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00:51 wizzyrea      ibeardslee: nobody wants to pay for the cert.
00:51 wizzyrea      I already pay for the server so
00:52 wizzyrea      I'd be SUPERHAPPY to set it up once I have a cert tho
00:55 eythian       wizzyrea: let's encrypt is coming out soon anyway
00:55 wizzyrea      yes true
01:42 eythian       khall_away: Koha::Object is way underdocumented, you should explain its purpose and how it should be used in the perldoc, otherwise no one else can meaningfully use it.
02:10 * eythian     wants to be on the QA team just so he can create a form reply saying "You haven't documented this. To the back of the queue!"
02:13 wizzyrea      I'm... not sure I disagree with this tactic.
02:32 Francesca     wizzyrea is koha going to mars? https://catalyst.net.nz/news/mars-beckons-open-source-pioneers
02:32 wizzyrea      :D
02:32 Francesca     if so can I come
02:32 wizzyrea      hehe sure
02:32 ibeardslee    I'll start a pledgeme campaign .. one way right?
02:32 wizzyrea      we must make sure to put the first library on mars.
02:33 wizzyrea      I love you to ibeardslee
02:33 wizzyrea      too*
02:33 Francesca     please make it return
02:33 wizzyrea      and it must be a Koha library
02:33 Francesca     we shall establish a koha library then return home victorious
02:34 Francesca     cdickinson says make it part of the catalyst cloud and establish a data centre on mars
02:38 wizzyrea      Isn't that what the article says?
02:39 wizzyrea      also, Ford has made an open standard for integrating phones with cars. That seems... remarkably thoughtful of them.
02:40 * wizzyrea    was taught that Ford stood for "Fix or repair daily"
02:40 Francesca     hahahaha
02:40 eythian       There was a great TAL episode about the US car industry, though focusing on GM
02:40 wizzyrea      oh I used to love this american life.
02:40 wizzyrea      why did I stop listening to that?
02:41 Francesca     why did you?
02:41 eythian       http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/561/nummi-2015 <-- this
02:41 wizzyrea      oh right because I stopped driving all over northeast kansas fixing computers and soothing librarians.
02:41 Francesca     you did that?
02:41 wizzyrea      yep :)
02:41 Francesca     cdickinson feels sorry for you
02:42 wizzyrea      hehe
02:42 eythian       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzQW72hk8B4 <-- wizzyrea, did you know they had a short-lived TV series
02:42 wizzyrea      now that I did know
02:42 wizzyrea      I think before I was smart, I bought it on iTunes.
02:43 wizzyrea      smart*er
02:43 Francesca     hahahaha
02:45 wizzyrea      http://ministryofgifs.org/post/130175259402
02:45 Francesca     ouch
02:46 Francesca     cdickinson said something too rude to literally put in here so summed up he called the dog a jerk
03:12 drescot       FREE EBOOKS FOR FREE PEOPLE  http://spiritualwarfare666.webs.com/Satans_Library.htm
03:18 ibeardslee    haven't they already popped in about that recently?
05:17 dcook         @later tell barton|away left heaps of comments for you on bug 14861
05:17 huginn        dcook: The operation succeeded.
05:17 dcook         @later tell barton left heaps of comments for you on bug 14861
05:17 huginn        dcook: The operation succeeded.
05:42 dcook         I wonder how many commits this VM's git is behind..
05:43 dcook         Mmm about a year and a half's worth..
05:43 * Francesca   waves at dcook
05:43 dcook         heya Francesca
05:43 wahanui       is waging a war against the video driver that continues to fail on her vm
05:44 Francesca     hahahahahaha
05:44 dcook         Good luck with that :p
05:44 Francesca     I forgot that one existed
05:44 dcook         Actually... I thought that I had fixed that with my VM and now the video driver is having an issue..
05:44 Francesca     Lol we managed to fix it in the end
05:44 Francesca     it was my vm
05:44 Francesca     not wahanuis
05:45 dcook         Mine had to do with 3D acceleration I think..
05:45 cdickinson    dcook: maybe I can help
05:45 cdickinson    what hypervisor are you using?
