Time  Nick              Message
00:05 francesca         cupcakes
00:05 wahanui           cupcakes are yummy
00:07 eythian           more importantly, burgers
01:22 eythian           http://imgur.com/VCLudnD
01:35 wizzyrea          I bet my dad has stats like that
01:35 wizzyrea          though, he's been through several computers, so hard to get aggregate stats.
01:36 wizzyrea          but he's played a lot, a LOT, of freecell.
01:47 francesca         yay new lenses for my glasses! Makes looking at all those lines of code much nicer
02:09 eythian           3.20.03 packages uploading
02:10 rangi             sweet
02:10 francesca         I should have my mac back by tomorrow
02:10 francesca         which means I can continue working on the bugzilla skin
02:23 jamesb            hey does anyone else find 100$d doesn't display in OPAC and intranet normal view?
02:24 eythian           @marc 100
02:24 huginn            eythian: A personal name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,j,k,l,n,p,q,t,u,4,6,8]
02:25 wizzyrea          it wouldn't surprise me one bit that it doesn't
02:27 BobB              so that will need an xslt tweak?
02:27 eythian           yeah
02:28 BobB              I wonder why it was left out of the standard design? space maybe
02:28 jamesb            do you know why it was left out?
02:28 BobB              snap jamesb
02:28 BobB              :)
02:30 eythian           <xsl:when test="@tag=100 or @tag=700"><xsl:call-template name="nameABCQ"/></xsl:when>
02:30 eythian           <xsl:when test="@tag=110 or @tag=710"><xsl:call-template name="nameABCDN"/></xsl:when>
02:30 eythian           <xsl:when test="@tag=111 or @tag=711"><xsl:call-template name="nameACDEQ"/></xsl:when>
02:30 eythian           if I'm reading that right, it's _only_ 100 and 700 that it doesn't show for
02:30 eythian           that doesn't seem quite right to me.
02:31 wizzyrea          a stab in the dark - it's not a field most people care about displaying?
02:31 eythian           could be
02:31 wizzyrea          though, by the looks I'd rather see that than say, Publisher.
02:32 dcook             It's a date field so it might look weird to a lot of people
02:32 BobB              we've a couple of customers that think its important :)
02:32 jamesb            it's a field we've found people care about a bit
02:32 dcook             BobB same
02:32 wizzyrea          oh I didn't say they were right
02:32 wizzyrea          ;)
02:32 wizzyrea          be rangi
02:32 wahanui           There's a bug for that
02:32 wizzyrea          no.
02:32 wizzyrea          be rangi
02:32 wahanui           There's a bug for that
02:32 wizzyrea          sigh
02:32 wizzyrea          I was hoping for "send a patch"
02:32 dcook             Oh... I haven't added my latest XSLT magic yet...
02:33 dcook             Not that it's for the display XSLTs...
02:33 * dcook           goes off to lunch before he starts caring about other stuff
02:33 irma              it is also important as it gives a period in which their literary contribution/s was/were made
02:33 wahanui           okay, irma.
02:34 wizzyrea          I didn't say it wasn't important, just that whoever set up the xslt clearly didn't think it was important
02:34 rangi             123?
02:34 wahanui           "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder"
02:35 rangi             theres no rule for libraries
02:35 rangi             ever
02:35 rangi             there's only multiple conflicting and contradictory rules
02:35 * francesca       is cursing windows 8 to the enth degree
02:35 BobB              never a truer word
02:35 irma              it's called "organic" rangi
02:35 BobB              I think we'll propose a patch to add it
02:36 rangi             yeah, i think it will go through fine
02:36 rangi             in the meantime you could use the custom xslt facility to have it showing now
02:36 irma              thanks all :-)
02:36 wizzyrea          that is definitely the fastest way to go about that.
02:36 wizzyrea          doing a custom xslt
02:37 francesca         wizzyrea you look stressed
02:37 francesca         did something break?
02:37 cdickinson        does anyone have times where they just hate git
02:37 wizzyrea          just email :)
02:37 wizzyrea          everyone does, cdickinson
02:37 francesca         cdickinson: I hate git on windows
02:37 francesca         not quite sure about git on my vm
02:38 cdickinson        this particular issue is a git all the time thing
02:38 francesca         it has its moments
02:38 cdickinson        give me an option to clone into a folder that has existing files in it, please
02:38 jamesb            thanks guys
02:39 francesca         cdickinson: you can't do that?
