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01:13 wizzyrea    eythian: are there any problems with adding a dependency for Math::Random::Secure - I'm looking at bug 8753
01:13 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8753 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, charles.farmer, Needs Signoff , Add forgot password link to OPAC
01:13 wizzyrea    (for the packages)
01:13 wizzyrea    (at your leisure, of course)
01:13 eythian     hmm, have a look at how the salt is generated in Koha::Auth
01:13 eythian     that might have a way of doing what you need.
01:13 wizzyrea    that is an excellent point
01:17 eythian     if that isn't feasible, then we can add it, though it'd have to be packaged.
01:17 eythian     I don't see any reason why it'd be hard to package though
01:17 wizzyrea    right, I couldn't find a package for it I assumed it'd have to be packaged
01:17 wizzyrea    (by us)
01:18 wizzyrea    I think it's a bit silly to add one when we might have a thing to do it already.
01:18 eythian     yeah, that's what I was thinking
01:19 mtj         hey wizzyrea, eythian.. offtopic Q here..
01:19 mtj         have y'all ever tethered your laptops to an android fone?
01:19 wizzyrea    sure
01:19 eythian     yeah
01:20 mtj         ..via usb cable?
01:20 eythian     yeah
01:20 wizzyrea    not me no, I usually set up a secure access point on my phone and just use wifi.
01:20 eythian     I've done the USB thing a fair bit
01:20 wizzyrea    (lollipop has this feature, I think)
01:21 eythian     it's had it going back forever
01:21 mtj         sweet, ive been meaning to attempt it for a while
01:21 eythian     I think froyo had it
01:21 wizzyrea    I meant the portable hotspot feature
01:21 mtj         i've only got a kitkat fone...
01:21 eythian     that's definitely been around for ages too
01:22 eythian     mtj: that's why I'm saying they're really old features.
01:22 wizzyrea    then I am sure that my crappy samsung didn't enable it
01:22 Francesca   oh mtj what phone do you have?
01:23 wizzyrea    because I don't remember seeing it until I had stock :(
01:23 mtj         Francesca: ...erm, a ... hum.. elephone p8  -> http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/7c862b54
01:24 wizzyrea    (that's more an indictment of my choice of phone)
01:24 eythian     it may have been restricted for some reason, perhaps hardware couldn't do it. But I remember once being surprised to find iphones couldn't do it, so that was a while ago.
01:24 wizzyrea    iphones could almost certainly do it, just apple didn't want you to :P
01:24 Francesca   if you have a look under network settings there might be an option for portable hotpost/ usb tethering
01:25 wizzyrea    well and in the US, ATT didn't want you to.
01:25 eythian     ah yeah, the carriers here don't care
01:25 wizzyrea    ^ assholes, ATT
01:26 dcook       Hmm don't know if I've heard of the usb tethering..
01:26 mtj         Francesca: , yep i see the option , ta
01:26 wizzyrea    actually, this is probably why my phone(s) were missing the feature.
01:27 Francesca   dcook: my old little s3 had a tethering option
01:27 dcook       I've used the wifi hotspot but not sure about the usb..
01:27 dcook       Yep. Looks like it does.
01:27 dcook       I've never done it, but that's neat.
01:27 dcook       Wifi, usb, bluetooth
01:27 mtj         i guess you can charge your phone via the usb, and just tether it via wifi too
01:27 dcook       Good memory, Francesca
01:28 Francesca   hahaha I only just replaced my s3 with an s5 so it was quite easy
01:28 Francesca   also you can usually find these things if you go poking around in the settings
01:28 dcook       ^
01:28 mtj         ..so tether via usb or wifi really makes no difference
01:28 dcook       Poke all the settings!
01:28 Francesca   lol
01:29 dcook       mtj: Dunno. I guess if it's using USB, the computer might need a driver for it?
01:30 dcook       Whereas if it's Wifi, then it ain't no thing
01:30 mtj         no difference, in that, if you have internet, you have internet
01:31 dcook       http://cdn.meme.am/instances/61670858.jpg
01:31 Francesca   awwww kitty
01:32 dcook       mtj: I'd assume so.
01:36 eythian     dcook: no, it's just ethernet over USB, no drivers needed.
01:36 eythian     but the most useful thing is that it can charge at the same time.
01:36 wizzyrea    ^ that is a useful thing
01:36 eythian     (assuming you don't have something else to plug it into while it does wifi)
01:36 wizzyrea    like a computer?
