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23:12 wizzyrea      hi
21:59 cait          hi eythian
21:58 eythian       Hi cait
21:45 cait          hi #koha :)
20:12 rangi         :)
20:11 pianohacker   thank goodness for rubber-ducking in #koha or I'd never get anything done. gracias rangi
20:11 rangi         ah there you go :) yeah that was 3.20 or maybe 3.22
20:10 rangi         (without looking at the code .. so i might be wild goose chasing you)
20:10 pianohacker   oh, *sigh*. No staff-side CAS on 3.18.08
20:10 rangi         hmm unlikely to be memcached then i would have thought, more likely the if in the opac is either wrong, or the variable is not being as a template param
20:09 pianohacker   (working on staff side btw
20:09 pianohacker   it seems to be coming from casAuthentication, which is filled in without (afaict) any modification from the syspref. Have restarted memcached
20:08 rangi         but did you eyeball the .tt file to see what the if condition is?
20:08 rangi         no idea
20:01 pianohacker   is there some extra step besides changing casAuthentication / casServerUrl that has to be done to get the CAS login option to show up? I'm at a loss
18:57 oleonard      "performed an eager cursor slurp underneath?" You don't say.
18:09 drojf         still 5°
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18:08 drojf         @wunder berlin, germany
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18:07 eythian       @wunder Amsterdam, Netherlands
18:06 kidclamp      going to lunch
18:02 barton        ... I couldn't replicate the warnings in 14552 in the OPAC, but it's not printing the page. You win some, you lose some. :-/
18:01 oleonard      Annoying noise.
18:00 barton        oleonard, yeah, that's a warning that's generated by the version of CGI.pm in debian jesse.
17:59 oleonard      Testing now in the staff client I don't see that error in the log. I do see a lot of "CGI::param called in list context from package main line XXX, this can lead to vulnerabilities"
17:54 oleonard      I didn't file the bug and haven't tested it barton
17:53 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14552 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Warns when printing a list from OPAC
17:53 barton        oleonard: on bug 14552, did the page actually print?
17:50 huginn`       oleonard: The current temperature in OHDOT, Athens, Ohio is 15.0°C (12:00 PM EST on December 14, 2015). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.52 in 1000 hPa (Rising).
17:49 oleonard      @wunder 45701
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17:47 tcohen        @wunder cordoba, argentina
16:52 LibraryClaire bye
16:30 Kchris        ok, thanks kidclamp.
16:24 kidclamp      afaik anyhow
16:23 kidclamp      that C4/dates still seems odd.  If you are gitified and pulled  to master it should not be looking for it
16:22 Kchris        kidclamp, bug_14945.sql is there, which i think is what I need for the update. that, and a "README" file. that's it.
16:17 kidclamp      that should show you if the file is there correctly
16:17 kidclamp      Kchris can you do: ls installer/data/mysql/atomicupdate
16:15 reiveune      bye
16:12 kidclamp      you were right for master Joubu, all messages are queued/sent - but in 3.18 they all go into the print message sent to administrator
15:57 Kchris        possibly related: running the webinstaller gives an error message that updatedatabase.pl "can't locate C4/dates.pm"
15:54 Kchris        I am trying to apply a patch (14945) that requires running updatedatabase.pl, but I don't see any output from "perl installer/.../updatabase.pl. And I don't see any evidence that the database has been updated. Any thoughts?
15:45 xarragon      drojf: That 'Edit' link was not easy to find. The Wiki actually helped me.
15:20 huginn`       tcohen: The operation succeeded.
15:20 tcohen        @later tell gmcharlt not urgent, but we could update the master packages
15:14 ashimema      just after I'd spent a load of time implementing a use of it :(
15:14 * ashimema    got told by oclc about this around a week ago and got told they didn't wan't anyone to know.
15:13 ashimema      ooh.. they've announced the xid changes now
15:11 tcohen        just let me know if there's any special need for your maintenance branch regarding jenkins tasks
15:11 tcohen        not yet .-D
15:11 jajm          tcohen, need any help ?
