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01:04 eythian    I've had no list messages since Sunday. Is this expected?
01:05 eythian    hmm
01:05 eythian    the archices show things, but very few replies.
01:05 eythian    *archives
01:05 eythian    that seems a bit suspect.
01:08 eythian    wahanui: ping
01:08 wahanui    Using deft allegory, the authors have provided an insightful and intuitive explanation of one of Unix's most venerable networking utilities. http://www.amazon.com/Story-about-Reading-Railroad-Books/dp/0448421658
01:14 rangi      liw: http://vaarakirjastot.fi/web/english/program
01:37 mtj        hey #koha...
01:37 wahanui    it has been said that #koha is all kinds of good drugs today
01:38 mtj        rangi:  looks amazing  ^
03:21 eythian    http://theuserisdrunk.com/
03:22 rangi      heh
03:24 wizzyrea   i would fear for koha.
03:25 wizzyrea   maybe not the opac.
03:25 wizzyrea   let's get the drunk guy to tell us about acquisitions.
03:25 wizzyrea   oh oh or the label maker.
03:25 rangi      he cant make it any less complicated than the librarians tell us to make it that's for sure
03:25 wizzyrea   TRUE.
03:32 bag        oh that would be brilliant
04:19 eythian    git is applying patches to the wrong file in a rebase. That's very annoying.
04:28 AmitG      chris around?
06:56 * magnuse  waves
07:11 liw        rangi, ooh, interesting
07:27 drojf      morning #koha
07:29 magnuse    moin drojf
07:29 drojf      hei magnuse
08:02 alex_a     bonjour
08:14 fridolin   hie
08:14 cait       hi fridolin :)
08:21 Joubu      o/
08:21 cait       hi Joubu :)
08:22 cait       are you on a mission with the old bugs?
08:22 Joubu      cait: yep :)
08:22 magnuse    Joubu++
08:22 cait       Joubu++
08:22 Joubu      some are really easy to fix and are there for so long
08:23 cait       true
08:23 cait       very glad to see them go
08:23 * cait     grumps because for some reason she can#t access her bug mail from work these days :(
08:24 Joubu      cait: so, what about bug 4137?
08:24 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4137 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , OPACViewOthersSuggestions does not work
08:24 Joubu      I don't know how it should work, so it's difficult to fix it :)
08:24 cait       good question - i think we need to know what people expect of AnonSuggestions
08:24 cait       yeah, it's either one way or the other
08:25 cait       or adding an option ot have both *shudder*
08:25 cait       magnuse: opinion on bug 4137?
08:32 magnuse    nah, sorry
08:36 cait       huh
08:36 cait       my computer just shut itself off
08:36 gaetan_B   hello
08:42 nlegrand   hey #koha
08:43 cait       hi nlegrand
08:47 magnuse    cait: windows installing updates for you?
08:47 magnuse    bonjour gaetan_B and nlegrand
08:48 magnuse    cait: i think i would expect AnonSuggestions to let non-loggedin users post purchase suggestions
08:48 magnuse    and i would expect OPACViewOthersSuggestions to let me see suggestions that others have made
08:49 magnuse    and i would expect suggestions from others to always be anonymized (not linked to a patron)
08:53 magnuse    hiya atheia!
08:54 atheia     Hello magnuse!
09:11 Joubu      cait: since the begining (2007), the "my suggestions" tab is hidden if AnonSuggestions is set...
09:14 nlegrand   hey cait o/
09:14 nlegrand   god morgen magnuse o/
09:47 cait       Joubu: gah?
09:48 Joubu      cait: ok I will reintroduce it
09:48 Joubu      cait: Another question :) If AnonSuggestions= 1 but OPACViewOthersSuggestions=0
09:48 cait       magnuse: not sure i understand your third sentence - do you man for display or in the database?
09:48 Joubu      a non logged in user should not be able to see suggestions from anonymouspatron, do you agree?
09:48 cait       what i'd expect (and hopefully not wrong) is show in opac navigation and set the borrowernumber to the anonymous patron
09:49 cait       and don't show suggestions made? i guess
09:49 cait       Joubu: yes... i think i do
09:49 Joubu      k
09:50 cait       Joubu: not sure if we could get someone else to look at this before you change lots of things hm
09:50 Joubu      I won't change lots of things :)
09:50 cait       ok :)
09:51 Joubu      cait: you, sophie, laurence and me agree. It should not be so bad
09:51 magnuse    cait: in the display
09:52 * magnuse  glares at bug 12488
09:52 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12488 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , bulkmarcimport.pl -d option should use DELETE instead of TRUNCATE
09:52 cait       Joubu: cool :)
10:07 magnuse    bonjour paul_p
10:13 khall      mornin #koha!
10:15 cait       mornin khall :)
10:15 khall      mornin cait!
10:17 magnuse    kia ora khall
10:18 khall      mornin magnuse!
10:32 cait       morning ashimema ;)
10:32 ashimema_  hi ciat
10:32 ashimema_  hi cait.. even
10:33 magnuse    kia roa ashimema_
10:34 magnuse    lunchtime!
10:34 wahanui    lunchtime is a terrible time for a meeting
10:34 magnuse    yup
10:36 ashimema   ohh.. two clients.
10:36 ashimema   oops
10:52 AmitG      hi
10:52 AmitG      indradg
10:52 indradg    AmitG: yep
11:08 gaetan_B   bye
11:45 ashimema   a couple of additional thoughts on the api rfc: http://wiki.koha-community.org/w/index.php?title=New_REST_API_RFC&action=historysubmit&diff=14460&oldid=14336
11:47 kivilahtio Doesn anybody know if it is possible to change the Environment time for Perl, so I could test Koha as if I was in the future or past?
