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22:38 Francesca   whatsup
22:38 Francesca   morning
22:37 wizzyrea    Hi Francesca :)
22:37 * Francesca waves
22:24 cait        wizzyrea++
22:17 indradg     hi eythian
22:17 wahanui     hello, eythian
22:17 eythian     hi
22:13 indradg     wizzyrea++
22:10 cait        sure thx :)
22:10 wizzyrea    let me get caught up with bug updates and then I will have a look
22:09 huginn`     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14524 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Result list RSS feed broken
22:09 cait        wizzyrea: can you take a look at bug 14524 for 3.18 maybe? Tomas pushed it just today, but it would be nice to see it fixed
21:50 wizzyrea    drojf I don't know, I'll have to look into it
21:49 wizzyrea    hi
21:21 drojf       good night #koha
20:22 nengard     from oscon
20:22 nengard     hi there
20:22 wahanui     nengard is the queen of documentation.
20:22 rangi       hey nengard
20:15 drojf       rangi: not yet
20:15 * drojf     hides the plans for the "koha hackfest and gun nuts meeting"
20:15 rangi       drojf: did you get any replies to your kohacon email?
20:15 rangi       true
20:12 ibeardslee  also part of the reason I stopped going to kickboxing fight nights .. ring girls rather than booth babes
20:09 drojf       heh
20:09 rangi       good choice :)
20:08 drojf       i attend such things rarely ;)
20:08 drojf       oh yes i can imagine that
20:08 rangi       but no where to the extent it does at same, gaming or automobile, or gun ones
20:08 drojf       i don't think it is a thing in germany. at least i hope so
20:08 rangi       it suprisingly happens at some of the bigger library confernces
20:07 drojf       yes, a lot. thanks
20:06 rangi       cool
20:06 drojf       ok, i understand the background now, thanks. and no, i can hardly imagine that applying to any koha event, thankfully
20:06 rangi       does that help?
20:06 rangi       so it's not what people decide to wear to attend the conference, it's what companies/organisations dress people in to sell services
20:06 rangi       which shouldnt arise at any of our conferences, but if it does, at least we have a clause to deal with it
20:05 rangi       http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Booth_babes  <-- it's to deal with this
20:04 rangi       Booth staff
20:04 rangi       Booth staff (including volunteers) should not use sexualized clothing/uniforms/costumes, or otherwise create a sexualized environment.
20:04 drojf       bag: yes, of course. and i'm sure they will be happy to help. i will be. but i wonder what i am supposed to answer when i announce an event and refer to the code of conduct and get asked that question. i am not sure what sexualized clothing is. sexualized by the person wearing it, or the person seeing it? and so on. given that is in the section for sponsors and booth staff, that may have a background that i am not aware of
20:04 rangi       drojf: its specifically referring to
20:02 rangi       morning
19:39 * bag       ok stepping out for a little bit
19:38 bag         drojf: each of us is a judge.  it is for us to judge on what we are comfortable with?  If we aren’t comfortable with something then we look to conference organizers for a place to find help?
19:01 drojf       first paragraph of the second version
19:00 drojf       pianohacker: http://koha-community.org/about/policy/code-of-conduct/
18:59 pianohacker drojf: wait, that's on the code of conduct?
18:34 drojf       and how am i supposed to judge it if i host a hackfest
18:33 drojf       in the light of recent events (there has been a discussion in germany whether girls are allowed to wear hot pants in school), i was wondering about our code of conduct. what exactly is "sexualized clothing/uniforms/costumes" and who is judging that?
18:22 drojf       pianohacker: as long as your enhancements go back into the community…
18:22 drojf       oh sure. it's free and open source soupware!
18:21 pianohacker drojf: sorry, I don't think you'd like if I redistributed your soup with modification
18:21 drojf       not sure if i should put "make potato soup for drojf" on the bugtracker or the meeting agenda
18:19 drojf       oh come on. are we a community or not?
18:18 drojf       could someone cook my potato soup? that would be awesome
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18:13 bag         @wunder pdx
18:13 huginn`     tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Altos de San Martin - NW, Cordoba city, Cordoba City, Argentina is 15.6°C (3:10 PM ART on July 20, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 26%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Falling).
