Time  Nick            Message
23:45 * rangi         goes to lunch
23:45 rangi           or anything like that, thats a really big hint
23:44 rangi           or all
23:44 rangi           if you see writing to tempfile
23:44 rangi           oh dcook already told you
23:44 rangi           will tell you how it is being evaluated
23:44 rangi           explain query
23:43 rangi           what you are looking for is explain
23:42 rangi           having said all that
23:42 rangi           postgres .. i'll give you that one :)
23:42 wizzyrea        they make the plastic baby cry a lot.
23:41 rangi           they need way too much care and attention
23:41 rangi           ive had to admin sybase and oracle dbs
23:41 wizzyrea        yep, still gpl.
23:41 rangi           sybase is dead
23:41 * wizzyrea      checks the license on koha
23:40 grharry         yep ... sybase is better ?
23:40 rangi           exactly
23:40 wizzyrea        well that's all fair, we don't think oracle is a real one.
23:40 * rangi         grins
23:40 dcook           ...
23:40 grharry         :)
23:40 grharry         I dont think mysql is a real database !!
23:40 wizzyrea        *shrug* as you say
23:39 grharry         no
23:39 grharry         but mysql
23:39 grharry         I used to be good with ORACLE
23:39 grharry         No I am not
23:39 wizzyrea        give it a go, it might be great.
23:39 wizzyrea        I bet you're more of an expert than you realise.
23:39 grharry         I sell it to some people too !! :)
23:38 grharry         :)
23:38 wizzyrea        yep, you get your name in the history if you fix a thing.
23:38 grharry         I am not a MySQL expert
23:38 dcook           Please feel free to fix it :)
23:38 grharry         I am talking about really really bad sql
23:37 grharry         and a matter of a really bad query
23:37 grharry         I think it's a mysql usage issue
23:37 dcook           I keep finding I'm using Karen Etheridge's modules... just learned that she lives in Vancouver. That's pretty cool..
23:37 grharry         but no timestamp
23:37 grharry         0 secs
23:37 grharry         first part of query SELECT biblioitems.biblionumber, biblioitems.timestamp, marcxml   FROM biblioitems JOIN oai_sets_biblios ON biblioitems.biblionumber = oai_sets_biblios.biblionumber  LIMIT 51 OFFSET 0
23:36 dcook           Write it in the bug report for sure then :)
23:36 grharry         timestamp is a problem here
23:36 dcook           This is probably one of the least busy times of day I think?
23:36 dcook           Versus the people who just happen to be on IRC when you are online as well ;)
23:35 dcook           So if you report it on Bugzilla, or on one of the Koha listservs, it opens up a discussion with others
23:35 cait            filing a bug is always good
23:35 dcook           But there might be other people out there who will
23:35 dcook           grharry: For what it's worth, I doubt I'll be looking into that issue any time soon, as I probably won't be using anything newer than 3.20.x for a while
23:34 wizzyrea        ^.^ it happens
23:34 cait            sorry... laptop died
23:33 dcook           No worries. I hope you're able to find a solution.
23:33 grharry         thanks for u help!
23:33 wizzyrea        vagrant ssh still works.
23:33 wizzyrea        alex_: that message doesn't seem to have any functional consequences
23:32 grharry         any way
23:31 dcook           O_o
23:31 grharry         Very slow there too! :)
23:31 dcook           http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/
23:30 dcook           Excuse me?
23:30 grharry         You can file a bug report = :)
23:29 dcook           grharry: Well, you have options. You can file a bug report, you can work on a fix yourself, you can pay someone to try to fix it for you.
23:29 alex_           "The SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status. Vagrant assumes that this means the command failed. The output for this command should be in the log above. Please read the output to determine what went wrong." But when I search localhost:8080 in my web browser I get the Koha OPAC interface appearing. So is it correct to change chef/debian-7.8 to bento/debian-7.8 in the vagrantfile?
