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23:29 thd           ;)
23:29 wahanui       elasticsearch is, like, mosying along. I really ought to break out the bits I've had to build to support it, like Koha::Biblio and such
23:29 eythian       thd: elasticsearch
23:29 wahanui       ES is pretty awesome
23:29 thd           eythian: ES?
23:28 wizzyrea      thanks tcohen, enjoy the rest of your evening
23:28 huginn`       Log:            http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/development_irc_meeting_15_april_2015___part_2.2015-04-15-22.01.log.html
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23:28 tcohen        #endmeeting
23:28 eythian       later
23:28 tcohen        :-D
23:28 tcohen        again
23:28 tcohen        we'll do this more often
23:28 tcohen        thanks everyone for your time and ideas/opinions
23:28 tcohen        so
23:28 tcohen        i need to take care of home stuff (i've just arrived and it is 20:30 already)
23:27 thd           tcohen: It certainly needs some more careful consideration.
23:27 thd           cait mentioned that YAML for system preferences is being translated.
23:27 tcohen        thd: i think we should discuss it on a bug or RFC
23:26 thd           Maybe as a system preference but called for each bibliographic framework.
23:25 tcohen        how would you do it?
23:25 thd           I have the idea of setting a preference per Koha MARC framework without storing the value in the framework itself.
23:25 tcohen        ok, i'll finish the meeting now, i need to leave and you can keep discussing it if you want to
23:24 tcohen        right
23:24 thd           Additional problem is having any associated value list translatable.
23:23 wizzyrea      aha
23:23 tcohen        wizzyrea: my question was wheter that kind of sysprefs could be set framework-wise, and in a MARC-dialect agnostic way
23:23 thd           tcohen: It passed but I toggled the state in ignorance of the correct procedure when adding my comments this morning.
23:22 tcohen        is it failed?
23:22 tcohen        *ublication
23:21 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13912 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Failed QA , System preference for default place of publication (country code) for field 008, range 15-17
23:21 thd           tcohen: That is fine, I had an idea about how to keep it with the frameworks without putting it in the frameworks.
23:21 tcohen        Language and country fixed size field positions: MARC flavour-specific vs. a general approach (Bug 13912)
23:21 tcohen        the item was
23:21 wizzyrea      production positions?
23:20 tcohen        thd: i think we skipped the country of production positions talk
23:20 wahanui       good news is it looks like it's running properly.
23:20 bag           yes good news
23:20 wahanui       That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, tcohen
23:20 tcohen        eythian: awesome!
23:20 thd           tcohen: Did we skip some items?
23:20 eythian       otherwsie, nothing to report from me
23:20 eythian       ES is moving along. About to start on staff client
23:20 tcohen        to talk about?
23:19 tcohen        any other thing?
23:19 tcohen        #info next dev meeeting probably wednesday week after freeze - april 29
23:18 tcohen        yeah
23:18 thd           Wow, many hours of UTC time for those who can stay awake doing QA :)
23:18 tcohen        :-P
23:18 tcohen        [off] you could try to brive me anyway
23:17 tcohen        thursday 9:10 am argentinian timezone is the actual cut
23:17 tcohen        of course
23:17 thd           tcohen: If something passes QA on Wednesday would it have a chance of qualifying?
23:16 tcohen        thd: i don't follow you sorry
23:15 * tcohen      adds it to his pocket
23:15 thd           tcohen: What happens during Wed. before Wed. has ended?
23:15 tcohen        that gives us time to coordinate efforts toward stabilization if needed
23:15 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13979 major, P1 - high, ---, robin, Signed Off , Packages uninstallable on Debian Jessie
23:15 eythian       tcohen: I'd really like to get you to have an eyeball over bug 13979 and put it in, btw.
23:15 tcohen        objections?
23:15 tcohen        next dev meeeting probably wednesday week after freeze - april 29
23:14 tcohen        beta -> next weekend (after the cut)
23:14 eythian       wfm :)
23:14 tcohen        cut date -> next wednesday
23:14 tcohen        as I said on part 1
23:14 tcohen        moving on then
23:14 tcohen        ok
23:13 tcohen        we will blame you if something goes wrong about the announcement anywayu
23:13 eythian       cool
23:13 tcohen        eythian: go ahead
23:12 tcohen        the release notes will mention it too
23:12 wizzyrea      "Hi, it's not possible or even reasonable to continue supporting squeeze, so we're not going to do it anymore. eom."
23:12 eythian       that's just for you people :)
23:11 eythian       oh sure
23:11 tcohen        :-D
23:11 tcohen        something more politically correct maybe?
23:10 tcohen        you could avoid the "unilateral" speech just in case
23:10 eythian       cool.
23:10 tcohen        go ahead
23:09 tcohen        ah, no 10.04
23:09 eythian       tcohen: I was going to announce it on both lists to make sure everyone knows about it.
23:09 * tcohen      too
23:08 eythian       ah right. If it's any consolation I have an 8.04 box still running.
23:08 tcohen        eythian: i'll send a new email about this to koha-devel, I think no one would disagree
23:08 thd           eythian: I mean my non-Koha backup systems, etc.
23:07 eythian       support in 3.18 etc. will remain
23:07 eythian       thd: well, you'll only have to do it in order to upgrade to 3.20 anyway
23:07 thd           eythian: My definition is not being forced to do by the end of the month something which I should have done two years ago :)
23:06 wizzyrea      or after you closed the meeting. I don't see it in the logs but whatever.
23:06 bag           I seem to remember something about it too
23:06 wizzyrea      tcohen: maybe it was in the main meeting
23:05 tcohen        heh, thanks bag
23:05 eythian       thd: wheezy was released nearly two years ago, you may need to refine your definition of sudden :)
23:05 bag           yes
23:05 tcohen        is it valid if the RM dreamed about a vote on something?
23:04 * thd         just wants to avoid upgrading some squeeze systems to wheezy too suddenly
23:04 * tcohen      can't find them ,but is pretty sure
23:03 eythian       thd: but if you want to backport everything that newer koha wants, be my guest :)
23:03 eythian       thd: it is
23:03 * eythian     can't find it in the logs
23:03 thd           eythian: Is squeeze not being maintained until 2016 even if not for Koha?
23:03 eythian       you did?
23:03 wizzyrea      \o/ that was easy.
23:03 tcohen        on the previous dev meeting we agreed that 3.20 wouldn't support Squeeze
23:02 * eythian     decides unilaterally
23:02 tcohen        ah *that*
23:02 * thd         in no hurry to discover jessie bugs.
23:02 eythian       come 3.20
23:02 eythian       squeeze is being shot in the head
23:02 tcohen        eythian: about ES'
23:02 tcohen        anything else?
23:02 tcohen        ok
23:01 tcohen        </rant>
23:01 tcohen        jessie == systemd == unix is dead
23:00 eythian       thd: it is
23:00 tcohen        we'll talk about that before the end of the week for sure
22:59 thd           eythian: Is jessie not forthcoming at the end of the month?
22:59 tcohen        khall nudged julian about those concerns
22:59 wizzyrea      butterflies!
22:59 tcohen        ok, lets keep positive
22:58 eythian       I'm having a quick go at building mojolicious 6, it might be that it's easy, but if it can't backport to wheezy, then that's simply not an option.
22:57 eythian       yeah
22:57 tcohen        i'm worried, but we'll sort it out, for sure
22:57 tcohen        eythian: ok
22:56 eythian       http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=36705&action=diff <-- see for example the perl files here
22:56 tcohen        i couldn't find that dependency, but i will sure take a look at the office tomorrow
22:56 thd           eythian: Which code has no documentation?
22:56 * tcohen      is stuck
22:54 eythian       tcohen: swagger2 declares that it depends on mojolicious 6.0
22:54 tcohen        but we agreed we don't need the latest mojolicious
22:53 eythian       (rather, my issues are documented on the bug)
22:53 eythian       but anyway, it's documented on the bug :)
22:53 bag           http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/New_REST_API_RFC
22:53 * tcohen      hasn't had the time to take a look yet
22:53 eythian       the next biggest issue is that the code has no documentation.
22:52 eythian       older mojolicious is in debian, swagger2 isn't at all.
22:52 tcohen        mojolicious and swagger2
22:52 wizzyrea      ^ this seems like perhaps not the best situation ever.
22:51 eythian       they're not even in any unreleased version
22:51 tcohen        :/
22:51 eythian       they're not in anything
22:51 wizzyrea      he's a taskmaster, that packaging manager of ours.
22:51 tcohen        eythian: you mean they are not in jessie?
22:50 tcohen        and khall said he approached julian about some called "Robin"'s comments
22:50 eythian       it's not near a state for signoff, imo
22:49 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
22:49 tcohen        jonathan mentioned the work on bug 13799 needs signoff
22:49 eythian       I had a look at that yesterday, the dependencies are awkward and annoying
22:49 tcohen        because we needed to catch up
22:49 tcohen        we talked a bit about the REST api implementation
22:49 tcohen        #topic Big stuff we are working on
22:48 wizzyrea      khall++
22:47 tcohen        khall++
22:47 tcohen        and khall volunteered
22:47 tcohen        but Jonathan said he wanted more eyes on it
22:47 tcohen        so the SO status was strange
22:47 tcohen        i mentioned because (1) it looks great and (2) it had been signed by two QA members
22:46 tcohen        adding wings to them
22:46 tcohen        that does an interesting job refactoring the cataloguing plugins code
22:46 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10480 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Signed Off , Improvements for framework plugins in cataloguing/item editor
22:46 tcohen        on part one we mentioned bug 10480
22:46 tcohen        great
22:46 wizzyrea      yep
22:45 tcohen        i think we agree that if view policy is working, there's no problem adding fields to the xSLTs, right?