01:37 wizzyrea    >.>
01:37 wizzyrea    <.<
01:37 Francesca   wahanui cats
01:37 wahanui     cats are endlessly entertaining. or cuddly and cute
01:37 eythian     well, like sticking it on a table near a plug :)
01:37 wizzyrea    ^.^
01:38 eythian     https://www.facebook.com/iScottFL/posts/10207706696650031 <-- wizzyrea
01:41 wizzyrea    Yes, all of that.
01:46 wizzyrea    eythian++ good suggestion for the "there might be a thing to do that already" suggestion
01:47 dcook       eythian: cool beans :)
01:49 wizzyrea    it's ok for C4 modules to reference stuff in the Koha namespace right? just not the other way around?
01:50 eythian     yeah
01:53 wizzyrea    kewl
01:54 wizzyrea    hrm, I don't think we would want to give away that "The provided email address is not tied to this account. " when resetting a password eh
01:55 eythian     what's the scenario?
01:55 wahanui     i heard the scenario was a problematic patch across versions.
01:55 wizzyrea    to reset your password via email
01:55 wizzyrea    you are asked to provide your username and email address
01:55 wizzyrea    it then sends you a mail
01:55 eythian     hmm
01:55 eythian     I think it's OK, neither are secrets
01:55 wizzyrea    if you provide only a valid username, it says "hey, the email you gave isn't associated with this account"
01:55 wizzyrea    I feel like that's an invitation to bruteforcing though?
01:56 eythian     also if you haven't used it for a long time, you might not know your registered email.
01:56 eythian     well, then we should have brute forcing protection.
01:56 wizzyrea    well, it won't let you do it without both
01:56 wizzyrea    I think that's reasonable-ish
01:56 eythian     right, but you have 5 emails and you don't know which one it is, how will you know if it worked?
01:56 wizzyrea    you'll get an email :P
01:56 wizzyrea    it will let you in, for one
01:56 wizzyrea    you'll get an email, for 2
01:57 eythian     OK, how will you know it was the wrong email?
01:57 eythian     wait, it lets you straight in?
01:57 eythian     that seems bad
01:57 wizzyrea    no no
01:57 wizzyrea    it sends the email if you provide correct email and user
01:57 wizzyrea    and then you click the link
01:57 wizzyrea    just like most web services
01:58 dcook       No one seems to ever say "The provided email address is not tied to this account. "
01:58 eythian     well, many things just have you put your email in
01:58 eythian     because emails must be unique for them, but probably not for us
01:58 wizzyrea    right, ^ that
01:58 dcook       Ahh right
01:58 wizzyrea    we have to have the combo because more than one user could have the same email
01:58 wizzyrea    families, for instance
01:58 wizzyrea    where the kids have the parental email address
01:59 wizzyrea    in this case, you'd want to be sure you got the right user
01:59 wizzyrea    so yeah I think we do need both.
01:59 wizzyrea    and if you don't have both, you visit the library
01:59 wizzyrea    and let them do it
01:59 dcook       Wait, what's a username?
01:59 dcook       The userid?
01:59 wahanui     the userid is the OPAC login.  Also the staff login if it's a staff account.
02:00 wizzyrea    unlike many websites, we do generally have a physical presence
02:00 wizzyrea    yes, userid/login name
02:00 wizzyrea    not cardnumber
02:00 wizzyrea    not borrowernumber
02:01 wizzyrea    I think I like this message better: "
02:01 wizzyrea    No account was found with the provided information.
02:01 wizzyrea    Check if you typed it correctly.
02:01 wizzyrea    "
02:01 wizzyrea    which is what you get if you provide an invalid userid, but a valid email
02:02 eythian     yeah
02:02 eythian     in that case, that's fine
02:02 eythian     so they know to not expect an email.
02:03 wizzyrea    the bank, for example, won't tell you which of your username or password was wrong, if you do it wrong
02:03 eythian     but that's a password
02:03 eythian     that's a secret
02:04 eythian     I suppose revealing the existance of a userid is not an ideal thing
02:04 wizzyrea    that's kind of my point, that's not exactly secret, but it might feel private?
02:05 dcook       Yeah, I don't like telling someone that there's no account
02:05 dcook       The existence of an account is a secret I think
02:05 eythian     yeah, fair enough
02:05 dcook       You know someone's email address and you don't have access to it, but you can find out they have an account there
02:05 eythian     I hadn't looked from that direction
02:06 dcook       Then you intimidate someone who works there into giving you info
02:06 mtj         so.. anyone about that has any experience with Koha and ICU?
02:06 wizzyrea    ^ this is a pretty plausible scenario, I think
02:06 dcook       mtj: *twitches*
02:06 dcook       mtj: Yes, although I'm not sure how much time I have to speak about it. What's up?
