Time  Nick            Message
00:10 * Francesca     waves hello
00:10 Francesca       good afternoon #koha
00:12 Francesca       @wunder wlg
00:12 huginn`         Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (12:00 PM NZST on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
00:39 mtompset        Uh oh... It's been an hour and a half... cdickinson isn't back.
00:39 mtompset        Must have gone horribly wrong. ;)
00:41 Francesca       he's around
00:41 Francesca       I'm chatting to him on fb
00:41 mtompset        *whew* :)
00:42 Francesca       he's up at the uni
00:42 Francesca       ohhh would you look at that
00:42 Francesca       cdickinphone has returned
00:43 cdickinphone    Huzzah
00:43 Francesca       mtompset: you sound almost keen for something to go horribly wrong
00:44 Francesca       hey cdickenphone you up for more bot training?
00:45 cdickinphone    I'm at my destination, so the only things that can happen is both Vic and 2degrees have the poop hit the fan
00:45 cdickinphone    Yep, i am
00:46 Francesca       whahanui forget cdickenphone
00:46 cdickinphone    Wahanui never knew me
00:46 wahanui         cdickinphone: sorry...
00:46 cdickinphone    Hehe
00:46 Francesca       hahahaha
00:48 Francesca       cdickinphone is <reply> cdickinphone is not known on this channel
00:48 Francesca       wonder if that will work
00:48 Francesca       cdickinphone
00:48 wahanui         cdickinphone is not known on this channel
00:48 Francesca       hahahaha
00:48 Francesca       cdickinphone what do you think?
00:49 cdickinphone    It's, perfect
00:49 Francesca       bot training is fun
00:49 wahanui         i already had it that way, Francesca.
00:49 Francesca       hahaha ok wahanui
00:49 Francesca       I believe you
00:49 Francesca       wahanui: Have a botsnack cookie
00:49 wahanui         thanks Francesca :)
00:50 cdickinphone    Seriously, is he sentient or what
00:50 Francesca       dunno
00:50 Francesca       wizzyrea (if you're around) is wahanui sentient?
00:51 Francesca       piano lesson time
00:51 Francesca       gotta go
00:52 cdickinphone    Okay, have fun
00:52 Francesca       I'll see you at 2
00:52 Francesca       subway we are coming for you
00:52 cdickinphone    Yep :) and froghurt
00:52 Francesca       yum
02:37 indradg         @seen eythian
02:37 huginn`         indradg: eythian was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <eythian> @marc 260
02:38 indradg         @later tell eythian about bug 14619
02:38 huginn`         indradg: The operation succeeded.
02:38 indradg         bug 14619
02:38 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14619 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , clients-marc-MARC21.po missing
03:00 mtompset        @later tell Francesca I was worried about the upgrade process, because I'm next. :P
03:00 huginn`         mtompset: The operation succeeded.
03:04 mtompset        Nice bump. I blame Acronis and MS. :P
03:52 mtompset        Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha pianohacker
05:02 * Francesca     waves
05:02 Francesca       @wunder wlg
05:02 huginn`         Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 9.0°C (4:30 PM NZST on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
05:04 Francesca       ugggh coold
05:19 AmitG           hi all
05:20 Francesca       hey AmitG
05:33 AmitG           heya Francesca
05:33 wahanui         I love Doctor Who
05:34 Francesca       yus
05:34 Francesca       that is true wahanui
05:34 Francesca       have a botsnack cookie
05:34 eythian         wahanui: Francesca is also <reply>Who\?
05:34 wahanui         bugger all, i dunno, eythian
05:35 Francesca       hahahahaha
05:35 eythian         oh, that doesn't work
05:35 Francesca       so polite wahanui
05:35 Francesca       wahanui forget me
05:35 wahanui         Francesca: I forgot me
05:35 eythian         wahanui: Francesca is also <reply>Who#
05:35 wahanui         okay, eythian.
05:35 eythian         wahanui: Francesca =~ s/#/?/
05:35 wahanui         OK, eythian
05:35 Francesca       bot training for the win
05:35 Francesca       whats that gonna do?
05:36 eythian         nothing too exciting
05:36 Francesca       Lets give it a try
05:36 Francesca       Francesca
05:36 wahanui         Who?
05:36 Francesca       gee thanks
05:37 Francesca       I have been forgotten
05:38 eythian         you did ask for it
05:38 Francesca       true
05:39 eythian         like, literally :)
05:39 Francesca       I know :)
05:39 Francesca       Whatsup eythian?
05:39 eythian         well, we've just finished a 4.5 hour team lunch at the pub...
05:39 eythian         not much else will be happening today
05:40 Francesca       woo long meeting
05:40 Francesca       home time now?
05:40 eythian         pretty much, yeah
05:40 Francesca       cool
05:40 Francesca       I'll be in tomorrow
05:41 Francesca       wahanui: wizzyrea is also <reply> "lavamind is erupting patches all over us!"
05:41 wahanui         okay, Francesca.
05:41 Francesca       wizzyrea
05:41 wahanui         wizzyrea doesn't exist anymore
05:42 Francesca       ok
05:42 Francesca       that didn't work
05:42 Francesca       (I found the quote on the dashboard)
05:47 cdickinson      @wunder lower hutt
05:47 huginn`         cdickinson: The current temperature in Waterloo, Lower Hutt, New Zealand is 6.4°C (5:40 PM NZST on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
05:47 cdickinson      yeah, seriously
05:47 Francesca       ugggh
05:47 Francesca       why doesn't windchill come up for wellington?
