tcohen        http://debian.koha-community.org/koha/otherthings/
15:35 tcohen        which?
15:35 wahanui       which is a different bucket of crazy
15:36 tcohen        there's .debs and a tar.gz with .debs inside
15:36 tcohen        all of them?
15:36 Joubu         should be
15:37 tcohen        I will install all of them with cpanm,
15:37 tcohen        no point dealing with un-tarring anything :-P
15:39 tcohen        on #elasticsearch someone answered he would stick with 1.x
15:39 tcohen        but the current one on the repo is 1.7.5
15:39 tcohen        not 1.4.2
15:42 tcohen        later #koha
15:42 tcohen        slowly getting back :-D
15:42 kidclamp      bye tcohen
16:02 oleonard      Is it possible to modify a search to exclude a specific item type?
16:02 oleonard      For instance, a search limited to itype:DNLD -- search.pl?idx=kw&q=blue&limit=itype:DNLD
16:02 oleonard      Can I negate that itype instead?
16:07 kidclamp      not that I know of
16:10 cait          hm maybe if you don't use limit... but not totally suer
16:10 cait          e
16:11 cait          using the 'expert search' somethe=true not itype...?
16:14 cait          oleonard: ?idx=kw&q=der&op=not&idx=itype&q=NORMAL&op=and&do=Search (keyword = der not itype = NORMAL
16:16 reiveune      bye
16:18 oleonard      That looks like it works cait, thanks!
16:22 oleonard      Thanks for chiming in on the Grunt/Gulp discussion pianohacker. The sound of crickets was starting to get to me.
16:25 pianohacker   heh. It's something I've wanted for a while
16:31 oleonard      pianohacker: Do you have an opinion about which, or a third option?
16:32 pianohacker   gulp seems a bit more straightforward, but the packaging issue is a killer.
16:32 pianohacker   I'd probably go with Jake; I really like broccoli myself, but it's a bit too out there for koha
16:33 oleonard      ...unless we continue to keep compiled files in git, which we currently do for the OPAC
16:34 pianohacker   :/ that simplifies front-end development but is a little unpleasant from a repo cleanliness perspective
16:36 bag           morning
16:36 pianohacker   an initial build could be integrated into kohadevbox / Makefile.PL / however the cool kids work on Koha these days
16:36 pianohacker   there could even be a git hook that rebuilt the files
16:52 Joubu         Actually it does not help developers, there are several methods to generate the compiled file and it is always in conflict
16:56 oleonard      Joubu: Could you explain what you mean?
16:56 Joubu         oleonard: I was trying to remember where I had this discussion, but can't
16:57 Joubu         oleonard: on the wiki page, there are different ways to regenerate the compiled files
16:57 Joubu         depending on the methods (actually the version), the compiled file won't be the same
16:57 Joubu         it's confusing, especially when QAing, because you never know if the patch is ok or not
16:58 Joubu         oleonard: does it make any sense?
16:58 oleonard      Joubu: Using a tool like I propose would at least get rid of the varying methods.
16:58 Joubu         yes, I was not disagreeing with that :)
17:06 bigbrovar     Hi guys. I am trying to setup koha in an environment with with no working dns server. (tried setting up one with bind, powerdns and dnsmasq but no show with jessie) I resolved to install and allow it to be accessed via ip (for now) than wait for a working dns server. anyone knows how I can do this?
17:06 bigbrovar     I would like something like for opac and staff client
17:09 drojf         bigbrovar: change the apache config like you would for any other website. you can't use the same port for both though
17:09 wahanui       drojf: that doesn't look right
17:10 bigbrovar     drojf: Thanks that is exactly what I intend to do. I guess I might have to also make some changes to the koha config
17:11 bigbrovar     wahanui: you don't think that would work?
17:11 wahanui       i don't know, bigbrovar
17:12 drojf         i don't think so. but i have been working for 10 hours, so don't trust me :P
17:12 * drojf       heads home
17:16 cait          oleonard++
17:16 cait          @later tell drojf ja
17:16 huginn        cait: The operation succeeded.
17:16 kidclamp      wahanui is a bot bigbrovar
17:18 oleonard      My checkout page in master is really broken. "null undefined undefined undefined undefined" in the list of checkouts.
17:18 oleonard      anyone else having problems with it?
17:19 Joubu         oleonard: looks ok for me on circ and moremember
17:20 kidclamp      me too oleonard
17:21 kidclamp      anyone else get a 500 error for checking in a barcode that doesn't exist though?
17:21 oleonard      kidclamp: Yes there is a bug for that
17:21 kidclamp      ah, missed that one, thanks
17:22 Joubu         bug 15730
17:22 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15730 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , 500 error on returns.pl if barcode doesn't exist
17:22 kidclamp      thanks
17:24 oleonard      Screenshot: http://zivotdesign.com/p/uploads/big/a4553d4833ea3991639e5e7493f1451b.png
17:25 bora          hi
17:26 bora          anyone can help
17:26 bora          I want to configure send email alert for overdue
17:26 bora          but don't know how
17:26 bora          help pls ?
