Time  Nick      Message
06:03 pablito   hi all
06:04 pablito   I recently did a release upgrade on ubuntu and it knocked out my koha 3.16
06:04 pablito   whenever I go to catalog site, it displays only the apache default page, not the koha OPAC page
06:05 pablito   I have no access to the admin/staff side either
06:05 pablito   I checked and confirmed that the koha instance is enabled
06:06 pablito   any help is appreciated
13:38 longrider hi
13:39 longrider mail not sending in Centos
13:39 longrider and cronjobs not working
21:25 wizzyrea  bummer about pablito, he probably had a solvable problem.
22:31 eythian   he totally did
22:31 eythian   also, hi
22:32 mtj       yeah, i think he just needed to disable the default vhost
22:32 * mtj     waves to eythian and wiz
22:33 eythian   no, apache requires .conf for conf files in 2.4
22:35 wizzyrea  ^
22:35 wizzyrea  hey mtj
22:36 mtj       hey liz :)
22:41 mtj       eythian:  aah ok, i'm still running apache 2.2
22:43 mtj       ..on debian  (i assumed ubuntu was on 2.2 too)
22:44 eythian   14.04 is 2.4
23:01 mtj       yep, that make sense :)
23:07 * dcook   waves