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23:48 huginn        pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
23:48 pianohacker   @later tell tcohen The last time I was working on something that used DBIC and added new tables, I had to run the schema loader but not submit any of the results with the bug. Is that still true?
23:09 Francesca     hello #koha
22:09 cait          bye all :)
22:08 tcohen        muahhahaha
22:08 cait          and i go to sleep :)
22:08 cait          now you know how it works... you can teach him
22:08 tcohen        hehe :-D
22:08 cait          hmpf
22:08 wahanui       cait, go to bed
22:08 cait          cais?
22:08 cait          cait?
22:08 cait          cais is <reply>cait, go to bed
22:08 wahanui       cait: I forgot cait
22:08 cait          forget cait
22:08 pianohacker   hehehe
22:08 wahanui       somebody said cait was cait, go to bed
22:08 cait          cait?
22:08 wahanui       you are, like, cait, go to bed
22:08 cait          cait?
22:08 wahanui       OK, tcohen.
22:08 tcohen        wahanui: cait is cait, go to bed
22:08 wahanui       I HATE ALMOST EVERYTHING
22:08 pianohacker   mean ol' eythian
22:08 cait          pianohacker?
22:07 pianohacker   aw
22:07 wahanui       I HATE ALMOST EVERYTHING
22:07 pianohacker   pianohacker?
22:07 wahanui       I HATE ALMOST EVERYTHING
22:07 pianohacker   pianohacker?
22:07 cait          i don't even remember which patch that was
22:07 pianohacker   noooo
22:07 pianohacker   cait?
22:07 pianohacker   cait: yeah; we want to extend that to other parts of acquisitions
22:07 cait          there.
22:07 wahanui       cait: I forgot cait
22:07 cait          forget cait
22:07 wahanui       you are working on a patch to make it possible to set the date individually - first step
22:07 cait          cait?
22:07 cait          where did he pick all that up
22:07 cait          huh
22:07 pianohacker   hehehe
22:07 wahanui       i think cait is too lazy to alk over to you ;)
22:07 pianohacker   cait?
22:06 wahanui       cait is working on a patch to make it possible to set the date individually - first step
22:06 tcohen        cait?
22:06 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11844 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Additional fields for order lines
22:06 cait          bug 11844
22:06 * pianohacker looks at cait expectantly
22:06 wahanui       somebody said cait was looking for someone to qa the sip patches
22:06 tcohen        cait?
22:06 wahanui       somebody said cait was regretting a bit that we didn't offer this as an option first... or on a test system for people to see
22:06 tcohen        cait?
22:05 pianohacker   cait: ohhhh?
22:05 tcohen        i expect to push it soon
22:05 cait          hm should have waited to put my glasses down :)
22:05 tcohen        i mean, it is good enough for pushing, but needs some polishing
22:04 tcohen        more quirky than good, pero we can make it more useful
22:04 cait          and subscriptions of course
22:04 cait          pianohacker: i think there might be a patch for orders already floating around
22:04 pianohacker   you?
22:04 pianohacker   tcohen: I think it's decent, a little quirky but good
22:03 nitz0         bye
22:03 pianohacker   we have a project on the queue to extend that to acquisitions baskets and funds
22:03 tcohen        what do u think of that feature?
22:02 pianohacker   tcohen: yar
22:02 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10855 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Passed QA , Additional fields for subscriptions
22:02 tcohen        pianohacker: bug 10855?
21:59 pianohacker   I'd figure a good time for that would be when we move patron attributes to Koha::AdditionalField (if that happens)
21:59 pianohacker   tcohen: yeah
21:58 tcohen        but yeah, probably a major refactoring
21:58 tcohen        pianohacker: if i were to touch that code in a serious way, I'd rather use DBIx if that was possible
21:54 pianohacker   fairly innocuous refactor to sneak in with my patch :)
21:53 pianohacker   gmcharlt: I'm tempted to change it to do it with AS and change that to push @results, $row. Any reason I shouldn't?
21:53 cait          forget what i said
21:52 gmcharlt      *not that
21:52 gmcharlt      not ath one couldn't do in the aliasing in the SQL statement, I suppose
21:52 pianohacker   gmcharlt: Ah! There's the rub. That's why I asked, thanks
21:52 gmcharlt      e.g.
21:52 gmcharlt      value_description => $row->{'lib'},
21:52 gmcharlt      pianohacker: there's aliassing going on
21:52 cait          maybe ensuring the sequence is not changed? by adding fields in between?
