Time  Nick            Message
02:17 dcook           Hmm... I need a display that constantly shows me time in both Australia/Sydney and UTC... that would be fantastic...
02:18 dcook           I don't know if I'd want a software-based solution though, as that would take up valuable screen space
02:19 dcook           Apparently you can do it with Windows but you have to hover over the clock with your mouse...
02:19 dcook           I guess that's ok..
05:17 ashimema        2 down, 4 to go
05:20 dcook           O_O
05:20 dcook           Also hey ashimema
05:20 dcook           Earlier/later than I thought it was
05:22 ashimema        hi dcook
05:22 ashimema        long time no see
05:22 ashimema        5.20am here
05:22 dcook           Yeah, I just looked you up :p
05:22 * ashimema      curses baby for waking him up
05:22 dcook           hehe
05:22 dcook           That'll be me soon...
05:22 dcook           11 more weeks?
05:22 ashimema        you looked at bug 15380 at all?
05:22 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15380 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Move the authority types related code to Koha::Authority::Type[s] - part 1
05:22 * dcook         hopes that someone is coordinating a Koha onesie...
05:23 ashimema        11 weeks, awesome.. congrats
05:23 dcook           Oh man... not even a little bit
05:23 dcook           11 weeks left to go :p
05:23 ashimema        :)
05:23 dcook           29 weeks along
05:23 dcook           I've had so much on my plate this year
05:23 dcook           Working on bug 10662
05:23 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, In Discussion , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
05:23 dcook           Plus a non-Koha project
05:23 ashimema        yeah.. I saw that.
05:23 ashimema        exciting :)
05:23 dcook           Doing some DSpace right now as well
05:23 dcook           Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it :)
05:23 ashimema        I've been mostly on non-koha stuff the last year
05:24 dcook           Yeah? How's that been going?
05:24 ashimema        but am trying to get back into koha next year.
05:24 dcook           :D
05:24 ashimema        non-koha has been great :)
05:24 dcook           That's really good to hear :)
05:24 ashimema        I've learnt so much from working with perl in a new project
05:24 dcook           Me too :)
05:24 dcook           High five!
05:24 ashimema        really showed me how poor the koha code is though ;)
05:24 dcook           Haha
05:24 dcook           Well, if it makes you feel better...
05:25 dcook           I've looked at a different Perl project which doesn't stack up so well next to K oha
05:25 dcook           Koha*
05:25 ashimema        well.. poor meaning 'in need of update'
05:25 dcook           Makes Koha look like a shining beacon of hope
05:25 ashimema        really.. what project ?
05:25 ashimema        we found that with Cufts/Godot
05:25 dcook           Looong story
05:25 ashimema        made koha look nice
05:25 dcook           Cufts sounds familiar..
05:25 ashimema        our new project uses Mojolicious
05:25 dcook           What's the project you've been doing?
05:25 dcook           Oh nice
05:26 dcook           I've looked at the Mojolicious docs a bit
05:26 dcook           I've been using Catalyst on the other one
05:26 ashimema        it's a reading lists product
05:26 dcook           So Mojolicious looks familiar
05:26 ashimema        mojo backend and angular front end
05:26 dcook           Nice
05:26 dcook           I'd love to see core Koha re-written with Mojolicious..
05:26 ashimema        Mojo is pretty darn stable now, so well worth playing with.
05:26 ashimema        I'm loving the non-blocking features
05:27 dcook           Yeah, that's what I was looking at the other day
05:27 ashimema        makes async in perl almost easy ;)
05:27 dcook           haha
05:27 dcook           Yeah, I've been using POE a lot on my other project
05:27 dcook           And I'm using it with the OAI
05:27 dcook           Intimidating at first, but not bad once you get it
05:27 ashimema        there is the rest stuff in now.. that's Mojo based..
05:27 dcook           Yeah, I saw that
05:27 dcook           Not a required module but still
05:27 ashimema        problem is. it's locked to the debian packaged version of mojo.. which is pretty out of date
05:27 dcook           Ahh yeah, I guess so, eh?
