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02:54 eythian     > State: The selected country doesn't require 'state' field <-- well that's unusual, but pleasant.
03:06 AmitG       hi all
03:07 AmitG       heya rangi
03:26 jcamins     rangi: are there any CI tools other than Jenkins that you like?
03:26 jcamins     Actually, better question:
03:26 jcamins     rangi: are there any CI tools that you like?
05:25 mtj         hey #koha, i need someone to give me a brainslap
05:26 mtj         http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=t/Calendar.t;h=8648968e000ec942eab1ad771eab969a1506e994;hb=HEAD#l119
05:26 mtj         can someone explain to me why that test would pass?
05:26 mtj         oops, wrong test
05:26 mtj         http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=t/Calendar.t;h=8648968e000ec942eab1ad771eab969a1506e994;hb=HEAD#l113
05:27 mtj         my $single_holiday = DateTime->new(
05:27 mtj         year      => 2011,
05:27 mtj         month     => 6,
05:27 mtj         day       => 1,
05:27 mtj         );    # should be a holiday
05:27 mtj         .
05:28 mtj         why would 2011/06/01 be a holiday... its a wednesday
05:29 mtj         ah, i see now :)
05:29 mtj         its defined a bit before, in the test :)
05:29 mtj         69     { # single holidays
05:29 mtj         70         statement => "SELECT day, month, year FROM special_holidays WHERE branchcod
05:29 mtj         e = ? AND isexception = 0",
05:29 mtj         71         results   => [
05:29 mtj         72                         [ 'day', 'month', 'year' ],
05:29 mtj         73                         [ 1, 6, 2011 ],  # single holiday
05:29 mtj         74                         [ 4, 7, 2012 ]
05:30 mtj         75                      ]
05:30 mtj         76     }
05:30 mtj         77 ));
05:30 mtj         .
05:30 mtj         all good :0)
06:25 * magnuse   waves
06:26 magnuse     mtj: quack quack
06:26 magnuse     :-)
06:26 * mtj       ducks
06:38 reiveune    hello
06:39 magnuse     bonjour reiveune
06:40 reiveune    salut magnuse rangi :)
06:58 Joubu       Bonjour #koha
07:07 magnuse     hiya Joubu
07:21 Joubu       Does someone have the same issue as bug 2422?
07:21 huginn`     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2422 major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, REOPENED , Cataloging searches with more than 1 page results show blank pages after page 1
07:23 gaetan_B    hello
07:24 AmitG       hello gaetan_B
07:28 magnuse     Joubu: bot of the links in comment #1 http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2422#c1 work for me
07:28 huginn`     04Bug 2422: major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, REOPENED , Cataloging searches with more than 1 page results show blank pages after page 1
07:29 magnuse     the title of the bug says "Cataloging searches" but the links in the comment are for the opac?
07:29 Joubu       magnuse: yes, the library fixed the problem on their production server
07:29 magnuse     ah, ok
07:30 Joubu       the only info he got : launch a search at the opac, see page 2: it should be a blank page
07:31 magnuse     works for me: http://sksk.bibkat.no/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&q=peace&offset=20&sort_by=relevance 3.20.1
07:32 Joubu       yes, same here. On the example, there is a trailing whitespace in the search, but it does not change anything for me
07:32 magnuse     also with marc21: http://hylte.bibkat.se/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&q=norge&offset=20&sort_by=relevance
07:32 magnuse     same for me
07:44 Joubu       magnuse: thanks for having tested! :)
07:46 magnuse     np
08:17 drojf       morning #koha
08:29 drojf       maybe that is a stupid question, but what happens when upgrading from 3.18 to 3.20 and moving from OpacItemHolds & AllowOnShelfHolds as sysprefs to circulation matrix settings? won't that break everything if you used those sysprefs?