17:28 Joubu         Hi bora
17:28 Joubu         Did you read the doc?
17:28 Joubu         http://translate.koha-community.org/manual/master/en/html-desktop/#noticetriggers
17:29 bora          so long
17:30 Joubu         oleonard: does it work on 3.22?
17:30 bora          and I can't find configure
17:30 Joubu         3.1.5 is 20 lines long
17:30 bora          ok
17:31 bora          those is an option fo
17:32 bora          it's would not work cos my server didn't install mail server yet
17:33 bora          I am looking for how to setup mail server for koha send overdue
17:42 Joubu         bora: you can configure sendmail or postfix, using one of the numerous tuto on the Internet.
17:43 bora          can u direct me to postfix for koha
17:44 Joubu         bora: how did you install Koha? Which version are you using?
17:45 bora              3.22
17:45 cait          hm what's the title? maybe something with "' or similar?
17:45 cait          oh, was just looking at oleonard's screenshot
17:45 Joubu         bora: how did you install it?
17:46 oleonard      cait: I think I may have some bad data. I'm looking further.
17:46 bora          package install
17:46 wahanui       package install is probably easy, if you do it on a supported os
17:46 Joubu         bora: following a tuto? a wiki page?
17:47 bora          with Debian os
17:47 Joubu         bora: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_Debian
17:47 Joubu         so this wiki page
17:47 cait          bye all - bbl
17:48 bora          do its work
17:49 bora          cos we didn't install send mail or postfix yet
17:51 oleonard      Never mind about my checkouts problem, it was bad data.
18:01 Joubu         see you #koh
18:01 Joubu         a
18:02 bag           later Joubu
19:17 oleonard      khall around?
19:32 oleonard      Can you search by frameworkcode?
19:35 oleonard      Hm... Koha will warn you before you delete a frameworkcode which is in use but won't stop you. And it leaves the frameworkcode in existing biblios. That doesn't seem right.
19:36 oleonard      For comparison: Koha stops you altogether from deleting an item type which is in use.
19:36 oleonard      Should there be a difference?
19:36 eythian       Most correct should win out.
19:37 eythian       And I think leaving things inconsistent is far from correct.
19:39 nengard       oleonard he's on a call right now
19:39 oleonard      Thanks nengard
19:39 nengard       :)
19:43 drojf         it's on. https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon_2016:_Who_is_arriving_when
19:45 drojf         that is probably the most postprivacyish thing i have ever done
19:46 * oleonard    burgles drojf 's house while he's gone
19:47 drojf         i will have all valuable stuff with me. please leave something nice ;)
19:48 drojf         @later tell cait i have no idea what that "ja" was about :)
19:48 huginn        drojf: The operation succeeded.
19:48 * oleonard    pictures drojf at the conference wearing lavish jewelry
19:49 drojf         lol
19:51 drojf         but now i am scared and have to delete the page. or use a nickname that you have to google first
19:51 drojf         or get a pet lion
19:53 drojf         i accidentally discovered there is another drojf and he is doing some kind of dev work
19:54 oleonard      Oh no your brand is being diluted
19:54 drojf         that will be very funny when they break into his house while i am in greece
19:55 drojf         he got the drojf twitter and openhub accounts
19:56 oleonard      It will not be funny when the other drojf gets the Nobel Prize for software development.
19:56 drojf         heh that chance is rather small
20:01 oleonard      "If you delete this fund, all orders linked to this fund will be deleted!" Or maybe tell me if there are any orders linked to this fund?
20:01 oleonard      We are inconsistent.
20:02 drojf         there you have it. changed the page to my nickname and added a pet lion and alligators to my profile
20:04 oleonard      Security by absurdity.
20:04 drojf         exactly
20:12 wizzyrea      that conversation, well done.
20:13 oleonard      Hi wizzyrea
20:14 wizzyrea      hello!
20:20 drojf         hi wizzyrea
20:20 wizzyrea      hi drojf
20:42 oleonard      So anyway, bye.
21:09 * cait        waves
21:17 wizzyrea      hi cait
21:20 drojf         hi cait. what was the @later about?
21:51 cait          your question about allegro :)
21:53 drojf         aaah. ok. did you see the marcxml output? it's ridiculously broken
21:53 cait          hm we didn't use that
21:53 drojf         good choice
21:54 drojf         the 900 fields become 090 and half of them is lost, 650 gets 600 and probably more
21:54 drojf         really weird
21:54 cait          ?