05:27 dcook           Even Jessie?
05:28 ashimema        not checked for a while.
05:28 dcook           Wouldn't be surprised
05:28 dcook           I just upgraded from Wheezy to Jessie at home, and loving it
05:28 ashimema        but Mojo is generally a pretty fast moving dependancy.. we should keep up for the sakes of security and maintainbility
05:28 dcook           Although I haven't actually checked out all my newer versions of things yet..
05:28 dcook           The upgrade accidentally removed some stuff it shouldn't have which didn't please me..
05:28 dcook           Yeah, fair enough
05:29 dcook           I guess that's the one thing with frameworks..
05:29 dcook           What OS do you use on the other project?
05:29 ashimema        Jessie ;)
05:29 ashimema        we're very much
05:29 ashimema        a debian shop here
05:29 ashimema        the big but is that in our other project we aren't even going to try to support packages.
05:30 ashimema        instead we have a simplistic heroku like setup.
05:30 ashimema        with the entire perl stack encapsulated
05:31 ashimema        with continuous integration in mind.. I've built a Mojo command for deployment
05:31 dcook           Haven't played with Heroku, but I think I get the picture
05:31 dcook           I really want to play with Docker at some point..
05:31 ashimema        so.. deploying a new version to prodcution is as simple as
05:31 ashimema        rebus deploy prod_1
05:32 ashimema        where 'rebus' is our app name, 'deploy' is the command name and 'prod_1' is the production server name alias
05:32 ashimema        I ended up finding Docker a bit heavy
05:32 dcook           Nice :)
05:32 ashimema        but maybe that was just the learning curve
05:32 * dcook         looks up Heroku
05:33 dcook           Yeah, could be
05:33 dcook           I used to think that with POE
05:33 dcook           But that's cool
05:33 dcook           So new version being a new version of the whole stack?
05:33 dcook           Like... Mojo 2.x instead of 1.x?
05:33 ashimema        pretty much yeah
05:33 dcook           Nice
05:33 dcook           Yeah, don't even get me started on my other project... hehe
05:33 ashimema        we have a cpanfile (and cpanfile.snapshot)
05:34 dcook           I have a lot of work to do to update it..
05:34 dcook           It's behind so many firewalls as well which is fun
05:34 ashimema        and use Carton to manage our dependancies and plenv to manage our local perl versions.
05:34 ashimema        the deploy command basically ssh's to the prod server.
05:35 ashimema        pull's the latest production branch from github
05:35 ashimema        runs carton install --deploy to update all the cpan dependancies
05:35 ashimema        then hot restarts the app's service
05:36 ashimema        as it's all persistent you can change the code in the background whilst the app's still running
05:36 ashimema        then the hot deploy basically 'just works'
05:36 ashimema        needs more testing, but so far it's working really nicely.
05:36 dcook           Yeah, I've had that as well. Loooove persistence.
05:36 dcook           That's nice that you have it all working so well :)
05:38 ashimema        hmm.
05:38 ashimema        I'm currently trying to work out the difference between a Koha::Authority and a Koha::MetadataRecord::Authority in Joubu's patches
05:39 dcook           Good luck to you
05:39 dcook           I'm trying to figure out whether someone has changed this DSpace code or not..
05:39 dcook           (another development practice which is not good..)
05:39 dcook           Should be able to just look at git, but anyway..
05:39 ashimema        indeed
05:40 dcook           I just help out with it sometimes
05:40 dcook           I'm the boss of Koha, but not DSpace :p
05:40 dcook           Maybe boss is too strong of a word
05:41 ashimema        lol
05:43 dcook           Blarg... no code change per se..
05:44 dcook           Looks like CSS issues..
05:44 * dcook         doesn't get the desire to squish pages into a narrow column with lots of whitespace
05:44 dcook           Seems so passe now
05:52 dac             Err
05:52 dac             die dcook die...