23:29 alex_           My research online suggested that I needed to change the vagrantfile from chef/debian-7.8 to bento/debian-7.8 When I did this I found that I got another error message saying:
23:29 alex_           "The box you're adding has a name different from the name you requested. For boxes with metadata, you cannot override the name. If you're adding a box using vagrant box add, don't specify the --name parameter. If the box is being added via a Vagrantfile, change the config.vm.box value to match the name below. Requested name: chef/debian-7.8 Actual name: bento/debian-7.8 "
23:29 alex_           I am trying to clone and set up my kohadevbox on my Ubuntu VirtualBox. But after writing in 'vagrant up' to start a new dev box I get the error:
23:29 alex_
23:29 alex_           favorite
23:29 alex_           down vote
23:29 alex_           0
23:29 dcook           3 warnings? I assume that has to do with the timestamps
23:29 grharry         51 rows in set, 3 warnings (58.00 sec)
23:26 grharry         Confused !!! :|
23:25 grharry         Both are not acceptable !!!
23:25 grharry         I tested both
23:25 dcook           Are you using items as well?
23:25 dcook           Probably significantly
23:25 grharry         yes
23:25 dcook           That would also slow it down
23:24 dcook           I can't remember when that came about
23:24 dcook           Probably
23:24 grharry         I think
23:24 grharry         3.20.xx did not offer items support
23:24 dcook           Well, you could compare v3.20.3 with v3.22
23:24 grharry         there is always a "but"
23:24 dcook           So probably much faster than that
23:24 dcook           Actually, that wasn't just downloading. That was everything..
23:23 dcook           So 28800 seconds
23:23 dcook           I think on 3.8 or 3.10 I harvested about 70,000 records in 8 hours or so
23:22 dcook           Good point
23:22 grharry         v3.20.3 was a lot faster
23:22 grharry         833 hours !!!!  no way
23:22 dcook           grharry: In theory, the first harvest should always be the worst
23:21 dcook           That server is probably much nicer :p
23:21 dcook           Err
23:21 dcook           Although that server probably has way better servers than you do
23:21 dcook           Hmm, I just got 50 records from a different OAI-PMH server in 6 seconds, so I can understand 60 seconds being a while :p
23:20 grharry         it's 50000 mins
23:20 grharry         for a 500.000 recs
23:20 grharry         for every 50 recs
23:20 dcook           Hmm..
23:20 grharry         1 min
23:19 dcook           grharry: What's "a while"?
23:19 grharry         requires some re-evaluation!
23:19 grharry         cait1: I don't disagree! I think the whole approach logic
23:18 grharry         dcook: the problem is that it takes always "a while " to fetch 50 by 50 records
23:18 cait1           grharry: maybe date to date would... but still makes no sense the way it is :)
23:17 dcook           If you have 1 million records between those dates, it's probably going to take a while
23:17 grharry         cait1: changing DATE(timestamp) to timestamp .... does not improve a lot
23:17 dcook           In terms of speed, it also depends on database size
23:16 dcook           night eythian
23:16 grharry         :)
23:16 grharry         GN
23:16 wizzyrea        sleep well :)
23:16 grharry         ok explain says indexes are used
23:15 * eythian       goes to bed. later all!
23:15 * dcook         thinks the timestamp/date/granularity thing should be revisited at some point, but he doesn't have time for it these days
23:15 cait1           hm should refomat to database format and then compare i guess?
23:14 dcook           Even though Koha only supports date granularity for OAI
23:14 dcook           It's probably just passing it in straight
23:14 dcook           True true
23:14 cait1           why compare a date to a timestamp?
23:14 cait1           hm that doesn#t seem to make sense
23:13 dcook           Might be useful: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/using-explain.html
23:12 grharry         :(
23:12 grharry         I have no idea if they are used
23:12 grharry         hm ...
23:12 dcook           At least explain analyze would in postgres..
23:12 dcook           Explain would probably show that
23:12 eythian         are they being used?
23:12 grharry         show create table ....
23:11 grharry         there are indexes
23:11 grharry         YES
23:11 grharry         killer NO 2 "WHERE DATE(timestamp) >= '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z' AND DATE(timestamp) <= '2015-12-21T23:59:59Z'  "
23:11 dcook           ^
23:11 eythian         is there an index on the timestamp column?
23:11 grharry         this is a killer NO 1 "WHERE timestamp >= '1970-01-01 00:00:00' AND timestamp <= '2015-12-21 23:59:59'"
23:10 grharry         SLOW things down a lot !
23:10 grharry         and comparisons in the where clause
23:10 grharry         I am sure that the DATE(timestamp) and timestamp
23:09 grharry         without the deleted records
23:09 grharry         I tried the queries
23:09 cait1           probably on deleted* ?
23:09 cait1           that would explain the join
23:09 cait1           grharry: hm possible it has to do with the new deleted records support?
