Time  Nick         Message
23:39 * Francesca  waves at rangi
23:39 Francesca    cdickinson: lol
23:28 rangi        heh
23:26 wahanui      OK, cdickinson.
23:26 cdickinson   wahanui: Debian also is <reply> the operating system equivalent of rangi - straight up open source
23:25 wahanui      cdickinson: Debian =is= what most people use and there are good manuals and even packages for that|Debian is never late or early. Debian arrives precisely when it means to.
23:25 cdickinson   literal Debian
22:32 huginn       Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0°C (10:00 AM NZST on August 11, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
22:32 Francesca    @wunder wlg
22:31 Francesca    ahhh cold
22:18 eythian      hi
21:50 cait         true
21:48 rangi        its gonna have to have that in it
21:48 rangi        yeah but then you just grep the mysql log for message_transports
21:47 cait         hm
21:47 cait         and hard when you don#t even know where to start... you could run quite a lot of updates
21:47 cait         i figured out a fix the first time it happened and then it got lost in the big pile
21:47 cait         yeah, i just didn't have the time
21:46 rangi        then check the log to see what query was run that changed it
21:46 rangi        probably the way to find out, turn on mysql logging, do the upgrade, roll back, do the upgrade, roll back, etc until it happens
21:42 cait         wish we could figure out why and when that happens
21:41 cait         :)
21:40 burdsjm      and girls :)
21:40 burdsjm      thanks guys
21:27 cait         the sql is on the last comment
21:26 burdsjm      I see it
21:26 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13171 normal, P1 - high, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Check box for email is missing for hold notifications in patron messaging preferences.
21:26 cait         bug 13171
21:25 cait         but what rangi said is right, it's missing a line in a table
21:25 burdsjm      great
21:25 cait         let me find the workaround
21:24 cait         it happened to us in 1 of 18 instances
21:24 cait         it appears sometimes after updating
21:24 cait         it's a bug
21:14 wizzyrea     on 3.18.x
21:14 wizzyrea     looks ok to me
21:14 burdsjm      ok
21:13 rangi        check your message_transports table
21:12 wizzyrea     I'll have a look 2 shakes.
21:12 burdsjm      email info is in there for the notices
21:12 burdsjm      other checkboxes are there for email and working.
21:11 burdsjm      Ok
21:11 rangi        it's most likely data related
21:11 burdsjm      I'm on
21:10 rangi        no, its there in master and 3.20.2 for me
21:10 burdsjm      yes
21:09 rangi        you mean in the messaging preferences?
21:08 burdsjm      Has the hold's filled checkbox disappeared on patron accounts for anyone else?
20:22 cait         no idea, everything else was ok
20:21 rangi        i wonder if it was your isp being weird
20:18 cait         i couldn't even get to the oftc website
20:18 rangi        its like that pretty much every morning
20:18 cait         weird
20:18 rangi        but still 30 people on the channel
20:18 rangi        yep
20:18 cait         and then silence
20:18 rangi        05:25 < tcohen> @seen marcelr
20:18 rangi        04:39 < cait> bye #koha
20:16 cait         the logs are pretty empty as well
20:15 rangi        only you
20:14 cait         so was it only me or was the chat broken?
17:25 huginn       tcohen: marcelr was last seen in #koha 10 hours, 31 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <marcelr> hi dcook
17:25 tcohen       @seen marcelr
16:39 cait         bye #koha
16:12 Joubu        bye #koha!
16:11 cait         i will try to give it another test drive soon... but this week is super busy and next week i am on vactaiont ravelling
16:08 pianohacker  it's on my list of things to fix once I know that everything actually, y'know, works
16:07 pianohacker  cait: well, yes, that part isn't hard, it's the infrastructure to make that without hard-coding it for MARC21 that's a bit trickier :)
16:06 cait         hm, could you pull in the pref, when empty, like it is now?
16:06 pianohacker  cait: I was able to fix everything but the 003. That's a finicky issue that I'm not sure how to fix, because I realized that a widget like the ones for leader/005/008 wouldn't really be quite appropriate
16:05 cait         pianohacker: there is also a comment froma  potential sign-offer ont he bug :)
16:05 cait         pianohacker: your comment made me hopeful - you were able to fix it all?
