Time  Nick       Message
00:01 irma       http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/ecbdlist.html
05:00 rangi      [off] http://www.ptfs.com/bibliovation
05:45 rangi      also
05:46 rangi      [off] http://www.ptfs.com/library/public/images/Bibliovation_GUI.jpg  check that url out
16:56 fred_pt    Hi everyone!
16:58 fred_pt    <--- New to koha and hitting a brick wall with ldap - can someone spare me some minutes so i can finish this deployment for our company?
20:21 rangi      http://www.reseller.co.nz/article/578500/nz-open-source-firm-opens-up-free-cloud-option-kiwi-developers/
20:28 drojf      rangi: no FOSS requirement? :P
20:29 rangi      heh well they end up using FOSS without knowing ... makes it harder for them to FUD it that way ;)
20:32 drojf      heh
20:42 drojf      [off] apart from writing patches that already existed, i met those two, which was pretty cute http://abunchofthings.net/pic/fux.jpg
20:43 cait       aew
20:43 cait       aw
20:44 rangi      cute
20:46 drojf      [off] i was like "oh well i'm tired, should go home soon. let's sit on that bench for a few minutes and see if i can sneak a peek on some wildlife. and not even a minute later the first came and took a sunbath in front of me. i though woah, that can't be true, and then the second appeared. lucky day :D
20:47 cait       heh, maybe you missed your true profession
20:48 drojf      fox whisperer
20:48 cait       drojf the wildlife whisperer
20:48 cait       hehe
20:48 drojf      [off] that will look great in the logs :D
20:48 cait       so what does the fox say?
20:48 cait       i am not sure why you want to hide ;)
20:50 drojf      [off] i will be bothered by proprietary fox whispering companies to help them get ahead in free and open fox land. same as with koha at the moment. word of my power spreads fast :P
20:52 cait       lol
20:53 drojf      [off] it's even funnier but i can't disclose that detail :/
20:56 rangi      hehe
21:05 ibeardslee drojf: They'll have trouble running a legacy OS in that cloud.
21:09 drojf      ibeardslee: virtual windows xp ;)
21:49 drojf      good night #koha
22:05 eythian    hi