Time  Nick        Message
22:18 wnickc      bye everyone
22:16 mtompset    Have a great weekend, #koha.
22:15 mtompset    I'll get to them later tonight.
22:15 mtompset    There are only 2 more files to fix in the t directory... then I have to go recursive. :)
22:14 barton      callint it a night.
22:06 mtompset    I'm exhausted. :)
22:06 mtompset    bugs 14110-14115...
22:06 barton      mtompset: I dug into C4/Search.pm and found 'nb' -- that seems to have worked.
22:04 mtompset    barton: I'm not sure.
21:57 mveron      Good night /daytime #koha
21:51 barton      that was the closest thign that I found in ccl.properties
21:50 barton      what should I be using instead of 'st-numeric' ?
21:50 barton      I'm trying to compose a search url for a numeric index... This didn't work: cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl?idx=arl%2Cst-numeric&q=5
21:00 mveron      Still about 14096?
20:59 mtompset    It actually is much tougher than it suggests. :P
20:59 mtompset    Nope. I'm not going to touch that bug after all.
20:48 * mtompset  is fearing trying to make sense of the noun project... skipping. :)
20:47 mtompset    The hydra part is looking at each plugin, and realizing that the terms of use may have changed for some things.
20:46 mtompset    That's not the hydra part.
20:44 mveron      Like a footnote
20:44 mveron      Maybe it would be easier to have a list of all Licenses used and put the links on this list.
20:40 mtompset    Oh... I see why it could be a hydra.
20:30 mveron      14096 is not that important, though. Just a little head of a young Hydra...
20:29 mveron      mtompset: No, I am busy with the patron card crator, the barcode scaling...
20:28 wnickc      I am under a pile of cataloging, so no fun for me
20:28 mtompset    Unless you are doing it now. :)
20:28 mtompset    mveron: I might take a break from this testing clean up and do that next. ;)
20:27 mveron      easy
20:26 huginn`     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14096 trivial, P5 - low, ---, nengard, NEW , Licences on About page not consistently linked
20:26 mveron      wnicke: Bug 14096 is an eayy one...
20:25 wnickc      change
20:24 wnickc      then chaneg our workflow :)
20:23 wnickc      quickly delete branch and never think of it again
20:23 wnickc      mveron:good point, only dipping my toe in submitting patches but have several times tried to fix 'a small thing' and watched koha implode
20:22 * mtompset  laughs, "Indeed."
20:21 mveron      wnickc: Its a little bit hte Hydra thing... :-)
20:20 mtompset    No problem, mveron. Have a good sleep. :)
20:19 mtompset    wnickc: We aren't machines, but we fix something and find other things to clean while fixing. ;)
20:19 mveron      mtompset: Maybe tomorrow, it's already 10:18 pm here...   :-)
20:17 mtompset    mveron: Did you notice 14110, 14111, and 14112? :)
20:00 wnickc      I try to keep up but you two are machines
19:58 mveron      A sign-off a day keeps Koha on the way...
19:57 barton      yes, we know, huginn, but we love you anyway.
19:56 huginn`     barton: I suck
19:56 barton      @mveron++
19:56 mveron      ?
19:56 mtompset    I forgot it's the weekend. :)
19:56 mtompset    I don't know. mveron is rather quick on the sign offs. :)
19:55 barton      mtompset: I'm in the middle of something this afternoon, would Monday morning work?
19:52 mtompset    barton: Care to sign off a couple? ;)
19:52 mtompset    Woo hoo! 3 new patches slowly cleaning up noisy warnings. :)
19:18 huginn`     mtompset: The operation succeeded.
19:18 mtompset    @later tell tcohen Bug 14111 for you. :) See how much I love you? :)
18:58 barton      sad HA.
18:57 mtompset    in discussion seems to be a queue that is ignored quite a bit. ;)
18:55 barton      ok, this is apropos of absolutely nothing ... do we have a way to indicate that a new bugzilla ticket can be safely ignored? I want to play around with git bz, but I don't want to annoy anyone.
18:52 barton      I'm right there with you about noisy tests.