16:02 pianohacker  tcohen: working on it... gonna poke khall in person later today to find out how testing at nakug went
16:01 tcohen       i want to push pianohacker so he finishes rancor in a pusheable form in time for 3.22
16:00 pianohacker  I just want tcohen to push bgkriegel to answer my email, I'm not _that_ demanding...
16:00 pianohacker  hey now :)
15:59 cait         you mus mistake me with pianohacker :P
15:59 cait         me? push you?
15:59 tcohen       it is taking me more time than expected to adjust the 'attach files' patches
15:59 tcohen       cait: don't push me
15:58 tcohen       s/u//
15:58 pianohacker  tcohen: myu?
15:45 tcohen       i've been working with myu intern
15:45 tcohen       hi pianohacker
15:45 cait         tcohen: you are lagging :)
15:43 pianohacker  hi tcohen
15:43 tcohen       hi cait
14:38 huginn       cait: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 27.3°C (4:38 PM CEST on August 10, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
14:38 cait         @wunder Konstanz
12:52 Joubu        hi tcohen
12:42 tcohen       drojf: :-P
12:27 huginn       cdickinson: The current temperature in Waterloo, Lower Hutt, New Zealand is 4.9°C (12:20 AM NZST on August 11, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
12:27 cdickinson   @wunder lower hutt
12:26 drojf        i win
12:26 huginn       drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 31.0°C (2:20 PM CEST on August 10, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
12:26 drojf        @wunder berlin, germany
12:25 tcohen       hi Joubu
12:25 huginn       tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Altos de San Martin - NW, Cordoba city, Cordoba City, Argentina is 10.9°C (9:25 AM ART on August 10, 2015). Conditions: Mist. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
12:25 tcohen       @wunder cordoba,argentina
12:25 tcohen       morning
12:11 cait         morning drojf
11:59 drojf        hi #koha
11:51 cait         morning tcohen
11:49 tcohen       morning
09:57 xarragon     Old new keyboard, yes. But I think I will buy a proepr one, this is just a standard keyboard shipped with HP desktops. very nice feel, but with some hidden drawbacks
09:50 cait         new keyboard? :)
09:39 xarragon     But this keyboard requires you to really pound the keys home.
09:39 xarragon     cait: I was trying to type '/win 4', to change the current IRC window.
09:29 cait         xarragon: ?
09:07 xarragon     Damn this keyboard
09:06 xarragon     in 4
08:20 huginn       cait: The operation succeeded.
08:20 cait         @later tell drojf - ich hab da mal ne Frage... :)
08:20 huginn       cait: downloading the Perl source
08:20 cait         @later ping drojf - ich hab da mal ne Frage... :)
08:20 cait         morning Joubu
08:20 cait         ping drojf
08:19 Joubu        hello
08:06 dcook        au revoir :D
08:06 dcook        En fait, I think I'll go now
08:04 Francesca    :)
08:02 dcook        :D
08:02 dcook        Home-made perogies that my wife and I made last night though... those will be my dinner
08:02 dcook        Nah, no time for games
08:01 Francesca    dcook: if you need stress relief... http://www.gamesville.com/html_downloads/pokePenguin.php
07:58 dcook        No fatal errors because the error is being caught so we can just stroll along pretending everything is fine...
07:58 dcook        I love when a person wraps a "try-catch" around something but never deals with the catch
07:44 Francesca    fair enough
07:44 dcook        Nah, it's awful. I rather just work it out now while I'm on a roll
07:44 Francesca    wow ok
07:44 dcook        Apparently I like working even when it's painful :p
07:43 Francesca    masochist?
07:42 * dcook      appears to be a masochist
07:42 dcook        Pretty soon
07:41 Francesca    so homeward bound it is then?
07:41 dcook        Way past time to go home
07:41 dcook        And it's so time to go home
07:41 dcook        yarp
07:40 * Francesca  thinks that dcook needs an exterminator
07:40 Francesca    bugs bugs and more bugs?
