Time  Nick         Message
17:47 tcohen       hi
17:55 tcohen       @seen eythian
17:55 huginn`      tcohen: eythian was last seen in #koha 2 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <eythian> @later tell cait oh yeah, I remember why I hadn't done anything with that module: it's full of things that need to be fixed, and the people who want it haven't made any attempt to polish it up for acceptance in debian despite handholding through the process.
18:13 * cait       waves
19:09 * magnuse    waves
19:40 magnuse      tjänare eskaaren
19:41 eskaaren     Hei magnuse
19:43 eskaaren     Så du er her inne på selveste 17 mai :)
19:50 magnuse      hehe, sitter og oversetter litt og pleier å være her når jeg først holder på med koha-ting
19:50 cait         ? :)
19:51 magnuse      mohahaha
19:52 magnuse      we're just plotting to rewrite koha in erlang
19:52 viktorsarge_ May 17 FTW magnuse eskaaren :)
19:52 magnuse      w00t!
19:53 Viktor       I vote for rewrite in Perl!
19:53 magnuse      ooh, now that is an idea!
19:53 Viktor       LOL
19:53 Viktor       Was going for "Python" but obviously my favorite language is now Perl ;)
19:54 Guest5449    PR 7806 is funny.
19:54 magnuse      i <3 perl
19:54 Viktor       Or we just do a complete rewrite in Perl for the hell of it :)
19:54 magnuse      Modern Perl, then ;-)
19:57 eskaaren     Non-blocking in Mojolicious?
20:00 magnuse      at some point i chose Dancer over Mojo, but i dunno...
20:00 magnuse      some framework like that might be a good idea, though
20:01 magnuse      get rid of CGI.pm
20:03 eskaaren     Mojo is fun and has a lot of potential, but perhaps the development is still moving too fast.
20:05 cait         Viktor: about bug 14190 - i think all template bugs get automatically assigned to owen
20:05 huginn`      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14190 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Scale search boxes in staff head
20:05 cait         i think if you want to write the patch you shoudl go ahead
20:05 cait         owen is not around right now - he is working on a project
20:08 magnuse      just do it :-)
20:09 Viktor       Thanks for the heads up cait!
20:14 cait         you can assign it to yourself then :)
20:47 magnuse      have fun, #koha!
22:17 eythian      wahanui: instructions are at http://i.imgur.com/oyZhY.jpg
22:17 wahanui      ...but instructions is coming right now to the wiki near you...
22:17 wahanui      ...but instructions are coming right now to the wiki near you...
22:17 eythian      wahanui: instructions are also at http://i.imgur.com/oyZhY.jpg
22:17 wahanui      okay, eythian.
22:17 wahanui      OK, eythian.
22:18 eythian      @later tell tcohen can you email me with the details? It would be more better to have the packages declare their own deps correctly.
22:18 huginn`      eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:29 eythian      http://endless.horse/
22:30 wizzyrea     that is very silly
22:31 eythian      http://www.chrispennello.com/tweller/ <-- also silly
22:32 wizzyrea     lol oy.
22:32 * wizzyrea   bookmarks that for later
22:34 cait         oh hey wizzyrea :) do you know how the history on the website is updated?
22:35 cait         it seems to be stuck at the end of 2014
22:35 wizzyrea     yes, by hand
22:35 cait         aah
22:35 cait         hmm looking for a link for a presentation
22:35 cait         linking to the git repository is also not ideal... or is there a way to link to always the latest version of a file?
22:37 wizzyrea     probably, it's on my list of things that I'd like to do someday, to make that more magical.
22:37 cait         hm maybe http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=docs/history.txt;? *tries that*
23:31 eythian      http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2015/05/16/penguin-bondage-book-withdrawn-nz-pre-school <-- ahahaha
23:31 rangi        heh
23:32 wizzyrea     facepalm
23:32 wahanui      facepalm is a tiny member of the Arecaceae family whose preference for warm, humid environments makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in the human nasal cavity.
23:33 wizzyrea     'The book is otherwise bright and funny.'