Time  Nick       Message
00:07 Testing_   Hi anyone can help me with gpl license?
00:08 jcamins    Testing_: what's the problem?
00:08 wahanui    the problem is it's human beings doing it. Rebuild your indexes.
00:09 Testing_   Question : if I paid a software firm to code on koha.  We now decidec to leave the firm to go with someone else.  Can they ask us to pay for our code?
00:10 jcamins    Of course. That has nothing to do with the license.
00:10 jcamins    That has to do with your contract.
00:10 Testing_   They ask for a "fee to use it". And they consider the current koha code (that we payed) there property.
00:11 Testing_   We already payed it? And i do have the source code in hand...
00:12 jcamins    Oh, I thought you were asking if you had to pay for source code you contracted with someone to provide.
00:13 Testing_   Bottom line we just want to get away ... is it legal fir them to do that?
00:13 jcamins    You should probably consult a lawyer.
00:15 Testing_   Yes but that's another extra fee :(. I tought that since koha is gpl everything that is done most be also gpl-copyleft
00:15 jcamins    If your contract specifies that they are going to release the code under GPL, and they did so, I would think you can use the code however you like.
00:15 wizzyrea   jcamins: there is now
00:15 jcamins    wizzyrea: ah.
00:15 wizzyrea   there wasn't when I looked earlier :)
00:16 Testing_   Hmmm that's the case then
00:16 Testing_   I'll surely double check with a lawer but i wanted to ask first.
00:17 Testing_   Thank you for your commenta
00:17 jcamins    Testing_: but that's not legal advice, that's just common sense: if you have a contract that says you can have the code under GPL without any additional stipulations, and you already have the code, your contract would seem to be fully executed.
00:22 eythian    Testing_ would have been best emailing SFLC with a detailed question
00:22 wizzyrea   ^
00:23 jcamins    eythian: good advice. You should give it next time someone comes around with a question like that.
00:23 eythian    I would suspect that they would have had no recourse unless they were actually given a copy of the code, or if the contract stipulated they get a copy.
00:24 eythian    Which is why we need the AGPL, because then they would be able to get a copy of it.
00:24 jcamins    eythian: yeah, that is my thought as well, but it sounded like s/he had a copy of the code already.
00:29 indradg    hi
00:30 indradg    would anyone have an idea if there is any db schema doc for 2.2.8?
00:32 * indradg  knows it is pre-history :(
00:32 indradg    rangi:  is there a 2.2.8 db schema doc around somewhere?
00:34 indradg    @later tell rangi   is there a 2.2.8 db schema doc around somewhere?
00:34 huginn     indradg: The operation succeeded.
00:42 indradg    @later tell rangi nevermind, figured it out!
00:42 huginn     indradg: The operation succeeded.
00:43 * indradg  facepalms for not looking up http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/DB_Schema :P
03:55 bag        hola
04:43 dpk        hi
04:43 wahanui    kia ora, dpk
04:45 dpk        I am ran an upgrade from 3.14.6 to 3.16.4 and there was a database update that occured because the db update script could not drop the index on issn column of biblioitems.  I get a ERROR 1091 (42000): Can't DROP 'issn'; check that column/key exists.
04:47 dpk        It does exist and I can select items from it.  Running command "alter table biblioitems drop index issn;" fails when run manually as well.
04:47 eythian    probably there was no index there to start with
04:47 eythian    in which case, it'll be safe to ignore
04:47 dpk        Any hints on how to drop the index so I can update the column from varchar(9) to mediumtext?
04:48 eythian    if there's no index there, you don't need to drop it
04:49 dpk        It does show MUL under the key column for issn.
04:49 dpk        I am also prevented from doing the CHANGE to mediumchar.
04:49 wahanui    okay, dpk.
04:50 eythian    then maybe there's an index there with a different name that you need to drop
04:50 eythian    a 'show create table biblio' might tell you
04:51 dpk        Ah - the index is issn_idx!
04:51 eythian    that'll be it :)
04:54 dpk        And we're done!
04:55 eythian    excellent
04:58 eythian    hrm, firebug doesn't give you the post headers when it's going to result in a file.
04:58 eythian    that makes debugging this a bit harder.
