Time  Nick         Message
22:36 cait         np :)
22:36 aleisha      yep was good thanks cait!
22:34 cait         hope it works
22:34 cait         :)
22:30 rangi        cait: yep back it's aleisha who would like to know :)
22:29 * dcook      hasn't had breakfast yet..
22:29 dcook        Like they're dancing!
22:29 dcook        It does make your hands look kind of cool on the keyboard though
22:29 dcook        I suppose + is not so great either..
22:28 dcook        Like tilde and backtick... those aren't that comfortable
22:28 dcook        Some of the special character used to trip me up when speed typing...
22:28 dcook        Hmm, I think alphanumeric stuff is usually all right
22:27 wizzyrea     shift + x, i'm contending, is a hard key combo to type.
22:27 cait         ok, now oyu lost me
22:26 dcook        I was just thinking that
22:26 wizzyrea     of course, that implies the privilege of qwerty keyboarding.
22:25 wizzyrea     *snerk*
22:25 dcook        "Breaking news". Hehe. It's funny on multiple levels...
22:25 * wizzyrea   declares herself world champion
22:25 wizzyrea     but mine is "because lazy" so I think I win.
22:25 wizzyrea     your reason is good too.
22:24 wizzyrea     besides that you have to hit shift to reach a key combination that is on weak fingers on the non-dominant hand of most of the population?
22:24 cait         X looks like roman 10 to me :)
22:24 eythian      in mathematics, the standard variable is x, not X.
22:24 wizzyrea     do you have a more considered reason for preferring .x to .X
22:23 eythian      heh
22:23 eythian      oh
22:23 eythian      .x?
22:23 eythian      (mostly because talking would be easier then)
22:23 wizzyrea     come on, we are virtuous lazy people here
22:23 wizzyrea     ffs, if you .x then you don't have to hit shift.
22:23 eythian      get rid of gendered nouns, then we can talk!
22:22 eythian      hey, whose language is this!
22:20 cait         betterer? :)
22:19 cait         just checking
22:19 cait         um.
22:16 eythian      does it look like it isn't?
22:16 cait         is that an agreement?
22:16 eythian      that's more betterer still
22:16 cait         3.2+
22:15 cait         eythian: i agree - but we are trying something new
22:14 eythian      http://i.imgur.com/Nnswh8i.jpg <-- breaking news!
22:12 * dcook      goes back into the shadows  :p
22:12 dcook        3.x does seem better than 3.X
22:03 eythian      there, now I still have an excuse.
22:03 eythian      <pedant>
22:03 eythian      no wait
22:02 eythian      </pedant>
22:02 eythian      It seems more correct.
22:02 eythian      hmm, I prefer 3.x to 3.X when used as a wildcard.
21:55 cait         7143
21:55 eythian      cait: why do you need to know that, anyway?
21:55 eythian      he's in a meeting
21:54 cait         thx!
21:54 cait         rangi: are you still around?
21:54 eythian      cait: 3.2
21:54 cait         thx :)
21:54 eythian      just finding out
21:54 cait         which koha version is that?
21:53 eythian      Mon Jul 19 17:41:05 2010 +1200
21:53 eythian      roughly since commit a1011ad I think
21:52 cait         a while won't work here
21:52 eythian      a while
21:52 eythian      umm
21:52 wahanui      which version is, like, recommended
21:52 cait         which version?
21:52 cait         eythian: how long have you been packaging manager?
21:52 eythian      a bit cooler here right now, too
21:52 huginn       eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (10:30 AM NZDT on January 21, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
21:52 eythian      @wunder nzwn
21:48 cait         and it was cold today
21:48 cait         back home
21:47 eythian      how's the travels, cait
21:47 * cait       waves back
21:35 * wizzyrea   waves hello
21:25 eythian      hi
20:58 cait         [off] z3950n.bsz-bw.de:20210 utf-8 marc21 database: swb104
20:57 cait         one sec
20:57 cait         hm yes
20:56 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11961 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, simith.doliveira, Needs Signoff , Add a "Z39.50 search" button to the authority creation and modfication forms.