23:08 eythian         explain will tell you in graphic details what's going on
23:08 grharry         eythian: So far all indexes seem to be ok
23:07 eythian         maybe there's a missing index or something
23:07 grharry         since I am not aware of any profiler mysql  tool
23:07 eythian         grharry: it's a good chance to learn the 'explain' mysql command :)
23:07 grharry         I have no idea how to find out where and what to optimize
23:06 grharry         and lots of DATE(timestamp) functions
23:06 grharry         and a UNION
23:05 grharry         3 joins
23:05 grharry         that consists of
23:05 grharry         I came up to the conclusion that the SQL query is to blame !
23:05 wizzyrea        hmm
23:04 grharry         I am running v 3.22 and I notice that OAI services are really really slowwwww !!!!
23:02 wizzyrea        I really want to get over to the katherine mansfield house. It just never seems to happen.
23:01 eythian         wizzyrea: it's because I was rubbish at doing the wellington ones that I'm doing this :)
23:01 wizzyrea        ^.^
23:01 eythian         dcook: yeah, I just pasted all the 'a' ones into a todo list, and tick them off as I go. Then the 'b's, and so forth
23:00 grharry         Hello Koha!
23:00 wizzyrea        I have a few more wellington ones to see
23:00 * dcook         should really see more of Sydney one day
23:00 dcook           Ah, there's a list
23:00 * wizzyrea      blames the librarian blood
23:00 dcook           How many museums are there?
22:59 eythian         secretly, it just makes it easier to keep track of :)
22:56 wizzyrea        same
22:56 dcook           I like that it's in alphabetical order
22:55 dcook           hehe
22:55 wizzyrea        catchy name
22:55 wizzyrea        \o/ projects!
22:55 dcook           heya wizzyrea
22:54 eythian         https://blog.kallisti.net.nz/2015/12/arcam-architecture-centrum-amsterdam/ <-- I started a sort of project
22:54 wizzyrea        hi dcook
22:29 * dcook         waves
22:05 cait1           hello
22:05 eythian         hi cait1
22:03 * cait1         waves
22:02 wizzyrea        hi francesca
22:00 francesca       Hi
20:21 wizzyrea        he's so fast on that quit button.
20:21 wizzyrea        bye oleonard!
20:21 wizzyrea        Star wars! Spoilers! OMGZORS.
20:21 oleonard        And bye wizzyrea (and all) :D
20:16 wizzyrea        heya :D
20:15 eythian         hi wizzyrea
20:14 oleonard        Hi wizzyrea
20:13 wizzyrea        hi oleonard :D
19:04 gaetan_B        bye
18:22 Joubu           bye #koha
17:45 oleonard        Now we're into the "Why should this group be the way it is?" phase of the KohaNA-renaming thread. Because the people who showed up to the meetings said so?
17:30 bora            thank
17:30 bora            ok
17:29 kidclamp        https://koha-community.org/support/koha-mailing-lists/
17:28 kidclamp        listservs?
17:28 kidclamp        lists?
17:28 kidclamp        the listservs are another good place for questions as you don't have to rely on catching the right time
17:28 kidclamp        bora I don't really use it, but you can often find me here
17:23 bora            its could be nice if i can keep in touch with you on google plus
17:22 bora            thank kidclamp
17:22 bora            ok
17:21 kidclamp        but if you are unsure of what you are doing you might want to find someone who can help fully in case of any problem
17:21 kidclamp        the procedure is very basic, and everything "should" go smoothly
17:21 kidclamp        not in a production environment, not a sysadmin :-)
17:18 bora            sorry have u try this and its work for u ?
17:16 bora            do this methos for ubuntu work  with debian ?
17:16 kidclamp        the method should be the same
17:16 bora            yes, that is package install on debian
17:16 bora            but i am install on debain
17:16 bora            this is for ubuntu
17:16 kidclamp        if oyu are running in production I would ensure you have backups etc
17:15 kidclamp        http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_ubuntu_-_packages#Upgrade_Instructions
17:15 kidclamp        sounds like a package install
17:15 bora            i have add this to etc/apt/sources.list
17:14 bora            on /etc/apt/deb http://debian.koha-community.org/koha stable main
17:14 bora            i add koha source to debian
17:13 kidclamp        installed using the debian packages or from source?
17:13 bora            i install on debian os
17:12 kidclamp        do you know how the system was originally installed?