05:47 Francesca       @wunder wlg
05:47 huginn`         Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0°C (5:30 PM NZST on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
05:48 Francesca       wahanui: rangi is <reply> "there is so much stuff in Koha that is a result of 'omg my staff wont do what they are told to. Please punish the whole world for me.'"
05:48 wahanui         francesca: i haven't a clue
05:48 Francesca       awwwww
05:48 cdickinson      it may be the quote marks
05:48 Francesca       ok lets try that again
05:48 eythian         it's mostly the 'is'
05:49 Francesca       right so no is then?
05:49 cdickinson      there's*
05:49 eythian         you can escape it with \, but there's also the quote database for that stuff anyway
05:49 eythian         @quote random
05:49 huginn`         eythian: Quote #255: "<gmcharlt> if wahanui is an infobot, does that make it's mom a databot?" (added by wizzyrea at 10:39 PM, June 03, 2013)
05:51 Francesca       wahanui: rangi is <reply> There is so much stuff in Koha that is a result of 'omg my staff wont do what they are told to. Please punish the whole world for me.
05:51 wahanui         bugger all, i dunno, francesca
05:51 eythian         @quote search punish
05:51 Francesca       how come is works for other people but not rangi?
05:51 huginn`         eythian: 1 found: #173: "rangi: there is so much stuff in Koha that is a..."
05:51 eythian         it's already there
05:51 Francesca       right
05:51 Francesca       so how do I make wahanui say it as a response
05:52 Francesca       like if someone says hey Francesca wahanui says:
05:52 cdickinson      wow, Internet is wonky tonight
05:52 Francesca       hey francesca
05:52 wahanui         I love Doctor Who
05:52 eythian         I wouldn't bother, no point duplicating stuff
05:52 Francesca       awww
05:52 cdickinson      have to come up with something funny then :P
05:52 Francesca       cdickinson and I have been bot playing
05:53 Francesca       or training
05:53 Francesca       whatever you want to call it
05:54 Francesca       cdickinson: you're at catalyst more often than I am
05:54 Francesca       whats something that would make a good response for rangi?
05:54 Francesca       and cdickinphone is here
05:54 Francesca       hey cdickinphone what happened to dickinson?
05:55 Francesca       grr autocorrect
05:55 cdickinphone    In and out of consciousness
05:57 Francesca       wahanui: dickinson is also <reply> cdickinson is drifting in and out of consciousness
05:57 wahanui         OK, Francesca.
05:57 Francesca       wonder if that'll work?
05:58 cdickinphone    Weird, sent something out from the desktop and it didn't come through
05:58 Francesca       ok
05:58 cdickinson      our wireless here at home is playing up
05:58 Francesca       hmm
05:58 cdickinphone    There it is
05:58 Francesca       network provider?
05:58 cdickinphone    Your messages arrived immediately
05:59 cdickinphone    I think my PC likes you :p
05:59 Francesca       awww I'm touched
05:59 Francesca       wahanui: forget cdickinphonw
05:59 wahanui         Francesca, I didn't have anything matching cdickinphonw
05:59 Francesca       ok wrong spelling
05:59 Francesca       wahanui: forget cdickinphone
05:59 wahanui         Francesca: I forgot cdickinphone
05:59 cdickinson      cdickinphone*
06:00 cdickinphone    Better but still awful
06:00 Francesca       wahanui: cdickinphone is <reply> I think my pc likes you :P
06:00 wahanui         OK, Francesca.
06:00 Francesca       cdickinphone
06:00 wahanui         I think Francesca's pc likes you :P
06:00 Francesca       hahahahaha that was not was I expecting
06:01 * Francesca     facepalms
06:01 * cdickinphone  slow claps
06:01 Francesca       I'm dying of laughter over here
06:01 Francesca       wahanui forget cdickinphone
06:01 wahanui         Francesca: I forgot cdickinphone
06:02 Francesca       lets try that again
06:03 Francesca       wahanui: cdickinphone is <reply> "I think my pc likes you :P"
06:03 wahanui         OK, Francesca.
06:03 Francesca       cdickinphone
06:03 wahanui         "I think Francesca's pc likes you :P"
06:03 * Francesca     faceplates again
06:03 Francesca       I give up
06:04 Francesca       wahanui forget cdickinphone
06:04 wahanui         Francesca: I forgot cdickinphone
06:04 Francesca       sorry about all this #koha
06:04 Francesca       I'll stop now
06:04 cdickinphone    Heh
06:04 Francesca       oh shush
06:05 cdickinphone    :p but watching you is funny
06:05 Francesca       grrrrr
06:07 Francesca       wahanui forget Francesca
06:07 wahanui         Francesca: I forgot francesca
06:07 cdickinphone    ?
06:08 Francesca       wahanui: I am <reply> Installing Bugzilla ia now counted as the root of all evil
06:08 wahanui         ...but francesca is <reply>no, I said I forgot francesca...