07:39 dcook        wizzyrea: Keep finding more things... yikes...
07:20 dcook        So much that
07:20 dcook        ^
07:18 cait         it's monday ;)
07:17 Francesca    how goes it?
07:17 cait         hi Francesca
07:16 Francesca    hi cait
07:16 dcook        :)
07:16 cait         :)
07:16 cait         hi dcook .9
07:11 dcook        yo cait :)
07:10 dcook        Ugh, I love how the ILS-DI documentation is a bit of a lie...
07:10 cait         morning #koha
06:54 marcelr      hi dcook
06:53 dcook        yo marcelr
06:52 marcelr      hi #koha
06:19 BobB         and went one by one through the search, opac and intranet sys prefs, to boot
06:18 BobB         done that, no luck :)
06:18 eythian      but I've never noticed one that'll do this
06:18 eythian      I mean, I'd have a look for any syspref that matches "facet"
06:17 BobB         and we can't easily poke at it
06:16 BobB         the install is not ours, its on centos
06:16 BobB         ok, thx
06:16 eythian      I don't think I've ever not seen them show
06:16 eythian      that's unexpected
06:16 eythian      huh
06:16 BobB         but I have an instance where facets display and one where they don't
06:16 eythian      but I don't think you can just turn them off
06:15 eythian      I think you can switch between koha facets and zebra facets though
06:15 BobB         and can't find one
06:15 eythian      not aware of one
06:15 BobB         I can't remember (:
06:15 eythian      hmm
06:15 BobB         is there a sys pref that turns search facets off and on?
06:15 eythian      for a moment
06:15 BobB         hey dcook, eythian still about?
06:11 cdickinson   my phone died just as I got home
05:58 cdickinphone Yeah
05:58 Francesca    shush wahanui
05:58 wahanui      facebook is *not* a universal authenticator!
05:58 Francesca    facebook?
05:58 Francesca    anyways
05:58 Francesca    no sersiouly
05:58 cdickinphone Lol
05:58 Francesca    tiny
05:58 Francesca    maybe we should move to individual chat
05:58 cdickinphone My phone has a 4 inch screen
05:58 Francesca    IKR?
05:58 Francesca    its a bit big for me to easily hold though
05:57 cdickinphone 3G is not bad, but having fast Internet on the go would be sweeeet
05:57 * Francesca  has a phone that supports 4G
05:57 Francesca    I love it
05:57 cdickinphone For sure
05:57 Francesca    its really fast
05:57 Francesca    u going 4g?
05:57 Francesca    mmm
05:56 cdickinphone Especially with LTE being rolled out
05:56 cdickinphone Yeah :p Pretty much everything should be nowadays, as connection standards are globalising
05:56 Francesca    you've checked?
05:55 cdickinphone Nah, that one is good
05:55 cdickinphone Nah, too expensive
05:55 Francesca    oh be careful - some import phones don't support nz
05:55 Francesca    so not samsung
05:55 cdickinphone Only available here as an import though
05:55 Francesca    ok
05:55 cdickinphone I was looking into the ASUS ZenFone 2, which is basically a high end phone for mid-range prices
05:54 Francesca    so what are you thinking of then?
05:54 cdickinphone Nexus 6 is too big
05:54 cdickinphone Had a Nexus 5 while i was doing an NWEN project, but not a big fan of the ergonomics
05:54 Francesca    for phones
05:53 Francesca    what are you thinking of?
05:53 cdickinphone Though*
05:53 cdickinphone Train isn't bad then
05:53 Francesca    my heater is a cat
05:53 Francesca    so nexus
05:53 cdickinphone Still cold here
05:53 cdickinphone Those wouldn't be bad but i want the latest Android version, and support for future ones
05:52 Francesca    I have my own personal heater
05:52 Francesca    s4, s5?
