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21:50 wnickc     bye #koha
21:01 huginn`    04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14380 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Overriding fine on renewal will cause duplicate fines
21:01 barton     tcohen -- filed Bug 14380
20:59 huginn`    barton: tcohen was last seen in #koha 2 hours and 55 seconds ago: <tcohen> barton: holds policy are subject to possible issues too
20:59 barton     @seen tcohen
18:58 tcohen     barton: holds policy are subject to possible issues too
18:41 barton     yeah, that was defintiely not in liu of a bug report ... I just wanted to bring the issue to the attention of the community quickly.
18:34 barton     tcohen: oh, defintely.
18:32 tcohen     barton: it is great that you spotted a possible bug, please dig a bit more and fill a bug report
18:19 barton     so ... this needs more research, but I wanted to say something.
18:18 barton     ... that's just a hunch ... I've found a couple of fines that differ only by the due date -- I started thinking about what might have changed recently in koha that would change the due date, and that's what popped into my head.
18:15 barton     I think that it's causing duplicate fines: due date changes; due date is used in accountlines description, and is used to look up fines, but we don't update accountlines when we change the date. It's the same type of issue we were seeing with dateformat.
18:12 tcohen     barton: I think it depends on your circ policy
18:12 barton     if not, I may have uncovered a serious bug.
18:11 barton     hey, question about the auto-renew feature -- is there any guard against renewing items that are accruing fines?
18:11 tcohen     hi barton
18:10 * barton   waves to #koha
18:10 tcohen     ok
17:59 tcohen     hi
16:00 gaetan_B   bye
15:02 reiveune   bye
14:36 bxlrc      seems that the nl-NL translation, though on file much smaller, is much better. Uninstalling nl-BE and installing nl-NL makes that it suddenly falls back to english. I get the idea that the nl-BE translation is broken, or maybe some country setting makes that the wrong language is selected for nl-BE..
13:53 bxlrc      Hi! Quick q: does anyone know how the language fallback system works in Koha? I've now got English, fr-FR and nl-BE installed, but the nl-BE one is incomplete. However, instead of falling back to 'en', it falls back to 'fr-FR'. All suggestions to fix this are welcomed!
13:32 ashimema   deffo
13:30 xarragon   Because the latter is very hard to filter out automatically compared to the former.
13:30 xarragon   Still, officially declared policy is better than hidden proxy.
13:29 ashimema   if your surfing with those then you'd be mighty wary of cross domain ;)
13:29 ashimema   indeed
13:29 ashimema   lol..
13:27 xarragon   Still, I am a man who surfs with Noscript and Policeman enabled. Enabling cross-domain requests is.. slightly evil ffor me.
13:26 ashimema   very similar
13:26 ashimema   yup
13:26 xarragon   Yeah.. like that old crossdomain.xml solution for Flash
13:25 ashimema   in effect cors allows you to setup two way trust relationships between domains.. so cross origin goes away :)
13:25 ashimema   http://enable-cors.org/
13:24 ashimema   but I'm not entirely up to date on it's inner workings.
13:24 ashimema   CORS is actually a slightly nicer solution..
13:24 xarragon   But I need to focus on building things, not breaking them
13:24 ashimema   :)
13:24 ashimema   indeed it would
13:24 xarragon   ashimema: yes, exactly.. Hence why I was curious about a mixed HTTPS/HTTP scenario and whether the browser cried foul in that case
13:23 xarragon   Well, if you wanted to see inside a HTTPS connection and could insert random JS via non-HTTPS-call, that would allow you to scoop out the goodies.
13:23 ashimema   else your assumption that your trusted resource can be trusted is wrong.. as without https your wide open to man in the middle injection ;)
13:22 ashimema   I would however suggest only using jsonp over https..
13:22 xarragon   I might test just for the heck o fit.
13:22 xarragon   I hope so.
13:22 ashimema   but i may be wrong
13:22 ashimema   I think the browse will still complain in that case ;)
13:21 xarragon   I wonder if you can perform a HTTP request from a HTTPS domain that way?
