Time  Nick         Message
23:58 dcook        tcohen: Uh oh. She's lost her mind!
23:57 cait         huh?
23:55 dcook        Mmm maybe the former idea is better
23:55 dcook        Or... maybe cait just needs cybernetic enhancements?
23:55 tcohen       #koha needs a healthy QAM
23:54 tcohen       cait: those german strings can wait until tomorrow
23:54 dcook        I didn't get home from Interstellar until after 11 and I thought that was late..
23:54 dcook        Yikes... 12:54 am..
23:54 dcook        Hmm didn't think @time was a thing
23:54 huginn       dcook: I suck
23:54 dcook        @time yvr
23:54 huginn       dcook: I suck
23:54 dcook        @time
23:53 tcohen       cait: go to sleep
23:53 wahanui      i guess cait is regretting a bit that we didn't offer this as an option first... or on a test system for people to see
23:53 tcohen       cait?
23:53 wahanui      cait is from germany. Ask me about germany.
23:53 tcohen       cait?
23:53 wahanui      i guess cait is just silly on a train again
23:53 tcohen       cait?
23:53 tcohen       in my office, i'm the one with no team :'( i managed to get one
23:53 dcook        :)
23:53 wahanui      okay, dcook.
23:53 dcook        tcohen is also king of the lab
23:52 wahanui      well, tcohen is obsessed with automated testing :)
23:52 dcook        tcohen?
23:52 dcook        tcohen is king of the lab
23:52 tcohen       for DSpace I've got a software engineer volunteer from a team interested in repositories
23:52 dcook        And how we might be able to help in terms of the technology
23:52 dcook        So that I can give some suggestions on ways they can improve their services
23:52 dcook        Observing how librarians and medical staff interact
23:52 dcook        I'd love to spend time in some of our larger medical libraries
23:52 dcook        Actually, I really want to also do the reverse
23:51 tcohen       yeap
23:51 dcook        That would be handy in a university environment having those volunteers
23:51 dcook        I imagine!
23:51 tcohen       i cannot work alone anymore
23:51 tcohen       they are supposed to rotate, next year there will be new ones
23:50 dcook        hehe
23:50 cait         brainwashing volunteers... hmmm... :)
23:50 dcook        \o/
23:50 tcohen       part of the team :-D
23:50 tcohen       and also the will to participate on the lists..
23:50 dcook        What an excellent idea :)
23:50 dcook        tcohen++
23:50 cait         tcohen++
23:50 tcohen       with lots of knowledge
23:50 cait         :)
23:50 tcohen       they will come back to the libraries
23:50 dcook        That is really awesome :)
23:49 tcohen       solving libraries problems
23:49 dcook        Train the trainer as it were
23:49 tcohen       so it's been 4 month or so with 3-4 volunteers
23:49 dcook        I would love to interact more in-depth with the bigger libraries
23:49 dcook        Mmm, I like that idea!
23:49 tcohen       to have a super-training working with me
23:49 tcohen       (librarians)
23:49 tcohen       once a week
23:48 tcohen       volunteers
23:48 tcohen       oh, i proposed the bigger libraries to let me have a person from each
23:48 cait         :)
23:48 tcohen       they weren't pushing too much last month
23:47 dcook        Ahhh
23:47 tcohen       so...
23:47 dcook        :)
23:47 tcohen       I promised them 3.18 would shine for them
23:47 dcook        Wish I had an underling...
23:47 tcohen       yeap. same here
23:47 dcook        I think we have 62, and while not all of them get in touch regularly, they keep me busy :/
23:47 tcohen       46 instances in production, some are just small collections
23:47 tcohen       yeap
23:46 dcook        How many libraries do you have again? 40-something?
23:46 dcook        Mmm, right. I forgot about the bet!
23:46 tcohen       dcook: FTR the zebra facets, i did during my working hours + free time (it was a bet with jared)
23:46 dcook        I think it's a bug in SQL::Translator::* but haven't isolated it yet
23:46 dcook        Still looks like something weird happens if a person tries to drop a foreign key though :/
23:45 dcook        I think I've resolved almost all the major issues though
23:45 dcook        The DBIC stuff is... slightly disheartening
23:45 tcohen       YAY!
23:45 dcook        Have to do some BAU at the moment though :/
23:45 dcook        tcohen: Currently working on the OAI and DBIC stuff :)
23:45 tcohen       and pick one, and doo eet
23:45 dcook        lol
23:45 dcook        Ah, I thought you were talking about facets still
23:44 tcohen       Cecilia is the wife
23:44 * dcook      is lost
23:44 dcook        pick one from which list? who's cecilia?
23:44 tcohen       dcook: you should ask Cecilia
23:44 dcook        ?
23:44 tcohen       dcook: yes, and it'd be fair that you pick one of those from the list
23:44 * dcook      wonders where tcohen finds all the time
23:43 dcook        Is it totally in?
23:43 dcook        Yeah, I was thinking about that
23:43 cait         dcook: you can remove zebra native facets from the list now )
23:41 dcook        message_attributes vs message_transports? wth...
23:40 dcook        Stilll...
23:39 dcook        Jeez louise
23:39 dcook        Mmmm... it might help if I'm checking the right database
23:39 dcook        I am so lost about messaging preferences these days...