11:47 kivilahtio so localtime() or time() would return time with some offset
12:50 tcohen     morning
12:52 cait       h tcohen :)
12:53 tcohen     hi cait
12:54 p_vdk      Hello
12:54 cait       hi p_vdk :)
12:54 p_vdk      hi cait!
12:57 cait       @seen oleonard
12:57 huginn     cait: oleonard was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 4 days, 19 hours, 2 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <oleonard> That's very strange squash. I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on.
12:58 tcohen     @wunder cordoba, argentina
12:58 huginn     tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Altos de San Martin - NW, Cordoba city, Cordoba City, Argentina is 14.0°C (9:55 AM ART on March 25, 2015). Conditions: Mist. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.17 in 1021 hPa (Rising).
13:02 ashimema   what's happened to oleanard?
13:03 Joubu      ashimema: he posted a comment on a bug this morning :)
13:05 ashimema   no irc though it seems.
13:12 cait       [off] i dm'ed him on twitter - working on a bigger project - i think he will be back
13:15 Joubu      ashimema: the comment said "I am really busy atm"
13:15 tcohen     hi ashimema
13:15 tcohen     hi Joubu
13:15 Joubu      Hi tcohen!
13:43 ashimema   bug 13810
13:43 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13810 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Prevent updatedatabase.pl from breaking because of case insensitive utf8 collation
13:43 ashimema   fun
13:51 kivilahtio Joubu: khall: Could you please comment this 5row commit? Bug 13905. Don't sign it off or anythinig, just asking if it is a sane way of fetching the count?
13:51 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13905 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Wrapping DBIx count inside Koha Object
13:53 khall      kivilahtio: I'm not understanding the purpose of adding count() to a singular object, when you can already call count on an object set ( Koha::Objects )
13:53 kivilahtio you can?
13:53 khall      yes, look at Koha/Objects.pm
13:54 kivilahtio hmm how did I miss that
13:54 kivilahtio khall: want to take a peek at my TestObjectFactories?
13:54 khall      what's the bug number?
13:54 kivilahtio khall: Nice Factory classes for generating test objects, from hashes or from preconfigured test groups
13:54 kivilahtio I am applying it
13:54 kivilahtio erm attaching it
13:54 khall      sounds intriguing
13:55 kivilahtio just curious if you could take a peek and would find it interesting to easuly create borrowers and biblios and issues and lettertemplates and and and
13:55 kivilahtio ill share the initial commit
13:55 kivilahtio brb
13:59 kivilahtio khall: Bug 13906
13:59 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13906 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, chris, In Discussion , TestObjectFactory(ies) for Koha objects. Enable easy Test object creation from HASHes or from preconfigured test groups.
13:59 kivilahtio Joubu: Bug 13906
14:01 kivilahtio I am currently calling those test factories from Cucumber tests
14:02 kivilahtio I haven't tested those example groups since i refactored the Cucumber tests out of them, having realized the tests wouldnt be as descriptive
14:02 kivilahtio with hidden test grouos, vs explicitly defined test objects
14:03 khall      I do like the idea of having canned bibs, patrons, etc. ready to go and to use in unit tests
14:07 kivilahtio khall: I am writing those Cucumber tests, which are pretty awesome. To make them maintainable and easy to define I need a clean way of dealing with context
14:07 khall      nice!
14:07 kivilahtio khall: What I was hoping is that somebody else would as well use those Factories when writing tests
14:08 khall      I imagine I would
14:08 kivilahtio cool
14:08 kivilahtio khall: I think they are still taking shape and need documentation
14:09 kivilahtio khall: But if somebody other than me would use them as well we might get some more use cases onthose factories and could see how well they work outside of the overdues module
14:10 kivilahtio Maybe this is something I could present during the next developer IRC meeting?
14:10 kivilahtio I wonder when that is held
14:10 kivilahtio But writing tests with those is soooo mcuh more convenient than the Koha-way
14:11 kivilahtio I'll share my cukes soon  nad boy they are nice :)
14:33 huginn     New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13801: svc/bib - Set charset to utf-8 on printing header <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=1410422ab65a7049411edab96d4ae0de454466ef> / Bug 12820: [QA Followup] Tab and whitespace cleanup <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=836a7eba0b76a034a18fd0bfc46b97caf907dc10> / Bug 12820: Handle rental fees in Sip issue and renew <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=ko
14:35 gerundio   is there anyway to simply reset zebra indexes without reindexing?
14:36 gerundio   rebuild_zebra.pl script enforces "Must specify -b or -a to reindex bibs or authorities"
14:36 gerundio   is there a workaround for this?
14:38 gerundio   I found this: http://manual.koha-community.org/3.16/en/resetzebra.html
14:43 Joubu      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwBhxBBa7tE
14:45 nengard    git experts I need you help :)
14:46 nengard    one of my branches of the manual is totally screwy on my system - how do i grab a fresh copy of it?
14:46 nengard    I tried deleting the branch, creating the branch and pulling the branch but it's still showing things that don't belong
14:48 Joubu      nengard: you can checkout the files (git checkout files list), or stash the changes (git stash), or reset --hard HEAD (BUT only if you need what it does, ie. will delete all your local changes)
14:49 Joubu      actually reset - - hard remote_branch_name
14:52 nengard    oh ... maybe i'll try that last one
14:52 nengard    see this makes no sense : Nicole-Pro:manual nengard$ git reset --hard manual3.16.x
14:52 nengard    HEAD is now at d3f1fc9 add links to cron to usagestats prefs
14:52 nengard    because that commit isn't on that branch - i just checked
14:52 nengard    http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=kohadocs.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/manual3.16.x
14:54 nengard    i have nothing locally i want to save to that branch - i want it to match the git repo exactly
14:54 cait       woohooo bug 5786
14:54 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5786 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , Move AllowOnShelfHolds and OpacItemHolds system preferences to the Circulation Matrix
14:55 nengard    SO EXCITING!!!!
