Time  Nick          Message
22:11 eythian       hi
21:31 cait          nght all
20:02 flustrated    and a couple more similar messages
20:01 flustrated    dbd::mysql::st execute failed: table 'koha_library.auth_header' doesn't exist at /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl line 440.
20:00 rangi         yep
19:59 flustrated    rebuild command looks like sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library   right?
19:59 flustrated    ok, found it.  yep, Zebra is set
19:49 flustrated    where do I find the system pref setting for "search engine"
19:48 bag           you should have Zebra selected there
19:48 rangi         and have you done a full rebuild of the indexes ?
19:48 bag           I'm a little late to the show - maybe this has already been said - but what do you have in your system preference - that reads "SearchEngine"
19:47 flustrated    if I go to the localhost:8080 and click on "about koha"
19:47 rangi         where is it telling you that it is not running?
19:47 flustrated    So, is koha just not looking in the right place?
19:46 rangi         right, so yep, the zebrasrv is running successfully then
19:45 flustrated    a couple actually
19:45 rangi         \_ zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/sites
19:45 rangi         hmm thats not an error .. is there are a line that looks like
19:44 flustrated    29819 ?  S 0:00 daemon --name=library-koha-zebra --errlog= etc.
19:43 flustrated    A long error
19:40 rangi         what does ps axf | grep "zebrasrv" show you
19:32 flustrated    When I try sudo koha-start-zebra (instance) it says it's already running.  But koha says it can't see the zebra.  Maybe it's standing next to a picket fence.
19:30 gmcharlt      flustrated: no zebrasrv? then sudo koha-start-zebra {librarycode} should start it
18:50 flustrated    I do not see Zebra as a running service
18:50 flustrated    ok, I'm back
17:50 indradg       jcamins, cait, gmcharlt ^^^
17:50 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6892 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , If a URL has been entered without http://, it isn't correctly linked
17:50 indradg       I was looking at bug 6892, tried out something adding 4 in ind1 of 856$u and the entering ftp://<some_url> , should Koha allow that?
17:45 indradg       hi #koha
17:34 magnuse       gmcharlt++
17:32 cait          gmcharlt++ :)
17:30 tcohen        gmcharlt++
17:30 druthb        gmcharlt++
17:27 flustrated    thanks you've given me some rabbits to chase!
17:20 cait          oh sorry
17:13 jcamins       Okay, good.
17:12 flustrated    through tools>import patrons and stage MARC and MARC mgmt
17:08 jcamins       How did you import the data?
17:07 flustrated    then imported data after massaging it
17:07 gmcharlt      cait: (to save a repeat) via packages
17:05 cait          flustrated: how did you install koha and how did you add the records? :)
17:05 * cait        waves
17:04 gmcharlt      there are just a lot of moving parts to Koha's catalog search
17:03 gmcharlt      flustrated: sorry, I hope I'm not offending you
17:02 flustrated    I feel like I'm 5
17:02 gmcharlt      in that case, either mark a record suppresed via the MARC editor, or turn off the OpacSuppression  system preference
17:02 gmcharlt      yet another possibility: the OpacSuppression system preference is on, but due to a quirk, in that case there needs to be at least one record that's marked as suppress
17:00 gmcharlt      in that case, use koha-rebuild-zebra -f
17:00 gmcharlt      another possibility - Zebra is running (chek for a process named zebrasrv), but the records are not indexed
16:59 gmcharlt      flustrated: some possibilities - Zebra is not running; in that case, run koha-start-zebra
16:58 wahanui       indexing is done by Zebra.
16:58 druthb        indexing?
16:58 flustrated    but I can't find them to check them out.
16:58 flustrated    I can run  a report that lists all the books in my catalog
16:57 flustrated    Is there some intermediary step after applying the marc records before the catalog can be searched?
16:56 flustrated    It's on an ubuntu server... through apt get
16:55 indradg       how did you install... .deb package or tarball?
16:55 indradg       flustrated: nope! circ data is not necessary for search of items
16:54 flustrated    hello
16:53 flustrated    and how do I do that?
16:53 flustrated    Or do I need to import circ data first?
16:53 flustrated    I've imported my patron list, I've imported my marc records. But if I try to search for a book, nothing comes up.  Am I doing something wrong or missing something?
16:52 flustrated    Athena is the Devil.
16:50 gerundio      is there a place in the staff interface where I can send an email for test purposes?