13:21 ashimema   it doesn't really provide any security around it as far as I'm aware.
13:21 ashimema   basically.. if your requesting a jsonp response, you're suggesting you trust the place your requesting it from..
13:21 xarragon   Yeah, it's just me having been out of web programming for a few years.
13:20 ashimema   it's a pretty standard thing these days
13:18 xarragon   Havn't gone in and debugged it line by line yet though. It is an.. interesting solution. Not sure about full security implications of it.
13:17 xarragon   All that it does it inject that code into the <script> tag in the document at which points it calls the function.
13:16 xarragon   Or well, a configurable parameter if it is going to be flexible..
13:16 xarragon   Literally all you need is '_(' before and ')' after, depending on your ajax frontend
13:15 drojf      anyway doing work twice is not very efficient ;)
13:15 drojf      i think it was
13:15 ashimema   just wrap the json response in a callback
13:15 ashimema   it's a trivial change I imagine..
13:15 xarragon   yeah, I realized :-)
13:15 ashimema   he just spat out the bug I threw at you ;)
13:15 ashimema   huginn is a bot..
13:14 drojf      i should have put the patch for jsonp into bugzilla, i think i don't have it anymore :/
13:14 xarragon   hello bot
13:14 xarragon   *facepalm*
13:14 ashimema   a reading list solution for instance, that want to display the record from koha.. unless you have cross domain (CORS or JSONP) you couldn't use it ;)
13:14 huginn`    xarragon: I suck
13:14 xarragon   huginn`: Intereting, I was planning to brush up my jquery skills this weekend. I could use that to play around a bit
13:14 ashimema   as for cros domain.. think about other products you have that might want access to koha's data..
13:13 carmen     hello #koha  :)
13:13 ashimema   certainly could
13:13 xarragon   with sufficient categorization of the biblio items, you could see which categories of books are being lent the most during different times of the year
13:13 huginn`    04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13219 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Failed QA , Add graphs to guided reports
13:13 ashimema   xarragon: bug 13219 might interest you
13:12 xarragon   The reports module is _awesome_ though. Do you realize how much interesting reporting can be made with that plus some AJAX:y visualization library?
13:12 ashimema   jsonp is cool
13:12 ashimema   looks mighty useful
13:11 ashimema   any github users here using 'hub' atop thier git..
13:11 xarragon   I got lost in the technical details of JSONP since I had not encountered it before, forgot to ask the obvious question of why we needed crossdomain at all.
13:10 xarragon   cait: Yeah it is solved, the only trouble we had was that cross-domain also includes querying between OPAC/Staff. Victor pulled data from OPAC, I assumed he was pulling it into OPAC, but he did it from staff.. So we had to work around the crossdomain stuff.
13:08 cait       over which domain
13:08 cait       xarragon: i tihnk you already figured it out - but how the report is accessible depends on the public/nonpublic setting
13:07 drojf      oh i remember. i made a firefox os app check for new titles in koha. mozilla gave me a phone for that :)
13:07 xarragon   Well.. you would need it for cross-domain requests; if someone wanted to pull data from AJAX from another domain.
13:07 mtompset   The header format for public reports.
13:07 wahanui    reports is probably http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library
13:07 mtompset   reports?
13:05 drojf      JSONP even
13:05 drojf      hmm viktor and magnuse are gone. i remember i made koha output JASONP at some point. not sure what project that was for and if that still exists. but the problem seems to be solved anyway
13:00 indradg    hi mtompset
13:00 mtompset   Greetings, #koha.
11:58 kivilahtio ill rebase test plan
11:58 kivilahtio have fun
11:58 kivilahtio anyway, no point in beating a dead horse
11:58 cait       we are trying to phase out Koha::Dates currently tho... so maybe that will help a little with the date mess
11:58 kivilahtio really?