05:53 dac             :S
05:54 dac             NickServ, you're a bloody liar...
05:55 dcook           That was weird..
05:56 dcook           Now why would DSpace put a col-md-10 within a col-md-12 and have its children add up to 12 when it only has 10 to give..
05:58 ashimema        lol
05:58 dcook           I guess it still adds up to 100% :S
06:00 dcook           The date field is just now too small for anything to be entered..
06:00 dcook           But that's because a higher element is too narrow... and the effects just cascade down..
06:07 ashimema        3 down
06:07 ashimema        your up early Joubu
06:24 dcook           Defo a bug with DSpace je pense
06:25 dcook           Such have a min-width at least for some of these inputs so they don't become unusable like this..
06:25 * dcook         is such a workaholic..
06:28 ashimema        http://www.perladvent.org/2015/2015-12-23.html - If only all support was so simple ;)
06:51 dcook           Well I've got to run
06:51 dcook           Happy holidays folks :)
06:51 dcook           See ya ashimema!
06:51 ashimema        bye dcook
06:51 ashimema        have a good one
07:09 ashimema        OAuth as a service provider is 'interesting'.. so many auth flows
07:53 reiveune        hello
07:59 gaetan_B        hello
07:59 laurence        bonjour
08:01 ashimema        mornin'
08:02 bora            hello
08:02 bora            anyone there ?
08:21 cait            morning #koha
08:33 cait            @later tell drojf 3.22 - 3.18 po files checked and ok
08:33 huginn`         cait: The operation succeeded.
08:38 cait            bgkriegel++ for making framework traslations a thing :)
08:59 Joubu           Thanks a lot ashimema for Qaing the rewrite scripts!
09:07 ashimema        no worries.. you can thank millie for waking me at 3.30am this morning ;)
09:08 ashimema        the last one I had a comment for frederic's followup..
09:08 ashimema        I didn't understand it thoroughly enough to signoff on it.. needs a bit more effort
09:08 ashimema        but the code generally looks good
09:09 ashimema        I'll try to get to the other which I've not looked at yet later today.
09:09 * ashimema      has decided that Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2::Server may be a really nice addition to the Koha REST Api's.. could solve all our authentication woes in one nice hit
09:11 ashimema        pretty much covers all angles..
09:11 * ashimema      has been reading the specs this morning
09:13 nlegrand        hey #koha
09:19 cait            hi nlegrand :)
09:23 Joubu           millie++
09:25 ashimema        interesting: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749#section- - I bet a bunch of providers don't do that
09:53 drojf           hi #koha
09:53 cait            hi drojf :)
09:54 drojf           oh you beat me :)
09:54 drojf           cait++
09:55 cait            a good easy task to wake up to:)
09:55 drojf           i woke up to more data migration :D
09:55 cait            new data? or same as last night?
09:55 drojf           but done for now, so i came to check if you tested already
09:56 drojf           same. last bits and pieces, and some more questions to the library
09:56 drojf           now to authority data :D
09:56 cait            sounds like serious fun
09:58 drojf           it is. nothing to migrate, but trying to magically get some from the GND
09:59 drojf           oh, you asked about the time… 1237176 MARC records done in 16054.2800681591 seconds. for the "körperschaften" part
10:00 drojf           but i dont know the full reindex time, i had to start it 3x because the VM was too small. and then i lost track of time ;)
10:08 cait            heh
10:08 cait            and seconds is not a comfortable format
10:08 cait            curious how it turns out in the end
10:08 cait            why are you loading them in the first place?
11:35 bora            hello I have upgraded from koha v 3.12 to 3.22
11:35 bora            the process update was successful
11:35 bora            but at the end I got database connection error
11:36 bora            anyone help pls
11:39 bora            hi
11:39 nlegrand        hey cait o/ (rather lagging today ^^)
11:39 bora            anyone there
11:39 bora            I got a problem when make an update koha version 3.12 to 3.22
11:40 bora            I got database error
11:40 bora            anyone can help pls
11:41 cait            waht is the database error?