22:45 wizzyrea      :)
22:45 wizzyrea      you obsess a lot.
22:45 tcohen        ok
22:45 wahanui       ...but tcohen is obsessed with packages' scripts|122|obsessed with automated testing :)|king of the lab...
22:45 tcohen        wahanui: tcohen is actually 123
22:44 wahanui       hmmm... tcohen is 122
22:44 tcohen        me?
22:44 tcohen        who's got the double?
22:43 tcohen        :-P
22:43 tcohen        they are, until someone has a regression test for that
22:43 wizzyrea      ohh you got a double hmpf.
22:43 cait_not_here hmpf
22:43 tcohen        :-P
22:43 wizzyrea      hrmph.
22:42 wizzyrea      hrmpn.
22:42 tcohen        wizzyrea: they aren't, but shhh
22:42 wizzyrea      (as far as I know they are)
22:42 eythian       yeah
22:42 wizzyrea      as long as the visibility rules are applying correctly, this is sensible to me.
22:41 tcohen        and we concluded that adding fields there is not a problem as long as they are not added to the frameworks and/or enabled for visibility
22:41 tcohen        i was worried about the patches waiting for QA right now that introduce new fields on the XSLT
22:40 wizzyrea      <not sorry>
22:40 wizzyrea      <sorry>
22:40 tcohen        moving on
22:40 tcohen        ok, diverted a lot
22:39 tcohen        eythian: you're damn right
22:39 tcohen        and i wrote that tiny class that encapsulated both the bitstream, and the metadata format of the bitstream, thinking of having JSON data, etc...
22:39 eythian       yeah, build a filter chain
22:38 tcohen        prepare data for display in results context, have a specific filter that applies the xslt, etc
22:38 eythian       ah yep
22:38 tcohen        then have a filter that does that
22:38 tcohen        for example, if you need to apply a policy about fields/subfields visibility
22:37 tcohen        with Koha::Filter::*
22:37 tcohen        I think we should make broader use of Koha::RecordProcessor
22:37 tcohen        that only puts some stuff together (bitstream, metadata format, etc)
22:36 eythian       "filter data"?
22:36 tcohen        eythian: on my work for a more reasonable way to filter data, i came with a Koha::Search::Result class (or something like that)
22:35 eythian       at the moment, it's mostly compatibility layers with the C4::Search way anyway.
22:35 tcohen        ok, we need to move on, unless eythian, wizzyrea, thd or rangi (if absent... beware) volunteers to work on QP
22:35 tcohen        *read
22:35 tcohen        eythian: that's awesome to hear
22:34 eythian       searching for ES will be pretty easy to replace with something better.
22:34 thd           tcohen:  ColinC was reporting his suspicion for things which may not have been properly discovered and reported.
22:33 wizzyrea      or rather, to learn from our mistakes
22:33 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12742 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Omnibus: QueryParser
22:33 tcohen        bug 12742
22:33 wizzyrea      or (sorry eythian) to make sure that the next iteration of searching in Koha doesn't have the same issues
22:33 tcohen        but we definitely need someone to work on that
22:33 thd           The fault may be in the legacy query code which many people have had difficulty deciphering.
22:33 tcohen        there aren't *that many* open bugs for QueryParser
22:32 wizzyrea      I am certain that is true, it could be a goal of a future release to tidy all that up perhaps?
22:32 thd           In the early meeting, ColinC reported that he thought that QueryParser would break multiple system preferences as it is.
22:31 tcohen        wizzyrea: but... we don't have a top!
22:30 tcohen        #info wizzyrea reminded us that the project evolves because of our commitment to do good stuff, not to let ourselves languish in favor of comfort
22:30 wizzyrea      and that's an unpleasant thing.
22:30 wizzyrea      unfortunately enforcing that comes from the top :/
22:29 tcohen        wizzyrea++
22:29 thd           wizzyrea++
22:29 tcohen        that's the right attitude
22:29 wizzyrea      that's all I'm getting at.
22:29 wizzyrea      and not languish because it's more comfortable.
22:29 wizzyrea      and improve it
22:29 tcohen        wizzyrea: we should
22:28 wizzyrea      my only point is that if we have btter tech, we should be looking to use it
22:28 tcohen        explaining the bug http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.com/QueryParser-does-not-manage-more-than-1-operator-td5823170.html
22:28 tcohen        this is jonathan's post to koha-devel
22:28 tcohen        heh
22:28 thd           tcohen: No.
22:28 tcohen        thd: are you using QP?
22:27 thd           I see problems everywhere I look but there are too many for me to have time to file bug reports about all of them ;)
22:26 tcohen        thd: the problem jonathan mentioned today is trivial enough to make it clear they dont face it
22:26 tcohen        eythian: yes, a ES driver should do the job
22:25 tcohen        the problem is that parse trees traversal and what to do with it is not trivial as a regular expression
22:25 thd           ... or without complaint from Evergreen users even if noticed?
22:25 eythian       which I though would be good to generate ES queries, eventually.
22:25 thd           tcohen: Could the problems have been present but unnoticed by Evergreen users?
22:25 tcohen        configurable using a yaml file
22:25 tcohen        is that it is an abstract query parser and translation engine
22:24 tcohen        the idea about queryparser
22:24 eythian       yes, it is.
22:24 tcohen        but having the whole picture of all the border cases... difficult
22:24 tcohen        imean, you read a line and you know what it does
22:24 tcohen        our search code is full of ad-hoc stuff noone knows what to expect from it
22:24 eythian       ok
22:23 tcohen        to put it clear (my opinion on QP)
22:23 tcohen        which narrows things a lot
22:23 tcohen        and related to our PQF driver
22:23 tcohen        so the issues are Koha specific
22:23 tcohen        without any problems
22:23 tcohen        but jcamins told me Evergreen has been using it for years
22:22 tcohen        i couldn't approach gmcharlt_
22:22 thd           tcohen: Are certain that a similar bug does not affect QueryParser in Evergreen?
22:22 eythian       ah, I thought it was closer to "not work"
22:22 tcohen        not things like "searches don't work"
22:22 eythian       I have no intention, I just wanted to get a good feel for it to see how useful it is/would be.
22:22 tcohen        things like "right truncation doesn't work as expected"
22:21 wizzyrea      is it our intention to use it?
22:21 tcohen        that's almost true
22:21 * eythian     has been thinking about looking into it for ES work.
22:21 eythian       My understanding is that QP had some bugs that would make it more or less not work if you turned it on.
22:21 wizzyrea      yep
22:21 tcohen        so we are safe probably
22:21 wizzyrea      :/
22:21 wizzyrea      so yeah, nobody who's submitted using that.
22:21 wizzyrea      that is, you're right
22:20 wizzyrea      from what I said
22:20 tcohen        and the rest: undef :-F
22:20 wizzyrea      other way round :)
22:20 tcohen        0
22:20 tcohen        59 out of 63 have it disabled
22:20 wizzyrea      59 with it enabled?
22:20 wizzyrea      http://hea.koha-community.org/systempreferences > find in page QueryParser
22:20 thd           #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
22:19 wizzyrea      if it's a syspref, probably
22:19 tcohen        it could be handy this time :-D
22:19 tcohen        does HEA have information about that?
22:19 wizzyrea      yeah, I think this instance is probably fine
22:19 tcohen        and that's because there are some outstanding bugs still
22:19 tcohen        QueryParser is off by default, so it is expected that too little people are using it
22:18 tcohen        we agreed we should push the feature, and fill a bug for QueryParser
22:18 wizzyrea      just something to think about
22:18 wizzyrea      but we mandated "features in bootstrap, back to prod" before, we could do it here too
22:18 wizzyrea      that may be true, that we won't be able to fix it on time
22:18 tcohen        anyway
22:17 tcohen        much people are conservative about how they use their daily tools
22:17 tcohen        wizzyrea: I agree
22:17 tcohen        Joubu bets we won't be able to fix it on time
22:17 wizzyrea      because people won't change to the new hotness if we let them get by wearing the old sweatpants, if you know what I mean
22:17 tcohen        i'll try to
22:16 tcohen        you are right
22:16 tcohen        and we need to address that, correctly
22:16 tcohen        Jonathan basically found a bug on the PQF driver Koha uses
22:16 wizzyrea      well then that's the problem that needs addressing, imo
22:16 tcohen        people are afraid of getting into it to fix stuff
22:15 tcohen        but
22:15 wizzyrea      but that's just me
22:15 tcohen        QueryParser is a really good idea that we should be using more widely
22:15 wizzyrea      and port features back
22:15 eythian       #info Robin Sheat, Catalyst IT
22:15 wizzyrea      personally, I feel like we should work on the more advanced framework
22:14 wizzyrea      because it could be a bit like the old "put it in bootstrap and backport it to prog" that we did for a while
22:14 wizzyrea      generally?