08:41 rangi       naw, it shifts them
08:41 rangi       if (C4::Context->preference("AllowOnShelfHolds")){ # Pref is on, set allow for all rules $dbh->do("UPDATE issuingrules SET onshelfholds=1");
08:42 rangi       etc
08:42 * mtj       waves to #koha
08:42 drojf       ah excellent, thanks rangi
08:44 mtj         Joubu, rangi - i have a date problem you might know
08:44 mtj         http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=t/Calendar.t;h=8648968e000ec942eab1ad771eab969a1506e994;hb=HEAD#l221
08:45 mtj         if $dt is '2012-07-03'..
08:45 mtj         adding 1 day to it.. would make it '2012-07-04'
08:47 Joubu       mtj: Why do you want to use C4::Calendar? :)
08:47 mtj         but that test expects '2012-07-05', not '2012-07-04' - why?
08:48 Joubu       mtj: Prefer Koha::Calendar->addDate
08:49 Joubu       mtj: You mean the test does not pass for you now?
08:49 * indradg   wave to @koha
08:52 mtj         hey Joubu, yeah... does not pass now?!
08:52 magnuse     indradg: there is only one koha ;-)
08:52 indradg     lol
08:53 Joubu       mtj: on master, prove t/Calendar.t returns success for me
08:54 mtj         yes, me too... but why does it pass?
08:55 mtj         the real reason i ask.. is i made some caching changes to Koha/Calendar.pm - and this test broke..
08:55 mtj         so, did i just fix a bug?.. or have i introduced a new bug?
08:56 mtj         '2012-07-03' is a tuesday
08:57 mtj         $dt = dt_from_string('2012-07-03','iso');
08:57 cait        morning #koha
08:58 mtj         hiya cait
08:58 mtj         my $one_day_dur = DateTime::Duration->new( days => 1 );
08:58 Joubu       I suppose the day between was an holiday
08:58 Joubu       the 2015-07-04
08:58 Joubu       which is known as holiday in US ;)
08:58 mtj         Joubu:  ahh yes :)
08:59 Joubu       mtj: see the mock at the beginning of the file, line 69
08:59 mtj         i see it
09:00 cait        rangi: still around?
09:04 rangi       yup
09:04 cait        ah cool :)
09:07 drojf       there is no way to make a category (in circulation matrix) or an item (by general itemtypes setting or item data in cataloging) available for on-site checkout only, correct?
09:07 cait        not currently
09:07 mtj         thanks for your help Joubu
09:07 drojf       thanks
09:07 cait        there is a patch from joubu introducing some limits i think
09:07 cait        something with quota?
09:07 drojf       i thought there was a magazinausleihe-related bug, but i can't find it
09:08 cait        depends on what you are thinking of :)
09:08 * cait      needs more keywords
09:08 drojf       not sure what i have in the back of my head heh :D need caffeine to get really started
09:09 drojf       i will get back to you once i am fully awake ;)
09:10 cait        ok
09:11 Joubu       drojf: bug 14045
09:11 huginn`     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14045 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Add specific quotas to on-site checkout
09:11 drojf       the quota bug is only about a separate value for allowed on-site checkouts, independent of regular allowed checkouts i think?
09:15 Joubu       drojf: What would you like?
09:16 cait        drojf: could you set regular to 0 allowed and then allow onsite?
09:16 Joubu       From the commit msg: In order to keep the existing behavior and to let more flexibility, a new system preference is added (ConsiderOnSiteCheckoutsAsNormalCheckouts). This syspref will let the liberty to the library to decide if an on-site checkout should be considered as a "normal" checkout or not.
09:16 Joubu       I think the pref answers your need
09:17 cait        sorry but i don't understand what it does :(
09:17 drojf       Joubu: yes, that is how i understood it, thanks :) i was looking for something different. "(10:07:06) drojf: there is no way to make a category (in circulation matrix) or an item (by general itemtypes setting or item data in cataloging) available for on-site checkout only, correct?"
09:18 drojf       cait: i think that could be a workaround if the quota patch was per category, which i think it is not
09:19 Joubu       Patron category: "OnSiteOnly", itemtype "all", checkout allowed: 0, onsite checkout allowed: 42
09:19 cait        so what does the pref do?