02:07 wizzyrea    right I think I'll change the message to be consistent no matter how you mess up
02:08 mtj         dcook: i'm poking at a koha with mostly korean bibs, with "not great" search results
02:09 dcook       "not great"?
02:09 mtj         ..it currently has ICU support off - im experiemnting with enabling ICU to improve search results
02:09 dcook       Ahh
02:09 dcook       Yeah, yeah I suspect it would
02:09 dcook       wizzyrea: I'd use existing services as an example. I think Twitter's is quite good.
02:10 wizzyrea    *nod* I've already made some changes to make it more like existing service
02:10 wizzyrea    you know what twitter does
02:10 wizzyrea    now
02:10 dcook       Hmm..
02:10 eythian     https://twitter.com/WgtnCC/status/651573919393013760 <-- ahahah oh dear, someone didn't quite inform them of what things mean
02:10 wizzyrea    they will detect you faffing about trying to log in
02:10 dcook       Twitter has actually changed theirs...I think it's worse now
02:10 wizzyrea    and send you an email with a link "Log in now"
02:11 mtj         dcook, have you tweaked ICU for certain lanuages, or other?
02:11 wizzyrea    ok please explain that, because I see everyone snerking but clearly there is some essential something I am missing
02:11 dcook       mtj: I think I tweaked ICU for Arabic a while back
02:11 dcook       Using Karam's example
02:11 dcook       But I had a librarian who spoke English and Arabic to guide me
02:12 eythian     wizzyrea: erm, use urban dictionary or something
02:12 dcook       wizzyrea: It took me a minute to check
02:12 dcook       Yes, urban dictionary
02:12 wizzyrea    oh dear.
02:12 dcook       It is the best for these situations
02:12 wizzyrea    oh no.
02:12 wizzyrea    lol.
02:12 dcook       If I've learned anything in the past few years, it's never do anything publicly (well, I guess I'm not following my advice right now) and never ever ever be in charge of public PR
02:12 mtj         dcook: ok, thanks for the info
02:12 dcook       Because you'll always get it wrong
02:13 dcook       mtj: No worries
02:13 wizzyrea    there is no way to fix that.
02:13 dcook       mtj: If you use yaz-client to troubleshoot it, that'll help
02:13 dcook       Admittedly, most of my ICU knowledge is around the tokenization and normalization due to that Zebra 2.0.59 bug..
02:13 wizzyrea    I have added something additional to my list of politically incorrect things that are giggleworthy but must never be used.
02:14 dcook       mtj: You might also find some files out in the wild for Korean
02:14 dcook       By the wild, I mean the interwebs
02:23 tcohen      hi
02:23 dcook       yo tcohen
02:24 tcohen      hi dcook
02:25 dcook       how're things?
02:28 eythian     tcohen: did you get my email ages ago about that second build server?
02:28 tcohen      eythian: yes, thanks. I assumed you got a later from me
02:28 mtj         hi tcohen.. thanks for tidying up my 'koha::cache holidays' patch, very appreciated!
02:28 tcohen      but it is up, set and running
02:29 eythian     sweet, I didn't remember seeing a reply. I may have slept since then though.
02:30 mtj         hey dcook:  do you remember how to define a ICU 'locale' ?
02:30 tcohen      mtj: no worries
02:30 mtj         Karam's guide mentions an 'ar' locale.. but i cant see where it is set?
02:31 dcook       Mmm I'm not sure the locale is actually used but let me check
02:32 mtj         http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Correcting_Search_of_Arabic_records
02:33 mtj         ..it seems one would add a 'ko' block to the words-icu.xml, to enable korean
02:33 dcook       Looks like
02:34 mtj         but then.. how does one tell zebra/koha to *use* that 'ko' block?
02:34 dcook       I know, right?
02:34 dcook       No idea
02:34 mtj         does it just happen automagically?
02:34 dcook       I was just thinking about that
02:34 dcook       It'll just use it
02:34 dcook       But I wonder how you'd specify multiple different ones..
02:37 mtj         perhaps zebra auto-detects korean characters... and.. uses that definition?
02:37 * mtj       makes up some stuff..
02:37 dcook       I think that would be giving it too much credit
02:37 mtj         http://www.localeplanet.com/icu/ko-KR/
02:37 Francesca   massey uni has had a threat
02:37 dcook       Also your friend: http://userguide.icu-project.org/locale
02:37 Francesca   3rd uni in 2 days
02:37 mtj         http://userguide.icu-project.org/locale
02:37 mtj         ah, snap ^
02:37 dcook       hehe
02:38 dcook       Looks like it might use the locale for stemming... https://github.com/nla/yaz/blob/master/src/stemmer.c
02:38 dcook       You could go through the yaz files to find an answer
02:39 * dcook     recalls doing that once...