02:39 wizzyrea          http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5377960/whats-the-best-practice-to-git-clone-into-an-existing-folder
02:39 francesca         ahh stackoverflow
02:39 francesca         my favourite website
02:39 cdickinson        yes, that's what I've had to resort to do
02:40 cdickinson        clone into a temporary folder, then copy contents
02:40 cdickinson        thanks Puppet for making that easier said than done
02:40 francesca         puppet?
02:40 wahanui           it has been said that puppet is sure cool
02:41 francesca         puppet looks confusing
02:41 cdickinson        it doesn't just look confusing, it gets complicated quickly
02:41 cdickinson        especially when you try to do things it wasn't intended to do
02:42 cdickinson        before the latest version, there was no way to do loops or anything like that
02:42 cdickinson        no easy way at least
02:42 francesca         that sounds confusing to me
02:43 wizzyrea          actually that solution is a little silly, seems like you could git init, then add your remote, git fetch, then checkout your branch
02:44 wizzyrea          but I haven't tried it.
02:44 wizzyrea          (not your solution, the one from stackoverflow)
02:45 cdickinson        yeah, not doing that :P
02:49 cdickinson        what I love is what git does when it finds itself in that situation
02:49 cdickinson        force it to clone, and it obliterates existing files
02:49 francesca         so bascilly it freaks out
02:49 francesca         (I know thats not how you spell it)
02:50 cdickinson        goodbye important files needed for my Puppet Master to run
02:50 * francesca       doesn't know wether to laugh or feel sorry for cdickinson
02:50 cdickinson        nothing was actually lost, so laugh
02:51 cdickinson        this is a daily happening in my life
02:51 * wizzyrea        sighs in relief
02:51 eythian           3.18.10 uploading
02:51 wizzyrea          \o/ YAY
02:51 wizzyrea          eythian++
02:51 * francesca       is losing paitence with her computer
02:51 * cdickinson      sets the fireworks
02:51 wizzyrea          confetti
02:51 wahanui           confetti is probably http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpm3j6aNaN1qh8hleo1_400.gif
02:51 cdickinson        fireworks
02:51 eythian           yeah, I don't think you could complain that it deleted files if that's what you told it to do by using --force
02:52 cdickinson        no, I shouldn't
02:52 cdickinson        just wasn't aware that's what it does
02:52 francesca         but you do
02:52 cdickinson        yep :P
02:52 francesca         love the confetti
02:52 wizzyrea          fireworks is <reply> http://f.ptcdn.info/864/012/000/1386005390-tumblrlhz0-o.gif
02:52 cdickinson        good thing about the infrastructure being in code is that I can restore it from nothing >:D
03:02 BobB              its bucketing rain and windy in Sydney
03:02 BobB              I wish I was in Wellington where its always sunny and mild
03:02 BobB              (that is my experience)  :)
03:02 eythian           it's windy and mild today
03:03 francesca         wellington?
03:03 wahanui           wellington is probably lucky, we have a lot of indian restaurants
03:03 francesca         mild?
03:03 francesca         and sunny?
03:03 francesca         I don't believe it
03:03 francesca         and I live here
03:04 wizzyrea          it's always windy in kilbirnie :P
03:04 BobB              Linux Conf 2009 ish - a week of lovely weather
03:04 BobB              and KohaCon 2010 - same!
03:04 francesca         it's always windy in brooklyn as well
03:04 wizzyrea          hm, I remember kohacon being a couple of fine days, and a couple of horrid wet rainy ones
03:05 francesca         BobB - maybe wellington just puts on its nice weather for you?
03:05 wizzyrea          well, those were probably mild by wellington standards
03:05 francesca         lol
03:05 cdickinson        I feel like people don't understand Wellington weather until they get here
03:05 francesca         lol nope
03:05 wizzyrea          my definition of mild weather has definitely changed.
03:05 cdickinson        god, it gets way colder here than the temperature reading says it does
03:05 francesca         oh?
03:05 francesca         acutally scratch that
03:06 francesca         I agree
03:06 wizzyrea          cdickinson: only when you're in the shade.
03:06 francesca         @wunder wlg
03:06 huginn            francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (2:30 PM NZST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Falling).