05:46 Francesca     hahahaha cdickinson to the rescue
05:46 Francesca     he fixed mine
05:46 cdickinson    if it's VirtualBox, then fixing it for Ubuntu or Debian isn't hard, just gotta know what to do
05:47 dcook         cdickinson: Yeah, it's Virtualbox and Debian. I fixed it ages ago but it seems like it reverted. I almost never use this VM so I don't really care :)
05:47 Francesca     he'll want to fix it now
05:47 dcook         hehe
05:47 cdickinson    dcook: make sure DKMS is installed, then reinstall the VirtualBox Guest Additions
05:47 Francesca     he hates broken slow virtual machines
05:48 cdickinson    and make sure VirtualBox is up to date as well
05:48 dcook         Sorry, I meant the guest is Debian. The host is Windows.
05:48 cdickinson    yep
05:49 cdickinson    on the host, update VirtualBox. in the guest, install DKMS and reinstall the VirtualBox Guest Additions
05:49 dcook         O_o
05:49 Francesca     hahahaha
05:49 dcook         Well, I'll take a look at that later :)
05:50 dcook         Still only halfway through the git fetch atm..
05:50 cdickinson    dcook: all good. run 'glxinfo | grep renderer' after you do it
05:50 cdickinson    and see if the renderer is 'Chromium' or something like that
05:50 Francesca     I might be able to take a screenshot and stick in here if that helps
05:51 cdickinson    as long as it's not LLVMpipe, you're good
05:51 * dcook       wonders if anyone noticed when he said that he doesn't really care in this case ;)
05:51 Francesca     hahaha
05:51 cdickinson    I noticed
05:51 cdickinson    but I care
05:51 Francesca     cdickinson is like a dog with a home
05:51 dcook         haaha
05:51 dcook         I like that
05:51 Francesca     bone
05:51 dcook         I'm the same way
05:51 Francesca     if its broken he'll fix it
05:51 * dcook       is the pot calling the kettle black
05:51 dcook         Only reason I'm on this VM is to see why Zebra isn't working for barton
05:51 * Francesca   dies laughing
05:51 Francesca     oh
05:52 dcook         Even though it works for me :p
05:52 cdickinson    lol
05:52 Francesca     can't help with that sorry
05:52 dcook         I think I'm the Zebra whisperer
05:52 cdickinson    you are always supportive in the weirdest of ways, Francesca
05:52 dcook         Actually, the problem looks like Koha and not Zebra
05:52 cdickinson    in that case, I have a question, dcook
05:52 Francesca     actually kohl-community was down earlier
05:52 Francesca     koha'
05:52 * Francesca   facepalms
05:52 wahanui       http://buikitty.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/20120202-094434.jpg
05:53 cdickinson    dcook: have any idea how to run a Zebra server on a separate machine from the Koha instance?
05:53 cdickinson    literal facepalm
05:53 wahanui       cdickinson: facepalm =is= <reply>http://buikitty.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/20120202-094434.jpg|a tiny member of the Arecaceae family whose preference for warm, humid environments makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in the human nasal cavity.
05:53 cdickinson    wahanui: facepalm is also <reply> http://media1.giphy.com/media/6OWIl75ibpuFO/giphy.gif
05:53 wahanui       okay, cdickinson.
05:54 dcook         cdickinson: I haven't done it, but I'd say use tcp rather than unix sockets
05:54 Francesca     cdickinson is also <reply> tech support for everyone
05:54 wahanui       okay, Francesca.
05:55 cdickinson    when configuring the listen segments?
05:55 cdickinson    in koha-conf.xml
05:55 dcook         Yep
05:55 dcook         koha-conf.xml should even have the instructions inside
05:55 cdickinson    I suspect koha-conf-site.xml.in doesn't
05:55 cdickinson    but there was an example one in the git repo which was more helpful
05:56 dcook         I really wish that I used Debian for Koha sometimes :p
05:56 dcook         Being the odd one out is no fun :p
05:56 Francesca     literal cdickinson
05:56 wahanui       Francesca: cdickinson =is= <reply> I run windows. Don't judge me.|dirt poor most of the time|<reply> I've been awake for 30 hours. Please don't judge me.|<reply> tech support for everyone
05:56 Francesca     he runs windows dcook
05:56 Francesca     you're not alone
05:56 cdickinson    dcook: I use Ubuntu on my Koha as a Service, though I made everything as platform-agnostic as possible
05:56 cdickinson    in fact, I had to add hacks to make it work on Ubuntu >_>
05:56 Francesca     and I run mac os x and ubuntu on a vm so
05:57 dcook         Hmm? Hacks to work on Ubuntu?