22:14 wizzyrea      is it more desirable to have QueryParser on
22:14 tcohen        shoot
22:13 wizzyrea      simply for my information
22:13 tcohen        and we agreed QueryParser having a bug shouldn't prevent us from having the feature
22:13 tcohen        the question was wheter to put bugs that required not using QP on hold or not
22:12 tcohen        which has issues that need to be addresed
22:12 tcohen        during part 1 we also talked about QueryParser
22:11 tcohen        khall asked people to give 13799 a chance to make it into 3.20
22:10 tcohen        on part 1 I proposed to approach fredericd  about moving to Moo
22:10 tcohen        #topic Bugs
22:09 tcohen        #info please let tcohen know if your feature needs attention to make it move, or have his opinion on the odds of it making into 3.20
22:09 tcohen        as i will get to the office to get a screenshot of the pqa list at 9 am (ART) we shift to the next day
22:09 wizzyrea      fwiw I have no opinion on moose, the others here might
22:08 wizzyrea      sensible
22:08 tcohen        i set april 22nd as the cut for things to have the chance to get included
22:08 tcohen        #info: Freeze for 3.20: What's not passed QA by April 23nd, 9:10 Argentinian time... won't make it in
22:07 wizzyrea      lol
22:07 tcohen        LOL
22:07 tcohen        #info wizzyrea is sympathetic to tcohen
22:07 tcohen        thanks
22:06 wizzyrea      yeah, I think we can all understand and be sympathetic to your situation there
22:06 tcohen        and enhancements follow
22:06 tcohen        focused on bugfixes since last week
22:06 tcohen        and i've been (and will keep) using my office hours for RM duties
22:06 wizzyrea      I hadn't - I will go do now
22:05 tcohen        i basically apologize (again)
22:05 tcohen        have you read the logs?
22:05 tcohen        #topic RM 3.20 comments
22:05 tcohen        ok
22:04 wizzyrea      think it might be just you and me :)
22:04 wizzyrea      hah
22:04 tcohen        unless we can count as enough
22:04 tcohen        we'll wait then :-D
22:03 wizzyrea      no rangi (away) or eythian (yet)
22:03 wizzyrea      #info Liz Rea, Catalyst IT
22:03 tcohen        eythian, wizzyrea, rangi ?
22:02 tcohen        #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
22:02 tcohen        just like wahanui did
22:02 tcohen        please introduce yourselves using #info name
22:02 wahanui       #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
22:02 tcohen        #topic Introductions
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22:01 tcohen        #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 15 April 2015 - part 2
22:00 wizzyrea      it would be a big job to keep up with the exact features of both
21:58 jcamins       FWIW
21:58 jcamins       EG is up to 2.8 and has slower release cycles than Koha.
21:58 tcohen        cait: we need you to chair! you'd do it fine this time!
21:57 * cait        leaves
21:57 jcamins       I know.
21:57 cait          3.14 (2015)! it says!
21:57 jcamins       Anyway, go to bed.
21:57 wahanui       i heard cait was happy about some example opacs :)
21:57 cait          yeyesyes
21:57 jcamins       cait?
21:57 wahanui       i guess cait is lookign forward to the API discussion
21:57 jcamins       cait?
21:57 wahanui       cait is, like, working on a patch to make it possible to set the date individually - first step
21:57 jcamins       cait?
21:57 wahanui       hmmm... cait is from germany. Ask me about germany.
21:57 jcamins       cait?
21:57 wahanui       cait is from germany. Ask me about germany.
21:57 jcamins       cait?
21:57 wahanui       cait is very pale, and needs lots of sun lotion.
21:57 jcamins       cait?
21:57 cait          koha 3.14... oi
21:57 jcamins       And it links to the wrong website.
21:56 jcamins       A *perfect* example!
21:56 wizzyrea      so there's that.
21:56 wizzyrea      also it only goes up to 3.14
21:56 cait          ... an leave for real :) bye again
21:55 jcamins       :)
21:55 * cait        can stop searching now
21:55 cait          ah ok, i htink that was the one i was thinking about too
21:55 jcamins       http://ils.foss4lib.org/features
21:55 cait          can you share the link?
21:55 jcamins       Oh, the foss4lib one is the one that she did, just moved to a different domain than I was trying to find.
21:54 cait          hm i think i know
21:54 jcamins       No, EG was mischaracterized as well.
21:54 wizzyrea      I probably have a copy of it in my gdocs :P
21:53 jcamins       I was thinking of Lori's.
21:53 tcohen        wasnt it evergreenn's?
21:53 jcamins       Oh, that would be great to have too.
21:53 wizzyrea      or the one lori ayre did between evergreen and koha?
21:53 wizzyrea      oh you mean the sirsi/dynix whitepaper thing?
21:53 jcamins       (example of the importance of thinking critically about comparisons)
21:53 jcamins       I'll use the foss4lib comparison.
21:52 jcamins       tcohen: yeah, that's what I found, too.
21:52 tcohen        jcamins: google proposes Comparing Species through the Fossil Record
21:50 wnickc        thanks!
21:49 cait          wnickc++ :)
21:49 jcamins       Does anyone have a link to that inaccurate FOSS ILS comparison handy?
21:46 wahanui       goodnight cait. You'll be back.
21:46 cait          night all
21:44 cait          hm going to turn into a pumkin soon... time to sleep
21:42 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13803 minor, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Signed Off , SelfCheck not setting flag when item requires transit
21:42 bag           bug 13803
21:42 cait          ah hey :)
21:42 bag           ok
21:42 huginn`       cait: The operation succeeded.
21:42 cait          @later tell bag could you take a look at bug 13803 tomorrow? (sip from colin)
21:25 huginn`       cait: The operation succeeded.
21:25 cait          @later tell Joubu - can you take a quick look at my comment on bug 7976?
21:25 cait          hi wizzyrea hi tcohen
21:21 tcohen        hi wizzyrea
21:21 wizzyrea      hi
21:12 wahanui       kia ora, tcohen
21:12 tcohen        hi
21:02 huginn`       cait: The operation succeeded.
21:02 cait          @later tell khall bug 11084 needs a tiny follow-up
20:27 misilot       thank you
20:27 misilot       cait: will try. I came across a bug report that's from 2011, saying it's not possible. Figured I would start here and work through the mailing list :)
20:26 cait          bigger audience :)
20:26 cait          misilot: hm i'd ask on the mailing list
20:26 cait          not actively using labels right now, sorry
20:22 misilot       has anyone ever gotten labels with different sizes (for example, a spine label, and a book label) to print? :)
20:20 magnuse       makes sense while you are getting your feet wet
20:20 andreashm     <------ allways going for the easy option. =)
20:20 * andreashm   will look for other, easier bugs to tinker with then
20:19 * andreashm   seems to say oh a lot
20:19 cait          yeah it's a complicated one
20:18 andreashm     oh, there was quite a lot of them
20:17 cait          if you click on 'tree' you can see all the dependencies
20:16 andreashm     cait: oh, missed that
20:16 cait          this depends on 13853 - so that needs to be applied first
20:16 cait          also check the depends on
20:16 magnuse       sometimes things change and break patches - then they get the "does not apply" status
20:15 magnuse       andreashm: do you get an error?
20:14 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13517 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Show waiting date on reserve/request.pl
20:14 andreashm     I can't apply bug 13517. is it just me, or something wrong with it?
20:03 wnickc        nvm, docdir isn't changed on gitify
20:02 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7143 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Bug for tracking changes to the about page
20:02 wahanui       rumour has it bug 7143 is ready for an easy signoff
20:02 magnuse       bug 7143
20:01 wnickc        hmm...tried ot test 7143 and all changes are shwoing except for the timeline
20:01 magnuse       i did read the one from o'reilly too, but i found that too focused on te internals of git, which are *really* confusing ;-)
20:00 * andreashm   should probably order the book magnuse linked to
19:59 andreashm     cait: oh. that would explain a lot.
19:59 andreashm     wondering if it's connected to a git checkout -b master --track origin/master I did last week or so, and probably have messed with somehow since.
19:58 cait          it lookslike you created a local branch with that name
19:58 cait          try git branch -D origin/master
19:58 cait          iiineresting
19:58 andreashm     cait: yup
19:57 andreashm     magnuse: thanks.
19:57 cait          if you do git branch - is there an origin/master showing up?
19:57 magnuse       andreashm: i felt  bit more clever after reading this book: https://pragprog.com/book/tsgit/pragmatic-version-control-using-git
19:57 cait          hm
19:57 andreashm     I still get a warning: refname 'origin/master' is ambiguous though. don't know where that comes from either
19:56 andreashm     thanks.
19:56 cait          and it will reset
19:56 cait          you can do a git reset --hard origin/master (while on your master branch)
19:55 andreashm     mmm, quite possibly. probably, even
19:55 cait          origin = koha repository in that case
19:55 cait          you probably applied patches to the master branch locally - that could be a reason
19:55 cait          and origin/master is the master branch on the koha git repository
19:54 cait          i think master is your local branch
19:54 cait          ah
19:54 cait          don't worry
19:54 cait          you are doing great
19:54 andreashm     cait: I hope your right. =)
19:54 andreashm     Also don't get why master and remote/origin/master have diverged and have different number of commits.