06:00 * magnuse  waves
06:31 * ashimema waves
06:42 reiveune   hello
06:54 magnuse    hiya ashimema and reiveune
06:54 ashimema   hows it hangin' magnuse :)
06:54 reiveune   \o_ magnuse
06:55 ashimema   hey reiveune
06:55 wahanui    reiveune is probably working for biblibre
06:55 reiveune   hi ashimema
06:58 magnuse    ashimema: not too shabby, just wishing i was in argentina... ;-)
06:59 ashimema   me too.. though my spanish is non-existant.. so I'm not sure i'd have understood anything ;)
06:59 alex_a     bonjour
06:59 wahanui    bidet, alex_a
07:10 Viktor     Hi #koha
07:13 magnuse    tjänare Viktor
07:14 magnuse    ashimema: yeah, but not everything is in spanish :-)
07:14 ashimema   true..
07:18 Viktor     hej magnuse
07:19 magnuse    and the hallwaytrack is probably a good mix
07:28 gaetan_B   hello
07:30 ashimema   indeed..
07:30 ashimema   your making me sad for not beign there again magnuse.. meany ;)
07:33 magnuse    sorry!
07:33 ashimema   haha.. no worries..
07:33 ashimema   ranig is doing a good job of blogging though..
07:34 ashimema   :)
07:34 magnuse    but hey, following #kohacon14 on twitter is almost as good as being there, right?!
07:34 magnuse    yeah, hooray for him!
07:34 magnuse    rangi++ i mean
07:41 ashimema   ack.. my brain is again not wanting to work today..
07:48 magnuse    just ignoe it ;-)
07:48 magnuse    s/ignoe/ignore/
07:54 alvet      hi eythian :)
09:06 magnuse    w00t! http://kohadevreactions.tumblr.com/post/99473978194/kohails-sharing-development-with-egils-3
09:32 indradg    good afternoon #Koha
10:00 ashimema   morning khall
10:00 khall      mornin ashimema!
10:01 ashimema   I'll try not to distract you so much today ;)
10:04 magnuse    nah, let's all conspire to make khall not do anything useful ;-)
10:05 ashimema   magnuse.. you should play with his Object modules..
10:05 ashimema   they make for interesting reading.. and hopefully some very dry codeing.
10:06 ashimema   bug 13019
10:06 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13019 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add base classes on which to build Koha objects
10:10 magnuse    i'd love to, but right now i am getting paid to add plack as an option to https://github.com/digibib/kohadevbox/
10:16 ashimema   :)
10:16 ashimema   awesome
10:18 rangi      magnuse: are you using the koha-plackify?
10:24 magnuse    rangi: um, no what's that?
10:24 magnuse    i was going to use the stuff in misc/plack/
10:24 magnuse    that dpavlin added
10:25 magnuse    ah https://github.com/JerseyConnect/Plackify-koha-common i presume?
10:29 rangi      hmm dont think so
10:31 magnuse    kia ora cait!
10:34 rangi      http://git.catalyst.net.nz/gw?p=koha-plack.git;a=summary magnuse
10:35 * cait     waves
10:35 magnuse    rangi: ah, thanks
10:36 magnuse    but that is just for the opac?
10:37 magnuse    our plan is to use it for development/testing in the first place, both for opac and intranet, with all the debug console stuff
10:39 rangi      yep, but it can be extended pretty easily for the intranet
10:40 rangi      and if you do that, then its useful for the wider project not just dev too :)
10:41 rangi      because it builds a koha-plack.deb which we can put in the repo and ppl can get
10:41 rangi      just trying to make more work for you  :)
10:44 magnuse    hehe, thanks ;-)
10:45 magnuse    rangi: looks like there is already a intranet.psgi - maybe the description is a bit misleading
10:49 rangi      ok gotta go get breakfast bbl
11:03 magnuse    have fun rangi
11:41 magnuse    ¡hola tcohen!
12:01 oleonard   Hi #koha
12:24 cait       hola #koha
12:24 cait       ztajoli is now talking about sql files/strings from the database
12:24 cait       and them being 'one language only'
12:24 cait       like you can only have one translation active all the time, because they are installed with the web installer and there is no way to have multiple
12:25 magnuse    good point!
12:25 cait       yep
12:26 cait       hey magnuse :)
12:27 magnuse    cait: is this up to date and in use? http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Namespace_QA_Rules
12:27 cait       hm i am not sure how that would be influenced by the recent discussions around dbic
12:27 cait       but it looks like what we had agreed to yes
12:32 rangi      hmmm
12:33 rangi      im not sure how this solves the only one language at once in the sql problem?
12:37 rangi      am i missing something?