02:39 dcook       You could also email Adam. He's been pretty responsive to emails from Koha folk I think
02:42 pastebot    "dcook" at pasted "may or may not be useful" (273 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/95
02:43 dcook       The demo site is fun for playing
02:44 dcook       Yeah, I don't think there is a way to indicate the locale
02:45 dcook       mtj: You're referring to the icu_chain.xml in default.idx
02:45 dcook       So Zebra knows to use that icu_chain
02:45 dcook       I think it then uses the icu_chain locale attribute for the stemmer
02:45 dcook       Just like we use locale attributes in C4::Search for the stemmer
02:45 dcook       locale values..
02:45 dcook       *
02:47 dcook       Wish I knew more...
02:49 dcook       That moment when you're going to ghost a nick and then it quits...
02:50 mtj         yep, zebra knows to use 'icuchain words-icu.xml'..
02:50 dcook       And I assume you can only provide one icu_chain within that file
02:50 dcook       So it'll just use whatever attribute you have in there
02:51 mtj         but, it seems word-icu.xml can have multiple locale='xx' defintions
02:51 dcook       "The icu_chain element has one required attribute locale which specifies the ICU locale to be used in the conversion steps."
02:52 dcook       or rather..
02:52 dcook       "The toplevel element must be named icu_chain. The icu_chain element has one required attribute locale which specifies the ICU locale to be used in the conversion steps." http://www.indexdata.com/yaz/doc/yaz-icu.html
02:53 dcook       Don't think you can duplicate attributes in XML
02:55 mtj         hmm, ok - thats makes sense
02:56 mtj         i was a bit confused by Karam's statement..
02:56 mtj         "(note that searching for other locales will still work even if you have your locale set to ar)
02:56 mtj         "
02:58 mtj         ..and was imaginng a words-icu.xml file, with many defs..
02:58 mtj         <icu_chain locale="ko"> ... </icu_chain>
02:58 mtj         <icu_chain locale="ar"> ... </icu_chain>
02:58 mtj         ..so that clears that up , thanks :)
03:00 dcook       Yeah, I originally thought that maybe you could have multiple icu_chain elements, but I don't think so
03:00 dcook       I think Karam meant that you can search using other languages
03:00 dcook       You'd have to double-check yaz and zebra sourcecode to know exactly where that locale gets used I think
03:01 dcook       I think the stemmer is one place
03:01 dcook       In theory, I think ICU is supposed to be set up in a way where you could alternate locales easily (like on an operating system)
03:01 dcook       But I'm not sure how well it would work in this case... which is probably why they only allow you to specify one
03:01 dcook       Because a record doesn't really have a locale...
03:02 dcook       A record can contain any number of languages
03:02 * dcook     doesn't envy the Indexdata folk
03:02 dcook       Seems like it's a tough pickle
03:15 mtj         yeah, its a scary problem
03:16 mtj         everywhere on the net, people seem to generally be saying 'run away!'
03:19 eythian     records do have a language tag I think
03:19 eythian     s/do/can/
03:21 dcook       eythian: good point
03:21 wahanui     I know! The blade went right through that child!
03:21 dcook       ...
03:22 dcook       eythian: "mul - Multiple languages"
03:22 eythian     yeah
03:22 dcook       "sgn - Sign languages"
03:22 dcook       I didn't know about that one
03:22 eythian     it's MARC, it's not a perfect system.
03:22 eythian     what
03:22 eythian     how can you have a record in sign?
03:23 dcook       ikr?
03:23 eythian     are you sure you're not looking at the language of the content rather than the metadata?
03:23 dcook       Oh, almost certainly the language of the content
03:24 dcook       I can't think of a language for the metadata...
03:24 dcook       But you have fields like...
03:24 dcook       Can't find the fields now
03:25 dcook       http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd880.html
03:26 mtj         the guide has some diff. info.. looks interesting
03:26 mtj         http://kohageek.pbworks.com/w/page/31484686/zebra%20configuration%20for%20regional%20language%20searching
03:26 eythian     ick
03:26 mtj         change <icu_chain locale="en"> to <icu_chain locale="en_IN.UTF-8">
03:26 wahanui     mtj: that doesn't look right
03:27 dcook       In general, I don't think that's a very reliable guide
03:27 mtj         ..add line at the bottom of the file  /etc/koha/sites/library/zebra-biblios.cfg
03:27 mtj         index: icu.idx
03:27 eythian     actually, I can't find anything about a record having a language code. Maybe I got my wires crossed somewhere.