14:58 Joubu      nengard: what is manual3.16.x? It's a local branch
14:59 nengard    both local and remote
14:59 Joubu      nengard: to refer to the remote branch, you need to specify the remote
14:59 nengard    oh okay - what part do i change?
14:59 Joubu      git reset --hard remote/branch
15:00 Joubu      (last time I helped someone with git, he lost data...)
15:00 nengard    uh oh :) hehe - no biggy i have no data to lose in this one
15:01 nengard    Nicole-Pro:manual nengard$ git reset --hard remote/manual3.16.x
15:01 nengard    fatal: ambiguous argument 'remote/manual3.16.x': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
15:01 Joubu      nengard: git remote -v should list the remotes
15:01 Joubu      the remote is certainly 'origin'
15:02 Joubu      so git stash; # optional
15:02 Joubu      git checkout -b 3.16.x origin/3.16.x # should do the job
15:02 Joubu      git checkout -b 3.16.x origin/manual3.16.x # if the remote branch is manual3.16.x
15:10 Joubu      mveron++
15:16 nengard    sorry had a phone call - am back - reading up
15:18 nengard    Joubu all better!!!
15:20 Joubu      nengard: great :) Don't forget to specify the remote's name if you want to point to a remote branch.
15:20 nengard    makes sense
15:36 mveron     Hi #Koha
15:36 mveron     @wunder Allschwil
15:36 huginn     mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 6.0°C (4:30 PM CET on March 25, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
15:38 Joubu      mveron: thanks for your signoffs :)
15:38 cait       hi mveron :)
15:38 mveron     Joubu: De rien... :-)
15:39 mveron     Hi cait :-)
15:41 * mveron   likes to see vanish low bug numbers...
15:42 cait       me too :)
15:53 ashimema   awesome! bug 5786
15:53 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5786 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , Move AllowOnShelfHolds and OpacItemHolds system preferences to the Circulation Matrix
15:53 cait       yep :)
15:53 ashimema   and now I wan't some further enhancements to it ;)
15:53 cait       me too
15:53 cait       if you plan something let me know
15:53 cait       will work on spec soon
15:53 ashimema   be great to add branch level rules ;)
15:53 cait       hm?
15:54 ashimema   I'll get janet to forward her wishlist to you ;)
15:54 cait       that'd be cool
15:55 ashimema   just forwarded her mail to you regarding that bug..
15:55 ashimema   i was going to submit it as a bug some time
16:01 gerundio   regarding this http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9453
16:01 huginn     04Bug 9453: enhancement, P1 - high, ---, rolando.isidoro, Failed QA , Update records acording to the new UNIMARCField100Language system preference
16:02 gerundio   I ran the script I created on a testing environment and all fre occurrences where updated to the value I inserted into the UNIMARCField100Language system prefence
16:03 nengard    everytime i upgrade koha now i get this error: Cannot open log file /home/nengard/koha-dev/var/log/updatedatabase_2015-03-25T11:02:58.log: No such file or directory at /home/nengard/kohaclone/installer/install.pl line 332 -- how do I fix it?
16:03 gerundio   nevertheless, after reindexing Zebra the results for find queries on yaz-client still show the 'fre' string
16:03 gerundio   even though the database records have the new value
16:04 gerundio   at least the "marc" and "marcxml" fields in the "biblioitems" table
16:04 gerundio   is this value stored elsewhere?
16:06 gerundio   btw, in "et/koha/zebradb/marc_defs/unimarc/biblios/biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml", next to the field 100 indexes it states
16:06 gerundio   "Language of cataloguing (mandatory)   3                       22-24    do not index in ln"
16:07 gerundio   and there's no <index_subfields> relating to that offset in the 100$a subfield
16:10 cait       ashimema: which email did you use?
16:10 ashimema   de
16:12 ashimema   personal one I think
16:12 cait       nengard: wait for the fix tomake it into Koha
16:12 nengard    oh okay
16:12 nengard    so it's a known bug - good to know
16:12 cait       nengard: what i do is revert the change that broke it... but that's a bit drastic :)
16:13 cait       bug 13875
16:13 nengard    no need i can upgrade via the command line
16:13 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13875 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Columns configuration - table name cannot contain underscore
16:13 cait       arg
16:13 cait       bug 13876
16:13 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13876 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Permission issues on updating via installer - dev installations
16:13 nengard    :)
16:13 cait       the secone one... obviously
16:14 nengard    yup
16:14 nengard    at least it has a bug report
16:21 * mveron   has to go to buy a new coffee machine...
16:33 * fridolin releasing 3.14.14
17:13 cait       fridolin++
18:07 * cait     waves
18:19 tcohen     khall: do u know what routine calculates fines in days?
18:19 khall      no, but I can find out!
18:31 tcohen     khall: the fines in days are calculated when checking in, but the CalcFine and UpdateFine routines seem to talk about accountlines only
18:33 tcohen     actually, do we have a table for suspension days?