16:50 gerundio      indradg, thanks for the tips
16:49 wahanui       i think postfix is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix (but you probably can skip the SASL stuff) or at http://www.postfix.org/documentation.html
16:49 jcamins       postfix?
16:47 indradg       however, if you are looking to setup a smtp (mail) server or a smarthost, there is any number of tutorials on the web that will do
16:46 indradg       gerundio: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Commands_provided_by_the_Debian_packages#E-mail
16:41 gerundio      where can I find an article on how to setup send mail on Koha?
16:40 gerundio      hi everyone
16:24 cait          have to run - bbl :)
16:24 cait          :)
16:24 khall         I'm open to any solution, it would just be nice to avoid the whole "here's how to clear your browser cache" song and dance every time we upgrade
16:23 cait          not sure about the solution
16:23 khall         we could extend it to include css though
16:23 khall         cait: yeah, I don't think this involves cookies
16:22 cait          sorry, just read your bug
16:22 cait          hm but i would't change the files
16:22 cait          the result was that they alsways had all funds showing up in a pull down...
16:22 khall         cait: my problem is I can't reproduce the issue. My browsers just won't cache the files!
16:21 cait          i once had a werid case with a bad cookie
16:21 cait          khall: hm probably - we tell libraries to clean cache etc too
16:20 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12904 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Force browser to load new javascript files after upgrade
16:20 khall         oleonard: I just filed bug 12904 on a whim. Does this make sense?
16:05 tcohen        bye Joubu
15:40 Joubu         hahaha
15:40 Joubu         bye #ko
15:16 oleonard      Oh I see it wasn't generated because bugs.
15:05 oleonard      What is the "$LANG-messages.op" file?
15:05 oleonard      Bug 11668 test plan says "Supply translations for the "Total" and "TOTAL" strings in the $LANG-messages.op file."
15:01 reiveune      bye
14:52 * cait        hides behind her support call :)
14:51 * druthb      drags cait out of hiding.
14:44 gmcharlt      quassel does not seem to like me today
14:44 * druthb      gets a bungee cord, ties gmcharlt to his chair with it.
14:42 * cait        hides
14:40 druthb        gmcharlt++   # mentioning Koha's under-appreciated QAM in his blog
14:34 cait          Joubu: thx  :) Joubu++
14:33 Joubu         ... oops
14:33 Joubu         have
14:33 Joubu         cait: no problem, now we are tests :)
14:32 huginn        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10226 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , suspended holds still show not available
14:32 cait          Joubu: sorry for bug 10226 - shoudl have marked it better, hesitated to fail :(
14:32 mveron        oleonard ++   :-)
14:05 tcohen        the variable itself
14:05 tcohen        where ... would be <xsl:value-of></..
14:05 tcohen        <xsl:call-template name="buildURL"><xsl:with-param name="IntranetBiblioDefaultView">...</xsl:with-param></xsl:call-template>
14:03 cait          tcohen: doens't look too scary - but how to use that everywhere? :)
14:00 pastebot      "tcohen" at pasted "cait: we need just this, on *slimUtils.xsl" (20 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/200
13:57 huginn        Joubu: downloading the Perl source
13:57 Joubu         huginn: yes I know
13:57 huginn        Joubu: I suck
13:57 Joubu         @QA team: bug 12891 is critical and needs QA
13:13 mveron        Hi #koha
12:57 Viktor        Thanks oleonard++ khall++ cait++
12:55 khall         will do!
12:54 oleonard      I'll submit a patch. khall I hope you can take a look at it
12:52 cait          a hidden column or value woudl be good
12:52 Viktor        Think I'll generally leave you to solve this :) But I had thought the grouping was done in js based on the "checked out on" dates.
12:52 cait          please no cryptic strings for translators :)
12:52 wahanui       bidet, tcohen
12:52 tcohen        hi
12:52 tcohen        jo
12:51 khall         ooh, that's an interesting idea!
12:50 pastebot      "oleonard" at pasted "Something like this? A dummy column with numeric sort data" (19 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/198
12:49 khall         heh
12:49 oleonard      I was just about to post that link too khall :)
12:49 khall         https://jquery-datatables-row-grouping.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/customGroupOrdering.html
12:49 khall         oleonard: I think we will need to somehow have the sorting direction defined as part of the translations. Is there any example of that in Koha already?