06:08 Francesca       ok sorry
06:09 Francesca       Francesca is <reply> essay writing = root of all evil
06:09 cdickinphone    Lol
06:09 cdickinphone    You still working on that?
06:09 Francesca       I don't think it worked
06:09 Francesca       Francesca
06:09 wahanui         no, I said I forgot francesca
06:09 Francesca       what did you do cdickinphone?
06:10 cdickinphone    O.o nothing haha
06:10 Francesca       you know I'm starting to think that you're right about the sentient bot thing
06:11 Francesca       I said I'd stop playing with the bots
06:11 Francesca       I might be annoying someone
06:11 Francesca       sorry #koha
06:11 Francesca       again
06:12 cdickinphone    Shall we discuss our plan of action in private?
06:12 cdickinphone    Need to prepare for the storm
06:12 Francesca       private chat window?
06:14 Francesca       I gotta go
06:14 Francesca       I'll come back later
06:41 Francesca       cdickinphone
06:41 wahanui         The internet likes to muck around with our heads
06:41 cdickinphone    That fits
06:41 Francesca       we're going to have dinner now
06:41 Francesca       see later cdickinphone, other inhabitants of #koha
06:41 cdickinphone    That's the only reason for my existence
06:41 Francesca       what the internet screwing around with your head? :P
06:41 cdickinphone    See  later Francesca
06:42 Francesca       bye
06:42 cdickinphone    Yep
06:42 Francesca       lol
06:49 reiveune        hello
06:49 wahanui         hi, reiveune
06:58 gaetan_B        hello
06:58 wahanui         bonjour, gaetan_B
07:00 alex_a          bonjour
07:00 wahanui         kia ora, alex_a
07:08 AmitG           heya alex_a
07:46 fridolin        hie there
07:59 Francesca       hello
07:59 Francesca       cdickenphone are you there?
07:59 Francesca       or cdickenson
08:00 Francesca       dickinson that is
08:00 Francesca       grrr
08:23 Francesca       @wunder wlg
08:23 huginn`         Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 7.0°C (8:00 PM NZST on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
08:35 nlegrand        hey #koha
08:35 Francesca       hey nlegrand
08:35 nlegrand        hey Francesca
08:35 wahanui         Francesca is a sleep deprived zombie
08:36 Francesca       hahaha he said it!
08:36 Francesca       (it is true though)
08:49 cdickinson      wow
08:49 cdickinson      who set that
08:52 Francesca       me
09:01 Francesca       wahanui
09:01 wahanui         yes, Francesca?
09:01 Francesca       what are you?
09:02 Francesca       cdickinphone
09:02 wahanui         The internet likes to muck around with our heads
09:02 Francesca       watch this
09:02 Francesca       wahanui what are you
09:02 wahanui         rumour has it i am a bot
09:02 Francesca       are you also a sentient bot with sass
09:02 cdickinson      wat
09:03 Francesca       wahanui are you a sentient bot with sass
09:03 wahanui         OK, Francesca.
09:03 Francesca       that worked before
09:04 Francesca       wahanui: wahanui is also <reply>wahanui is rumoured to be a sentient bot with sass
09:04 wahanui         okay, Francesca.
09:04 Francesca       wahanui
09:04 wahanui         yes, Francesca?
09:04 Francesca       gaaah
09:04 cdickinson      overridden
09:04 Francesca       I really should't be doing this so late at night
09:04 Francesca       what do you mean cdickinson
09:05 cdickinson      Francesca: maybe he's programmed to say "yes, <person?" instead of that response we can program into him when we ask wahanui himself
09:06 Francesca       I have
09:06 Francesca       If i ask him in an individual chat window he says gotcha
09:06 Francesca       wahanui are you a bot
09:06 wahanui         OK, Francesca.
09:06 Francesca       yep works in individual chat
09:06 cdickinson      hmm
09:06 Francesca       we're probably driving people insane
09:07 Francesca       sorry #koha
09:07 cdickinson      bots are hard
09:07 Francesca       bots are freakin awesome
09:07 Francesca       isn't that right wahanui
09:07 cdickinson      and freakin awesome
09:09 Francesca       night #koha
09:14 mveron          Hi #koha
09:19 Francesca       hello mveron
09:23 mveron          hello Francesca :-)
09:47 cait            good morning #koha
09:49 mveron          hi cait :-)
09:50 Bibin           Helo all i'm trying to install koha on ubuntu but i get awk: fatal: cannot open file `/etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf' for reading (No such file or directory)
09:50 Bibin           anny tips
09:53 cait            hi mveron :)
09:54 cait            Bibin: which instructions are you using?
09:54 mveron          @wunder Allschwil
09:54 huginn`         mveron: The current temperature in Bern-Belp, Switzerland is 18.0°C (11:50 AM CEST on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
09:54 Bibin           http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_ubuntu_-_packages
09:55 Bibin           i used old stable
09:59 cdickinson      Bibin: http://wiki.koha-community.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Koha_on_Debian#Debian_Packages_on_Koha
10:01 Bibin           thx  i take a look
10:09 cait            hm no joubu
10:22 xarragon        Viktor: Hello
10:23 xarragon        For logging events and things, shoudl I use a timestamp or datetime format?
10:24 xarragon        Because C4::Dates does not seem to handle timestamp format.