23:27 eythian      yeah, though I cheated and lazy-loaded things
23:26 tcohen       did u solve the dependencies problem you found last nigh?T
23:24 eythian      roughly, though it doesn't matter too much
23:24 tcohen       tell me what I need to prepare for you to build the packages
23:23 tcohen       eythian: we should sync for the release, right?
22:56 dcook        Ooo, I do care about Zebra indexing...
22:56 dcook        Hmm 6pm yesterday?
22:56 tcohen       could you add "remove GRS1 code"
22:55 huginn       dcook: liw was last seen in #koha 16 hours, 9 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <liw> hi, magnuse
22:55 dcook        @seen liw
22:55 dcook        ALL THE PLANS!
22:55 eythian      PLANS
22:55 dcook        Well, not really plans. Just interests...
22:55 dcook        tcohen: Already making plans for 3.20... http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/User:Dcook#Development%20interests
22:55 tcohen       and some pending bugs that are on the QA team queue
22:54 tcohen       missing the release notes
22:54 tcohen       it's almost done
22:54 dcook        Woot! That's soon :)
22:54 tcohen       great
22:54 eythian      I'll do that now then...
22:54 tcohen       during your saturday
22:54 eythian      I need to make a changelog patch to go into it
22:53 eythian      tcohen: when is the 3.18 release?
22:48 dcook        heya tcohen :)
22:48 tcohen       hi dcook
22:46 huginn       dcook: The operation succeeded.
22:46 dcook        @later tell ashimema I didn't know you liked kayaking! http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/User:MRenvoize
22:46 wahanui      hi, tcohen
22:46 tcohen       hi
22:40 dcook        Yay for logs
22:39 dcook        I wish I remembered all those projects I listed recently..
22:32 dcook        Hmm..
22:32 dcook        Maybe a wiki page I suppose
22:31 eythian      good point
22:31 eythian      ah yeah
22:30 dcook        Especially as we don't put it in the help pages anymore as it's irrelevant to users
22:30 dcook        Not sure how often those get splatted but I hate looking up that info
22:29 wahanui      okay, eythian.
22:29 eythian      no wahanui, hidden is http://paste.koha-community.org/295
22:28 wahanui      hidden is http://paste.koha-community.org/295
22:28 dcook        hidden?
22:28 wahanui      hidden is -6?
22:28 dcook        hidden?
22:28 wahanui      okay, dcook.
22:28 dcook        hidden is also http://paste.koha-community.org/295
22:28 wahanui      hmmm... hidden is -6?
22:28 dcook        hidden?
22:28 dcook        hidden is http://paste.koha-community.org/295
22:28 dcook        not sure how long this lasts but...
22:24 mtompset     mtj: clear after every one and only at the bottom would be nice. ;)
21:47 mtj          and scripting
21:47 mtj          would be handy for piping etc
21:46 mtj          (was the orig. way i wanted it to work) ^
21:46 mtj          ..i havent tested, but i assume it wont do that now
21:45 mtj          ie: give the command an arg, to just return the passwd
21:44 mtj          i'm planning to add another patch to it, so the 'press enter' stuff is optional
21:43 mtompset     hopefully I didn't collide your sign off for the second patch. :)
21:43 mtj          ta mtompset
21:30 mtompset     mtj, I attached a 3 patch on the bug. :)
21:29 mtj          lots of DIY examples on the net, but not much else :/
21:29 rangi        dicks
21:29 mtj          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MagSafe
21:28 mtj          'Apple exclusively owns US Patent No. 7311526 ("Magnetic connector for electronic device", issued in 2007) and does not license the MagSafe connector or the patent.'
21:28 mtj          yeah, i fully expect that
21:28 eythian      they're probably not allowed to have them
21:26 mtj          (other than apple)
21:25 mtj          heres a mac related Q, does anyone know of a laptop brand that has a magsafe style power adapter?
21:20 cait         hi eythian
21:19 eythian      hi cait
21:17 * cait       waves
21:11 wajasu       sort of a heredoc
21:11 wajasu       maybe http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7046381/syntax-for-piping-a-heredoc-is-this-portable
21:09 rangi        as long as its running free software thats fine
21:08 mtompset     What happened to freedom to use anything for a dumb terminal? :P
21:08 eythian      then it's their own fault for using a mac
21:06 mtompset     Yes, but if they have a Mac, it is Return. :P
21:02 mtj          thats a bit...saner
21:01 mtj          http://bash.cyberciti.biz/guide/Getting_User_Input_Via_Keyboard
21:00 eythian      that doesn't make it right. I would have just changed it to "press enter to continue" and used the read
21:00 mtj          ah cool :)
20:59 mtompset     Go with a bash tweak? :)
20:59 mtompset     And yes, that's the patch I'm looking at mtj.
20:59 mtompset     But functional, eythian.
20:58 mtj          mtompset:  http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=33020
20:56 eythian      that's ugly.
20:55 pastebot     "mtompset" at pasted "Portable 'Press any key to continue...'" (7 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/300
20:54 wahanui      required is more comfortable as a developer of course :) I'll go with that.
20:54 eythian      Priority: required
20:54 eythian      $ apt-cache show bash | grep Priority
20:54 mtompset     because I did find a portable way to do the read, but it is hard to read for a beginner.
