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00:01 BobB        hi mtj about?
00:28 eythian     http://www.stilldrinking.org/programming-sucks <-- good domain, entertaining read
00:30 wizzyrea    that graphic
00:51 pianohacker bye all
00:51 pianohacker ldap--
02:25 mtj         nice link eythian
03:20 jcamins     @later tell paul_p How is the weather in Marseille in November?
03:20 huginn      jcamins: The operation succeeded.
03:20 eythian     @wunder marseille
03:20 huginn      eythian: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 14.0°C (5:00 AM CEST on October 08, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
03:20 eythian     jcamins: 14° :)
03:20 eythian     but it's 5am, so probably warmer in a few hours
03:21 jcamins     @wunder 11375
03:21 huginn      jcamins: The current temperature in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Flushing, New York, New York is 16.0°C (11:06 PM EDT on October 07, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1017 hPa (Rising).
03:21 jcamins     eythian: what I'm really concerned about, actually, is snow. I hate snow.
03:22 jcamins     And sun. Cold and sunny I like.
03:22 jcamins     Cold and dreary, no.
03:24 eythian     well, it says clear, but I don't recall what sort of humidity leads to snow, but I'm sure it's not 72% at 14° because that'd be a pretty freaky snowfall.,
03:24 jcamins     It's also the beginning of October right now.
03:41 eythian     if ( $hits && $offset + $results_per_page <= $hits ) {
03:41 eythian     ^-- I misread that variable each time I see it.
03:47 eythian     gah, and I just spent ages staring at something to see why it wasn't working. Turns out it was working just fine, I hadn't noticed.
04:58 Pete__      Hello?  Anyone out there?  I'm looking for some Koha help... is this the right place?
04:58 eythian     it is
04:58 eythian     though, you're on a slightly odd timezone border so it's quiet about now.
04:59 eythian     I think the US is asleep, NZ is about to go home, and europe is about to wake up.
04:59 Pete__      Haha, I'm in Chicago -- do you have time for a quick question?
04:59 Pete__      Basically, I set up Koha for the first time for a small school here in Chicago
05:00 Pete__      I got the linux install ok no problem, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add BOOKS in there from the school's library
05:00 Pete__      Is there by chance some "amazon lookup" thing where I don't have to enter in information about every single book?  This school is just getting started from scratch.
05:00 Pete__      I must be missing something... right?
05:00 eythian     it doesn't use amazon, but there is a lookup thing
05:00 eythian     it's called Z39.50
05:01 eythian     (because it's really old when those names were still cool.)
05:01 Pete__      Ha, nice, okay... I remember seeing that somewhere...
05:01 eythian     you can enter the ISBN and look it up in a bunch of libraries, e.g. library of congress.
05:01 ashimema    hi chaps
05:01 eythian     ashimema: howdy
05:01 wahanui     que tal, eythian
05:02 eythian     wahanui: I'm not talking to you
05:02 wahanui     eythian: sorry...
05:02 eythian     http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_Open_Z39.50_Sources <-- Pete__, this might be useful if the sources you already have aren't helpful
05:03 eythian     that page could really do with some more entries
05:03 Pete__      I don't remember seeing that anywhere in the config, but at least now I have something to go on...
05:03 Pete__      Thanks eythian for the link
05:03 ashimema    or http://irspy.indexdata.com/ is often helpful
05:03 eythian     when you go to the cataloguing interface, there's an option to add from Z39.50
05:04 eythian     oh yeah, that one I forget about
05:05 Pete__      Awesome.  This is a small school library here but I'd still rather not ask them to enter in all the info manually.  I'm sure we'll have to for at least a few things but the more I can automate the better.  I'll check this out.  Thanks guys.
05:05 eythian     oh yeah, you don't want to do this manually, that'd be terrible
05:06 eythian     you should be able to get it to the point of barcode scanning the ISBN, loading the record, tweaking a few things, and saving.
05:06 eythian     1-2 minutes per book rather than about half an hour each to catalogue it from scratch.
05:06 Pete__      Yes!  That's what I'm shooting for.  This Zebra thing is the answer to that, yes?
05:06 eythian     Z39.50, yes
05:06 Pete__      Z39.50?
05:06 wahanui     i heard Z39.50 was the ANSI standard of the beast.
05:06 eythian     heh
05:07 eythian     (zebra is the search engine koha uses behind the scenes, but it can also talk z39.50, but you don't need to know that here :)
05:07 Pete__      awesome.  Off I go.  I'll return here at a more reasonable time next time!  Have a good day / night / etc!