10:36 drojf           hi #koha
11:31 xarragon        Hmm, how are date formats controlled in Koha?
11:31 xarragon        I see the C4::Dates class, and the controlling syspref item.
11:31 xarragon        But is there another system, like the localization?
11:32 xarragon        Or it just the syspref, and I should not really care about the formatting in the suer-visible parts that much?
12:26 nengard         morning #koha
12:26 cait            morning nengard
12:27 druthb          morning nengard, cait. :)
12:27 cait            morning druthb :)
12:28 nengard         cait did you see my new family member?
12:28 nengard         https://www.flickr.com/photos/nengard
12:28 cait            very cute :)
12:28 cait            but you shouldn't let him drink at this young age :P
12:29 nengard         That is all dani's fault
12:29 nengard         she was fostering him
12:29 nengard         I told her the same thing!!!
12:30 jcamins         nengard: don't let him get in the habit of sticking his paw in your glass. We can't break Myshkin of that habit.
12:30 nengard         oh yeah - I knocked him off the table after i took the picture :) hehe
12:31 * nengard       is a bad mommy
12:31 jcamins         Hehe.
12:36 tcohen          morning
12:37 cait            morning tcohen
12:37 * tcohen        got asleep and is not yet at the office o/
12:37 druthb          :)
12:38 francharb       good morning all|!
12:41 nengard         morning
13:09 francharb       I try to set up a new framework and when I tried to hide the 656 field, the $9 subfield remains visible. Any suggestions?
13:10 francharb       I used the hidden value (set up to 8), then the tab value (set up to -1)
13:10 francharb       and I always have the $9
13:11 francharb       I'm on master
13:11 francharb       What am I doing wrong?
13:11 cait            francharb: remove the thesaurus
13:12 francharb       thanks cait!
13:12 cait            i think that was it - hopefully remembering correctly
13:12 cait            the thesaurus link from the $a int hat case i think
13:13 francharb       thank you so much cait! it works!
13:13 francharb       :)
13:13 cait            :)
13:13 cait            i think it just tries to make sure that the authid can be properly added - so $9 is shown while thesaurus linking is active
13:14 francharb       I get it! Thanks for the explanation!!
13:30 tcohen          hi
14:27 drojf           looks loke the nz timezone became way chattier than europe
14:29 tcohen          well, this is the american tz :-D
14:30 drojf           europe is about to call it a day ;)
14:31 xarragon        win 4
14:31 * druthb        waves to drojf and tcohen
14:31 xarragon        whopsie
14:31 drojf           druthb!
14:31 druthb          :)
14:32 tcohen          hi druthb xarragon
14:32 pianohacker     hey, tcohen, how are ya?
14:32 tcohen          i'm doing great,
14:32 pianohacker     I have a crazy zebra question to help get your day going!
14:32 * druthb        is looking at a couple of old, old Koha bugs, and thinking, "you know…  "
14:32 tcohen          awesome :-D
14:33 * tcohen        was writing tab-completion for koha-indexer
14:33 tcohen          while a migrated Koha reindexes
14:33 pianohacker     Why do some utterly gigantic records still fail to fetch from Zebra even though we've fixed bug 11096?
14:33 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11096 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, CLOSED FIXED, Koha cannot retrieve big records from Zebra
14:33 tcohen          that's a broad question
14:33 pianohacker     (we're talking on the order of 365K with ~1500 items)
14:34 tcohen          you might be stressing ZEbra to its limits
14:34 pianohacker     yaz-client muttered something about Maximum-record-size
14:34 tcohen          yeah
14:34 tcohen          the zebra people told me we shouldn't rely on yaz-client, though
14:34 tcohen          and use zoomsh instead
14:34 tcohen          (fr debugging
14:35 pianohacker     Ohhhhhhhhh, wait, the maximum data packet size defaults to 1M, and that record up there is probably north of that when encoded as MARCXML. Is that it?
14:35 tcohen          yes
14:36 pianohacker     (thanks for the zoomsh tip, though, never had a particular love for yaz-client)
14:36 pianohacker     Is there a way to change that for Koha? yaz-client has a switch I'm about to try
14:39 tcohen          i can't find the specific option, but ->option() seems the best place to start (Net::Z3950::ZOOM
14:40 pianohacker     okay, will investigate. Any idea from your own work what would be a sane upper limit?
14:40 pianohacker     My gut instinct is just to do 10M and theoretically never run into a problem, but...
14:41 * tcohen        is intrigued by how zebra sets that limit
14:41 tcohen          they have lots of hardcoded limits
14:41 pianohacker     yup...
14:41 tcohen          i think it is not only a problem of Koha's connection, but Zebra's configuration
14:41 pianohacker     lots of "max"s in the configs and probably more in the source :/
14:42 pianohacker     well, thanks very much
14:42 pianohacker     tcohen++
14:42 pianohacker     have a lot more to poke at now :)'
14:47 * tcohen        is compiling zebra again
14:48 drojf           why?
14:49 nengard         hi all - has anyone done any work on creating a koha index that is dependent on indicators?
14:49 nengard         so if indicator = 1 then index is xyz ... etc
14:49 tcohen          drojf: just to make sure my dev environment is ready for when it need patching/debuggin?