05:52 Francesca    cas
05:52 cdickinphone Nah
05:52 Francesca    css expensive
05:52 Francesca    maybe don't go straight to the s6
05:52 Francesca    portable phone
05:51 Francesca    mm there is a kitty cat cuddling up to me
05:51 cdickinphone I want to buy a higher end phone this time around, so i'm sticking with this until i can afford one
05:50 Francesca    yeah after about 3 years they start to die
05:50 cdickinphone The battery is a couple of years old and i use it a lot on thw go lately
05:49 Francesca    I have a portable charger
05:49 cdickinphone I need a battery bank
05:49 Francesca    so I can charge
05:49 Francesca    I always carry a usb
05:49 cdickinphone Best thing about it
05:49 Francesca    ah
05:48 cdickinphone My S III mini has an OLED screen
05:48 Francesca    ??
05:48 Francesca    do you have one?
05:47 cdickinphone But god it's beautiful when watching video...
05:47 Francesca    plus I find them more usable
05:47 Francesca    but samsungs are so pretty
05:47 Francesca    sony has great battery
05:47 Francesca    yeah I know
05:47 cdickinphone Francesca, if you get an S6, beware the screen brightness, these OLED screens destroy battery when you're viewing bright stuff
05:46 Francesca    return when you have your laptop
05:46 Francesca    ok
05:45 cdickinphone 1% battery, prepare for me disconnecting
05:45 Francesca    sad
05:43 cdickinphone Not on special at all
05:43 cdickinphone Too much
05:42 Francesca    no chocolate avalible?
05:42 cdickinphone Looks like i'm driving to Pak'nSave when i get home
05:42 Francesca    hmm
05:42 eythian      on ffx it's fairly memory hungry
05:42 cdickinphone All i know is Adblock Plus is not the best
05:41 * Francesca  turns to google
05:41 cdickinphone Dunno, not familiar with Chrome addons
05:41 Francesca    I use ad block pro
05:41 Francesca    do tell
05:41 Francesca    oh?
05:40 cdickinphone I think Chrome has another better alternative
05:40 Francesca    hmmm is it available for chrome as well?
05:40 cdickinphone ^ yeah
05:40 eythian      I've heard uBlock Origin is the way to go
05:40 Francesca    cool
05:39 cdickinphone Adblock Plus, but considering switching to UBlock
05:39 dcook        Oh wow... the bloody UI adds the duplicated entries...
05:39 cdickinphone Yep
05:39 cdickinphone Project*
05:38 Francesca    got an add blocker?
05:38 cdickinphone Yeah, i did
05:38 cdickinphone Francesca: happy to have you as my engineer for this small projecg
05:38 * dcook      wonders how someone repeated an entry...
05:38 Francesca    cdickinphone: did you see that article I posted? Its important for you since you use firefox
05:38 dcook        I mean... you shouldn't have a repeated entry... but still
05:38 dcook        And that if you have a repeated entry for a certain resource, you get inexplicably duplicated data...
05:38 dcook        Turns out that the new DSpace stores a lot of text values in a single table...
05:37 dcook        eythian: Nicely done :)
05:37 Francesca    #IlookLikeAnEngineer
05:36 cdickinphone You sound just like an engineer
05:36 cdickinphone :p yeah
05:36 Francesca    sketches mean you get an overview, and I get a good idea before I start coding
05:35 Francesca    we'd already agreed to hang out anyway
05:35 cdickinphone That's cool
05:35 Francesca    but can draw up some sketches instead
05:35 cdickinphone Mmm, good excuse to hang out for a while
05:35 Francesca    I won't build any test pages just yet
05:35 cdickinphone Francesca: good idea
05:34 Francesca    perhaps we discuss on thursday instead?
05:34 Francesca    cdickinphone: I am in a tutorial from 1-2
05:34 Francesca    (that is the one thats being used on the dashboard)
05:34 cdickinphone Nice
05:34 eythian      dcook: ticket: acquired.
05:33 Francesca    what? I have the file - I designed it
05:33 cdickinphone 1-2, and after 3 to an extent
05:33 cdickinphone :p
05:33 Francesca    oh I can even give you the koha favicon
05:32 cdickinphone If I use JavaScript, it'll be platform agnostic
05:32 Francesca    look when are you free on Wednesday?