18:33 khall      right, give me a few minutes and I'll find you an answer
18:33 khall      no, it creates a debarment I think
18:33 khall      I'll have more answers soon
18:35 tcohen     borrower_debarments
18:35 khall      right
18:37 khall      _debar_user_on_return
18:37 khall      called by AddReturn
18:37 khall      both are in C4::Circulation
18:38 khall      it creates a unique debarment of the type SUSPENSION
18:51 tcohen     it seems to do some weird calculation
18:54 tcohen     _debar_user_on_return should be using _get_chargeable_units
18:54 tcohen     and it isn't
18:56 tcohen     its Joubu's fault :-P
19:23 * tcohen   hates needing to think of duration units :-P
19:26 cait       what are we blaming Joubu for? :)
19:27 tcohen     13909
19:28 tcohen     is not really Joubu's fault, just joking
19:31 tcohen     i fixed it on a branch bug_13909_suspension_calculation on my github
19:32 tcohen     will try to write some regression tests at home
19:32 tcohen     bye!
19:35 andreashm  mjello
19:37 cait       :)
19:38 cait       brb
20:00 andreashm  so, bug 5786 pushed to master. this will allow placing holds on onshelf items according to itemtype, yes?
20:00 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5786 new feature, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , Move AllowOnShelfHolds and OpacItemHolds system preferences to the Circulation Matrix
20:01 cait       andreashm: yes
20:02 cait       andreashm: there is one catch for us still with allowonshelfholds... that one checked out item of the defined combination is enough to 'unlock' holds for that combination - but this is a great first step
20:03 rangi      morning
20:04 cait       morning rangi
20:07 andreashm  cait: sounds great
20:07 cait       i made a happy dance today :)
20:07 andreashm  cait: haha
20:08 cait       waited for this one for quite a while
20:19 andreashm  anyone know if ResourceSync is actually used to harvest metadata somewhere, or if it's just OAI-PMH or pubsubhubbub (if even that?).
20:20 andreashm  or any other protocol/application I should look at?
20:20 andreashm  (I'm thinking on how to integrate Koha with the Swedish union catalog)
20:21 cait       andreashm: where is the cataloguing done in your model?
20:21 andreashm  Libris, the union catalog
20:22 cait       hm what we do is a nightly import + z39.50
20:22 andreashm  at least the bibliographic info. holdings and items are up for debate.
20:22 cait       i tihnk there is something for worldcat that works more immediate
20:23 cait       we have the holdings only in koha - there is only some basic entry that the library has the book in our union catalog
20:23 cait       so that the scripts know we want updates for those... and also ILL etc.
20:23 andreashm  cait: nightly imports can be done know. we are thinking of a better solution.
20:23 cait       i understand :)
20:23 cait       maybe lok at the way the worldcat integration was done?
20:24 andreashm  I'll try to do that.
20:24 cait       andreashm: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/OCLC_Connexion
20:26 cait       hm that's not the one i was looking for actually
20:27 cait       andreashm: i think it was this: http://manual.koha-community.org/3.18/en/oclcappendix.html
20:27 cait       afaikt you click ona button in the cataloguing client and the record ends up in koha
20:28 cait       it uses the staging process
20:28 cait       you coudl also add records using the restful api - we do that for ILL records
20:29 andreashm  cait: they seem to have something called OCLC Connextion. Not an open protocol so not so interesting.
20:29 cait       i think the interesting bits are the parts in koha for that
20:30 andreashm  ah.
20:30 cait       rangi: do you know how it works?
20:30 cait       how it sees there is a new record to import?
20:30 rangi      naw
20:30 rangi      no idea
20:30 rangi      i tend not to bother learning about proprietary stuff
20:31 cait       heh
20:31 rangi      unless someone pays me to
20:31 cait       i thought srdjan wrote it :)
20:31 rangi      not me
20:31 cait       ok
20:31 cait       i am not interested in the proprietary bits so much
20:31 cait       but the idea to have a script that somehow sees there is a new record to import... that's interesting
20:33 rangi      im pretty sure its a bywater thing
20:34 rangi      and you do it from oclc
20:34 rangi      ie koha doesnt find out
20:34 rangi      you do something in connexion, and it uses the svc/import_bib to push the biblio into koh
20:34 cait       yeah.. but i thik you could build something similar
20:34 rangi      a
20:34 cait       a similar service
20:35 andreashm  sounds better to have a metadata harvetser/webhook kind of thing.
20:35 bag        doesn’t marcedit use the same service?
20:35 cait       it listens... to something... not sure what
20:35 rangi      yes
20:35 rangi      nothing is listening tho, its pushing, not pulling
20:35 cait       andreashm: koha can't harvest currently
20:35 andreashm  cait: I know.
20:35 andreashm  But that could be worked on, if it is deemed a viable approach.
20:36 cait       true
20:36 rangi      acttually if you look in misc/bin/connexion_import_daemon.pl
20:36 andreashm  bug 10662 for instance
20:36 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P1 - high, ---, dcook, ASSIGNED , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
20:37 rangi      its incredibly specific to oclc, but could work for others i guess .. its still not pull tho, still push from oclc
20:37 cait       hm yeah
20:37 cait       whatever you do... you need the harvesting bi
20:37 cait       b
20:37 cait       bit
20:37 andreashm  pubsubhubbub sounds (except for the name) like a better solution. I'm usure of how much it's used/developed though. (just like ResourceSync)
20:38 cait       need to build something that gets you the records and then... push it to the rest api
20:38 cait       bug 7613 btw
20:38 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7613 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, druthb, CLOSED FIXED, OCLC Connexion Gateway, including extension svc/import_bib
20:44 andreashm  on a completely different topic, what is the point of biblioitems really? why not just have biblios and item?