11:43 bora            DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::dbh(): DBI Connection failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
11:44 bora            '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm line 1253. at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Database.pm line 89
11:44 cait            hm
11:44 cait            did you change something in your installation?
11:45 cait            it seems like the mysql connection data are not correct
11:45 bora            actually  it's work
11:45 bora            but some I got an error
11:45 bora            to get it woek I have to restart my server
11:46 bora            when I got an error I make a restart
11:46 cait            i am sorry, i haven't heard of any problems like this
11:46 bora            ok
11:46 cait            are you using plack?
11:47 bora            what plack is?
11:47 cait            did you try to google the mysql error message? maybe it can give you a clue
11:47 cait            if you don't know what it is - you are probabl ynot using it :) it has to be set up
11:47 bora            so what is plack how it work with koha
11:47 cait            googling  Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket points to a potential issue with your mysql configuration
11:48 cait            it's optional
11:48 cait            i think nothing you have to worry about now
11:48 cait            i was just trying to limit the problem
11:49 bora            I see
11:49 bora            while I make upgrade koha version I also make an update server
11:49 bora            may be that time my sql also updatd
11:59 bora            hi
12:32 tcohen          morning
12:32 tcohen          cait: jenkins is testing the po files already (master and 3.22)
12:42 cait            tcohen: but will it fix them? :)
12:42 tcohen          nope, just warn the release maintainer
12:42 cait            :)
12:42 tcohen          maybe we should better add it to the qa tools
12:43 cait            hm not sure
12:43 cait            the po files are directly pushed before release
12:43 tcohen          exactly
12:43 cait            only a short timeframe in between - so probably no chance for trnslators to fix then
12:43 tcohen          ah, i just check they are well formed
13:05 ashimema        thanks for the heads up on bug 13719 joubu
13:05 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13719 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Make Koha::Objects store list of resultant objects on an as needed basis
13:05 ashimema        anyone else familiar with dbic feel free to comment too
13:05 cait            sorry, not me then :(
13:06 ashimema        in my opinion, it would be a pretty nasty memory leak
13:06 ashimema        but I 'might' be wrong
13:11 oleonard        Hi #koha
13:26 tcohen          is oai.pl broken in 3.20?
13:31 cait            there is a bug report about it being very slow in 3.22
13:31 cait            nothing heard about 3.20
13:32 tcohen          ok
13:33 ashimema        dcook would know
13:44 * ashimema      is slowly coming round to the Mojo::Pg side of thinking.. Pg's has some awesome async stuff
15:03 gaetan_B        bye
15:14 tcohen          @seen thd
15:14 huginn`         tcohen: thd was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <thd> Back to backups.
15:16 tcohen          @later tell thd, I'd like to talk with you about SimpleServer
15:16 huginn`         tcohen: The operation succeeded.
15:42 circ-user-gWHRt hi
15:43 kidclamp        hello circ-user-gWHRt
15:44 circ-user-gWHRt can u guide me how to migration from koha version 3.12 to the latest version ?
15:45 circ-user-gWHRt [ddd]d
15:45 kidclamp        I can try to point you in the right direction.  Do you know how your koha was originally installed?  Source or package?
15:46 circ-user-gWHRt package
15:46 kidclamp        performing an update and upgrade on your linux host system should upgrade koha automatically then
15:47 kidclamp        though I would recommend making backups just in case
15:47 circ-user-gWHRt yes i have backup
15:47 kidclamp        http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_ubuntu_-_packages#Upgrade_Instructions
15:47 kidclamp        the upgrade instructions are ubuntu but should apply to debian
15:48 circ-user-gWHRt this is upgrade but i am not look for upgrade
15:48 circ-user-gWHRt i want to install a fresh koha latest version
15:48 circ-user-gWHRt and want to move all record from my old version to a new version
15:49 circ-user-gWHRt sin my old server going to retired
15:49 circ-user-gWHRt actually we dont used VM we install direct on host marchine
15:50 kidclamp        I think a dump of your current and a restore on a new should be upgrade the db
15:50 kidclamp        http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Commands_provided_by_the_Debian_packages
15:51 kidclamp        but testing first is always best
15:53 circ-user-gWHRt do the latest version has different field on database ? if make a move the old db will not support the new version! its correct?