05:32 cdickinphone Sounds like Firefox and Chrome are all we'd be using
05:31 cdickinphone Ah
05:31 Francesca    its mainly for the css
05:30 cdickinphone Francesca: don't worry about browser compatibility too much
05:30 Francesca    oh cool
05:30 cdickinphone Francesca: it'd only be a few pages: registration form, confirmation, and then the page tracking the progress of provision
05:30 Francesca    probably the only one I don't know is the new microsoft one
05:29 Francesca    and how many browsers?
05:29 Francesca    cdickinphone: more than one page?
05:29 dcook        Very :(
05:29 Francesca    that is annoying isn't it
05:28 dcook        Ugh, I hate when documentation is wrong...
05:27 Francesca    go kill them off
05:27 dcook        And my 3rd different system of the day :)
05:27 Francesca    fun
05:27 dcook        But now I have more bugs
05:27 dcook        Yeah, I think it was the EDS thing
05:27 Francesca    dcook: killing bugs?
05:27 * dcook      wishes what he was doing before he got interrupted by a 40 minute phone call...
05:27 Francesca    more than one page?
05:26 Francesca    sweet
05:26 cdickinphone Francesca: yeah, please, Koha colours
05:26 dcook        eythian: Well, good thing you remembered now!
05:26 Francesca    or I can do something different
05:26 Francesca    *koha
05:26 Francesca    cdickinphone: I can do something like that page in kohl colours
05:25 eythian      dcook: just buying Anathema tickets now. I had forgot to do that so far.
05:25 Francesca    and how many pages
05:25 cdickinphone Something minimal like that is not a bad idea
05:25 Francesca    cdickinphone: you will need to tell me what text you want
05:25 cdickinphone I already know you're good
05:22 Francesca    thats my NCEA level 3 webpage
05:22 Francesca    http://francescam.freewebhost.co.nz/SistaDansen/index.php?ckattempt=1
05:22 Francesca    heres an example of what kind of stuff i like to do
05:22 Francesca    no worries :)
05:21 cdickinphone Seriously, i'm grateful for this
05:21 dcook        Man I love SSH tunnels...
05:20 Francesca    oh cool
05:20 cdickinphone You'll be getting a credit in my thesis by the way
05:20 Francesca    bingo
05:20 cdickinphone From scratch keeps it simple and allows us to change everything
05:19 cdickinphone It doesn't need to be fancy
05:19 Francesca    or totally from scratch
05:18 Francesca    am I building off a platform like wordpress?
05:18 Francesca    you may have just made my day
05:18 cdickinphone I'm using latest everything
05:18 Francesca    So you're telling me I get to build a site from scratch using the latest standards?
05:18 cdickinphone Go nuts
05:18 Francesca    yay!
05:18 cdickinphone Please do
05:17 Francesca    a lot of the webpages here are using xhtml still
05:17 Francesca    oh and a quick question - do you want me to build in the latest standard html 5?
05:17 cdickinphone Good idea
05:17 Francesca    lets meet Wednesday to discuss further
05:16 cdickinphone I'll treat you to anything on Thursday
05:16 Francesca    do you know how long it's been since I built a site from scratch?
05:16 Francesca    It'll be fun for me
05:16 Francesca    no worries
05:15 cdickinphone Thank you so much
05:15 Francesca    :P
05:15 Francesca    I'll just get a basic webpage up and running then
05:15 cdickinphone You HTML rings around me :p
05:15 Francesca    ok cool
05:15 cdickinphone Nah, the code to interact with Koha as a Service
05:15 Francesca    I can do that too
05:15 wahanui      the html is, like, great for the slips
05:15 Francesca    what the html?