20:44 wizzyrea   it's a vestige of early Koha
20:45 rangi      when storing MARC natively was added, it was done in a way that broke the normalisation of data
20:45 rangi      you'll notice isbn, edition, volume etc is at biblioitem level
20:46 rangi      in koha up until 2.0.0
20:46 rangi      you could have one biblio, many biblioitems, and many items
20:46 rangi      so you could do things that you still cant properly do now
20:46 rangi      like place a hold on all large print versions of a book, but not the paperbacks etc
20:47 rangi      by placing the hold at the biblioitem level
20:47 rangi      now its 1-1-many
20:47 * cait     is not sure that would have passed qa today ;)
20:47 andreashm  so historically there was a reason for it, but not so much now?
20:48 cait       breaking that
20:48 rangi      now its because removing it would gain pretty much nothing for end users
20:48 rangi      but probably break a zillion things
20:48 rangi      it'd be a good project for someone who had the time to do it properly
20:50 cait       Joubu++ for fixing a bug i reported in 2010
20:50 rangi      code refactoring is good in theory, in practice .. it goes horribly wrong more times than not, because people rush it
20:50 cait       small steps is key
20:51 rangi      Joubu++
20:54 andreashm  we where looking at "Koha to Marc mapping" today, trying to figure out why stuff is done the way it is. this explains a lot, thanks.
20:56 rangi      andreashm: from about 2001 http://photos.bigballofwax.co.nz/gallery3/index.php/kohaphotos/moving-items
20:58 cait       i love the colors
20:58 nengard    wow
20:58 cait       kyle showed me a screenshot of the first tabs in koha
20:59 cait       was quite colorful too
20:59 wnickc     doesn't the separation of biblioitems/biblio sort of leave the door open for FRBR?  or would that be a different approach
20:59 rangi      http://photos.bigballofwax.co.nz/gallery3/index.php/kohaphotos/reserve
20:59 rangi      thes colours were better
20:59 rangi      thats what biblioitems allowed you to do
21:00 indradg    hi
21:00 wahanui    kia ora, indradg
21:01 rangi      wnickc: it was frbr, before we knew what frbr was :)
21:01 rangi      cait: first tabs?
21:02 andreashm  rangi: haha, cool to see.
21:02 indradg    peeps, I know what to do when I wish to do multi-tenanted hosting on a stable version of Koha - separate koha-create calls along with dns entries to map the vhosts, and accordingly updated in respective koha-httpd.conf
21:02 cait       rangi: not sure it were the very first
21:02 indradg    but what is the best approach to take when working with git
21:02 cait       was a reserve screen too i think
21:03 rangi      indradg: this is for dev only eh? cos you arent crazy enough to do prodcution with git? :)
21:03 indradg    rangi: dev only
21:03 rangi      id still use the koha-create
21:03 rangi      and then use koha-gitify
21:04 rangi      they could all share a git clone, or they could all have separate ones, up to you
21:04 indradg    basically separate clients who would like to see what is happening on their money... until
21:04 indradg    it is production ready
21:04 indradg    ok! i got it!
21:05 indradg    thanks rangi :)
21:05 rangi      no worries
21:09 wnickc     rangi: can we get it back? assuming it would be neither free nor easy, but would it be acceptable?
21:10 rangi      i think we would do it in a different way now, and would be coordinated with the intergration of sane^H^H^H^H non-marc data also
21:10 rangi      (and the rdf/semantic stuff)
21:12 rangi      but definitely, if we want people to keep using libraries
21:12 rangi      we have to to get something like frbr
21:12 wnickc     I think we do want patrons
21:12 rangi      i dont use my local library
21:12 rangi      because i cant find a damn thing with their catalogue
21:12 wnickc     thwey don't use koha?
21:12 rangi      nope
21:13 wnickc     :(
21:13 rangi      but yeah, when i want a copy of two towers
21:13 rangi      i dont really care if its hardback or paperback or the reprint with a foreward
21:13 rangi      i dont want to have to place 3 different holds
21:13 rangi      and then cancel 2 when one comes in etc
21:14 wnickc     yes, though I prefer that problem to the people who won't take the paperback
21:15 wnickc     frbr would make things os much more pleasant
21:15 wnickc     though everything makes new problems too
21:15 andreashm  rangi: academic libraries would se that a liiitle bit differently. =)
21:16 cait       heh yeah
21:16 wnickc     ideally it would allow for both though
21:16 andreashm  wnickc: absolutely.
21:16 rangi      yeah, i could just choose the one i want
21:16 rangi      too
21:16 rangi      (if you saw the screen shot)
21:17 rangi      at the moment, kinda can half do either .. not well
21:17 rangi      (still better than a lot of other ILS but thats a pretty incredibly low bar)
21:18 wnickc     hah
21:18 rangi      i think the lowest UX rating a site could get is "It's more usable than most OPACs" next one up is "It doesn't actively punch me in the face when i try to use it"
21:18 andreashm  haha
21:22 eythian    hi
21:22 wahanui    what's up, eythian
21:23 rangi      https://www.catalyst.net.nz/show-and-tell/blog/importance-upstreaming
21:23 wnickc     did I break somethign?  My VM dies when I do a search in OPAC if logged in "No branchcode in Reserves.pm"
21:23 cait       hm
21:24 cait       did you change a pref setting maybe?
21:24 cait       last i saw that is ages ago... was a bug in singlebranchmode
21:25 wnickc     i have changed many preferences :)
21:25 cait       probably something else now
21:28 eythian    your VM actually dies?