15:56 kidclamp        I 'think' the database upgrade will activate automatically, but testing to see if there are any problems is always best
15:57 circ-user-gWHRt you mean when i move old db to a new version koha's system will do upgrad databse ?
15:57 cait            it shoudl work like kidclamp said - it will compare the version in the database to the version in the code and the upgrade will be triggered automatically - but testing such a move is recommended
15:58 circ-user-gWHRt thank
15:58 circ-user-gWHRt i also look for a web blog on koha tutorial, anyone can recommend please?
15:59 cait            manual?
15:59 cait            hm
15:59 cait            that should have shown the link :)
15:59 cait            koha manual?
15:59 cait            maybe our bot is not here
15:59 cait            http://manual.koha-community.org/
16:01 circ-user-gWHRt not manual, its a blog where can i learn more about koha cos i am new to koha
16:01 cait            hm sorry, i don't know about a regularly updating one
16:02 cait            biblibre sometimes publishes an english 'did you know...' post - but it's not very frequent
16:02 cait            http://www.biblibre.com/en/tags/did-you-know
16:02 circ-user-gWHRt let me check this
16:02 circ-user-gWHRt thanks
16:02 ashimema        chris's blog if filtered on Koha isn't a terrible start either: http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/tag/koha/
16:03 cait            circ-user-gWHRt: also here - and they have tutorial videos: http://bywatersolutions.com/blog/
16:03 ashimema        https://koha-community.org/news/
16:03 kidclamp        hanging out here isn't a bad start either :-)
16:03 cait            kidclamp: btw - ilove the picture of you on the blog post :)
16:04 circ-user-gWHRt kidclamp, that is correct
16:04 kidclamp        thanks cait
16:04 circ-user-gWHRt you all so help full
16:14 oleonard        Bye all. I hope you all get to leave for holiday vacations soon too.
16:29 cait            bye all - and happy holidays :)
16:31 reiveune        bye
18:55 tcohen          ES rules :-D
18:55 tcohen          es++
18:55 tcohen          catmandu++
18:55 tcohen          have a nice xmas everyone
18:57 cait            huh?
18:58 rangi           ?
18:59 cait            just wondering about tcohen's comments :)
18:59 cait            about the context
19:01 rangi           ah ok
19:32 wizzyrea        yay eythian has a home!
19:33 eythian         It's true
19:34 eythian         [off] https://goo.gl/photos/mrno9QNHV8ocjgKk8
19:35 rangi           nice!
19:36 cait            :)
19:38 wizzyrea        [off] so nice!
19:39 rangi           @wunder nzwn
19:39 huginn`         rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0°C (8:30 AM NZDT on December 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
19:39 rangi           15 my butt
19:39 rangi           its at least 18
19:39 wizzyrea        it's def warm today.
19:39 * wizzyrea      hopes for no tricksy wellington weather today
19:40 bag             @wunder pdx
19:40 huginn`         bag: The current temperature in Mikeshouse Cully, Portland, Oregon is 5.1°C (11:29 AM PST on December 23, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Falling).
19:40 bag             Mikeshouse Cully?
19:41 bag             @wunder 97215
19:41 huginn`         bag: The current temperature in Kittyland Love Center, E Tabor, Portland, Oregon is 4.1°C (11:40 AM PST on December 23, 2015). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 98%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Falling).
19:41 bag             Kittyland ;0
19:41 bag             ;)
20:11 eythian         @wunder amsterdam
20:11 huginn`         eythian: Error: No such location could be found.