05:14 cdickinphone You can leave the scripting stuff to me
05:14 Francesca    not sure i know how to do the last part
05:14 Francesca    I think
05:14 Francesca    I can do that
05:13 cdickinphone That would be really awesome
05:13 cdickinphone Want
05:13 Francesca    so you need / want me to do that
05:12 cdickinphone Make a simple registration page for adding new sites to Koha as a Service that isn't ugly and interactively checks the status on everything
05:11 Francesca    explain
05:10 Francesca    ok
05:10 cdickinphone Actually, i just thought of something you can do that would be awesome that i can't
05:10 cdickinphone That would be awesome, Francesca
05:09 Francesca    cdickinson: http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/70985336/hackers-use-dodgy-web-ads-in-firefox-to-steal-your-files <--- have you got an add blocker installed
05:08 Francesca    want a hand presenting?
05:07 cdickinphone That's where it is
05:07 cdickinphone And i want you to be there for that
05:07 cdickinphone And actually show it working
05:07 cdickinphone On*
05:06 Francesca    the last big one I did was the website for level 3 nice
05:06 Francesca    wish I had a cool project to present on
05:06 Francesca    cool
05:06 Francesca    you gonna present your project?]
05:06 cdickinphone I want to do one ob my project
05:06 Francesca    yeah
05:06 cdickinphone During Pizza Thursday, anyone can present stuff
05:05 cdickinphone I just had a light bulb moment
05:05 Francesca    yeah ok I can come
05:05 cdickinphone Yeah
05:04 Francesca    and you said it was during mid-term?
05:04 Francesca    theres a possibility I'm busy but that won't be till 4pm
05:04 cdickinphone Something like that
05:04 wahanui      thanks Francesca :)
05:04 Francesca    wahanui: botsnack cookie
05:04 cdickinphone Mid day, sort of 12:30 onwards
05:04 Francesca    that is amazing
05:03 Francesca    omg who taught him that
05:03 wahanui      somebody said time was like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff. or generously donated to giving support in #koha but if you need more help faster than we can give it try http://koha-community.org/support/paid/
05:03 Francesca    what time?
05:03 cdickinphone There is one, the next one is in the mid-term break
05:02 Francesca    I come fridays
05:02 Francesca    I didn't even know there was a pizza thursday
05:02 Francesca    uhhhh no idea
05:02 cdickinphone Hey Francesca, you're still free for the Pizza Thursday at the first Thursday of September, right?
05:01 Francesca    hahaha ok
04:59 cdickinphone To see how much i can complain :p
04:59 Francesca    how is cold motivation?
04:58 cdickinphone Fuelled by cold
04:57 Francesca    for once
04:57 Francesca    bet me to it
04:57 huginn       cdickinphone: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0°C (4:30 PM NZST on August 10, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
04:57 cdickinphone @wunder nzwn
04:57 Francesca    its so cold
04:57 cdickinphone Good afternoon Francesca
04:56 Francesca    yo cdickinphone
04:48 Francesca    also I apparently have web terms on the brain
04:48 Francesca    can't spell
04:48 Francesca    cas
04:47 eythian      CSS huh
04:45 Francesca    css I'll be in on friday
04:45 Francesca    unless you count beer o'clock
04:45 Francesca    so no partying
04:45 Francesca    I have tests this week
04:45 Francesca    hahahahahaha
04:45 eythian      that never ends badly
04:45 eythian      put a party on facebook
04:43 Francesca    I have the house to myself for the week
04:43 Francesca    my mum and step dad are in sydeny at the moment
04:43 dcook        Not much wind either
04:43 dcook        oh, that doesn't sound too bad
04:43 huginn       Francesca: The current temperature in Rosebery, Rosebery, New South Wales is 19.3°C (2:40 PM AEST on August 10, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Falling).
04:43 Francesca    @wunder syd
04:42 dcook        Yarp
04:42 Francesca    you're in sydney right?
04:42 * dcook      might just put roots into this chair...
04:42 dcook        I haven't moved since 9am though so I don't know about temps
04:42 Francesca    warm?
04:42 dcook        Blue skies
04:42 dcook        Mmm
04:41 Francesca    hey dcook what are things like weather wise over your way?
04:40 * Francesca  does a happy dance
04:40 Francesca    but its fixed now!