05:57 dcook         That's... surprising
05:57 dcook         I have Koha running on Ubuntu on AWS without any hacks me thinks
05:57 dcook         Or do you mean for your "as a Service" stuff specifically?
05:57 cdickinson    in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, libapache2-mod-itk has a dumb bug that stops it configuring if the default MPM is configured
05:58 Francesca     cdickinson can we show him your webpage
05:58 cdickinson    had to work around that in my Koha Puppet module in order to get it to work
05:58 Francesca     for your project
05:58 dcook         Really?
05:58 wahanui       Really is more trouble than she's worth.
05:58 dcook         I mean
05:58 cdickinson    yep
05:58 dcook         I know about *mod-itk
05:58 dcook         I managed it with Chef all right
05:58 dcook         I probably have the recipe around somewhere..
05:58 * Francesca   slow claps
05:58 cdickinson    wait a minute
05:58 Francesca     I see what you did there
05:58 cdickinson    I actually branched the official Apache Puppet module in order to fix that
05:59 dcook         Ahhhh, I gotcha now
05:59 dcook         Puppet calls them modules?
05:59 dcook         Some of the recipes for Chef out there aren't so great..
05:59 dcook         AWS's Chef modules are crap as well..
05:59 dcook         err recipes
06:00 cdickinson    modules are user-written, and let you install things like Apache
06:00 * dcook       really is an Ansible convert these days
06:00 cdickinson    and yes, some of them are not so great
06:00 dcook         The AWS ones have to do with namespace conflicts unfortunately...
06:00 dcook         I think they might fix it eventually
06:00 dcook         Man this is slow..
06:00 cdickinson    lol
06:00 cdickinson    configuration management
06:01 cdickinson    basically, a good idea
06:01 cdickinson    but when did it become something that causes you nightmares
06:01 pastebot      "dcook" at pasted "Ubuntu and Apache 2.4" (16 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/85
06:02 dcook         When AWS re-uses common names for their own whacky recipes..
06:02 dcook         cdickinson: That's all I did in Chef to get around that libapache2-mod-itk issue
06:02 dcook         I think..
06:02 cdickinson    ouch
06:02 cdickinson    dcook: one sec, I'll post mine
06:04 * Francesca   is writing another essay about cats
06:05 pastebot      "cdickinson" at pasted "Apache Puppet Module hack" (27 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/86
06:06 cdickinson    basically, since the event MPM always gets installed no matter how much I told it not to, I got rid of the configuration files after package install
06:07 dcook         That certainly seems hacky
06:07 dcook         Why not just unload it using the Apache commands?
06:07 cdickinson    a solution like yours would have been nice, but the Apache Puppet module doesn't have an 'ensure' parameter, which would do the same sort of thing
06:07 * dcook       has never used Puppet
06:08 cdickinson    dcook: I could, but that would be worse, because then I'd have to run an extra command to make sure it would need to be run in the first place
06:08 dcook         "make sure it would need to be run in the first place"?
06:08 cdickinson    when you define a resource in Puppet, it has to only make the change if it needs to
06:08 cdickinson    for command executions, you need to define this yourself
06:08 dcook         Right
06:08 dcook         Ack phone
06:09 cdickinson    they wouldn't accept this upstream, I think
06:09 cdickinson    but I don't really agree with how the module is designed, anyway
06:10 dcook         Hmm I think I might understand..
06:10 dcook         So with Chef, I was preloading an Apache recipe from... I can't remember who
06:10 dcook         But after that was run, then I did the unloading/loading as required with no fuss
06:11 cdickinson    yeah
06:11 cdickinson    I might be able to do it in a nicer way
06:11 dcook         Can't remember if it does checking itself or not..
06:11 dcook         Ah right... there was also an apache_module resource
06:11 cdickinson    can just get it to uninstall the event MPM package, instead of just removing the files
06:11 cdickinson    I would try it, but this works
06:11 dcook         Still don't get why you can't  just disable it :p
06:12 dcook         How is this Git still stuck at 61%..