21:52 cait          tcohen: from line 88
21:51 pianohacker   the explicit select is good, but I _think_ the code I linked to is pointless
21:51 pianohacker   I'm about to add another field to that sub, and wondered why that code was there
21:51 tcohen        pianohacker: yes, and the JOIN
21:50 pianohacker   tcohen: true, but the explicit field retrieval is done in the select just above
21:50 tcohen        we try to avoid SELECT *
21:50 tcohen        pianohacker: I think it is in line with the practice of making the fields retrieval explicit
21:50 pianohacker   he, jmf and atz are the only ones to touch it back then :)
21:49 wahanui       i guess gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
21:49 pianohacker   gmcharlt?
21:49 cait          you should ask someone else
21:47 pianohacker   it's been that way since the beginning of that module
21:47 pianohacker   cait: https://github.com/pianohacker/koha/blob/master/C4/Members/Attributes.pm#L88
21:45 * cait        is too tired to ask git
21:45 cait          can you paste a link?
21:45 pianohacker   purely for another set of eyes, does anyone know why lines 88-97 of C4/Members/Attributes.pm aren't just push @results, $row?
21:19 tcohen        dcook: what is the status of your koha-oai-client patches?
20:31 tcohen        ah, i run the script again and now it worked
20:31 cait          hm
20:30 tcohen        but the site only mentions 24 in Argentina :-/
20:30 tcohen        i have 37 configured Koha instances sharing with HEA
20:21 tcohen        heh
20:21 cait          :)
20:18 cait          but it would be very space invaderish
20:18 cait          it's mean to think that right...
20:17 tcohen        maybe it blocked some important machine gears and it caused massive destruction on the post office
20:15 cait          yeah... i hope he creates chaos at some post sorting center
20:15 wnickc        or, he escaped to plot his invasion. So...watch out
20:15 * cait        is quite grumpy about that
20:15 cait          yeah, the envelope got teared and one of the space invaders fell out :(
20:14 tcohen        half???
20:09 cait          one made it... the other not
20:09 cait          2 space invader shaped erasers i sent a friend
20:08 pianohacker   cait: half?
20:07 * cait        grumps about the post losing half of a package she sent a friend :(
20:06 tcohen        hi
19:37 huginn        cait: The operation succeeded.
19:37 cait          @later tell wizzyrea can we put the vote on the kc website?
19:35 magnuse       have fun #koha
17:36 pianohacker   heh. mix o' both :)
17:33 mtompset      Oh. I was thinking you were just putting filler, not an actually attempt at something that could be real.
17:29 pianohacker   *sigh* it's sad that the biggest obstacle to that is domain ownership instead of inherent lunacy
17:28 mtompset      Why not? :)
17:28 pianohacker   rtsp://opac.koha.org/
17:27 mtompset      I have yet to have the time to do so.
17:27 mtompset      Someone suggested we do the same for the staff client.
17:27 magnuse       yeah, we want gopher!
17:27 magnuse       i was only off by ten then :-)
17:27 magnuse       thanks, mtompset
17:27 mtompset      (or gopher! BRING IT BACK!)
17:26 mtompset      and it prevents https.
17:26 mtompset      because a whole bunch of 'http://' . $OPACBaseURL; is dumb.
17:26 mtompset      Yes.
17:26 pianohacker   the final decision on that was to include the protocol, correct?
17:25 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5010 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Pushed to Stable , Fix OPACBaseURL to include protocol
17:25 wahanui       i heard bug 5010 was scary
17:25 mtompset      bug 5010
17:25 mtompset      5010
17:22 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5020 trivial, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, oleonard, CLOSED FIXED, on patron record sex should be gender
17:22 magnuse       huh, i was sure bug 5020 was the big https bug...
16:43 gaetan_B      bye
16:11 reiveune      bye
16:04 nengard       hi
16:03 pianohacker   HI nengard
15:49 nengard       hello
15:38 nitz0         hi ppl...
14:41 misilot       thanks nengard
14:40 nengard       not that i know of
14:38 misilot       quick question, is there a list of compatible label printers on the wiki or in the documentation somewhere? I have done a quick search and couldn't find anything
14:34 huginn        drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 17.0°C (4:20 PM CEST on September 09, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
14:34 drojf         @wunder berlin, germany
14:17 mtompset      No it wouldn't.
14:14 drojf         but it wouldn't be very nice to say it's sorted out if it wasn't (speaking hypothetically)
14:09 mtompset      And even if it wasn't (I know nothing, I am speaking hypothetically), it would still be held in Manila somewhere.
14:04 drojf         heh kidding. nice to hear it's sorted out with the national library
14:00 * mtompset    gives drojf  the evil eye.