04:40 dcook        :/
04:40 Francesca    and watch the vm type it out veeeeery slowly
04:40 Francesca    to the point where I would type something
04:40 Francesca    and the vm was running slow
04:39 Francesca    yeah it kept failing
04:39 dcook        That does sound familiar
04:39 Francesca    fair enough
04:39 Francesca    cdickinson and I finally got that stupid video driver on my vm running
04:39 dcook        Used to frighten the bug and boost my own spirits
04:39 dcook        Oh, it was a celebratory air kick
04:39 Francesca    mind you, I feel the same way
04:38 Francesca    what does kicking the air achieve against this bug?
04:38 dcook        ^_^
04:38 Francesca    I'm dying of laughter here
04:38 * dcook      kicks the air
04:38 dcook        Take that OPAC!
04:38 dcook        Ha! That's the bug
04:38 dcook        Refreshing the page removes the "incart" class..
04:38 dcook        Ahh nope...
04:37 dcook        Although the "incart" class is removed...
04:37 dcook        If you add items to the cart, refresh the page, open the cart, "Empty and close", they'll be removed from your cart but the text on the page will still say "In your cart"
04:37 dcook        Well, at least in 3.14.x
04:36 dcook        Ahh, totally a Koha bug...
04:36 huginn       Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0°C (4:00 PM NZST on August 10, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
04:36 Francesca    @wunder wlg
04:36 Francesca    ahhh so cold
04:35 eythian      heh
04:35 dcook        eythian: I was trying to think of a crack about how my soul sat for the painting of that one, but... :p
04:35 dcook        Those moments when you can't tell if it's a Koha bug or an EDS bug or...
04:31 eythian      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_black_flags#/media/File:Flag_of_Afghanistan_(1880%E2%80%931901).svg <-- creative
04:30 dcook        hehe
04:29 eythian      http://piecomic.tumblr.com/post/124944353751
04:29 dcook        yo eythian
04:29 eythian      oh, hi dcook
04:20 dcook        Or maybe I should say slowly and painfully trying to fix..
04:17 dcook        should change my job title to "System Juggler"...
04:17 dcook        While trying to juggle a bunch of other projects at once :)
03:52 mtj          aah, well done dcook :)
03:52 dcook        Yeah it works pretty well overall except for the cart I think
03:52 dcook        mtj: I'm fixing it ;)
03:48 mtj          hmm, but i'm not sure about the cart stuff either..
03:47 mtj          dcook: fwiw.. i do recall getting the EDS plugin running on 3.14 without too many problems
03:16 dcook        Nope... exactly as instructed..
03:15 * dcook      isn't counting on it..
03:15 dcook        Hmm mmaybe I patched doc-head-close.inc incorrectly...
02:59 dcook        That's a bit of a... Koha problem and an EDS problem...
02:59 dcook        Yep... thought I'd seen this before
02:57 dcook        I think perhaps that might be a jquery quirk...
02:56 dcook        The plugin is relying on a number in "basketcount" but somehow I'm getting HTML :S
02:56 dcook        I think maybe Koha is just trolling me now
02:39 dcook        wizzyrea: Yeah, I think it's just a reported one
02:39 dcook        Maybe that'll make it easier to fix at least..
02:39 wizzyrea     I thought I saw a fix for that one. Maybe we only reported it.
02:39 mtj          thanks dcook, i just checked.. i think you are right :)
02:38 wizzyrea     ah, bummer
02:38 dcook        wizzyrea: no cigar. Code looks the same.
02:37 wizzyrea     or at least it will tell you what ones have ever been used
02:37 dcook        wizzyrea: Yeah, good call
02:37 wizzyrea     should tell you what it's doing
02:37 dcook        mtj: I assume sent, failed, pending, but not sure
02:37 wizzyrea     select distinct(status) from message_queue;
02:36 mtj          hey #koha, anyone recall what values the 'message_queue.status' column has?
02:36 wizzyrea     if you look at the other vrsions of the plugin there may be a fix for that in there
02:35 dcook        There is "-1" item in my cart :D
02:35 dcook        Oooh.