09:19 drojf       it would make more sense to have on-site checkout like we have notforloan
09:19 Joubu       It does not what you want?
09:21 drojf       hm. i think patron category: all, itemtype <single item type>, checkouts allowed 0, onsite checkout allowed: 42 would work
09:24 drojf       i will try, thanks Joubu and cait
09:26 Joubu       cait: I don't know how I can explain better :-/ If On an on-site checkout is considered as a normal checkout.
09:27 cait        hum.
09:27 Joubu       if considered as normal, the number of total checkouts = normal checkout + onsite-checkout
09:27 Joubu       otherwise they are independent
09:27 cait        hmm
09:28 cait        i thik the name is a bit confusing then
09:28 Joubu       sorry :-/
09:28 cait        because it only applies for the total of possible checkouts
09:28 cait        i'd have thought ok, then i can renew it the same way... it will use the loan period etc.
09:29 Joubu       no, only for the number of checkouts allowed
09:31 indradg     cait, Joubu: one of my sponsoring clients has an "on-site checkout" requirement. A research library in rare books and manuscripts (400 - 500 years old). The items are not for circ in traditional sense. but they have users to request from the opac and the librarians / archivists sometimes bring up the item from storage / closed stacks. these items they are planning to track with on-site circ
09:31 cait        maybe need a better name
09:33 Joubu       it needs qa :)
09:37 drojf       Joubu: when i apply the patch, i have a small conflict: HEAD has use Test::More tests => 13; your patch has use Test::More tests => 11;
09:37 drojf       should i leave 13 or increase it when i rebase? (not sure what it does)
09:38 Joubu       maybe more :)
09:39 Joubu       tests have been added to master, and my patch adds some too, so the number of tests is certainly > 13
09:40 drojf       that's what i thought :) i really need to learn how tests work ;)
09:46 mtj         peeps, what TZ would you expect Koha's datetime objects to be using?
09:46 drojf       that of the server?
09:47 mtj         sure, thats what im thinking too
09:47 mtj         i think rangi said as much yesterday even
09:48 drojf       maybe that's a problem for hosting international clients on the same server
09:48 drojf       so I'd charge them extra to have a server in their time zone :P (or ask them to fund TZ by instance/branch in koha) ;)
09:49 mtj         ^ yes, its always been a know problem so far
09:49 mtj         afaik
09:50 Joubu       mtj C4::Context  783 >---my $tz = $ENV{TZ};
09:50 magnuse     maybe bywater has some experience with that?
09:50 mtj         im bumpng into some subtle bugs with comparing datetime objects, with different TZs
09:50 drojf       TZ by patron would be fun too
09:50 Joubu       Il could be easy to change it with my $tz = C4::Context->preference("tz") || $ENV{TZ}
09:50 Joubu       and add a new pref
09:51 mtj         im comparing dates using epoch strings, so my problem is accute
09:51 mtj         i see some DT objs are ...
09:51 mtj         tz                DateTime::TimeZone::Floating,
09:52 mtj         some are ...
09:52 mtj         tz                DateTime::TimeZone::Pacific::Auckland,
09:53 mtj         2012-07-03 can be many epoch values, depending on its TZ
09:53 mtj         ..for example
09:54 mtj         im guessing i should be checking that my DT objs are the same TZ before comparing them
09:54 drojf       floating is… local time of the client?
09:55 mtj         hmm, not quite sure yet drojf
09:56 mtj         i have seen a recent BZ about 'Floating' being used for performance
10:00 mtj         soo.. im guessing the trick is to convert a DT obj to your TZ, before comparing it
10:05 mtj         an example of this mismatched date/tz bug is..