15:09 xarragon      drojf: Ah, ok. Thanks
15:09 tcohen        jajm: I'm working on your jenkins tasks
15:09 drojf         xarragon: you can obsolete it. in details>edit
15:05 xarragon      Is there a way to to delete a patch on bugzilla?
15:02 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14015 normal, P5 - low, ---, veron, NEW , Checkout: Fix software error if barcode '0' is given
15:02 mveron        Bug 14015 was a nasty little time consuming thing...
14:52 oleonard      http://www.oclc.org/developer/news/2015/change-to-xid-services.en.html
13:59 kidclamp      Joubu++
13:59 Joubu         kidclamp: feel free to assign it to me if it exists on master
13:58 kidclamp      I will try to test and file if behavior differs from wiki
13:58 kidclamp      thanks Joubu nengard
13:57 Joubu         if the wiki is not wrong, that's how it's supposed to work (:D)
13:57 Joubu         http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Message_transport_types
13:56 nengard       like i said it might have been an old bug and that's just the way i've been training to compensate
13:56 nengard       we should have someone test on master
13:56 nengard       I know because we told our partners not to check print because that was all that was being generated
13:56 Joubu         that's not the expected behavior
13:55 nengard       I'm not sure
13:55 nengard       it might have been a bug that has since been fixed though
13:55 nengard       Joubu I don't think we've seen all three get generated - only print
13:55 kidclamp      can you check print/email/sms?  opr does print override?
13:55 kidclamp      overdue notice status triggers
13:54 nengard       what's up?
13:54 Joubu         I'd say it works like that since you can check several transport types
13:54 kidclamp      happy to be wrong :-)
13:54 kidclamp      was that recent Joubu? I thought they conflicted, at least in 3.18
13:53 Joubu         print is the fallback if no notice has been generated
13:53 Joubu         for notice in advanced and overdues
13:53 kidclamp      hmm..nengard?
13:53 Joubu         yes
13:53 kidclamp      for an overdue?
13:52 Joubu         no, the 3 are generated
13:52 kidclamp      Joubu okay, but if you check email/print/sms only print is generated, correct?
13:52 Joubu         so let's say you tick email + sms and the patron does not have an email but the sms notice is generated, the print won't be
13:51 kidclamp      oleonard - i agree, but one can hope :)
13:51 Joubu         and if no other notice has been sent
13:51 Joubu         print is sent if the patron does not have email address or sms number
13:50 Joubu         for the adv notices for instance, you can generate print and/or email and/or sms
13:50 Joubu         you can receive several notices
13:49 oleonard      I doubt it's a simple as changing the inputs kidclamp
13:47 kidclamp      just wondering if those shold be radio buttons instead of checkboxxes?
13:47 kidclamp      hey koha, is there a way to allow for multiple message types in notice status triggers?  Currently print overrides email I know, but I don't know about other combinations.
13:41 cybermon      okay. let me try follow guide
13:33 cait          the wiki link you pasted above is about activating ICU actually
13:32 cait          i think there is a page for that on the wiki too
13:32 cybermon      I see. how should I change ICU indexing in Ubuntu
13:31 cait          if you need koha to work with multiple languages and scripts, the more important thing is that you use ICU indexing
13:31 cait          you could write your own for a multilang setup maybe
13:31 cait          cybermon: i think that configuration is about things like non-sorting words and sorting
13:31 geek_cl       keep reading my friend ;=)
13:30 geek_cl       cybermon, cool docs and wiki uh?
13:30 cybermon      I need some thing like as this link guide :-)
13:30 cybermon      http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Correcting_Search_of_Arabic_records
13:29 cybermon      Hm
13:28 geek_cl       also,IMO  i don't know if a expert will configure the index in two languages...
13:27 geek_cl       i don't know, you need to review the 3.18.xxx and see if that functionality is there waiting for you.