20:51 mtompset     I posed the question on the development list, just in case no one noticed this. :)
20:50 eythian      well, for packages anyway
20:50 eythian      if not, we can depend on it
20:50 eythian      mtompset: we can assume bash is installed I think
20:50 eythian      hi
20:35 wajasu       tcohen: figured out my problem.  for future reference. i was connecting to the wrong apache instance on my docker host.  i used lynx within the docker container instance just fine. i need to expose my ports 80,8080 to my host OS since i was using its web browser.
20:35 mtompset     I'm just wondering if we could have a BASH script, instead of a SH script for a koha command script.
20:34 mtompset     quick question, is bash typically installed on debian and ubuntu by default?
19:56 mtompset     You're welcome. :)
19:56 cbrannon     Actually, I'm taking the lead on this.  Gotta go get some lunch.  Thanks for the assist oleonard, mtompset, and @rangi.  :)
19:55 oleonard     Well then good news cbrannon, quitting time is in 6 minutes!
19:54 cbrannon     Cause oleonard is the model I follow.  ;)
19:53 cbrannon     Well, if you're not, then I wont.  :)
19:52 oleonard     I don't think anyone is still sending to the patches list anymore
19:52 rangi        if you want to still send the mail (Its not a requirement, just a nice to have) you can sudo apt-get install git-email
19:51 cbrannon     http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration  under signing off.
19:49 oleonard     cbrannon: Which instructions are you following?
19:49 cbrannon     oleonard: the only thing I was not able to do was the whole git send-email thing at the end.  Git says 'send-email' is not a git command.  I must be missing something somewhere.
19:47 cbrannon     I did.  I managed to do it.  :)  I want to get a few more of these under my belt and then I'll start trying the multi patch bugs.
19:46 oleonard     cbrannon: Forget the alias and just try the signoff the old-fashioned way
19:42 cbrannon     So, I tried the whole alias so thing, but it keeps telling me bash: !f: event not found
19:08 mtompset     Really easy to undo with a git commit --amend. :)
19:08 mtompset     If I recall, the only thing a sign off does is put that funky 'Signed-off-by: {name} <{email address}>' at the end.
19:06 cbrannon     unless you don't know how you did it or how to undo it
19:06 rangi        theres nothing you do you cant undo
19:05 oleonard     I remember someone once screwed up signing off on a patch. ... ONCE.
19:04 cbrannon     I worried I'm going to screw this up.
19:03 oleonard     It's fun navigating Koha in another language from sheer muscle memory.
19:03 mtompset     I like my 'export EDITOR=vi' :)
19:02 mtompset     and if you are using ^X, then you are using nano as your editor. ;)
19:01 pastebot     "mtompset" at pasted "Top part of my .git/config" (22 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/299
19:01 rangi        you dont need to let setting up an alias thats supposed to save you time, waste your time :-)
19:01 rangi        for the time being tho, you can just sign off with git commit --amend -s
19:00 mtompset     Not that I know of... just a second...
18:59 cbrannon     Are there instructions somewhere on the [alias]?
18:57 mtompset     or 'git so 5' to sign the last 5 patches.
18:57 mtompset     Then you can just 'git so 1' to sign off the last patch.
18:57 mtompset     In your .git/config create an [alias] section, if you don't have one, and use that nasty long 'so' function.
18:56 mtompset     http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration#Signing_off_2
18:56 cbrannon     It doesn't seem to.
18:56 cbrannon     This is my first attempt outside of a sandbox
18:56 rangi        cbrannon: it should prompt you to save when you exit, choose yes
18:56 rangi        morning
18:55 cbrannon     Yes
18:55 mtompset     Is that for a sign off?
18:55 cbrannon     when I use git commit --amend -s, do I do anything to save, or do I just ^X out?
18:51 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13215 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , letter.code is considered as a primary key
18:51 tcohen       also bug 13215, PLEASE!
18:51 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12831 critical, P2, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , local only logins should still work when ldap authentication is enabled
18:51 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9165 enhancement, P4, ---, robin, Signed Off , Allow preventing passwords from being stored locally when using LDAP
18:51 tcohen       bug 9165, bug 12831
18:50 tcohen       is anyone on the QA team willing to QA the LDAP patches?
18:49 wajasu       or maybe the password fails and the DBIC tries to open the socket, and it doesn't exist.  I'll look at the DBIC docs.
18:47 tcohen       (of course)
18:47 tcohen       otherwise it doesn't make sense, if your koha-conf.xml points to the remote server
18:46 tcohen       wajasu: some kind of caching of the koha-conf.xml file is happening
18:42 wajasu       DBIC in Context.pm uses some mysql client library, or tries to open /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock   so i am looking into any of those configs.
18:38 tcohen       apache doesn't know nothing about myslq
18:38 * wajasu     find and grepping
18:38 wajasu       tcohen: i did that, and i got the db created.  when the apache restarts it complains about  not finding a fully qualified ServerName, so i tweaked /etc/hosts and quieted that.  i need to find what is trying to open the mysqld.sock
18:35 tcohen       the DB's are already created on the remote server
18:35 tcohen       and then create the instance using koha-create --use-db <name>
18:35 tcohen       set the db config in /etc/koha/passwd
18:34 tcohen       I had to change the host in /etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf
18:34 tcohen       wajasu: in order to use koha-create for a remote db
18:33 cbrannon     Maybe I'm fine.  The book I just added started showing in searches.