12:45 huginn        04Bug 12899: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Row grouping in checkouts table is alphabetical and layout depends on words chosen in translation
12:45 Viktor        Filed a bug now http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12899
12:43 oleonard      The row grouping plugin places "previous checkouts" at the top by doing a sort on the string, but that string is different in different languages
12:43 khall         you rang?
12:40 Viktor        Yay oleonard++
12:40 oleonard      ping khall
12:39 oleonard      Yes that is the culprit
12:39 Viktor        But if it does just changing that would solve it for us in swedish but mess up our english install :/
12:39 * oleonard    thought it didn't but wasn't editing the file under the correct translation, trying again
12:38 Viktor        Don't know yet. Tried a git pull on my dev install but it just hang up so I'm just fooling around in Safari with my regular laptop now :)
12:36 oleonard      Does changing that change the behavior for you?
12:34 Viktor        sGroupingColumnSortDirection: "desc"
12:34 Viktor        It seems .rowGrouping is the culprit.
12:32 oleonard      Separate bug
12:31 Viktor        Should it be filed as a separate bug or just comment on the ajax thread?
12:31 Viktor        oleonard: Good to know it's not our install.
12:30 oleonard      Viktor: I can reproduce your bug, for what it's worth.
12:26 Viktor        Aha - thanks! I'll look into it and see what's going on then.
12:25 oleonard      That's where the table is being built
12:25 oleonard      Viktor: checkouts.js
12:18 Viktor        I looked at the includes to but didn't have any luck (which doesn't really say all that much)
12:17 oleonard      Yeah the table is being put together outside of circulation.tt now
12:15 Viktor        I know it's some ajax magic, but the stuff my browser showed me was raw data being transfered and not formated html.
12:14 Viktor        I looked at the .tt, .pl and .js files but can't really find where the table for checouts is created and how the layout is decided.
12:13 Viktor        yep oleonard
12:12 oleonard      Viktor: On the circulation page?
12:12 Viktor        I've been trying to locate where in the code to look for what's going on but can't find the right place.
12:11 Viktor        Because in swedish the two fields are switched (which is correct in reverse alphabetical order) and it's a pain since previous checkouts hides the ones you're doing right now.
12:10 Viktor        Is it possible that the two fields "today's checkouts" and "previous checkouts" are displayed in reverse alphabetical order?
11:57 oleonard      paxed: If you're making a suggestion, explain it.
11:57 oleonard      paxed: No.
11:56 wahanui       http://i.imgur.com/1n6mH4N.jpg
11:56 paxed         oleonard: google it
11:52 oleonard      paxed: msgctxt?
11:48 * cait        had lunch
10:45 Oak           no sleep for the computers.
10:45 Viktor        Hi magnuse :)
10:45 magnuse       hiya Viktor
10:00 * magnuse     needs lunch
10:00 cait          understandable ;)
09:58 magnuse       ok, i was just clutching at straws :-)
09:57 cait          we just don't have specific indexes or don't use them for the facets right now
09:57 cait          magnuse: talking about the old facet code
09:57 cait          magnuse:  i think dom is just the same
09:46 Oak           hello Joubu
09:45 Joubu         hello #koha
09:42 magnuse       and it's supposed to be implemented for grs1?
09:32 cait          and then the su- don't appear in record.abs at all
09:31 cait          if yoiu look at ccl properties, it seems those indexnames all are mapped to Subject
09:31 cait          there seems to be no specific index
09:28 magnuse       cait: it's not just that everything in those fields are *also* in the Subject index?
08:55 cait          *sigh*
08:55 cait          all seem to resovle into Subject...
08:55 cait          the indexes for the facets, su-to, su-geo etc.
08:55 cait          hm we cheat
08:47 indradg       couple of years back I had to concoct a custom pre-seeded debian DVD, with all deps in place and then a bunch of curl scripts to talk to the web-installer and forcefeed the default system values.
08:47 ashimema      right.. must dash
08:46 ashimema      it basically just gathers lists of materials for libraries
08:46 ashimema      it's a re-write of a ptfs-europe product.. rebus:list..
08:46 ashimema      sorry, was in a meeting..
08:40 Oak           oh well. we tried.
08:39 rana          ty
08:39 magnuse       on my machine they are empty, but you might have more luck
08:39 magnuse       sudo tail /var/log/mysql/error.log
08:38 magnuse       sudo tail /var/log/mysql.err
08:38 magnuse       try
08:36 magnuse       there is a log file you can look at
08:36 magnuse       does it just say "failed to start", or does it indicate why?