17:12 bora            kidclamp a you there ?
17:12 bora            i want o update from koha version 3.12 to 3.22
17:10 bora            3.12 i am look to update to version 3.22
17:10 kidclamp        hi bora, what kind of install is your current version?
17:09 * ashimema      is clocking off now.. bad timing bora
17:08 bora            ?
17:08 bora            can u help me please
17:08 bora            hello
17:07 bora            ?
17:07 bora            anyone can help please
17:07 bora            i want to upgrad my current version 3.14 to 3.22
17:06 bora            i am look for help on koha upgrad version
17:06 bora            Hello
16:18 reiveune        bye
15:32 * cait          stares at a list of relator codes and sighs
15:24 Cybermon        bye all, see you
15:16 Cybermon        actually, I guess that we are in time differences, that is why asked contact here. anyway.
15:15 Cybermon        and time too
15:15 Cybermon        thanks again your help. Cait
15:14 Cybermon        sure.
15:14 cait            you canalso ask questions on the mailnig list of course
15:13 cait            yes, sorry, i can only help here if time permits
15:13 Cybermon        sorry oleonard
15:12 oleonard        Cybermon: It's not polite to ask to contact someone here directly, since everyone is a volunteer.
15:12 Cybermon        cait, would you mind to send your email contact ?
15:09 Cybermon        yes rental fine is one time. depending how many days. 3 days = 900 for each book. etc
15:09 cait            so there is only a one time fee before the book gets overdue, then you can charge daily
15:08 cait            only on checkout and for renewal, not per day
15:08 cait            the rental fne is a one time fine
15:07 Cybermon        before do it, i would like clarify that we have about 300 cost for each book of home loan per day, fine amount is about 1000 for each book per day after when finished date of home loan period.
15:04 Cybermon        I am planning it on tomorrow.
15:02 cait            did you change the finesmode preference, Cybermon?
14:52 Cybermon        yes. I have circulation rule for Defining circulation and fine rules for all libraries.
14:50 cait            Cybermon: what ddo you mean by circulation fine and where have you configured it?
14:49 Cybermon        my circulation fine is not working always with 0. any things to remind to configure,
14:48 oleonard        khall around?
14:46 cait            oleonard: maybe the difference is in the type of hold? record level = record itemtype, item level - item itype?
14:45 Cybermon        okay oleonard
14:45 Cybermon        cait. thanks. let me try it.
14:45 oleonard        Cybermon: You don't need to put @ in front of names. It confuses huginn the bot.
14:45 cait            batch_upload_patron_images permission
14:44 oleonard        cait: That's not how it looks based on the test plan.
14:44 cait            patronimages system preference
14:44 cait            checking
14:43 cait            oleonard: i think actually kyle's patch is about using the record level itemtype for tte maxreserves setting
14:43 huginn          Cybermon: I suck
14:43 Cybermon        @cait, which permissions and pref.
14:42 cait            oleonard: i think i am thinking of a different setting - was thining about the holds rules on the circulation condition page
14:42 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12632 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , Hold limits ignored for record level holds with item level itemtypes
14:42 oleonard        What did Bug 12632 do, if not enable hold limits for items with item level itemtypes?
14:42 huginn          Cybermon: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
14:42 Cybermon        @huginn thanks, I wanna know the RDA too
14:41 cait            Cybermon: for that i'd check the permissions and pref - just to make sure
14:41 huginn          Cybermon: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
14:41 Cybermon        @cait. Thanks. Let me try it. other problem is not showing patron photo too. only works for super librarian
14:40 oleonard        eythian: It's a curious mix of jokey answers and accusations of racism :|
14:40 cait            i have seen some weird things happening with old cookies
14:40 cait            Cybermon: hm did you flush your cache/cookies after the update?
14:39 eythian         Rilarious must be the word
14:39 cait            tcohen: i totally agree
14:39 cait            oleonard: but we are mostly only using the 'no holds allowed' option
14:39 eythian         oleonard: that thread is ridiculous/entertaining. Half the people replying aren't listening to the other half at all.
14:39 Cybermon        any bugs related circulation of librarian for koha 3.22. when we make circulation, error Koha Session Time Out, when we make circulation by super librarian. it works.
14:38 cait            oleonard: hm strange - i think it does work to some extend
14:38 tcohen          or even add new ones
14:38 oleonard        Not thrilled about this message, either: "Owen Leonard can only place a maximum of total holds." I think somebody a number there.