21:54 drojf         i asked a library for marcxml. they send me some samples and said they are incomplete, so they also send .mrc
21:55 drojf         and they differ in the way i just said. fields are mixed up, lost etc
21:56 cait          don't use the marcxml? :)
21:56 drojf         now that i know that… i won't. but who would expect that?
21:56 drojf         i used it for somebody else (just in a test installation)
21:57 cait          i think the installations might differ to - they can configure quite a lot
22:04 drojf         good night  #koha
22:13 cait          back
22:56 mtompset      Greetings and apologies, #koha. :(
22:56 pianohacker   ?
22:57 mtompset      pianohacker: I had an inappropriate outburst of frustration over attempting to configure and get the KOCT working.
22:57 mtompset      I still don't have it working fully.
22:57 mtompset      I would like to try to figure out why.
22:58 mtompset      KOCT is Koha Offline Circulation Tool
22:58 mtompset      Have you ever used it, pianohacker?
22:58 pianohacker   mtompset: is this the executable, plugin, or in-browser version?
22:59 mtompset      there's a 3rd version?!
23:00 mtompset      I just thought there was a desktop version (the windoze exe)
23:00 mtompset      and the firefox plugin.
23:06 wizzyrea      joubu about?
23:08 cait          wizzyrea: it's after midnight :)
23:08 cait          pianohacker: are you up to taking a look at a sec problem?
23:08 wizzyrea      well sometimes people keep weird hours!
23:08 * wizzyrea    looks meaningfully at cait
23:08 * cait        is working on homework!
23:08 cait          but about to upload it
23:09 cait          mtompset: there is also an html5 version in koha
23:09 pianohacker   cait: bug 15670?
23:09 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15670 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Rename "Cancel" to "Cancel hold" when checking in a waiting item
23:09 cait          yep that one
23:09 wahanui       yep that one is pretty cool actually
23:09 cait          it needs to be fixed urgently
23:09 mtompset      in koha?
23:09 cait          no not cool wahanui
23:09 wizzyrea      15760
23:09 cait          mtompset: it's html5 based
23:09 pianohacker   cait: yeah, wiz asked me about me
23:10 cait          and you said yes? :)
23:10 mtompset      how do I get to it?
23:10 wizzyrea      you don't
23:10 pianohacker   cait: As the person who originally wrote it, I agree that the wording is confusing
23:10 mtompset      okay, so it's just an API.
23:10 cait          ?
23:10 wizzyrea      pianohacker: I don't think we are talking about the same thing
23:10 cait          nope
23:11 pianohacker   but I can't fix it right now. Way too many things ahead of it
23:11 pianohacker   ?
23:11 pianohacker   bug 14464?
23:11 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14464 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Pushed to Master , Add ability to cancel waiting holds from checkin screen
23:11 wizzyrea      15760
23:11 pianohacker   oh
23:11 pianohacker   oh
23:11 cait          a security issue, not a rename of a link - i can do that sometime :)
23:11 pianohacker   bug 15760
23:11 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15760 is not accessible.
23:11 wizzyrea      can you see that?
23:11 pianohacker   oh, wow, okay
23:11 pianohacker   nope.
23:12 cait          sec
23:12 wizzyrea      what email do you use for bugzilla?
23:12 pianohacker   jweaver@bywatersolutions.com
23:12 wizzyrea      check your mail
23:12 wizzyrea      :)
23:13 pianohacker   oh god.
23:14 wizzyrea      yeah.
23:14 wizzyrea      you have a minute for that?
23:14 wizzyrea      or 120
23:14 pianohacker   I need to lie down for a bit first, this has been too long of a day
23:18 * mtompset    is still confused.
23:20 cait          the koct chapter in the manual was what i used for testing the plugin
23:20 cait          i wrote a doc for our libraries not long ago, no problems with Firefox ESR that we use at work
23:21 cait          going to sleep now :) bye all
23:21 wizzyrea      sleep well
23:21 mtompset      Manual... DUH! I should have tried to look for that. But I figured KOCT would not be documented in a Koha manual.
23:24 * mtompset    goes off to see if the manual clarifies this for him.
23:25 wizzyrea      it's part of Koha now. The addon itself isn't in Koha but the other bits are
23:32 bag           One of my favorite newish fundraising things Everylibrary https://votelibraries.nationbuilder.com/bywatermatching2016
23:33 bag           we’ve helped raise another $1005 today with matches :)
23:33 dac           bag++
23:38 pianohacker   hey dcook
23:41 dcook         hey pianohacker
23:41 wahanui       regexes are AWESOME
23:41 dcook         Get my message?
23:41 pianohacker   yup, thanks for confirming
23:41 pianohacker   wish I were surprised by this bug
23:41 dcook         hehe
23:41 dcook         Ikr
23:41 dcook         Alas, that one is above my paygrade. Going to have to take it up with Indexdata
23:45 mtompset      Nope. The manual does not help.
23:52 mtompset      AH... found the third one.