18:33 wajasu       you can look for and cat /etc/cron.d/koha-common   if you did packages
18:32 cbrannon     I don't know that I installed from packages.  That term did not come up in my installation process.
18:31 mtompset     If you installed from packages, it generally has all the ones you want by default.
18:28 cbrannon     I've got a VM test box set, but I'm not sure what I should have going in the background for testing.
18:27 cbrannon     Can anyone point me to a list of cron jobs I should set for a Koha test box?
18:25 wajasu       i assume the apache sets the KOHA_CONF, but maybe I need my ServerName  defined in /etc/hosts.  i'll try tweaking that
18:24 wajasu       using a remote mysql server.  when hitting localhost:80 after initial install, and a koha-create --create-db library, and my sites/library.conf has "mysqlhost" instead of "localhost", i get "Can't connect to local MYSQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Context.pm line 802."
18:15 mtompset     front. :)
18:10 tcohen       back
17:52 reiveune     bye
17:38 gaetan_B     bye
16:12 wajasu       TODO: i am using koha-create and such with a remote mysql host.  i think i can get remote mysql support by making the getmysqlhost function check /etc/mysql/conf.d for a koha.conf host= statement as well.
15:15 mtompset     tcohen: I know about the Filipino subs. Manny and I were reviewing it the other day. :)
15:15 mtompset     Greetings, #koha.
15:10 Guest919     This should not be a problem, as we only have one library.  Is this what that setting means when I select 'barcodes are generated in the form <branchcode>'?
15:08 oleonard     I think it creates inflexibility with regard to moving collections around.
15:07 oleonard     Others might disagree.
15:07 oleonard     I wouldn't recommend barcoding items differently based on what branch they are from.
15:06 Guest919     would you recommend branch barcoding?
15:05 Guest919     I believe so.  We have a library full of books and none of them are entered into koha yet
15:05 oleonard     Guest919: Are you starting from scratch with an unbarcoded collection?
15:04 Guest919     Thank you very much oleonard.  I found it and will turn on that feature.  Anything perls of wisdom or pitfalls you think I need to know about barcoding?
15:02 nlegrand     o/ magnuse
15:02 magnuse      hiya nlegrand
14:59 nlegrand     tagazok #koha
14:57 oleonard     Guest919: The manual talks about the autoBarcode preference in this section: http://manual.koha-community.org/3.16/en/administration.html
14:57 Guest919     oleonard: any pointers?
14:55 Guest919     Good morning.  I recently installed koha on my libraries computer and just needed some help turning on the auto barcode generator feature.  Would anyone be able to walk me through it?
14:43 wajasu       i think i saw that someone got 12831 signed off while i was sleeping.  but i see other LDAP ones i will try.
14:43 tcohen       those are the most important
14:42 tcohen       wajasu: are you working on the LDAP patches?
14:40 tcohen       wajasu: more seriously, tomorrow sounds good to me for bugfixes
14:40 wajasu       well.  i've gotten bit in the past thinking i had another day, but timezone gets the best of me.
14:39 tcohen       :-D
14:39 tcohen       wajasu: it depends
14:38 cait         feels like we are on track mostly now
14:38 cait         tcohen:  :)
14:38 huginn       New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13332: Fix conflict between 5304 and 10860 <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=b141e6d42a6ac4ef58a2eaf831d97f32fb5e48c8> / Bug 9043: Add a wonderful image <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=2cc8e74487aac6d8e091a72ebd398a11efa7ab76> / Bug 13242: Remove warning if no parameter given <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=f63aaf22429eb77de
14:38 wajasu       remind me.  when is the last day i can do signoffs before a release.
14:37 tcohen       feeling good about it
14:37 tcohen       i'm excited because of the release :-D
14:36 cait         ;)
14:35 * oleonard   has been hearing this from his tooth filling radios for years now
14:35 tcohen       heh
14:35 cait         muahahaha ?
14:35 oleonard     I knew it!!
14:35 tcohen       the QAM controls everything in the shadows
14:35 tcohen       we are all puppets
14:34 tcohen       hell yeah
14:34 oleonard     He's drunk with power
14:33 cait         tcohen: in a good mood today? :)
14:33 cait         oh RM
14:33 magnuse      ...and the rm!
14:31 cait         lol
14:31 magnuse      all hail the qam!
14:31 tcohen       hi oh QAM
14:27 * cait       waves
14:27 tcohen       blockers?
14:22 tcohen       thanks for the patch!
14:22 tcohen       :-P
14:22 tcohen       i expected some exotic dancer
14:22 Joubu        :)
14:22 tcohen       it is wonderfull
14:22 tcohen       ah, yes
14:22 Joubu        tcohen: it's just a small arrow (up down)
14:21 Joubu        clear cache
14:21 Joubu        tcohen: reload reload reload :)
14:21 tcohen       but i see errors are gone
14:21 tcohen       Joubu: i cannot see the wonderful image
14:18 Joubu        shelf
14:17 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13343 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Items are not embedded when sending a basket/shelve
14:17 Joubu        patch submited on bug 13343
14:16 tcohen       marcelr: thanks
13:59 * Joubu      is gonna fill a bug
13:59 Joubu        oleonard: ok thanks
13:08 oleonard     I would say it's a bug Joubu. Probably an unintentional inconsistency.