03:27 dcook       In fact, that looks like it wouldn't even do anything
03:28 dcook       eythian: I think so
03:29 eythian     I have seen the occasional record in mixed language
03:29 mtj         https://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd041.html
03:29 mtj         eythian: i think its a thing ^
03:30 eythian     that's not the language code for a record
03:30 eythian     that's the language code for an item
03:31 dcook       A certain number of fields will always be the language of the items, but it does make me wonder about things like authorities..
03:31 dcook       Is it just assumed to be English..
03:31 dcook       Or do they not record that info
03:31 dcook       mtj: The last thing I would do is follow kohageek.pbworks.com instructions
03:32 eythian     dcook++
03:32 dcook       I suppose I often talk like I know what I'm talking about... but I think I at least link back to source documentation and actual examples
03:32 dcook       And provide justifications
03:35 eythian     have a look at the 650 for Intermediate Perl / isbn 0596102062 | 9780596102067
03:35 eythian     that's one that confused me a lot ages ago
03:36 dcook       ?
03:37 * dcook     wanders off to find food
03:38 eythian     it's a mixed language record
03:39 tcohen      eythian: if MARC had the chance of setting the language the metadata is in, we would be forced to say MARC is reasonable
03:39 eythian     no, I don't think so.
03:40 eythian     it'd just be a small improvement.
03:40 tcohen      heh
03:41 wizzyrea    phew I hope that's about all we need on bug 8753
03:41 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8753 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, charles.farmer, Needs Signoff , Add forgot password link to OPAC
03:41 wizzyrea    I want that in 3.22 >.<
03:42 tcohen      wizzyrea: i like jagermeister
03:42 tcohen      just saying
03:42 wizzyrea    :D
03:42 tcohen      :-P
03:43 wizzyrea    <
03:43 wizzyrea    <3
03:43 * wizzyrea  looks for an online distributor in Argentina
03:43 tcohen      heh
03:48 wizzyrea    right friends, I'm outtie see you tomorrow
03:49 tcohen      bye wizzyrea
04:03 tcohen      night
04:19 mtj         eythian: agreed re: your language code point :0)
04:37 dcook       hmm jagermeister
04:37 * dcook     always thought tcohen had good taste
04:37 dcook       And is ridiculously good at motorcycle games in arcades
04:38 dcook       And he isn't even here to enjoy the praise
04:50 dcook       Riddle me this:
04:50 dcook       http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/7520930?q=the+book+thief&c=book&sort=holdings+desc&_=1444193435281&versionId=184901696
04:50 dcook       It states that the work is "Freely available"
04:51 dcook       at: http:/​/​openlibrary.org/​books/​OL22253601M
04:51 dcook       But when you click on the "Read" link there, it pops up this guy: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL3396557M/The_book_thief/daisy
04:51 dcook       "This DAISY file is protected.
04:51 dcook       It can only be opened on a specialized device with a key issued by the Library of Congress."
04:52 eythian     presumably it's an error
04:52 * dcook     is confused
04:52 dcook       Then there's all sorts of stuff about how you can use DAISY-supplied software to read it on PCs
04:53 dcook       Ah some DAISY files have DRM and some don't?
04:54 dcook       "DAISY books that do not carry digital rights management can be played on a wide range of devices, from dedicated talking book players to devices such as the iPod."
04:55 dcook       "This DAISY book is encrypted with a key from the National Library Service, and may be read on appropriate reading devices with the key installed."
05:01 dcook       https://openlibrary.org/help/faq/accessing#daisy-device-key
05:01 dcook       In summary, it would indeed appear to be an error to say it is freely available
05:04 dcook       So far the National Library webpage has told me I can access an encrypted ebook for free... and it's giving me all these options to buy it online
05:04 dcook       No idea where I can find a copy through a/the library though
05:05 dcook       Oh wait... an elementary school in Victoria...
05:05 dcook       Which is apparently open to the public O_o
05:05 dcook       Yep definitely not open to the public
06:18 eythian     http://www.findtheinvisiblecow.com/
06:57 Joubu       hi
06:59 reiveune    hello
07:17 Joubu       eythian: still around?
07:18 * magnuse   waves
07:20 magnuse     bonjour Joubu et gaetan_B
07:20 gaetan_B    bonjour :)
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07:22 magnuse     heh
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07:27 magnuse     ooh, anyone able to beat that?
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07:56 ex-parrot   huh, neat
10:06 drojf       hi #koha
10:15 dojobo      hello
10:47 xarragon_   Hmm, when inserting sysprefs with the INSERT IGNORE syntax, will it overwrite existing values or keep them? Replace them I guess? The manual is a bit unclear.