14:49 nengard         looking for some examples maybe to base some new code off of
14:49 tcohen          nengard: I did!!!!
14:49 nengard         bug number? or git link? or anything??? hehe
14:49 tcohen          you are welcome to sign my work :-D
14:50 nengard         tcohen++
14:50 tcohen          is not indicators specifically, but conditions
14:50 tcohen          and the sample test i propose
14:50 tcohen          uses indicators :-D
14:50 tcohen          http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14217
14:50 huginn`         04Bug 14217: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Add a DOM syntax for specifying conditions on indexes
14:50 drojf           isn't that done on xslt level? or maybe i misunderstand the question
14:51 tcohen          you just add condition="the_condition" to index_subfields definition
14:51 nengard         I want to have 3 search indexes.  So 521 ind1=1 is reading level search
14:51 nengard         and 521 ind1=2 is interest level search
14:51 nengard         etc etc
14:51 nengard         http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd521.html
14:51 nengard         i got the numbers wrong
14:51 nengard         but you see what i mean
14:51 drojf           ah now i get it
14:52 tcohen          with my patch you would add
14:52 tcohen          condition="@ind1='1'" and specify the index for it, and so on
14:53 nengard         thank you so much - this will help a lot
14:53 tcohen          nengard: I know :-D
14:53 tcohen          We'd be even i you sign it
14:53 tcohen          :-D
14:54 nengard         I will give it a whirl ASAP!!! today is a lot of phone calls
14:56 pastebot        "tcohen" at pasted "nengard: with my extension to the DOM XML file syntax" (11 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/23
15:05 nengard         tcohen i was asking for barton - so i shared your example with him and asked him to sign off on your dev :)
15:05 nengard         then you can both help each other out and learn from each other :)
15:07 tcohen          pianohacker_dnd: i just remembered that for testing 11096, I found a zebrasrv option switch for specifying such a limit
15:07 tcohen          zebrasrv --help => -k kilobytes
15:08 pianohacker_dnd tcohen: ah, right, the zebrasrv switch. Is that the only impediment?
15:09 tcohen          i think so, I don't remember all the zebra's C code (and never will)
15:11 * barton        shudders at the thought of reading zebra's C code.
15:11 tcohen          nengard: share the knowledge? never! that's for pro-open source people
15:11 tcohen          lol
15:12 nengard         silly tcohen
15:12 tcohen          nengard: :-P
15:13 fridolin        seeeeee u
15:56 reiveune        bye
16:17 tcohen          hey, my 3.20 instances are the only 3.20 sending data to hea
16:23 drojf           tcohen: so much for anonymity :P
16:57 bag             ah we aren’t on 3.20 yet tcohen
20:24 bag             @wunder 97315
20:24 huginn`         bag: Error: No such location could be found.
20:24 bag             @wunder 97215
20:24 huginn`         bag: The current temperature in Kittyland Love Center, E Tabor, Portland, Oregon is 33.4°C (1:24 PM PDT on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 26%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1016 hPa (Falling).  Excessive heat warning in effect from noon today to 9 PM PDT Friday...
20:45 Francesca       @wunder wlg
20:45 huginn`         Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 9.0°C (8:30 AM NZST on July 31, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
21:12 Francesca       good morning
21:12 wahanui         the only good morning is a dead one
21:12 Francesca       well thats depressing
21:12 Francesca       anyone around?
21:13 jcamins         Who teaches wahanui these things?
21:15 Francesca       I teach him some things
21:15 Francesca       But I didn't teach him good morning
21:16 * jcamins       teaches him some things too.
21:16 Francesca       I taught him this
21:16 Francesca       wahanui: good evening
21:16 wahanui         good evening is the time of day we all look forward too
21:19 Francesca       wahanui: good evening
21:19 wahanui         evening is the time of day we all look forward too
21:19 Francesca       thats better
21:21 Francesca       hey tcohen
21:21 barton          How do I render Docboc to man? I'm working on debian/docs/koha-mysql.xml,and I want to see if my changes look ok.
21:21 barton          *Docbook
21:22 tcohen          hey Francesca
21:22 wahanui         Francesca is a sleep deprived zombie
21:22 Francesca       wahanui: botsnack cookie
21:22 wahanui         :)
21:23 Francesca       what sup tocsin?
21:23 Francesca       *tcohen
21:26 Francesca       Hey cdickinphone
21:26 wahanui         The internet likes to muck around with our heads
21:26 cdickinphone    That's not why i'm me today
21:26 Francesca       I can change it
21:27 Francesca       wahanui: forget cdickinphone
21:27 wahanui         Francesca: I forgot cdickinphone
21:27 cdickinphone    Lol, i was about to say it's fine but bleh
21:28 Francesca       wahanui: cdickinphone is <reply> Bots being good bots make my day
21:28 wahanui         :)
21:28 Francesca       cdickinphone
21:28 Francesca       oh come on
21:29 cdickinphone    Too happy to do it, i see
21:29 Francesca       cdickinphone
21:29 wahanui         cdickinphone is also a sleep deprived zombie
21:29 cdickinphone    ._.
21:29 Francesca       hahaha
21:31 cdickinphone    Just today
21:32 Francesca       your just a sleep deprived zombie for today?