13:02 Joubu        I would expect to get the same file in both cases.
13:02 Joubu        Is it a bug or the expected behavior?
13:01 Joubu        same for shelf (but the code has certainly been c/p)
13:01 Joubu        same from the intranet interface
13:00 Joubu        at least at the opac
13:00 Joubu        Is there a valid reason to add items to the record when the cart is downloaded, and not when we sent it?
12:59 oleonard     Hi #koha
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13152 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Duplicate phone hold notices when using Talking Tech
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12298 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , The "feed" MTT does not seem to be used
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12865 normal, P4, ---, veron, Pushed to Master , 'Pay amount toward all fines' does not record payment note
12:48 jenkins_koha * Kyle M Hall: Bug 13152 - Duplicate phone hold notices when using Talking Tech
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10956 major, P5 - low, ---, veron, Pushed to Master , Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 12298: DBRev
12:48 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 12298: The "feed" MTT does not seem to be used and can be removed
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12536 normal, P5 - low, ---, simith.doliveira, Pushed to Master , Incorrect number of irregularity issues
12:48 jenkins_koha * Marc Veron: Bug 12865 - 'Pay amount toward all fines' does not record payment note
12:48 jenkins_koha * Marc Veron: Bug 10956 - Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12851 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , order tags are not removed on claiming serials/orders
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12959 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Check in forgets to remember arbitrary backdating of returns setting
12:48 jenkins_koha * simith: Bug 12536 - Incorrect number of irregularity issues
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 12851: (QA followup) tests should not expect the <order> tag
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10749 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Pushed to Master , patron permissions typos
12:48 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 12851: order tags should be removed from the claiming letter
12:48 jenkins_koha * ByWater Staff: Bug 12959 - Check in forgets to remember arbitrary backdating of returns setting
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13157 minor, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Pushed to Master , Fix holdingbranch facet for UNIMARC
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10749: DBRev
12:48 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83@web.de: Bug 10749: Fix typo in budget_add_del permission
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13330 blocker, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , All overdue items with fines returned via checkouts table will have fines forgiven!
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13329 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Can't make new suggestion with AllowPurchaseSuggestionBranchChoice turned on
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 13157: (QA followup) homebranch is 995$b on UNIMARC frameworks
12:48 jenkins_koha * Frédéric Demians: Bug 13157: UNIMARC holdingbranch facet is 995$c not 995$b
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13297 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Shelving location PROC does not work according to manual
12:48 jenkins_koha * Kyle M Hall: Bug 13330 - All overdue items with fines returned via checkouts table will have fines forgiven!
12:48 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 13329: Fix create a suggestion at the OPAC
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13314 minor, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Fixes to .mailmap for the 3.18 release
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13328 normal, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Pushed to Master , Rename Kurdish translation files
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 13314: (QA followup) fixes for CINECA
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 13314: (QA followup) fix for inLibro
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13293 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Master , Regression: Override renewal limit option broken with AJAX circ
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 13314: attribute Oslo Public Library
12:48 jenkins_koha * Kyle M Hall: Bug 13297 - Shelving location PROC does not work according to manual
12:48 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13271 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Subject search links broken if XSLT and OPACPopupAuthorsSearch are both off
12:48 jenkins_koha * Marcel de Rooy: Bug 13314: [QA Follow-up]: Add another line for Fridolin to .mailmap
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 13314: Holger Meissner needs a mapping
12:48 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 13314: Fridolin and Simith fixes to the .mailmap file
12:48 jenkins_koha * Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel: Bug 13328: Rename Kurdish translation files
12:48 jenkins_koha * Kyle M Hall: Bug 13293 - Regression: Override renewal limit option broken with AJAX circ
12:48 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 13271 - Subject search links broken if XSLT and OPACPopupAuthorsSearch are both off
12:48 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Master_U12_MariaDB build #184: FIXED in 1 hr 11 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_U12_MariaDB/184/
12:48 wahanui      o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
12:48 jenkins_koha Yippee, build fixed!
12:27 huginn       tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:27 tcohen       @later tell kathryn I love the song you recommended me, had to transport it a bit to be able to sing it, but it's beautiful
12:24 tcohen       Joubu++
12:23 tcohen       morning!
12:15 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12831 critical, P2, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , local only logins should still work when ldap authentication is enabled
12:15 ashimema     rangi++ #bug 12831
11:41 huginn       Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:41 Joubu        @later tell tcohen have a look at bug 9043 too please
10:52 saa          tx
10:50 saa          ok
10:49 Joubu        saa: please open a new bug report and detail the different steps to reproduce
10:48 saa          adding any new record
10:47 cait         hm it's weird, some pages really fast, others not coming up on first try, will keep trying
10:47 Joubu        at least on the home page
10:47 Joubu        yes
10:46 cait         can someone access/translate?
10:46 Joubu        saa: "but now adding any new record it throws this error" you meant if you import the record or if you catalog it?
10:46 cait         hm pootle
10:45 Joubu        using 3.16.04
10:45 Joubu        note: I am an UNIMARC user
10:45 Joubu        without any error
10:45 Joubu        saa: I am able to add edit a notice, set the isbn to "9879350061855", save the record
10:42 Joubu        saa: let me try
10:42 saa          yes
10:41 Joubu        saa: you get the error on saving the record?