19:53 andreashm     I don't get the difference between master and origin/master. (Trying to read up on it)
19:52 cait          andreashm: don't worry, it gets easier
19:48 * andreashm   is grumpy about not getting how git works and messing things up all the time.
19:48 andreashm     git, forever cursed be thy name!
19:45 cait          wnickc: i think there is a patch with changes to the about page - that would be a good starting point maybe
19:44 cait          sounds like the perfect plan :)
19:43 wnickc        cait: will do, that question was open to anyone too! for now just picking what I like and can do
19:43 andreashm     hey cait!
19:42 cait          hi andreashm :)
19:42 cait          i lost overview - just use your good judgement :)
19:42 cait          wnickc: thx for asking - sorry, getting distacted
19:41 andreashm     hi all
19:33 wnickc        playing and testing what I can today, any particular bugs you want to see signed off before sprint?
19:32 cait          hi wnickc :)
19:32 wnickc        hi cait
19:29 huginn`       cait: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 15.8°C (9:29 PM CEST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
19:29 cait          @wunder Konstanz
18:41 cait          but might change, you never know with koha :)
18:41 cait          koa doesn't care much about times yet - more thining in days
18:41 cait          ah
18:39 SCM           Awesome, thank you. I'm from the University of New Hampshire. I'm testing out Koha to see if it can be used to check-out video equipment and reserve time at workstations.
18:38 cait          where are you from SCM?
18:38 cait          https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Date
18:37 cait          i think javascript can give you the time, so there is a way
18:37 cait          hm i'd dthink that could work
18:36 SCM           That's one option. Is there any way to have jquery grab the current date and time? If a checkout happens during a window of time that presents a problem, it could show the appropriate alert.
18:34 cait          maybe you could alert if a checkout happens witht he wrong due date
18:34 cait          hm the problem might be to trigger the change... because until you can the item it doesn't know it shoudl show a message
18:33 cait          jquery is pretty handy to do a lot of things - in many less lines than pure javascript
18:33 cait          yep, it has examples
18:32 SCM           Interesting. It looks like this page has more information: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/JQuery_Library
18:28 cait          we usually use that for all kind of tricks
18:27 cait          maybe you could do something with javascript - opacuserjs is a system preference that works with javascript jquery...
18:27 cait          SCM: there are alerts.... but you can't limit them to days
18:23 SCM           OK, thanks for the response. I'm trying to think of a workaround for this issue. Is there a way to create a check-out alert that only appears on certain days? I could create an alert that only appears on Fridays that says "Staff: manually change the time due to an hour we are open."
18:21 cait          only opening days
18:20 cait          SCM: sorry, currently there is no way to define opening times
17:50 SCM           Hello. I'm wondering if there's any way to define the operating hours for my library. We're open on different times during different days. Without defining custom hours, patrons could run into problems with due dates. For example, they may check something out on Friday at 10 am. The item is due back in 24 hours. However, on Saturday we don't open until 12pm, so the item would be late.
17:43 thd           cait: Yes, YAML would work and be appropriate for part of the use case if specified in system preferences currently.
17:42 cait          i am not sure the database is the way to go there
17:42 cait          we translate yaml for the prefs for example
17:42 cait          they won't change much - it's more a static list
17:41 cait          thd: hm or a yaml file
17:41 thd           cait: Maybe a language specific installer is the only means which we have at the moment.
17:38 thd           cait: Yes, like itemtype descriptions.
17:38 thd           cait: I want to create a table or something with country names and coded values and have the country names subject to translation.
17:37 cait          like item type descriptions or similar
17:37 cait          database stuff usually is 'one language only' - and can be translated from the gui
17:37 cait          i am not sure what you want to do
17:36 thd           cait: After dinner, will you suggest a workaround for me?
17:36 cait          not automatically - we do have language specific installers
17:36 cait          well
17:36 cait          we don#t translate thing sin the database
17:36 cait          no
17:36 thd           cait: For example, would we have a way to translate default values in the branches table or anything similar?
17:34 thd           cait: What about value lists?
17:34 cait          thd: pretty much everyting is translated - no bigger things missing
17:33 cait          but everything in the templates... also the cataloguing plugin xml files are translated
17:33 cait          we don't translate .js files
17:33 cait          not really - i am cooking dinner
17:32 thd           cait: Are you back?
17:32 thd           Who knows what is currently not subject to translation for Koha?
17:07 mtompset      It seems reasonable to me, but what do I know? I'm not a library type. :)
17:07 thd           cait: Are you still here?
17:06 thd           mtompset: That is a requirement for some libraries in Taiwan.
17:05 mtompset      thd: That would be a cool idea (co-existence of differing MARC types.
17:05 mtompset      Still don't like the syspref way thought.
17:05 * thd         also tries to think of devious ways to push Koha along to be MARC agnostic enough to allow UNIMARC and MARC 21 to coexist in the same Koha database.
17:05 * mtompset    shrugs.
17:03 thd           mtompset: There is a validity check for system preferences.
17:01 thd           mtompset: We can display scary messages if they ignore setup settings :)
17:00 thd           mtompset: If I had to use the user interface to create MARC frameworks, Koha frameworks might still be as incomplete as they were in 2005 and everyone with full records would be losing data when some subfield was missing.
16:59 mtompset      Because people work around the problems, and forget to fix them. :)
16:58 mtompset      The problem is sections which are used only for setup, tend to get ignored.
16:58 mtompset      thd: That's not completely true. :P
16:58 thd           I found the Koha user interface to be too buggy for real use.  Directly inserting SQL is the only safe interface for frameworks.
16:57 mtompset      They seem "broken but somehow work" to me.
16:57 mtompset      thd: Neither do I.
16:57 thd           mtompset: There are user forms to create and edit Koha MARC frameworks but I do not trust those forms.
16:56 mtompset      thd: You can't have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. :)
16:56 mtompset      Or is it auto-magically detected?
16:56 thd           mtomset: That is also something I am trying to avoid :)
16:56 mtompset      Is there a screen to actually add a value_builder?
16:55 mtompset      Sounds like you'd want a whole new set of screens then.
16:54 thd           mtompset: I would like something which is more generic and thus not tied to frameworks except that a value_builder specified by the frameworks would use the value.
16:54 mtompset      Default (leave blank for none):
16:53 mtompset      Because this could affect more than just a single value.
16:52 mtompset      so the underlying can be different that the visible.
16:52 mtompset      When they add/edit the framework.
16:52 thd           mtompset: I mean to ask making an arbitrary table with some preferences for some good purpose is easy but what mechanism should be used for the user to set the preference other than system preference?
16:51 mtompset      (as the framework table)
16:51 mtompset      Though, if that is offensive to one's goal of normalization purity, you could create a default table keyed on the same things.
16:51 mtompset      Not specifically, though the suggestion of adding a column, which would be mostly blank does seem easiest.
16:49 thd           mtompset: Do you have any specific suggestion for how a table for MARC framework like preferences to be added in more generic manner than could be done by merely extending the framework other than as a system preference?
16:48 mtompset      I've begun focusing on inventory related things. :)
16:47 mtompset      anyone want a quick signoff, if you have your staff client plackified? :)
16:46 huginn`       mtompset: magnuse was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 3 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <magnuse> bug 10181
16:46 mtompset      @seen magnuse
16:44 cait          bye all
16:43 * cait        pushes tcohen out of channel
16:43 huginn`       Log:            http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/development_irc_meeting_15_april_2015___part_1.2015-04-15-15.06.log.html
16:43 huginn`       Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/development_irc_meeting_15_april_2015___part_1.2015-04-15-15.06.txt
16:43 huginn`       Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/development_irc_meeting_15_april_2015___part_1.2015-04-15-15.06.html
16:43 huginn`       Meeting ended Wed Apr 15 16:43:33 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot . (v 0.1.4)
16:43 cait          #endmeeting
16:43 thd           some should endmeeting.
16:43 cait          #info next dev meeeting probably wednesday week after freeze - april 29
16:43 tcohen        thanks everyone for attending!
16:43 thd           :)
16:43 tcohen        thanks
16:43 cait          go :)
16:43 cait          makese sense to me
16:43 tcohen        i'm leaviiiiing pleaseeeeeeeee
16:43 tcohen        ok?
16:42 tcohen        to check the remaining stuff for the release
16:42 tcohen        maybe wednesday too, same hours
16:42 tcohen        thd, the week after the freeze
16:42 thd           tcohen: Do we have a next meeting date for after today?
16:42 tcohen        yup
16:42 cait          22 utc
16:42 cait          tonight
16:42 cait          poor tcohen
16:42 thd           tcohen: Do we have a next meeting date?
16:42 cait          should we info something?
16:42 tcohen        a physical one requires me to leave, and I already missed lunch
16:41 tcohen        ok, I need to end the meeting
16:41 khall         the new object system gives us a chance to start making that move without radical searching and replacing
16:41 cait          i'd say new code should follow it
16:41 tcohen        khall: you type faster than me
16:41 cait          we have members, borrowers, patrons...  only consistent palce currently is the gui
16:41 * mtompset    agreed.
16:40 tcohen        i'd like to make our internal terminology match the one we use externaly
16:40 khall         I'd like to see our internal terminology match our external terminology
16:40 * mtompset    notes that 'In Discussion' are beginning to be close to, if not exceed 'Needs Sign Off'.