12:37 magnuse    cait: thanks
12:40 cait       not sure yet
12:40 cait       i think maybe he will get to it
12:42 oleonard   nengard: http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13038#c3
12:42 huginn     04Bug 13038: normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , checkboxes disappearing on author searches
12:43 nengard    checking now
12:43 Joubu      see http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10509
12:43 huginn     04Bug 10509: normal, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, BLOCKED , Using i18n function for translation in webinstaller mysql files
12:43 Joubu      not sure Zeno has seen this bug/patch
12:44 rangi      ahh he has a comment on  it
12:44 rangi      second 2 last comment
12:44 rangi      sounds like it needs a rebase
12:44 rangi      maybe i can have a go at that
12:45 rangi      it would be great to have it working
12:45 Joubu      ha yes, did see the comment
12:45 Joubu      not*
12:45 nengard    oleonard closed it
12:46 oleonard   Thanks nengard
12:46 nengard    no problemo
12:46 nengard    i thought the library was on 3.16 already
12:47 rangi      tiny patch, so shoud be able to get it to apply, but it will still need all the .sql files changes to be useful, but can at least get it some of the way
12:48 oleonard   nengard: You and I having both contributed to the closing of a bug report I propose we call it a day and toast our success.
12:48 rangi      :)
12:50 nengard    :)
12:50 nengard    I'm all for it
12:50 nengard    Day off for me :)
12:50 oleonard   What's your boss gonna do, come to your house and make you get back to work? :P
12:51 oleonard   nengard: If not, then perhaps you can recall which report triggered Bug 12757?
12:51 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12757 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , single quote in odt export
12:51 nengard    YIKES .... okay let me so some searching
12:53 oleonard   Oh, probably saved SQL reports?
12:53 magnuse    rangi: koha-plack will need some tweaking (e.g. to account for the new .conf in apache conf files) - is there a better way than emailing patches to eythian or chris hall?
12:53 nengard    yes oleonard
12:53 wahanui    oleonard is not really here.  He said so.  He did!
12:54 oleonard   wahanui: Lies.
12:54 wahanui    oleonard: i'm not following you...
12:57 oleonard   wahanui: You should follow me on Twitter
12:57 wahanui    oleonard: what?
12:58 rangi      magnuse: you could send a pull request
13:05 oleonard   I've been thinking about an update to the saved reports system so that you could mark certain reports as accessible by the staff without giving staff full reports access
13:05 oleonard   I'm not sure how hard it would be, but I wonder if others would find that useful
13:14 cait       nice presentation from a group of library students from cordoba
13:14 cait       they have gathered quotes from local authors for the quote of the day feature
13:14 nengard    yes oleonard i like that
13:14 nengard    and i know others will too
13:15 cait       i wonder, maybe we could put those  on the wiki?
13:15 cait       because you can import from a CSV
13:15 cait       so others could use it
13:16 rangi      this is cool
13:16 rangi      have to tell chris nighswonger how his feature is being used
13:16 ashimema   'tis cool aint it rangi.
13:17 magnuse    rangi: pull request it is then :-)
13:17 oleonard   Remember: chris_n forever lies in wait for the right time to strike.
13:17 cait       yep
13:17 cait       rangi: what do you think about starting a iwki page?
13:25 rangi      paul_p: the link is in my blog post
13:26 paul_p     rangi thx
13:27 * chris_n  looks out from under cover
13:27 cait       cool presetnation about quote of the day
13:27 chris_n    oleonard: let me know if that regex does what you want when you get around to trying it
13:27 cait       with literature quotes from cordoba authors
13:28 chris_n    cait: will there be video of it somewhere afterwards?
13:28 oleonard   chris_n: Thanks I'm putting it off because it means firing up the VM for testing IE8
13:29 rangi      chris_n++
13:32 cait       chris_n: i am not totally sure
13:32 cait       someone seems to be filming
13:32 cait       but not sure if it#s the whole presentation or for the film they are doing
13:35 oleonard   Is it that I'm picking deceptively difficult bugs this week or my brain isn't working properly?
13:40 cait       the bugs are getting harder :)
13:43 cait       now seeing a presentation about a survey they did
13:43 cait       i think the libraires participating are all part of the big system we saw yesterday
13:43 cait       conabip?
13:48 rangi      im loving these presentations by students
13:48 rangi      a highlight of the conference for me
13:50 cait       yeah very cool :)
14:02 oleonard   Bug 13042
14:02 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13042 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Move budget action links into menu
14:02 oleonard   Let me know if I'm getting too crazy with the menus.
