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19:21 cait   hi #koha
15:20 wnickc except skip the arabic part (or not if pertinent)
15:20 wnickc http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Correcting_Search_of_Arabic_records
15:20 wnickc ppt:I am no language expert, I think editing default.idx is to enable ICU in zebra
14:53 ppt    to get regional language search
14:53 ppt    after installing koha is it necessary to make change in default.idx file in /etc/koha/zebradb
14:22 tcohen hi wnickc
14:00 wnickc hi tcohen
13:52 tcohen hi
12:09 zts    how to see multiple languages in koha opac i enabled google transliteration input but i can see only three to four languages i wish to add few more languages can some one tell me how to add additional languages