16:40 tcohen        :-D
16:40 tcohen        really? holds and borrowers
16:40 cait          woudl be good to have a general guideline - going by the code or going by the gui
16:39 cait          holds/reserves patrons/borrowers
16:39 cait          i think we didn't agree on the terms
16:39 tcohen        ok
16:39 Joubu         tcohen: all patches need signoffs :)
16:39 tcohen        that's ok for now
16:39 khall         I don't know, depends on if more requests are more motivating ; )
16:38 cait          ok, so maybe that's ok for now?
16:38 khall         I've already emailed Julian to ask if he can followup on robin's comments
16:38 wahanui       well, ah is that what goes after the last
16:38 cait          ah what?
16:37 tcohen        #actions cait will write Julian to ask him for a quick update to koha-devel about the status of the REST API implementation
16:37 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
16:37 Joubu         bug 13799
16:37 cait          too late by now i think
16:37 Joubu         no
16:36 Joubu         jajm_: ?
16:36 tcohen        is anyone doing the REST API implementation present?
16:35 tcohen        marcelr++
16:35 tcohen        and
16:35 tcohen        thanks again, khall
16:34 khall         np!
16:34 tcohen        khall++
16:34 cait          thx khall :)
16:34 khall         cait: I can take that one on then
16:34 cait          and they will take time
16:34 cait          my next big thing I need to work on for next week is the tax related patches
16:34 cait          that one is on me i think... i said i would, but time has been running away
16:33 tcohen        i see the value of the bug
16:33 tcohen        Joubu: would you encourage another QA member to take a look?
16:32 tcohen        (i.e. signed by two QA team members)
16:32 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10480 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Signed Off , Improvements for framework plugins in cataloguing/item editor
16:32 tcohen        i0d like to raise bug 10480, which is basically passed-qa
16:32 thd           cait: Yes, I know that they are honoured more in the breach than the observance.
16:31 tcohen        "Remaining new features"
16:31 tcohen        moving on
16:31 tcohen        fixes
16:31 cait          thd: we often export a COMPLETE marc record, including things like internal notes
16:31 tcohen        thd: it is but needs some fices
16:31 cait          thd: the arcane values are nice checkboxes now - bu tit's not taken into account in a lot of places
16:30 thd           Field subfield visibility is actually something which had been controlled at one time by arcane values set in the Koha MARC frameworks even for the OPAC.
16:30 Joubu         tcohen: please stop to argue about patches that add fields to xslts
16:30 cait          remaining new features?
16:30 mtompset      Third time's a charm! :)
16:30 cait          :P
16:30 cait          #actions tcohen not to argue about patches that add fields to XSLTs
16:29 tcohen        #action the RM won't argue about patches that add fields to XSLTs
16:29 tcohen        #actions the RM won't argue about patches that add fields to XSLTs
16:29 tcohen        mtompset: almost, my XSLT approach, but basically yes
16:28 mtompset      Is that what you are thinking, tcohen?
16:28 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11592 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Signed Off , opac detail scripts do not respect MARC tag visibility
16:28 mtompset      Oops... bug 11592
16:28 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10589 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Failed QA , Override OpacHiddenItems based on Patron Category
16:28 mtompset      bug 10589?
16:28 tcohen        d*mn
16:28 cait          also that yes
16:27 cait          we can easily help everyone who wants to to hide something... much harder to help adding something
16:27 * tcohen      just realised... this discussion is void... if we make field/subfield visibility work... damn
16:27 mtompset      Ah.
16:27 tcohen        deprecated since 2013 I think
16:26 cait          in forever.
16:26 cait          mtompset: the normal view hasn't been maintained
16:26 cait          hm i can see your point... but it woud be really easy to hide htings from the xslt if a library felt that way
16:26 mtompset      -- Shouldn't both views aim to be identical?
16:26 tcohen        but I heard several times that people prefered the non-XSLT view because it was "not as bloated as the XSLT view"
16:25 tcohen        probably a positive one
16:25 tcohen        so this changes would be a behaviour change for them
16:25 tcohen        for regular use
16:25 tcohen        i want to say that i'm concerned about people relying on the shipped XSLTs
16:24 tcohen        to cope with RDA and whatever metadata is missing on the XSLT's
16:24 tcohen        there have been several bugs filled proposing the addition of new fields to XSLT's
16:23 tcohen        thd: related to that on "remaining new features" i will mention an interesting bug
16:23 tcohen        ok, we need to move on
16:23 thd           mtompset: Yes, we should see if we could find a better place for expressing what is needed.
16:22 tcohen        i'll keep an eye on it
16:22 tcohen        thd: thanks
16:22 mtompset      And if you are worried about blank columns, split off a table?
16:21 thd           I can work on changing the fix to do something more global where the plugin would also need changing to give a warning if not set.
16:21 mtompset      But the advantage of a column is the whole Koha::Object thing we've started.
16:20 mtompset      True, thd.
16:20 thd           System preferences may not be the ideal location but the Koha MARC frameworks model is too inflexible for some important tasks of which the present case is not really an example.
16:20 cait          so we fqa is right and it needs a follow up
16:20 tcohen        thd: just renaming the syspref and making sure a good default behaviour?
16:20 cait          as qa point of view
16:20 cait          thd: i think it can't go in changig existing behaviour if the pref is not set
16:20 tajoli        Sorry, I need to leave. I will write about metasearch on koha-devel
16:19 mtompset      Yuck, system preference?!
16:19 thd           I am able to follow up on the bug.  Even the full featured version would not be difficult but merely take some time.
16:18 thd           I actually think that we should be moving the generic form of things out of the existing Koha MARC frameworks and use a form which will work with BIBFRAME or whatever.
16:18 tcohen        (implementing the changes you propose?)
16:17 tcohen        thd: are you able to provide a followup for the bug?
16:16 tcohen        e
16:16 tcohen        thd: tru
16:16 thd           There are many problems which the frameworks could be extended to address.  Maintenance of the default frameworks is the difficulty.
16:16 tcohen        once i have a proper solution (not just ideas) that convinces me, i'll come back to this
16:16 cait          i hope not!
16:16 tcohen        cait: i give up
16:15 cait          shoudl we move on?
16:15 * mtompset    thinks he better scroll back to get fully context.
16:15 cait          but it hink i would not blow this up to be too huge - and also not sure it need to be by framework, might be ok globally
16:15 cait          the only problem might be if the plugin correctly detects it always
16:14 tcohen        i'll think of cait's idea of using the default value, maybe it is worth making a better value builder for the framework editing tool
16:14 thd           tcohen: Adding a column with such specificity to the framework would essentially have an almost entirely empty column.  You should think of a more generic approach which uses the frameworks.
16:13 * tcohen      loves having idiomatic aid
16:13 mtompset      ^for^with^? Anyways...
16:12 mtompset      -- displaying empathy for. ;)
16:12 thd           tcohen: That was also my current suggestion with no sympathy to librarians ;)
16:12 cait          i am not sure this small feature is worth too much work right now
16:11 tcohen        empathic?
16:11 tcohen        i'm being empathetic with librarians
16:11 cait          yeah
16:11 tcohen        cait: you mean adding the full fixed lenght string?
16:11 cait          tcohen: to some extend it works for controlfields as well
16:11 tcohen        i would rather add country_of_production to `biblio_framework`
16:10 thd           tcohen: Yes.
16:10 tcohen        thd, that works for subfields
16:10 thd           tcohen: There is already a defaultvalue column.
16:10 thd           tcohen: If so, then no new column is required.
16:09 thd           tcohen: Would you have any and all values in the fixed field specified in the default field?
16:09 tcohen        is the introduced technical debt something to worry about?
16:09 tcohen        anyway
16:08 tcohen        don't need to, the the specific plugin hould know
16:07 thd           tcohen: How would the new column for the frameworks specify the range to which part of a fixed field it applies?
16:07 tcohen        extra work, I know
16:06 tcohen        and adjust the marc_21_008.pl plugin
16:06 tcohen        thd: just a new field for the frameworks
16:06 thd           tcohen: That would require work to modify the Koha MARC frameworks design to support fixed fields better.
16:06 tcohen        but most of the bibliography is originally written in english
16:05 tcohen        that are written in spanish
16:05 tcohen        the use case that raised my concern is thesis here
16:05 tcohen        so it would be easier to link to an authorised value list too
16:05 tcohen        I would set the country_of_production (and for example original_language) framework-wise
16:04 tcohen        thd: I agree with your comments, just a little difference
16:04 tajoli        Yes on 'empty value set nothing'
16:04 thd           Explaining, if the user has not set the system preference, the default should also not be set and a warning should be triggered.
16:02 gaetan_B      bye
16:02 thd           I think that the MARC 21 bias is less serious but should still have some more neutral presentation.
16:02 tajoli        so doesn't' do anything
16:02 tajoli        but in unimarc 008 ins not present
16:02 tajoli        baecause now i use a setup on marc frameworks
16:01 thd           While tcohen reads I will summarise that my main objection is that an empty value in a system preference should not set the country for an installation.
16:01 tajoli        but if  not, Ok on name 'DefaultCountryField008'
16:00 tajoli        better a develop Marc-neutral
16:00 mtompset      #info Mark Tompsett
16:00 tajoli        As user of unimarc:
15:59 barton        #info Barton Chittenden, BWS, Louisville, KY
15:59 * tcohen      goes to read
15:58 thd           tcohen: You should note my comments to the bug added today.