18:51 mtompset    One of the best songs ever! :)
18:51 barton      happy happy joy joy :-)
18:51 mtompset    Sorry, but noisy tests bug me that much. :)
18:50 * mtompset  grins.
18:50 mtompset    https://youtu.be/v_JNiD0tQaw
18:50 mtompset    Not sure how much you may or may not remember/like Ren and Stimpy, but I was thinking more like:
18:49 * barton    gets those in #bywater, as well, althought they're usually phrased as 'silly barton' ...
18:48 * mtompset  gives barton an evil look.
18:45 barton      mtompset: wouldn't that be ARGV? ;-)
18:44 mtompset    ARG! The translation tools generated xsl files which bust t/00-valid-xml.t
18:37 huginn`     mtompset: The operation succeeded.
18:37 mtompset    @later tell tcohen Bug 14110 for you. :)
18:35 mtompset    Why is Switch evil?
18:33 mtompset    no this is koha qa test tools output.
18:33 wnickc      sounds like a preference you want to enable
18:32 mtompset    Can someone tell me what "ProhibitEvilModules" means?
18:14 huginn`     mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 11.0°C (8:00 PM CEST on May 01, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
18:14 mveron      @wunder Allschwil
18:14 mveron      Hi #koha
17:17 mtompset    Greetings, barton. :)
17:02 * barton    waves to #koha
16:06 mtompset    No problems, nengard. :)
16:03 mtompset    Greetings, nengard. :)
16:03 nengard     oopsie ;)
16:03 nengard     hiya mtompset
16:03 nengard     hiya mt
16:00 mtompset    Greetings, #koha.
15:02 TGoat       good morning everyone :)
13:43 drojf       hi nengard :D
13:43 nengard     you couldn't see me from all the way up there drojf
13:43 * nengard   waves back
13:43 nengard     i'm here!!!
13:42 nengard     hola
13:41 drojf       there is probably nobody here ^^ *waves from the balcony*
13:38 drojf       hi #koha
12:50 mtompset    Have a great day, #koha khall Oak
12:50 mtompset    I'm going to take off, before this gets too floody.
12:47 * mtompset  grumbles about his network connection.
12:41 Oak         khall++
12:40 khall       np!
12:40 mtompset    khall++ # Thanks for the QA!
09:49 Oak         hello :)
09:49 Francesca   hi oak
09:40 Oak         and hi!
09:40 Oak         yes.
09:18 Francesca   anybody around
09:18 Francesca   good evening
09:18 * Francesca waves
05:57 wahanui     HBC is one
05:57 ashimema    HBC?
05:46 irma        HBC is one
03:44 eythian     np :)
03:44 ashimema    thanks for all your hard work
03:44 eythian     critical enough to roll a new release, it was felt
03:43 ashimema    i see
03:43 eythian     ashimema: there were some broken translations for some languages.
03:43 wizzyrea    yurp?
03:43 ashimema    I've not followed the packages for a week or so now
03:43 eythian     also, why is everyone in Yurp coming online at bizarro times today?
03:43 ashimema    what's it fix..
03:43 eythian     ashimema: yes
03:41 wahanui     somebody said was uploading
03:41 ashimema
03:30 wizzyrea    I almost spewed water.
03:27 eythian     http://www.metafilter.com/149253/Ambitious-Designs-NZ-Australia-Renovation-Nation <-- dac
02:27 wizzyrea    \o/
02:27 eythian is uploading
02:10 cait        totally like me ;)
02:09 * eythian   builds the next version of the most revised koha release ever :)
02:08 eythian     just like you!
02:08 eythian     out partying on a Thursday night eh?
02:07 cait        i just got home heh
02:07 cait        hi eythian
02:07 wahanui     http://33.media.tumblr.com/b3425d8454fa56c1d559458d655170ed/tumblr_nbrpcsI8m21sc9rdlo1_r2_400.gif
02:07 eythian     go back to bed
02:07 eythian     hi cait
00:03 eythian     opac-sendshelf.tt, specifically
00:03 wizzyrea    oh neat well sorry then to tell you wrong :(
00:01 eythian     (needed for translation purposes)
00:00 eythian     ah, there is an actual template