20:56 rangi        we could use to test bug 11961 ?
20:56 rangi        anyone know any authority search targets?
20:56 rangi        morning
19:32 cait         i left a comment and failed it - hope you agree :)
19:32 oleonard     Yeah adding it back would not be good.
19:28 cait         it seems the patch adds it back, Joubu left a comment
19:27 cait         you can almost count on me getting th efirst bug number wrong always :)
19:27 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13364 enhancement, P3, ---, simith.doliveira, Signed Off , Add a call number browser in item edition page
19:27 cait         bug 13364
19:27 cait         h sorry... not that one
19:26 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13301 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Call number link in search results is broken
19:26 cait         bug 13301
19:26 oleonard     Yes
19:25 cait         oleonard: tablesorter plugin - did we get rid of that?
19:05 druthb       cait!
18:55 cait         hi tcohen
18:52 cait         probably the same thing happening all the time i guess
18:51 cait         oleonard: down again?
18:49 wahanui      http://dashboard.koha-community.org/ are the better stats to optimise
18:49 oleonard     And http://dashboard.koha-community.org/
18:30 aleino       http://es.koha-community.org/manual/master/en/manual.pdf is still down :(
17:26 gaetan_B     bye
16:12 Guest2604    Cheers everyone
16:12 Guest2604    But if linode is that cheap, I may look into it for something of my own (thanks again).
16:06 Guest2604    Not a bad idea, though there are other decisions already in play. We'll be installing the server in a rack with other devices already running etc.
16:05 druthb       Also, scalable. You could get a bottom-end machine for 20 bucks a month, upgrade on the fly as needed.
16:05 druthb       You could also, if your IT policy allows, use a VPS service, like Linode. I use them for my personal space, and dev work I've done in the past on Koha.  Cheap-cheap, and they are uber-reliable.
16:04 Guest2604    I think we'll have about 1 Tb of storage, plus backup
16:04 druthb       Sure thing. :)
16:04 reiveune     bye
16:04 Guest2604    Thanks druthb
15:59 druthb       you've got a ton of room for compromise, if the budgeters spaz out—quad core, less RAM (down to 8 GB or so)…  As a special library, your big need isn't gonna be high traffic, but lots of storage space.
15:58 druthb       rambutan++
15:58 Guest2604    Great
15:58 saa          is it possible to get barocde in this way
15:57 rambutan     If the budget people are ok with that stand fast.
15:57 Guest2604    Thank you
15:57 Guest2604    haha
15:57 druthb       You *could* dial back—but no one's twisting your arm.
15:57 saa          i want to have barcode numbers as text and number in the order we want for eg NDAA1
15:57 Guest2604    Ok, so we should dial back some perhaps?
15:57 druthb       That's pretty powerful—you could run a pretty darn big library with that.
15:56 rambutan     Hey, I want a couple of those!
15:55 Guest2604    My tech people are asking me about RAM and processing specs for our new linux server. We are a special library in DC. What do you think about 32Gb RAM and Xenon E5 CPU, 8 cores. Somewhere in the 2.4-2.8 GHz range processing?
15:52 Guest2604    I have a question though
15:50 Guest2604    Yep
15:50 Guest2604    IDENTIFY JesseL
15:50 JesseM       :)
15:50 JesseM       Too many Jesse's
15:50 Guest2604    IDENTIFY Jesse
14:24 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13196 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , "Always show checkouts immediately" cookie should persist across sessions
14:24 jenkins_koha Owen Leonard: Bug 13196 - "Always show checkouts immediately" cookie should persist across sessions
14:24 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.16.x_U14 build #55: NOW UNSTABLE in 28 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_3.16.x_U14/55/
13:56 magnuse      cool
13:56 oleonard     A day honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
13:55 magnuse      oleonard: what was the occasion?