08:34 rana          should i remove mysql-server and again reinstall it?
08:33 rana          its stying JOb fail to start
08:33 magnuse       any error meassge?
08:32 rana          job fail to start
08:32 magnuse       no, it's right
08:32 magnuse       no, that might be wrong
08:32 magnuse       what if you do "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start"?
08:31 rana          yes
08:31 indradg       rana: did you install mysql-server ?
08:31 rana          var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
08:30 rana          cant connect local mysql server through socket
08:30 Oak           why can't it start i mean.
08:30 Oak           what does it say?
08:30 Oak           oho.
08:30 rana          what to do
08:29 Oak           5 cookies his database server was down
08:29 rana          its cant be start
08:26 rana          ok let me c heck
08:26 Oak           this runs ok?: service mysql restart
08:26 rana          then when koha connect mysql then the error came
08:25 indradg       then?
08:25 indradg       ok
08:25 rana          successfully login
08:25 indradg       "redirecting you in 5 seconds or click here" part?
08:25 rana          when i open the koha web installation page
08:25 indradg       so when did you face the error?
08:25 rana          no error i have found during installation
08:24 indradg       rana: did you manage to complete the install? or the error hit you before that?
08:23 cait          magnuse: do you have an idea?
08:23 cait          i am not sure what's wrong :(
08:22 rana          means
08:22 cait          magnuse: ?
08:22 cait          hm
08:22 rana          with the command koha-create --create-db INSTANCE NAME HERE
08:22 cait          how did your koha-create command look like?
08:21 cait          how did you create the instance?
08:21 rana          yes
08:21 cait          did you install mysql-server?
08:21 rana          and follw the instructions
08:21 rana          succesfully login
08:20 rana          it got the koha web installation screen
08:20 rana          yes
08:20 wahanui       it has been said that packages is at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
08:20 rana          packages
08:20 magnuse       and which instructions are you following?
08:20 magnuse       rana: and how are you installing? packages?
08:20 rana          ubuntu 12.04
08:20 Oak           rana: which linux distribution and version are you running?
08:19 rana          anyone have any idea?
08:18 rana          BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Auth.pm line 68.
08:18 rana          Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Context.pm line 802.
08:18 rana          following error i have found
08:18 rana          i am facing koha web installation problem
08:17 wahanui       salut, rana
08:17 rana          hello
08:10 Oak           :)
08:10 magnuse       thanks Oak :-)
08:10 Oak           i'll ask. what does your app do ashimema?
08:04 * magnuse     becomes curious as to what ashimema's app does
07:50 cait          :)
07:48 * ashimema    should add bootstrap in there somewhere.. and we have a very pretty app very quickly.
07:47 cait          oooh
07:47 * ashimema    is going to go back to playing with mojolicious, angularjs and mongodb
07:46 * ashimema    is waffling again.. somone kick him
07:46 ashimema      but in a sandbox environment they're not so nasty ;)
07:46 ashimema      at the moment, they suffer pretty much the same drawbacks..
07:46 ashimema      I do think however, with some modifications, the script would serve very well for getting sandbox instances up and running super quick..
07:45 ashimema      my main dev environment is gitified though, and I'm starting to regret that..
07:44 ashimema      It's certainly quick to get you up and running..
07:44 ashimema      I'm running into more and more cases where I want to test somthing that isn't easily doable using a gitified install (zebra index changes for example).
07:44 magnuse       yeah, it's got its up and downs
07:44 cait          ashimema: i think it might be good for running workshops
07:44 * cait        waves
07:44 ashimema      I'm still very much up and down as to whether I think gitified is a good approach to development or not now..
07:43 alex_a        salut magnuse
07:43 ashimema      well done magnuse..
07:42 magnuse       wow, my gitified dev install is acting weird, with different versions in all the different places that has a version number
07:38 magnuse       bonojur cait gaetan_B alex_a
07:24 gaetan_B      hello
06:49 alex_a        bonjour
06:41 reiveune      hi magnuse dcook cait
06:41 * cait        has to run, bbiab
06:41 magnuse       bonojur reiveune
06:37 reiveune      hello
06:31 magnuse       good morning ashimema
06:31 Oak           okay enough use of imagination. back to work.
06:30 Oak           more like dancing. like the head is tilted towards the horizontal arm. saturday night fever style, almost.