06:12 cdickinson    ah
06:12 dcook         1.5 years worth of commits... boo
06:12 cdickinson    lol
06:12 cdickinson    I can't just disable it because the resource in this module doesn't have any method of doing that
06:12 cdickinson    the resource that handles the MPMs
06:12 dcook         Ahh, that would be annoying
06:12 cdickinson    basically, if you define an MPM resource in Puppet, you want it installed
06:12 cdickinson    and that's it
06:13 cdickinson    I can change it so that you can do that, but that's a major change
06:13 cdickinson    it's usually done with an 'ensure' parameter, which controls the state of the resource
06:14 cdickinson    generally, if you do it in one thing, you should do it for everything, though
06:15 cdickinphone  Blue careened
06:15 cdickinphone  Screened*
06:15 cdickinphone  Really should adjust that Overclock
06:16 mtj           http://joabj.com/Writing/Tech/Dev/1509-Software-Versioning.html
06:48 ashimema      morning
06:49 dcook         afternoon ashimema :)
06:54 reiveune      hello
07:00 Francesca     evening ashimema, reiveune
07:00 reiveune      hi Francesca
07:00 Francesca     sup
07:03 alex_a        bonjour
07:03 wahanui       hola, alex_a
07:04 dcook         84%..
07:04 dcook         That's 23% in roughly 1 hour..
07:04 Francesca     84%?
07:04 wahanui       0.84
07:04 dcook         Still fetching :p
07:04 Francesca     how long has that been going on for
07:04 dcook         I'm guessing about 1.5 hours?
07:04 Francesca     wow
07:04 cdickinson    sounds like a RAID rebuild or something
07:05 Francesca     RAID?
07:05 cdickinson    Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
07:05 cdickinson    basically, a group of hard drives working together
07:05 Francesca     oh ok
07:05 cdickinson    to provide faster and more redundant storage
07:05 dcook         Yeah I'm not sure why it's taking forever
07:06 dcook         But I think it's about time I head home
07:06 cdickinson    rebuilding RAID arrays can take forevahhh
07:06 * Francesca   thinks that dcook should check his driver
07:06 * dcook       glares at Francesca
07:06 * Francesca   cowers in fear
07:07 dcook         :p
07:07 dcook         88%...
07:07 Francesca     so close yet so far
07:07 dcook         Indeed!
07:07 liw           estimated to rebuild a RAID is MTBF+1 day
07:08 Francesca     ugh
07:08 Francesca     thats ages
07:10 dcook         Done :)
07:10 dcook         So considerably less than a RAID build :)
07:10 Francesca     yay finally!
07:10 dcook         3561 commits behind
07:10 cdickinson    pretty much
07:10 cdickinson    lol liw
07:10 Francesca     Home time for you now?
07:10 dcook         Mmm... I'm going to pull a cdickinson and keep poking
07:10 dcook         My wife doesn't get done work for a while so I still have a bit of time to shop and cook
07:10 * dcook       is super husband
07:11 * cdickinson  is not a husband
07:11 cdickinson    but I feel helpful
07:11 dcook         Missing dependencies... *sigh*
07:11 * dcook       hopes this goes faster
07:11 * Francesca   hopes that cdickinson is not a husband
07:12 Francesca     that would be awkward
07:12 cdickinson    yep, for sure
07:12 dcook         ?
07:12 Francesca     heh sorry
07:12 Francesca     hard to explain
07:12 dcook         Interesting..
07:12 wahanui       interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
07:12 Francesca     actually that sums it up pretty well
07:13 cdickinson    hard to explain? or interesting?
07:13 cdickinson    or both?
07:13 wahanui       both is best :)
07:13 dcook         Oooh this is the first time I've had to update config files for a package install... neato
07:13 dcook         Now I'm curious :p
07:14 Francesca     cdickinson if a question comes you're answering
07:15 cdickinson    alright
07:15 Francesca     I'm not tech support
07:15 dcook         Woohoo. Install done.
07:15 Francesca     also essay
07:15 * Francesca   sighs
07:15 Francesca     yay!
07:15 dcook         Bah.. so many steps..
07:15 dcook         Shouldn't this have autoupgraded..
07:15 Francesca     hahahahaha
07:15 wahanui       it has been said that hahahahaha is there someone else we should ask?
07:15 Francesca     poke it with a stick
07:15 dcook         Oh wait.. git install
07:16 dcook         Bah..
07:17 dcook         So what questions were there?
07:17 Francesca     wahanui bah is bah humbug
07:17 wahanui       OK, Francesca.
07:17 cdickinson    you tell me, dcook
07:18 dcook         cdickinson, you sound like wahanui now :p
07:18 Francesca     lol
07:18 Francesca     oh god
07:18 Francesca     be cdickinson
07:18 wahanui       theres a sub-reddit for that
07:18 Francesca     now wahanui sounds like cdickinson
07:18 cdickinson    wahanui: be cdickinson is also wahanui
07:18 wahanui       okay, cdickinson.