21:32 Francesca       ok
21:33 cdickinphone    Woke up at 6 cause 9am lecture
21:33 Francesca       ugh
21:33 cdickinphone    Got shaken up by a screwed up dream as well
21:33 ibeardslee      tsk tsk .. you're
21:34 * Francesca     is too tired to care about spelling right now
21:34 Francesca       or grammar for that matter
21:36 * barton        thinks that Francesca should give the Koha documentation a wide berth while in that condition ;-)
21:36 * Francesca     has no intention of looking at documentation till at least 11.30
21:36 Francesca       besides I can't exactly run my vm during a lecture
21:36 Francesca       have to take notes
21:36 cdickinphone    Write my Koha as a Service documentation for me, Francesca
21:37 Francesca       no :P
21:37 cdickinphone    :>
21:37 cdickinphone    Aww
21:38 cdickinphone    It'd make me happy :p
21:38 Francesca       yes but I'm not doing your work for you
21:38 barton          morning trea!
21:38 barton          howzit going?
21:39 trea            good good
21:39 barton          kool.
21:39 trea            it's sysadmin appreciation day
21:39 trea            be sure to let your favorite sysadmin know how much you appreciate them :P
21:39 * Francesca     needs to get her eyes checked
21:40 Francesca       who are the other sysadmins?
21:40 * cdickinphone  waves at Francesca
21:40 Francesca       I didn't know you were one?
21:40 trea            i work with at least a dozen here in NZ
21:40 trea            idk how many are represented in Oregon
21:40 trea            :P
21:41 Francesca       I'm in nz so only 12 people to track down
21:41 Francesca       ish
21:41 cdickinphone    There you go, another thing you now know about me, Francesca :p
21:41 cdickinphone    Just not for Koha
21:41 Francesca       you learn a new thing every day
21:41 Francesca       right
21:42 cdickinphone    Well, yeah, i learn a lot from you everyday heh
21:42 bag             heya trea
21:42 trea            bag hi
21:42 cdickinphone    Just gotta get that going for Uni again
21:42 Francesca       according to my lecturer, one of the late renaissance composers was also a murderer
21:42 trea            happy bday
21:43 Francesca       hey bag is it your bday?
21:43 trea            everyday is bag's bday
21:43 bag             happy birthday trea
21:43 Francesca       ok
21:43 bag             oh yeah btw trea you hit 3 homers in a game yesterday - so go you!!
21:44 trea            noice
21:47 cdickinphone    No read only friday for me today...
21:49 Francesca       hahaha
21:49 Francesca       I'm in the same boat as you cdickinphone
21:50 cdickinphone    We'll be suffering together later on at Catalyst so at least we have that going for us :p
21:50 wizzyrea        suffering!
21:51 cdickinphone    Lol
21:51 Francesca       hey its wizzyrea!
21:51 Francesca       hey wizzyrea
21:51 wahanui         "lavamind is erupting patches all over us!"
21:51 Francesca       hahaha ok
21:51 wizzyrea        I think you mean "learning awesome things"
21:52 cdickinphone    wizzyrea: i have to write documentation, it isn't fun :p
21:52 wizzyrea        that was an unexpected response from wahanui.
21:52 Francesca       ether my eyes are tired or I really need to get them checked
21:52 Francesca       sorry wizzyrea
21:52 wizzyrea        :)
21:52 cdickinphone    Sentient bot
21:52 wizzyrea        hehe sok
21:52 Francesca       I think I might've taught him that
21:52 Francesca       I also taught him that he was a sentient bot with sass
21:52 wizzyrea        I think that came from the quote db from ages ago.
21:52 wizzyrea        nice one
21:52 Francesca       It was on the dashboard
21:53 Francesca       wahanui: what are you
21:53 wahanui         it has been said that i am a little bit creepy.
21:53 Francesca       wahanui: what are you
21:53 wahanui         i guess i am a bot
21:53 Francesca       wahanui: what are you
21:53 wahanui         i am a bot...
21:53 * Francesca     is trying to get him to say the response she taught him last night
21:53 Francesca       wahanui: what are you
21:53 wahanui         it has been said that i am a little bit creepy.
21:53 * Francesca     facepalms
21:53 wizzyrea        cdickinphone: I always conceptualise documentation as "no one will be able to use this if I don't tell them how, so I better write it down"
21:54 wizzyrea        wahanui: literal what are you
21:54 wahanui         wizzyrea: i haven't a clue
21:54 wizzyrea        hm.
21:54 wizzyrea        literal wahanui
21:54 wahanui         wizzyrea: wahanui =is= a bot|a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow.|a little bit creepy.|right sometimes|a strange duck|a bot...|rumoured to be a sentient bot with sass
21:54 wizzyrea        there it is :)
21:54 wizzyrea        it'd get there someday.
21:54 cdickinphone    Lol
21:55 Francesca       I thought it was an apprioate response
21:55 Francesca       since cdickinphone is convinced that wahanui is sentient
21:55 cdickinphone    And yes, you're right, wizzyrea
21:55 Francesca       who taught wahanui that he was a strange duck?