14:03 cait       i think maybe a rule like... if there are more than x links... move into a menu?
14:03 cait       what we have on some tables which is nice is that we link the decsription name to 'edit' action
14:03 cait       so that saves you a click on the menu if you want to edit
14:04 oleonard   Usually the description name is linked to the "view" action if one is available
14:05 cait       yeah, i think we often have no view :)
14:05 cait       i think patron categories links to edit
14:05 cait       i like hat because it' fast and no need to scroll to the end of the table
14:06 cait       i am getting nervous about the presentation, might not make much sense
14:07 * oleonard thinks the patron categories summary table has too much information
14:08 cait       probably... *feels guilty*
14:09 cait       i made people add columsn there in qa
14:15 * oleonard blames cait for every change made to categorie.tt since 2007
14:16 * nengard  thinks oleonard is mean!!
14:16 * nengard  loves cait
14:16 nengard    ;)
14:18 cait       :)
14:19 cait       oleonard: i tihnk i only started owrking on koha in 2008...
14:50 cait       good presentation from brendan about needing more hands
14:50 cait       and funding
15:00 rangi      eek running out of battery, can somone take notes for the ebsco presentation for me?
15:08 Tom        my battery isn't in great shape either but I can try :) got a sample of what level of detail you're looking for?
15:08 ashimema   would do.. but i'm not there :(
15:12 rangi      just notes is fine, i can fill in the rest from notes, like alvet presented the plugin, it works with the eds api
15:12 rangi      etc
15:12 Tom        will do
15:21 reiveune   bye
15:21 cait       my battery is about to die too :(
15:29 Tom        battery is holding down like a champ. think I'm going to make it!
15:29 brendan_   hola
15:29 wahanui    salut, brendan_
15:29 cait       i have to shut down :(
15:29 cait       bbl
15:31 ashimema   hi brendan_
15:31 brendan_   heya ashimema - miss you here
15:32 ashimema   yeah.. wish I could have been there..
15:32 ashimema   hopefully hackfest though :)
15:33 ashimema   sounds like you got people talking at your presentation.. all good :)
15:33 brendan_   awesome!  yes paul_p Joubu we need another hackfest :D
15:33 brendan_   http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/2014/10/09/kohacon-14-day-3-funding-the-koha-project/
15:34 ashimema   hard problem to solve.. good to hear your working on it :)
15:34 ashimema   enjoying the rest of the conferance.. got a favourite presentation..
15:35 * brendan_ ’s of course :P
15:35 brendan_   heh
15:35 ashimema   :)
15:36 brendan_   so far the library school students were pretty cool
15:36 Tom        the MOTD presentation by the library students was pretty neat
15:36 ashimema   cool
15:42 brendan_   tcohen++
15:42 brendan_   thanks for the help Dood
16:04 Tom        lunch time!
16:30 gaetan_B   bye
17:58 rangi      how do you say, my name is chris in spanish?
17:59 kmlussier  me llamo chris
18:00 rangi      thanks kmlussier
18:00 * cait     waves
18:00 kmlussier  It's so rare that I know the answer to a question in #koha. :)
18:01 rangi      :)
18:01 quocuy     Hi everyone
18:03 nengard    hi
18:03 quocuy     thanks
18:03 rangi      hi quocuy
18:03 quocuy     i have a question
18:03 quocuy     hi rangi
18:04 quocuy     i enabled self registration and send email when user is created
18:04 quocuy     So when staff create an user, a email was sent to user's email, but when user register himself, no email was sent
18:05 cait       hm is the notce template set up?
18:05 cait       for the notice?
18:05 quocuy     No :(
18:05 quocuy     i didn't
18:05 quocuy     where is it?
18:05 wahanui    it is true that the styling of the buttons make them appear less important too, but in a different way.