06:28 Oak           yup. or that aviation hand signals...
06:25 ashimema_zzzz morning #koha
06:24 dcook         A little like dancing I suppose!
06:23 dcook         Hmm, nopes.
06:23 dcook         _o|
06:22 Oak           nah. does not look right.
06:22 Oak           |o_
06:21 magnuse       \o/
06:21 Oak           :]
06:21 magnuse       :-)
06:21 Oak           magnuse
06:21 magnuse       Oak
06:20 * Oak         waves
05:51 magnuse       hiya dcook
05:35 dcook         hey cait, magnuse
05:34 * cait        waves
05:34 * magnuse     waves
05:28 mtj           i sorta remember telnet option, to be more glitchy for sip stuff
05:27 * mtj         will try to catch wiz tomorrow
05:26 mtj           i might have missed wizzyrea - she would know :0)
05:25 * dcook       has no clue about SIP2
05:25 mtj           any prefs, anyone?
05:24 mtj           koha prefers raw to telnet for sip2... from memory
05:23 mtj           peeps, can anyone recomend an best chioce for SIP2 - telnet or raw-socket?
05:19 dcook         Whoa... Zebra deja vu...
05:17 dcook         Standards... :/
05:17 dcook         ISO 8601:2000 allowed truncation (by agreement), where leading components of a date or time are omitted. Notably, this allowed two-digit years to be used and the ambiguous formats YY-MM-DD and YYMMDD. This provision was removed in ISO 8601:2004.
04:56 dcook         Love that moment when you discover the cause for something that you've been wondering about...
04:46 dcook         Nah
04:45 dcook         I wonder if they have a rpm for opensuse
04:45 * dcook       wishes he had a debian-based OS..
04:45 dcook         hehe
04:44 wizzyrea      :)
04:44 eythian       sudo apt-get install sl
04:44 dcook         Man "ls" is a sweet tool..
04:41 dcook         wizzyrea: I also love when I find a bug and then I go on these big quests to right wrongs
04:41 dcook         I wonder if it doesn't work with date..
04:41 dcook         sort register rather
04:41 dcook         Oh, and a sort index
04:40 dcook         That seems great..
04:40 dcook         We use a "number" register for "date-entered-on-file"
04:40 dcook         Interesting... "Date-of-acquisition" is the only index that uses a "date" register
04:34 dcook         Poor students...
04:34 dcook         Just imagine if I were a teacher O_O
04:33 dcook         I always hope that they're entertaining at least :)
04:33 wizzyrea      truly.
04:33 * wizzyrea    always enjoys dcook's monologues
04:18 dcook         Not sure anyone uses them though
04:18 dcook         Hmm, could actually improve a few of the item indexes
04:15 dcook         Rather unnecessary
04:14 dcook         In that case, st-numeric probably shouldn't have a "r=o" in it
04:13 * dcook       nods to himself
04:12 dcook         So maybe makes more sense to make local-number capable of being a range on its own
04:12 dcook         But... I don't want to add something that might make it more annoying for people to use ElasticSearch at some point
04:12 dcook         Get all records with bib numbers between 1 and 100
04:12 dcook         You could specify "local-number,range:1-100"
04:12 dcook         I am tempted to make a "range" qualifier...
04:11 dcook         Good one
04:11 dcook         When you say it like that, it just seems obvious :p
04:11 dcook         Mmm
04:11 eythian       there's no digits there
04:10 eythian       "twelve"
04:10 dcook         Which may or may not have extra punctuation?
04:10 dcook         Maybe as opposed to a date
04:09 dcook         I can't imagine a number that's not a digital number..
04:09 eythian       yeah, I guess
04:09 dcook         I suppose we do say "4 digit numbers"
04:09 dcook         Makes sense
04:09 dcook         year (@attr 4=4)	ignored	Year ('y')	Non-tokenized and non-normalized 4 digit numbers
04:09 dcook         Maybe not..
04:08 dcook         I think that's what it must mean
04:08 wahanui       dcook: sorry...
04:08 dcook         well timed, wahanui
04:08 dcook         lol
04:08 wahanui       maybe is, like, a momentaneous error
04:08 eythian       maybe?
04:08 dcook         I assume they mean that it's an integer?
04:08 eythian       I've got no idea
04:08 dcook         numeric (@attr 4=109)	ignored	Numeric ('n')	Special index for digital numbers
04:08 dcook         Hmm, I don't think that's what they're meaning :/
04:07 eythian       a 1 or a 0?