21:28 eythian    because that ain't likely to be a koha problem
21:28 wnickc     no, sorry, just won't perform a search
21:33 * cait     should probably stay away from patches tonight
21:33 * cait     breaks all the things
21:34 eythian    http://media.giphy.com/media/PlQFFxwdG7Icw/giphy.gif <-- this is cait
21:34 cait       :P
21:34 wizzyrea   haha
21:34 cait       that's not very flattering :)
21:35 eythian    hey, it was you saying that you break all the things!
21:35 wizzyrea   this is cait *now* http://i.imgur.com/GoWMbeP.gif
21:35 eythian    I was just providing visual aids!
21:37 cait       heh
21:37 cait       wizzyrea++
21:37 wizzyrea   yay I got karma!
21:38 cait       i don't think you need me for that
21:40 * cait     glares a little at eythian
21:40 eythian    eythian±±
21:40 cait       big yellow bird??
21:40 eythian    you ... don't know bigbird?
21:40 eythian    what happened to your childhood?
21:40 cait       lol
21:40 bag        bigbird?
21:40 wnickc     hrm...all good if I checkout 3.18.x
21:41 cait       hm
21:41 eythian    You never watched Sesamstrasse?
21:41 cait       wnickc: what are the steps that lead to the error?
21:41 wizzyrea   big bird is from S... that.
21:41 cait       eythian: um... not really
21:41 wnickc     log in to opac
21:41 wnickc     search
21:41 tcohen     hi
21:41 cait       hi tcohen
21:42 wnickc     I am logging in with superlibrarian
21:42 cait       hmmm works ok for me
21:42 cait       logged in, searched, detail view
21:42 wnickc     yeah, it's me
21:43 eythian    wnickc: super librarian, or database user?
21:43 wnickc     superlibrarian
21:43 wahanui    superlibrarian is probably one of the permissions
21:43 eythian    (though, searching should work anyway)
21:43 cait       hm maybe your logs have something useful?
21:43 wnickc     Yeah no homebranch at ...Reserves.pm
21:44 cait       placed a hold now too
21:44 cait       all good
21:44 cait       wnickc: what's the full error? on which page does it appear?
21:45 wnickc     one sec, patrons
21:47 * cait     passes a patch and wonders what she missed
21:47 cait       qa really makes you a bit paranoid i guess
21:47 wizzyrea   http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/dimi.gif
21:48 cait       lol
21:48 cait       so i am abird. i get it .
21:48 cait       :)
21:48 wizzyrea   lol
21:49 wnickc     No homebranch at /home/nick/kohaclone/C4/Reserves.pm line 2157.
21:49 wnickc     @
21:49 huginn     wnickc: I suck
21:49 p_vdk      Goodbye Koha
21:50 cait       hmmmm weird
21:50 wizzyrea   are you logging in as the database user?
21:50 cait       would that bring up more than one result?
21:50 wizzyrea   or a regular user with superlibrarian permissions?
21:50 wizzyrea   what is your username
21:51 wizzyrea   cait: no it just happens that 1. birds are adorable and 2. they happen to do funny things that seem appropriate to your expressed feelings ^.^
21:51 cait       :)
21:51 wnickc     both regular and superlibrarian
21:51 wizzyrea   does the user have a branch assigned?
21:51 wizzyrea   do you have branches defined?
21:51 wnickc     search for 'a' returns all results, but can't make any other searches work
21:51 cait       but htat works?
21:52 wnickc     branches, everything, staff clinet all fine
21:52 wizzyrea   what happens with a clean db?
21:52 cait       aaah
21:52 cait       i got it too
21:52 cait       it happens when it would redirect to  a single result i think
21:52 cait       yep
21:52 cait       hm or not
21:53 cait       but i def see it suddenly now too
21:53 wnickc     hmm..I get it for searches that would have multiples
21:53 wizzyrea   does the result have reserves?
21:53 wizzyrea   or one of the potential results?
21:53 cait       really weird, i was testing tha tags patches earlier and did searches
21:53 cait       and now it's just not working
21:53 cait       wnickc: think you are right... i don't really see a pattern yet
21:54 * dcook    waves
21:54 cait       opac-search.pl: No homebranch at /home/katrin/kohaclone/C4/Reserves.pm line 2157., referer: http://localhost/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=4
21:55 wnickc     glad I am not alone, but sad I am not alone too
21:55 rangi      what branch master?
21:55 tcohen     rangi!
21:55 rangi      hey tcohen
21:55 tcohen     how are you doing!
21:55 eythian    It ought to be that if you turn on debug, it loads that module that makes all errors give a stacktrace.
21:55 rangi      not too bad, just have to take beta blockers, and advised i should cut back caffeine
21:56 eythian    he's replacing it with coffee stouts
21:56 rangi      heh
21:56 cait       master
21:56 cait       thought i'd try a bisect
21:56 cait       but stuck after git bisect start
21:56 rangi      could you quickly try 3.18.x to make sure its ok there?
21:56 cait       thought it was git bisect good... but
21:57 rangi      start
21:57 cait       i think wnickc said it was ok
21:57 rangi      then either bad
21:57 rangi      or good
21:57 tcohen     :d
21:57 rangi      then checkout a new one
21:57 wizzyrea   right I get it too
21:57 cait       hm nope
21:57 rangi      and do good or bad (depening on what you did first time)
21:57 wizzyrea   it's when one of the potential results has a reserve
21:57 wnickc     yeah, master problem, no problem in 3.18.x
21:57 cait       rangi: i am on a good branch - master -30 commits
21:58 cait       on it
21:59 cait       *sigh*
21:59 cait        5786
21:59 cait       but def not in 3.18.x then
21:59 cait       1802aa91530a4e8716da4a6b956ca6e0cee7d471
22:00 tcohen     what is it that got broken with 5786?