10:05 mtj         http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=t/Calendar.t;h=8648968e000ec942eab1ad771eab969a1506e994;hb=HEAD#l188
10:06 mtj         $test_dt and  $later_dt are compared - but they have mismatched TZs
10:11 mtj         drojf:  http://search.cpan.org/~drolsky/DateTime-TimeZone/lib/DateTime/TimeZone/Floating.pm
10:12 Joubu       The problème with the TZ is that DateTime should know the DST and calculate them (if there is comparition, or add_duration, etc.)
10:12 Joubu       For instance if you instanciate a date far in the future (9999), it will calculate all the DST, if a TZ is given
10:13 Joubu       mtj: there is a trick in Koha::DateUtils, to return, in a few case, a floating DT: If the object has not been instanciate with the TZ (there is an eval somewhere)
10:14 Joubu       There is a good explanation of what is a floating time, and when you should use it
10:14 Joubu       I think it's in the doc of DateTime
10:15 Joubu       https://metacpan.org/pod/DateTime#Floating-DateTimes
10:15 mtj         thanks Joubu
10:17 cait        mtj: did you see pianohackers patches for the calendar?
10:17 Joubu       mtj: and this one http://www.w3.org/TR/timezone/#floating
10:17 cait        bug 11211
10:17 huginn`     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11211 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Move calculation code out of C4::Calendar
10:20 mtj         hum, no i missed that bug ^
10:21 cait        i haven't taken a closer look at the code, so not sure if it already takes some things into account that you are working on
10:21 Joubu       mtj: yes, as I said before, please avoid to use any subroutines/methods from C4::Calendar or C4::Dates
10:22 mtj         Joubu: yep, afaik ... i am not
10:23 mtj         cait: 11211 looks to be a different fix
10:23 cait        it's a rewrite
10:28 mtj         my changes are just to Koha::Calendar::single_holidays()  (and friends)
10:28 mtj         ..so, hopefully the changes wont clash
10:29 cait        hm any ideas on how to do a tooltip/mouseover thing in opac with jquery?
10:29 cait        mtj: cool
10:31 mtj         http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_popover.asp
10:31 mtj         cait? ^
10:32 cait        not sure if we are using tha tyet
10:34 mtj         our bootstrap is too old?
10:35 cait        i dn't know
10:37 cait        the data-toggle doesn't seem to work in thte opac
10:39 mtj         http://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/javascript.html#popovers
10:43 mtj         fyi cait, i see bs popover is used in...
10:43 mtj         ./koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/basket/basket.tt
10:43 cait        i think something similar is also used behind the digest icon in the patron account mess prefs
10:44 cait        but i can't get it tow ork in the opac
10:44 cait        i give up for now - don't have the time to spend on this right now
10:44 cait        but thx!
10:44 mtj         np, perhaps the opac is missing some needed BS files
10:45 mtj         bootstrap-popover.js ?
11:20 mtj         some good news... switching to 'Ymd' from epoch strings fixed the failing tests
11:21 cait        drojf: translation time!
11:21 drojf       cait: there is a lot of odd stuff in 3.20 translation
11:21 cait        i think thatis because they changed the default includes for the header
11:21 cait        mostly $s changes
11:22 cait        in the title line
11:22 cait        the patch aleisha did
11:23 cait        we really need to check the po files in the end
11:25 magnuse     could we maybe split the title lines at &rsaquo;? seems like that would save us some repetitive translations
11:25 magnuse     like when we have
11:25 magnuse     Koha &rsaquo; Tools &rsaquo; Labels
11:25 drojf       new functionality stuff has a lot of errors. maybe some are because of what you say, i tried to fix some weird word orders. but also things like… "on shelf holds allowed" > "Keine Vormerkung verfügbarer Titel erlaubt", so it's the opposite?
11:25 magnuse     Koha &rsaquo; Tools &rsaquo; Labels &rsaquo; Label printing/exporting
11:25 drojf       cait:
11:26 drojf       oops
11:26 drojf       cait ^^
11:32 cait        drojf:  ok, that's strange
11:32 cait        maybe it's because of the suggestion feature
11:32 cait        tries to give you a translation - and it's wrong?