20:12 eythian         @wunder Amsterdam nl
20:12 huginn`         eythian: The current temperature in Aalsmeerderbrug, Aalsmeerderbrug, Netherlands is 8.9°C (9:00 PM CET on December 23, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Windchill: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
20:12 eythian         But I now have central heating, so it doesn't matter 😁
20:15 wizzyrea        you win this round.
20:15 aleisha         nice place eythian!
20:17 eythian         Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.
20:33 wizzyrea        hrm how would one test this? bug 14155
20:33 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14155 major, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Needs Signoff , Placing holds via ILSDI bypass some checks
20:33 wizzyrea        there's no test plan, it looks like it just needs a signoff on the followup
20:35 rangi           hmmm
20:35 rangi           yeah
20:37 wizzyrea        i guess run it through koha-qa before and after
20:38 wizzyrea        since that's the "problem"
20:39 rangi           *nod*
20:41 rangi           does bug 14784 make sense to anyone?
20:41 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14784 minor, P5 - low, ---, genevieve.plantin, Needs Signoff , Missing checkin message for debarred patrons when issuing rules 'fine days = 0'
20:41 rangi           with no test plan, im not entirely sure what im trying to test
20:42 wizzyrea        hm
20:45 wizzyrea        setting up that test case, I think we're lacking something
20:46 rangi           yeah, ive asked for a test plan
20:51 cait1           hm maybe it means entering 0 days for fines
20:51 cait1           but... yeah. not sure :)
21:00 wizzyrea        the new changes to koha-shell (su to sudo maybe?) don't keep the history and that's a little annoying.
21:00 wizzyrea        unless someone's got a tricksy workaround for that.
21:03 cait1           rangi++ wizzyrea++ :)
21:03 wizzyrea        aleisha++ too
21:04 aleisha         hello
21:05 cait1           aleisha++!
21:06 * rangi         giggles
21:06 rangi           http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12528#c39
21:06 huginn`         04Bug 12528: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bouzid.fergani, Signed Off , Enable staff to deny message setting access to patrons on the OPAC
21:14 wizzyrea        hee
21:17 cait1           syspref all the things!
22:33 kathryn         Happy Christmas and/or holidays everyone! Whether it's mulled wine and roast, or BBQ and beersies, I hope you have a happy and relaxing time! :)
22:33 eythian         Hi kathryn
22:35 cait1           happy christmas kathryn :)
22:35 kathryn         hi eythian extra happy wishes for you :)
22:35 kathryn         thank you cait1 :)
22:35 eythian         🙂
22:36 eythian         Time for bed I think. Later!
22:37 eythian         kathryn: btw, i now have a home. wizzyrea has pictures.
22:38 kathryn         oh cool :)
22:38 kathryn         I'm at home, missing out on bubbles and strawberries
22:38 kathryn         I heard some plaintive cries from Frida's bedroom - see you later!
22:38 kathryn         *hear
22:38 eythian         Bye!
22:39 kathryn         :)
22:40 cait1           merry christmas to you too eythian :)
22:42 wizzyrea        happy christmas eythian
22:42 cait1           happy christmas wizzyrea :)
22:42 wizzyrea        and cait
22:42 wizzyrea        and everybody
22:45 magnuse         god jul, #koha!
22:56 wizzyrea        god jul, magnuse
22:57 cait1           fröhliche weihnachten :)
23:00 wizzyrea        fröhliche weihnachten cait! (I didn't know the german for that!)
23:01 wizzyrea        (I did know the norwegian though!)
23:03 cait1           of course.. the german is loooong :)
23:03 cait1           especially compared to the norwegian :)
23:04 wizzyrea        hehe yeah
23:20 cait1           fröhliche weihnachten LibraryClaire :)
23:20 cait1           good night all
23:22 LibraryClaire   frohe weinachten cait1
23:22 LibraryClaire   ach, missed
23:35 wizzyrea        bag http://gizmodo.com/9-maps-that-show-how-completely-bizarre-your-christmas-1749490826