13:58 drojf         so it's not real? :P
13:58 mtompset      I'll roll it back now. :)
13:51 drojf         mtompset: indeed :D
13:51 mtompset      drojf: Like my amending comment on the Wiki? ;)
13:51 drojf         hi tcohen
13:51 tcohen        hi
13:51 drojf         hi mtompset
13:51 huginn        mtompset: magnuse was last seen in #koha 14 minutes and 16 seconds ago: <magnuse> gotta run!
13:51 mtompset      @seen magnuse
13:51 mtompset      Greetings, #koha.
13:37 magnuse       gotta run!
13:37 magnuse       nengard: i have no idea...
13:25 nengard       Is it just #topic
13:25 nengard       magnuse I'm not sure how to do that
13:25 cait          have to run bye all!
13:22 magnuse       can someone change the topic of the #koha channel?
13:17 nengard       actually we should change the response to 'hi' or 'hello' to be 'vote;
13:17 cait          :P
13:05 * druthb      wonders if cait has been replaced by wahanui in a disguise.
13:05 cait          :)
13:04 nengard       https://twitter.com/kohails/status/641585324725018625
13:04 nengard       retweet and share on facebook too :)
13:04 drojf         lol
13:04 nengard       is that an automatic reply?
13:04 nengard       ha cait
13:01 cait          morning :) vote!  http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/639452
13:00 mario         morning
12:56 drojf         not sending another mail
12:56 drojf         meh typo
12:43 cait          yeah :)
12:43 cait          ah
12:42 druthb        poking people to get out the vote.
12:42 cait          hustling?
12:41 druthb        beware of cait; she's hustling the vote today.  :)
12:41 cait          vote!  http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/639452 :)
12:41 cait          morning tcohen :)
12:39 magnuse       kia ora tcohen
12:36 tcohen        morning
12:21 mveron        cait: Already done :-)
12:20 cait          mveron: vote! hehe http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/639452
12:19 mveron        hi #koha
12:17 nengard       okay
12:17 nengard       eeek
12:17 cait          nengard: the timeframe is only a week, so need to get it out soon and far
12:17 cait          nengard: thx!
12:15 nengard       cait done and shared
12:14 drojf         imagine i'd put general discussion of a voting scheme on the agenda for next meeting… would anyone actually think about the topic or do research and prepare something?
12:12 nengard       will do cait
12:02 cait          (13:09:14) drojf: ok i started the vote. the url is http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/639452?lang=en
12:02 cait          nengard: vote! :)
11:50 nengard       hehe
11:50 nengard       :)
11:50 nengard       or
11:50 nengard       ")
11:50 magnuse       kia ora nengard
11:41 nengard       morning all
11:40 cait          ah sorry, i was away for espresso
11:27 wahanui       i think eythian is a kiwi smartass, or so pianohacker says.
11:27 magnuse       huh, eythian?
11:26 * thd         goes back to sleep :)
11:24 thd           #ME goes back to sleep :)
11:23 magnuse       thd: hehe, no problem
11:23 magnuse       drojf++
11:23 thd           cait, magnuse: Thanks greatly for broadening my cultural understanding about something I had overlooked.
11:22 drojf         email sent
11:21 thd           magnuse: The model of week numbers used in the link you provided for Google Calendar has no consequences for data exchange, therefore, it should not be difficult to add such a feature to most any free software calendar system.
11:16 magnuse       http://www.daimto.com/how-to-add-week-numbers-to-your-google-calendar/ :-)
11:16 thd           I have looked at free software calendar systems in the past and never noticed week numbers a feature.  However, I did not know to try to look for week numbers.
11:14 magnuse       thd: nope, i have not looked at a lot of those
11:13 thd           #me suspects that week number is not part of any of the calendar data exchange protocols.
11:12 thd           cait, magnuse: Do you know of any free software calendar systems which incorporate week number?
11:12 * cait        too
11:11 * magnuse     voted
11:11 drojf         ok then i'll write an email
11:10 cait          sounds good
11:10 drojf         it is 11:10 utc
11:10 magnuse       cait, thd: http://ukenr.no/
11:10 cait          hm if you send it now... is that our time now?
11:09 cait          i just checked. apparently outlook doesn't, but i think all the printed one do
11:09 magnuse       thd: yes, at least in norway
11:09 drojf         end time 16 september, 12 utc?
11:09 magnuse       does anyone know if the plack scripts tcohen has added play well with gitified?
11:09 thd           cait: Are calendars usually shown with week numbers in Germany and Norway?