11:58 cait       also we don't enforce anything yet
11:58 cait       the patch was started in december - i think that's why
11:57 kivilahtio well it's not the only place in Koha where datetimes are unnecessarily casted
11:57 kivilahtio so I guess it explains it but I feel bad doing stupid rework
11:57 kivilahtio this monster patch 13315 changing out-of-scope code was pushed april
11:57 cait       if there is something to improve, wroth a note
11:56 kivilahtio Koha:Object was pushed this february
11:56 kivilahtio well ill just rebase jmjs, REST API tests around this mishpa
11:56 cait       but yeha i think that might predate the push of koha object... although not entirely sure
11:56 cait       uhoh
11:55 kivilahtio cait: well you signed it off :)
11:55 cait       kivilahtio: the koha object is not in for long yet... but sounds strange anyway
11:54 kivilahtio but back then I guess Koha::Object was not agreed upon as mandatory, tho it had existed already for 2 months.
11:54 huginn`    04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13315 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , Add feedback for last item checked out to circulation.pl
11:54 kivilahtio xarragon: Bug 13315 changed an entire core function as a part of a somewhat unrelated feature
11:49 xarragon   Sounds like someone has been naughty.
11:47 kivilahtio also the function documentation has not been updated to reflect changes
11:40 kivilahtio now every time we need to display those date/timestamps we need to instantiate a new DateTime-object, instead of referenceing an existing object from Koha::Issue.
11:39 kivilahtio DBIx is fine and dandly, but the date/timestamp-columns are as plain text, not as DateTimes as they should be (like with the Koha::Issue)
11:39 kivilahtio I thought we were supposed to refactor towards Koha::Object pattern instead of DBIx?
11:38 kivilahtio I see somebody has refactored the C4::Circulation::AddIssue() and now it returns a DBIx::Issue-object, but why doesn't it return a Koha::Issue-object inherited from Koha::Object?
11:33 magnuse    yay
11:32 Viktor     xarragon++
11:32 Viktor     Turns out the reports are available from both domains. And the need for magic JSONP stuff to hack same origin is gone! :)
11:31 Viktor     Oooh - xarragon just made me try to access the report from the staff domain!
11:28 xarragon   Yes.. just do a regular loadJSON call then, no need for the JSONP wrapping and the proxy.. Less complexity, faster load times etc.
11:21 Viktor     Without a proxy
11:21 Viktor     I guess it would work better for visualizing data in report on the opac side(?)
11:20 Viktor     Hm. They are exposed at the opac domain as is. That's why we ran into trouble with using the data in staff I guess.
11:18 xarragon   Or maybe that is already working? I actually did not check.
11:18 xarragon   One could expose the public reports through OPAC I guess (still a patch though).
11:18 Viktor     So it won't work even if you do :8080 for the staff interface.
11:17 Viktor     Spot on - same origin applies even to different ports.
11:14 magnuse    s/=/?/
11:14 magnuse    why do you need a proxy? because public reports are in the opac and the opac and intranet are on different domains=
11:13 xarragon   Or templating support for reports to wrap it with the JSON padding.
11:13 xarragon   You could also just build in basic proxy functionality into Koha I guess..
11:06 Viktor     If reports would handle the parameter callback to convert to JSONP then problem would be solved :)
11:05 Viktor     Or is there a nicer way to get JSON data from the reports? Even without making them public?
11:05 magnuse    or at least it might save some one else some time
11:04 Viktor     magnuse: That would be useful :)
11:04 magnuse    maybe report a bug that the reports should do JSONP?
11:04 magnuse    kewl
11:03 Viktor     magnuse: Yes we use our own proxy (built for Samsök)
11:03 magnuse    how do you make it work? pipes?
11:02 Viktor     Thanks to magnuse++ for helping out and to xarragon++ for solving the whole thing and helping me use the solution to write something that workds
11:02 magnuse    so there is no way to solve it (except for a patch)?
11:01 Viktor     Found out the problem with fetching public reports with ajax. To use the callback hack to get around same origin policy it needs to be JSONP but Koha outputs regular JSON.
10:53 magnuse    kia ora cait
10:25 huginn`    AmitG: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6810 enhancement, P4, ---, alex.arnaud, Needs Signoff , Send membership expiry reminder notices
10:25 AmitG      @bug 6810
09:40 drojf      hi kivilahtio
09:35 kivilahtio hi droj!