13:55 jenkins_koha Starting build #55 for job Koha_3.16.x_U14 (previous build: STILL FAILING)
13:39 oleonard     It was a busy Bugzilla weekend (which was a long one for most of us Americans)
13:08 * magnuse    has seen the sun today, though
13:08 huginn       magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -3.0°C (1:50 PM CET on January 20, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: -12.0°C. Windchill: -11.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Rising).
13:08 magnuse      @wunder boo
12:59 huginn       oleonard: The current temperature in Whitlind Woods, Athens, Ohio is -0.8°C (7:59 AM EST on January 20, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
12:59 oleonard     @wunder 45701
12:59 kivilahtio   ho oleonard
12:52 oleonard     Hi #koha
12:04 kivilahtio   https://renki.vaarakirjastot.fi/cgi-bin/koha/opac/ilsdi.pl
12:04 liw          kivilahtio, I have not heard this
12:03 kivilahtio   its freaking awesome.
12:03 kivilahtio   Did I say how proud I am that Koha has ILS-DI support?
12:03 kivilahtio   Did I tell how cool the ILS-DI is?
11:38 huginn       Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:38 Joubu        @later tell rangi dashboard is down again :-/
11:38 Joubu        dashboard is down again
10:38 huginn       gaetan_B: The operation succeeded.
10:38 gaetan_B     @later tell tcohen have you seen Bernardo recently? he hasn't showed up in a while it seems.
10:37 gaetan_B     yep i'll ask tcohen
10:23 magnuse      tcohen will probably know, when he wakes up
10:09 gaetan_B     (i emailed him to create a pootle account but got no answer)
10:09 gaetan_B     anyone heard from him?
10:08 gaetan_B     seems to be no...
10:08 huginn       gaetan_B: bgkriegel was last seen in #koha 7 weeks, 3 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <bgkriegel> tcohen++
10:08 gaetan_B     @seen bgkriegel
10:08 gaetan_B     !seen bgkriegel
10:08 gaetan_B     have we seen Bernardo recently?
09:01 huginn       Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:01 Joubu        @later tell ashimema Does the status for bug 13596 should be NSO?
08:57 Joubu        ashimema: aound?
08:57 Joubu        yop
08:39 wahanui      niihau, gaetan_B
08:39 gaetan_B     hello
08:02 fridolin     hie all
07:58 wahanui      hola, alex_a
07:58 alex_a       bonjour
07:41 wahanui      bidet, reiveune
07:41 reiveune     hello
06:17 huginn       magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo Vi, Norway is -2.0°C (7:00 AM CET on January 20, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: -12.0°C. Pressure: 30.19 in 1022 hPa (Falling).
06:17 magnuse      @wunder boo
06:16 * magnuse    waves
05:50 mtj          rangi: abouty for a BZ Q?
04:49 cait         bye
04:39 eythian      fair enough
04:39 eythian      heh
04:38 cait         the day will show it
04:38 cait         hard to tell :)
04:38 cait         hmm
04:37 eythian      anywhere interesting?
04:36 cait         yeah travelling again
04:36 eythian      you're awake early
04:36 eythian      hi cait
04:32 cait         hmcould be worse i guess
04:32 huginn       cait: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 0.8°C (5:32 AM CET on January 20, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 99%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
04:32 cait         @wunder Konstanz
04:32 cait         hi #koha
03:43 dcook        ta
03:43 dcook        Got2go though!
03:43 dcook        Probably
03:14 wizzyrea     they never grew up?
03:13 dcook        So what's the excuse for adults? :p
03:13 dcook        hehe
03:12 wizzyrea     (yes, even mine.)
03:11 wizzyrea     kids have underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes = kids are dicks.
03:11 dcook        Especially in regards to private vs public school kids..
03:10 dcook        Mind you, that might be parents' perceptions of cool...