13:26 cybermon      I should develop but I need some experts help :-)
13:26 cybermon      what about 3.18.xxx
13:26 cybermon      only for 3.22
13:25 geek_cl       by the moment, just one language is allowed
13:25 geek_cl       maybe if you develop that multi-language function ;)
13:25 cybermon      how can i multi-language like as 'en' | 'ru'
13:24 geek_cl       there you go
13:24 cybermon      ZEBRA_LANGUAGE: 'en'
13:24 geek_cl       is one of yours?
13:24 geek_cl       cybermon, Possible values are: ZEBRA_LANGUAGE: 'en' | 'es' | 'fr' | 'nb' | 'ru' | 'uk'
13:21 cybermon      geek_cl
13:21 cybermon      not check !, where is it
13:21 geek_cl       :)
13:21 geek_cl       cybermon,  do you check the ZEBRA_LANGUAGE=
13:20 kidclamp      https://koha-community.org/support/koha-mailing-lists/
13:20 kidclamp      ah, no wahanui
13:20 kidclamp      listserv?
13:20 kidclamp      mailing list?
13:20 kidclamp      lists?
13:20 kidclamp      if no oneh here does, try the mailing lists
13:19 cybermon      no problem kidclamp ! I hope that someone know it
13:18 kidclamp      np cybermon, unfortunately I am not a zebra expert, esp as regards multi language setup.
13:15 cybermon      Cait, Kidclamp both thanks messages
13:14 cybermon      I need some advice for zebra indexing with Mongolian language. English is works in my server
13:13 cybermon      i just upgraded to koha 3.22.00. but my cyrillic biblio not indexing. only english is working
13:12 kidclamp      what's the question cybermon?
13:12 cait          cybermon: just ask, if someone knows, they will wake up :)
13:11 cybermon      any one help or advice for me
13:10 cybermon      I have one question. about zebra indexing
13:10 cybermon      Thanks Claire
13:10 LibraryClaire hi cybermon (and others I missed!)
13:09 cybermon      hello
13:04 cait          :)
13:04 * oleonard    sticks with uninteresting
13:03 kidclamp      a roommate came up with it
13:03 kidclamp      it's somehow derived from my last name, clemens
13:03 cait          ?
13:03 cait          what does yours meanß
13:03 cait          but...why?
13:03 kidclamp      pianohacker encouraged more interesting names
13:02 cait          oh!
13:02 kidclamp      that's me!
13:02 cait          kidclamp: wnickc?
13:02 cait          hi oleonard
13:00 kidclamp      Hi oleonard
12:59 oleonard      Hi #koha
12:46 tcohen        hi cait :-D
12:45 cait          morning tcohen :)
12:45 tcohen        morning!
11:18 cait          ... lunch :)
11:02 mveron        Lunchtime...
10:59 cait          ok, now i read it all :)
10:58 cait          arg... scrollback broken sec
10:58 cait          in general bugs are backported if possible
10:54 ashimema      and incremental is good :)
10:54 ashimema      I wouldn't say your lazy..
10:51 Joubu         (3/ I am lazy)
10:51 ashimema      all makes sense
10:51 ashimema      fair enough
10:51 Joubu         for 1/ Readability and 2/ try not to introduce regressions
10:50 Joubu         but I have preferred to only replace the call to A with a call to B
10:50 ashimema      indeed.
10:50 Joubu         ashimema: I was just saying that there is a lot to do in this area, you could imagine to refactore some part, improve the fetch of patron infos, etc.
10:49 ashimema      thus getting the full win for the future?
10:49 ashimema      would you consider taking the 'do it better' as a secondary bug on top which was meant for 3.22 only..
10:48 ashimema      you highlight that it 'could be done better' if you weren't concentrating a little on making it backportable..
10:48 ashimema      New question then..