11:09 drojf         ok i started the vote. the url is http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/639452?lang=en
11:09 cait          another reason not to use google calendar :)
11:08 cait          ah
11:08 magnuse       and missing from google calendar - not so easy
11:08 cait          it's printed on my calendar... so it's easy :)
11:08 cait          like when you try to sort out a meeting time... week 42 doesn#t work for me
11:08 magnuse       here too :-)
11:07 cait          yes
11:07 thd           cait: Is it common to refer to things by week number for you?
11:06 BobB          thank you cait
11:06 huginn        Log:            http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/general_irc_meeting_9_september_2015.2015-09-09-10.04.log.html
11:06 huginn        Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/general_irc_meeting_9_september_2015.2015-09-09-10.04.txt
11:06 huginn        Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/general_irc_meeting_9_september_2015.2015-09-09-10.04.html
11:06 huginn        Meeting ended Wed Sep  9 11:06:18 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot . (v 0.1.4)
11:06 cait          #endmeeting
11:06 cait          thx everyone for attending!
11:06 cait          #info Next meeting is going to be October 7, 20 UTC
11:06 thd           +1
11:05 magnuse       +1
11:05 ashimema      :)
11:05 cait          not gong to start another vote :)
11:05 cait          ok?
11:05 thd           I like that suggestion, as it avoids a potential conflict as I conclude work protecting a friend from eviction.
11:05 BobB          hmm 7am, ok
11:04 BobB          just a mo'
11:04 cait          20 UTC?
11:03 cait          Suggestion: October 7
11:03 cait          thx BobB
11:03 BobB          #action BobB will follow up with bag re fundraising
11:02 cait          #topic Next meeting
11:02 cait          #action drojf is going ot send out an email with the URL vor voting after this meeting
11:02 cait          drojf send out an email - all done
11:02 cait          #topic Actions from last meeting
11:01 cait          #info the discussion fo the suport provider list is going to be removed from the agenda for now
11:01 BobB          yes
11:01 ashimema      k
11:01 cait          i'd like to remove this from the agenda for now
11:00 cait          if not
10:59 ashimema      .
10:58 cait          are there volunteers I could #action that want to follow up on the discussion?
10:57 cait          so i think the state of the website directory is currently up to date
10:57 thd           ashimema: A problem with vote interpretation schemes is a lack of consensus amongst experts in voting theory on what the one true mathematically fair voting system would be.
10:57 cait          wizzyrea has added a lot of the requests by now
10:57 BobB          thx for chairing!
10:57 cait          #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Paid_support_providers_list_RFC
10:57 cait          sorry for messing up the minutes
10:57 cait          #topic Support vendor listing on the website
10:57 cait          thx
10:57 cait          oh
10:57 BobB          #topic cait
10:57 cait          there are no proposals added to the wiki page
10:56 cait          #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Paid_support_providers_list_RFC
10:56 cait          #info Support vendor listing on the website
10:56 drojf         yes
10:56 drojf         so you can inform everyone interested
10:56 cait          ok, if you are done before, maybe can paste here too i am moving on
10:56 drojf         ok i will set that up now while you continue. i will send out an email to the list with the url soon
10:56 ikourmou      thank you!
10:56 schnydszch2   You're welcome!
10:55 drojf         ashimema: put it on the agenda for next time
10:55 cait          :) thx for attending ikourmou and schnydszch!
10:55 * ashimema    suggests we work uot the scheme nice and early for the next vote ;)
10:55 cait          yeah i think it's good that we got the representatives here
10:55 ashimema      yup..
10:55 cait          yeah
10:55 drojf         ok that seems clear. and both bidders voted for radio too, so they won't be unhappy with it
10:55 ashimema      I reckon rangi etc would vote the other way ;)
10:55 cait          ashimema: not this time around
10:55 cait          #agreed 2 Radiobuttons, randomized order and no preselection will be used for the vote
10:54 ashimema      is there a second half to this meeting?
10:54 cait          hm ok
10:54 huginn        radio (6): magnuse, cait, schnydszch2, ashimema, BobB, ikourmou
10:54 huginn        ranking (1): thd
10:54 huginn        Voted on "Should we be using the radiobutton or the ranking method for voting?" Results are
10:54 cait          #endvote
10:54 schnydszch2   #vote radio
10:54 huginn        schnydszch2: eadio is not a valid option. Valid options are , radio, ranking, .
10:54 schnydszch2   #vote eadio
10:54 cait          should we be using...
10:53 cait          ould we be using the radiobutton or the ranking method for voting? Valid vote options are , radio, ranking, .