15:58 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13912 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Failed QA , System preference for default place of publication (country code) for field 008, range 15-17
15:58 tcohen        next one is bug 13912
15:57 * tcohen      knows Joubu is hopeless
15:57 Joubu         will see later :)
15:57 tcohen        i think so
15:57 cait          move on? :)
15:56 tcohen        wording issue
15:56 tcohen        i was talking about the syspref description
15:56 Joubu         ?
15:56 tcohen        Joubu: i mean the syspref docs/description
15:56 tcohen        Joubu: you wrote a regression test for the QA problem I recall?
15:56 Joubu         tcohen: not sure you have to highligh it in the doc, the limitation is in the syspref description
15:55 tcohen        and it doesn't fail like this, so it is specific to Koha's driver
15:55 tcohen        because they've been using it for years now
15:55 tcohen        and will definitely talk to gmcharlt_ about Evergreen's use of QueryParser
15:54 tcohen        I'm in favour of pushing the feature with a docuentation followup
15:54 tcohen        i mean, i don't think it blocks your feature
15:54 Joubu         I tried, I failed. Good luck
15:53 Joubu         'just' :)
15:53 tcohen        i think we just need to fix it
15:53 Joubu         I won't answer, I am the author of the patch :)
15:53 ColinC        I think there are a number of sysprefs that dont work if QP enabled already
15:53 tcohen        Joubu: you only found a bug on QueryParser's PQF driver
15:52 Joubu         Should we accept ft even if does not work with QP?
15:52 cait          ifit should block bug 13528 that it doesn't support queryparser
15:52 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13528 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Ability to search on the different isbn variations
15:52 tcohen        #action tcohen will go ahead with the inclusion of bug 13528, along with a followup stating that it won¡t work with UseQueryParser=on
15:52 Joubu         Should we remove it?
15:52 Joubu         What was the question? :)
15:51 cait          um.someone else?
15:49 cait          and fixig it... also a bit short on time now
15:49 cait          the queryparser code
15:49 cait          we need to talk more about this after 3.20
15:49 cait          i think ripping the code out now woudl not be good
15:48 Joubu         Who would be able to fix it?
15:48 cait          i think i'd be ok with pushing your patch if the problem is documented in the pref description and we also have a bug on bugzilla... so we know where the problems are
15:47 cait          and do we have a bug report for it?
15:47 cait          Joubu: woudl it be hard to extend your feature when the operators bug got fixed?
15:47 tcohen        Joubu: exactly
15:47 cait          it doesn't work in all places it could be used
15:46 thd           I imagine that having some possible query parser would be a very good thing but perhaps not the present code.
15:46 cait          also, the swtich was not completed i think
15:46 tcohen        the problem is we have several problems that prevent it from fully replacing the ad-hoc code that "just works"
15:46 cait          tcohen: but the problem with operators is a pretty big blocker ot use it :(
15:46 Joubu         (for ES)
15:46 tcohen        ColinC: it should "simplify" code actually. Changing ad-hoc code for YAML configuration on how to interpret/translate operators
15:46 Joubu         would be good to know if Robin planned to use it
15:45 ColinC        It does further complicate some already complicated code which is a pain for code maintenance
15:45 tcohen        jcamins: available?
15:45 tcohen        gmcharlt_: available?
15:44 cait          and queryparser is off by default
15:44 ColinC        I'm not seeing any benefits from QueryParser being in the release at present
15:44 cait          thd: we are not usign it in any of our installations currently - it's optional
15:44 thd           What are the consequences of disabling QueryParser aside from allowing the patch for ISBN searches to work?
15:44 Joubu         bc = 'foo' AND bc = 'bar' will never work
15:44 cait          but the pref shoudl be clear that there is a catch
15:43 cait          and this seems like a really good enhancement that we coudl extend later to queryparser maybe
15:43 Joubu         so when you want to check for barcode : bc = $bc1 OR bc = $bc2 OR bc = $bc3, it causes some problems...
15:43 Joubu         something like that
15:43 Joubu         a OR b OR c results in a AND b AND c
15:43 cait          I feel like it shouldn't stop this for now
15:42 Joubu         because QueryParser is broken with several operators
15:42 cait          hm that might be the one i remembe rmaybe
15:42 Joubu         cait: don't remember exactly, I sent an email on koha-devel
15:41 cait          I remember an email about a problem with mulitple arguments... is that related?
15:40 cait          Joubu: can you explain why it won't work with QueryParser?
15:40 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13528 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Ability to search on the different isbn variations
15:40 tcohen        bug bug 13528
15:40 tcohen        and we have a situation where a feature targets non-QueryParser setups
15:39 tcohen        but an orphan one
15:39 tcohen        it is an awesome idea
15:39 tcohen        what will we do with the QueryParser ?
15:39 tcohen        moving on
15:38 tcohen        #info if part 2 concludes the opposite, a vote will be held ASAP
15:38 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11190 new feature, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Passed QA , sitemap.pl -- Generate a Catalog sitemap
15:38 cait          #action tcohen to approach fredericd about Moose dependency for bug 11190
15:38 tcohen        #info people didn't like to include Moose as dependency, even for a cli script. tcohen will approach fredericd to see if we can make the changes needed for it to make it into 3.20
15:37 tcohen        ok, moving on for now
15:36 tcohen        i'll talk to fredericd about it, maybe it is an easy change
15:36 tcohen        it is just if it needs to be listed as a dependency or not
15:36 tcohen        speed or anythin
15:36 cait          not sure if that woudl work
15:36 cait          i think if Moo isn't used yet.. we shoudl have some Class::Accessor in the codebase
15:36 tcohen        the question is: it doesn't have any impact on how Koha responds
15:35 cait          it seems too heavy for 1 script if we don't intend to use it in general
15:35 cait          +1 agreeing with Joubu
15:35 tcohen        (and its related packages)
15:35 tcohen        i'll try using Moo, probably enough for the simple sitemap.pl script
15:34 Joubu         s/to/not
15:34 Joubu         to very interesting to add the deps for 1 script
15:34 Joubu         Moose is quite heavy
15:34 tcohen        ok, I'll try on part 2
15:33 tcohen        anyone? opinions besides the comment that we historically rejected Moose?
15:32 cait          ok
15:32 tcohen        cait: C4::Installer::PerlDependencies
15:31 tcohen        that's not used I think
15:31 tcohen        it isn't
15:31 cait          http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=install_misc/debian.packages;hb=2e1d64d056a63c0eac412c2cbb7b72da5bd4a08c - is libmoose already there?
15:31 cait          hm
15:30 cait          i am not entirely sure, it might be
15:29 tcohen        cait: is Moo a  dependency already?
15:29 tcohen        that needs to be cron-ed
15:29 cait          i think benchmarks indicatd that we shoudl favor moo over moose - or that was the compromise
15:29 tcohen        it is an optional script
15:28 cait          is it an optional feature? could the dependency be optional?
15:28 tcohen        true
15:28 cait          hm in the past we had decided against that
15:28 tcohen        the only concern is that it introduces Moose dependencies
15:28 tcohen        it is a really interesting one, and i'd like it to make it for 3.20
15:27 tcohen        has anyone seen the tool introduced by bug 11190?
15:27 tajoli        Ok
15:27 tcohen        tajoli: use the "Big stuff youre working on section"
15:27 tajoli        Ok after this topic
15:26 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11190 new feature, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Passed QA , sitemap.pl -- Generate a Catalog sitemap
15:26 tajoli        I can say something about metasearch
15:26 tcohen        Moose dependencies (Bug 11190)
15:26 wahanui       somebody said first one was looking weird - it says 9 centerville, but there is also an item at liberty
15:26 tcohen        first one
15:26 tcohen        #topic Bugs
15:26 khall         ok
15:26 tcohen        i think we should move to the next topic, and discuss that there
15:25 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
15:25 khall         Not sure if this is the topic for it, but I would *really* like to see bug 13799 signed off. I've been planning to QA it. I'd love to see it in the next release
15:24 tcohen        anyone willing to raise something on this subject?
15:24 tcohen        #topic General technical discussion
15:24 fridolin      francharb: (nope, we use reverse maps desc to code as a hack)
15:23 tcohen        move on
15:23 tcohen        francharb: it might be possible
15:23 francharb     thanks cait ! Sorry, I just realised there was a meeting...
15:23 tcohen        #info please let tcohen know if your feature needs attention to make it move, or have his opinion on the odds of it making into 3.20
15:23 cait          francharb: currently not i think
15:22 francharb     Is it possible, with xslt, to display the authorised value's description but build a search link on the authorised value's code?
15:22 tcohen        concerns?
15:22 huginn`       Current chairs: cait tcohen
15:22 cait          #chair tcohen
15:22 cait          could you have said that a bit earlier?
15:22 cait          oh my
15:21 tcohen        =D
15:21 tcohen        #info CORRECTION 2: Freeze for 3.20: What's not passed QA by April 23nd, 9:10 Argentinian time... won't make it in
15:21 cait          sorry!
15:21 cait          #info CORRECTION: Freeze for 3.20: What's not passed QA by April 22nd, 9:10 Argentinian time... won't make it in
15:21 cait          i just can't type
15:20 cait          arg.