18:13 tcohen      @wunder cordoba, argentina
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18:08 drojf       @wunder berlin, germany
18:07 cait        :)
18:07 tcohen      ah, i'm still catching up with being back to the office it seems
18:07 cait        tcohen: wrong time, 8 pm here :)
18:01 huginn`     tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:01 tcohen      @later tell matts i need your feedback regarding your discharge patch
18:01 tcohen      matts_away: around?
17:25 drojf       later #koha
17:23 drojf       cait: i hope you enjoy my translation email :P
17:20 * cait      waves
17:10 AmitG       heya cait, bag
16:58 tcohen      qqqhi bag
16:56 cait        hi bag
16:56 wahanui     que tal, bag
16:56 bag         tcohen: HI THERE
16:56 bag         cait: HI
15:01 reiveune    bye
15:01 reiveune    mibye
14:55 fridolin    sseeeee u
14:41 geek_cl     thanks ! ;)
14:41 geek_cl     as always ;)
14:41 tcohen      geek_cl: i'm glad to help
14:37 geek_cl     Ok tomas, i will consider that
14:36 * tcohen    just failed 13022
14:36 tcohen      khall_away: I'm sorry
14:35 tcohen      (any of Koha's page heh)
14:35 tcohen      a page that makes lots of db queries
14:34 tcohen      the page should be meaningful I guess
14:34 tcohen      just pick a page, nytprof it, with local vs. remote db server
14:34 tcohen      introduced by moving to a remote DB server
14:33 tcohen      you want to measure the added latency
14:31 geek_cl     ok, we get the database to a remote server,now we need to measure the new behavior to have done with this division.
14:29 geek_cl     http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Profiling_with_Devel::NYTProf
14:29 tcohen      you can do it in spanish, of course
14:29 tcohen      geek_cl: i used nytprof to measure the time it takes a page and find bottlenecks
14:29 geek_cl     (with my bad english ) :D
14:28 geek_cl     one minute, i will try to explaint the context
14:28 wahanui     well, performance is a non-issue with it these days, computer are plain good at encryption ;)
14:28 tcohen      performance?
14:28 geek_cl     apache+mysql basically
14:28 tcohen      the question itself is vague
14:28 geek_cl     not like, top, du, free and etc
14:27 tcohen      what do you want to measure?
14:27 geek_cl     yes, but focus on the answer of the entire koha env system, i mean answer by apache, the responses from mysql
14:27 tcohen      that's a measure
14:26 tcohen      :-P
14:26 tcohen      du --si -s koha_env/
14:22 geek_cl     ?
14:22 geek_cl     any idea how to measure the Koha enviroment '
14:22 geek_cl     Hi #koha !
14:13 talljoy     morning!
14:13 tcohen      morning talljoy khall_away
14:11 huginn`     New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12137: DBRev <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=ee6dced5617acb6132299f8de521c4bb38b501ea> / Bug 12137: Use Koha.Preference to access pref value <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=f8abcf3e8e44d04fde81083575662f401dce438c> / Bug 12137: followup sort index by value <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=984f051adc64a298b9970e
14:00 huginn`     tcohen: Joubu was last seen in #koha 3 days, 20 hours, and 56 seconds ago: <Joubu> I will be off for the next 2 weeks, see you!
14:00 tcohen      @seen Joubu
13:50 drojf       german word of the day:Zeitschriftenabonnementstatistik
13:38 drojf       well, it will be in the source code probably :) but that is not where the library will go to find that out
13:37 drojf       i think my first question would be, what data is actually collected from my library. i do not see that documented anywhere
13:36 jajm        the website certainly needs some work
13:35 drojf       (also i do not see how you can get an idea of that from the data on the website)
13:35 drojf       btw i think that "On this way they will concentrate on features used by most people." from the rfc is problematic. maybe some features are used less, because they would need more attention, not less?
13:33 drojf       i mean, as a library, i would wonder what goals are there behind hea. display some graphs on a website? not very convincing
13:32 drojf       jajm: i mean raw data. i don't really know what all is collected, but if you want libraries to take part, you should consider making it open data officially. and maybe find use cases beyond displaying it on the website
13:29 jajm        drojf, you can access the data here http://hea.koha-community.org/
13:29 huginn`     New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12352: Patron modification request page: Add link to patron record <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=d49cba287e46b4c1e6656f9ec2c1867bfd633016> / Bug 14524: Don't escape query_cgi with uri <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=ff280e01f4927d3860ec3d607e8d3be310dd358b> / Bug 14494: Add some unit tests too for CalcDateDue <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=ko
13:29 drojf       also, can i (or anyone, or the libraries) access the data and play with it?