10:53 schnydszch2   Sorry got cut what's to vote on?
10:53 drojf         ashimema: we still could ;)
10:53 cait          the vote is still open
10:53 wahanui       and forth.
10:53 cait          schnydszch2: back?
10:52 thd           ashimema++
10:52 * ashimema    hates the first past the post method in politics too)
10:52 cait          but we might have lost him
10:52 cait          as they are bidding
10:52 magnuse       #vote radio
10:52 ashimema      I'd go for ranking every time if we had a scheme agreed upon ;)
10:52 cait          i was hoping schnydszch
10:51 drojf         everyone voted i think?
10:51 ashimema      lol
10:51 thd           ashimema: The "too hard" aspect is partly why we had not specified a specific interpretation scheme in the past.
10:51 BobB          ashimema: snap
10:51 BobB          droif airfares make a huge diff for us: one location, we send one delegate, the other location we can send three :)
10:51 ashimema      greece.. we could send a party of people.. phillapines we'll be lucky to afford to send one.
10:51 drojf         ashimema: true. but your vote for a should not keep you away from going to b :)
10:51 cait          schnydszch: ?
10:50 cait          i will certainly try :)
10:50 ashimema      that entirely depends on your employer in many cases I would imagine
10:50 drojf         you all should go to kohacon 2016, regardless of the location and your vote ;)
10:50 ashimema      ranking is too hard with just this meeting to work it out ;)
10:49 cait          i think radio vote doesn't mean you can't go to your second favourite choice if you want to :)
10:49 ashimema      #vote radio
10:49 BobB          #vote radio
10:49 cait          #vote radio
10:49 ikourmou      #vote radio
10:49 thd           #vote ranking
10:49 drojf         i abstain and follow orders then ;)
10:49 ashimema      a only = 2 + 0 OR 1 + 0
10:49 ashimema      a + b = 2 + 1
10:49 wahanui       noone is, like, here
10:49 cait          noone?
10:48 thd           Ultimately, I prefer a score voting but scheme, but that is a different discussion for a different poll.
10:48 drojf         BobB: +1
10:48 huginn        Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:48 huginn        Begin voting on: Should we be using the radiobutton or the ranking method for voting? Valid vote options are , radio, ranking, .
10:48 cait          #startvote Should we be using the radiobutton or the ranking method for voting? (radio,ranking)
10:48 drojf         ashimema: i don't understand the question :)
10:48 BobB          i think if there is a majority for ranking, then spend time working out the schema ...
10:47 ashimema      if it's 2,1,0.. does a 0 vote pair with a 1.. or a 2
10:47 drojf         we could vote on the vote count before we vote on the vote :P
10:47 thd           I like the drojf's simple 2, 1, 0 count on this occasion for interpreting ranking.
10:47 drojf         do you want to decide that before voting?
10:47 BobB          yup
10:47 cait          shall i start a vote?
10:47 cait          but i think it would be good to know how the secnd opton works :)
10:46 cait          BobB: no problem with a vote to vote...
10:46 drojf         it has to be clear what is going on, no fuzzy interpretation afterwards
10:46 ashimema      agreed
10:46 BobB          i like the simple option, but cait has to decide if this is going to a vote
10:45 drojf         so we can say, if you rank, that means exactly this and that
10:45 drojf         i'm fine with both options, as long as we agree on the interpretation upfront
10:44 thd           On one occasion at least, the preference order for some later ranked choices would have been different with different interpretation schemes.
10:44 drojf         magnuse: in theory, yes. depending in how that is counted
10:44 magnuse       so do we vote on the voting?
10:44 magnuse       with the ranking you could have A 51% as first, B 49% as first - and then B might still win if it has a lot more 2nd places than A
10:44 cait          but it's like to have a clear scheme for the ranking and a good clear note on the page
10:44 cait          i am fine with either opton
10:44 drojf         yes, that was leading to trouble before
10:43 ashimema      yup
10:43 drojf         disclaimer: just my gut feeling, not an official announcement :)
10:43 cait          if people misunderstand the form, they also might rank 2 because they think they have to
10:43 ashimema      lol
10:43 cait          not sure if you can say that
10:43 drojf         *rank
10:43 drojf         people from greece will vote only greece, people from the philippines will only vote philippines. and some devs will ranks because the company pays travel expenses
10:42 drojf         thd: that is true. the choice of voting style won't do that this time either
10:42 thd           the choice of scheme to interpret the results would not have changed the result in our actual experience.