15:20 tcohen        so you want one more week? :-D
15:20 francharb     Good morning all
15:20 cait          #info Freeze for 3.20: What's not passed QA by April 30, 9:10 Argentinian time... won't make it in
15:19 tcohen        =D
15:19 tcohen        i'll take a screenshot at that time
15:19 tcohen        around 9:10 thursday :-D
15:19 tcohen        i come to the office at 9am ART
15:18 * cait        kows the devs
15:18 cait          just to be precise.. the wednesday still counts? your timezone? or tuesday midnight your timezoneß ;)
15:18 tcohen        you had fun filling my queue, you had enough time .-D
15:18 cait          soon now :)
15:17 tcohen        so we can release a beta during the weekend or so
15:17 tcohen        next week: wednesday :-D
15:17 tcohen        but we can talk about them
15:17 tcohen        i have some concerns about some stuff on my queue (next topic)
15:17 cait          friday next or monday next week?
15:16 tcohen        and I'd say stuff that isn't passed-qa next week should be left for 3.22
15:16 tcohen        we need to set a cut day for enahncements
15:16 tcohen        koha++
15:16 tcohen        so
15:15 tcohen        3.20 is looking good so far, stable, issues have been fixed really quick once we noticed
15:15 cait          tcohen++
15:15 tcohen        so, I'm in the process of testing/pushing enhancements and new features
15:15 khall         good plan of attack
15:14 tcohen        so they hit the stable branches ASAP
15:14 tcohen        i tried to focus on bugfixes once i got back
15:14 tcohen        there's been a lag on pushing enhancements and new features
15:14 tcohen        and will try to use most of my office time for RM tasks until release
15:13 tcohen        i've been troubled and i'm sorry for not being around too much, i'm almost back
15:13 tcohen        hi everyone
15:11 cait          #topic RM 3.20 comments
15:11 cait          i got 2... we will give you 2 too :)
15:11 tcohen        #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
15:11 tcohen        give me 2 minutes
15:11 cait          can you info please? :)
15:11 tcohen        sorry, really busy day
15:11 cait          oh goood!
15:10 tcohen        hi
15:10 cait          hm pinged tcohen - no response
15:09 ablj          #info Jacek Ablewicz, Cracow Univ. of Technology
15:09 fridolin      #info Fridolin Somers, Biblibre, France
15:08 cait          #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
15:07 bag           #info Brendan Gallagher, ByWater
15:07 thd           #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
15:07 khall         #info Kyle Hall, ByWater Solutions
15:07 tajoli        #info Zeno Tajoli, CINECA Italy
15:07 ColinC        #info Colin Campbell PTFS-Europe
15:07 Joubu         #info Jonathan Druart, BibLibre
15:06 cait          please introduce yourself with #info
15:06 wahanui       #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
15:06 cait          #topic Introductions
15:06 huginn`       The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_15_april_2015___part_1'
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15:06 huginn`       Meeting started Wed Apr 15 15:06:37 2015 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:06 cait          #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 15 April 2015 - part 1
15:06 cait          Joubu: lol
15:05 cait          one moment, need to pull up the agenda
15:05 Joubu         (unless the overdue flag is set)
15:05 cait          hm, i think we shuld start then
15:05 Joubu         cait: correct, it's now :)
15:05 tajoli        Hi, Zeno Tajoli, CINECA Italy
15:05 thd           tcohen exactly.
15:04 cait          and... tcohen?
15:04 cait          or do i have my timezones wrrong again?
15:04 cait          ok, is the meeting time now?
15:03 thd           cait: which 2 minutes would you like?
15:01 cait          can i get 2 mins?
15:01 cait          hm meeting time now?
15:01 thd           s/defauting/defaulting/
15:00 thd           cait: Yes, my objection is mostly about empty defauting to US.
15:00 thd           cait: I am trying to ask the appropriate manner in which I would include my signal about QA without changing the global status.
14:59 cait          should default to empty i guess?
14:59 cait          the default to US seems valid - haven't read further yet
14:58 thd           cait: Only because I changed the status when I submitted my comment.
14:58 cait          ah i see, you left the comment
14:58 cait          not passed
14:58 cait          hm this one is failed qa actually
14:58 cait          sorry, i dont't understand
14:58 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13912 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Failed QA , System preference for default place of publication (country code) for field 008, range 15-17
14:57 thd           bug 13912 which is on the agenda for today's development meeting.
14:57 thd           cait: QA status toggle is next to the comment submission form.
14:57 cait          thd: which bug are you talking about?
14:56 cait          leaving a comment with your argumentation
14:54 thd           cait: What is the proper way in which I can indicate disapproval for a QA pass?
14:52 thd           tcohen: are you present?
14:32 Joubu         ok :)
14:32 cait          ... and thx a lot :)
14:31 cait          lastreneweddate: NULL
14:31 cait          issuedate: '2015-04-15 16:16:14'
14:30 cait          yep of course sec
14:30 cait          overdue: the due_date and time are before... now.
14:30 Joubu         cait: could you just check the lastreneweddate value please?
14:30 cait          and also the lastrenewddate seems so weird
14:30 Joubu         hum... I will write some tests
14:30 cait          i am confused by it looking at the issuedate instead of the due_date
14:30 Joubu         it has been renew today
14:29 Joubu         ok I know
14:29 barton        Joubu: yeah, that's completely broken -- even if it does the right thing some times.
14:29 cait          or... maybe it does, but it cuts of the time?
14:28 Joubu         don't try to understand last 5 sentences :)
14:28 cait          but... tht makes no sense
14:28 Joubu         so issuedate is checked
14:28 Joubu         2443         if ((substr $it->{'issuedate'}, 0, 10) eq $now || (substr $it->{'lastreneweddate'}, 0, 10) eq $now) {
14:28 Joubu         and it is considered as non overdue if
14:28 Joubu         and it is set only if it is not considered as non overdue
14:27 Joubu         in IssueSplip, an issue is considered as overdue if $overdue is set
14:26 cait          it still makes no sense? :)
14:26 Joubu         no but :)
14:25 cait          hm but is issuedate the one we want?
14:25 Joubu         s/quite/completely
14:25 Joubu         this is quite stupid
14:25 Joubu         1202             $_->{issuedate} = dt_from_string($_->{issuedate}, 'sql');
14:25 Joubu         I noticed that this morning
14:25 Joubu         funny, it comes from getpendingissues, the issuedate is erased
14:24 cait          looking fine to me
14:24 cait          Joubu: issues.date_due is: '2015-05-15 23:59:00'
14:22 cait          checking the db now
14:22 cait          ok, still there, and it happens when i print the slip as well
14:21 cait          test environment for the library - they are testing all the things today
14:21 cait          i hope it's sitll there
14:21 cait          give me a second :)
14:21 Joubu         Could you confirm date_due="2015-04-15 23:59:00" in DB?
14:18 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12847 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, REOPENED , Date comparisons in C4::Members::IssueSlip are broken
14:18 cait          Joubu: screenshot uploaded to bug 12847
14:16 cait          maybe only happens at a specific time on wednedays?
14:12 cait          barton: yes, same versin, different results :(
14:12 cait          i will check for personsal data - give me a moment to anonymize, then ic an upload
14:11 Joubu         cait: could you get the screenshot?
14:11 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12847 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, REOPENED , Date comparisons in C4::Members::IssueSlip are broken
14:11 barton        cait: were you referring to Bug 12847 when you said that it was varying by installation?
14:10 huginn`       barton: wnickc was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 55 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <wnickc> some sanity is better than none ;-)
14:10 barton        @seen wnickc
14:07 barton        [I have to be careful saying that in #bywater ;-) ]
14:06 barton        happy happy joy joy.
14:06 cait          same version
14:06 cait          huh. it's happening in one installation but not the other... oh joy
14:06 huginn`       barton: I have not seen nickc.
14:06 barton        @seen nickc
14:04 barton        ah...
14:03 cait          we want to find and backport
14:03 cait          if it got fixed
14:03 cait          barton: that is the super latest stable release
14:03 barton        cait: I'm pretty sure that got fixed master, somewhere along the way.
14:03 cait          maybe we can find the 'thing' to make it happen all the time
14:03 cait          trying to add some info to the bug report
14:02 barton        ahyes, the date comparisons.
14:02 khall         yeah, I need to get that fixed up!
14:02 cait          remembered it wrong - but glad Joubu found it
14:01 barton        cait: I think 12933 is all khall.
14:00 cait          writing note on the bug report, then will try again
14:00 Joubu         Do you have steps to get the issue?
13:59 cait          i have a screenshot proof - it#s happening
13:59 cait          oh that could be the one i was thiking about
13:59 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8813 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, issue slip lists items as overdue that are not overdue
13:59 cait          sth like bug 8813
13:58 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12847 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, RESOLVED WORKSFORME, Date comparisons in C4::Members::IssueSlip are broken
13:58 Joubu         bug 12847
13:58 cait          i think it was one bywater reported, barton?
13:58 cait          hm not quite
13:58 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12933 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , Add ability to print overdue slip from staff intranet
13:58 Joubu         bug 12933?
13:58 cait          the lbirarian is testing all the notices
13:57 cait          that's the first thing they ran into, now another
13:57 Joubu         which one? 13482?