21:55 wizzyrea        it still sucks :)
21:55 wizzyrea        not sure, the log might know
21:56 Francesca       its kinda entertaining
21:56 cdickinphone    Francesca: who cares, he is one
21:56 Francesca       playing with bots is becoming a very bad habit of mine
21:56 wizzyrea        he's only as strange as his teachers ^.^
21:56 Francesca       is wahanui creepy cas he watches people sleep?
21:56 cdickinphone    Thaf's us :o
21:56 Francesca       he actually said that once
21:56 cdickinphone    That's*
21:57 Francesca       wahanui: good evening
21:57 wahanui         evening is the time of day we all look forward too
21:57 wizzyrea        good night
21:57 wahanui         I watch you sleep.
21:57 wizzyrea        ^
21:57 Francesca       creepy
21:57 wizzyrea        :)
21:57 bag             @wunder 97215
21:57 tcohen          lol
21:57 huginn`         bag: The current temperature in Kittyland Love Center, E Tabor, Portland, Oregon is 36.4°C (2:57 PM PDT on July 30, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 17%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Falling).  Excessive heat warning in effect until 9 PM PDT Friday... 
21:57 cdickinphone    That's hot
21:57 bag             still going up too
21:57 Francesca       kitty love center??
21:57 tcohen          wizzyrea: i pushed that patch into 3.20 already :-D
21:58 tcohen          sorry for the messaging mess
21:58 bag             yeah that is funny - but we do love kitties
21:58 wizzyrea        which one?
21:58 wahanui         which one is, like, that? The fixed navbar
21:58 Francesca       I love kitties too
21:58 wizzyrea        literal which one
21:58 wahanui         wizzyrea: which one =is= that? The fixed navbar?
21:58 wizzyrea        forget which one
21:58 wahanui         wizzyrea: I forgot which one
21:58 cdickinphone    @wunder nzwn
21:58 huginn`         cdickinphone: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (9:30 AM NZST on July 31, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
21:58 wizzyrea        tcohen - which patch?
21:58 Francesca       ugh
21:58 Francesca       its colder out than 10
21:58 wizzyrea        that's at the airport.
21:58 bag             We could average our 2 and have a nice day
21:58 wizzyrea        36 is too hot.
21:59 Francesca       i AGREE
21:59 bag             I think it’s supposed to be over 40 today
21:59 wizzyrea        that is much too hot.
21:59 Francesca       woow
21:59 Francesca       way way way too hot
21:59 cdickinphone    25 is warm but not unbearable
21:59 wizzyrea        10 is not actually cold.
21:59 Francesca       it could have warmed up now
21:59 tcohen          barton: did you find the answer to the docbook question?
22:00 Francesca       according to my cell phone it feels like 4 degrees outside
22:01 * Francesca     is thinking that her eyesight just got worse
22:01 Francesca       again
22:01 wizzyrea        tcohen: I'm confused ^.^
22:01 tcohen          @later tell barton you should do xsltproc /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/docbook-xsl/manpages/docbook.xsl debian/docs/koha-mysql.xml | less
22:01 huginn`         tcohen: The operation succeeded.
22:02 barton          tcohen: yep.
22:02 Francesca       for those who love cats: http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/blogs/four-legs-good/12318355/Furry-Friday-Cats-in-command
22:02 tcohen          wizzyrea: nevermind, I'm talking about 14044
22:02 wizzyrea        ohhhh
22:02 wizzyrea        I wondered :)
22:02 cdickinphone    Felt like that to me
22:02 cdickinphone    :/
22:02 cdickinphone    When was the last time you replaced your glasses, Francesca?
22:02 wizzyrea        yeah it doesn't apply to 3.18
22:02 Francesca       last year
22:02 wizzyrea        go get an eye exam :P
22:02 wizzyrea        you won't regret it.
22:02 Francesca       they're already on minus 6
22:03 Francesca       I know I know
22:03 barton          tcohen: it's all on the wiki, if I'd taken the time to look: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Maintaining_man_pages_for_koha-common_as_DocBook_RFC
22:03 * wizzyrea      goes full mom-mode on you
22:03 Francesca       but I only got these glasses at the end of last year
22:03 wizzyrea        you can keep the frames and get only new lenses
22:03 * Francesca     appreciates the concern
22:03 tcohen          ok, have a nice friday kiwis, and see u around
22:03 wizzyrea        later tcohen
22:03 Francesca       bye tcohen
22:03 Francesca       have a nice day
22:03 tcohen          thanks
22:04 cdickinphone    Francesca: whether you like it or not :p
22:04 barton          Francesca: only -6? lightweight B-)  <- there's a winky face in there, but you can't see it behind the coke-bottle lenses
22:04 Francesca       maybe I'm just tired or something but every time I'm in this particular lecture  I can't read the white board
22:05 Francesca       and I'm sitting in the front row :(
22:05 barton          well *obviously* they need ot pu the lecture on IRC :-)
22:06 Francesca       unlikely to happen unfortunately
22:06 cdickinphone    Move the whiteboard closer
22:06 wizzyrea        whiteboards are terrible for glare.
22:06 wizzyrea        really hard to see.
22:06 Francesca       mmm yeah
22:07 Francesca       but I'm getting headaches as well
22:07 * Francesca     will be ringing the optometrist today
22:07 Francesca       cdickinphone: the whiteboard is attached to the wall
22:07 Francesca       kinda hard to move it closer
22:07 cdickinphone    I thought so
22:08 Francesca       you ever been in HUTL119?