13:28 drojf       so that libraries can have a reason to actively opt in
13:27 drojf       jajm: i think there should be more information about -what kind of information is provided -provided to whom -what is the background.
13:26 cait        sorry, need to fix something now - have only 25 mins left before i have to run to my bus )
13:26 cait        would have to talk to our expert what is ok and needed
13:26 cait        not sure - i haven't had time yet to look into this
13:26 jajm        cait, how could we fix that ?
13:25 cait        i know...
13:25 cait        yeah i know
13:25 drojf       like google, where they all want to be listed ;)
13:24 cait        i guess one of the problems for us would be privacy - because the biblibre server can store all the ip addresses of the koha servers
13:23 drojf       what advantages does a library have from hea?
13:23 cait        hm, blog post, newsletter, about page?
13:21 jajm        I understand... so... any other idea to encourage using this feature ? :)
13:17 drojf       people like me :)
13:15 cait        i know it's meant well... but such things can be pretty annoying to some people
13:15 drojf       it sounds a bit like an anti-feature to me
13:12 jajm        cait, it can be a simple line under the "XXX pending approval", not very intrusive I think, but still visible
13:09 cait        but i'd not worry so much about people editing it - the whatdidyoumean is also stored as a pref (see local use)
13:08 cait        I am not totally sold on the idea of such pop-ups to be honest
13:07 jajm        not something we want to be editable
13:06 jajm        cait, there's already a system preference for that, my first question was about storing the last time we showed the message (in case of "Remind me later" click)
13:04 cait        to avoid 20 libraries getting scared ;)
13:04 cait        so a prf would be handy
13:04 cait        jajm: because i'd like to turn that off for our customers after updating
13:03 cait        jajm: yeah, but i think it sounds like suggesting it a lot :) and i think a pref then - why would you not let them change it?
13:03 tcohen      yeha
13:03 drojf       peer pressure, good idea ;)
13:02 tcohen      i think we should both ask her about it
13:01 drojf       ok, then we should wait for that
13:00 tcohen      she wanted to make one, removing the kohacon part
13:00 jajm        cait, we can make something discreet :) and also we're afraid that nobody will be using this feature if not suggested
12:59 drojf       or, will be
12:59 drojf       oh there is a remake?
12:59 drojf       maybe we could do a smaller webm to stream file at least
12:59 tcohen      i was waiting for liz's remake of the film (shorter version)
12:59 tcohen      drojf: just let me know what you need from me
12:58 drojf       tcohen: great! maybe we can put it on the website, don't know if that would be a traffic problem though. i already @latered wizzyrea with something else so i'll postpone that ;) but its good the file is still available
12:57 tcohen      well, she didn't, but is monday, we are allowed to make no sense
12:57 tcohen      jajm: I'd use a local syspref, as cait said
12:55 cait        to have that by default
12:55 cait        it sounds a bit aggressive
12:55 cait        hm
12:54 jajm        cait, we want to display a message at intranet front page saying "Hea is disabled. Do you want to enable it ?" "Yes" "No (dont show again)" "Remind me later"
12:54 tcohen      it is 364MB
12:54 tcohen      drojf: i've just found a 720p version (not the 1080p original file, but might work)
12:52 drojf       i wish i had that button as an option for everything
12:52 cait        jajm: oh, sorry, in which context?
12:52 tcohen      oh
12:51 cait        tcohen: on local use tab they are all :)
12:51 jajm        cait, to display a question with a button "remind me later"
12:51 tcohen      I was thinking systempreferences are only available for editing iif they are explicitly listed in the yaml file
12:51 tcohen      jajm: yes, I think cait's question is the best way to go
12:50 tcohen      no worries
12:50 drojf       tcohen: oh yes forgot about that :((
12:50 jajm        tcohen, system prefrences are meant to be editable by user, right ?
12:50 cait        jajm: what's the use case?
12:50 tcohen      drojf: will ask the authors, I think I have a version somewhere, the problem is i lost lots of things on my stolen laptop
12:49 tcohen      jajm, maybe systempreferences ?