05:07 eythian     later, good luck!
06:52 Joubu       Hello #koha
06:59 reiveune    hello
06:59 wahanui     hi, reiveune
07:14 alex_a      bonjour
07:14 wahanui     bonjour, alex_a
07:32 dojobo      hi there
07:34 drojf       morning #koha
08:02 marcelr     hi #koha
08:52 mtj         drojf: i just read your apache email :)
08:54 mtj         ..i think now for debian jessie, disabling the 'default' apache will not break anything
08:54 mtj         it seems to be a perfectly safe thing to do, 99% of the time
08:56 drojf       mtj: i have been disabling that hundreds of times ;)
08:56 mtj         afaik, all web apps install themselves in the /etc/apache/conf.d/* dir
08:57 drojf       i have not done much with jessie yet, but a correctly (AFAIK) set up koha site did not get round the default website yesterday
08:57 mtj         ..so, they work just fine with the 'default' config disabled
09:01 mtj         ^ i would like to be corrected, if that is untrue
09:02 drojf       mtompsett wll know ;)
09:11 mtj         hey, i was thinking .... why not turn up DBI_TRACE on the jenkins nodes
09:12 mtj         i wonder if it would reveal any known problems
09:13 mtj         s/known/unknown/
09:14 mtj         hmm, let me explain further... -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiPe1OiKQuk
09:17 mtj         perhaps the build times would become horrible, and it would use a f*ckton of disk
09:17 mtj         but, just a thought..
09:17 ashimema    lol
10:47 Joubu       I am stuck on bug 14778, need some help. If there are some DBIC exports around... The tests mocking the data fail after removing the use of DBIx::Connector
10:47 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14778 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Get rid of DBIx::Connector
12:00 jcamins     Joubu: you live in Marseille too, right? How's the weather?
12:04 drojf       jcamins: going to marseille?
12:05 jcamins     drojf: considering a vacation, and Marseille seemed to have affordable flights.
12:05 jcamins     So did Oslo, so when magnuse is around, I'm going to ask him how crazy Oslo is as a vacation destination in November.
12:07 drojf       that depends on the weather you would like to have i guess :D
12:07 liw         jcamins, if you go to Oslo in November, you should make sure you do not get eaten by polar bears
12:08 liw         (this is usually quite easy, as there aren't any in Oslo, unless they have a zoo with them)
12:09 jcamins     drojf: I'm not a huge fan of snow and dark, so Oslo seems like it might be a poor choice... on the other hand, maybe Oslo is especially beautiful in November.
12:10 drojf       i think snow is what makes the north less dark in winter. that and the northern lights :)
12:10 liw         oslo is about as northern as helsinki, so I'm going to say the daylight hours are going to be few and short in November
12:10 liw         but as Oslo is at an ocean, and Helsinki is not, I don't know how the weather in Oslo is going to be
12:11 liw         (Helsink is miserable in November)
12:11 jcamins     liw: yeah, that I know. The question is whether there are enough advantages to Oslo in November.
12:11 liw         (better in January, when there's snow on the ground)
12:11 liw         jcamins, the almost total lack of polar bears is an advantage, wouldn't you say? :)
12:11 jcamins     liw: hehe.
12:43 Joubu       jcamins: no I live in Liverpool now, for 2 years :)
12:43 Joubu       There was flooding last week in the south of France, near Nice
12:43 Joubu       for the weather forecast, have a look at the meteofrance.fr website: http://www.meteofrance.com/previsions-meteo-france/marseille/13000
12:44 Joubu       If you plan to come on Saturday it will be sunny, otherwise rain on the beginning of next week :-/
12:47 tcohen      morning!
12:57 jcamins     Joubu: I'm thinking about a vacation for November, actually.
13:04 drojf       do we know who uses plack in production already?
13:05 drojf       dpavlin's library probably. some biblibre libraries too maybe?
13:06 drojf       tcohen: are you running plack in production?
13:06 tcohen      drojf: i played with it
13:07 tcohen      i found a couple problems that need to be addressed
13:07 tcohen      drojf: did you give kohadevbox/ansible a chance?
13:08 tcohen      so far: upgrade needed detection yields weird situation where you cannot login
13:08 tcohen      cannot create label batches
13:10 tcohen      Joubu: good morning
13:10 wahanui     well, it's morning somewhere, yes
13:15 tcohen      ashimema++
13:16 Joubu       jcamins: so it will certainly be a bit cold, but if you are lucky you will get sun, blue sky and no wind :)
13:16 ashimema    ?