04:07 dcook         is*
04:07 dcook         eythian: Any idea what a "digital number" i s?
04:04 dcook         Yeah, MARC takes liberties with MARC
04:04 dcook         :S
04:04 dcook         005 is almost ISO 8824 but not quite
04:03 dcook         hehe
04:03 eythian       MARC doesn't even adhere to the MARC spec.
04:03 * dcook       gives MARC a thumbs down
04:03 dcook         Yeah...I don't think MARC adheres to 8601 even though it says it does for the 005
04:02 dcook         at least for YYYY-MM-DD
04:02 dcook         I guess the standard does say hyphens are optional
04:01 dcook         Apparently 005 uses ISO 8601 :S
04:01 dcook         But based on it
04:01 dcook         Hmm, maybe not...
04:01 eythian       I think so
04:00 dcook         Mmm, that's what MARC 005 uses, yeah?
04:00 eythian       oh man ASN.1
03:59 dcook         I assume when Zebra says it uses ISO dates that it uses 8601...
03:58 dcook         Rather than ISO 8601's YYYY-MM-DD
03:58 dcook         ISO 8824
03:57 dcook         According to the Bib-1 profile, "Date normalized" is supposed to be "Generalized time" as according to ASN.1 http://www.obj-sys.com/asn1tutorial/node14.html
03:57 dcook         Oh my...
03:56 dcook         Lots of them actually
03:56 eythian       ah
03:55 dcook         Oh, I just mean that Zebra says it doesn't support it. But we still have it in ccl.properties.
03:55 wahanui       somebody said sorting was a Monday job
03:55 eythian       sorting?
03:54 dcook         I wonder why we bother with it then though
03:54 dcook         Makes sense
03:53 dcook         Date (un-normalized)	100	unsupported
03:53 dcook         Ahh
03:52 dcook         I'm thinking of changing "acqdate" so that it can be used with date ranges
03:51 dcook         I'm not even sure if it WAS an elephant
03:51 dcook         Rather interesting trying to figure things out when you can't see anything
03:50 dcook         Yeah, I was supporting someone today and I didn't have access to their backend at all (not even their staff client)
03:50 eythian       yeah, you pretty much can't
03:50 dcook         As far as I can tell
03:50 dcook         As at the moment there's no way for people to know what search engine is in use
03:49 eythian       ah yeah
03:49 dcook         So that someone could click on "Syntax help" or something less scary, and get the right help for building a query
03:49 dcook         I've been thinking a bit about context based help pages..
03:48 eythian       yeah
03:48 eythian       I've never tried, I just know that it works with the advanced search range things.
03:48 dcook         I guess they'd have to use the Lucence syntax
03:48 dcook         Oh..
03:48 dcook         eythian: So how would that look if a user were writing it out?
03:48 eythian       yeah, I'm not using that method of querying ES (yet)
03:48 dcook         Even when independent branches is turned on?
03:47 wizzyrea      takes you directly to editing the item, and it's fantastic.
03:47 dcook         This syntax http://www.elasticsearch.org/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/query-dsl-range-query.html matches something I was going to try myself as well
03:47 wizzyrea      there's a little edit link in the items table on the biblio detail view now
03:47 eythian       http://lucene.apache.org/core/3_0_3/queryparsersyntax.html#Range%20Searches
03:47 eythian       ]
03:47 eythian       field:[date1 TO date2
03:47 dcook         wizzyrea:?
03:46 eythian       oh, no
03:46 wizzyrea      edit links from the detail page: super great, thanks.
03:46 wahanui       well, Interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
03:46 dcook         Interesting
03:46 eythian       the way I'm using it, I think it's just date1-date2
03:46 dcook         What's the syntax for specifying a date range?
03:46 eythian       it depends
03:46 dcook         Actually, that's not the real question
03:46 dcook         Specifically for dates
03:46 dcook         How does it handle ranges?
03:45 dcook         eythian: I wanted to ask you about ES
03:45 dcook         Ooh
03:45 dcook         Or maybe I'm just reading it strangely..
03:44 dcook         Ok, I think Indexdata made this mistake
03:44 dcook         wth..
03:44 dcook         Then again..
03:43 dcook         It's like someone thought, "Hey...how can I best screw with a bunch of people..."
03:43 eythian       heh
03:42 dcook         I love how "st-date-normalized" should actually be "st-date-unnormalized".