11:32 cait        as long as those are fuzzy we don't have a problem yet
11:33 drojf       it's not fuzzy, it's like that in 3.20.1
11:33 drojf       i fixed it now
11:33 drojf       or, some time ago today
11:35 drojf       we need a test workflow for when we are done with translations. check all new features at least for a main release. i'm sure there are a lot more problems, i have not even used it much and found several
11:39 drojf       not sure if we want to use the wiki, the translation list or something else, but i think we should think about some translation things and organise that somehow. like further unification of terms we use. i often find small inconstistencies. like
11:39 drojf       Stapellöschung von Exemplaren
11:39 drojf       Stapelbearbeitung von Exemplaren
11:39 drojf       Stapellöschung von Titeln
11:39 drojf       Stapelbearbeitung von Titeldaten
11:39 drojf       why is it titeln once and titeldaten the other. and why is it titel if it is about titel and exemplare
11:39 drojf       things like that
11:40 drojf       unfortunately these cannot be found while working in pootle, unless you want to follow every single word in koha simultaneously
11:40 drojf       and it is very annoying to fix it later one by one with pootle search
11:42 drojf       so i'd rather keep notes of such problems and then fix them in the po files from time to time (maybe at string freeze, before we start with new translations)
11:42 drojf       is this thing on? *taps mic*
11:45 AmitG       hi indradg_
11:57 drojf       lol. i'm sure the paper bin in label printing is not a papierkorb but a fach
12:03 cait        lol
12:03 cait        yep
12:03 cait        i thought i had fixed that...
12:09 AmitG       heya cait
12:14 * magnuse   wanders off
15:18 reiveune    bye
16:07 gaetan_B    bye
16:37 Joubu       Could you be a little more quiet please?
16:47 nengard     ha
16:47 nengard     shhhhh
16:48 * Joubu     is hidden behind his screen
16:48 Joubu       sorry
16:52 pianohacker Joubu: yo, I had discussed with cait the possibility of bringing in Rancor (bug 11559) as an experimental dev as long as it was hidden behind a system preference and didn't break the rest of Koha. That was what the latest version of the patch series and the newest test plan was supposed to ensure. Does that seem reasonable?
16:52 huginn`     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11559 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Professional cataloger's interface
16:52 cait        heh
16:52 cait        you always make that sound like i gave you a green go in card ;)
16:52 cait        i said after it passed qa :P
16:53 Joubu       pianohacker: of course, if it works, I don't see any reason to block it :)
16:54 pianohacker cait: I know, my wording is bad
16:54 Joubu       Green is better than red
16:54 pianohacker indeed!
16:54 cait        guess it's kind of yellow right now :)
16:55 Joubu       pianohacker: I'll happy to review it again when it will be SO
16:56 pianohacker well, and that's the thing that I _think_ cait and I were trying to negotiate
16:56 pianohacker is the signoff that it doesn't break Koha or that some brave soul actually did the whole test plan I posted?
16:56 cait        pianohacker: no way around a sign off, sorry
16:57 cait        i'd also accept a group working out a google doc together testing different things i guess
16:57 cait        as long as some serious testing takes place
16:57 cait        and it's documented
16:57 Joubu       I'd like to see a unimarc librarian to validate it
16:57 pianohacker *sigh* okay, so we're in exactly the same situation we were around the time of the hackfest
16:57 pianohacker I'll start sending chocolates
16:57 pianohacker :P
16:58 pianohacker (not to you, but to testers :))
16:58 Joubu       pianohacker: I promise to be reactive when it will be my turn
16:58 Joubu       pianohacker: try the ML! and ask for unimarc testers
16:58 pianohacker and you've been very helpful so far, the UNIMARC stuff had some hidden bugs
17:03 Joubu       Well, beer time here, bye #koha!