10:40 saa          but then still error is there
10:40 saa          fine i removed it
10:39 Joubu        saa: it does not look a valid isbn
10:36 saa          i tried deleting isbn but still no luck
10:35 saa          9879350061855
10:34 Joubu        cait: I pinged Tomas, it should see it
10:34 Joubu        it'll help Tomas
10:33 Joubu        cait: but you can test and sign it off if you want
10:33 cait         the letter patches looked quite good this morning, but couldn't finish before i had to leave
10:33 cait         just don't want it to get missed
10:33 cait         ok
10:33 Joubu        I let Tomas decides :)
10:32 Joubu        cait: no, either I open a new bug report or I don't change the bug status
10:32 cait         shoudl we reset the bug status?
10:31 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13242 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Slow checkin for patrons restricted indefinitely
10:31 cait         Joubu: thx for bug 13242 - noticed the warning yesterday and today there is a patch :)
10:30 Joubu        saa: what is the isbn of that record?
10:27 saa          shall i remove isbn of that record
10:27 saa          but error is still there
10:27 saa          but we deleted that record and added again
10:27 Joubu        saa: it comes from the isbn
10:25 saa          but now adding any new record it throws this error
10:25 saa          we tried to delete that record
10:25 saa          for one record it was giving this error
10:25 saa          can someone help to sort thi
10:25 saa          we are getting following error  Can't call method "as_string" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Koha.pm line 1608
10:25 saa          we are using latest koha 3.16.04
10:14 * cait       waves
08:48 huginn       Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:48 Joubu        @later tell tcohen I have just submited a patch on bug 13242, please have a look.
08:36 gaetan_B     hello
07:59 alex_a       bonjour
07:57 Joubu        hello
07:39 reiveune     hello
07:34 * magnuse    waves at cait
07:29 * cait       waves too
07:22 ashimema     your around a fiar bit at the minute liw.. nice to have you :)
06:49 magnuse      hah!
06:49 huginn       magnuse: The current temperature in Helsinki, Finland is 4.0°C (8:20 AM EET on November 26, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
06:49 magnuse      @wunder helsinki
06:49 magnuse      that temp is quite awesomw, though
06:48 huginn       magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 8.0°C (7:20 AM CET on November 26, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
06:48 magnuse      @wunder boo
06:48 magnuse      yeah, november without snow is dark...
06:46 magnuse      hiya liw
06:46 liw          hi, magnuse
06:45 liw          dcook, as to where I am now: https://identi.ca/liw/image/GvqTyNjOTEGD2ybZHXFyVw
06:44 * magnuse    waves
06:22 liw          dcook, backups are fascinatingly wonderful and awesome in every way, aren't they?
04:59 dcook        Sounds like things are progressing, wajasu
04:59 * dcook      thumbs up
04:50 wajasu       for now. i am going to get a ldap container and enable testing for that.
04:49 wajasu       later i'll get it so i can give it a list of patched to grab from bugzilla to apply.
04:49 wajasu       i also have a git repo, and i  do a    git clone --depth 1   upon conatiner launch which gives me a workspace to quickly checkout a branch and apply patches.
04:45 wajasu       since i am doing my docker thing, i did use the koha-perldeps, and can launch my lightweight  container , and do   dpkg-checkbuilddeps, dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg -i koha_common...deb
04:41 eythian      that installs all the libraries that koha needs, but not koha itself
04:41 eythian      there's also koha-perldeps in that repo
04:41 eythian      yep
04:41 wajasu       ethyian. since the koha-common deps are not in install_misc/debian.packages, after attempting dpkg -i koha-common_3.14.06_all.deb (my master version),  i just do  apt-get -f install to get those last few(libjs-yui, etc) installed.
04:31 dcook        I suppose that's what Trello was trying to do
04:30 dcook        Well, not just features. A list of... "code" that people are working on / want to see
04:30 dcook        It would be great to have some direction or even a list of features that people are working on / want to see
04:30 * dcook      will be intrigued to hear how the road map comes along
04:29 dcook        Mm, OAI client
04:29 dcook        Well, ish
04:29 dcook        Regular work being the only paid one :p
04:29 dcook        Plus regular work :p
04:29 dcook        Plack, going further with DBIC, fixing the query building, building a better Z39.50 API...
04:26 dcook        Mmmm, too many projects
04:26 dcook        I think I read about that before
04:26 dcook        Ahh, the middleware would handle that. Right right..
04:25 dcook        Mmm, it looks like the sample Apache config would set https for the Plack server..
04:20 dcook        As for in-process caching... yeah I could see that being an issue
04:19 dcook        Yeah, the global thing gets me, although I think I'm starting to understand how "our" works... finally.
04:17 eythian      well, there's two things. One is that there's something funny with globals that I don't quite get. The other is that you can't do in-process caching as it'll be wrong in the other processes.
04:16 dcook        But I'm sure if I actually tried it and saw it, I'd have a better idea
04:16 dcook        I admit that the caching and global variables stuff still confuses me a bit
04:15 eythian      What I'm trying to test right now is hopefully a final fix for syspref caching
04:15 dcook        That's certainly all right
04:15 dcook        Mmm, that's what I thought might be the case
04:10 eythian      just the opac, though the staff client is mostly ready, it needs testing.