10:41 ashimema      if it's not.. and you just auto asign a second choice your in fact counting it against those who cannot attend a particular destination
10:41 drojf         ashimema: let#s not complicate things :P
10:41 thd           drojf:  Yes it was odd, however, ...
10:41 ashimema      I'd almost say.. for the 'can't go there' it needs to almost be a negative vote
10:40 drojf         that sounds… odd :)
10:40 cait          before the vote starts
10:40 drojf         thd: have the results first and then choose the interpretation?
10:40 cait          i think we should be clear now
10:40 thd           In the past we would have a vote and examined the result under various schemes for interpreting ranking.
10:40 drojf         that can be set
10:40 ashimema      a + b, b + a, a, b
10:40 drojf         atm you have to choose 1 or 2 options
10:40 ashimema      then you have 4 options..
10:39 ashimema      if you do rank and you allow for a no vote..
10:39 cait          and if you only chose one option 2 points total?
10:39 schnydszch2   If one is chosen since there are only two so the ranking will be 2 points for the one chosen and one point for the pther
10:39 drojf         there are probably a lot of schemes aqnd calculations about such things out there that i don't know about ;)
10:38 drojf         my proposal for the ranking would be 2 points for first, 1 for second, 0 if not chosen
10:38 ashimema      as it takes account of the 'I can't make it to x, but would attend y'
10:38 drojf         so far i think the simple option is preferred
10:38 ashimema      I sorta like the ranking..
10:38 cait          heh
10:38 drojf         do you waynt to vote on the way we vote? ;)
10:38 schnydszch2   I think first one will work because we only have two
10:37 cait          so there is some possible fuzziness there
10:36 drojf         in case we had more proposals, ranking would definitely be interesting
10:36 ashimema      are there some ranking systems fro exactly this out there
10:36 cait          a problem we had in the past is that it was not clear to everyone that you could rank only one option instead of all options
10:36 ikourmou      yes, the first one (with the radiobuttons) is straightforward
10:36 thd           #me hates drag and drop metaphor but likes ranked voting principle.
10:36 drojf         and put it in
10:36 ashimema      so yeah.. I agree.. go for the former ;)
10:36 cait          rangi told me he preferred the ranking method
10:36 drojf         ashimema: yes, we would have to decide that now
10:36 ashimema      before putting it up
10:36 ashimema      I tihnk we'd need to clearly state how the votes count if we wen't for the latter.
10:35 drojf         but i am open for opinions
10:35 drojf         like magnuse, i would say for the two options the simple one is enough
10:35 ashimema      yup..
10:34 drojf         but it is not, don'tpass it around ;)
10:34 schnydszch2   Second one works
10:34 drojf         it lacks the "not the real deal" warning now
10:34 BobB          schnydszch2 and magnuse believe in the maxim 'Vote early and vote often!' :)
10:34 drojf         does that work http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/393475
10:33 magnuse       1st one works for me, not second. first time visitor.
10:32 schnydszch2   Could be because i tested it?
10:32 cait          We are sorry but you don't have permissions to do this.
10:32 ashimema      yup.. permission error
10:32 drojf         oh sorry. wait :)
10:32 schnydszch2   For me as well
10:32 cait          permission setting i think
10:32 drojf         oh? what kind of error?
10:31 ashimema      the second page is an error for me./
10:31 cait          thd: it is
10:31 drojf         thd: it's blank and the order is randomized
10:30 drojf         option 2 http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/177931?lang=en
10:30 drojf         option 1 http://abunchofthings.net/limesurvey/index.php/614551?lang=en
10:30 magnuse       i'd say keep it simple: a or b, no second alternative
10:30 thd           drojf: If using a radio button, it should be blank by default.
10:30 drojf         to show you what i mean…
10:29 cait          #info Voting for the bids is going to start today, the voting period is a week.
10:29 drojf         the voting period is one week
10:29 drojf         in the latter case we would have to decide how to count that. given it is only two options, it will probably not make a difference in the end
10:28 drojf         we could do a simple radio button vote where you choose on option, or a ranking. the ranking would have also the option of either one or two votes, like "i prefer a, but would go to b" or "i would only go to a"
10:28 thd           ?
10:28 thd           What had we determined about polling period last month.
10:27 cait          how long is it going to run?
10:27 drojf         "now", after the meeting really
10:27 drojf         we will start voting now. there are only two candidates, so that won't be too complicated. basically, i have two options
10:27 schnydszch2   Nothing. Everything else is in the wiki proposal
10:25 schnydszch2   National Library of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines
10:25 drojf         schnydszch2 anything else you would like to add?