10:49 Joubu       nothing will be changed
11:24 mtj         xarragon_: i think you are describing REPLACE ?
11:24 mtj         https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/replace.html
11:37 drojf       there is a lot of comments in my SRU response. i don't think it is supposed to be like this?
11:37 drojf       [off] http://staff.abunchofthings.net:9998/biblios
11:38 magnuse     [off] drojf: that is what mine look like too: http://sksk.bibkat.no:9995/biblios
11:39 drojf       with old default passwords and all. lol
11:45 drojf       bug 12836
11:45 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12836 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , SRU Explain file needs to be rewritten
11:46 drojf       "extreme new alpha stuff"
11:46 drojf       :D
11:47 xarragon_   "eXXXtreme to the maxx!"?
11:48 xarragon_   Like as in, 90's extreme, rad and totally tubular, dude?
12:02 drojf       we do not really need any of these indexes besides CQL, do we?
12:20 igor        hi everyone
12:21 igor        I'm trying to test koha locally, on a Debian Jessie environnement. It's the second time I'm doing this, and this time I encountering a problem that I've managed to solve the first time, but I can't remember how...
12:24 igor        I don't know what URL using to get the web admin interface, I mean it's localhost, so how do I do to configure apache to reach something like library-intra.domain.tld...
12:24 igor        I'm sure the solution is obvious, but I can't see it... :)
12:28 tcohen      morning!
12:29 tcohen      @wunder cordoba, argentina
12:29 huginn      tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Altos de San Martin - NW, Cordoba city, Cordoba City, Argentina is 15.1°C (9:25 AM ART on October 07, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
12:33 ashimema    morning tcohen
12:33 * ashimema  is hoping to finally take a look at the api patches today :)
12:33 tcohen      hi ashimema
12:33 tcohen      ashimema: that sounds great
12:34 * ashimema  is also hoping to add a further covers provider to koha (BDS which is rather UK oriented me thinks) and may use it as an excuse to try out the api's work
12:36 igor        configuring /etc/hosts helped me...
12:39 tcohen      ashimema: sounds like a great idea
12:43 * tcohen    hates update-control
12:44 tcohen      paul_p: can u point me to the devops guy in biblibre that can press the reset button on the jenkins server please?
13:34 paul_p      tcohen = biblibre is paying for jenkins, but I'm not sure we know how to reset it... looking now. (rangi must know, for sure)
13:35 tcohen      paul_p: yeah, but he's on vacation still (me thinks)
13:35 tcohen      I recall someone there had access
13:39 paul_p      tcohen = clrh_ has required accesses & has restarted the server ;-)
13:39 tcohen      paul_p++ clrh++
13:39 tcohen      thanks!
13:40 clrh_       :)
13:42 tcohen      clrh: it is now happily up and running our precious tests :-D
13:43 tcohen      paul_p: can u buy clrh a beer on my behalf?
13:43 paul_p      tcohen = she drinked too much beer yesterday already ;-)
13:44 clrh        :)
13:44 tcohen      heh
14:17 ashimema    jajm about?
14:19 ashimema    just wondering if we are actually intending to use mojolicious cookies to maintain api 'sessions'
14:19 ashimema    I'll comment on the bug intead
14:24 jajm        ashimema, i'm not sure to understand what you mean by "maintaining api sessions" ?
14:25 ashimema    are we using mojolicious sessions at all..
14:25 ashimema    if not, then there's no need to make the mojo secret configurable
14:26 ashimema    as the only thing it's used for is the hmac signing of the mojolicious session cookie
14:26 ashimema    we are instead relying on cgisessid which is the cookie created by the cgi method login already baked into koha
14:26 tcohen      ashimema: the latter
14:26 wahanui     the latter is already done
14:26 ashimema    thus I think adding the secret as configurable in koha-conf is actually more misleading than useful
14:27 tcohen      maybe a next-step action
14:27 ashimema    next-step of what.. sorry..
14:27 ashimema    slightly confused.. you mean next step 'might' use the mojolicious cookie?
14:28 ashimema    i've commented on the bug on bugzilla now.. so we can record the result of this conversation there
14:28 ashimema    once I understand what the result is ;)
14:33 jajm        ashimema, if we don't need secrets at all, then we can simple remove the patch... i don't think we should add code only to hide a debug message (it's just a debug message after all)
14:33 jajm        simply*
14:33 ashimema    that's a fair comment :)
14:33 ashimema    we could remove it entirely
14:35 * ashimema  thinks as auths bitch he really aught to dig into our session cookie... he has no idea if it's hmac signed or not at the moment.