18:05 cait       hm there should be one by default, but sometimes things are not as they should :)
18:05 cait       there should be a notice for the verify registration process in tools > notices
18:06 quocuy     Ok, give me a sec
18:07 quocuy     Yeah, there is no notice about registeration
18:07 cait       it shoudl be in th emodule members
18:07 cait       and called OPAC_REG_VERIFY
18:08 cait       i tihnk best would be to find the normal sample notice and use that
18:08 quocuy     "Hello <<borrowers.title>> <<borrowers.firstname>> <<borrowers.surname>>.  Your new Koha account details are:  User:  <<borrowers.userid>> Password: <<borrowers.password>>  If you have any problems or questions regarding your account, please contact your Koha Administrator.  Thank you, Koha Administrator kohaadmin@yoursite.org"
18:08 cait       that's a different feature
18:08 cait       that's for when you add a patron in the interface
18:08 cait       if you use self registration it works differently
18:09 quocuy     yeah,  saw it
18:09 cait       so, there is autoemail...something - that will send an email when a new account is created
18:09 cait       and then there is self registration that will the user ask to verify his/her email address before giving them access to the account
18:09 quocuy     i tried register myself, but no email was sent
18:09 cait       which one are you looking for?
18:10 quocuy     i found his notice "Hello!  Your library account has been created. Please verify your email address by clicking this link to complete the signup process:  http://<<OPACBaseURL>>/cgi-bin/koha/opac-registration-verify.pl?token=<<borrower_modifications.verification_token>>  If you did not initiate this request, you may safely ignore this one-time message. The request will expire shortly."
18:10 cait       quocoy: if i remember correctly certain fields need to be filled out in order to send the registration email when adding a new account in staff - username, password and email address i think
18:11 quocuy     yes
18:11 cait       i am sorry, but bit confused about whichfeature we are talking about right now :)
18:11 quocuy     :(
18:11 quocuy     I tried enable self registeration
18:11 cait       ok
18:11 quocuy     and need to verify email
18:11 cait       ok
18:11 quocuy     but there is no email was sent
18:11 cait       so the second email should work
18:12 cait       oh
18:12 quocuy     And the first email didn't
18:12 cait       did you run process message queue?
18:12 cait       or did you check that an email is in the message_queue?
18:12 quocuy     I think it should be default
18:12 quocuy     there is nothing in mail.log
18:13 cait       did you check the message_queue table?
18:13 quocuy     sorry, what is it? :(
18:13 cait       it's a table in the database where emails are stored
18:13 cait       to be sent out
18:13 quocuy     OK, i didn't check it
18:13 cait       some email are sent out directly, like the ACCTDETAILS
18:14 cait       but others, like the OPAC_REG_VERFIFY are using the queue, and then you need to run a script on the server to sent them out
18:14 quocuy     and when staff created an user, it sent email automatically?
18:15 rangi      ive started linking the blog posts, http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon14/Schedule for kohacon14, if anyone wants to help please do, or link in slides
18:16 cait       sorry quocuy - i am at a conference and getting a bit nervous about my upcoming presentation
18:16 cait       i think i need to pay attention now - maybe someone else has an idea
18:16 quocuy     OK
18:16 quocuy     thank you
18:16 quocuy     do not worry
18:16 quocuy     it's ok
18:16 quocuy     thank @cait!
18:42 * oleonard wonders if he's the only one who cares about table sorters ignoring articles
19:58 rangi      NateC: bag is on his way to grab beer from your fridge
20:03 NateC      got em
20:03 NateC      heading up to 16 in a few
20:03 NateC      rangi
20:08 rangi      sweet
20:19 rangi      hmmm i might watch a dvd, i have 4 nz movies if anyone wants to hangout
20:19 cait       hmm what you got?
20:21 rangi      boy, eagle vs shark, once were warriors, whale rider
20:21 cait       hmm
20:21 cait       don't know any of that
20:21 cait       ofthose?
20:22 cait       I am still overheated :)
20:23 rangi      yeah :)
20:24 cait       and at some point i might even remember what i told people earlier in the presetnation
20:24 cait       :)
20:25 rangi      http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon14/Schedule
20:25 rangi      has all the links i know now
20:25 cait       very cool
20:25 cait       rangi++ rangi++
20:28 rangi      someone else can do notes for the hackfest
20:31 cait       heh
20:32 cait       the user group people mentioned that you are going to help them saturday :)
20:32 cait       so you will be too busy
20:36 rangi      heh
20:37 rangi      yeah i seem to have volunteered for everything
20:37 cait       we should have kept an eye on you :)
20:59 cait       Joubu: could you share the dependency tree for the patches again>?
21:05 Joubu      @later tell cait I prefer to tell you how find it :) on the wiki page, the entry point (http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/GST_Rewrite_RFC) you can find the main bug number (bug 12825). And then the link is there http://www.gliffy.com/go/publish/6160409 :)
21:05 huginn     Joubu: The operation succeeded.