10:25 drojf         ok i will change that before it goes live
10:25 schnydszch2   Manila, Philippines*
10:25 cait          #info Location for the Philippines is Manila, National library
10:25 schnydszch2   Manila, philippones
10:24 drojf         so should i add manila then to the voting site? so far i have "thessaloniki, greece" and "philippines" which is a little odd :)
10:24 thd           schnydszch2: Great :)
10:24 schnydszch2   It will be available durong that tike according to estimate
10:24 drojf         great
10:23 schnydszch2   So the location will still be the national library of the philippines
10:23 schnydszch2   We have the full support of the national library of the philippines on this
10:23 thd           schnydszch2: Do you have an update on the venue in consequence of the national library not being available?
10:23 drojf         any news about kohacon 2016 from the philippines, schnydszch2?
10:22 drojf         ikourmou: i think it is all there :)
10:22 ikourmou      i'm willing to do so
10:22 cait          ah we still got a schnydszch
10:22 ikourmou      ok, if you need anything to clarify regarding our proposal...
10:22 wahanui       i already had it that way, drojf.
10:22 drojf         hm timing is everything
10:22 cait          oh
10:22 ashimema      :)
10:22 cait          fingers crossed!
10:22 drojf         no we don't, we will have at the end of the meeting :)
10:21 ashimema      do we have one yet ;)
10:21 drojf         the proposal was clear, no questions from me. anything else you would like to add?
10:21 ikourmou      I would like to know the voting page URL, so that i inform my colleagues
10:21 drojf         oh, good luck
10:20 ikourmou      We are on track for the migration, we go live next week
10:20 drojf         any news from greece about kohacon 2016, ikourmou?
10:20 wahanui       i guess the result is the same but legally, i don't think we can have discount on taxes...
10:20 cait          drojf: what's the result?
10:19 cait          One from Thessaloniki, Greece and another from the Philippines
10:19 * drojf       flips a coin
10:19 ikourmou      Thessaloniki rep here
10:19 drojf         well, we have… yes, that :)
10:19 cait          we got 2 proposals this year
10:19 drojf         back
10:19 cait          #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon16_Proposals
10:18 cait          who wants to go first? :)
10:18 cait          #topic KohaCon16
10:18 cait          ok
10:18 ashimema      not form me
10:18 schnydszch2   Workung meeting luch for me
10:18 drojf         brb
10:18 cait          anything more plack or kohacon15?
10:18 schnydszch2   Philippine representative here
10:17 cait          #link http://kohacon15.projektlinkkonsult.com/
10:17 ashimema      to improve performance for them.. very big customers..
10:17 cait          #link http://koha-community.org/kohacon/kohacon15/
10:17 drojf         but that would be in a month if my calendar is right
10:17 ashimema      staff is what we're trailing I think
10:16 drojf         i don't live by weeks ;)
10:16 cait          ashimema: runnign opac and staff?
10:16 cait          I thin in week 43
10:16 drojf         when is it? octoberß
10:16 ashimema      We have a couple of customers running Plack and CGI in parallel for live systems now.
10:16 cait          or someone attending / with information?
10:15 cait          is one of the organizers present?
10:15 cait          #topic KohaCon15
10:15 cait          moving on
10:15 cait          thx magnuse
10:15 cait          #info magnuse and tcohen are working on a branch for kohadevbox to help with the testing
10:15 cait          um
10:15 magnuse       there should be a branch in kohadevbox with that stuff soon, to help with the testing
10:15 cait          #info KohaCon15
10:14 cait          ok, moving on
10:14 cait          probably not a good description - but tomas pushed plack scripts for packages to master and they need more testing :)
10:14 wahanui       BobB: huh?
10:14 BobB          wahanui be polite
10:14 cait          #info Plack packages need testing
10:13 cait          ah
10:13 wahanui       anything else is just being crap
10:13 cait          anything else?
10:13 cait          #info Fridolin announced EOL for 3.14 on the mailing list
10:12 cait          ok, i'd say things aremoving along nicely
10:12 wahanui       i think mtj is DeM KraZy NutZ!!
10:12 BobB          mtj?
10:12 cait          any RM* here?
10:11 cait          #topic Update on Releases
10:11 cait          ok, moving on :)
10:11 drojf         made, had, too early for english
10:11 drojf         definitely made an impact
10:10 drojf         http://bugs.koha-community.org/cgi-bin/progress.pl
10:10 cait          also some bugzilla clean-up was done
10:10 schnydszch2   #info Eugene Espinoza
10:10 * cait        nods
10:10 cait          i think it woudl be good if we offered something similar next time as well
10:10 BobB          we didn't achieve a sign-off but a couple of things got moved along
10:10 cait          #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/2015-09-03_Global_bug_squashing_day
10:10 magnuse       yup, good gbsd!