14:38 ashimema    also.. is the 'authorization' level stuff in another bug..?
14:39 ashimema    can't currently find it.. but I'm likely just being dense ;)
14:53 jajm        ashimema, http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14868 ?
14:53 huginn      04Bug 14868: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Needs Signoff , REST API: Swagger2-driven permission checking
14:54 ashimema    aha.. brill
14:54 ashimema    thanks jajm
14:55 ashimema    that make much more sense for now..
14:55 ashimema    I was struggling to untangle 13920 ;)
14:55 ashimema    thanks
15:08 Dyrcona     rangi: Got a minute for a private question about NCIPServer?
15:11 ashimema    it's round about 4.10am over there I think Dyrcona ;)
15:11 ashimema    likely rangi is asleep ;)
15:11 Dyrcona     Oh, yeah.. I left my cell phone at my desk.
15:12 Dyrcona     I have it also show me time in LA and Wellington for people that I usually chat with. :)
15:12 Dyrcona     @later tell rangi PM me for a question about NCIPServer.
15:12 huginn      Dyrcona: The operation succeeded.
15:13 Dyrcona     Thanks ashimema.
15:14 * Dyrcona   is in a training class for the ILL software that NCIPServer was written to interface with.
15:14 ashimema    ill.. :)
15:16 ashimema    https://github.com/PTFS-Europe/koha/tree/ill_community Dyrcona you may be interested in this stuff then ;)
15:16 ashimema    my colleague is currently knocking it into shape for submission.. and magnuse is thinking about NCIP backends for it I believe..
15:16 Dyrcona     Cool. I'll have a look.
15:16 ashimema    bit of a team effort going on there :)
15:18 Dyrcona     My questions usually have to do with integrating my changes into the main NCIPServer branch that I consider owned by rangi, but this time I wanted to make sure that I understand what the Koha side is doing.
15:19 ashimema    :)
15:19 Dyrcona     I was comparing what Evergreen does with Koha in one area, and it looks the same, but I wanted to make sure.
15:23 ashimema    jajm looks like we're both looking at this bug at the same time..
15:23 ashimema    I'll go rebae my patches and re-upload..
15:24 jajm        ashimema, yes apparently :)
15:24 ashimema    just warning you not to grab my patches for now as they'll likely be out of sync
15:25 ashimema    this is where bugzilla isn't especially clever ;)
15:26 ashimema    I wan't to do a pull --rebase :(
15:26 ashimema    but as they're 'only patches'
15:26 ashimema    lol
15:28 jajm        ashimema, does the "swagger.json split" work with Swagger2 0.28 ?
15:29 ashimema    no
15:29 ashimema    but the module is rather experimental at .28
15:29 ashimema    we're at .58 already..
15:30 ashimema    and development is still moving fast on it.. I'd suggest we try to keep up
15:30 jajm        so wee need to upgrade the debian package...
15:30 jajm        -e
15:31 ashimema    which kinda raises my biggest fear with Mojo at the moment.. it's a fast moving project with security fixes etc going in super quick.. debian can't easily keep up :(
15:31 ashimema    I'm not entirely sure hwo to manage that conundrum :(
15:31 ashimema    was wondering about stratopan.. seeing if we can somehow remove our reliance upon system perl
15:36 ashimema    I have a real love/hate relationship with packages these days..
15:36 ashimema    they certainly make installation for the novice way easier..
15:37 ashimema    but they also bring all sorts of pain in terms of maintaining compatibility and trying to move forward too
16:04 pianohacker Joubu: I spammed the everloving heck out of bug 11559, but buried in there are some requests for clarification from you. Please take a look when you get a chance :)
16:04 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11559 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Professional cataloger's interface
16:05 Joubu       pianohacker: yep, will do tomorrow,
16:05 Joubu       for the subfield check, I don't know if the current behavior is buggy or if it's yours
16:06 Joubu       "What is the intended effect of an ignored/mandatory subfield?" I don't know :)
16:06 Joubu       answer tomorrow!
16:06 pianohacker totally fine, thanks!
16:28 Joubu       ashimema, jajm, khall, tcohen: sent a patch on bug 14974, I would like you to have a look to collect ideas and start a discussion
16:28 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14974 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Use the REST API for cities
16:28 Joubu       have a good evening #koha!
17:07 ashimema    Joubu++ #I'll have a look this evening :)
17:09 ashimema    also looking at bug 14828 to update my koha::objects knolledge.. thakns tcoen, joubu
17:09 huginn      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14828 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Move the item types related code to Koha::ItemTypes
17:31 tcohen      Joubu++
18:32 * cait      waves
18:39 tcohen      hi cait!