07:19 cdickinson    be cdickinson
07:19 wahanui       Francesca's BRAAAAAAAIN!
07:19 Francesca     wahanui you are also cdickinson
07:19 wahanui       okay, Francesca.
07:19 cdickinson    <wahanui> Francesca's BRAAAAAAAIN! <--- what the
07:19 Francesca     oh my god I just lost it
07:19 Francesca     I think it was set to your braaaaaaain
07:19 dcook         Muahaha
07:20 dcook         I got it working
07:20 Francesca     dunno why or how my name got in there though
07:20 Francesca     yay!
07:20 Francesca     nice and fast now?
07:20 cdickinson    someone has ideas, Francesca
07:20 Francesca     duh duh duuuuuuuh
07:20 Francesca     dcook: well done, have a beer
07:20 cdickinson    passing the question baton over to you, Francesca
07:20 dcook         Although this doesn't explain why barton was having problem..
07:20 Francesca     @bartender dcook
07:20 cdickinson    gotta step out for a while
07:20 * huginn      fills a pint glass with Maredsous 8, and sends it sliding down the bar to dcook (http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/222/2508/)
07:20 cdickinson    be back soon
07:20 Francesca     bye
07:21 Francesca     @wunder elg
07:21 huginn        Francesca: The current temperature in El Golea, Algeria is 21.0°C (8:00 AM CET on September 30, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
07:21 Francesca     oops
07:21 Francesca     @wunder wlg
07:21 huginn        Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0°C (8:00 PM NZDT on September 30, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
07:23 dcook         Yikes... something didn't go well in master on my vm..
07:23 dcook         Allowed me to create a record without required fields... yikes
07:24 Francesca     argh more work
07:24 dcook         Well, it might just be IceWeasel..
07:25 Francesca     IceWeasel??
07:25 wahanui       IceWeasel is probably pretty much firefox without the non-free bits
07:25 Francesca     oh
07:25 Francesca     thanks wahanui, botsnack cookie
07:25 dcook         Actually, I guess I'm using Chromium
07:25 Francesca     ah
07:32 dcook         Ok, I think mystery solved
07:32 dcook         I think barton was editing the wrong file..
07:33 * dcook       goes home after leaving a million bugzilla comments
07:33 dcook         @later tell barton I think you may have been editing the wrong ccl.properties file. See the bug report for details.
07:33 huginn        dcook: The operation succeeded.
07:35 * Francesca   waves goodbye to dcook if he hasn't already left
07:39 gaetan_B      hello
07:42 cait          hi all :)
07:56 Francesca     heya
07:57 cdickinson    alright, I'm back
08:26 cait          cdickinson: what time is it in nz right now? i think it's now 11 hours apart or so from us?
08:26 cdickinson    cait: it's 9:25pm
08:26 cdickinson    daylight savings just changed on Sunday morning
08:26 cait          ah yeah
08:26 cait          it's 10:25 am here
08:27 cdickinson    your day is just starting
08:27 cdickinson    enjoy
08:27 cait          true, but time is still going by to fast already :)
08:28 cdickinson    not enough time to do the work you have?
08:28 cdickinson    that's how it feels for me
08:49 Francesca     night all
08:49 wahanui       goodnight Francesca. You'll be back.
09:34 cait          so quiet...
09:45 magnuse       cait: hush...
10:43 darrensampson im trying to import a csv of my catalog taken from another system and cannot find how to import this in to Koha?
11:12 magnuse       @later tell darrensampson you can't import bibliographic records as svc into koha, you have to transform them into MARC records first
11:12 huginn        magnuse: The operation succeeded.
11:39 misilot       .
11:58 Malumfashee   is there anyone online to help?
12:25 jajm          jcamins around ?
12:26 jcamins       Not for Koha-related things.
12:26 jcamins       Why?
12:26 jajm          i have a koha-related question :)
12:27 jajm          i just want to know if you plan to work on bug 7419
12:27 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7419 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Failed QA , Add authority deduplication script
12:28 jcamins       Probably not.
12:30 jajm          jcamins, i never managed to get your script working, could you try to answer my last comment, when you have time ?
12:31 jcamins       Any is not configured in UNIMARC, it looks like.
12:35 jajm          it would be strange... but i will check that
12:35 jajm          thanks
15:19 nitz0         @tea
15:19 huginn        nitz0: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
15:20 nitz0         @sortinghat
15:20 huginn        Hmm... nitz0... Let me see now... GRYFFINDOR!