10:09 cait          so i am pretty happy overall
10:09 drojf         no did not bookmark it apparently
10:09 cait          khall did a screenshare session and i know at least 2 new sign-offers came out of it
10:09 cait          ok :)
10:09 ashimema      that was sorta related to gbsd
10:09 cait          do youwant me to info?
10:09 cait          can you find it?
10:09 ashimema      I'm aware of the PTFS sandboxes being a bit fragile at the moment.. it's on my list at some piont to investigate.
10:08 drojf         do you have the stats link?
10:08 cait          #info GBSD on  3 September was successful
10:08 cait          we had a gbsd that i think was pretty successful
10:08 wahanui       noone is here!
10:08 cait          noone?
10:07 cait          #topic Announcements
10:07 BobB          seldom turns out that way :)
10:07 cait          ok, moving on
10:07 magnuse       :-)
10:07 cait          small = quick? one can hope :)
10:07 ashimema      #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
10:07 ikourmou      #info Giannis Kourmoulis, Aristotle Univesity of Thessaloniki, Greece
10:06 drojf         way less than last week, as was shown by anecdotal evidence at the last meeting
10:06 magnuse       #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:06 cait          a lot of people are on vacation this week
10:05 thd           #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:05 thd           Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:05 BobB          #info Bob Birchall, Calyx, Australia
10:05 drojf         #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
10:05 cait          #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
10:05 cait          #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_meeting_9_September_2015
10:05 cait          please introduce yourself with #info, the agenda of today's meeting can be found under
10:04 wahanui       #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
10:04 cait          #topic introductions
10:04 huginn        The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_9_september_2015'
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10:04 huginn        Meeting started Wed Sep  9 10:04:46 2015 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
10:04 cait          #startmeeting General IRC meeting 9 September 2015
10:03 BobB          np
10:03 magnuse       http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_meeting_9_September_2015
10:03 cait          one sec
10:03 cait          yes i think so
10:03 magnuse       yeah, think so
10:03 wahanui       well, meeting time is always going to favour one section of the globe
10:03 BobB          meeting time?
09:17 * magnuse     will be back for the meeting
08:54 magnuse       \o/
08:50 nlegrand      Hey #koha o/
07:55 drojf         waaaah
07:55 magnuse       night of the living MARC
07:54 magnuse       :-O
07:53 drojf         the walking MARC
07:53 magnuse       MARC is a zombie...
07:51 drojf         can't you kill marc first? :P
07:50 * magnuse     sets off to drive the final stake through the heart of ncip
07:40 magnuse       moin drojf
07:33 drojf         hei magnuse
07:32 magnuse       meeting in 2.5 hours!
07:26 drojf         lol mtompsett
07:25 wahanui       niihau, gaetan_B
07:25 gaetan_B      hello
07:11 drojf         dcook++
07:10 drojf         morning #koha
06:52 wahanui       bonjour, alex_a
06:52 alex_a        bonjour
06:46 schnydszch    and yeah to answer drojf query and to answer questions of everybody, yes, we have the full support of the National Library of the Philippines in hosting 2016 kohacon
06:44 schnydszch    Hi! ICYMI: The 2016 koha con proposal by the Philippines has still the support of the National Library of the Philippines, hence, the proposal's location venue is still the National Library. Good day (or good evening or good afternoon) to all!
06:43 Viktor        And good morgning (or evening) all of #koha
06:42 viktorsarge_  salut magnuse
06:41 sophie_m      hello #koha
06:40 reiveune      salut magnuse
06:40 magnuse       bonjour reiveune viktorsarge_
06:34 reiveune      hello
06:22 magnuse       meeting in 3 hours ~40 minutes?
06:08 * magnuse     waves
05:01 schnydszch    Hi! Regarding koha 2015 bid yes the location for the Philippine bid will still be at the National Librarybof the Philippines. I think the meeting is five hours away, am I right?
04:24 dcook         Laaaaag :(
01:58 huginn        jcamins: The operation succeeded.
01:58 jcamins       @later tell oleonard A counterpoint on the custom Bootstrap idea: if libraries are customizing their OPAC, and told "the Koha theme is based on Bootstrap 2.x," they might reasonably expect to be able to use all of Bootstrap. That said, I have no pony in this race.
00:26 irma          martian can you check to see if the sys preference "intranetreadinghistory" is set to "Allow"?