04:10 dcook        That's plack for both the opac and the staff client or just the opac?
04:09 dcook        I'm certain it would be a great idea for some of our sites though
04:09 dcook        I keep wanting to try it but I always forget about it
04:09 dcook        Sweet :)
04:08 eythian      every so often they send out a newsletter that would bring the regular install to its knees, so we placked it and now we don't notice when they do that.
04:07 eythian      you can't get past the login screen though
04:07 eythian      [off] http://library.nzica.com/
04:07 eythian      we have a site running on plack
04:07 dcook        Daaang
04:05 dcook        Ooo there's a video of speed comparisons
04:04 wahanui      Plack is a FastCGI thingy that works with Koha. See http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Plack for more information.
04:04 dcook        plack?
04:02 * dcook      always enjoys eythian and dcook rambling about different things in the afternoon
04:00 eythian      ok, let's do this properly and run the dep checker thing
04:00 eythian      :<
04:00 eythian      another missing dep :>
03:53 dcook        double encoding for all!
03:53 dcook        Sweet, were able to change the reverse proxy so it stopped the triple encoding
03:34 eythian      oh damnit then it fails because of a missing dependency
03:29 dcook        Ah, I butchered the query string..
03:28 * dcook      pokes Koha
03:28 dcook        Hmm although now it's not working at all...
03:27 dcook        So many levels of win stacked on top of each other
03:27 dcook        \o/
03:27 dcook        And because Koha is sitting behind a reverse proxy, it'll never know it should be using https instead of http
03:27 dcook        If you send a double encoded query string to a http address that redirects to a https address, you get a triple encoded query string
03:26 dcook        Oh man...
03:24 eythian      t/db_dependent/00-strict.t takes a while to run
02:47 dcook        Using html/url filters all over the place while encoding it in the module too
02:46 dcook        Well damn...
02:43 dcook        Hmm, it was jcamins
02:40 dcook        Yep. yep. That's what happened...
02:39 dcook        Mmm, someone added the uri_escaping, and I must've just copied it over..
02:36 dcook        But that can't be right..
02:36 dcook        And someone before him
02:36 dcook        It looks like it was gmcharlt
02:35 dcook        Actually, it doesn't look like me
02:35 dcook        Hmm
02:32 dcook        Hmm, because I think it's somehow getting triple encoded...and then it stops working
02:27 dcook        Hmm... and somehow the double-encoded strings still work sometimes...
02:24 dcook        Although I think I may have just been copying something done earlier in buildQuery..
02:23 dcook        Yep. I totally was the one who introduced that regression...
02:22 dcook        Breaking everything
02:22 dcook        Way to go, dcook
02:22 dcook        That might be my fault
02:22 dcook        Eep
02:21 dcook        (and I have a feeling it's already uri escaped in C4::Search)
02:20 dcook        The RSS link on the opac-search page is html filtered and url filtered
02:20 dcook        I should take a look at master..
02:20 wahanui      interesting is, like, sometimes good and sometimes bad
02:20 dcook        Interesting...
01:38 dcook        hehe
01:38 eythian      Je ne ferais pas ça
01:37 dcook        Ok, Tomcat must've restarted by now..
01:37 wizzyrea     *snicker*
01:37 * dcook      imagines eythian making a comment about how it's easy to write out the word "French" :p
01:37 * dcook      is vaguely determined not to forget how to write French
01:36 dcook        sense*
01:36 dcook        That probably makes more sens
01:36 dcook        Hmm or rather... je n'en ai aucune idée
01:31 dcook        je n'ai aucune idée
01:31 dcook        Fair enough
01:28 wizzyrea     I want someone to explain because it's a really simple fix but I'm not sure if it's a bug in Koha or just something that bothers this library.
01:26 dcook        Totes
01:26 wizzyrea     yeah, that's what I thought as well - why disallow it simply because you can't see the holdings?
01:25 dcook        wizzyrea: I'm guessing it was done on purpose but sounds like a bug to me
01:23 wizzyrea     (this is the OPAC)
01:20 dcook        But yeah, I'm with ya wizzyrea
01:20 dcook        (Although the ajax datatable in circulation seems a bit slow...)
01:20 dcook        I wonder a bit about paging with ajax datatables...
01:19 dcook        And if it's an issue of too many items... allow paging?
01:19 dcook        As you could always place a hold on "next available"
01:19 dcook        Probably should still be able to see the hold button
01:19 dcook        Exactly
01:19 wizzyrea     you don't choose the item to place on hold from that screen.
01:19 dcook        Although probably not a good design
01:19 dcook        That might be by design
01:19 dcook        Hmm
01:18 wizzyrea     when you load the detail page, the place hold button goes away.
01:18 wizzyrea     for example, if you have a bib with 60 items, and the syspref is set to 50
01:18 dcook        If there is too many to display, I could see how it would be tough to allow them to choose one to place on hold
01:18 dcook        I suppose it is a confusing one...
01:17 wizzyrea     yeah, I was confused too.
01:17 dcook        Too many holdings to display, so no one can place holds?
01:17 * dcook      is so confused
01:17 wizzyrea     this has to be a bug right?