15:44 reiveune      bye
15:56 cait          @sortinghat
15:56 huginn        Hmm... cait... Let me see now... SLYTHERIN!
15:56 cait          ugh
16:00 cait          @sortinghat
16:00 huginn        Hmm... cait... Let me see now... GRYFFINDOR!
16:09 nitz0         haha
16:10 druthb        @sortinghat
16:10 huginn        Hmm... druthb... Let me see now... RAVENCLAW!
16:10 druthb        :/
16:11 * druthb      files a Bugzilla against the Hat, as she's clearly a Hufflepuff.
16:12 cait          huh
16:12 cait          why is the only reference to OPACFineNoRenewals i can find in the database in the updatedatabase and release notes? :(
16:13 cait          oh, whitespace
16:13 wahanui       whitespace is http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/2011/12/15/fixing-whitespace-when-apply-patches-with-git/
16:13 * cait        nods
16:13 cait          the hat is clearly malfunctioning
16:14 druthb        It figured it out on second try for you, tho
16:14 cait          hm not sure
16:29 drojf         evening
16:29 drojf         eythian++
16:30 cait          hi drojf
16:30 cait          slept in?
16:30 cait          :)
16:30 drojf         cait: heh. i wish. slept little, got a flu
16:31 cait          ew
16:31 drojf         i hope i can instantly kill it
16:31 drojf         no time for that
16:32 cait          i am glad you are far far away from me right now :)
16:33 drojf         did you see the rvk-visual thing on inetbib?
16:33 cait          nope?
16:33 wahanui       somebody said nope was http://i.imgur.com/flFgB.gif
16:34 cait          i am waiding through rda docs...
16:34 cait          wading even
16:34 drojf         oh that sounds like fun
16:34 cait          hmpf
16:34 drojf         can you explain it to me when you are done? :)
16:34 cait          not sure
16:34 cait          but it starts here...
16:34 cait          they are swtiching the union catalog during the weekend
16:34 cait          so coming monday the libraries are allowed to catalog in RDA
16:35 cait          and then beginning next year it's going to be mandatory
16:35 drojf         oh, already? waah
16:35 cait          waah.
16:35 drojf         can't we pretend it is not there until it goes away? :)
16:35 cait          i don't think so
16:36 drojf         :(
16:36 drojf         not fair
16:36 cait          there are some rda sample records on our website -but they have some bugs. i can let you know when they get updated
16:36 drojf         great!
16:36 cait          they already fixed some things - so waiting for a newer version :)
16:37 cait          @marc 264
16:37 huginn        cait: unknown tag 264
16:37 drojf         heh
16:37 drojf         good bot
16:41 * cait        tries to see how the publisher ifnormation gets into the cart
16:47 cait          looking at this... it shouldn't even work now
16:49 magnuse       rda--
16:50 magnuse       lipstick on a very old and sick pig...
17:02 cait          it will give us big big problems
17:02 cait          mostly the 260/264 is pretty horrible
17:02 jcamins       cait: MARC causing problems?
17:02 cait          sssh don't tell anyone
17:02 cait          bug 10306
17:02 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10306 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Publication information can only be mapped to either 260 or 264 (RDA)
17:04 cait          i currently have no ide how to fix this
17:04 cait          any constructive ideas welcome
17:04 pianohacker   ohhh this is where the major practice of always getting mappings from the default framework bites us in the butt :/
17:05 cait          yep
17:05 cait          we already have a big unimarc/marc21 issue with copyrightdate and publicationyear
17:05 jcamins       cait: does "eradicate MARC like enemies of the dalek" count as a constructive idea?
17:05 cait          but this makes it entirely worse
17:05 cait          jcamins: nope.
17:06 cait          pianohacker: seriously... i need to find a way to fix this
17:06 cait          or 'we' do
17:06 pianohacker   ... I think the only thing you can really do is have a separate framework and make everything that looks for mappings pass the framework code, cait
17:06 cait          ... so good ideas are very welcome
17:06 * jcamins     rocks back and forth, dalek-like and says "EX-TER-MIN-ATE EX-TER-MIN-ATE."
17:06 cait          it will at least affect all export formats that are not marc and all displays we built without looking at the marc record... so practically everywhere but result list and detail page :(
17:07 pianohacker   cait: yup :/
17:07 cait          i am not sure if extending the koha-to-marc-mappings is the way to go
17:07 pianohacker   wahanui: marc is <action>rocks back and forth, dalek-like and says "EX-TER-MIN-ATE EX-TER-MIN-ATE."