21:06 wizzyrea   drat, no alvet today
21:08 rangi      he's prbably tired after his presentation
21:08 wizzyrea   *nod*
21:08 wizzyrea   also hi :)
21:11 wizzyrea   khall: about?
21:11 wizzyrea   bother.
21:27 eythian    hi
21:27 wahanui    privet, eythian
21:35 eythian    https://github.com/someteam/acha <-- Enterprise Git Achievement solution.
21:48 magnuse    bag: HI
22:17 paul_p     rangi => any plan for dinner ? (seems bob & bywater ppl don't go out for dinner, will just grab a kebab or something like that)
22:24 rangi      no plans, just watching a movie at the moment
22:25 rangi      im making cait watch a nz movie
22:25 wizzyrea   which?
22:25 wahanui    hmmm... which is quite horrible
22:26 rangi      boy
22:26 wizzyrea   ohhh good one.
22:26 tcohen     rangi: are joining for dinner?
22:26 paul_p     rangi = do you think you'll wait for 9PM for dinner & go outside ?
22:26 paul_p     tcohen = bob & ppl from bywater won't join.
22:27 rangi      yep
22:27 rangi      if others want to go
22:27 paul_p     rangi = & cait ?
22:28 rangi      probably she says
22:28 paul_p     same answer from joubu & me...
22:28 paul_p     tcohen = possible to have a "quick" dinner somewhere ? I'm a little bit tired, but would be happy to join for dinner.
22:28 rangi      if tcohen wants to spend an evening home, im also happy to just get a kebab or something
22:29 tcohen     cecilia and I would join a "quick" dinner
22:29 tcohen     if we have enough quorum
22:29 paul_p     tcohen = ++ (if you know where we should go)
22:29 rangi      i wonder if there is somewhere to get Milanesa
22:30 paul_p     tcohen = 3 BibLibre + you&cecilia + rangi + cait. that's enough ?
22:30 tcohen     rangi: there the "El club de la Milanesa" ;-)
22:30 rangi      romena from buenos aires said i should try it
22:30 tcohen     they serve ALL KIND of milanesas
22:30 rangi      oh cool
22:30 tcohen     and they serve a 2L beer
22:30 tcohen     they call it a "missil"
22:30 rangi      heh
22:30 tcohen     because of the size
22:31 tcohen     so, "el palacio de la milanesa"
22:31 tcohen     and we have quorum
22:31 rangi      movie finishes in about 20 mins
22:31 rangi      can go anytime after that :)
22:31 * cait     leanred that nz movies have no happy endings
22:31 tcohen     we can be there 8:40
22:32 rangi      perfect, we can meet you downstairs
22:32 tcohen     paul_p: ok for you?
22:34 bag        hola
22:34 paul_p     tcohen = ok for me
22:34 rangi      buenos noches bag
22:34 paul_p     2 brendan for the price of one :D brendan_ & bag
22:34 bag        heh
22:34 tcohen     ok, will be there with cecilia around 8:40
22:34 rangi      yay!
22:34 tcohen     buenas noches bag
22:35 rangi      ahhh i always get buenos and buenas wrong
22:35 bag        buenas noches tcohen
22:35 tcohen     nights are female
22:36 cait       heh
22:36 wizzyrea   seems legit.
22:36 tcohen     everybody knows that :-P
22:36 tcohen     ok, shower is free now, gotta leave
22:37 rangi      :)
22:37 cait       cya in a bit
22:38 bag        anybody know what room number talljoy is?
22:38 rangi      not me
22:38 cait       7......
22:38 cait       hm
22:38 rangi      yeah 7 something
22:38 rangi      just walk down the hall yelling
22:38 rangi      :)
22:38 cait       i think a or c
22:38 cait       but ... no guarantees
22:39 bag        hey talljoy!!!  heh
22:39 bag        ok well
22:56 nengard    Is anyone around?
22:58 eythian    yes
22:58 nengard    Hiya!!
22:58 nengard    I'm introducing some LIS students to #koha
22:58 nengard    You're on the big screen
22:59 eythian    woo big screen :D
22:59 eythian    also: hi everyone :)
23:00 * wizzyrea waves
23:03 nengard    thanks all - back to teaching! :)
23:03 wizzyrea   sorry we weren't more interesting ;)
23:04 eythian    It's Thursday lunchtime, not the most active times in the week :)
23:22 paul_p     rangi =tomas is there, we can go downstairs !
23:52 wizzyrea   plus kohacon ^.^