13:16 drojf       tcohen: will have to wait for the new notebook probably. not doing much koha at home et the moment and the office computer is too slow for everything and not capable of the 64bit vt
13:17 ashimema    we're runing plack and cgi in parallel to test plack in production
13:17 ashimema    bit cutsomre..
13:17 ashimema    burrently we're hvin some teething issues with db connections going away..
13:17 ashimema    but i'm struggling to narrow them down enough to make head nor tails of it.
13:18 Joubu       ashimema: I hope it should be better when bug 14778 will be pushed
13:18 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14778 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Get rid of DBIx::Connector
13:19 drojf       are there other koha benchmarking things than what is in load_testing st the moment?
13:19 ashimema    Joubu.. would it be a good idea to get ribasushi to give that patch a once over..
13:19 drojf       or benchmarking in general that people use with koha
13:20 ashimema    I still havn't managed to pin down the actual issue.. he thought/we thought there was somtihng wrong in dbic itself that meant our usage was loosing connections..
13:20 Joubu       at the moment I am stuck with it, see the last patch on the bug report. I didn't manage to make some tests pass
13:20 ashimema    but I've been crap at maanging to dig out the details.. the commithash went away that was mentioned to him when we first came accros it as a bug
13:32 schnydszch  Hello all! If I update the marcxml in biblioitems, are there any repercussions? I see that there's a marc column and marcxml columns.
13:32 schnydszch  ..in the biblioitems table
13:34 schnydszch  I wanted to update the RLIN of the authority records
13:35 schnydszch  which is 650$9
13:40 drojf       @later tell wizzyrea i just found that the page title displayed by google for git.koha-community.org is "git.koha.org". can that be changed maybe? http://abunchofthings.net/koha/pics/git_title.png
13:40 huginn      drojf: The operation succeeded.
14:07 huginn      New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14890: Simplify processing to display a date with hours <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=56ede58a86274e0f70fc27c0907cd14f03dd77c4> / Bug 14890: Remove C4::Dates from circ/bookcount.pl <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=790ef7052b1f0068892081b2280bbd6d78ab0783> / Bug 14924: Remove C4::Dates from members/memberentry.pl <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=k
14:46 drojf       oh, we had a meeting yesterday?
14:47 drojf       or, did not have, but were supposed to?
16:30 nitz0       Hi people.
16:31 nitz0       Is there another way than editing Sendmail.pm to configure smntp service?
16:31 nitz0       (koha 3.20 packet)
17:58 pianohacker hi!
18:09 wnickc      hi Kchris
18:09 Kchris      hi wnickc
18:10 Kchris      congratulations!
18:12 Kchris      wnickc: gitifying koha on a kohabox--is this pretty straightforward?
18:12 Kchris      I mean on a virtualbox
18:13 wnickc      It should be, you mean one of the boxes from the Kohana wiki
18:13 Kchris      yes
18:13 wnickc      yeah, just following the instrcutions should go easily https://github.com/mkfifo/koha-gitify
18:14 Kchris      thanks!
18:14 wnickc      the images were package installs, so nothing tricky I don't think
18:15 Kchris      I finally got the languages to install on kohadevbox (with help from Magnus), but I haven't yet managed to "activate" the languages within the administrator web interface.
18:16 Kchris      Only English shows up in the preferences--the other languages I have installed don't.
18:19 wnickc      hmm..I know I got them working on my vm, but I think I didn't use the package tools to do so
19:31 tcohen1     hi
19:32 tcohen1     hi
20:05 wizzyrea    drojf: I think gmcharlt may have to fix that, or someone at bywater, that's not a web property I have much to do with.
20:05 gmcharlt    wizzyrea: what's the antecedent?
20:05 wizzyrea    drojf: "i just found that the page title displayed by google for git.koha-community.org is "git.koha.org". can that be changed maybe? http://abunchofthings.net/koha/pics/git_title.png"
20:05 wizzyrea    :)
20:11 gmcharlt    hmm, doesn't look like that string is being returned by the Koha gitweb
20:11 gmcharlt    Google may be hangling on to an outdated titile since we're excluding robots from that server
20:12 wizzyrea    probably do need to allow them to index the home page?
20:12 wizzyrea    though, not like we've changed it (or ever change it)
20:13 gmcharlt    yeah, I've put in a less restricive robots.txt
20:14 wizzyrea    gmcharlt++ awesome thank you
20:43 kchris      wizzrea: what does ++ after a nickname mean? is it like a compliment?