14:38 tcohen          we could have templates for each thing we show, and let the users "overrride" only that template
14:38 * ashimema      just got a sneaky peak at tomorrows advent entry.. tis all about Mojo::UserAgent :)
14:38 tcohen          yes, but what is the point of having a stylesheet-like tool, and not take advantage of it?
14:37 oleonard        Oh I guess I should be specific: Koha is crap at limiting holds by item-level item type.
14:37 * ashimema      needs more tea
14:37 ashimema        ashamedly.. most of us do cait
14:37 cait            so i'd say very likely - as we try to avoid customizations quite strictly usually
14:36 cait            tcohen: we DO maintain our own little fork ;)
14:36 ashimema        mostly.. 'it looks like a good tool for deciphering what some other persons scripts are doing' in the future ;)
14:36 ashimema        more liking the look of it for my own uses ;)
14:36 ashimema        I wasn't really advocating it for Koha ;)
14:36 cait            eythian: lol
14:36 Joubu           ashimema: with a good/used logger, we don't need Smart::Comments
14:34 cait            oleonard++
14:34 ashimema        :)
14:34 huginn          magnuse: The operation succeeded.
14:34 magnuse         @later tell ashimema see also bug 7218
14:33 huginn          eythian: The operation succeeded.
14:33 eythian         @later tell drojf you're offline, I can only assume you've crossed borders and don't have roaming on. Will see you at Centraal!
14:31 Cybermon        i have problem for fine. not changed 0 of my fine grace.
14:29 tcohen          how is it possible that we make people maintain their own xslt forkto just tweak some fields?
14:27 magnuse         \o/ translation of 3.22 done! (at least the parts i care about)
14:24 oleonard        Man, Koha really is crap at limiting holds by item type. We shouldn't even pretend it's possible.
14:22 Cybermon        hello
14:21 tcohen          we should re-design our XSLTs for the UI, so people can actually take advantage of xslt capabilities
14:06 magnuse         hmpfs himself into translating those last 560 words
14:00 magnuse         (in koha, that is)
14:00 magnuse         ashimema: mtj  was keen to use Smart::Comments a while back, i think. "grep -rn "Smart::Comments" *" gives you 8 results, all commented out
13:58 druthb          Don't mess with the cait!  :P
13:57 drojf           why? what did i do? :(
13:57 druthb          You earned extra hmpfs, drojf.
13:56 liw             hmpfs is not a filesystem I have heard of
13:55 drojf           come on, group hmpfing against a single person is not fair
13:54 * druthb        hmpfs at drojf too
13:50 cait            hmpf :P
13:49 drojf           [off] yes. after i take over a few of your libraries :D
13:46 cait            just joking, travelling because of the holidays?
13:45 drojf           huh?
13:44 cait            do i have to worry? :P
13:44 drojf           yup
13:43 cait            travelling today?
13:41 drojf           [off] if i fall asleep in the train, eythian has got to pick me up in amsterdam
13:40 drojf           [off] i was wondering if i don't want a koha user group berlin, but call it koha user group germany instead. but then, why not call it koha user group europe. no, koha user group eurasia. heh
13:39 drojf           but seriously, it's hard to understand from the outside
13:38 druthb          [off] LOL
13:38 drojf           [off] i did not end up proposing kohamurrfy for koha murrica fuck yeah, so it was not brave :P
13:38 oleonard        drojf++
13:38 drojf           ah. oh haha
13:38 drojf           what exactly?
13:38 cait            your last email :)
13:37 drojf           ?
13:37 cait            drojf: not sure if that was brave or not ;)
13:37 drojf           hi
13:33 tcohen          morning
13:33 tcohen          morning
13:32 LibraryClaire   hah
13:31 cait            the last one from mirko is... going to be interestng
13:31 * druthb        finds the "new name" thread, and gets out the popcorn.
13:20 ashimema        even mojolicious is fairly pinned at a supported perl version from days past.. they're love to use signatures but can't really without upsetting allot of their downstream ecosystem.