01:17 wizzyrea     (disallow by allowing a condition that removes the place hold button)
01:17 dcook        O_o
01:16 wizzyrea     can someone give me a reason why you would disallow placing reserves if there are too many holdings to display (based on the syspref)?
00:55 * dcook      was writing a long email about OAuth 2.0
00:55 dcook        Did I miss anything?
00:42 mtj          all good
00:41 mtj          just spotted that :p
00:41 mtj          heh
00:41 eythian      too late :)
00:41 wizzyrea     that's alright :)
00:41 mtj          oops, i'll flick to signed-off now wizzyrea, eythian ^
00:35 wajasu       i'm working on the ldap setup
00:35 wajasu       ok.
00:34 eythian      that's also been signed off, mtj just didn't change the status :)
00:33 eythian      if you're building from master, you should be getting 3.17
00:33 wizzyrea     that'd be a good one to sign off on.
00:33 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12856 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , koha-disable fails without disabling site
00:33 wajasu       i mean bug 12856
00:33 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12865 normal, P4, ---, veron, Pushed to Master , 'Pay amount toward all fines' does not record payment note
00:33 wajasu       gonna try bug 12865 signoff
00:31 wajasu       its proabbly fine for me to leave it for signoffs, and just install them to test.
00:31 eythian      wajasu: debian/build-git-snapshot knows it
00:30 wajasu       eyhtian: when i build packages (koha-common *.deb and such)  its got  3.14.06  in the name, do you just bump the version somewhere in install_misc when you release.
00:27 kathryn      yusss
00:26 huginn       kathryn: The operation succeeded.
00:26 kathryn      @later tell tcohen hi and bye :)
00:26 kathryn      oh I have to say tell, ta
00:25 huginn       eythian: The operation succeeded.
00:25 eythian      @later tell kathryn this is how you do it
00:24 * kathryn    tries to leave a message for tcohen , what did I do wrong?
00:24 huginn       kathryn: I've exhausted my database of quotes
00:24 kathryn      @later tcohen hi bye :)
00:18 tcohen       bye!
00:18 tcohen       keep that picture and make dinner for the wife
00:17 tcohen       I like how 3.18 looks
00:17 wizzyrea     you should rest :)
00:17 * tcohen     needs some rest
00:16 tcohen       need to make it show results faster than zebra
00:16 tcohen       in the making
00:16 tcohen       we have ES
00:16 tcohen       ah
00:16 wizzyrea     shiny*
00:16 wizzyrea     shint toy
00:16 * tcohen     has too little vocabulary, it seems
00:16 tcohen       what does bauble mean?
00:15 tcohen       specially Koha::Schema
00:15 tcohen       koha-plack
00:15 tcohen       yeap
00:15 eythian      loading time of modules will be less of an issue under plack, btw
00:14 wizzyrea     </sarcasm>
00:14 wizzyrea     no we need more baubles for the staff client.
00:14 tcohen       everyone wants its ILS to shine
00:14 tcohen       :-D
00:14 tcohen       i'm sure
00:14 tcohen       we'll find the funding to re-think and re-write that
00:13 tcohen       delete those profiling files
00:13 tcohen       that's what I was thinking just now
00:13 wizzyrea     tcohen, be warned, the last time someone spent much time with nytprof and koha, they quit working on koha :/
00:13 tcohen       that's dbix fault
00:11 tcohen       need to delete those profile results right now
00:10 tcohen       1 full second spent on loading C4::Budgets!
00:09 tcohen       and it still spends time creating those MARC::Record objects
00:08 tcohen       half the time...
00:07 tcohen       as w've been thinking
00:07 dcook        I was just thinking that :)
00:07 tcohen       actually, now we deprecated GRS-1
00:06 tcohen       instead of overloading the API's!
00:06 tcohen       having a big IF wouldn't hurt, right?
00:06 dcook        :(
00:06 tcohen       but
00:05 tcohen       nope, not yet
00:05 dcook        Haven't we deprecated that yet?
00:05 tcohen       that's because we need it for the non-XSLT view
00:05 dcook        I know I saw it once but I can't remember why
00:05 dcook        I also wonder why we're creating MARC::Record objects for search results..
00:04 dcook        Lives in Texas
00:04 dcook        American I think?
00:04 tcohen       is he canadian??
00:04 dcook        Anyway, eythian and tcohen, Zebra does seem pretty fast, it seems like it's how we handle the results which is slow :/
00:03 dcook        Rather creepy
00:03 dcook        I saw that as a sponsored ad on Facebook one day
00:03 dcook        I know, right?
00:03 tcohen       hey, that's you
00:03 dcook        Sadly, he and I don't share a hive brain... and he makes movies not code...
00:03 dcook        tcohen: https://www.facebook.com/howveryinteresting
00:02 dcook        Wait, I already have clones...
00:02 * dcook      really needs clones with a hive mind
00:02 dcook        tcohen++
00:02 dcook        Huzzah!
00:02 dcook        what DB interaction is there? :S
00:02 tcohen       :-P
00:02 tcohen       we are rewriting it dcook, fasten your seatbelt
00:01 * dcook      was doing stuff and just saw green
00:01 dcook        who, wha?
00:00 tcohen       removing most DB interaction inside searchResults (doable) gives half the time