03:06 wizzyrea          if you're in the sun, all bets are off.
03:06 francesca         and if there is no sun?
03:06 cdickinson        there is frost and dew and chills
03:06 wizzyrea          in the Hutt, yeah
03:06 wizzyrea          not where I live ^.^
03:07 cdickinson        funny, that's where I live :P
03:07 wizzyrea          FUNNY
03:07 francesca         lol
03:07 BobB              me too :)
03:08 cdickinson        @wunder lower hutt
03:08 BobB              @wunder, Sydney, Australia
03:08 huginn            cdickinson: The current temperature in Waterloo, Lower Hutt, New Zealand is 13.0°C (3:00 PM NZST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
03:08 huginn            BobB: I suck
03:08 cdickinson        ninja'd
03:08 BobB              @wunder Sydney, New South Wales
03:08 huginn            BobB: The current temperature in Rosebery, Rosebery, New South Wales is 15.5°C (1:05 PM AEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
03:08 francesca         whaaaaay
03:08 francesca         what
03:08 francesca         did I just witness
03:08 francesca         huginn has spunk after al
03:08 huginn            francesca: I've exhausted my database of quotes
03:09 francesca         maybe wahanui's been teaching him
03:09 wizzyrea          @quote random
03:09 huginn            wizzyrea: Quote #38: "<owen> Holy Bugzilla activity explosion, Batman!" (added by ricardo at 02:00 PM, October 07, 2009)
03:11 cdickinson        that is somehow fitting in this situation
03:11 francesca         lol
03:33 eythian           this browse stuff is going to get a lot of people complaining because they have bad records
03:33 eythian           e.g
03:33 eythian           Smith, Malcolm
03:33 eythian           Smith, Malcolm.
03:33 eythian           I also can't sanitise them because then they'll fail to search correctly.
03:34 wizzyrea          yes. I was noticing
03:34 wizzyrea          bad records are bad.
03:34 * eythian         puts that in the "not my problem" basket
03:34 dcook             Btw, wizzyrea, I attached an alternate patch on bug 14691, if you didn't notice from the bugzilla spam I was generating
03:34 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14691 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Can't delete patron with ' character in cardnumber
03:35 wizzyrea          :) I did notice
03:35 wizzyrea          one question
03:35 wahanui           one question is whether anybody cares to make a committment to revise the schema to match
03:35 dcook             Mhm?
03:35 wizzyrea          is it worth adding a plugin when the other bug will fix it without it
03:35 wizzyrea          and it would need to be removed again (I think...)
03:35 dcook             I thought about that a bit.
03:36 dcook             It might need to be removed down the road, but it would probably be easier to grep and remove than the replace I would think
03:36 wizzyrea          I don't have a particular feeling either way
03:36 dcook             Plus it catches all sorts of other characters besides just the single quote
03:36 dcook             Me either :)
03:36 dcook             So long as it's fixed, it's all good to me
03:37 dcook             Now we just need another person to test and make a choice I guess?
03:37 wizzyrea          man, bugs like that never go anywhere we should decide lol.
03:37 wizzyrea          my way is simpler, but your way is more complete
03:37 dcook             Yep :/
03:37 wizzyrea          idk what's better
03:37 dcook             Me either
03:38 dcook             Maybe we should put it to the dev list?
03:38 dcook             I'm sure this will come up in other places
03:38 wizzyrea          i'm afraid.
03:38 dcook             I think I noticed another place you'd found it as well
03:39 wizzyrea          lol
03:39 dcook             Afraid?
03:39 wizzyrea          yeah in the serial note
03:39 wizzyrea          that we'll get a 3rd, 4th, 5th solution
03:39 wizzyrea          and it'll never get fixed :)
03:39 dcook             hehe
03:39 dcook             Fair enough
03:40 dcook             A simpler way of doing mine would probably be to add the function in C4::Template under the FILTERS configuration
03:40 dcook             Use "uri_escape" or whatever in the template without loading the plugin
03:40 dcook             Not that loading it is particularly heavy I think
03:40 dcook             2.26 is buggy at the moment it seems...
03:41 dcook             Which seems weird... as the developer has known about the problem for a while
03:41 wizzyrea          @later tell cait we have two solutions for bug 14691, given the work being done on 13618, do you have a preference as to solution there?