13:19 ashimema        so little 'stuff' out there actually specifies a perl version though.. so if your relying on cpan modules your unlikely to be able to use allot of 'features' :(
13:18 ashimema        but allot of the articles of interesting
13:18 ashimema        are of particular insterest for those two comments ;)
13:17 ashimema        http://www.perladvent.org/2015/2015-12-21.html
13:17 ashimema        and
13:17 ashimema        http://www.perladvent.org/2015/2015-12-11.html
13:17 cait            thx ashimema :)
13:17 ashimema        http://www.perladvent.org/2015/
13:17 * cait          sends oleonard cookies
13:17 cait            ashimema: link? :)
13:16 oleonard        The "Your suggestions for a new name of Koha NA" thread is really embarrassing.
13:16 ashimema        and 'ooh, signatures.. shiny' come to mind :)
13:16 ashimema        why have I never used Smart::Comments..
13:16 * ashimema      has just been catching up on the perl advent calendar..
13:15 * ashimema      doubts he's going to have a child free moment to get out and see it any time soon.
13:15 * ashimema      wants to see it..
13:10 LibraryClaire   I would be quite happy to see it again
13:10 cait            I will trust you :)
13:10 LibraryClaire   yes
13:09 oleonard        cait: In my opinion you do want to see the new movie.
13:08 cait            just one question: do i want to see the new movie? i love the old 3 movies... the new ones not so much
13:08 cait            :)
13:06 LibraryClaire   I saw it Friday, am now safe
13:06 LibraryClaire   haha
13:05 oleonard        It's not the holidays, it's everyone staying offline to avoid Star Wars spoilers.
13:02 LibraryClaire   1.5 more days left :))
13:01 cait            really quiet here currently, you can feel the holidays are close :)
12:50 LibraryClaire   hi oleonard
12:49 oleonard        Hi #koha
12:31 cait            taking care of the bad bugs
12:31 cait            Joubu++
10:04 * magnuse       translates
09:57 * LibraryClaire waves
09:56 magnuse         hiya LibraryClaire
09:55 LibraryClaire   hi cait :)
09:55 cait            morning LibraryClaire :)
09:53 LibraryClaire   morning #koha
09:20 cait            morning Joubu
09:19 Joubu           morning
09:10 cait            [off] I disagree about the ifrst bit, but you are probably right about the second
09:10 ashimema        [off] /me deletes a draft mail to paul a, would just make me look bad, and he wouldn't pay a blind bit of notice anyway.
08:59 * magnuse       waves
08:23 gaetan_B        hello
08:10 cait            morning #koha
07:57 reiveune        hello
07:33 drojf           morning
04:58 Amit_Gupta      hi all
01:12 dcook           Of course, that happened while upgrading Debian, except that I actually sorted that out as it was in the morning
01:12 dcook           Couldn't log in though :/
01:12 dcook           The Ubuntu thing probably wasn't that bad, but it was late and brain was a bit mushy
01:11 dcook           But after a botched minor upgrade on Ubuntu caused issues on my laptop, I figured I'd go for the stability of Debian on my desktop
01:11 dcook           Honestly, I had thought about switching over to Ubuntu
01:10 wizzyrea        but not debian itself.
01:10 wizzyrea        yeah, I've used both of those
01:09 dcook           I know Ubuntu and Mint tend to be the typical desktop choices
01:09 dcook           Oh, I didn't think it was a rude thing
01:09 dcook           I think I've been using Debian as a desktop OS since 2013?
01:09 wizzyrea        I don't mean that as a rude thing, only as a fact. Really.
01:09 dcook           Really?
01:09 dcook           "Main Menu" seems to create a local desktop launcher in ~/.local/share/applications which gets called ahead of /usr/share/applications/, but it doesn't seem to actually update either..
01:08 wizzyrea        I don't think I've ever used a gui on debian proper.
01:07 dcook           I guess "Display" is probably already taken... so they had to use the negative
01:06 dcook           Gotta love variables like "NoDisplay=false"
01:05 dcook           Well, Gnome at least..
01:05 dcook           I think I actually just found a bug in Debian :p
01:05 dcook           Ahh
01:04 wizzyrea        yeah, things like "task scheduler doesn't work"
01:03 dcook           Yeah?
00:54 wizzyrea        have more trouble with ubuntu, tbh.
00:54 wizzyrea        and it seems to be working fine
00:54 wizzyrea        we have it running on jessie in a number of instances
00:30 dcook           I remember there used to be, but unsure if they're been resolved..
00:30 dcook           Does anyone know if there are any problems running Koha on Debian Jessie?
00:23 wizzyrea        best.
00:23 wizzyrea        frankenkoha