10:48 Joubu         especially because 3.22 is just out :)
10:47 ashimema      mmm.. fair enough
10:47 drojf         in that case it would make sense to have it in older versions, i'd say. so if its an option to keep it easily backportable… nice to consider it, Joubu
10:47 * ashimema    is part of the 'continuous integration', as few 'maintanence releases' as possible, camp
10:46 drojf         but if possible, nice to have
10:46 ashimema      so not a bugfix per say.. but a performance improvement.
10:46 drojf         but in general, i dont see a need to consider backportability in general. not a must at least
10:46 Joubu         if it was an awesome patch and it will make us gain xxx ms / page loaded
10:46 ashimema      it's a performance boost drojf
10:46 Joubu         ashimema: I was just thinking about an eventuality
10:45 drojf         not read the bug but it sounds more like a fix than a feature from the title, so it's more likely to be backported. i guess
10:45 ashimema      I've never really considered backportability in my patches
10:45 ashimema      that's not a complaint btw.. just more of a question.. I wonder
10:45 ashimema      you've being Joubu..
10:45 ashimema      I wonder whether it in fact should be backported at all?
10:44 ashimema      well.. you've kept bug 15344 'light' to make it easier to backport.
10:44 ashimema      what is our actual policy on backporting to prior versions of koha anyways.. I always thought it was 'security only' in maintenance releases.
10:44 Joubu         exactly :) same question
10:43 drojf         ashimema: of what?
10:43 ashimema      what do people think regarding that..
10:43 ashimema      I wonder about the importance of backportabilty?
10:43 mveron        thanks drojf :-)
10:43 ashimema      hmm..
10:43 drojf         mveron: try again in a few minutes? happens from time to time
10:42 mveron        Is http://translate.koha-community.org/ down? I get a timeout.
10:39 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15344 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , GetMemberDetails called unecessary
10:39 Joubu         bug 15344 is worth the try
10:39 Joubu         ashimema: hum unfortunately, I have not found something significant
10:38 ashimema      Joubu++ # For looking into performance gains in a few bugs :)
10:32 cait          Joubu++
10:29 mveron        Thanks cait and ashimema :-)
10:26 ashimema      shame you can't reorder patches on bugzilla.. cait's right as far as I know
10:23 cait          h wilfrid
10:22 cait          ... and weird english :)
10:22 cait          and you can read although my strange line breaks
10:21 cait          heh :)
10:20 * mveron      is glad that cait can read sentences where a couple of words are missing...
10:19 mveron        Ok, thanks cait
10:19 cait          all of them
10:19 cait          i think you have to reattach
10:18 mveron        Cait is awake :-)
10:18 mveron        can
10:17 mveron        Or chan I change sowhow their positions?
10:17 mveron        Question: Can I somehow change the order of batches in a bug on BZ? Use case: 3 patches, first one does not apply, I amend and upload it. Do I have the other patches again to get the right order?
10:17 * Francesca   waves sleepily
10:17 cait          quiet monday, everyone still asleep? :)
10:15 * mveron      waves
10:08 cait          sleep well
10:08 ashimema      sleep well
10:08 ashimema      wow.. bit late for you rangi
10:08 * rangi       goes to sleep
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10:07 ashimema      @wunder stevenage, uk
10:05 LibraryClaire Hi :)
10:04 ashimema      Hello LibraryClaire :)
09:42 cait          hi LibraryClaire
09:41 * magnuse     waves again
09:40 LibraryClaire hello
09:36 cait          hey rangi
09:36 rangi         evening
09:16 drojf         morning #koha
08:45 magnuse       ...and about 7cm of snow!
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08:45 magnuse       @wunder boo
08:30 gaetan_B      hello
08:24 mveron        Good morning / daytime #koha
08:10 jajm          hi
08:00 Joubu         hi #koha
07:53 alex_a        bonjour
07:45 reiveune      hello
06:44 * magnuse     waves
04:37 ccordova      Can't call method "subfields" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/authorities/blinddetail-biblio-search.pl line 88.
04:36 ccordova      hi , I have a problem when I think the error is an authority