03:41 huginn            wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
03:41 dcook             There we go
03:41 dcook             That's thinking with your head :D
03:41 wizzyrea          ask the boss ;)
03:41 dcook             hehe
03:41 wizzyrea          oh, should pose same to tcohen I guess
03:42 wizzyrea          @later tell tcohen we have two solutions for bug 14691, given the work being done on 13618, do you have a preference as to solution there?
03:42 huginn            wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
03:42 rangi             the list is not a good place for those questions i think
03:42 rangi             the people who care, are on irc
03:42 dcook             rangi: Are they? :p
03:42 dcook             wizzyrea and I have been talking about this for a while now I think
03:42 rangi             and the people who just want to give an opinion but never contribute
03:42 rangi             weigh in on the list
03:42 dcook             Mmm true enough..
03:43 wizzyrea          either solution will be blown away by 13618
03:43 wizzyrea          I hope
03:43 wizzyrea          so it's kinda just "for now"
03:43 rangi             yeah
03:43 dcook             Totes
03:44 rangi             13618 is really needed, im glad there are a few people looking at it now
03:44 wizzyrea          *nod* I wish I had a lot more time to spend on it
03:44 wizzyrea          it's important
03:48 wizzyrea          (I did confirm, after some bug fixing, that 13618 does solve this [these] particular problems)
03:49 francesca         yo anyone know what the koha font is?
03:49 francesca         if there is one
03:49 eythian           in what context?
03:49 francesca         uhh like on webpages
03:49 francesca         but across everything
03:49 wizzyrea          Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
03:49 wizzyrea          for the website
03:49 francesca         right
03:50 cdickinson        the logo?
03:50 wahanui           i heard the logo was included in the tm I believe
03:50 francesca         have to pick one
03:50 eythian           font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
03:50 wizzyrea          naw, you can say "font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"
03:50 * wizzyrea        shakes her fist at eythian
03:51 rangi             his won't work anyway :)
03:51 eythian           I just copy pasted from what koha uses
03:51 wizzyrea          :) and mine from the website
03:51 rangi             im guessing your firefox is doing translation for you
03:51 francesca         lol ok
03:51 rangi             on the Neue
03:51 eythian           hmm
03:51 wizzyrea          naw, helvetica neue is a thing
03:52 eythian           that'd be weird
03:52 francesca         did I just..
03:52 rangi             ahh
03:52 eythian           because it'd be niew
03:52 francesca         actually cause a debate
03:52 francesca         over fonts?
03:52 francesca         wow
03:52 wizzyrea          hehe no
03:52 wizzyrea          well kinda.
03:52 wizzyrea          ok yeah
03:52 rangi             thats not even close to a debate
03:52 wizzyrea          there wasn't beer, it can't be a debate
03:52 rangi             you must be new to the internet
03:52 wizzyrea          A+
03:52 eythian           *nieuw rather.
03:52 * eythian         can't spell
03:53 * francesca       dies laughing
03:53 cdickinson        I think that would be me
03:53 cdickinson        says the guy who just coughed himself to death
03:53 ghost_francesca   lol
03:53 ghost_francesca   that wasn't laughing
03:54 * ghost_francesca decides to go with fonnt-family
03:58 * dcook           had the best debate in a while over beer the other day
03:58 * dcook           thinks that wizzyrea is correct about beer being integral
03:58 wizzyrea          it's harder to get hurt feelings :P
03:59 dcook             Although it's also easier to say hurtful things sometimes :p
03:59 dcook             Well, not for me. I'm Canadian. We don't hurt feelings :p
03:59 dcook             You might forget to say please when you order the beer though
04:00 dcook             *shameface*
04:00 dcook             Ok, actually going to have lunch this time and not work...
04:00 wizzyrea          easier to say it, but less hard to take seriously - it evens out
04:00 wizzyrea          go go go
04:00 * eythian         points dcook to Jean Chrétien
04:00 * francesca       spots dcook and waves
04:07 francesca         hey if I wanted to get the logo (just the cool little image part not the word koha) how would I do it?
04:07 wizzyrea          there might be a wiki page
04:07 wizzyrea          with it
04:07 wizzyrea          or something you could use to get it
04:07 wizzyrea          logo?