03:10 wizzyrea     it would have been nice for the beach, except for the sandblasting.
03:10 dcook        ibeardslee: I think that starts at birth :p
03:10 wizzyrea     not unusually windy, but still windy.
03:10 dcook        One of the cats almost lost his cool... panting something fierce. Poor guy.
03:10 wizzyrea     it was SO windy.
03:10 dcook        Very warm all weekend here too :(
03:09 eythian      it was warm all weekend here, but very windy which meant I couldn't go biking like I intended.
03:09 dcook        Grrr... I wish the rainy clouds had stayed...
03:09 * dcook      looks outside
03:09 dcook        I hope that's not right..
03:09 huginn       dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 25.0°C (2:00 PM AEDT on January 20, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
03:09 dcook        @wunder syd
03:08 wizzyrea     but yeah, that starts sooner than any of us would like.
03:08 wizzyrea     well temperature wise.
03:08 ibeardslee   is that something he really needs to worry about at his age - being 'cool'?
03:07 wizzyrea     I hope it was cool.
03:07 * wizzyrea   tries to recall what she sent the sprog to holiday program wearing
03:07 wizzyrea     that is very warm.
02:38 huginn       eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 23.0°C (3:30 PM NZDT on January 20, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
02:38 eythian      @wunder nzwn
02:32 eythian      but that's not necessary
02:32 eythian      in the example code, they always use the handle that is returned
02:32 cjh_         I was just reading through the docs for it trying to work out if it would work
02:32 eythian      the example code implied that it wouldn't work how I wanted it to.
02:31 eythian      but Test::MockModule just works
02:31 eythian      I don't quite understand it
02:31 eythian      oh
02:30 eythian      it doesn't make sense for it to be impossible, otherwise you could never mock the dependencies of another module.
02:29 dcook        I think I've wanted to do that but figured it was unpossible
02:27 eythian      /kcik cjh_ no swearing, this is a family channel
02:27 cjh_         eythian: have a module with the same name earlier in the perl path ?
02:27 eythian      (i.e. I want to replace the C4::Auth that C4::Service loads with one of my own creation)
02:26 eythian      that gets loaded from somewhere else
02:26 eythian      how do I override a module
02:26 eythian      hmm
02:26 tcohen       night everyone
02:24 eythian      I'd wanted to include that in the tests
02:24 * eythian    mocks C4::Auth
02:24 eythian      screw it
02:24 dcook        :S
02:23 eythian      (error includes authentication)(
02:22 eythian      if there's an error, it just bails with exit
02:21 eythian      this is C4::Service
02:21 * tcohen     recalls Auth.pm contained such things
02:20 eythian      (I didn't write it, I just changed things.)
02:20 eythian      yes, but I don't have the time to fix it.
02:20 * tcohen     thinks it sounds like code that needs to be thought a bit more about
02:19 eythian      and means I can't readily work out the SQL that it'd be running in order to mock it.
02:18 eythian      which is bad
02:18 eythian      it uses 'exit'
02:18 eythian      or at least, hard to test
02:18 eythian      arg this code is untestable
02:07 jcamins      tcohen: that's it.
02:07 tcohen       oops
02:07 tcohen       zebra::meta::sysno
01:58 tcohen       the guys have used Test::DBIx or smth similar for DBIx::Class
01:58 eythian      tcohen: OK, I'll have a look. ta
01:57 tcohen       eythian: I recall doing some on Calendar.t
01:30 eythian      tcohen: is there a guide to mocking database calls for building tests anywhere?
00:54 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11096 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Master , Koha cannot retrieve big records from Zebra
00:54 dcook        bug 11096
00:54 dcook        Ah, 3.16
00:50 dcook        Ah, should've checked the times on the scrollback..
00:48 dcook        I want to say it was after 3.14.5?
00:47 dcook        I'm curious when the fix for oversize MARC records was added...
00:47 dcook        Mmm tcohen, can I ask you a quick question?