22:00 cait       search in opac :(
22:00 cait       you get a perl error message
22:00 wizzyrea   search in opac when a potential result has a reserve on it.
22:00 cait       might be a side effect from another change
22:00 wizzyrea   maybe the rules need re-saving
22:00 wizzyrea   ?
22:00 wizzyrea   or updating somehow
22:01 cait       i just added rules
22:01 cait       only have one
22:01 cait       it's alright
22:01 wizzyrea   well when I try to edit/save a rule on master
22:01 wizzyrea   I get
22:01 wizzyrea   DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Unknown column 'me.maxsuspensiondays' in 'field list' at /home/liz/koha-src/koha/admin/smart-rules.pl line 161
22:01 cait       huh
22:01 cait       i don't see that
22:02 * tcohen   didn't see that either, been trying to debug something on master regarding circ rules today
22:02 wizzyrea   must be my db
22:02 wizzyrea   didn't get updated properly or something
22:02 cait       i think i might have something
22:03 cait       wnickc: do you have a branch specific rule or only a general one in your circ rules?
22:03 wnickc     LET ME SEE
22:03 wnickc     oops
22:04 wnickc     cait:At least one branch specific
22:04 cait       hm yeha that wasn't it
22:06 cait       sub OPACItemHoldsAllowed
22:06 cait       my $branchcode = $item->{homebranch} or die "No homebranch";
22:07 wnickc     yeah, made me wonder if I had bad data, but not that I see
22:07 rangi      thats pretty agressive
22:07 rangi      dying
22:08 rangi      wnickc: can you do select * from items where homebranch is null or homebranch = ''
22:08 cait       it's called twice from opac-search
22:08 wnickc     was blank
22:08 cait       rangi: i checked, all my items have homebranches :(
22:09 wnickc     tried with homebranch not in branches as well
22:09 rangi      so it must be the routine that is populating $item then
22:09 rangi      not the db
22:09 cait       does it look in the db or the index?
22:09 rangi      how does $item get made
22:10 cait       ok, reindexing doesn't help it
22:12 cait       i thinmk maybe the problem is around line 600? http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=opac/opac-search.pl;h=cdf0fbb4771457f342e245e1d957d09c07fb62da;hb=1410422ab65a7049411edab96d4ae0de454466ef#l600
22:13 cait       not usre... $_?
22:16 wnickc     yeah, I was looking there, but too perly for me to parse
22:16 rangi      its lazy perl
22:16 rangi      type more characters, make everyones life easier
22:17 cait       but what is it here?
22:17 cait       ah
22:18 cait       and ... the foreach at the end?
22:18 cait       so an entry of the @newresults list?
22:18 rangi      yes
22:18 rangi      its just being lazy
22:18 eythian    Am I missing a 3.16 release, or hasn't it happened?
22:18 cait       i was looking for the loop futher up
22:18 wizzyrea   3.16.14 I think just came out?
22:18 rangi      foreach my $item (@group_results){
22:18 cait       yeah, didn't expect it at the end!
22:18 rangi      exactly
22:19 rangi      saved about 10 chars
22:19 rangi      made it much harder to understand
22:19 cait       made me take 2 minutes more :)
22:19 cait       it seems.... wrong
22:19 rangi      so its searchResults
22:19 cait       wich is a record with items i giess?
22:19 cait       not an item?
22:20 rangi      handing back items that dont have a homebranch
22:20 rangi      add a warn Dumper $_;
22:20 rangi      have a look what they actually are
22:21 cait       use Data::Dumper; first right?
22:21 rangi      yup
22:21 eythian    wizzyrea: that's 3.14.14
22:21 wizzyrea   ah
22:22 wizzyrea   then no.
22:22 cait       i am really struggling with that loop thing
22:23 cait       can i even add it in the right spot with that way of writin git?
22:23 cait       i want to add the warn inside the loop right?
22:23 rangi      not easily, id probably fix the loop while i was there
22:24 cait       yeah guessed that much
22:24 rangi      otherwise next time we will have to go through confusion again
22:24 rangi      it's not like it makes the code run any faster
22:25 cait       well can tell you what it's not
22:25 cait       an item.
22:25 wahanui    an item is, like, supposed to be overdued over two days already
22:25 rangi      yeah
22:25 rangi      i suspected as much
22:25 cait       it looks like the search result HTML
22:25 cait       so what comes back from the xslt
22:25 rangi      so will have to trace back where that code came in, and why and fix it
22:25 rangi      yeah
22:25 cait       it was added by srdjan's patch
22:25 cait       i checked that
22:25 cait       but no idea what he was trying to do there
22:26 rangi      which patch?
22:26 wahanui    i heard which patch was that?
22:26 cait       1802aa91530a4e8716da4a6b956ca6e0cee7d471
22:26 cait       allowonshelfholds
22:26 wahanui    i heard allowonshelfholds was off
22:27 cait        5786
22:27 rangi      try turning xslt off
22:28 rangi      maybe it works then
22:28 wnickc     ah, xml records it looks like
22:29 wnickc     and maybe it dislikes records without items
22:30 wizzyrea   it dislikes results with reserves on them.
22:30 wnickc     i took out all my reserves
22:31 rangi      its checking all of them
22:31 mtj        hey eythian, im gonna try for a 3.16 release today
22:31 cait       it's just looking for something that doesn't exist
22:31 rangi      whether they have reserves or not
22:31 eythian    mtj: cool
22:31 cait       a ssoon as the if is triggered... boom
22:31 rangi      it checks every search result, to see if it is allowed a hold
22:31 eythian    mtj: if it's not too late today, let me know when it's in git and I can build packages before the notice goes out.