04:07 wahanui           well, logo is included in the tm I believe
04:07 wizzyrea          hm no. sec
04:08 wizzyrea          http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/The_Koha_Logo_:_Origins_and_Explanation
04:08 wizzyrea          logo is also http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/The_Koha_Logo_:_Origins_and_Explanation
04:08 wahanui           okay, wizzyrea.
04:08 francesca         cool I'll have a look at that
04:09 wizzyrea          there's a vector version, you could probably pretty easily split out just the symbol part
04:10 wizzyrea          or not easily, depending on your experience with svg files. but, it'd be a thing worth learning
04:13 cdickinson        it'll be a good day when computing power catches up with vector graphic images like SVG
04:13 cdickinson        aliasing will be a thing of the past
04:13 francesca         yeah I've done this once before
04:13 francesca         at the academy
04:13 francesca         for the dashboard
04:13 francesca         but I cannot for the life of me remeber how I did it
04:14 francesca         ah well
04:14 francesca         you learn a new thing every day
04:14 wizzyrea          true - you'll probably want inkscape to work on that
04:14 wizzyrea          looking at it might tickle your memory, as that's probably what they taught at academy
04:15 francesca         yup
04:15 francesca         might have to wait a bit in that case
04:15 francesca         theo won't let me install anything on his laptop
04:26 wizzyrea          ah well you'll have your laptop back soon enough
04:29 francesca         tomorrow hopefully
04:29 francesca         hey wizzyrea what are tuesdays normally like?
04:32 wizzyrea          I am desperate to make a snarky reply here, but I'm not feeling very creative :)
04:32 wizzyrea          Very much like Mondays.
04:32 wizzyrea          but Tuesday
04:32 francesca         lol
04:35 francesca         just trying to work out if I can get into town for a bit
04:35 francesca         don't think its happening
04:35 francesca         so I'll just chill on irc
04:35 wizzyrea          :)
04:38 mtj               hey francesca -> http://gw1.kohaaloha.com/pub/kcon-green.svg
04:38 wizzyrea          mtj++
04:39 francesca         ahh yay!
04:39 wizzyrea          you should put that on the wiki :)
04:39 wizzyrea          logo?
04:39 wahanui           logo is http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/The_Koha_Logo_:_Origins_and_Explanation
04:39 francesca         and almost the right colour
04:39 mtj               heh, yeah... its... green :)
04:39 francesca         I'll just download and photoshop white
04:39 francesca         yeah we have a green header
04:39 francesca         so won't show up
04:39 francesca         mtj huge ++
04:40 mtj               open it in inkscape, and 'bucketfill' it white
04:40 francesca         (mtj++)
04:40 mtj               ..then 'export to png'
04:40 francesca         did I metion I'm currently on windows
04:40 francesca         on a laptop
04:40 francesca         loaned to me by my brother
04:40 francesca         so not allowed to install inkscape
04:41 francesca         but I'll do it somehow
04:41 francesca         mtj you are amazing
04:43 mtj               hm, 1 tic
04:44 mtj               hey francesca -> http://gw1.kohaaloha.com/pub/kcon-white.svg
04:44 francesca         um thanks I think
04:44 francesca         problem with white is that it can't be seen
04:44 francesca         still mtj++
04:44 eythian           put it on a green background
04:45 francesca         that is on an ordinary browser
04:45 francesca         yup am doing that
04:45 mtj               has a cyan background :)
04:45 francesca         just gotta find it and download it first
04:45 mtj               'transparant' color is set to cyan
04:46 mtj               transparent even
04:46 francesca         yay thankyou
04:46 cdickinson        yeah, thanks (I have a vested interest in this thing)
04:46 francesca         (its his webpage)
04:46 francesca         I'm just building it for him
04:47 cdickinson        "just", she's really helping me out by building it out. I'm a bit of a HTML-phobe
04:50 francesca         in other words he doesn't know how
04:50 francesca         yet
04:57 mtj               http://wiki.koha-community.org/w/images/Koha-egg.svg
04:57 mtj               ..i added it to the logo page
05:04 francesca         mtj++
05:04 francesca         bye #koha
05:18 * magnuse         waves
05:43 magnuse           shouldn't we be able to see bug 14566 now?
05:43 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14566 is not accessible.