20:44 kchris      sorry, wizzyrea
20:44 wizzyrea    it denotes adding karma
20:45 wizzyrea    so each time you ++
20:45 wizzyrea    they get a point
20:45 wizzyrea    @karma gmcharlt
20:45 huginn      wizzyrea: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 164 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 164.
20:45 wizzyrea    we like him :)
20:45 wizzyrea    you can also -- but we don't do that very often
20:45 gmcharlt    cthulhu--
20:45 gmcharlt    @karma cthulhu
20:45 wizzyrea    @karma cthulu
20:45 huginn      gmcharlt: Karma for "cthulhu" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
20:45 huginn      wizzyrea: cthulu has neutral karma.
20:45 wizzyrea    keke
20:46 wizzyrea    @karma IE
20:46 huginn      wizzyrea: Karma for "IE" has been increased 1 time and decreased 27 times for a total karma of -26.
20:46 wizzyrea    we don't like IE
20:46 wizzyrea    ^.^
20:46 wizzyrea    well, we do -- pretty often... on IE.
20:46 wizzyrea    hehe
20:46 kchris      I see.
20:47 gmcharlt    since IE is not actually a person, after all
20:47 wizzyrea    yes, exactly. and it is also deserving of ire.
20:47 kchris      wizzyrea++ thanks for the explanation.
20:47 wizzyrea    but yes, good point we don't normally decrement people.
20:47 wizzyrea    \o/
20:47 wizzyrea    @karma wizzyrea
20:48 huginn      wizzyrea: Karma for "wizzyrea" has been increased 65 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 65.
20:48 liw         kchris++ much polite, very plusplus
20:48 kchris      @karma kchris
20:48 huginn      kchris: Karma for "kchris" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
20:48 wizzyrea    hehe liw
20:48 liw         @karma liw
20:49 huginn      liw: Karma for "liw" has been increased 11 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 11.
20:49 wizzyrea    oh you deserve more than that
20:49 liw         I don't even do anything for Koha
20:49 wizzyrea    liw++
20:49 wizzyrea    bs, you did like, heaps of stuff for the packages that we still use and depend on
20:49 wizzyrea    we should praise you every time we koha-create
20:49 wizzyrea    :)
20:50 wizzyrea    one of the things I particularly like about working with Koha, is that whenever I use a part of it, I can reasonably say that I know the person who made it.
20:51 liw         possibly I should try to find an opportunity to do a new bit, but it'd need to be in some kind of sprint with people who know Koha, some day
20:51 wizzyrea    (but seriously, without the kick in the pants you gave the packaging, nobody would have ever gotten around to it)
20:52 liw         I'm really glad it helped the Koha community :)
20:52 wizzyrea    <3
20:52 liw         Koha continues to be one of nicer free software communities, ever
20:53 liw         even if I learn to never, ever anger research librarians, for they politely show you every way in which you're wrong, and use footnotes and source references
20:53 wizzyrea    hahaha!
20:54 wizzyrea    it's funny because it's true
20:55 liw         beginning of 2010 was a year when things happened
20:55 liw         however, now sleep should happen to me
20:55 wizzyrea    sleep well :)
21:26 grharry     I seem to get a problem after running update_bin/devel/dbix_class_files.pl   /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Schema/Result/Reserve.pm  file is Different  than the Original ... Anybody with An IDEA ???
21:27 grharry     sorry I mean after running  /usr/share/koha/bin/devel/update_dbix_class_files.pl
21:38 grharry     :-(
21:38 grharry     :P
21:41 eythian     hi
21:41 wahanui     hola, eythian
21:46 cdickinson  I just ran apt-get upgrade on this machine
21:46 cdickinson  Reading package lists... 342%
21:46 cdickinson  wat
22:23 wizzyrea    O.o
22:47 tcohen      morning?
22:49 Francesca   hi
22:51 eythian     tcohen: only just
22:51 tcohen      hi eythian
22:52 eythian     wahanui: smart questions
22:52 wahanui     eythian: i'm not following you...
22:52 eythian     wahanui: smart questions is <reply>http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
22:52 wahanui     OK, eythian.
23:08 Francesca   wahanui be eythian
23:08 wahanui     Sod it all, let's head to the pub!
23:08 cdickinson  it's one of those days
23:08 cdickinson  is it too early for beer
23:09 Francesca   I'm not coming so its up to you
23:09 cdickinson  nah, I'm not actually going to drink