17:03 cait        enjoy :)
21:18 bag         cait: HI THERE
21:19 cait        hi there back
21:21 drojf       nobody hi theres me
21:21 cait        HI THERE drojf
21:21 cait        better? ;)
21:21 drojf       oh hi there cait! that was unexpected :)
21:23 cait        lol
21:24 drojf       hungry. but also lazy. that must be how cats feel all day
21:24 drojf       oh, i wonder how cemetarycat is doing
21:25 cait        ?
21:26 pianohacker drojf: what was the twitter for that guy?
21:26 drojf       https://storify.com/thejduce/ryan-rob-rescue-a-kitten
21:34 indradg__   cait++ #13993backport :)
21:35 cait        only asking for it :) decision is up to maintainers
21:35 indradg__   true
21:36 indradg__   wizzyrea++ :D
21:37 wizzyrea    cemetarycat was caught, was at the vet yesterday
21:37 wizzyrea    no chip
21:37 wizzyrea    they named her Wednesday
21:37 drojf       now you tell me, after i scrolled through the whole storify thingy :)
21:38 wizzyrea    oh sorry, spoilers
21:38 cait        hmpf
21:38 cait        i was only at the backup!
21:38 drojf       ouch
21:39 magnuse     HI THERE drojf
21:39 drojf       i had to see if moreporks really exist. i am very happy to tell you that it is called Neuseeland-Kuckuckskauz in german :)
21:40 magnuse     bag: HI
21:40 bag         magnuse: knuckles >>>>>>>>
21:40 drojf       kuckuckskauz is my new favourite german word
21:40 cait        so many k
21:40 drojf       hei magnuse :)
21:40 magnuse     bag: <<<<<<<<<<
21:41 cait        why are you leaving merge markers on irc?
21:42 * cait      fails qa
21:43 pianohacker trailing whitespace ->
21:44 magnuse     the horror...
21:45 pianohacker btw -> http://blog.yesmeck.com/archives/use-git-pre-commit-hook-to-check-unwanted-trailling-whitespace/
21:45 pianohacker has already saved my bacon once
21:46 rangi       or you have this
21:46 rangi       to fix up http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/2011/12/15/fixing-whitespace-when-apply-patches-with-git/
21:47 rangi       which i do for new people (cos failing a new devs patch cos of tabs, or whitespace or something ... is just a really really bad idea )
21:48 magnuse     kia ora rangi!
21:48 * magnuse   wanders off into dreamland
21:49 rangi       hey magnuse :)
21:49 rangi       sleep well
21:49 pianohacker rangi: that only works for am/apply , correct? Not for commit?
21:49 rangi       yep, its for fixing other peoples mistakes, not stopping your own
21:49 rangi       so both is good :)
21:50 pianohacker cool, okay
21:53 rangi       that is my most read blogpost
21:53 rangi       it must come up in google searches
21:53 drojf       [off] if all locations i asked about rooms for a hackfest say yes, we can have about 1,5 kohacons there instead :P
21:53 rangi       heh nice
21:54 cait        lol
21:57 drojf       that said, how many people were at the last kohacons? are there numbers available?
21:57 rangi       it goes up and down
21:57 rangi       there was about 120ish in argentina
21:57 cait        i'd say between 80 and 150?
21:58 drojf       excellent
22:09 drojf       [off] i emailed both people listed for the thessaloniki bid about a detailed proposal page 5 days ago, but they have not answered yet. :/ we vote in september, right?
22:10 cait        yep
22:10 cait        we will see
22:10 drojf       ah yes it is on the page i have open. lol
22:10 drojf       i should probably go to sleep :P
22:11 rangi       id like to be able to put some money into their economy
22:11 drojf       now i saw there is no detailed proposal for the philippines either, the links are just generic
22:11 rangi       *nod*
22:15 cait        they put up some nice information
22:15 cait        just not haven't been around yet
22:16 eythian     hi
22:21 * drojf     watches junk mail getting desperate
22:22 drojf       1) never lose your keys ever again 2) never lose your keys, wallet or purse again 3) never lose anything again
22:22 drojf       lol
22:23 drojf       and i am asked to enlarge my business now. long gone the times of enlarging my penis
22:23 wizzyrea    a thing that has changed my life
22:24 wizzyrea    is my pebble watch, which has a toggle to make my phone beep even if it's silenced so I can find it in my house.