05:43 magnuse           it's fixed in 3.20 and 3.18
05:46 eythian           magnuse: it's not had its status update changed to "pushed", so I guess it's an oversight. Probably be sorted tomorrow.
05:47 magnuse           eythian: kewl!
05:47 magnuse           no rush, just curious :-)
06:30 reiveune          hello
06:31 marcelr           hi #koha
06:57 Joubu             hello #koha
07:01 marcelr           hi Joubu
07:01 sophie_m          hello #koha
07:02 marcelr           hi sophie_m
07:03 sophie_m          hello marcelr
07:03 alex_a            bonjour
07:03 marcelr           and alex_a
07:03 alex_a            hello marcelr
07:08 dcook             Hurray for the people at wireless.wiki.kernel.org: https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/iwlwifi
07:09 dcook             Finding the right firmware for the right kernel totally made my day
07:09 dcook             @later tell eythian Is Koha all right to run on Jessie now?
07:09 huginn            dcook: The operation succeeded.
07:19 putti             how do I include a sample template to installer ?
07:20 magnuse           putti: what do you mean by "sample template"?
07:20 magnuse           a file of sql?
07:21 putti             http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12224
07:21 huginn            04Bug 12224: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, j.kylmala, Failed QA , Allow easy printing of patron check-in slip
07:21 putti             cait's second last message, #3
07:22 magnuse           ah "Please include the new sample template in the installers for the other languages."
07:23 putti             There is already a file in installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory/sample_notices.sql
07:23 magnuse           there should be a copy in each of the language folders under installer/data/mysql/
07:23 magnuse           then e.g. i can translate the one in nb-NO in a followup
07:24 putti             I see!
07:26 putti             Looks like most of the data in the other languages' folders are still in English. So should I fill the non-english folders data with english data? And then we will later translate them? :D
07:27 magnuse           yup, that is the way it is done
07:27 magnuse           i know i need to go over the stuff in nb-NO and translate lots of things and add missing things
07:28 magnuse           cait is Very Good at keeping the german folder in sync with en
07:28 putti             :P
08:49 magnuse           @wunder boo
08:50 huginn            magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 19.0°C (10:20 AM CEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
08:55 magnuse           wheee
09:09 Joubu             fyi the export tool is broken (from cmdline), see bug 14709 for a patch
09:09 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14709 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , The export tool is broken if used from the command line
10:03 drojf             hi #koha
10:04 magnuse           moin drojf
10:04 francesca         hello
10:04 wahanui           hi, francesca
10:05 drojf             hei magnuse and francesca
10:05 francesca         heya drojf
10:05 francesca         hows it going
10:05 drojf             it goes ;)
10:06 drojf             mveron++
10:06 drojf             cait++
10:07 eythian           http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/home-property/71385289/this-student-would-rather-live-on-trains-than-pay-rent <-- drojf, someone who shares your love of Deutsche Bahn
10:07 eythian           dcook: yes, it is
10:08 drojf             heh
10:08 drojf             i would like that kind of ticket, even though i hate them ;)
10:12 drojf             eythian: unusual time to see you online
10:12 eythian           doing database recovery from something that fell over
10:13 drojf             ouch
10:38 cdickinson        @wunder lower hutt
10:38 huginn            cdickinson: The current temperature in Waterloo, Lower Hutt, New Zealand is 12.3°C (10:30 PM NZST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
10:51 putti             gmcharlt, Hi! Did you got my email about MARC::FILE::XML? Not sure if you use the gmail address which I found..
10:54 magnuse           putti: might be a little early for gmcharlt, perhaps
10:54 magnuse           @wunder boo
10:54 huginn            magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 20.0°C (12:20 PM CEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
10:54 magnuse           supposed to hit 24 in ~3 hours
10:55 putti             24 -- and the unit is ?
10:59 magnuse           Celsius :-)
11:40 drojf             @wunder berlin, germany
11:40 huginn            drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 25.0°C (1:20 PM CEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
11:54 magnuse           @wunder boo
11:54 huginn            magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 22.0°C (1:20 PM CEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Falling).
12:27 magnuse           ¡hola tcohen!