09:26 drojf      hi #koha
08:10 kivilahtio hmm, apparently  $^X   ==  '/usr/bin/perl'
08:07 kivilahtio especially $^X ??
08:06 kivilahtio die "Can't exec: $!"    if !$ENV{HYPNOTOAD_REV}++ && !exec $^X, $ENV{HYPNOTOAD_EXE};
08:06 kivilahtio does anybody know what this perl liner means?
07:04 wahanui    hi, gaetan_B
07:04 gaetan_B   hello
07:02 Viktor     But need to be able to make at least this basic level 0 stuff work first :)
07:01 Viktor     This use case is not important per se. But I'd like to be able to expose other data from public reports and make nice graphs for the staff with something like https://github.com/mbostock/d3
07:00 Viktor     (Also tried with &annotated=1 if that would be the case, but still nothing..)
06:58 Viktor     There's a rule that getJSON fails silently with invalid JSON, but I think [["373"]] should not  be invalid.
06:58 alex_a     bonjour
06:57 Viktor     (Placeholder is there from syspref Intranetmainuserblock
06:56 Viktor     (And if I stick the Pipes URL from the blogs it at least gives something)
06:56 pastebot   "Viktor" at pasted "This code lives in intranetuserjs-syspref" (14 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/142
06:55 Viktor     No. It complained about same origin until I did the same thing as with pipes and added &_callback=?
06:54 magnuse    anything in the javascript console?
06:54 Viktor     (Using pipes to get headlines of librarys two blog into the Opac. Now trying to use a public report to give extra data in the staff mainpage)
06:52 Viktor     Checking network actions it returns 200 and it's loaded in the browser ok (I can see the data) but it refuses to actually work and nothing after .getJSON is parsed
06:50 Viktor     Is there some trick i don't know with the public JSON reports in Koha? Got things working fine with Pipes from Yahoo but the same .getJSON won't work with a public report.
06:48 Viktor     salut reiveune
06:48 * indradg  waves
06:47 reiveune   salut indradg Viktor magnuse dcook__
06:47 Viktor     Hi indradg!
06:47 indradg    hi Viktor, reiveune
06:44 Viktor     Hi #koha
06:41 wahanui    hola, reiveune
06:41 reiveune   hello
06:37 magnuse    double digits - who needs 'em?
06:36 huginn     magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 6.0°C (8:20 AM CEST on June 12, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
06:36 magnuse    @wunder boo
06:36 * indradg  's brain is still too sleepy to parse locale shifts :D
06:35 indradg    :) magnuse
06:34 magnuse    namoshkaar indradg
06:34 magnuse    bgkriegel++ for making translations easier
06:33 magnuse    3331 words left...
06:33 wahanui    bonjour, magnuse
06:33 magnuse    and HI
06:33 magnuse    bag: i send knuckles back
06:20 bag        magnuse: I send knuckles
06:02 Francesca  hey
05:54 * magnuse  waves
05:46 BobB       if we can call it that
05:46 BobB       winter here
05:46 huginn     BobB: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 16.0°C (3:30 PM AEST on June 12, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.45 in 1031 hPa (Steady).
05:46 BobB       @wunder Sydney, Australia
05:44 huginn     indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 33.0°C (10:50 AM IST on June 12, 2015). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 27.0°C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Steady).
05:44 indradg    @wunder kolkata
05:44 indradg    heh... the day's still young for me in India.... but still in the best of moods... had rains after 3 weeks of heatwave
05:43 BobB       I've got that real Friday afternoon feeling today  :)
05:42 indradg    hiya BobB
05:42 BobB       hi indradg
05:16 mtompset   Have a good day (24 hour period), #koha indradg.
05:15 indradg    mtompset: g'night
05:15 mtompset   indradg: Night... I should be sleeping. ;)
04:22 indradg    good morning #koha
04:13 cdickinson man, the official Puppet Apache module actually is not as well made as I thought
02:58 bag        hey