13:57 cait          ... now i can't find the bug
13:56 cait          Joubu: i think the library also manage dto find the bug we could not reproduce - items due today listed as overdue on the slip print
13:55 cait          i thought you were working now on the 14xxx :)
13:55 cait          that's what you meant :)
13:55 cait          oh
13:55 Joubu         so I checked 13999, it exists, not 14000 :)
13:54 Joubu         I have opened 13998 this morning
13:54 cait          Joubu: how did you genearte the list?
13:54 cait          they just ran into 13482
13:54 Joubu         don't want to open it :)
13:53 Joubu         next bug is 14k...
13:53 * cait        has a library that is finding one bug after the other right nwo :(
13:51 * cait        sends Joubu cookies
11:58 huginn`       Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:58 Joubu         @later tell tcohen have a look at bug 13189 comment 14 please
10:22 mveron        Oh, I have a meeting...
09:43 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10181 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Improve message shown for deleted records in basket summary page
09:43 magnuse       bug 10181
09:37 cait          hi drojf
09:36 drojf         hi #koha
09:36 cait          bug even
09:36 cait          bub 10181
09:36 cait          Joubu++
09:29 magnuse       wow
09:29 magnuse       i am number 102
09:29 magnuse       just 23 more and we reach 300
09:23 cait          good number :)
09:23 cait          hi rangi
09:20 rangi         277 devs now
09:20 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7143 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Bug for tracking changes to the about page
09:20 rangi         new patch for bug 7143
09:06 huginn`       cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 14.0°C (11:00 AM CEST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1023 hPa (Falling).
09:06 cait          @wunder Konstanz
09:06 cait          mveron wins :)
08:52 huginn`       cait: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 14.7°C (10:52 AM CEST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
08:52 cait          @wunder Konstanz
08:52 mveron        magnuse: but you have already longer days than we have, I think...
08:50 magnuse       wow, nice weather in switzerland!
08:50 huginn`       magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 3.0°C (10:20 AM CEST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -3.0°C. Pressure: 29.30 in 992 hPa (Steady).
08:50 magnuse       @wunder boo
08:47 huginn`       mveron: The current temperature in Helsinki, Finland is 5.0°C (11:20 AM EEST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Steady).
08:47 mveron        @wunder Helsinki
08:47 huginn`       mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 18.0°C (10:30 AM CEST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
08:47 mveron        @wunder Allschwil
08:28 mveron        :-)
08:20 magnuse       in science they call that salami publishing ;-)
08:16 huginn`       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13813 normal, P3, ---, veron, Signed Off , Remove deprecated module C4::Dates from system
08:16 * mveron      should have done Bug 13813 by separate bug numbers to boost Joubou's singn-off score on the dashboard :-)
07:53 * magnuse     too
07:52 cait          yeah ... the last 20 *shudders*
07:52 * mveron      will be back in a minute or two, suport call..
07:51 mveron        ...and the last 20% as well...
07:50 Joubu         (no really actually...)
07:50 Joubu         mveron: the first one is always the hardest
07:50 mveron        It is only a first step, though, there will be more to be done...
07:49 mveron        Joubu: Super!
07:49 cait          mveron++ Joubu++ indeed :)
07:47 magnuse       mveron++ Joubu++
07:46 Joubu         mveron: I am on it, ready to SO, I gonna submit the followup for the 2 issues I found
07:46 Joubu         mveron: Hi! Good job to kill C4::Dates :)
07:32 mveron        Good morning / daytime everybody
07:26 wahanui       salut, gaetan_B
07:26 gaetan_B      hello
07:21 Joubu         morning #koha
07:17 fridolin      bonjour tout le monde
06:45 reiveune      re
06:37 wahanui       hi, alex_a
06:37 alex_a        bonjour
06:35 reiveune      hello
04:53 eythian       magnuse: I think you'll find that the Swiss like to claim that it looks like Switzerland, too.
04:49 magnuse       bbiab
04:44 magnuse       deleted them, and now i have itemnumbers jumping from 7813 to 12318, and from 49103 to 3298750
04:40 magnuse       well that was weird - a record with more than 1 million items
04:38 magnuse       i want to go back to the birds on kapiti too
04:36 wizzyrea      it's nice there
04:35 magnuse       because some of it looks like norway ;-)
04:34 * magnuse     will have to visit the south island some time
04:34 magnuse       sounds nice
04:34 wizzyrea      definitely autumnal.
04:32 wizzyrea      it's sunny so
04:32 * wizzyrea    considers 13 reasonable weather
04:32 huginn`       wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (4:00 PM NZST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
04:32 wizzyrea      @wunder nzwn
04:30 wizzyrea      up in the hills it might get quite cold
04:29 magnuse       but i am not sure what area they were talking about
04:29 magnuse       i *think* they lived somewhere around levin
04:29 wizzyrea      they'd freeze to death at 5c.
04:29 wizzyrea      were the people from auckland :P
04:29 magnuse       i remember a video showing snow in wellington
04:29 eythian       kapiti is usually warmer.
04:28 magnuse       when i was on kapiti some people were talking about people freezing to death i their houses because of out of the ordinary cole weather
04:28 wizzyrea      yeah everything would shut down just so people could go play in it :P
04:28 eythian       it's common enough that it doesn't cause crises, but rare enough that it causes the occasional closure.
04:28 wizzyrea      now, in *wellington...*
04:28 wizzyrea      nah, not crises.
04:27 eythian       down there it's OK. It probably won't have lasted more than a day or two anyway.
04:27 wizzyrea      it's school holidays so probably no one closed schools
04:27 magnuse       i remember nz houses as kind of... flimsy
04:27 magnuse       are people prepared for that, or does it result in crises, and closed schools?
04:27 eythian       desert road snowed out hahaha
04:26 wizzyrea      it was cooooold though
04:26 eythian       there was a satellite photo that I can't find
04:26 wizzyrea      I didn't note how close to sea level the snow fell
04:26 eythian       oh, more central actually, possibly into canterbury
04:25 wizzyrea      well definitely there was snow on most of the southern alps.
04:25 eythian       more than that I think
04:25 wizzyrea      gosh, almost up into canterbury ya?
04:25 eythian       the south island
04:24 magnuse       (i guess if you go far enough there is always snow...)
04:24 magnuse       how much further south?
04:23 magnuse       hm
04:23 eythian       no, it's earlier than normal
04:23 magnuse       ?
04:23 magnuse       eythian: is that normal
04:23 magnuse       eythian: thanks, but we are trying to get rid of ours too
04:22 eythian       magnuse: there's snow here if you want some (not right here, but further south)
04:22 magnuse       hehe, novel?
04:22 wizzyrea      and I thought of you, and all of the novel ways that you probably have to deal with snow
04:22 wizzyrea      I just watched a mini documentary about snow country in Japan
04:21 magnuse       march often has lots of snow
04:21 magnuse       i don't remember, but yeah, it's not unusual, i think
04:21 wizzyrea      do you usually get snow in April?
04:21 magnuse       :-)
04:21 wizzyrea      \o/
04:20 magnuse       no fresh snow today - woohoo!
04:20 huginn`       magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 3.0°C (5:50 AM CEST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -2.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Steady).
04:20 magnuse       @wunder boo
04:20 magnuse       hiya wizzyrea
04:16 wizzyrea      hi magnuse :D
04:15 wizzyrea      kittyland love center?
04:13 * magnuse     waves
04:07 * wizzyrea    wonders what they consider high wind in santa barbara
03:35 huginn`       bag: The current temperature in Kittyland Love Center, E Tabor, Portland, Oregon is 5.6°C (8:35 PM PDT on April 14, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.43 in 1030 hPa (Rising).
03:35 bag           @wunder 97215
03:35 huginn`       bag: The current temperature in Goleta East, Santa Barbara, California is 19.2°C (8:35 PM PDT on April 14, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 30%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Falling).  High Wind Warning in effect from 6 PM this evening to 9 am PDT Wednesday...
03:35 bag           @wunder 93111
03:26 bag           hi eythian
03:21 eythian       also, hi bag
03:21 huginn`       eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (3:00 PM NZST on April 15, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
03:21 eythian       @wunder nzwn
03:17 huginn`       bag: rangi was last seen in #koha 2 days, 2 hours, 33 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <rangi> eythian: https://twitter.com/Garage_Project/status/587415742599028736
03:17 bag           @seen rangi
03:01 wizzyrea      nothing like the "ghostly howls of a drowned tuba player. "
03:01 wahanui       well, the saddest thing is http://ur1.ca/9x67k
03:01 wizzyrea      wahanui: what is the saddest thing?
02:30 wahanui       ⛄ U+26C4 SNOWMAN WITHOUT SNOW
02:30 eythian       wahanui: what is the saddest thing?
02:30 wahanui       i guess the saddest thing is that we're winning the war on bees.
02:30 eythian       wahanui: what is the saddest thing?
02:10 huginn`       wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
02:10 wizzyrea      @later tell mtompset did you do work on hiding the item types of OPAC hidden items in the facets?
02:09 huginn`       wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
02:09 wizzyrea      @later tell mtompsett did you do work on hiding the item types of OPAC hidden items in the facets?
01:26 wizzyrea      tis indeed
01:26 eythian       It's so quiet in here
00:08 wizzyrea      hrm no mtompsett