02:49 dcook         Maybe funny processing..
02:47 dcook         Close but Zebra returning more results than I'd think..
02:47 dcook         Hmm, the dates don't work quite as I'd expect..
02:42 dcook         Maybe a little bit... :p
02:41 wizzyrea      :)
02:41 wizzyrea      are you monologuing again?
02:41 * wizzyrea    blinks
02:41 dcook         But we can't change existing r=r to r=o without changing documentation
02:40 dcook         r=r won't work with iso dates whereas r=o will...
02:40 dcook         while r=o would require "1950 - 1960"
02:40 dcook         r=r allows "1950-1960"
02:40 dcook         Well...not all dates
02:40 dcook         Just adding "r=o" to dates
02:39 dcook         That would probably make it easier for transitioning to elasticsearch..
02:39 dcook         Maybe it makes more sense to add "r=o" to acqdate
02:39 dcook         Mind you, maybe there's no point with that...
02:31 dcook         Of course, that makes total sense...
02:31 dcook         Oooh. I didn't know you could change ccl.properties without re-indexing.
02:30 dcook         I think most folk expect a "wrdl" search
02:30 dcook         I don't think we'd want to use that by default though
02:29 dcook         That's kind of magical
02:29 dcook         s=pw	The structure is set to either word or phrase depending on the number of tokens in a term (phrase-word).
02:28 dcook         Could have a whole range of ccl aliases for Zebra's special attributes...
02:27 dcook         Ohh you could even do "acqdate,range,st-date-normalized:2013-01 - 2015-10"
02:26 dcook         "acqdate,range:2013 - 2015" would work though
02:26 dcook         :D
02:26 dcook         acqdate,range,st-date-normalized:2013-01-01 - 2015-10-01
02:26 dcook         It doesn't really work that way though :p
02:25 * dcook       drops mic
02:25 dcook         Boom
02:25 dcook         range r=o
02:25 dcook         Sweeeet. I think I have an idea to improve the ccl.properties
01:57 wizzyrea      it's a springtime party!
01:57 huginn        eythian: The operation succeeded.
01:57 eythian       @later tell cait http://www.oktoberfest.co.nz/
01:55 wizzyrea      that thing is a thing I know about >.>
01:50 * wizzyrea    waves
01:44 BobB          ok, thx  :)
01:44 eythian       ask wizzyrea :)
01:44 eythian       oh right.
01:44 rangi         ive never actually done one
01:43 rangi         actually wizzyrea did south taranaki, shes the one to ask
01:43 BobB          so anyone can access the results, but then perhaps not link to the content?
01:43 eythian       rangi will know more.
01:43 eythian       I'm not actually sure. I haven't done it myself, but I don't _think_ so.
01:43 BobB          what I am wondering is whether the user has to authenticate to the OPAC to see the OD results?
01:42 BobB          so if you set the parameters in the sys prefs, does that give Overdrive results with the search results?
01:42 BobB          cool
01:41 eythian       we have a couple.
01:40 BobB          has anyone done an Overdrive integration?
01:40 BobB          hi all
01:34 dcook         Ages ago in any case
01:34 dcook         Or just talked about it on IRC
01:34 dcook         I think I might've just sent a listserv email then...
01:34 dcook         Hmm, maybe I didn't open a bug
01:34 tcohen        bye!
01:33 dcook         Probably :)
01:32 tcohen        it seems we have all that is needed to implement it
01:32 tcohen        dcook: if you find the bug, point me to it
01:32 dcook         As I think authority records had changes with RDA as well
01:32 dcook         Need to find a way to update those too for existing installs..
01:31 dcook         Never got around to it though...
01:31 dcook         tcohen: I opened a bug report for import/export of authority frameworks I believe
01:19 wizzyrea      ohh awesome indeed
01:15 wahanui       That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, tcohen
01:15 tcohen        awesome!
01:10 rangi         http://www.bugzilla.org/status/changes.html
01:10 rangi         something like this
01:07 tcohen        :-D
01:07 rangi         that are pushed, or closed etc
01:07 rangi         if we pulled out all enhancements and new features
01:06 rangi         it might be a start of a feature list
01:06 rangi         there are some scripts that can go through bugzilla and make a changelog type thing
01:05 rangi         ahh
01:05 * tcohen      lied to a librarian
01:05 * tcohen      didn't know we don't have a way to import/export authority frameworks