12:27 tcohen            Hei, magnuse
12:31 druthb            @wunder 77447
12:31 huginn            druthb: The current temperature in Blueberry Farm, Hockley, Texas is 25.6°C (7:31 AM CDT on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Fog. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
12:31 druthb            @wunder 77098
12:31 huginn            druthb: The current temperature in Montrose (Mandell Place), Houston, Texas is 25.8°C (7:31 AM CDT on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 25.0°C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
12:32 druthb            Hot and soupy humid. Welcome to Houston in the "fall".
12:46 magnuse           @wunder boo
12:46 huginn            magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 22.0°C (2:20 PM CEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
12:54 marcelr           khall: bug 14702 could use your signoff :)
12:54 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14702 normal, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Needs Signoff , Refactor GetReserveFee
12:54 khall             I'll put that in my queue marcelr!
13:02 * cait            waves
13:02 marcelr           hi cait
13:02 cait              hi marcel - back at work now
13:02 cait              but i had a really nice week in amsterdam :)
13:02 marcelr           good timing also the weather
13:02 cait              yeah not too hot :)
13:02 marcelr           it rains now
13:03 cait              aah
13:23 tcohen            hi cait
13:25 cait              hi tcohen
13:27 marcelr           tcohen: thx for 14464, i now rebased 9809 on top of it
13:27 marcelr           and 14702 on top of that :)
13:27 tcohen            .-D
13:27 marcelr           holds are fun ;)
13:28 nengard           um ...
13:30 tcohen            they aren't :-P
13:30 tcohen            they would, if we had unit tests for all of the use cases, so they aren't
13:31 nengard           heh
13:33 marcelr           tcohen: step by step we add unit tests..
13:34 marcelr           have to go
14:19 putti             How do I change the text which goes to a slip? Now when I go to notices -> and then change some slips template it doesn't work and default to the one in database..
14:20 Joubu             putti: using master?
14:20 Joubu             Have you seen there are several slip notices?
14:20 putti             yup
14:20 putti             I tried with quick slip
14:20 Joubu             the template used is "print"
14:22 putti             maybe when I did some crazy things in mysql it broke ...
14:27 putti             Joubu, well it still doesn't work..
14:27 putti             ^ I cleared the db
14:29 * Joubu           is trying
14:29 putti             maybe there is some system preference which needs to be enabled...
14:29 Joubu             putti: the "email" template is used indeed
14:30 Joubu             but it works with this template
14:30 putti             oh, works
14:31 putti             thanks !
14:50 tcohen            hi Joubu
14:50 Joubu             Hi tcohen!
15:07 reiveune          bye
15:31 sophie_m          bonsoir
16:11 Joubu             see you #koha
16:11 tcohen            i need a volunteer to press the enter key
16:11 tcohen            on my keyboard
16:12 Putti             autotyper?
16:12 Joubu             rm -Rf C4
16:12 Joubu             done
16:12 tcohen            hahahh
16:12 tcohen            nah
16:12 tcohen            i'm about to push the plack patches
16:12 tcohen            i just don't want to take responsibilities
16:12 tcohen            :-P
16:13 tcohen            nevermind
16:13 Putti             :D
16:14 tcohen            it is done
16:14 tcohen            confetti!
16:14 wahanui           o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
16:14 tcohen            confetti!
16:14 wahanui           somebody said confetti was http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpm3j6aNaN1qh8hleo1_400.gif
16:15 tcohen            confetti!