22:24 wizzyrea    worth every penny.
22:24 cait        heh, for a moment i was worried
22:24 pianohacker drojf: are you sure that's not just a very sophisticated euphemism
22:24 drojf       pianohacker: OH. maybe
22:24 drojf       lol
22:24 pianohacker hahahahahaha yeah that was some entertaining timing wizzyrea
22:25 pianohacker drojf: 'cause if there's something spammers are known for it's sophisticated euphemisms
22:25 wizzyrea    oh my
22:25 wizzyrea    we were talking about losing things!
22:26 pianohacker HAHAHAHAHAHA
22:26 pianohacker *snort*
22:26 * wizzyrea  is probably a bit redfaced atm
22:26 drojf       pianohacker: actually, no. it is from india and about "real" business
22:26 drojf       lol
22:27 pianohacker ah, the internet, when a German and American can collaboratively embarass an American living in New Zealand
22:27 cait        lol
22:27 * cait      sends cookies to wizzyrea
22:28 wizzyrea    lol thanks
22:30 eythian     this place seems ... empty
22:30 drojf       wizzyrea: apparently it is a phone app, so the only thing you cannot find with that is your phone :D
22:30 eythian     wahanui: welcome back
22:30 wahanui     I hate jetlag.
22:30 drojf       and thank you all for making me actually read those emails :P
22:30 eythian     wahanui: neat is <action> tips out the ice, starts over.
22:30 wahanui     OK, eythian.
22:30 wizzyrea    I am so confused.
22:30 wizzyrea    :)
22:31 pianohacker eythian: oh you: http://wiki.koha-community.org/w/index.php?title=Terminology&diff=14992&oldid=14981
22:31 eythian     pianohacker: :D
22:31 cait        ah yeah... someon eplease fix that
22:31 cait        to not confuse the non-english speakers
22:31 * cait      glares at eythian
22:31 ibeardslee  hehe
22:31 eythian     really, it should be the reverse because that's spoken by more people.
22:31 eythian     cait: it provides an example
22:31 cait        eythian: you can submit a patch
22:32 pianohacker cait: I think the wiki after your small addition is okay :)
22:32 cait        thx pianohacker
22:33 pianohacker since apparently you get rid of a few u's and everyone loses their minds :P
22:33 eythian     cait: it's like you have Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified)
22:34 pianohacker there wasn't an insane dictator behind this one, but it's a funny parallel besides that :)
22:35 eythian     wahanui: us english is http://i.imgur.com/kn488mY.jpg
22:35 wahanui     OK, eythian.
22:35 wizzyrea    steam++ that is doing it right.
22:36 eythian     pianohacker: there kinda was, there was one guy who wrote your dictionary and decided to settle on particular spellings.
22:37 eythian     (I actually have a book about the writing of the English dictionary, it's a surprisingly good read.)
22:37 eythian     http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25019.The_Professor_and_the_Madman <-- that's the book
22:38 pianohacker I was about to blame Webster for cocoa, but apparently that was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Dictionary_of_the_English_Language
22:38 pianohacker I'll have to check that out
22:38 eythian     > The printing of Johnson's dictionary ran together the entries for coco and cocoa, fostering a confusion that never has been undone.
22:38 eythian     haha
22:40 eythian     https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/20367632-robin-sheat <-- relatedly, in case anyone else uses this
22:40 rangi       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwPM-1LSpLk  <-- coco
22:42 eythian     (I do need to clear off my "currently reading" list, it's getting slightly unweildy.)
22:44 pianohacker outta here, back later
22:44 eythian     http://eyes.nasa.gov/dsn/dsn.html
22:46 rangi       very cool
22:52 drojf       good night #koha