02:35 dcook        Which... doesn't quite work either
02:34 dcook        Just "Empty and close"
02:34 dcook        There's no reference to it in the JS that I can see...
02:34 dcook        Ahhh no wonder remove wasn't working...
02:05 dcook        Can do
02:05 wizzyrea     oh nice, tell him hi from us
02:03 dcook        Hmm so the "Add to cart" and "(remove)" work from the search results...
01:57 dcook        But I think I'm meeting with Alvet tomorrow, so yay :)
01:57 * dcook      is pretty sure the TTL stuff doesn't work at all
01:56 dcook        It looks like he's storing the cart cookie data in local storage as well...
01:55 dcook        You can say that again :)
01:55 dcook        The hell...
01:55 wizzyrea     needless to say, the cart and the EDS plugin are a work in progress
01:51 dcook        I'll investigate more :)
01:51 dcook        Hmm no worries
01:51 wizzyrea     no idea, it's been a struggle and we've had so many version updates now I can't remember what's where.
01:50 dcook        Or related..
01:50 dcook        Hmm, I think this might be something else then?
01:50 wizzyrea     sorry cart.
01:50 wizzyrea     having opac results and discovery results in the same plugin.
01:50 wizzyrea     it's an ongoing struggle for the plugin :(
01:50 wizzyrea     I have no doubt that it's broken
01:49 dcook        That is, you remove items, but you refresh the page and they're still there
01:49 dcook        Because it's on the opac-search.pl page that it's not working?
01:49 wizzyrea     then it's resolving conflicts instead of "has this moved since he made this"
01:49 dcook        So do you mean the cart working with the Discovery results or the Koha results when using EDS?
01:49 wizzyrea     to your koha install, build a package off of that, and bada bing, all done.
01:49 rangi        yeah a patch for each version would be best
01:49 wizzyrea     that you'd just apply the patches.
01:49 dcook        Well, I'm working on 3.14x atm
01:48 rangi        but you get what i mean
01:48 wizzyrea     yeah, that was the idea.
01:48 dcook        :S
01:48 rangi        https://github.com/ebsco/edsapi-koha-plugin/tree/master/Patches/opac/cgi-bin/opac  <-- those ones actually :)
01:48 rangi        https://github.com/wizzyrea/edsapi-koha-plugin/tree/master/Patches/opac/cgi-bin/opac  <-- you need those files for the eds stuff to work
01:48 rangi        because then you could just apply it, rather than replacing the files like you do now
01:47 rangi        it would be nicer to have it as patches still
01:47 wizzyrea     ^
01:47 rangi        so that patch shouldnt be needed (in theory)
01:47 wizzyrea     mostly it was to show alvet how to do it in the future, if he needed to.
01:47 wizzyrea     that patch.
01:47 rangi        its all folded into the code itself now
01:46 wizzyrea     it's way old.
01:46 wizzyrea     the cart is a real problem for the plugin.
01:46 wizzyrea     to make EDS work with the cart
01:46 dcook        I'm having some problems with the cart, but don't know if it's related?
01:46 dcook        But for what purpose?
01:46 wizzyrea     it was a patch file to apply to the cart
01:46 dcook        What was it for?
01:45 dcook        I'm just curious about your patch for the EDS plugin: https://github.com/wizzyrea/edsapi-koha-plugin/commit/3cd0df32f9fda613574ef45bbff3267de7d31b11
01:45 wizzyrea     a bit, sup
01:45 dcook        wizzyrea: hey, are you still around?
01:02 wizzyrea     isn't that just the way
00:48 Francesca    first day of cat sitting they bought in a huge mouse
00:47 Francesca    mum and david are in aus
00:47 Francesca    I am cat sitting
00:47 Francesca    I
00:46 wizzyrea     oh, work is busy enough :)
00:42 Francesca    dickinson is meeting me later to fix the driver issue on my vm
00:42 Francesca    quiet day? lucky
00:42 wizzyrea     not a whole lot really
00:37 Francesca    what's up?
00:36 Francesca    hey wizzyrea :)
00:36 wizzyrea     Hi Francesca
00:17 Francesca    hello #koha