16:15 wahanui           i think confetti is http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpm3j6aNaN1qh8hleo1_400.gif
16:15 tcohen            ok, lunch time
16:15 tcohen            thanks wahanui, it is great to feel understood like this
16:18 cait              hi #koha
16:19 huginn            New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13791: (QA followup) Plack support requires Apache 2.4.8+ <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=58b29655dda0ca4d4935a6b886a1a39d249a8780> / Bug 13791: tab-completion for koha-plack in bash <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=76f3c5794c16385b629b70b123e935ef5eb0802e> / Bug 13791: make koha-common init script aware of plack <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=ko
16:26 cait              @wunder Konstanz
16:26 huginn            cait: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 17.8°C (6:26 PM CEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
16:27 druthb            @wunder 77098
16:27 huginn            druthb: The current temperature in Montrose (Mandell Place), Houston, Texas is 32.4°C (11:27 AM CDT on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
17:22 magnuse           @wunder boo
17:22 huginn            magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 21.0°C (6:50 PM CEST on August 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
19:02 huginn            New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12372: Updated man pages for koha-mysql <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=72372e389566442c5022959a567df24ea0a4034d> / Bug 12372: (QA followup) Standardized argument parsing for koha-mysql. <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=c30985920de7fc327ba653c538d6f57502d5a304> / Bug 12372: koha-mysql: process any mysql args <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.gi
19:13 tcohen            bye #koha
20:17 rangi             morning
20:17 pianohacker       hi rangi
20:18 cait              morning
20:18 cait              well... evneing
21:07 barton            I find the way that stage-marc-import.pl works in master to be confusing ... clicking 'Upload file' gives you an 'Upload progress' bar, but it also blanks the file name and displays 'No file chosen' ... given that this was where I was last focused, my immediate thought was "wait! where did my file go!!???" ... If the progress bar gave me the file name of the file that was uploading, I would have been able to adjust. I think that's going to cau
21:11 dan_              Hello guys, could someone help me plz? My server is undergoing sudden shutdowns of the zebrasrv process, do you people know about any causes of this?
21:13 cait              hm, i haven't seen this
21:13 cait              are there any error messages?
21:13 cait              what version are you running an dhow was koha installed?
21:13 dan_              barton: I gave up with a similar problem with importing records by using the GUI. Instead, I used the ./koha/bin/commit_biblios_file.pl script
21:14 dan_              v. 3.8
21:15 dan_              I have no found related messages in zebra logs
21:18 cait              3.8 is really old
21:18 cait              we are currently at 3.20
21:20 dan_              isn't the v 3.8 having 'official support' ? :)
21:22 cait              3.18 is the latest release
21:22 cait              3.8 is no longer maintained
21:25 cait              so not a lot of people are using it anymore
21:27 dan_              fine, it's not supported, but could you help me giving some light about this (or somewhat similar) issue please?
21:27 cait              how did you install koha? is it a standard install, packages?
21:29 dan_              yes, it was standard (perl makefile.pl, make, make install, etc)
21:30 rangi             what changed recently, to make zebrasrv start dying?
21:34 rangi             did you upgrade zebra or something? zebrasrv lives outside Koha, so I would look into if there are any known bugs with the version you have installed etc
21:44 dan_              zebra server is v. 2.0.59
21:46 dan_              is it necessary to update it to 2.0.60?
21:48 dan_              I have not done any upgrades of zebra. 2.0.59 was the only version used until now
21:49 jcamins           dan_: your server has been running successfully for several years, right? Once you figure out what changed between when it worked and when it didn't, you'll probably know what the problem is.
21:49 jcamins           One unfounded guess: insufficient disk space.
21:52 dan_              jcamins: it could be that..
21:53 jcamins           Your logs should give you actual evidence, though.
22:25 wizzyrea          cait, about? I know "probably not" but just thought I'd check
22:27 cait              yep
22:28 cait              i saw your message at work, but lost it
22:28 cait              what was the question?
22:28 wizzyrea          my question was, is there a tidy/easy way to switch from grs1 to dom? I find the wiki really confusing
22:29 cait              it is a bit messy
22:29 cait              because you need to edit files
22:29 cait              http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Switching_to_dom_indexing is the only thing we have right now i think
22:29 wizzyrea          oh, the other question was about bug 14691 - there are two solutions and we don't know which one to prefer
22:29 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14691 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Can't delete patron with ' character in cardnumber
22:30 wizzyrea          okies, I was hoping maybe there was a better way but maybe on my way through I'll tidy up the wiki :)
22:30 wizzyrea          well 3 solutions really
22:31 cait              hm not sure
22:31 cait              i haven't looked at this one yet - i am basically still reading bug mails from my week of vacation
22:31 wizzyrea          especially with the work for bug 13618, which is really needed and necessary
22:31 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13618 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Prevent XSS in the Staff Client and the OPAC
22:32 wizzyrea          (and also fixes this, and it's similar bugs, long term)
22:32 wizzyrea          ah yeah, that's fair enough
23:25 eythian           hi
23:51 francesca         heya
23:55 wizzyrea          hi
23:58 mtj               wizzyrea, you can pinch the DOM files from new koha instance
23:58 wizzyrea          mtj that is spectacular advice
23:58 mtj               ..then do a regex thru them