12:49 drojf       just as a file download
12:49 drojf       tcohen: thanks. can we put a version somewhere else too? like, not on youtube
12:49 jajm        is there a way in Koha to store simple variables like systempreferences, but not editable by users (only by code) ?
12:48 tcohen      drojf: about the video's license https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2797468
12:45 tcohen      hi marcelr
12:45 marcelr     hi drojf
12:45 tcohen      i'm back from my holiday in buenos aires
12:45 drojf       hi marcelr
12:44 drojf       hi tcohen
12:44 marcelr     hi tcohen
12:44 cait        hi tcohen :)
12:44 tcohen      hi drojf
12:44 tcohen      hi cait
12:43 tcohen      morning!
11:36 huginn`     drojf: The operation succeeded.
11:36 drojf       @later tell wizzyrea this looks like it does what i am thinking about https://wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/ do you think it would be an option for the koha website?
11:20 huginn`     drojf: The operation succeeded.
11:20 drojf       @later tell wizzyrea any idea what options there are to translate (parts of) the website? i think it would be appropriate to have multilingual information available, but could not possibly translate all of it. would it be possible to use a fallback option for things that are not translated? es.koha-community.org does not seem to exist any longer, so i can't check what they did
10:03 gaetan_B    bye!
09:49 huginn`     drojf: The operation succeeded.
09:49 drojf       @later tell rangi the author line of the unsung heroes pdf says "chris cormack, chris"
09:19 drojf       i guess it's unmotivated monday for everyone
09:19 cait        wow
09:18 drojf       oh look, some tumbleweed tumbled through my inbox
08:29 cait        janPasi: i'd avoid underscores as well because of zebra - it might lead to strange search results
08:09 fridolin    hie there
08:07 janPasi     maybe we should change them
08:06 janPasi     you think an underscore will be a problem later on?
08:05 janPasi     _ is ok, though
08:05 cait        but *shudder*
08:05 cait        i believe you - and it's pretty hard to change later on
08:04 cait        and no spaces or underscores
08:04 janPasi     i swear
08:04 janPasi     it wasn't me! :D
08:04 cait        branchnames can be anything, but any codes in koha should only be a-z0-9
08:04 cait        yeah, don't use such things in branchcodes
08:04 cait        eek
08:04 cait        it would be good to see if that is also a problem in later versions - maybe change a branchname on the demo for a test?
08:04 janPasi     one our branch-codes has Ä in it and that seems to make the saving fail
08:04 janPasi     it was a problem with Ä
08:03 cait        drojf: i only see question marks too :)
08:03 cait        http://bywatersolutions.com/2013/02/13/transport-cost-matrix-in-koha-3-10/
08:02 cait        it's from 3.10 tho
08:02 cait        probably bad copy and paste
08:01 cait        the feature is not nearly that old
08:01 cait        hm i think the copyright is wrong there
07:59 drojf       (maybe that is a problem on my side?)
07:58 drojf       (08:57:12) janPasi: it could be a problem with ?/? actually
07:57 drojf       what letters?
07:57 janPasi     it seems to complain about transport pairs with one of those letters in the branch name
07:57 drojf       if something has been fixed, it should be on the bugtracker
07:57 janPasi     it could be a problem with ä/ö actually
07:56 janPasi     unless ofcourse it's been fixed after 3.16 :D
07:55 janPasi     i think transport-cost-matrix.pl is pretty old, it has (c)2000-2002 katipo communications and 2010 biblibre, so not likely a version issue
07:53 cait        hm so it could be 2 thing i guess... something about the data or the version
07:53 janPasi     no-errors there and the value gets saved
07:51 janPasi     ok, thanks :D
07:51 wahanui     rumour has it demo is at http://koha-community.org/demo/ or http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_Demo_Databases
07:51 cait        demo?
07:50 janPasi     got an address at hand?
07:50 cait        could you try one of the public demos maybe?
07:50 cait        hm can't check that here right now
07:49 janPasi     [Mon Jul 20 10:45:20.540847 2015] [cgi:error] [pid 7762] [client] AH01215: [Mon Jul 20 10:45:20 2015] transport-cost-matrix.pl: Use of uninitialized value $value in pattern match (m//) at /home/koha/kohaclone/admin/transport-cost-matrix.pl line 85.
07:49 janPasi     we have errors like this in koha-err.log:
07:49 janPasi     that's exactly what we've done here too
07:49 cait        what i do is click in the field, uncheck the disabled checkbox, enter "10" and save
07:48 cait        i wonder if it could be an encoding issue - coudl you try 2 branches with no special characters?