17:07 wahanui       ...but marc is the standard that isn't|<reply>http://marc-must-die.info|<reply>The MARC specs live at http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/ - abandon hope all ye who enter here.|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi-ZIOmB6EM...
17:07 pianohacker   wahanui: marc is also <action>rocks back and forth, dalek-like and says "EX-TER-MIN-ATE EX-TER-MIN-ATE."
17:07 wahanui       okay, pianohacker.
17:07 cait          but on the other hand... it could allow for non marc stuff mappings too in the future? :)
17:07 jcamins       marc?
17:07 wahanui       marc is the standard that isn't
17:08 jcamins       marc?
17:08 wahanui       marc is probably the standard that isn't
17:08 jcamins       marc?
17:08 wahanui       marc is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi-ZIOmB6EM
17:08 jcamins       marc?
17:08 * wahanui     rocks back and forth, dalek-like and says "EX-TER-MIN-ATE EX-TER-MIN-ATE."
17:08 cait          marc?
17:08 wahanui       The MARC specs live at http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/ - abandon hope all ye who enter here.
17:08 jcamins       Nice!
17:08 jcamins       I didn't know you could do that.
17:08 cait          pianohacker: but ... that's huge
17:08 cait          pianohacker: we might need a quicker fix to just have things at least working somewhoe?
17:08 cait          or maybe it would be the fastest solution... just no idea how to do it
17:09 pianohacker   cait: :/ we already handle a lot of this stuff with piecemeal hardcoded hacks
17:09 pianohacker   like how we fetch eans/upcs/isbns
17:09 cait          we do a bit of stuff for publicationyear/copyrightyear - but haven't found much else
17:10 pianohacker   cait: plus there's, you know, C4/AuthoritiesMarc.pm
17:10 cait          maybe something for the dev meeting
17:10 pianohacker   which is a different bucket of crazy
17:10 cait          heh
17:10 pianohacker   yeah, I'd say so
17:10 cait          but that's not affected here i think
17:10 cait          not even part of the mappings
17:10 pianohacker   no, thank god
17:10 pianohacker   there are no mappings... it's alllllll hardcoded
17:10 cait          well..y eah
17:10 cait          but at least in a central place ;)
17:11 pianohacker   *shiver* I guess :)
17:11 cait          i will try to send an email today or tomorrow about the bug... maybe someone has a good idea how to solve it
17:12 pianohacker   cait: as someone not as familiar with the cataloging side of this, can you do something as simple as checking for RDA info first then falling back to MARC21?
17:12 cait          heh
17:12 cait          marc21 is the format
17:12 cait          rda is the cataloguing rules
17:13 pianohacker   that falls under the category of "piecemeal hack," not "proper boil-the-ocean solution," but...
17:13 cait          replacing rak for us and i think aacr2 for you
17:13 cait          it's both still in marc... until bibframe
17:13 pianohacker   cait: wasn't quite sure whether to say aacr2 or marc21 (or usmarc)
17:13 pianohacker   they all get a bit jumbled on occasion :)
17:13 cait          i know that our union catalog puts rda in 040$e - but i am nto sure if that is a general thing
17:14 cait          but you can fall back i think, like look for 264 first (which would only appear in an rda record) and then fall back to 260
17:14 pianohacker   okay, yeah
17:14 cait          the problem is
17:14 cait          hm
17:14 cait          everytime we look up data in the database fields like here
17:15 cait          GetBiblioData
17:15 cait          http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=C4/Biblio.pm;hb=3007208c70274a2bab326bc3ccf31bced32dab2b#l774
17:16 cait          ... so koha-to-marc-mappings... hm.
17:16 cait          i am not sure where in the code it happens yet, somewhere during import?
17:19 cait          TransformMarcToKoha
18:43 charles_      Is there documentation on how to mock database transaction in unit tests with the new schema->resultset ?
20:22 * Francesca   waves
21:33 eythian       hi
21:33 wahanui       privet, eythian
22:22 Francesca     @wunder wlg
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22:36 cait          @wunder Konstanz
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22:36 Francesca     wow its actually colder where you are
22:38 eythian       it is also after midnight there :)
22:38 wahanui       okay, eythian.
22:38 eythian       hush wahanui