18:39 cait        hi tcohen
18:53 mveron      Good evening / daytime everybody
20:08 BobB        hi
20:08 BobB        is there a meeting now?
20:09 BobB        http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_meeting_7_October_2015
20:11 thd         BobB: Yes there should be a meeting now.
20:12 thd         BobB:: Did you see a reminder about the meeting on the mailing lists?
20:13 BobB        no, i'm just out of bed tbh
20:14 thd         I have been running around helping two old people I know avoid eviction.
20:15 wizzyrea    thd++
20:19 pianohacker thd: still in the midst of that?
20:20 thd         pioanohacker: The judge has up to 60 days to rule on my friend's motion to dismiss the case.
20:22 BobB        what about this meeting?  there's not much on the agenda
20:23 BobB        shall we skip it?
20:23 BobB        breakfast beckons for /me
20:30 BobB        catch you next time thd
20:30 thd         pioanohacker: We have cured the basic complaint two months ago.   However, the landlord's lawyer is trying to assert that even a very neat but large personal library is a fire hazard.
20:31 thd         Are there enough people here to have a meeting?
20:31 mtj         hi folks, i'm about...
20:32 thd         pianohacker: Did you see a reminder about meeting on the mailing list?
20:32 pianohacker nope
20:33 pianohacker thd: that's unfortunate... sorry to hear
20:34 mtj         i think the meeting reminder email didnt happen
20:35 thd         pianohacker: In New York City, even very high rents are never high enough for many of the type of people who are now in the business of being a landlord.  The nice landlords have largely sold out to the mean ones.
20:35 pianohacker sounds like new york...
20:38 thd         pioanohacker:  I am largely finished helping my friend in a major way where I was spending every day helping him restore things to how I had seen them years ago and better.  However, the case is continuing in housing court.
20:39 pianohacker thd: you're like bag used to be with his creative spellings of pianohacker ;)
20:39 pianohacker pananohacker, panohacker, paninihacker
20:39 thd         He he
20:40 bag         my best ever was pianocaker
20:40 bag         heh
20:40 thd         pianohacker:  My spell checker marks the correct and incorrect spellings wrong.
20:41 pianohacker it's not a common word (thankfully for getting usernames)
20:41 pianohacker bag: wow your memory... that was 2009! http://irc.koha-community.org/search.pl?channel=koha&nick=&q=pianocaker
20:41 pianohacker like, that was from the brendan/bg era!
20:41 bag         yeah :)
20:42 bag         told ya I’ve got a decent memory
20:43 pianohacker if a selective one ;)
20:44 wizzyrea    that's a pretty memorable typo.
20:49 thd         At this point, I will assume a lack of reminder has killed the prospects for a productive meeting.  Should we hold a meeting to at least set the date and time of the next meeting?
20:50 pianohacker heh. I'd say we put that on the mailing list
20:50 thd         Ok
20:54 thd         I am going to run then to catch up to the other person I am helping in a minimal way.  This person is merely a little behind on his rent because he procrastinated about doing things earlier.
21:17 enomao      hi
21:43 wizzyrea    hi
21:44 wnickc      hello
21:48 eythian     hi
22:48 Francesca   hi
22:48 wahanui     que tal, Francesca
23:21 wizzyrea    I've just had a report of the ajax circ doubling up circulations. I wonder if anyone else has seen that?
23:25 pianohacker wizzyrea: circulations? like double issues table entries?
23:26 wizzyrea    yep
23:26 pianohacker wtf
23:26 wizzyrea    http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14069
23:26 huginn      04Bug 14069: blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Follow-up 13790: Fix database update to drop PK on issues/old_issues first
23:26 wizzyrea    I think i'ts because of this
23:26 pianohacker wizzyrea: what version?
23:26 wahanui     it has been said that version is always noted in a comment on top
23:26 pastebot    "wizzyrea" at pasted "double issues" (6 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/99
23:27 wizzyrea    3,20
23:27 wizzyrea    they have 8 occurrences of this since they upgraded to 3.20
23:27 wizzyrea    this particular library
23:28 pianohacker what do you mean by ajax circ? the renew/return from the datatable?
23:28 wizzyrea    i mean using the not-so-new-now circulation interface
23:29 wizzyrea    to be fair it probably has more to do with there now not being a PK on the issues table on itemnumber
23:29 wizzyrea    but it should probably have a unique
23:29 wizzyrea    (as colin notes)
23:38 martian523  need help! i created a basket. then tried to receive shipment, then it says "no orders found"
23:38 wizzyrea    You need to close the basket
23:38 wizzyrea    martian523 ^ :)