07:48 cait        i am teting in 3.20 and ther eit saves without any problems
07:47 janPasi     we have 50 branches here
07:47 cait        3.16 is pretty old by now
07:47 cait        is there a javascript error by chance?
07:46 cait        my test database has only a single branch so i can't test
07:46 janPasi     yep
07:46 cait        and you just entered 30?
07:46 cait        hm
07:46 janPasi     *i'm
07:46 janPasi     cait: iäm currently using english templates
07:45 janPasi     and the same repeats for every branch-combination
07:45 cait        hmm could you try with the english templates? just for testing?
07:45 janPasi     Invalid value for Aseman kirjasto -> Jäälin kirjasto
07:45 janPasi     There were problems with your submission
07:44 cait        no error shown?
07:44 janPasi     this is 3.16.04 and we just tried to set one value (30) in transport-cost-matrix.pl to test the feature
07:42 cait        what have you tried to enter and which version are you using?
07:42 janPasi     and refuses to save the matrix
07:42 janPasi     "use transport cost matrix" is "use", and we've tried setting them up with transport-cost-matrix.pl, but it just gives us those "invalid value" errors
07:40 cait        search for transport
07:40 janPasi     what's the system pref called?
07:40 janPasi     that's what i'm planning to do, we need that feature
07:40 cait        there is a system preference and a configuration page for it
07:39 cait        it's an optional feature
07:39 cait        in a multibranch system
07:39 cait        you don't need it until you are using the transport cost matrix to determine which libraires shoudl fill a hold
07:39 janPasi     or how can i create it?
07:39 janPasi     seems that transport_cost table is empty, how is it supposed to get filled?
07:38 marcelr     :)
07:38 cait        hi marcelr
07:38 marcelr     hi #koha
07:37 cait        good morning #koha
07:20 janPasi     that's in the error-log
07:20 janPasi     transport-cost-matrix.pl: Use of uninitialized value $value in pattern match (m//) at /home/koha/kohaclone/admin/transport-cost-matrix.pl line 85., referer: http://[...]/cgi-bin/koha/admin/transport-cost-matrix.pl?
07:17 janPasi     also the matrix doesn't get saved at all
07:16 janPasi     hi koha! anyone got an idea why we're getting a bunch of "invalid value" errors for transport cost matrix?
07:09 jajm        hello
06:58 alex_a      hello
06:56 wahanui     hello, gaetan_B
06:56 gaetan_B    hello
06:43 reiveune    hello
06:38 drojf       morning #koha
04:28 rangi       *nod*
04:28 eythian     there are data safety issues, but I'm sure we can work that out.
04:27 rangi       cool
04:27 rangi       ohh
04:26 eythian     https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/1.6/modules-tribe.html <-- what I think we should use to join Koha systems together, or add other data sources to Koha.
04:01 * Francesca waves at aleisha
04:00 AmitG       hi Francesca
03:25 Francesca   sup AmitG
03:02 AmitG       hi all
02:52 Francesca   I'm doing it the hard way apparently
02:52 Francesca   just gotta get everything running on mac first
02:51 Francesca   I will be getting on to the skin soon
02:51 rangi       no worries
02:50 Francesca   I probably won't come this week as I have extra choir rehearsals
02:50 Francesca   sweet
02:50 rangi       yeah fridays are pretty much always fine
02:49 Francesca   I'm normally free on friday afternoons now so if its ok with you could I come in then just to get some stuff done and get some help if needed
02:48 Francesca   oops hit enter too soon
02:48 Francesca   I
02:47 Francesca   but to answer your question good but extremely busy
02:47 Francesca   I was back last week
02:45 rangi       how's the first day of uni?
02:45 rangi       not too much, just ticking away at work
02:43 Francesca   what sup rangi
02:42 wahanui     I love the 11th doctor!
02:42 rangi       hey Francesca
02:38 Francesca   hey
02:28 mtj         ta eythian, me too
02:25 eythian     it doesn't even look like it tries, really
02:25 eythian     mtj: it seems to fail to connect to the network, to me.
02:20 mtj         ie: can anyone get to #koha from there? ^
02:20 mtj         hey #koha, does http://webchat.oftc.net work for anyone?