22:32 cait       non-xslt migth be the answer
22:32 cait       at least that looks like a hash
22:32 rangi      yeah
22:32 wizzyrea   it only died for me once one of the results had a reserve on it. *shrug*
22:32 cait       but it's not an item list - no homebranch
22:32 rangi      OPACItemHoldsAllowed($_, $borrower)
22:32 cait       doesn't work for either
22:33 rangi      and then later it goes $_->{homebranch}  || die
22:34 dcook      cait: I think you might have commented on the wrong bug?
22:34 cait       oh
22:34 cait       which one?
22:34 wahanui    which one is, like, that? The fixed navbar
22:34 dcook      I think you did bug 3144 but meant 4274?
22:34 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3144 normal, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Pushed to Stable , anti-spam for opac-suggestions
22:36 cait       ok, fixed the comment
22:36 wnickc     yeah, seems to work okay if all records have items
22:36 wnickc     but all records don't have to have items
22:36 cait       rangi: i have no idea how to fix, apart from throwing ut that code
22:37 rangi      rewrite it in opac-search.pl
22:37 cait       it can't work... but the feature works... can we just kill it?
22:37 rangi      to check if it actually has items
22:37 rangi      if it does, then check if they are holdable .. else well of course they arent .. they dont exist :)
22:38 rangi      ie, only call OPACItemHoldsAllowed
22:38 rangi      if you actually have an item
22:38 cait       hm what if i have multiple?
22:38 cait       the structure won't work
22:38 cait       and i get HTML back
22:38 rangi      id probably revert and get it rewritten to work properly
22:38 cait       i'd need to actually get the items for the itemnumber first... and then it's not a single value
22:38 cait       *sigh*
22:39 cait       i will start leaving a note on the bug i guess
22:39 wnickc     sorry I derailed everyone
22:39 cait       as i said... i don't think it's needed
22:39 rangi      im not going to guess about that, currently it breaks the opac
22:39 rangi      so needs to not be there, until it doesnt
22:40 cait       hm?
22:40 wizzyrea   I think that amounts to "kill it with fire"
22:40 rangi      im not a fan of the lets leave it and try and fix it
22:40 rangi      im more a fan of get it out until its actually fixed
22:41 rangi      but not my call
22:44 wnickc     goodnight all!  I caused enought trouble for one day :)
22:44 rangi      hehe naw its all good
22:44 wizzyrea   better to find it now.
22:45 rangi      i guess could leave it for another little while, and try to fix it before may
22:45 cait       wnickc: now you are the yellow bird ;)
22:45 wizzyrea   big bird.
22:45 wahanui    big bird is from S... that.
22:45 wnickc     lolz
22:45 cait       fix it fast.. but maybe we are lucky and the dev is around
22:45 cait       *keeps fingers crossed*
22:45 wnickc     I am going to tell that to my toddler
22:45 wnickc     he will enjoy
22:46 wnickc     bye
22:46 wizzyrea   http://media.giphy.com/media/PlQFFxwdG7Icw/giphy.gif < this
22:46 eythian    no wahanui, big bird is from sesamstraße
22:46 wahanui    okay, eythian.
22:46 dcook      hehe
22:46 eythian    (actually, different countries have different characters, so it's quite possible that's a lie)
22:46 dcook      O_O
22:46 dcook      Really?
22:46 eythian    I know
22:47 * dcook    didn't really watch it much as a kid
22:47 wizzyrea   breaking things is http://media.giphy.com/media/PlQFFxwdG7Icw/giphy.gif
22:47 wizzyrea   breaking things?
22:47 wahanui    rumour has it breaking things is http://media.giphy.com/media/PlQFFxwdG7Icw/giphy.gif
22:47 dcook      Although I always liked Oscar the Grouch.
22:47 wizzyrea   no wahanui, breaking things is <reply> http://media.giphy.com/media/PlQFFxwdG7Icw/giphy.gif
22:47 wahanui    okay, wizzyrea.
22:47 cait       forget big bird
22:47 wahanui    cait: I forgot big bird
22:47 eythian    cait: ...!
22:47 cait       wahanui: big bird is from Sesamstraße
22:47 wahanui    OK, cait.
22:47 dcook      There's actually an Oscar the Grouch "ride" at a nearby shopping centre. It's a bit weird... I don't know what kid would want to pay money to ride a moving trash can...
22:48 cait       at least use valid characters!
22:48 eythian    except for the S, I thought I did
22:49 cait       it showed as a question mark for me
22:50 eythian    oh, probably IRC encoding issues
22:50 eythian    the "standard" IRC coding is a latin1/unicode mishmash
22:50 eythian    whereas it should be UTF-8 by now.
22:51 * dcook    definitely saw the ß
22:51 cait       eythian: i know how to take revenge for the big bird... i could test your ES opac again... :)
22:52 eythian    well, I haven't updated it for a while, so you won't learn anything new :)
22:53 eythian    I should do that soon though, but I probably won't get a chance today.
22:54 cait       wizzyrea: it looks to me like it's always broken as soon as you are logged in
22:54 cait       because of if ($borrower) it's wrapped in
22:54 wizzyrea   yeah i'm sure you're right
22:54 * cait     stops staring at it now
23:11 cait       will try to stop feeling guilty and go to bed - night all
23:41 mtj        peeps, could i get another jenkins node added to kc.org?
23:43 mtj        could i add my slave to kc.org
23:44 mtj        alos, not urgent.. ^
23:44 mtj        also
23:47 tcohen     @later tell cait have a good night, and don't worry, we always fix bugs :-D
23:47 huginn     tcohen: The operation succeeded.