22:08 wizzyrea        possibly though, front row might not be the best angle. But if you are getting headaches, then yes.
22:08 wizzyrea        call the dr.
22:08 wizzyrea        also, zennioptical.com
22:09 Francesca       wizzyrea: I have an awesome new hat to show you later
22:09 Francesca       and I will be bringing my guitar
22:09 wizzyrea        :D
22:09 wizzyrea        O.o
22:09 wizzyrea        neat :)
22:09 cdickinphone    Francesca: yeah, i have. Stupid room, can't darken it
22:09 Francesca       I have a lesson before I come down to catalyst
22:09 Francesca       hence the guitar
22:09 wizzyrea        sensible.
22:09 Francesca       mmm I don't like the hunter lecture theatres very much
22:10 * Francesca     needs to email kristina re internships
22:10 Francesca       been meaning to do that all week
22:11 cdickinphone    I've been meaning to ask how that went :p
22:11 Francesca       Yeah I haven't actually got round to it yet
22:11 Francesca       I have manuscript on the brain
22:12 Francesca       all i can see is music notation
22:12 cdickinphone    Might take a day or two to get a reply, as far as i know Kristina is still overseas
22:12 Francesca       Is she really?
22:12 Francesca       hmmmm
22:12 Francesca       wonder who else I talk to about internships
22:12 Francesca       so far I've only been in touch with kristina
22:14 Francesca       hey cdickinphone I can wait for you and we can head down to catalyst together if you like
22:14 Francesca       or I can just meet you down there
22:14 Francesca       whatever you like
22:14 cdickinphone    Wait after 2 for me?
22:15 Francesca       Maybe
22:15 Francesca       where will you be?
22:15 Francesca       where are you going to be?
22:16 cdickinphone    In a meeting with my supervisors, won't take long
22:16 cdickinphone    AM
22:16 cdickinphone    So close to our usual meeting place
22:16 Francesca       Okey doke
22:16 Francesca       that'd work fine, more time for a guitar lesson
22:16 cdickinphone    Yay :D
22:18 cdickinphone    Okay, you're on, Francesca
22:18 Francesca       what am I on for?
22:18 Francesca       meeting you before catalyst?
22:18 cdickinphone    Yeag
22:18 cdickinphone    Ueah*
22:18 cdickinphone    ........
22:18 cdickinphone    Yeah**
22:19 Francesca       hahahaha
22:19 cdickinphone    Shush, you ;-;
22:20 Francesca       nope not happening
22:22 cdickinphone    Francesca: sometimes i wonder why i let you tease me
22:22 Francesca       css you can't stop me
22:22 Francesca       *cas
22:23 cdickinson      Francesca: just going to have to start with the retaliation soon
22:23 Francesca       bring it on
22:23 Francesca       I can always train wahanui to support me
22:25 cdickinson      Francesca: as sentient as wahanui is, it is just a digital presence
22:25 Francesca       yes but I can teach him stuff
22:25 Francesca       love the quit message on your phone
22:26 cdickinson      I set it last night, I got the idea from how I actually use it
22:26 Francesca       very clever :P
22:27 Francesca       yo whats the name of the new github?
22:27 Francesca       I need to get an ssh key uploaded from my vm
22:27 Francesca       and have forgotten the website name
22:29 * Francesca     is watching an opera
22:32 wizzyrea        new github?
22:32 wizzyrea        gitlab?
22:32 wahanui         gitlab is probably really interesting.
22:33 Francesca       hahaha
22:33 Francesca       gitlab i think
22:34 Francesca       I'm installing bugzilla on my vm so is that respiratory on gilt?
22:34 Francesca       *gitlab
22:34 Francesca       or something else
22:35 Francesca       perhaps I'm just confusing myself
22:39 eythian         hi
22:40 Francesca       hey eythian
22:40 eythian         barton|away: there are two of you, and I don't know which is the right one
22:40 eythian         barton|tablet: is it this one instead?
22:43 barton|away     eythian: anything that says 'barton' will ping me.
22:43 eythian         barton|away: well, when your DID resolves, look near the bottom of debian/rules, that xsltproc command does the docbook to man conversion.
22:43 eythian         ah, cool
22:44 eythian         barton|away: now I see you found out :) oh well.
22:46 barton|away     yes, I'm all set -- but it does give me a chance to mention that I've put the finishing touches on bug 12372 :-)... it's a small thing, but I'm proud of it.
22:46 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12372 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, barton, Needs Signoff , Make koha-mysql handle arbitrary mysql arguments
22:46 cdickinson      Francesca: you could try to connect it to a local git repository first.. if that's possible
22:47 eythian         barton|away: yeah, I've seen that. I approve.
22:47 barton|away     well it needs sign-off B-D
22:48 barton|away     woh, that came out looking more shouty than happy...
22:48 eythian         I don't expect I'll have a chance today, but if no one beats me to it, prod me next week and I'll have a look.
22:49 cdickinson      oh
22:49 barton|away     kthanxbai!
23:58 mtj             hiya #koha
23:59 mtj             ive got a general BZ workflow question, re: bug 14044
23:59 huginn`         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14044 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Backslashes ( and possibly other characters ) break patron search